Sarah Sanders Can’t Stop Lying: Trump Reads “More Than Anybody I Know”

welcome back to the David show for Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She’s upset that people are calling her a
liar and she also can’t seem to stop lying recently saying that Donald Trump reads more
than anyone she knows. The only way that’s true is if no one she
knows reads at all. I, I’ve talked before about this issue of
what I think is a really unfortunate rehabilitation of people’s image that will happen after they
leave the Trump administration or even after they simply are out of power. George W. Bush being an example of this and
one example under the Trump administration is former Trump’s first former press secretary
Sean Spicer, who is now seen much more positively nationally after participating in that reality
show, dancing with the stars and no longer being Donald Trump’s daily liar in chief. And this is sad because you know, it’s not
about grudges or anything like that, but when people are hugely bad actors who perpetuate
a disastrous agenda, run interference for it, defend a nightmarish president and truly
bad acts by that president, they shouldn’t be, uh, immediately seen. As funny, great people because they no longer
work for the president of the United States. This brings us to Donald Trump’s second former
press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who as I’ve been saying since the beginning, is
really one of the most vile characters from the entire nightmare that has been the Trump
administration. She doesn’t like being called a liar. She recently said to the New York times, quote,
I was attacked for everything, not just my performance. I was called a fat soccer mom. My kids were threatened. My life was threatened. It was a lot. I hate harping on it, but to be in the position
I’m in and to have secret service, that’s not normal. I don’t like being called a liar. The other stuff has bothered me far less. Well, one way not to be called a liar would
be to stop lying constantly. She did an interview on Fox news Sunday night. She said both that she is upset people call,
call her a liar, and told the obvious, blatant, brazen, bold face lie that Donald Trump reads
more than anyone that she knows. Now, of course, it’s widely known that Trump
doesn’t read. There is not a single book that Donald Trump
even claims to have read in the last 30 years, other than I guess his own book, art of the
deal, which I doubt he actually read, uh, and the Bible, which he definitely didn’t
read and mentioned only to appeal to evangelical voters during his campaign. So let’s go to the video. Check out what Sarah Huckabee Sanders said
in this total softball. Pathetic excuse for an interview for which
interviewer Steve Hilton should be ashamed, but I’m sure he’s not. Take a look. I mean, I’ve watched this process play out
so many times, set in hundreds of meetings with the president, and the idea that he can
only take in one or two bullets is absurd. I’ve watched him consume massive amounts of
information processing point. They go, Oh, he doesn’t read briefings and
whatever. How does he reads more than anybody? I know every single foreign trip. We actually would laugh about the fact he
has boxes upon boxes, file boxes where he reads for hours. The rest of us want to take a break. We want to sleep and the president works the
entire time. He will spend hours on the plane reading through
notes, reading through newspapers, magazines. He consumes a massive amount of information
constantly. At the end, she sort of hints at the truth,
which is he’s not reading. She mentions magazines. He’s haphazardly paging through magazines,
probably looking for pictures of himself and headlines that’s not reading Sarah. I hate to break it to you maybe where she
comes from or how she was raised. That counts as reading, but that’s not reading
in any real sense of the word. Meanwhile, she’s upset that people call her
a liar regularly. You’re lying all the time. The reason she’s called a liar is that she
lies constantly, but not even in ways that are believable in ways that are completely
obviously untrue lies about something less well documented or that are less. Obviously a lie maybe could get by, but when
you’re lying about something that is so widespread right there, there’s widespread reporting
about how AIDS had to reduce Donald Trump’s briefing to a few bullet points with a picture
or a graph or a map or to Trump when he was presented with lots of texts to read, would
yell and get angry about handing documents once reportedly saying, these are just words,
a bunch of words. It doesn’t mean anything. And throwing the papers back on the table
in front of him, if you’re reading, you don’t refer to reading material as just words. That’s not something that voracious readers
tend to do. And let’s even go further. Trump only seems semi-literate literate. He seems, uh, we’ve done deep dives into this
and he has limited reading ability. This is not saying that he is illiterate. What I’m talking about is when you don’t read
for decades, and we know he doesn’t use computers, he would negotiate deals on the phones. He hasn’t, there’s no books that we can say
with certitude that Donald Trump has read when you don’t read for decades. And by that I mean you sit down with at least
semi dense material. You go through it sequentially building your
knowledge of the material and integrating it, assimilating it into your preexisting
knowledge. You lose that ability. There’s no, this isn’t even special about
Donald Trump. There’s no way that the brain can maintain
its ability to assimilate complex information, the kind that a president would consume under
normal circumstances if you don’t do it for decades. And remember that Donald Trump’s co-writer
of art of the deal, really the writer Trump told them stories and he wrote the book. He said the entire time that he worked on
the book with Donald Trump, he never, Donald Trump pickup a single book. He didn’t see a book anywhere around Donald
Trump. There’s this report of Trump keeping a book
of, I think it was Hitler’s speeches on his, uh, a bedside table. Who knows if he even actually read it. I would be shocked if he did. If Sarah Huckabee Sanders wants to stop being
called a liar, stop telling obvious brazen, demonstrable lies. And the allegations about lying all the time
would stop pretty quickly.

100 Replies to “Sarah Sanders Can’t Stop Lying: Trump Reads “More Than Anybody I Know”

  1. Yes Trump is very well read ! And I'm the pope.
    Look at the footage of the notes he read out " I WANT NOTHING " etc.
    Sara Sanders is a habitual liar. Fact.

  2. Wait. If she said, "[Trump] reads more than ANYBODY I KNOW," she could be telling the truth. I mean, what's the usual reading level of folks back in her home holler?

    Also, how many people does she actually "know"?

  3. Rex Tillerson would know much better than her since he was actually Secretary of State for some considerable period, relative to the rate of turnover in the White House.

    And he point blank says the President does not read!

  4. Just because you read books. Doesn’t make you smart either. Something to think about.
    I don’t like trump either if you’re wondering. 😂

  5. I admired this woman … when she speak … it is obviously how smart she is.. so is trump … even when some people can’t handle because the envy and the hatred lol lol it is it like I like the man but I just love him and he make me laugh more any person in the world even comedians lol lol I just enjoy watching trump …. and try fact that he became president is a big deal … he is rude arrogant he is tough and he is smart and maybe not like anybody else but that is the thing , he is different and at the end all presidents steal and will never never fight for you … because if you don’t fight for yourself nobody will… that is a fact.. I do hate politics as I hate this stupid ignorant famous who should be impartial but choose a side in politics because they are just what trump was a figure from Hollywood a famous person who had the balls who k and actually went for it and nobody ever expected it and that is why they are so jealous and piss off at trump no because he is a bad president because they didn’t got the balls and do it … lol lol

  6. I just need to vent… Sean Spicer was a horrible dancer and should have been kicked off immediately for his dancing not even to mention the hateful policies he fueled during his time in the administration…

  7. I once sat next to Donald Trump on a plane and all he would talk about was how Saul Bellow and Philip Roth were the last of the great American novelists. this was in the 90s. He held up a copy of Infinite Jest and ranted for an hour about how it was garbage and how the current generation knew nothing about literature. Hejust laughed when I brought up Paul Auster. One side note: The entire time he kept dropping hints that he might be the real J.D. Salinger. When he realized I might be on to him, he switched up, implying that he might actually be Pynchon. Then he went back to rapidly cycling between frantically reading and annotating copies of the Chaucer Review, The Journal Of Modern Literature and The Cambridge Quarterly. A force to be reckoned with.

  8. 😂 trump reads? Also in the Huckabee household, they did read the picture bible period. Yes that’s true, if they actually read the Bible then there’s no way they would support trump. 😂

  9. Sanders is truly a vile person, disgusting in every sense of the word. She leaks evil from her pores, and wonders why people don't like her. Maybe it's all the constant lying and lack of self awareness? Also, people are letting Sean Spicer off way too easy. How can you ever trust anyone like that again when they have clearly demonstrated they will lie to the entire country without a second thought?

  10. Trying to cover up the fact that Trump has a reading disability. He can hardly read the telestrator. Anyone who reads knows Trump has a vocabulary of a 6th grader. Anyone who reads knows that he can hardly get through a briefing. He pretends to have boxes of stuff to hide the fact he can't read. It's quite obvious. He doesn't want to be exposed so he blows up when handed large volumes of text. His base loves him because he speaks at their level. SIMPLE…………..

  11. The guy who writes notes in the font size that you can read it 20 feet away? That guy , who needs glasses but refuses to get them? That guy read mores than anyone you know? Sarah, you are just like Trump, you can't stop lying.

  12. Hide and finish your evolution. Don't come out from wherever you're hiding. We have been at peace ever since you were gone.

  13. The entire Huckabee family are smarmy smart-asses who have no shame or ethics. Her father got two women killed because he commuted the sentence of a violent rapist who raped a woman related to the Clintons just as a big " fuck you " to them. The man killed two women in Missouri.The son hung a dog, and mamma totaly smeared a the incumbent secretary of state when running against him. They are all self-righteous pieces of shit who hide behind their phony christianity.

  14. On the "rehabilitation" of Sean Spicer, et al…. Erm… Does Ollie North ring a bell? Speaking of reading, on this one, I'm reminded of a line from (of all people) Robert E. Howard: "Man is still an ape in that he forgets what it not ever before him." (from "The Shadow Kingdom", for those so interested). Yep. We tend to gloss over such bastards more than a little too easily. Hence we have revisionist history involving, oh, say, Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini, among others… To use another old phrase: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." THAT'S the position we're in when it comes to such people. If we allow them to hoodwink us again through a smiling face and a nice bit of patter… then we damned well deserve people like Trump in the White House. That's the point of history: it's our collective memory so that we don't get screwed again… at least, not by the same people or in the same way. As for Sarah's claim, others have said it: then she must not know anyone who reads at all. I could point to five- and six-year-olds who read more than Trump has read in his entire life… and this Is no exaggeration. (It may not be Shakespeare or Proust they're reading, but they devour books at the same rate the orange stain devours MacDonald's Happy Meals…..

  15. I feel sorry for her kids but this pathetic lying oaf deserves all the bad karma coming and I can’t wait for it to smack her upside her pathetic lying head.

  16. She needs to just go away. She is vile and is a liar. She opened her mouth and this is the result. She should keep the fork in her mouth,its safer. I feel sorry for her kids.

  17. The obtuse Sarah Sanders, never learned the difference between a lie and the truth. The fact she can continue to bootlick Trumplethinskin proves she's an idiot. The Dumbbell-in-Cheif watches TV to get his information.They should get matching t-shirts, Stupid One and Stupid Too.

  18. I like calling this woman Sara Fuck***me Sanders but Huckabeast works. I’d let her pull the plow but I would keep her away from the other farm animals.

  19. The president elected by you voters IQ assholes you wish you knew better that in order for an egg to hutch has to be fertilized !
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    Leave Jewmerica to save the time you have ahead of you hoping what do they mean when talk about the bogus bible of divide and conquer your limited knowledge empty headed stupid morons with egotism taking over your tranquility you were born with !
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  20. We have to be careful about what exactly we're calling lies. She never said he reads books, she said briefings, newspapers and magazines. There are plenty of things we can actually call Sanders out for without having to invent things. I'm disappointed in Pakman here, he's usually spot on, but this is a stumble.

  21. I agree, people should not be forgetting that Sean Spicer also lied. Will people forgive Sarah Sanders too if she went on dancing with the stars? Your character doesn’t change just because you left a job.

  22. traitor-trump and his enablers don't want anyone to grasp why traitor-trump schemed to try to blame Ukraine for RIGGING the 2016 election. Either way traitor-trump is FAKE AND ILLEGITIMATE, so, why try to change reality? Well, if conman traitor-trump can make enough people believe it was Ukraine rather than Russia, he would then, declare an end to all sanctions against Russia… QUID PRO QUO RUSIAN STYLE. Only one problem, the traitor-trump scheme was exposed, and one needs to wonder now, how many other schemes has traitor-trump been orchestrating with foreign powers? Make no mistake traitor-trump is a life-long criminal fraud, pervert, a liar, greed-driven, sick, twisted, racist, conman, thief, and now a TRAITOR… and truly is a disease-minded criminal psychopath.

  23. Wouldn't be too surprising to find out that her statement is true. She does not strike me as the kind of person to hang out with an intellectual set.

  24. Trump reads more than anyone else she knows. Maybe she does not know alot of people, and the people she does know has the preacher read the important parts out of ”the good book" to them?

  25. It runs in the Hucklebee Family they are Lying Hipocritical Christians that Sin all week and ask forgiveness on Sunday. Then start Bullshitting again. Poor kids bet they get bullied for all their bullshit they are fed before they go to school

  26. She’s pretends she’s a Christian person she tells lies everytime she opens her mouth 🤮💯🤥 she should be ashamed her poor kids they will grow up and see all this 💩 she really thought trump wanted her 😂🤣 sorry Suckabee don’t think ur his type did you finally figure out he didn’t want to grab your p** 🤣

  27. If he consumes large amounts of anything; knowledge is not one of them, hamburgers and buckets of fried chicken…more than likely.

  28. The difference between sean and sarah isn't in principles, its likability. Sean spicer had this odd goodball appeal, dressing up as easter bunnies and being confused constantly. Sarah comes off as entitled and haughty, even as she spews outright lies.

  29. Pamphlets and news headlines! He loved Tom Wolfe and Bonfire of the Vanities even though he never read it! He reads more than anyone she knows which shows why they're all so ignorant and stupid.

  30. Nothing worse than a smug liar. Harry Reed lied about Mitt Romney paying no income taxes and when called out after the election he said, "Well, we won didn't we"?

    The ends justify the means to far too many politicians. She is an extreme example but both sides only care about winning.

  31. Maybe all the people she knows are all illiterate and don't even read one side scripts with a headline, a short paragraph on it and a huge graphic or picture on it, but rather nothing at all. And maybe she counts magazines and headlines, etc as reading. It wouldn't surprise me at all.

  32. Huckabee Sanders is a lying scumbag, remember when asshole trump told stepanhobolis that he read the Mueller report !!! He went to ask him a question on it , trump jumped out of the car !!!! Fastest he's moved in 40 years !!!! LOCK HIS PHONY ASS UP 🍄

  33. She might be telling the truth about this.
    She doesn't sound like she knows very many Ivy League graduates. And the Orange Snowflake did attend the University of Pennsylvania's business school, even if it took his father's money to get him admitted. So she might be right about this.

    No, she's lying again. I must remember that she is a preacher's daughter. And they are the biggest sinners on Earth.

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