Romney’s Sorry Sunday

Mitt Romney has had a tough week trying to
explain secretly recorded remarks he made at a fundraiser last May, in which he said forty seven percent of
americans don’t pay federal income taxes and think of themselves as victims.
They see themselves as victims. He now says that he’s really for the hundred percent in
America, is anybody going to buy that given that dim vision of half the country?
He seemed to write off, he didn’t say well these are people who are in hard times but they
want to get out of our times, he was basically saying they’re forty seven percent, they’re victims,
they feel entitled and they’re never going to vote for me anyway so i’m not
going to worry about them. if your quote “dependent on government” which includes
senior citizens getting medicare and the like, well then I
can’t really now expect your vote, it just, it was a blow.
People seeing themselves as victims and dependent on the government and all that,
it’s not true and therefore very unfortunate. One strategist who’s
been involved in a lot of these campaigns said when he saw that video it was the
first time he thought he was seeing the real Romney that’s a problem in your most uh…
troubled moment is the one people think is the most authentic moment.
This is a man who has said a lot of things that cause voters out there to go woah, he doesn’t get me at all including the forty seven percent.
This is a defining moment in the campaign who’s the real Mitt Romney? The one who said that he didn’t have
to worry about forty seven percent of the people, or the one who told us at
a Univision meeting that he wanted to be the president for
one hundred percent of americans? The problem is that back in
february if you remember in an interview with CNN, he also said that he was not
concerned about the very poor, so honestly as a journalist he has
to get out of that box. He offered political analysis but policy analysis
on forty seven percent of this country including a lot of republican voters people who receive entitlements through
social security and medicare that they paid into he’s talking about this group of people will not take
personal responsibility, it betrayed a lack of understanding of how the government
works, how america works, the american work ethic. Do you think he needs to go
beyond saying that this was inelegant, to saying that he was flat wrong?

100 Replies to “Romney’s Sorry Sunday

  1. lol did i say i was even a democrat?? did i label myself as " not earning enough to make a living"??? im 23 years old, go to college, has a job and rents out an apartment in west side manhattan, NY and the first thing you label me as is a poverty stricken socialist. hahahahahahah, gotta give it to you war hungry, greedy assholes. You never cease to amaze me

  2. No one says a country that is 100% Black needs more diversity.
    No one says a country that is 100% Asian needs more diversity.

    All White countries and only White countries are FORCED to be more diverse. White countries only stop needing to be more diverse when there are no White people left in them. Diversity is a codeword for White geNOcide. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White. 

  3. Do you even believe the vomit that is coming from own your brain? The American people voted for their own leaders to represent how they felt two years ago. And these leaders are voting precisely how their constituents wanted.

    Obama is a failure. There was a referendum on Obama's policies two years ago, and there will be another one in two months. We will see how that goes won't we.

  4. Obamas big government policies are a failure on every level, just like in N. Korea, the Soviet Union, East Germany and California. THe leftists in the governemnt(Nancy Pelosi, Obama) have bloated the government to unsustainable proportion to the REAL private economy that employs 70% of the population, and actually generates wealth. Obama is also pushing for inflation(printing money, creulest form of TAX) to pay for his socialist gov. programs devalueing the dollars in the poorest peoples pockets

  5. You simply must stop blaming Obama for the run away spending in this country. Bush added like 8 trillion to the deficit plus two unpaid wars. The bills Obama ADDED were tiny in comparison. Don't bother bringing up the "Tax" of Obama care, as we all know that it is not a tax. One member of the court would only vote for it if he could call it a tax, so we let him!
    When there is already 8 trillion in deficit spending, how do you stop the bleeding over night? I'm just glad Romney's not in office!

  6. no one feels victimized, you spelled believe wrong, and the wealthiest man and women in the US are democrats. The 47% was just those who don't pay federal income tax. It includes many republicans, conservatives, etc.. like Mitt's Father.

  7. Obama doesn't care about 99% of this country so I guess you need to decide whether you just want to vote for the guy that just helps his buddies. The only "Change" in four years has been that Obama has a better golf game and the word transparent now means executive priviledge.

  8. Romney's a MORMON 30% OF THE VOTORS DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT IS…research How Mormons feel about Blacks Mexicans, Indians and Women. Right there his cult belief system has pissed off that demographic. There's not a Blackman's chance in Morman's Heaven will he win.

  9. lol in see youre a low IQ'ed imbecile, romney's his own worst enemy, he's the one who's been saying this ignorant shit not obama, when running for the highest office in the country its all fair game to attack stupid shit he does, as for the embassy attack, it wasnt an embassy, it was an out post, & so u think we should have soldiers in every outpost lol, he knew it was a dangerous job when he took it, & security is supposed provided for by the host country, not our military u moron, lol…..

  10. youre an idiot, gov has shrunk, theres 600,000 less gov workers, gov spending, You actually have to go back decades to find a presidency — Dwight D. Eisenhower in the 1950s to be precise — in which spending happened at a slower rate. so youre just spewing fox talking points rhetoric & dont have a clue to the real numbers & facts, i guess in your case ignorance is bliss, dude your an imbecile, lol…

  11. He was actually referring to teachers and he meant to say that somewhere along the way someone (a teacher) has helped you get to where you are by telling you you can be anything you want to be. He was saying that in this country we all should help each other achieve what we want, stop watching Fox News and Romney's ads and look up the real facts please

  12. You need to get off Fox News and watch a different news channel buddy. No president would have known that the extremist militia was going to attack our embassy so instead of blaming Obama, let's have some common sense. Just because he's a liberal doesn't make him communistic you small-minded moron, what's your buddy Romney going to do for the economy of the US? same thing he did with Massachusett's economy? make it 47th in job growth?

  13. Lol who cares who the president is? It doesnt matter because whoever wins will be forced to do the same thing the other one woulda been forced to do.Voting used to be a "right" . Now its just the government letting us "think" our vote counts lol

  14. If I wanted a dictator I would vote for someone rich that wants to get richer (through taxation) at the expense of the less fortunate. I would want someone that will tell women what they could do with their bodies, I would have someone that wouldn't care about the elderly, the medical needs of others or if children had a hot meal. I would long for someone that believes that the way to get other countries to do what you want is to go to war and take over their land….
    …Hey,isn't that Romney?

  15. If Obama is a Socialist, like a lot of Repukes have stated, then Romneys a communist. I love the idea of taking care of the poor, even if I have to pay 50% of my pay. It's better than Romney's "trickle-down" plan, where the super rich buys a yacht so that the homeless can have a crumb of bread. Giving tax breaks to the rich in hopes that they will spend it on American made products so we can have jobs is a silly notion that only Mittwitt could try to sell!

  16. I agree, the President doesn't mean near as much as the House and Senate. Without Congressional support, a President doesn't have much power. Voting for a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress is the only way to assure progress!

  17. @paulstrong123 I've seen that comment before. No one wants to vote for Mitt because he doesn't give a shit about middle class and lower class people only the rich. What makes you think he cares about people. Money = power

  18. " let the ambassador to libya be murdered" do you fuckin think before you type words down or do you just put your head up your dad's ass and type away?? how fuckin dumb can you be, lololol.looks like someone needs to go back to high school…trailer trash.

  19. why the fuck do you call him " comrade obama" if you talk down, insult, and make fun of him in the first place?? i dont get your joke "comrade".

  20. Two things that will absolutely happen under Mitt Romney:
    1. More Tax cuts for Corporations and Millionaires.
    2. War with Iran ASAP!

    PS: Fcuk Fox and Wallace

  21. First get the facts right. Obama has in fact decreased the spending, Biggest chunk of US money was going in Iraq War, When your finances get out of control it takes some time to recover, you should be thankful to him.

  22. 2020, are you aware that our president can only be in power for 8 years if reelected? (wich is not the case of obama of course). Or you really want a communist dictator like obama in power forever?

  23. Are you aware that Barrack is married to a very adept woman (also with the last name "Obama") that would easily win against any Republican nominee they could throw at her?
    Obama 2012/2016/2020

  24. Interesting about #2, since Obama is currently the president and is positioning the US for war with Iran. It's amazing-Obama's supporters want to blame a possible future president for things Obama is implementing AS WE SPEAK. It's really perverse, and above all, disingenuous.

  25. I promise you wait and watch, Obama is way ahead and smarter than 200 Bush's and 100 Romney's, He will never engage another war unless US is threatened.

  26. I wasn't talking about Mitt and Ann Romney, I was talking about Michelle Obama.
    DAMN, WHY DO PEOPLE JUMP INTO THE MIDDLE OF A CONVERSATION without knowing what was being talked about??????

    If you are not sure what "adept" means you need to look it up in the dictionary. Don't depend on people on YT to school you!

  27. Romney a liar? Yes. He tells us he is for the middle class and poor and then a video surfaces to show what he is really after, money from and for the rich. He takes money from the rich with a promise of legislation for them to make more. I have made one or two promises in life that I was not able to keep. The Repukes made sure they tied his hands. Why don't you name a few of his "lies" so I can refute them properly. Just be sure they start out with "…as President, I PROMISE to…"

  28. Look, in light of the fact that you have classified information about military strategies that no one else knows, do you think it is wise to post it to YT? Last I heard at the U.N. meeting, he still wants to solve the problem diplomatically. If Obama truly is secretly positioning the U.S. for a war with Iran, do you think it safe to tell the world? Looking at your youtube channel, I see your channel name is not in English. Is that some terrorist language? Should we even be listening to you?

  29. What, you had no problem with Bush sr for 4 years as V.P. then 4 years as Pres. Then Bush jr for 8 years. that's 16 years for the Bush clan but I bet you never bitched about that "monarchy"!
    Just like a Repuke, it's only o.k. for your party but no one else. I bet, if Romney did somehow get elected and the Dems in the Senate blocked every bill he put up like the House blocks all of Obama's bills, you'll all cry, "No fair!"

  30. I suppose he is free to comment, but to try to give new meaning to a word in the English dictionary is just moronic. There is only one meaning to "adept" and the words, "empty headed" nor "Ann Romney" are in the definition. He has no right under constitutional law to change the meaning of words..I don't know where you are going with this, but why do you feel you have to protect him? Is he 5?
    You're just like Romney, no words, no specifics, no rationale for what you say. Dictator? Really?

  31. You suppose????? you are indeed like obama, he suppose our freedoms and rights, HE IS FREE OF COMMENTING HERE EVEN IF HIS OPINION IS AGAINST YOUR SAVIOR OBAMA, wake up,… you wrote obama for president from 2012 to 2020, then you changed to the obamas for president, like obama you change your mind a lot… you are giving specifics then changing them just like your savior obama…

  32. Is he 5? "I suppose" means "in my opinion" and I have a right to an opinion, too!
    My words never changed. Obama and Obama is the same. Whether Barrack or Michelle its still "Obama" for President no matter how you say it.
    My "savior" is OUR savior. He stopped the country from going into a Bush depression…say, "Thank-you, President Obama". I haven't heard Obama change his mind at all. One thing he is, is consistent (consistently good!), WHEREAS Romney is consistently silent about his policies.

  33. Wallace is the scum-bag Liar mouth-piece of Fox TV, He only praises dumbass Bush and republicans and bashes democrats and Obama, even if he does something good. He does not want good for country but only good for republican party, He is big time mother-fcuker.

  34. Well Romney couldn't do worse than causing the U.S. GCI Index ranking to fall from 1st to 7th, have the unemployment rate be above 8%, or increase the national debt by over 6 trillion which have all happened under Obama. oh and also the highest demographic with the highest unemployment rate are black/african-americans under Obama. Obama isn't a communist but more a socialist.

  35. I fact checked your fact check that you fact checked on me and you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. You're not looking at the right statistics. Anyways,regardless, I'm not voting for this shill, Gary Johnson has my vote.

  36. You are supposing his his right to comment mr. little obama. Do not change your words, saving a country by increasing the debt 3 times wow thats a crazy savior.

  37. And how would you have done it? By decreasing debt? Where? Cut Medicare in half? Cut the military in half? Cut social security in half? These are the top three budgetary expenses that the U.S. has. Where would you like the seniors that paid in to the programs all their lives get the money to live? Maybe education or sciences like NASA? You think it's easy, tell us your plan. Maybe you would raise taxes to 50%? Increasing the debt ceiling allows gov'mt to operate, maybe shut it down, no military?

  38. remember the stimulus…Three years and $825 billion later, the results are clear. Instead of producing an economic recovery, the stimulus produced only broken promises and massive debt. The stimulus failed—and by the president's own standards at that. Did you watch the debate, poor obama he even was stuttering, what a patetic savior you have… LOL!

  39. "green economy," Obama vowed, would create millions of jobs . The Energy Department has handed out $72 billion in stimulus money to jumpstart the clean energy industry, but it's created more red ink than green jobs. Nationally, green technology accounts for just 2 percent of employment nationwide and there has been no marked boom in the industry.

  40. Damn! you kept going anyway! We sunk 1.4 trillion into the last two wars that the Repukes started and has created more red ink than jobs. There's still no peace in Iraq. Your numbers are unimpressive. Manufacturing in this country only account for 12% of the GDP. So what? "Green energy" is in it's infancy. If we thought about the internet the way you feel about Green energy, we would not be having this conversation. After all, it was wasted gov'mnt money that developed the internet!

  41. Your suggestions for success are…? Remember that you have an obstructionist Congress that wont pass anything except flatulence. Ready? Set…GO!

  42. Not sure what "failures" you're talking about…is it the 7.8% unemployment rate? An "acceptable" rate is 6.5%. What is that, 1.3% higher than "normal"? it's now less than when Obama took office and dropping. If you give his policies a chance, The national debt would certainly level off and not go any higher, but what is needed is for the Repukes in Congress to stop blocking all of the laws that would make that happen.
    I'm not sure what you mean by "failures".

  43. Unemployement is actually 12,088,000 people, tell that people that is "normal", and most of the new jobs are part-time minimum wage jobs, again blaming others for your "savior" failures, wake up, you know what, maybe you are an employee of the green energy shit and you are making the good bucks now, thats why you love obama so much…

  44. And thank mr. obama, the gas went up a lot this wwek, in my town now Im paying $4.80 per gallon…regular of course, unleaded plus is $4.97.

  45. Yes, I'm one of the unemployed. I have worked for almost 40 years without a break. I take an unpaid vacation once in a great while (every 10 years or so) for 5 days. Work is slow in construction right now but not impossible to find a job. As soon as my unemployment runs out, I will be employed again. Hell, after almost 40 years of paying into unemployment INSURANCE, don't you think the "insurance" co owes me something back? I'm one of those unemployed and so is my 78 year old father.

  46. You live in a free enterprise system of govmn't. Do you really want Obama setting the gas price for us? He no more controls gas prices as he does the price of a Big Mac. I thought you were for less Govermn't!
    BTW, I didn't hear you bitching when Bush was in office and we had a 6.5% Unemplmn't rate. According to your count, that would be about 9,000,000 people!
    They conveniently counted the mom's that don't want to work anymore and the retired.
    You never did say how you would balance the budget!

  47. Here are six actions that Mr. obama could take to lower gasoline prices: Approve Keystone XL pipeline(instead of giving money to the green s****); Additional oil exploration; Add flexibility to boutique requirements; end ethanol mandate; waive low carbon fuel specifications; Mr. obama has sent all the wrong signals. He has done nothing to embrace the hydrofracturing oil renaissance, and he is contributing to expectations of reduced supply.

  48. The price of oil at any given time reflects both current supply and demand conditions in the market and what buyers and sellers believe about future supply and demand. Licking arabs ba*** has not worked so well dont you think?

  49. Keystone will (or may be by now) be approved with a slight reroute to avoid a highly sensitive nature area. Oil explorations are up in the U.S.
    The United States is EXPORTING more refined fuel, gasoline, than it imports for the first time in 50 years. More oil=more profit for oil barons, not lower prices.
    The ONLY real solution to reduce our dependence on foreign oil is to increase energy efficiency, That's the main reason for the dilution with ethanol.

  50. There are 12 states with a "boutique" fuels mandate, California is one of them. However, in California's case, the state requirements are stiffer than the federal ones.
    Some folks are more than willing to trade clean environment for dirty fuels, and I should remind you that as green energy progresses, the demand for oil fuels will drop. This is what drives prices down. When no one wants your product, you have to charge less. That's what happened in 2009, The depressed economy = low gas prices.

  51. O.K., now you are talking economics. Oil co's dictate the prices, not the pres. If we drill and produce 2x the oil that we do right now one of two things would happen:
    1. oil co's would sell to overseas markets leaving prices high.
    2. Withhold oil, creating a manufactured oil shortage keeping prices high just as OPEC does now.
    The U.S. does not own the oil co's, they are a profit driven industry. If they could get $100/gal, they would. The most the govmn't will do is investigate price gouging.

  52. the problem is with pundits in these news shows. You should see "
    republican democrats the sunday news shows and pundits independent voters

  53. I work a full time job and go to school full time. I will be getting my masters degree after 4 and 1/2 years of school and i have a 3.9 gpa. but i must be lazy because someone like you tells me that i am. of course i am jealous of you being rich no matter how you got it. what makes me dislike you is your decadence and lack of care about those less fortunate than you. i'm not saying give your money to the poor but just have a heart and stop being a dick to anyone who isnt a millionaire

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