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  1. Please share on Fb too! (Especially with your friends and fam who watch MSNBC)

  2. I don't even agree with everything Bernie advocates, but it's clear he's a national hero that brought the right issues to the national discourse and forced other candidates to clarify their positions on them

  3. If you think Bernie is mean and disparaging then you are the problem and you are the one he is yelling at and fighting against.

  4. "I promise to give you even more free stuff on someone else's dime and to blame all your self created problems on other people so you don't have to feel responsible for them!"

  5. I cry every time I watch this. As a pediatric emergency nurse, the part about not affording insulin hits so close to what I’ve seen. It’s also not just insulin that’s so unaffordable. Treatment for Lupus, Epilepsy, Asthma, kidney disease, etc are also incredibly expensive. We need Medicare for all and we need Bernie Sanders!!!!

  6. Same thing that the media does to anyone who is center / right. …except that they are comparatively polite and kind to Bernie.

  7. I want for our country many of the things that Bernie has proposed—and I trust Bernie’s integrity and like his toughness. But I fear that having a Democratic presidential candidate who is too far to the left will result in 4 more years of Trump (or 4 years of Pence), no Democratic majority in the Senate, and possibly a loss of the House. (I wish that Bernie had never called himself a Democratic Socialist (for much of the uninformed public, when they hear “socialism”, they think “communism”— Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, Venezuela. It would have been better politically-speaking, and I believe more accurate if Bernie had referred to himself as a Social Democrat—a la many European countries.

  8. Bernie is just another money hungry lying piece of shit like the rest of em . He doesn't stand a chance and the more he talks the dumber he looks . That goes to all democrats and liberals . Even other democrats are starting to realize how ignorant they sound .

  9. It breaks my heart that so many Americans won't give Bernie a chance to lead. I think he truly is a once in a lifetime candidate and would be the FDR of the 21st century. I aspire to live up to the moral compass and will to fight against greed and power like Bernie has his entire life

  10. It shows how much ignorance is there. Do candidates have to be 'pleasant' looking or be effective?
    Since when a Germany or Sweden became autocratic? And why are US people buying cheap sh!t from China, beats me 🤔😊

  11. Bernie knockers are vile. Watching the yout support Bernie is akin to watching our yout protest the Vietnam war—THEY KNEW.

  12. "Women are joining the Bernie campaign to meet men"?? Hunny, on the contrary, I'm meeting men to get them involved with the Bernie campaign.. 😉

  13. Disgusted at the brazen hostility of corporate journalists. Trump has put politics in the sewer. But CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of corporate journalism has put serious journalism and objective, informative news reporting in that same sewer..

  14. …what's this shallow reference to his looks, media? don't they know that few of us would win a beauty contest? have they not seen images of the not so attractive past presidents? read somewhere that satan was a beauty, hmmm! why not just critique and analyze his policies, his record? damn shame if you don't!

  15. I never watch leftist politics but its being pushed in my watch list YouTube is interfering in the next election right now this is the proof

  16. who is that btch in the beggining… can someone give me her name. I just want to find her on instagram and be nice……. 🙂

  17. Bernie does not raise me and you up friends! Don’t be afraid to seek truth and there you will find true freedom! It’s not with his beliefs, his words are not truth!!!🇺🇸

  18. Needs a new cover image so folks who don’t already know he’s the best candidate by a long shot will watch… I guess, play their clickbait games? Whatever will get the best administration in the White House America has ever known 😶

  19. This is such an amazing video….I’m sorry you are not able to join Bernie campaign….you would be such a wonderful addition..😢👍

  20. I don't think it's supposed to be a funny video, but "They're whiter" while fucking Killer Mike hugs Bernie was just…

    Unrelated, if the video ever gets 'accidentally' removed then this would be a good closer:


  21. Thank you for this journalistic masterpiece! Way to speak truth to power!!! Fuck all the out of touch oligarch mouth pieces!! Viva Bernie, assholes!!!

  22. Bernie, you are a light in a dark room.

    From halfway across the globe, wishing we could have leaders like you.

    #Bernie2020, save the world Trump significantly keeps messing up.

  23. None of the critiques were policy based. Those were personal comments. That should tell you that they have nothing on him except vile disrespect. Do this one right america.

  24. You need to contact Bernie Sanders campaign and show these videos maybe if they take the time to watch them they'll use them Nationwide especially the one Jimmy Dore gave you props on his show for the Bernie 2016 video and he States if Bernie would have used that video Nationwide he would have beat Hillary Clinton in the primaries and became our president today

  25. "Democrats like somebody new, and that's not going to be Bernie Sanders this time." So wait, who would they prefer, someone like Joe Biden who is leading in the Democratic primary so far? Oh wait, he isn't new? 7 years as the Vice President of the United States. Huh, guess they don't.

  26. God! American media sure hates him. Why am I, someone who live far away know well about him and know he'll make this world a better place

  27. Sooo funny watching mean people call Bernie mean. It's funny because they're meanest to themselves and live sad lives.

  28. On stage make up
    Clowns everywhere
    Tricks and illusions
    Lights everywhere

    It aint the circus folks, its our god damn media, dead mindless sociopaths who preach for war and division and would stomp on their country man for selfish reasons as for the majority who enable this illusion of Democracy are just the mindless afraid of public humiliation or losing their high profile jobs, so they will kiss, lick and worship just to climb up.

    We have to hit harder, no mercy with them, they can careless if their words is the cause of a child being blown up in pieces overseas.

  29. I'm not American, so unfortunately I can't vote for him.
    But there is one message I would like to leafe you Americans:
    Do not vote for a candidate because you always voted for that party.
    Do not vote for a candidate because your favourite star told you so.

    Listen to what the candidates say, not just once, but repeatedly. See if they promise contradicting things in different places.
    Look up their history. Not their personal history, but their track-record of things they tried to do and why they failed, and things they succeeded in doing. Politicians can promise a lot when the day is long, but few even try to keep their promises.
    Don't just look at what they promise, but also how they intend to make it reality. If a politician can't answer the simple question of "How?" or falls back to meaningless platitudes or personal attacks, they have either no clue how to or no intention to actually do what they promised.

    With the internet you have all the information you could ever wish for at your fingertips: USE THAT! Don't let yourself be fooled by easily debunked lies.

    THAT is why I would vote for Bernie Sanders if I was American: As far as I can tell, he checks all those boxes and then some.

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