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What is something that makes you say; “Man, I f ing hate people”?
Working in customer service. Absolutely, if you have never worked in customer
service before, I can assure you it’s worse than you think. There definitely are a lot
of harder jobs out there, but I swear i lose my sanity working customer service.
Worse are the people who treat you like the scum of the earth, try and claim you should
break company policy, or do something illegal for them, and then scream; “I work customer
service so I know how things should be!” I once had to do a call back to a customer.
I worked for an optician, so all customer, patient information is confidential and is
protected by the Data Protection Act (UK). Basically what the act means is that we can
only speak to the named customer on the account, unless they have personally authorized us
to speak to someone else. So I call this guy back and his wife picks
up, I say where I’m calling from and that I need to speak to him directly. She says
that’s okay you can speak to me, I explain that unfortunately due to the D P A I can’t
and will call back later if he’s not available. Cue a nuclear rant from this crazy lady that
she’s worked with the D P A for years and how dare I, and she’s gonna call her lawyer
and let me speak to your manager. So I transferred her to my manager, who told her the exact
same thing. I wonder if she ever did call her lawyer.
I kind of hope she did, as they would probably have laughed her out of the building.
I work in insurance. Deal with the same thing constantly. “well I’m his daughter so you
can just tell me!” No ma’am. I cannot because it’s illegal.
My favorite is when they threaten legal action and I tell them I’m ending communication until
they submit a letter of representation from their lawyer.
God, I loved doing that when I was a claims adjuster.
“I’m going to sue you!” “Well per our contract you can’t sue us,
but if you retain a lawyer send the letter of rep in”
Months later when they realize their lawyer is doing nothing, and getting a cut and they
call us back wanting to talk. “Man, we can’t talk to you. What, you
fired your lawyer? Okay, send us a letter saying you formally fired your lawyer than
we can talk.” That is what killed my faith in humanity.
Everyone wants it free and now or I’ll get you fired. You stick to the rules and customer
complains to higher ups and they give them what they want anyways. You try to work with
the customers and high ups get on your case for not doing it right.
when I worked at Target a woman came in with like 90 coupons, and all of them worked except
1 that was expired. I handed it back to her and explained it couldn’t be used and she
asked if I could just put it through. I told her I couldn’t, but that the rest worked
and she was saving about $150 already, hoping it would soothe her. NOPE. that last coupon
was “the one she really wanted” and I was “a stupid b***h”. I called my manager
over as this woman is literally screaming over this one coupon that I LITERALLY cannot
push through without supervisor approval (it was over $10) and I’m panicking. Finally
my manager comes over, I tell her it’s expired, and she just puts it through. the customer
complained to her about me and she wrote me up then and there, even telling the customer
that she was “taking care of (me) now maam, so don’t worry”
People who litter. Especially, when there is a bin literally a meter away.
“KOBE”, oh slam, I missed the bin, might as well leave it there for someone else to
pick up. Littering is NOT Mamba Mentality!
You miss 100 percent of the shots that miss! I work at a University. This was the first
week back to school and I’ve seen so much litter everywhere.
Earlier this week I watched a girl drop a stack of napkins on the ground, look at them
on the ground, look around to see if anyone was watching, kicked them under a car, and
then walked away. It’s not like it was windy or anything. They were right by her feet.
yeah I work for a university also….as a janitor…….double whammy.
Managers firing competent workers to secure their own position.
…and then blaming the incompetent ones in order to safe their own position once HQ is
concerned. The worst part is that this backfires to them
much less often than it should. Plastic litter on nature trails is really
beeped up to me, like how does one enjoy a nature trail and at the same time think it’s
okay if we all toss Gatorade bottles there? Plastic litter on nature trails is really
beeped up to me. And why the hell do dog owners take the time
to pick up their dog s**t, put it in a bag and then leave the plastic bag full of s**t
along the trail for everyone else to enjoy for all eternity? I’d rather the dog beep,
at least it goes away eventually. What the hell is wrong with people?
Workplace politics. Period. Guess this common evil that makes working
life a continuous, living medium grade hell for everyone of us struck a chord! This is
my shortest comment that got the most up votes, and lot of metal thrown at it, for the first
time. Thanks a lot to all you kind anonymous redditors for the platinum, gold and silver.
Got me a peep into r slash platinum and r slash lounge as well.
Also rip my inbox! Trying to reply individually to each comment, especially the ones I feel
the most for; the people who had to give up their position for being victims of office
cloak-and-dagger politics! But with so many replies pouring in, may not be able to keep
up, though I am reading everyone of them! High School drama never ends, it just puts
on business casual and starts drinking coffee. My dog ran away 5 days ago and I’ve been posting
on every website trying to find him. Someone posted him as FOUND yesterday and SOMEONE
ELSE CLAIMED HIM. Had to contact the police to help me finally get him back after 5 hours
of headache, because the person that found him blocked me and they were only trying to
cooperate after the Facebook group, that originally thought he was returned to his rightful owner
put them on blast for stealing my dog. People f ing suck man.
EDIT: Forgot how to Reddit. Here’s a picture of my little guy Sly Cooper.
Also, thank you so much for gold, making my day a little better.
F that guy. When a coworker decides to “correct” me by
sending a passive aggressive email and copying the boss and the whole group instead of just
saying something to me privately and in person. I do this to people who straight up refuse
to answer emails until their boss is copied. I send 10 emails, no response. I copy their
boss and suddenly it’s; “why didn’t you come to me privately? Why didn’t YOU just remind
ME?” When I list all the times I tried to do that, they still try to make me the bad
guy. Look, sorry it’s embarrassing but I can’t
put my life on hold because I’m a lower priority to some people.
After working as a critical care nurse for years now, you’d think it would be the countless
IV drug abusers or alcoholics that’s I treat in the M I C U, but it’s not my patients
that make me think that. It’s their families. I get that most of the time, people are nervous
for their loved ones…they don’t want to lose their parent. But I see this situation
happen over and over… when it’s time, people can’t just let go.
So 95 year old nana comes in and has trouble breathing. We ask her if she would want to
be intubated if necessary and says no. She doesn’t want that or C P R. But there isn’t
a form and her daughter is healthcare proxy… too bad the family doesn’t respect that.
So we tube her. But her blood pressure can’t handle the sedation, so we need to start pressers.
Then she develops a pneumonia, so we’ve got to pump her with antibiotics. But oops,
too bad she’s already gone septic. Start some more pressers, who care if she loses
a few fingers and toes in the process, we’ve got a B P, right? Get some bedside dialysis
going too, might as well. Until ultimately, we tell the family it’s getting to be futile
and we should really just make her comfortable for her own sake.
But no. They don’t agree. F your years of schooling and experience. So nana codes. I
do chest compression and break all of her ribs in the process. We shock her and slam
her with drugs and fluids for a half hour until eventually there’s literally nothing
more to do. I’m sorry I know this was such a long rant.
I just got off an overnight. But his happens so often and every single time I just think
of the agony, we put this person through in their last days on earth, all because a family
couldn’t respect their loved one’s wishes. Please. When it’s time just let me pump
them with morphine and Ativan and let them go in peace and comfort.
Might seem trivial but it f ing drives me nuts when people get off an escalator, and
just stop and decide where they want to go next… It’s like I can’t stop this thing
you need to keep moving. Also people who stand in doorways.
Edit: Wow, I am so glad others feel the same. Also thank you kind stranger for my first
gold! This happened to me at the airport a few weeks
ago. Guy gets to the top of the escalator with his huge piece of luggage, stops instantly,
and pulls out his phone to look at something. Meanwhile myself and about 6 other people
with their own luggage are right behind him. Of course, he still had the audacity to get
upset when I push past him and let him know he needs to move. I don’t get it.
“What do you mean I’m not the only person in the world!? How dare you!”
People being aholes to servers, hosts at a restaurant.
My mom used to tell me; “Don’t mess with the person who cooks your food,” when I was being
mischievous or difficult as a kid. I think of it all the time in regards to coffee shop/restaurant
courtesy now. Don’t mess with the people who make your food,
cut your hair, or drive you around. All of them can ruin your day.
It’s probably best not to ‘mess’ with anyone. Just don’t be an ahole, regardless of who
the person’s job is. Lately there have been quite a few instances
of someone or potentially multiple people putting poisoned meat out near dog parks.
There is absolutely no valid reason to do that and I hope they catch the A wipes.
My colleague’s dog died because of this. She was devastated. They call themselves dog-hunters
for some reasons. Man if someone tried to hurt my dogs I’d f
ing eat them. People that find the utmost joy in saying
nasty sheet behind others back. Either that or people that plot on other peoples
demise, you know like sit there and watch them make a mistake only to use it against
them for their own personal gain, when they could have just helped them in the first place
I have a coworker who does this. Will be all smiles when talking to you about others and
their flaws, and then you find out later she was talking crap about you behind your back.
Then you find out that she talks crap about everything and everyone with no limitations
and ruthlessness. People who say; “Oh, it’s their job to clean
up after me”, or “I’m making sure that they’re still employed” as an excuse for not cleaning
up after themselves in public. Like NO.
You don’t leave a soda spilled everywhere and then not even attempt to clean it up.
You don’t leave rolls and rolls of toilet paper all over the floor in the bathroom.
You don’t leave bags of popcorn and drinks and popcorn all over a theater floor and seats.
Take responsibility. Clean. Up. Your. Mess.
My dad does this. I work in the cinema so I get free tickets, but he refuses to clean
up after himself and says; “Its their job”… Does he not realize I literally work there.
Screw his free tickets! People who mistreat animals. I just can’t
fathom the mindset that enables someone to hurt truly innocent creatures.
I agree. Animals deserve respect and protection. All animals. Not just the ones we like.
I agree except for wasps. F wasps. And mosquitoes.
People who drive drunk or texting. But I can do it, it’s just everyone else who’d
be dangerous when they do it. My sister in law recently lost her license
to yet another DUI. Her main defense was; “well I haven’t crashed the car yet! I must
be an exception.” Yet.
People who don’t return their grocery cart. Like, who do you think you are?
At Aldi you can pay for the privilege of not returning the cart.
*Pushes 25¢ cart into traffic* “Peasants”
Sometimes due to the high price if £1 refundable deposit people think they buy the trolley.
But have to release into the local river once they realize how hard it is to look after.
Porch pirates. People thinking “hey I know that’s not mine but I want it so I’m taking
it ” makes my blood boil. We had that happen in our neighborhood ONCE.
Now I’m surrounded by 3 very, very nosy neighbors. Any strangers in the cul de sac and three
sets of blinds get split by suspicious figures. I could have the Hope Diamond delivered by
Amazon to my doorstep and I wouldn’t worry about it.
Ethel has eyes like a hawk. Student Paramedic in the UK here, for context
you don’t pay for healthcare in the UK including the ambulance service.
We often have patients who will ring us up and say over the phone things like; “I have
chest pain”, chest pain is a high priority case and often gets dispatched as quick as
possible. But upon arrival they will tell us; “I never said I had chest pain”. Yet we
ring and ask for a transcript of the conversation and there it is.
9 out of 10 times we have to take them into hospital to check they’re okay just incase
there is any heart or lung issues, but people will lie to get things seen quicker through
the emergency pathway. But people will get us out for anything because they can’t be
bothered to: A) Drive themselves, B) Pay for a taxi, C) get public transport or D) wait
too see their G P (Family doctor). You can leave people at home and tell them
you won’t take them, but if they ring back another crew will be sent out or even worse
something bad could actually happen and you’re stuck with the liability.
It makes me so annoyed people see it as a taxi and not as an emergency service. But
let me clarify this is a small amount of people but they’re definitely there.
EDIT: (My personal opinion) For all those saying; “This is why things shouldn’t be free”.
This is a minority of people who do this, all of my patients are treated with dignity
and respect, I’ve had people who’ve come off motorbikes, attempted suicide, heart attacks,
pulled muscles, chest infections the works. I know each and every one of them no matter
how dire the circumstances will be treat fairly, and equally for their condition with a care
plan to look after them after they leave hospital. The N H S has saved my life and countless
others and takes a small sum out of my taxes at the end of the month without the worry
that I need too fork out for insurance. From all the comments for American and other
E M S colleagues from around the globe (you guys are rocking it by the way, keep up the
stellar work), the situation is similar in their work, people just don’t pay as a result
your insurance premiums go up and to pay the difference, in the end everyone pays for everyone
else. Edit Edit: IMPORTANT: please don’t let this
put you off calling an ambulance, if you are genuinely worried about yours or someone’s
health call us up, we’d rather arrive and find it was nothing than be called when you’re
at your worst. Just give us some snacks, Yeah. Thanks for the gold!
When people twist the truth and accuse you of things you didn’t do and people side with
them. Oh boy. I went through a divorce. I could
prove every lie she told wasn’t true, and people still sided with my ex-wife about the
terrible things she accused me of. You just have to accept people will believe
whatever they want or hear first and accept it as gospel.
Driving. Every single day. Basic god damn concepts like merging, passing
lanes, blinkers, etc. always seem to elude the backwoods dumb f’s in the redneck infested
state that I live in. It’s really not hard to pay attention to what
you’re doing on the road. Some people are absolutely f ing brain dead though.
EDIT: Thank you for gold & silvers! When they did something obviously wrong and
still openly denies it. Ah yes, the narcissistic trait. Double down
on that lie, son! i see you too are also disappointed by the
current president. Animal cruelty really makes my blood boil.
Adopting a pug in this day and age should be classified as animal cruelty. Pug breeders
make me hate people. Literally this. My neighbor has two dogs.
One is an annoying pos that always barks then she has a pug that can’t bark since it can’t
breathe. If you’re adopting it it’s already in the
shelter and doesn’t create demand. I think you mean buying.
when people don’t pick up their dogs’ poop. This is a major issue where I live; we have
lots of trails and people will either leave dog poop where it lies, or bag it up then
LEAVE IT ON THE TRAIL. Which is worse because now you have a non decomposable sheet bomb
someone is bound to step on at some point. Just the other day I’ve found couple spots
of dogs’ poop in my front yard. I’m planning to get a some security cameras just for that
bastard. Youtube,Instagram,social media “influencers”
who make a living off being an obnoxious piece of s**t, with thousands/millions of mindless
drones rooting them on, buying their merch, giving them advertising power, and imitating
them. Edit: And to clarify, I’m not talking about
all “influencers”, I’m specifically talking about ones who harass, annoy, and distress
people (usually completely random bystanders), cause drama, and have a mindless legion of
followers who support it all the way. I’m more mad about their consumers. I do understand
why influencers do what they do (profit), but I don’t get why would you watch them or
even let them manipulate you into anything (and buying a crap isn’t worst thing that
can happen). If you watch these people just because a lot of other people watch them,
then you’re an idiot. Adults who take youth sports way too seriously..
My cousin is super smart. She had the opportunity to be accepted into an honor’s program and
get a scholarship, possibly a full ride. Her softball team had a tournament game the same
day as honor’s day, and her mother made her go to the game because “the team needed her.”
Now she’s up to her eyeballs in debt and they lost the f ing game anyway.
Wait you’re saying you had to attend honors day to be accepted.
And, knowing this, your auntie made your cousin play f ing softball instead?
What the actual One of my friends are being bullied to the
point of wanting to commit suicide because he is against underage drinking and drugs.
Thats f ing awful, no one should be bullied for standing up for what they believe in (within
reason, obviously, and that certainly applies here). I hope they get help and that the bullying
has stopped. EDIT: because people keep writing me and I’m
at work and don’t have time to respond to everyone, let me just make it clear. By “within
reason” I’m saying, for example, that I don’t advocate for white supremacists to stand up
for what they believe in. F that and f white supremacists.
On the other hand, being against underage drinking or people cheating on their spouses
or other stances of the sort, (that can lead to being ostracized depending on the context)
don’t merit bullying obviously, at least in my book.
People who abuse their power and get away with it scot free.
This 100%. It’s what is in the news every day, and the root cause of all the messes
humanity is in now. Rich being rich and the poor being jailed.
Lmao, what a time to be a live. People love (actually probably need) to think
that bad people and people who do s**tty things will always eventually get what’s coming to
them but the unfortunate reality is that, in many cases, s**tty people not only get
away with being s**tty, but are rewarded and get ahead/stay ahead and never really face
any serious consequences. People who can’t take “no” for an answer,
and will push you to agree/accept what they say.
People who can’t accept criticism when they f up and affect other people’s lives.
People who can’t have a discussion where they are being told a fact and they disprove it
because “back in the day…” or authority arguments should always win.
It teaches you some hardcore patience when you have to deal with people like these on
the daily. as a young person in the construction industry…
this. the industry is changing super rapidly. Tech is taking over. But you still have these
good old boys that can’t accept that, they don’t know as much as they think or that refuse
to get with the times…. they make everyone else lives harder and the project go slower.
They also don’t want to accept that bullying your way to the top isn’t a thing anymore.
“back in my day we just got in fist fights and moved on.” It’s just not that way anymore
Chuck. Are they a wealth of practical knowledge? Yes. Do their attitudes suck and make everyone
miserable around them? Also, yes. Rant over.
FaceTime. In. Public. Man, f those people
My issue is less about in public and more people who do it on speaker or in places like
while walking on the sidewalk or on the bus where you’re actively bothering other people.
If you want to facetime and talk through your headphones at a normal volume in a park or
something or facetime your parents from the grocery store to make sure this is the thing
they needed, I don’t mind much. Was at an airport recently, saw at least 4
people Face Timing but with the phone held up to their mouth and turned to the side.
Like, that’s just a phone call… make a phone call.
Everyday when I hear about the next despicable vile thing done by the human race. Especially
if it involves kids or animals. People can be so cruel.
I can’t stand reading half of the articles that come up on the news about child and animal
abuse or death. It makes me utterly f ing sick to my stomach and so unbelievably angry
that people can do such cruel things to children and animals.
The idea that people prey on the innocent is sickening.
Maybe we should do the same things to them. So a guy was tailgating me. Seriously. Not
Like he was kind of close. I’m talking I tap brakes and we are both done kind of close.
I’m going over the speed limit too. So when he finally goes to pass me, I go to flick
him off. I turn to do it, BUT HES ALREADY FLICKING ME OFF, totally taking the steam
out of MY middle finger. He was the one driving like an asshole!
Next time you wanna flip someone off, try giving a thumbs down with a really disapproving
look. I M O, it gets to them way more than the middle finger. In fact, I can’t help but
laugh when someone gives me the bird. I’ve never had anyone that close to me,
but I’ve been on a back road before going about 50 -55 in a 45, (I know them well, where
cops hide and am a good driver) and a guy was on my ass, and proceeded to pass me when
apparently I wasn’t going fast enough. Funny thing is, about 30 seconds down the road was
a 4 way intersection he was stopped at. Why do people feel the need to do this? Seriously?
Driving. I always ponder the dangers of overpopulation when driving.
Driving in traffic makes me wish Thanos had snapped.
20 times in a row. It’s a win win. Maybe I don’t make it through
the snap, but at least I don’t have to deal with all these c bags on the road anymore.
There would be under 8000 people left alive! Still too many.
Cheating in most of its forms. Whether that’s having sex with a person other
than your partner or driving in the emergency lane to cut ahead of traffic, it doesn’t matter.
They both get me flustered. Weirdly, I don’t consider cheating in exams
or in sports to be that bad. Though that depends on the manner of cheating.
Maybe the system of how exams works isn’t perfect, but that doesn’t mean a classmate
of mine who managed to cheat in some way with minimal effort deserves a better grade than
me who put in a lot of effort? I’m not saying the educational system is perfect by any means,
and it’s far from it, but cheating in an academic environment is kinda s**tty. It gives false
feedback to the teacher for how to design future questions and how how to curve the
test/class in the end. Sports just feels dishonest in the same way.
Being a fan of a losing team that only lost because of cheating is brutal. I don’t really
do much sports things, but I can’t really wrap my head around that even.
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