Senator Cory Booker on Who and What We Are For | Fourth Democratic Debate

You know, we’ve got one shot to make Donald Trump a one-term president. And, how we talk about each other in this debate actually really matters. I’ve had the privilege of working with or being friends with everybody on this stage and tearing each other down because we have a different plan, to me is unacceptable. I have seen this script before. It didn’t work in 2016. And it will be disaster for us in 2020. And so, I have a different plan than Elizabeth Warren, I have a different plan than many people on this stage. And it involves, again, fair taxes for the richest. We have a lot of work to do there. But we’ve had 20 years of presidential debates. And we have never talked about the violence in America of child poverty. We have got to begin to talk more eloquently and more persuasively and urgently about doing the things not just to make sure fair taxes are paid by people on the top, but that we deal with the moral obscenity of having the highest levels of child poverty in the industrial world. My plan will focus on that. And these are some of the issues we should be talking about, not defining ourselves just by what we’re against, but we need to win this election by talking about who and what we are for.

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