60 Replies to “Rollins Opens Up to Benson – Law & Order: SVU (Episode Highlight)

  1. Gambling addiction. Troublesome sister and mother. Abusive dad. And a single mother on top of it all. How Amanda Rollins is still sane through it all is a miracle.

  2. Wait was this from the recent episode? Or this an early sneek peek for later ones?

    I want to watch but also not be spoiled

  3. I grew up watching SVU and still love it to this day. Is there a way I can stream the newer episodes in Canada yet? I'd rather pay to stream the content I want to watch instead of paying for cable service filled with channels of boring content. I know there is an option on YT to but seasons 1-15 but like I said I've already watched those episodes multiple times. Just a thought…

  4. They said in this episode fin and Carisi were gonna wonder who the father of Rollins baby is but that never happened

  5. Lol Amanda is so awful! Every time she messes up she's got a sob story. It's so exhausting, I wish she'd grow tf up!

  6. Everytime Amanda gets in trouble for something she always starts talking about her sister, her mother, being a single mom, a gambling addict, her dad. It all sounds like excuses.

  7. Amanda is my second favorite character right after Olivia Benson that is my first favorite .. they have the best on set chemistry and friendship in the whole show… Love it .. thanks 👍😎😂😁☺️

  8. This show is losing viewers fast. And it's because its become too much about Benson and Amanda. Every episode they have some drama. Let's get back to the damn victims. And please draw some eyebrows on Amanda.

  9. I love this show. It's so cool how close Benson and Amanda are. But I always wonder if they're going to revile who's Amanda's babies father. But in real life she's really pregnant.

  10. This doesn't really fit what she said in an earlier season. Back then, she blamed her mom for nagging her father until he left. She said it to the officer who she met when he was undercover at the gambling place, but didn't say it until he was briefly her supervisor. At the time, he encouraged her to think about whether her mom might have been right since her dad had a gambling addiction. Maybe his name was Declan? Unless this scene is supposed to mean that she went to therapy and started to realize a bunch of things she didn't face before about her dad. But, I wish they'd stay a little more consistent.

  11. As an old school SVU fan I must say this season so far has been excellent. Honestly the past few seasons stunk, especially last season was probably the worst yet. But they seem to have gotten back on track the four or five episodes they've done so far have all been pretty strong. Gotta undo the damage Warren Leight did when he took over from Neal Baer. Hopefully the new showrunner goes back to focusing on the victims and the cases and not so much Benson and Rollins personal lives.

  12. Great show. But wish Olivia now being commander must stay in the back let the others do their job like when she started with stabler. I love the first episodes brings me back to the old 90s set. Rusty file cabinets .

  13. I really love love love SVU and love all the characters…. Though I find Kelli aged badly, compare with few year ago. Its a little hard to believe she's actually a year younger then I am.

  14. LOL their relationship is like a mother and daughter lately! Olivia trying to reprimand Rollins for her snapping but she knows its not her fault because she's pregnant.

  15. I think Benson forgets that she knocked a perp out of his chair and kicked him like 10 times 😂😂 probably broke his ribs 😂😂😂

  16. Is it just me, or do these clips from the newest SVU have this hyper realism thing going on? I'm sitting here watching this scene thinking it's like a real conversation, you k is what I mean??

  17. I love Amanda and Olivia , Olivia work them cases out , Amanda does what Olivia command her to do , Olivia is the captain , Amanda will do her job.

  18. The hate everyone has towards rollins sickens me, allow me to explain. When Rollins got pregnant for a second time on the show they actually had the nerve of telling kelli giddish if she had ever heard of birth control, like seriously? If kelli and her husband want to have more children who are people to judge and if the writers on the show want to make rollins pregnant let them

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