100 Replies to “See impeachment witnesses’ response to Trump’s all caps tweet

  1. the thing is trump isnt fucking making up dirt , he is exposing the corruption on the left . and you idiots dont wanna admit that hunter biden and joe are just as corrupt as your orange man bad hahahah you fucking idiots

  2. I likes when they asked there star witnesses what crime was committed and it was crickets lol It just shows how bad this clown show is 😆😆😆😆

  3. He just doesn't like how the president is handling foreign affairs so he wants the president IMPEACHED???? THAT'S NOT AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE!!!! Pelosi you brought this impeachment on HEARSAY/GOSSIP???? Remove Pelosi Now – she is unable to do her job due to such personal HATE she has for the president – that is a conflict of Interest!!!

  4. Holding back the money from Ukraine is aiding and abetting russia. A known and flagrant "ENEMY" of the usa. What if Precedent Roosevelt held back on the Lend lease Act . until England gave Roosevelt some dirt on a political opponent . Clearly this action was to the benefit russia and trump. mmm Funny how all trump tentacles reach out to russia.

  5. I love watching these idiots trying to put a story together to get President Trump thrown out. Morons and idiots 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  6. Eric swLlwell is a career criminal no more no less as to the standing of Kent read the closed door transcripts oh that’s right that’s what real journalist do instead of handpicking clips

  7. Trump tried to get the President of Ukraine to do what Putin made him do when he was a presidential candidate. “Russia if you’re listening…”, Putin made him make that public statement

  8. I would state:
    If the definition of Never Trumper is a person who doesn't want Trump in Office then no, I am not a Never Trumper.
    IF, however, the definition of Never Trumper is a person who is NOT, first and foremost, loyal to Trump, and instead loyal to the American People, the Constitution THEN the President (in that order); then yes, I am a Never Trumper as I am, first and foremost, loyal to the American People.

  9. Jim Jordan schooled the dems. Witnesses couldn’t even respond. One said their source was the New York Times. Now the whole world knows what a joke the dems are and what a waste of tax payer money this is. TRUMP 2020

  10. CNN manipulates the news, fake reporting. CNN SUCKS
    One good thing about this Impeachment attempt is that Dem's are actively helping Trump get re-elected by showing to the world how corrupt they are, I'ts going to blow up in their face and I'll be one real happy American, Go Trump, Go Trump Go Trump.

  11. The impeachment witness admitted he didn't witness anything. All secondhand locker room hallway talk. This is a complete farce.

  12. This guys another bimbo.

    The current impeachment hearing are exposing Obama and his corrupt administration. Lol. Loving every minute. This is how Republicans get revenge. Transparency of the democratic socialist party.

  13. Second U.S. official in Ukraine overheard Trump’s call with Sondland about need for ‘investigations’

    A second U.S. embassy official in Kiev overheard President Trump gabbing over the phone to his European Union ambassador about the need for Ukraine to pursue “investigations” into his political rivals, a source familiar with the matter said Thursday.

    Suriya Jayanti, a foreign service officer in Ukraine, was at the restaurant in Kiev from which Ambassador Gordon Sondland spoke to Trump via cellphone on July 26 and overheard the key portion of the conversation, according to the source.

    William Taylor, the top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine, unexpectedly revealed during his Wednesday testimony in the impeachment inquiry that he had learned of the previously unreported call from another embassy staffer, David Holmes, who was also at the restaurant and overheard the chat.

    The July 26 call came one day after Trump infamously asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky over the phone to do him “a favor” by announcing investigations of Joe Biden’s family and debunked right-wing claims about the 2016 election.

    Too make matters more peculiar, former U.S. officials pointed out the obvious security risks of calling the president from what was likely an unsecured cellphone line in the middle of a major European city.

    “I assume Sondland was briefed about the obvious risks of making a call from Kyiv on his cell phone?” former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul tweeted. “Did he choose to ignore that security briefing?”



  14. I not only want Donald Trump out of Office, since he is a traitor who betrayed our country multiple times, I want to see him die. I want the death penalty for traitors like Trump. And i had better see it happens too otherwise there is no more rule of law left as far as I am concerned.

  15. Between the bow tie and the eyebrow thing… what the hell am I watching?
    Talking about wasting money… this whole thing is an ongoing waste of money. XD

  16. Who cares what terrorists republikkkcons think anymore. Remove this crook president today. Time to make America great again. Vote blue.

  17. Someone who possess Taylor's character has become so alien to the GOP that the only thing they could do is bring up Hunter Biden.

  18. Well, well, well now I know why Schiff looks like he's on meth all the time. Embattled Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff was dressed in ancient-Egyptian-themed garb at two wild costume parties at Ed Buck’s meth and sex mansion, according to a Clinton Whistleblower and insider. And the FBI is probing Schiff, who is now the target of a federal investigation focused on the Congressman’s more-than-frequent trips to Ed Buck’s meth mansion. Buck is a high-profile, millionaire Democratic benefactor who has contributed and bundled large amounts of cash to Democrats including Schiff, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Kamala Harris and the list goes on and on. Buck was arrested last month after a nearly-dead man escaped from Buck’s home after Buck allegedly plied him with meth.  This is a pretty interesting development, because guess what happened shortly after the arrest of Democrat mega donor Ed Buck…That's right the latest hoax to impeach President Trump. We have two things with this development regarding Rep. Adam Schiff who is a major pusher of the Trump/Zelensky hoax, because we are finding out Rep. Schiff made multiple visits to the home of Ed Buck and the FBI is actually probing this. Technically speaking while Rep. Adam Schiff is pushing impeachment of Trump based off a hoax where closed door hearings on impeachment are taking place that only Democrats can attend, Rep. Adam Schiff is being investigated by the FBI due to frequent visits to the home of Ed Buck…Where human trafficking was known to take place.

  19. tRump is a lying corrupt Scumbag! And his GOP trained pathtic guttless spineless monkeys kiss his fat ass and lick his boots,, in fact they are so afraid of the Orange Dumbbell they piss their pants every time he walks in the room! #Impeach Scumbag45

  20. The impeachment hearing was better than I expected! The Dems PROVED to me liars . They couldn't answer any questions without stuttering and didn't have time to come up with their lies. Very entertaining. This hearing should have never happened and shown on the air. Once again Dems make fools of themselves. It's time to respect our president and accept that he will be around for another 4 years. STOP DIVIIDING OUR COUNTRY! IM TIRED OF THE HATE AND ITS MAKING OUR COUNTRY LOOK BAD! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  21. What seems funny to me is how easily Trump's administration could've kept this all hidden but it seems that he and his supporters believe the presidential office can do whatever the hell it wants. Lindsay "i just seem homosexual" graham was right! ; these guys are inept af

  22. Nepotism, kleptocracy, influence peddling, conflict of interest are the real issues here. Why put the cart ahead of the horse ?

  23. I heard from my brother in law who heard from his coworker who heard from her boyfriend who heard from his cousin who heard overheard CNN executive that they are Comedy News Channel. Take this to the bank.

  24. oops…this must be the hate promoting chat room…Thank you for helping our President Trump get re-elected in 2020. Trump 2020 KAG & DRAIN THE SWAMP.

  25. happy birthday to asha rangappa. l Carolyn Donald love you so much. l hope you have many, many more birthdays. l hope the Democratics , be successful in the impeachment .

  26. You should watch Democratic law maker Mike Quigley say " hearsay evidence can be much better than direct evidence " hahahahahaha On what planet is this true ? This is top of the food chain in the democratic party ??? WOW

  27. Tim Morrison told Ambassador Taylor that Ambassador Sondland told Morrison that Trump told Ambassador Sondland that President Zelensky would have to open an investigation into Biden or else aid would be delayed to Ukraine.

    Seriously how is this even evidence?

  28. “That’s what I heard”
    “This is what I think”
    “I’m not a star witness”
    “I wasn’t on the call”
    “I can only go off of what I heard”

    Are you fucking kidding me?


  30. Nasty Polosi says we have a bribery charge, then she says we don 't know we will go forward with impeachment. What a lefty lying f***ing bitch

  31. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/11/14/nolte-impeachment-backfire-trumps-numbers-rise-as-bidens-crater/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=daily&utm_campaign=20191114&utm_content=Final


  33. It's Laughable to listen to Democrats Phish for ANYTHING to get President Trump. There's Nothing..The Democrats are beginning to crumble left and Right and Are starting to eat themselves. 3 years and MILLIONS of Tax payers Dollars pissed Away on Nothing. Well, this ensures a Trump Win in 2020 For Sure.
    MAGA 2020!!!

  34. The Russian asset (Trump), has to be held responsible! Trump is the only president we know who got elected with the help of Russia!

  35. Kent’s unwavering testimony, his knowledge of facts and his clear and concise responses was amazing. This guy is undoubtedly the sharpest pencil in the box.

  36. Holy hell, trump's inbred cultists look like they are losing their shit in front of god and everybody. I guess that they are entirely too stupid to realize that everyone here BUT them is dedicated to voting that shitstain trump out of office. They aren't changing any minds, but I have to give them one thing, the more freaked out they get the more amusing they are. LOL

  37. None of these people are the whistle blower. They did not come forward with pertanate first hand information that confirms an impeachable offence occured. They come forward after the fact.

  38. Democrats have been lying and making up anything they can since 2016 to get rid of Trump. I havent seen sore losers like this ever in my life.

  39. Kent: "For 3 Republican Presidents and 2 Democrat [sic] Presidents"

    Yeah…after that tell, he's not a partisan hack for the left.

  40. So what if President TRUMP twitted.If asshole Adam Schitt I mean Schiff would have let it go nothing could have been made of it.democrates are just looking to make trouble.They do not care about nothing fair or right.President TRUMP has all the right to say something to defend his SELF.Who do the asshole communist democrats think they are with these bullshit rules.Enough is enough.I fought for this country.I didn't put my life on the line to play by the democrats COMMUNIST rules.I did so for the American way.So enough.Fuck the democrats their bullshit party and all this crap.We don't to play their way.Time for all good Americans to end this shit.I don't care if TRUMP uses military force against them.They are destroying America and they need to be stopped.

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