Republican Politicians Abandon Their Party’s Sinking Ship While They Still Can

Late last week, two Republican members of
the House of Representatives announced that they would be retiring and not seeking re-election
in 2018. Now, this may not seem like a big deal, but
when you factor in that the House of Representatives, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives,
has a less than 25% approval rating. In fact, I believe, last I checked, it was
less than 20% approval rating. When you factor in that the American public
has despised every single proposal coming out of that Republic-controlled House of Representatives,
and when you factor in the likely incoming Democratic wave of new representatives that
are going to flip the majority in the House, it becomes pretty obvious as to why some of
these Republicans are deciding to go ahead and bail on their Party’s sinking ship. Now, the two people so far that have announced
are considered more moderate Republicans, and they have specifically said that they’re
leaving. One, because of the gridlock in DC, but two,
because they don’t like the direction their party is going. Now, the courage that these people had to
finally step up and say, “Look! This is disgusting. I’m sick of it. I’m out” is what is terrifying Republican
leadership because right now they’re actually scared that more Republicans, more moderate
Republicans, are going to follow suit, which will easily hand the House of Representatives
back to the Democrats in the 2018 mid-term elections. The problem though for Republicans it’s not
just people are leaving. It’s why they are leaving. Again, like Democrats, the Republicans refuse
to look at themselves and say, “You know what? Maybe I’m the problem. Maybe people don’t like my policies.” It’s not because I blindly support this jackass
in the Oval Office, whom Republicans have voted with 94% of the time, regardless of
how much they say they oppose him. It’s you! It’s your policies! It’s what you stand for! It’s the horrible hateful things you say! It’s the complete inability to go talk to
regular people as if they’re human beings and not some sort of creature that you talk
down to, that you think is so dumb that can’t even figure out what’s best for them. Because that’s what you do! You do it during your town halls. You do it during your campaign speeches. You do it during debates. You act like everyone else is beneath you
when in reality you’re their employee. They have the power to fire you, and I hope
they do! I would love to see more moderate Republicans
resign from the House of Representatives, or at least announce that they’re not going
to seek re-election because that’s what we need. It is time for the Republican Party to go
away. It has been probably decades upon decades
upon decades long before most of us were even born that the Republican Party ever proposed
a policy that actually helped average American citizens. Since the Party only seems to be working for
corporations and the wealthy elite, it’s time for them to go away for good. Those people don’t need anymore handouts. They get enough from the Democrats as it is. So, the Republican Party can resign. They can not seek re-election. They can put more far-Right people in the
primaries, like Steve Bannon wants to do. But at the end of the day, it’s not going
to change the fact that they can’t come up with new ideas, that the American public is
turning on them, and it’s only a matter of time before they go away forever. Again, promise you, nobody’s going to miss them.

67 Replies to “Republican Politicians Abandon Their Party’s Sinking Ship While They Still Can

  1. Are u libs stupid ? Independent / former republican here —those seats will NOT go to dems..they will go to Alt right fascist candidates ! We must be careful and Not allow that to happen

  2. Primary these suckers. They are part of the swamp. It is time to make us strong again. The liberals only work for illegals. We will vote them out, too.

  3. Now only if the democratic party fights for progressive policies and fight corporate interest they could easily win these seats.

  4. Yeah, the problem that we get the lesser evil instead, the Corporate Democrats, maybe you should point out more the nuances in this case, instead of only say how horrible are the Republicans, because they pretty horrible, never the less, that doesn't mean that the corporate Democrats are better, they are more subtle of how they screw you over.

  5. The racists have shown their faces seen that they have support. The will try to blame the minority's for all Americas woes. It's going to be challenging next couple of years for America and the rest of the World.

  6. Some lemmings don't want to jump off the cliff, no matter what their donor-owners say. Did they find their balls or their spine?

  7. The moderate Republicans and the moderate Democrats need to form a conservative unity party that panders to business and the elites but forgoes the racist dog whistles of the post-Reagan era. This leaves the Democratic Party as the left, the unity party as the right, and the bigots that currently own the Republican Party out in the cold with little to no representation. When Johnson turned his back on the racist Democrats during the Civil Rights era, he did the right thing. The Regan-era Republicans should never have picked these people back up. Hard to call a politician noble, but Johnson acted as nobly as a politician can by ignoring those voters and Reagan taking the opportunity to pander to them is as ignoble as politics gets. There's a place in American politics for conservatism but a conservatism that is divorced from the racism and bigotry that owns the current Republican Party, a conservatism that does not ignore empirical science and stays away from social issues that simply isn't the purvue of the government.

    There will always be bigotry. Human beings are inherently tribalistic and these instincts won't ever go away, and some people will always be unable to not act on these instincts and to rationalize them. As individuals, these people are harmless though. They only become dangerous in a political context where they can codify these feelings as law.

  8. The republican party do not seem to be able to relate to their constituents anymore. They are sellouts to America and American values, to what most decent people hold dear. Shame on them. The so called Christian party seems to be following the false gospel of prosperity. It seems that their new master is money, and they are no longer good public servants. Vote them out.

  9. The party is not going away and will continue to win elections even with 1% approval ratings until their brain dead loyal base dies off and we stop gerrymandering.

  10. They ran on hate and won on hate but now they have found out hate can't get anything done and the people that voted for hate look at you now.

  11. I wouldn't pop any champaign corks just yet; as long as evil, greed, selfishness and bigotry exists in America, there will always be a Republican Party.

  12. Actually Trump and his followers including Bannon are more then happy about this. They want to replace these moderate republicans with more extremist people, hand picked by Bannon anyways. You should in fact be nervous of this as it moves the party more to the far right, makes it more of an American fascist party. One of the benefits is, that more will see the party as an extremist party and may not vote for them but long as the democrats are more neo-liberals then liberals then these extremist will still get the votes. Long as the democrats focus on racism, while Trump focuses on saving American jobs and making America "great", thus making his voters "great", Trump will get re-elected. Now if he fails to save American jobs he will just blame it on others working against him and still get the votes of those at least hoping Trump will deliver. All the while the democrats fight to keep the party neo-liberal and just point out Trump's personal failings. If Trump survives Meuler, he will win the next election if democrats don't fix themselves. The next election is the democrat's to lose, not the republicans to win.

  13. I wonder if this has anything to do with the ultimatums sent out by the Koch brothers. Remember how they and the other wealthy elite made it clear that, unless they got those Trumpcare tax cuts, they would cut their shills off from the piggy bank of corporate money? Well, the Republicans failed to pass Trumpcase. And I bet that their oligarchs haven't forgotten or forgiven that particular failure.

  14. I still say they should get rid of the party system, have the people vote directly in districts on policy, no longer allow attempted smearing, term limits of 6 years all positions. Give them minimum wage. Can't use taxe dollars for personal stuff, reduce supreme Court to 3 members only give them 3-4 years.

  15. Trying to think of all republican presidents… I think that Abe Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Taft are the only ones that I have an initial gut positive to mixed response about.

  16. the republican party is dying cause of the racists and bigots wanting trump . They got what they wanted at the price of killing their own party.

  17. I'm old enough to shit on republicucks whenever I can, but Daddy Bush wasn't that bad. He, at least understood politics and economics… he just f'ed himself by having to adopt ol' Ronnie's Trickle Down Theory and "Read My Lips…" totally screwed him. However, we needed to raise taxes at that time. Anyway, blah blah blah…

  18. These are the sort of people who if they heard that it was going to be woman and children first they'd fight their way onto the lifeboats in a blonde wig and taffeta cocktail dress

  19. If they support Sessions and his attitude on cannais then they need to leave, because Sessions is just plain wrong on cannabis. Someone in the govt rated CBD a class 1 narcotic and for that they will enjoy a special place in hell. I welcome anyone to search youtube for (alzheimer's and hemp oil) or (alzheimer's and cannabis) or (alzheimer's and marijuana) Help your loved ones if they are suffering from senility, dementia and or alzheimer's disease. CBD has zero THC content and is HIGHLY neuroprotective as explained below.
    Pharmacol. 2017 Apr;28(2 and 3 – Special Issue):142-160. doi: 10.1097/FBP.0000000000000247.
    The therapeutic potential of the phytocannabinoid cannabidiol for Alzheimer's disease.
    Karl T1, Garner B, Cheng D.
    Author information

    Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the most common neurodegenerative disorder, characterized by progressive loss of cognition. Over 35 million individuals currently have AD worldwide. Unfortunately, current therapies are limited to very modest symptomatic relief. The brains of AD patients are characterized by the deposition of amyloid-β and hyperphosphorylated forms of tau protein. AD brains also show neurodegeneration and high levels of oxidative stress and inflammation. The phytocannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) possesses neuroprotective, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and reduces amyloid-β production and tau hyperphosphorylation in vitro. CBD has also been shown to be effective in vivo making the phytocannabinoid an interesting candidate for novel therapeutic interventions in AD, especially as it lacks psychoactive or cognition-impairing properties.
    CBD treatment would be in line with preventative, multimodal drug strategies targeting a combination of pathological symptoms, which might be ideal for AD therapy. Thus, this review will present a brief introduction to AD biology and current treatment options before outlining comprehensively CBD biology and pharmacology, followed by in-vitro and in-vivo evidence for the therapeutic potential of CBD. We will also discuss the role of the endocannabinioid system in AD before commenting on the potential future of CBD for AD therapy (including safety aspects).

  20. If the republicans really are scared that they might not find a candidate that can get elected to replace the ones who are currently in office but leaving, I have a suggestion for them. It is really a simple thing, but most good ideas are simple. What they do is take everything they want to do for the rich people and companies in this country, and do those things for the poor, and middle class instead. Republicans love to raise taxes on the poor while cutting them for the rich. Now who in their right mind would not be pissed off if they were barely able to afford food, and then the government takes more money from them, and gives it to the people who can afford anything they want? Republicans are dead set against giving every single American citizen quality healthcare at affordable prices. Who in their right mind actually thinks that it is perfectly okay for a hospital to charge you thousands of dollars for something that only costs them a very small fraction of that price? Maybe if they tried to do things that were good for the majority of the citizens, those citizens would actually start to like them. The one thing they could do right now to give them a significant boost in popularity is to stop protecting the white nationalist pig that we are forced to call president. Make him show his tax returns. Openly criticize him for his racist rhetoric, and when the russia investigation is done, vote to impeach him if he is guilty (he is). Basically if you want the 99% to like you more, stop catering to the 1% at the expense of the 99%. Wow, a guy who didn't try in school, dropped out, then got his GED has actually figured out a way for politicians that want to remain in office, to be able to do just that. It clearly is not rocket science. If you cater to the majority, you will win every single time.

  21. The Republican and Democratic party needs to be destroyed. We don't need political parties, period. We need effective leadership.

  22. i ,for one,am unhappy with both sides of this mess. It is a sad day when ever an Independent senator,is more well like then ANYONE else in congress.Both sides are nothing more then bought and paid for stooges of the super wealthy and corporations.It doesn't seem to matter what the voters want any more,nor does it seem to amount to a hill of beans,that single payer is Cheaper for the PEOPLE then the health care system we now have in place.Farmers are being held captive by monsanto,through the spread of their GMO seeds,bankers run rough shod over the middle class.When 1% owns 99.9% of everything there is a PROBLEM. Wages have not increased to keep up with Real inflation,and are no longer coupled with productivity of the american workforce.America spends Trillions of dollars on wars.,that have no end.Is it any wonder why the VOTERS have said to hell with all of you?

  23. One thing that I noticed here on the Democratic side is that, here in LA, those who voted for Bernie still keep doing their thing of being leaders in The Resistance and that by our continually calling out this administration, corrupt Republicans and Democrats, little by little, our message is sinking in and more and more people are getting it. The big issue in this state is that we are working hard to flip seven House of Representative seats from Republican to Democrat in areas that are traditionally conservative but that voted for HIllary in 2016 after she won the party nomination. What makes me happy is that Bernie, despite what his critics say, is still the number one most liked politician in DC and he will continue to do so because he is one person who really listens to what people are saying.

  24. Come on now. I’m with you but we don’t need the Republican Party to “go away”. That undermines our democracy. I’m a flaming progressive too but overthrowing a political party into obscurity is not the solution.

  25. Rino's, establishment Wieners,etc.who are bailing out should! They are proven quitters, castrato's and enemies of the electorate
    Good riddance! On the whole, the Repubs have proven to be weak, vacillating, timid and nothing but time-servers. They are dumb not to see the blessings of having Trump sacrifice himself for the Nation as the founders intended. We need a new strong Nationalist Party. The time is right now. It's an opportunity. Dump them, now!

  26. The Republican Party have conclusively proved that they are about one thing only … giving the billionaires a tax cut. Now that they have accomplished this, they are doing practically nothing. Donald Trump is their trained pig that they have dancing around to distract the gullible rubes while they snatch the wallets from their pockets. This evil party needs to be shown the door in November, and we are God Damned if we are ever stupid enough to let them return in the future. We have had Bush followed by Trump, but they will find someone even Worse in the future. This country will not survive anyone worse than Donald Trump!

  27. The poor little Elephant is trying to run away from a false hard-hearted party that is now the Party of Lincoln’s worst enemies. Elephant, you deserve better people than these Miscreants who hijacked you and made you the symbol of inequality and racism. “I tried to run!” screams the elephant. “Look at me!” says the donkey. “How the hell did I become what you used to be?” “I really don’t know!” says Lincoln, shaking his head. “But it’s all pretty galling and ironic to myself, I can tell you truly! I am so glad I belong to the Ages now, and not to this wretched mess. I do not recognize this Donald creature as anything I know. What in the good Lord’s name is he?”

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