90 Replies to “Russia Believed To Be Main Suspect In Attack On U.S. Diplomats | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. Russians in cuba? Who'da thought such a thing! Time to take military action! This is an attack on Americans and we don't know long term effects!

  2. Maybe senator Shelby and the Republicans should plan another conciliatory meeting and pacify the situation? Or maybe Rand Paul can deliver another secret message? These people don't even more which side they're on! #voteblue

  3. Novichok on British soil and now microwave weaponry on Cuban and Chinese soil.
    Still giving Putin the benefit of the doubt, Spanky?

  4. You can better believe trump is a part of it, remember he and Putin wanted to work together on "Improving" Internet programs? Probably part of what they were working on

  5. And trump et company all lovin up to putin! We knew he owed them for saving him from ruin when bankrupt. Wow Congress shameful

  6. russia
    msnbc source
    highly likely
    microwave technology

    Love your humour programmes, with love from russia xD. Keep doing the fine work, I always watch your news when im bored =)))))))))))))

  7. The microwaves were broadcast by soros from the planet nibiru using DEEP STATE operatives clinton, and obama, who are not affected because they are actually lizards

  8. Looks like Russia owns the USA now. Makes me wonder if FaulseNews is emitting propaganda low level microwaves to its sub moronic viewers

  9. Don't worry folks, our brave, incorruptible Moron in Chief is probably even now scribbling down his excuses for why it's NOT Russia. Doesn't that make y'all feel safe?

  10. It's actually not Russia. It's something more powerful than Russia the United States & china combined. The world will fall to it's knees when the truth is revealed.

  11. maybe they are slowly doing it to everyone, I have tinnitus and it now freaks me out. Although they might be trialling it in south and mid-west… "Momma, i have a strong urge to vote for Trump in mah head"

  12. Everybody is lying except trump? I don't believe that, why would they? He lies to us everyday!! About dumb crap & big impt things.

  13. I thought America has the best Military knowledge. Someone actually as a weapon not the us don't understand. Wow. No wonder Trump"s slogan is MAGA. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  14. Are we completely certain and can the burden of proof requirement be met? Or are we discounting hostile ‘unknowns’ and ‘alternative’ parties, that have whistled the gaming in hopes of the gamed pointing fingers and jerking knees?

  15. I bet trump has not read a single briefing or report on this!! Should we feel safer now that he may have seen it on tv?? I do Not

  16. Nobody wants to say it but all of the attacks Russia has been making on America could constitute a military response from us when Dems get back in office. These attacks are major. Country's have went to war for a lot less.

  17. LOL MSNBC along with their democrat party minion, lose big on a daily basis. They who are all part of the establishment SWAMP will soon be rooted out. Are you ready for the GRAND JURY?? Where MSNBC, and CNN will be outed as those paying FBI officials for leaks and propagating sedition. Hold on to your arses people cause we will soon witness the SHTF These news outlets have already lost ALL Credibility and will continue to get worse. The SWAMP is draining quite quickly.

  18. Agent Orange like it wasn't Putin I looked him in the balls I mean eyes and he said it wasn't him case closed it's that fat kid in the basement SMH 🤔

  19. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com more honesty than you'll ever find from these a$$holes at MSNBC and a comment section full of ChiCom and Iranian 'social media manipulators'.

  20. Russia is an enemy of the United States. The US cannot have a KGB funded, promoted, and compromised president. Impeach Trump the gaslighting traitor, SAVE THE USA!!

  21. The GOP needs to get on board and impeach the president deny the confirmation of Kavanagh. Or we're living in the United States of Russia thanks to Trump

  22. But getting along with Russia is "good thing, not a bad thing" says Putin's puppet Trump (at least Trump's lips where moving). It was 100% Russia… or it could have been someone else, there are a lot of people out there.

  23. Honestly I suspected that Russia did it since day 1 after I learned that the same incidents occurred in both Cuba and China.
    If it happened in just one country, it could be just that country behind the scene.
    But if happened in two countries, then it’s great possibly the third country did it, who tried to use the other two countries as a disguise or bait to confuse USA!!
    Give me thumbs up if the above logic is reasonable.

  24. this is fake news, it's the crooked FBI trying to keep two lovers apart!
    come on Donnie Boy, STAND BY YOUR MAN !
    (we know donnie's a bottom )

  25. Not suspect Russia., they are involved look at Britain after putin lies what happened now after the photos and movements , putin now admits he knows one those responsible. Anyway what ever they found trump will flip it to putin as always

  26. MAGA – McDonald's And Golf Again
    Comment & thumbs up if you agree Trump will go down as the second most obese POTUS in history, the 3rd POTUS to be impeached, the absolute least intelligent POTUS in history AND the worse President ever.

    George Washington could not tell a lie
    Richard Nixon could not tell the truth
    Donald Trump cannot tell the difference

  27. Isn't this the same agencies who said Iraq processed weapons of mass destruction! Im not saying it isn't true, but it sure smells like propaganda and who gains from making this public, at this time, should be a question any reasonable person should ask before accepting this as a fact.

  28. Thanks Trumoty for Not speakong U up so your butbuddy can try outer brains so I'll just go get some good drugs and wait what a pile you are and your greed putting so many innocent lives at stake and in the furnace well we might just become dust as the bikes fly and you gobble to your spaceport Alone in the dark .where no one will hear you scream alone in the dark all alone in the dark!!

  29. Don't worry Trump and the gop will help make them innocent as soon as they can hey look over there it's a minority legally crossing the street let's get em

  30. I don't see any reason why it would not be Russia or China or North Korea . I doubt very much it is Cuba but never say never .
    For a sonic attack to do brain damage and penetrate a building structure it would have to be infra-sound modulated at the brain wave frequency .
    Higher frequencies will not penetrate structures very well like very low frequencies will . For microwaves to do that kind of damage from a distance they would have to be directed line of sight with no interfering structure . With enough power they could heat your brain up .
    Infra-sound attacks are also associated with nausea , vomiting , and fainting . Microwave attack would probably give you a massive headache first then possibly pass out . Heating your brain up could cause bleeding in the brain which leads to brain damage . Now where did I put my tin foil hat ? lol. I have always thought that most Western countries have weak responses to attacks. I still maintain that the US response to 911 was on the weak side . Afghanistan should have been selectively nuked , possibly neutron bombs .
    Russia knows that . Russian agents have often out performed the West in the field and this is no exception . That is not to say Russia did it but it's kind off their MO .

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