Republican Admits Racism, Voter Suppression On Daily Show

Daily Show recently had a two-room perfect piece by OSA Mon be I can show t
here cuz the rules on YouTube its copyrighted material from
the Daily Show I wish I could show it to you should go watch anime look the I’m would only show in america
this is go watch some elsa okay in this particular case but he talked to
a guy named donaldson who’s the Buncombe County
Republican prepare precinct chair in North Carolina
the North Carolina just recently December ID laws and it is
saying all along the way we were in our look there were really worried about voter
fraud here and that’s why we’re doing this not her in a disenfranchise minority voters
are democratic voters et cetera right hand us have got him to absolutely positively say hey we did it
in this event raised a minority voters and Democrats so now let me give you some course
because they’re amazing so for small us for some the so look to laws not
racism you not racist right any pauses for a while and here’s their own wise in Pasig and then
he says yeah well I’ve been called a bigot
before up didn’t have to say that it’s amazing that he got something to
say well I don’t know you understand something one of my best friends is and then you pause for dramatic effect
black but wow okay are you not merciful and then he says look okay NN bunkers
obliteration that apparently on his Facebook page
he’d compared Obama to a tour which which doctor a witch doctor come up right not a one
to one side which doctors in like in Africa with the bone in the nose at all as a
but he says no no I was referring to his white house of course you were of course you’re and then he said look
I’m we’ve grown up we say be we say at negras all the top and but you seem kinda rueful that those days are gone oh ok she’s in know
the good old days and this is when I don’t get wider went
back to call themselves news again seems a little jealous that he
can’t do it okay any same days in those words as
well call you right so then week 12 the disenfranchising right ok by the way
so when he talks about the disenfranchising he says like look at the college kids
can’t vote well so be it he says well they shoulda
gone down a gotten themselves a photo add me K a midget scoring that’s how he
said it okay and then eases you know anyhoo
whites don’t do it so be it he says if quote a bunch of the
lazy blacks who want the government to give them
everything don’t do it so be it now he didn’t say a bunch a lazy whites
even say bye jill is a college kid is a bunch a lazy blacks who want the government to give me
everything now there’s laws that race is right well have been called a big okay so by the way assets current
unbelievable I’m at that so now were at the heart what they’re
actually doing with the law right when awsome awsome hey listen it seems like this seems to
disenfranchise with and discourage voting from blacks a eg college students and democrats
right any says G in other words yes and if that wasn’t clear it up he
finally goes on to say well home the porn to the law was quote to kick democrats in the butt well there
you have it ladies and gentlemen when us about them
how many people I make is a voter fraud does he
think there was he says water to no other words almost none its in sync their billion has it ever
affect the election no could sadistically possibly a permit
affect the election no it’s the kick the democrats but so not only was a funny interview but in
the end he got something incredibly substantive
politically out a bit so bless his heart and then finally my favorite line is
after this yeltsin characters as all these insane
pics ice upon be says you know that we can hear you right

100 Replies to “Republican Admits Racism, Voter Suppression On Daily Show

  1. Are you sure? because what i said was completely valid. Go look at all of the other interviews. Seriously go look. Unfortunately, the TYT audience is full of braindead liberals who understand nothing.

  2. He said lazy blacks, he didn't use the N word. People of all races can be lazy, except asians, and I wouldn't call hispanics lazy, though I would call them superstitious and violent.

  3. what ARE we as Americans supposed to do about people who become lazy/complacent and don't try harder to get back to work and, eventually, off of welfare? There ARE people like that, and there are a lot of them unfortunately, there are even people who who children just to get assistance checks (and they don't spend the money on their kids, they waste it). What ARE we supposed to do about them!?

  4. "what is so racist about saying one of your best friends is black?" I've been wondering that too, it's really annoying. Racism means hatred of a race; if you like some people in that race and get along with them (as opposed to hating/harassing them as soon as you see what color their skin is) then you're NOT racist.
    "Ignoring that reality is BULLSHIT." Amen to that!

  5. To be clear, I'm not saying it's right to disenfranchise people and cheat them out of their voting rights (I would have been one of this law's targets as I am in college, center-left leaning and a woman) but problems about people abusing welfare NEED to be addressed, whether they're black or white or latin American or whatever.

  6. That actual sentence, taken without any context, is not racist at all. You are absolutely correct about that. The problem is when you introduce context. I've heard it over and over again from people that are, literally, racist. They use it as a defensive mechanism, as a scapegoat, for their illogical thinking/smearing of an entire race/culture and that it's OK because they have a friend or two that are of that skin color.

    Generally that's a "Well he's one of the "good ones" mentality".

  7. Its just a simple fact that theres certain things you cant say to other people and you cant joke about with other people. I dont get white peoples fascination with wanting to say the N word. Do they not know what that word means?? When has a white person ever said the N word and meant it in a friendly way?? Dont worry ill wait. Its always been as an insult and degrading. And suddenly after, i dont know, 3-4 centuries, they dont mean it like that?? People dont change like that…

  8. Suggesting no person can say nigger without being a souther racist is pretty bad.
    I read an interview with a NYC rapper that is white Cuban, and he was very eloquent in explaining his use of the word.
    What it means depends on where you live, who your are and what your intentions are.
    Pretending nigger is some magic word that we cant say only empowers it further. There's a reason the black community started using it, and that was to rob it of its power.

  9. the TeaOP is dead. They can never win another national election demographically in my life time. And now they're currently in utter denial about it, which is ironically delicious

  10. It's 2013. People can vote for whomever they want. Whites can vote for Dems. Hispanics can vote for the GOP, etc, etc, etc. You have no say in the matter and we won't be restricted by our races to who we vote for. End of story.

  11. We're not buying all that "GOP hates minorities" bullshit that left wingers keep pushing. We see through that shit like freshly windexed glass.

  12. It's just a word…
    I call my Irish friends mick or paddy, the french frogs, I'm a limey when we can all say whatever words we want without prejudgement, and instead interpret the intention, then maybe we'll have gotten somewhere.
    Or we can continue to act like children, taking offence regardless of context and empowering the very people we're trying to stop.

  13. Precisely my point when I saw we shouldn't allow it such power over the social narrative.
    If we continue to say "this is unacceptable and offensive" racists will continue to wield it as a weapon.
    We disarm that weapon, they look like idiots.
    I understand anyone being offended by the word, but it's still just a word.
    In formal situations, or public, it's usage should be discourages like any other profanity.
    To treat it as different is to make it different, and lends it more power and impact.

  14. That particular has alot of meaning behind it. Its not just a word, atleast not to black people. Nobody else has been insulted by that word except black people. It has a legacy behind it.

  15. Indeed, it does.
    But everyone has history.
    The IRA spent decades bombing the UK. I grew up during the troubles, and Irish family friends spoke of how dangerous it could be to be irish at the time.
    And yet we are still fine making fun of each other.
    The Germans? No history there… nope, millions of lives weren't lost in the largest war ever, and nobody would ever ridicule that…
    The day the word is not empowered by those offended by it, it will start to lose its power.

  16. I don't think he was pausing for dramatic effect… I'm sure I heard hamster wheels turning – he was trying to figure out the ethnicity of the interviewer.

  17. NO it isn't. Because I LIVED with Blacks in the Inner city of Baltimore Maryland and they ARE LAZY and WANT EVERYTHING FROM THE GOVERNMENT!!

    SURE there are some that are not Lazy and work their asses off.

    But for the most part the Inner city black person is LAZY AS HELL and will not work for even a day even if you give them a job!!


    You can LIE and get as many thumbs ups from Liberal IGNORANE as you want but I KNOW

  18. The Truth hurts and you have to LIE to win Minorities because they LOVE To be coddled.

    Liberals just want VOTES.The Liberal Agenda is nothing more then trying to beat the GOP to the punch to keep votes and take votes.They don't care if their policy will actually help anyone.They just want to say they came up with a solution quicker even if what they came up with isn't a solution at all.
    The GOP then has to FIGHT the Liberals and takes longer comes up with time to think about a REAL SOLUTION.







    Because those blacks who DO want help from the Government MUST HAVE ID TO GET HELP FROM SOCIAL SERVICES AND SOCIAL SERVICES WILL PAY FOR THEIR IDs!!

    This IDEA that there is Voter Suppression going on because of IDs is an ABSURDITY.

    the Democrats just want ILLEGALS to vote them into office PERIOD.

  21. You'll have to get rid of black people's history before that can happen. That word is just as much apart of history as martin luther king is.

  22. I would never call my kid a retard. That just isnt right. Black people made up nigga, as their own. They dont use nigger, that word is too degrading and detrimental. But if certain people say it to blacks, they may or may not take offense to it. I cant help it if blacks take a dislike to whites saying it. Maybe if it wasnt for our tragic history, things would be different today. I still dont get the fascination you guys have for that word….

  23. And for some people $20 is a week or more of lunch. Just because it's nothing to you (who has someone else paying for your room and board) doesn't mean it isn't a lot to others. Moreover, if you're an older person living on social security and now you have to prove that you're a citizen, it cost a lot more to track down a birth certificate and get a certified copy of it.

  24. Nigga included. I know the pronunciations are different and the spellings but we all know what word they got 'nigga' from…. So is nigga a dumbed down version of nigger or a cuter version of nigger? I really don't care what black people choose to call themselves but its VERY stupid and hypocritical to call each other something then take the victim stance every time they hear someone else who only has a different skin color call them the same word.

  25. To white people, it seems hypocritical. But you will never truly understand. If youre white, dont call a black person a nigger or nigga. There is a 90% chance it isnt going to fly with them. Your best bet is around the younger kids that say, because they are unaware of their history. But for older black folk, NO.

  26. Obviously this Yelton guy is an idiot piece of shit, but it doesn't mean it's a bad idea to have to show ID to vote. In Canada it's UNTHINKABLE to do so – we need a registration card mailed from the govt and our passport or a new driver's license (the ones developed in the last 18 months have extra security features). Passports = $85; driver's license = $75. I can't think of a single person here that thinks our rights are being violated, nor that fraud is a problem – it's just common sense!

  27. And across the board we pay 10 points higher income/state tax, and almost every territory has a VAT, as well as the national VAT, so in general about 20 points higher in taxes, yet we seem to be able to afford these things just fine… There is some disconnect here that Americans have – they don't feel obliged to do the simplest things for the state and it's really to the detriment of the whole society. Canada has an actual govt scandal but we still trust our institutions more than the avg Yank

  28. I highly doubt politicians would say stuff to make them look bad purposely. And when you say all the interviews are like this, why not send me some some links that prove your case. Because quite frankly if that is so maybe they just felt like telling the truth for once. No one is stupid enough, not even conservatives, to make themselves look like a fool on purpose.

  29. I'm not in a bubble, since I believe all political parties are fucking retarded. Left wing right wing democrap or republicunt, it makes no difference to me, all are terrible.

  30. Race is a social construct … it doesnt really exist … UNLESS

    We are calling whites racist
    We are pushing immigration/assimilation policies to deliberately replace white children
    We are blaming white children for slavery
    We are blaming white children for colonialism

    Race exists if it helps push the global genocide of white children
    Race DOESNT exist if it helps push the global genocide of white children
    It all depends on the situation

    Anti-Racist is a codeword for Anti-White

  31. its not to late you can go back to school.
    maybe get a better job.
    then you can stop acting like a victim and take control of your life.

  32. I don't think he was following a script, i think he said what he did not in seriousness, but to go with the show, but later realized that what he said was fucking stupid, and resigned over the flak he got for it. I am also not making an exception of libertarians, as i don't agree with everything they do either.

  33. lol you believe that … have fun never wining an election.
    im white and so are like 90% of my friends we all voted for obama.
    have you seen the tards that get threw the republican primary.
    thats why you lose. with the exception of ron paul they all seem to pride themselves on how little they know. the rest of the country is not impressed with folksy ignorance.

  34. if that was the case then they wouldn't get stung when someone other than another black person called them that. try again on your explanation cause it dont make sense.

  35. And several black people to this day still want to join the KKK…

    The Democrats' legitimate white demographic is either left over from the pre-1980s Democrat party, or they are a bunch of stupid kids who will likely never be caught dead voting for Democrats when they are 30 as a white people.

    White liberalism will be all but dead very soon with no one to carry the torch and with the Democrats increasingly scapegoating ALL whites(not just males).

  36. Most white people vote Republican, no real white people vote Democrat today.

    It is a fact that you have to be a nutjob with some new radical belief to win the Democrat primary.

    The problem is that Democrats don't really care what policies someone is for overall, so if a Republican isn't at least a Keynesian, pro-abortion and for gay marriage then they get the hilariously stupid label "far right" stamped on them for life.

  37. A real white person exists no more than a real black person exists, or "real person" of any race exists. Thank you for demonstrating what an all around bigot is, more extreme than I would have imagined.


  39. You bammas post the same shit over and over again. No one blames the white children, I just blame belief in the false white Jesus! Plus who says anti-racist go sit down and pray to white Jesus for forgiveness!

  40. The problem is not white children or white people, the problem is the culture of white supremacy. That is, white people teaching, believing, and acting like they are better than people of color. This behavior can be seen in almost every facet of the global culture. It has a long, documented history. As humans evolve it is more obvious.
    Anti racist is not a code, whites have been so awful to other people for so long that they are fearful of a backlash. Whites invented the concept of race.

  41. generally when a white person calls a black person as such or refers to them as such they don't mean it in a genial friendly way

  42. Always that racist card… Damn, 93% of black voted for obama, but people were calling white racist because 59% voted for romney.

  43. #1 Who's we?

    #2 Is that way? I thought it was because people should be able to live in any country they desire?

    #3 I don't do that.

    #4 I don't do that either.

    #5 Is that what's happening?

    #6 Oh boy.. here we go..

    #7 So race doesn't exist… yet you're talking about only "white" children..

    I thought race didn't exist?

    Fail troll



  44. #1 Immigration isn't some stupid ass plan (by many white people BTW) to make their skin color extinct or anything like that, it's stop the stupid shitty policy that keeps that part of the country in turmoil.

    #2 Most democrats are still white, so I guess they hate themselves and will commit suicide when their great agenda is over right?

  45. You're going to confuse people with facts! Most people fail to look to European Imperialism to see the origins of racism AND white supremacy. Nearly every country or continent that Europeans set their flag upon became embroiled in violence, rebellion, slavery and revolt. Another simple test is to recall the skin color of the "enemy" in every major military conflict the U.S. has been involved in since WWII. Germany was our last caucasion enemy.

  46. when the inter viewer "asked if he was raciest " and he replied "well iv been called a bigot before the interviewer actually said "no your not raciest and nether is the law" he said it sarcastically. im not saying he isn't raciest im just saying this video is misleading.

  47. Maybe I'm wrong, but I got a different impression when Yelton paused before stating his friends ethnicity. It seemed to me he wasn't so much pausing for effect as trying to figure out what color Aasif was. "You know, one of my best friends is–" (oh shit, what is this guy?) "– uh, black?"

  48. First of all, all black people don't use the word. Second it depends on who you say the word to. I'm sure there are white people who use the word to describe blacks but sense they only say it around other white people there are no repercussions. But to say the N word to a black person or in a public forum is altogether different. I've heard gay people call each other the F word, and I've heard women call their friends a b*tch. When it's someone of your own group it's different. Simple stuff.

  49. It's funny they can get that photo ID for fordees, but not to vote, rofl.

    Fun fact, dead people vote 4 to 1 for democrats.

    Really, the only affect voter ID laws have is to cost the democrats more money, to buy the IDs, and it will make it harder to have them send the same guy in under a different name. Both noble causes, IMO.

    Another awesome thing is how the dems fight so hard to stop voter ID, but fight so hard to get IDs for illegals.

  50. WOW bullshit of the year…..First of all i'm black, i live in a mostly black and Hispanic neighborhood. I hear my neighbors behind me call each other nigga ALL THE TIME and when i was in school everybody called each other nigga. Even famous black celebrities call each other nigga, ever heard a hip hop album? So don't try to bullshit me with that "black people don't call each other nigga" bullshit…

  51. Does your mother use the word? Is she black? Because my mother doesn't use it. There are black people that are doctors, engineers, professors, etc. that don't use it. Black people that go to church, and there are millions that do, don't use the word. So no one is bullshitting you. I clearly said "ALL" Black people don't use the word.
    Beyond that, the people you hear using the word are using it to someone they identify with. Which is what I said before. RIGHT?

  52. Racism is not genetic it's taught. It's also a tool used by the powers that be to control simple-minded people. While they carve up more of the pie for themselves, they dangle the carrot of racism to blind folks from the truth. Those with real power only care about one color……green! Imagine the possibilities if disenfranchised voters rose up in unity and cast off the divide& conquer tactics perpetrated upon the middle & working class.

  53. Hay when i said black people called each other nigga that wasn't meant to say that all black people call each other that word DUH! My point was i myself see black people call each other nigga (not all) but ALLOT and those same people get offended when any other race refer to or jokingly call them nigga. And i know educated get offended when other races call them nigga i get why they are mad and i guess they should be mad but according to some black people nigga is not the same as nigger -.-'

  54. It is ludicrous for anyone to insinuate that having to secure an ID is somehow a racist act or discriminatory towards black people or any people. Moreover, by calling the voter ID law racist, the left is claiming that race is connected with ID possession. The left believes and promotes the stereotype that races other than white are more likely not to own a photo ID. But there are no statistics to prove what race has more ID. And in Georgia and Indiana where ID’s were recently required, voter registration has gone up dramatically.

    Actually, it is in fact highly racist to accuse anyone of any color or background as somehow not being smart enough to get an ID in three years. Talk about being racist! It is the liberal left that should be ashamed of themselves.

    The shame is that the Republican Party does not have more folks in their midst who will stand up and say what they think versus being cowards to political correctness. And they would do the Party and themselves proud if they rescinded the resignation of Don and tried to find a way for him to run on a National or State ticket.

    Having said the above, should this Party not treat Don in a more kindly manner, I will leave it, and encourage other Blacks to do the same.

    => HK Edgerton in the Aseville Daily Planet

  55. at least he speaks what he believes and does not try to hide like all the other "gutless" racists.  there should be a white power political party just to see how well they would do.  its better than being cowardly and deceptive. have some integrity and stand up for what you believe. if you are racist don't hide from consequences. violence is met with violence and peace with peace.   

  56. wow! Reichwingers are racist retards ! the world already knows that fact about the KKKonservatives/RepubliCONS/libertARYANS! tell us something that we don't know. some new, news.

  57. David chu, hey idiot check out wikipidia and see where the KKK stands politically. wikipidia have them and the Nazis,FAR RIGHT! !!! learn your facts son! Oh and another thing Reichwinger! the KKKonservative supreme count gutted the voting rights give those racist red states thats known for there racism. the green light to supress minorities! who the hell that have to do with voting fraud! what do voting early or weekend voting have to do wiyh fraud.why Reichwinger use poll intimidation

  58. So ID laws in buying alcohol and driving are suppressive as well. I guess poor folk have little rights since they cannot get an I.D. They cannot even enter a court house if so needed without an I.D. Maybe we should just do away with all I.Ds.

  59. I.Ds reduce fraud in voting as they also reduce non trained drivers on the road or sell of alcohol to under age people. Liberals must have fraud in order to actually win an electrion and why they are against the I.D. If forcing people to have an I.D is racist, then health care, court houses, etc are all racist for demanding an I.D. You cannot visit the Whitehouse without an I.D. Sameless Democrats.

  60. The young Turks suck for pretending their the videos we want to see… But all we get is more young Turks commentary….with no fucking video. Third time I tried to find this video, third time I have to see this dick talk.

  61. You state you can't show the clip but for the purpose of commentary, discussion, education: Fair use allows it.
    Viacom has let others show clips.
    Can't believe YT isn't aware of this.

  62. Under United States copyright law, FAIR USE is a doctrine that permits limited use of copyrighted material without acquiring permission from the rights holders. Examples of fair use include commentary, search engines, criticism, parody, news reporting, research, teaching, library archiving and scholarship. Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. § 107.

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