100 Replies to “Scalise says Syria meeting went well once Pelosi, Schumer ‘stormed out’

  1. Little Adam Schritt, Scumbag Schumer, Poopoo Pelosi and the feast of the bolsheviks in the House should all be jailed on charges of treason. The Democrats are traitors. They should be outlawed.

  2. once someone gets in office and actually has the power to make an amendment or create rules i have a suggestion, im sure others do too, but there should be job requirements even for elected officials, just because you get elected doesn't mean you don't have a job to do. so it should be part of the constitution that during a normal work day any, and i mean any elected person should be required to do a minimum of hours at what their job is. they could set hours, days, jobs done, etc. to think that these elected officials can just ignore their job, walk out of meetings, spend hours and hours blocking the president from his job is absolutely stupid.

  3. I'm glad you subscribers love to watch FOX Business ? Is this Talking about Business!! and you say CNN and MSNBC! This is Sad!

  4. The USA economy is more powerful and influential against its foes at this time, more than its military, Trump gets it.

  5. Nancy is just being a mother bulldog, protecting Joe and her sons from getting caught up in big energy corruption. after all. She did pull out her finger gun. Don’t know how that got past security.

  6. Pitiful…unlawful Demorats! Idiots! They won’t succeed in taking Trump out. Demorats have given the 2020 election to Trump!

  7. Jessica Tarnoff is a liberal schill. Too obvious. Very biased. Enough of these pathetic moles. Way too many on Fox, right Juan!?

  8. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ABOLISH THE DEMOCratsss PARTY! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They are leading US to a CIVIL WAR!!!!!!!!!!BOYCOTT,  BOYCOTT,  BOYCOTT ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL OF HIS BUSINESSESSSSSS-SORO'S, A DOMESTIC TERRORIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Great job Lou on trying to get this idiot to admit HE WAS WRONG to agree with the Democrats against the president on this deal. He just would not admit he f’d up!!

  10. in OCT of 2020 trump should announce he will sign an executive order,if re-elected. his[ October surprise] on the democrats, instituting TERM LIMITS on all senators & congressional representatives. two and out will be the chant TWO & OUT TWO & OUT

  11. It's stupid to choose on a party, choose on Issues and what candidate stands for, choosing for a party instead a certain candidate is what the elites want, so they control the mass easier.

  12. Trump hate the Constitution, Trump hate Democracy, Trump wants to be a Dictator, that is why he praises Putin and North Korea.


  14. Pelosi & Schumer are an embarrassment or stain on our great Country! as are any Democrats who hate our President!! the Democrats rightfully should worship the man! he's 1000 times more a President than Barry or pervert Billy Clinton ever was!! Trump has done more in his 3 years than those two Bozo's in their 16 years combined!!

  15. I appreciate Lou Dobb's comment…this is the same person trying to throw him out of the White House. The fact that Trump invited them to have these discussions is pretty humbling on his part. And to be honest…do we really believe she's innocent in all of this…HECK NO! She's a con just like all the rest of the Demtards!

  16. Lou Dobbs, I really wish the People's President who I've pray for, voted for, and stand by 100% , would listen to this video and hear your common sense and what all you said and take it to heart. I am a fan of yours! I love my President and your program.

  17. How can Schiff, a mere congressman, allowed to go on and on with this?  Who is backing him?  Where does this power to let him be–at the expense of our country–come from?  It's very unsettling.

  18. Funny how Moscow Mitch and Graham begged Pelosi, Schumer to speak to Ttrump about Ukraine cause they had no balls to do it.If it weren't for Dems the Republicans would still be crying in their beers cause their party had blood on their hands in relation with Ukraine no matter how Republicans, Trump spin it!!Pelosi didnt storm out but walked out after Ttrump called her a third rate politician and Pelosi said Ttrump couldn't be a politician.These media whores can't even lie straight and they like Ttrump will all suffer after hes gone!!

  19. Great question, Lou!!! Why in the heck don't the republicans in congress get behind our President – period. Disappointed by Lindsey Graham's actions too

  20. It seems unlikely Pelosi and her water boy Schumer add any value to any meeting. Once again Pelosi looks like an unprofessional 3rd rate politician, just as Trump told her.

  21. Steve Scalise lead a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in President Trump because he said "we want" this in Syria, and "we want that." You can't get a friggin' THING in Syria without the POTUS on your side!! He's Commander and Chief of ALL the military, and he has to plan EVERY INCH of EVERY military goal. When are Republicans going to learn the value of simple G-D LOYALTY. They live in this SWAMP of corrupt D.C. media, and they actually believe they get POINTS somehow, by siding with demwits.

  22. Syria is just not our problem we are over it . It was nothing more than cash cow for those in office to get kickbacks off of . And as far as turkey goes they never were friends they just wanted our money and our weapons.

  23. Democrats illuminati deep state illuminati Muslim brotherhood illuminati satanic evil. They want things like they want them and they've had it that way for years. And now it's over

  24. I see i stumbled on to crazy town! Funny, that Trump aka cadet bone spurs and Lou Dobbs no more than our Generals and foreign policy experts! Ignorance is bliss, so i guess you Trumpers sleep very well at night! I wish i could!

  25. Tired of the working class dying for the rich elites who don’t lift a finger to defend this country. Send the congressman’s kids to Syria.

  26. God did not save you so you could defend this coward. You are a liar in all you are saying. He betrayed the allies who faught with our soldier to fight Isis
    This is a propaganda with lies. All lies shame on you and Lou Dobbs for lying

  27. This minority whip Scalise is too weak for the job.. Nice guy but not the best choice … Why is it that Turkey and Syria and Russia can't handle the ISIS prisoners .. Why do Americans need to do everything ???

  28. President Trump is 100% right let's get the hell out of there. This seems like it's been going on forever. Look what happened with the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton's help. United States government help to overthrow Kadafi. That country is a horror now

  29. "94% of republicans support this president" 6% of republicans are part of the problem.
    Trump should endorse independents running against his troublemakers.
    After those independents win, invite them into the GOP.
    There are RINOs in the swamp too.

  30. Educate yourselves people and VOTE EVERY DEM & RINO OUT of office, if they believe in the NWO & globalism, they need to go! Enough is enough, Trump has fighting a war to give power back tomthe people & if you do nothing to help, your soul is gone and your children will pay the price to the 10th generation

  31. Behind closed doors….remember ObamaCare?….behind closed doors…. “We have to pass the Bill so we know what’s in it”. A good Leader stays engaged to find a solution that works for all, so Honey, if you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen.

  32. this was all staged by pelosi schumer and the dems… grow up America and see what's going on… the dems that were left back were there to take notes for pelosi.. she should take her pointed finger and bite it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pelosi is a joke!!!!!!!

  33. Lou Dobbs likes little boys… Mark my words, the truth will eventually come out… Leaving Syria the way we did leaves our allies (the Kurds) open for slaughter by Turkey… It only benefits Russia, Syria, Iran and of course Turkey


  35. I learn in my life that you cannot reason with non sence and talk to idiots. Pelocy is a born tantrum, disrespectful, all they want is impeachment.
    We AMERICAN will not stand to stay in the dark while they do their propaganda behind close doors. They lie directly in our face. They DO NOTHING for American. We vote for this president. There will be reckoning soon if their charade.

  36. Hey, Lou! The DACA people dogged, Nancy Pelosi, in San Francisco, California. You know why, because they see that she had a chance to help them during the government shutdown. She did nothing.
    God bless,

  37. Trump is going to play whack-a-mole with these rino,s….scum voting against Trump must have other paymasters,or have been compromised by the swamp creatures….All will be revealed.

  38. Not wayle: I never try to say that, children's are the most inteligents creatures, what I mean us that they are a bunch of idiots, craysies and deshorinted people, and satanics. Thankyou .

  39. Steve Scalise another Trump Sycophant Lackey, The Republicans all took Trumps Personality By Lying, Spinning, Deflecting, Welcome to the New Party of TRUMPISM!
    Up is down, black is white, hot is cold, wet is dry, ahhhhh yes, The Creation Of An Alternative Reality special for the blind n loyal Trump base …. MAGA ???

  40. It’s Incredible How these Republicans Get Away With Blatant Lies, only on the Fox News Propaganda Network…. MAGA 😖

  41. Pelosi and her son Paul and John Kerry and Chris Heinz and Devon Archer and James Bulger and Mitt Romney and the Bush crime family and Barry Soetoro and Hillary and the DNC and the State Department and DOD and DOE and Pentagon and the CIA and Brennan and James Clapper and Comey and Stryzok and Lisa Page and both Orh's and the Podesta's and Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Awan brothers are all involved in the Ukraine and many other countries. They are all criminals as is Henry Kissinger and George Soros.

  42. These few Dems lying on the president and to everyone never telling an ounce of truth represents a dying establishment now.
    So let me ask the DNC,
    are you comfortable with being represented by LIARS? Cause you are now known as the party of non-christians.

  43. Why did you vote with the Democrats? …"We had a productive meeting".

    Why did you vote with the Democrats? …"I agree with Trump now".

    When will we ever see a politician actually answer a question he is given? It just leaves you with an uneasy feeling that there are Republican senators out there who would stab Trump in the back if they thought it would benefit them.

  44. And why should the president of the United States say anything about the Democrats liking the fact that Communists would be involved? Why insult anybody at the meeting?

  45. Trump is working for America! you must be a dumb Liberal to think different ,that's all they want to do is tear up what that man has done. TRUMP2020

  46. Of course it went well then…When the devils leave, the havoc leaves with them. Read the Holy Bible. It's very clear.

  47. From a lay persons point of view, what the Democrats are engaged in behind closed doors is not an 'Impeachment inquiry". It is a coup attempt, a clear act of high treason. We, the average person, demand that those involved in this attempted coup be placed under arrest and put on trial for high treason!

  48. Just so you Idiots understand, Trump did not bring our Troops home but Dispersed them around the Middle east and Trump sent more Troops to Saudi Arabia to defend that Country. So Trump lied to you again. IDIOTS.

  49. Nice job Lou making Scalise squirm as he votes with the Democrats against the president re Syria. Truth is Scalise is not going to tell you why he voted yes. $$$$

  50. US did a lot of intentional civilian killing , with drones , choppers , artillery , tanks , snipers and even infantry , US killed 1.5 million civilians in it war in iraq and afghanistan for "war on terror" ??? they should fight themselves , because they are the real terror , they killed more than any country , but there is still some stupids who still believe in US government , and it lies over it civilians ! "they DON'T KNOW THAT US GOVERNMENT IS CONTROLLING EVERY MEDIA IN THE US AND EUROPE" and i quoted , the only reason they invade iraq is for oil , otherwise they can't continue their massive defense budget without free oil , afghanistan for drugs , yeah drugs , "THEY PRETEND TO FIGHT DRUG TRAFFIC IN AFGHANISTAN , BUT THEY DO NOT ".

  51. Pelosi and Shummer are horrible people. Do you Democrats want these nasty rude unhinged people representing you? Civil war?

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