Senator Elizabeth Warren Talks About the Democratic Party’s Shift to the Left

-How are you?
-I am great. -I’m so happy to hear this. I know that you go back
from recess tomorrow. -Yes. -So tell me, during the recess,
do you miss it? Do you miss your colleagues? Do you miss your colleagues from
the other side of the aisle? -Let me put it this way. I am ready to get back
in the fight. -All right.
-Anytime. -There you go.
-That’s my job. [ Cheers and applause ] -Wonderful to hear. I will say, your message
is a very strong one. I find it very counter
to what your favorite show is. When I think of what Elizabeth
Warren’s favorite show is, I would not guess
that it is “Ballers.” [ Laughter ] -But it is.
-That’s true. Okay. Because you did tweet, “To all
the reporters tweeting at me about the season premiere of
‘Ballers’ on Sunday night at 10:00 p.m.,
like I haven’t had this date saved on my calendar for months:
I know.” -True. I know. -You know, and by the way,
someone else noticed your tweet. This is Dwayne “The Rock”
Johnson, the star of “Ballers.” “You reporters
better put some respect on Senator Warren’s name. She is ready for our season
premiere of ‘Ballers.'” And then, “Thank you, Senator,
for the support. I feel
we’ll deliver our best yet. You have a big Rock-sized hug
coming when I see you.” -Whoa. -I mean, that is —
-That’s good. [ Cheers and applause ] -I would say a Rock-size hug is both very exciting
and also very terrifying. Just be a little careful
about a Rock-size hug. -Yeah. It’s a thing.
-You were here in 2014, and it seems very long ago you
were considered, at the time, the far left end of
the Democratic Party. There has been
a progressive wave, it seems, post the 2016 election. Are you surprised
it took this long, or are you relieved
that it’s finally happening? -Oh, look, I look at this as people are starting to ask
the fundamental question. Who does government work for? And, boy, has that become
even clearer over the last year and a half. The Republicans passed
this gigantic tax giveaway. $1.5 trillion to giant
corporations and bazillionaires. That’s who they think government
should work for, that the rich and the powerful should get richer
and more powerful. My view on this and a lot of
folks around this country is, no, government ought to
work for the people, and that’s what
this fight is all about. That’s how I see this. -Was it frustrating for you
having been, you know, a politician who had always
talked about the middle class and actually taken steps
to protect the middle class to see Donald Trump
also frame himself as a hero of the middle class? -Sure. But now, it’s not
even about the words. It’s about what have you
actually done? You give away $1.5 trillion to the richest and most powerful
among us? I just want to think
for a minute what you really could do if you were investing that money
in America. And on this,
I want to say for me, this is really personal because this is about
how government works. I grew up in one of these
paycheck-to-paycheck families. My daddy ended up as a janitor. My mom worked a minimum-wage job
at Sears. My chance in life was a $50
a semester commuter college. I grabbed it and hung on, and I got to be
a public schoolteacher. I got to be a college professor, and I got to be
a United States Senator all because America
invested in kids like me. I believe in that America. [ Cheers and applause ] -Do you take — I mean,
solace is a weird word, but have you —
do you find it notable that right now as we come
towards the midterms, it seems as though
the Republican Party is not actually running on this
tax bill they passed, which… -No kidding. -…is the signature achievement
of the first half of Donald Trump’s term in office. -And stinks like
three-week-old garbage. [ Laughter ] I mean, they are, “Oh…” You know, somewhere else
every time anything about that tax bill
comes up. You know, and that’s what’s
remarkable about this. They passed it
knowing it was unpopular. It’s not like people
changed their minds. They passed it
knowing it was unpopular. Figured, “Hey, they’d spend
a few bazillion dollars outrunning ads on it, and the American people
would fall for it.” And here’s the deal. It’s more unpopular now than it
was when it passed because, I think that really is the heart
of where America is. I think we still fundamentally,
fundamentally, down at our core, believe in the things
we can do together. Believe in the things
like healthcare is a basic human right, and our kids should be able
to get an education without getting crushed by debt, and that seniors should be able
to retire with some dignity and that we’re willing to pull
together to pitch in some of our money
to try to make that happen, to build a better future
for ourselves and for our kids.

100 Replies to “Senator Elizabeth Warren Talks About the Democratic Party’s Shift to the Left

  1. USA Today on Aug. 14, 2018 ran a story: Real US wages are essentially back at 1974. "If you get a $1,200 annual raise on the same day that your rent goes up by $100 a month, you don't need an accountant to tell you that you didn't actually make any financial progress." We can thank Trump and the GOP; meanwhile, we do not need to worry for the rich, for they are being looked after and I hear that another tax break for the rich is in Congress.

  2. You had a good showing here, Elizabeth. You've made some mistakes in your past, so I will remain a little bit sceptical for now, but I'm open for the possibility that this is the beginning of you getting back on track again. I really hope it is. The Accountable Capitalism Act that you have proposed is a good first step on the more substantive side, as well.

    Essentially, as long as you don't listen to any Democratic Party advisers, (political) consultants or strategists, you should be fine.

  3. I’m calling it now: the 2020 Dem ticket will be Elizabeth Warren and Corey Booker. Not saying that’s what I want, but that’s where it’s going.

  4. Warren is a bad-ass (get it, cuz the donkey represents the Dem party). For leftists shes Bernie 2.0. Shes stronger on Russia (Bernie gets support from the kremlin, employed Tad Davine a manafort and kremlin linked political operative who kep dictators in power and didnt vote for sanctions or the magninsky act), she has a younger political career (so she doesnt have decades of baggage tied to her like Bernie does, for ex. see how Bernie wanted to dump nuclear waste on poor hispanics in 1998 and how he voted FOR the 1994 tough on crime bill that put so many black Americans in prison), she didnt attack womens reproductive rights like Bernie did in 2017 when he endorsed pro-life candidates (thankfully they lost), shes more accomplished and shes younger, an actual Democrat and she would have earned the nomination of her party based off of the blood, sweat and tears shes invested in it and helped lead over the years.

  5. Not one person is asking for a "Free Ride". We are asking for a reasonable ride. the basic goods we need to live cost more every day. the prices double. what isn't doubling is Minimum Wage, SSI, or anything else that can help the 75% of working or retired/disabled households. Help us! Do not let them steal our Social Security like P. Ryan dreams of at night. He has done enough damage, let him take no parting shots.

  6. If Warren believed in the system that got her to University, how come she joined the Republican Party and voted Republican until 1996? If she believed in the Progressive Ideology how come she was meeting with Joe Biden in 2015 talking about running on his ticket as the VP? If she was such a believer in Progressivism, how come she didn't endorse Bernie (the Progressive) and instead endorsed Hillary (the lying Corrupt Criminal Corporate Candidate) BEFORE the California vote had even started AND knowing that win or lose the DNC Convention was going to be a CONTESTED Convention – and for those who don't know what a Contested Convention is; it's when BOTH Candidates have failed to reach the required PLEDGED Delegate count to become the Democratic Party Nominee.

    Here's why: When Biden dropped out Warren became one of the top five considerations to be considered for HRC's VP spot. That's why she didn't endorse Bernie and helped suppress the California Vote by endorsing Clinton before the Primary had begun. Warren is nothing more than a self- serving, opportunistic, Political COWARD and she will stab the Progressive Movement in the back faster and for longer than Obama ever did – I mean she's already done it once during the 2016 Dem Party Primaries and she isn't about to change her Corporate spots if politically it means she gets everything SHE'S ever wanted out of it #fauxprogressive

  7. This video should have been titled Elizabeth Warren talks about nothing. What a disappointment she has become.

  8. Elizabeth Warren what a Democrat is supposed to be a true representative of the people. Not these false Democrats like Hillary and Bill Clinton who abandoned the middle class, working and poor people of this country decades ago.

  9. A splendid profile of Elizabeth Warren in New York magazine explains, Warren is increasingly the favorite of the activist party base and a front-runner to be the 2020 nominee.

  10. So what happened to the Senate filibuster? How is it that GOP doesn't shy away, but Democrats fold? How is it that Dems needed 60 votes to pass anything under Obama and GOP only needs a simple majority? How is it that over 100 Dems just voted for an increase to the Pentagon budget that's higher than the entire defense budget of Russia? Dems take corporate money to play nice (who needs war criminals and torturers on trial, who needs single payer, who needs honest primaries), they don't even insist that their candidates must be pro-choice any more. They shift blame for their spectacular loss from betrayal of working people to … yeah, Putin, they attack Trump FROM THE RIGHT and don't stand for anything.

  11. It is TORTURE to hear this. People whi cheer her DON'T CARE if this country FAILS because IT WILL. TRUST ME. IT WILL. That's why I'm going to work to FIGHT this NONSENSE.

  12. Democrats do what lefties supposed to do: OMG the socialist communist have taken over the dems!
    Republicans elect a talkshow host, call nazis fine people, transfer tax money to the rich: Everything's fine with the GOP.

    Sorry the GOP is dead. This is now the TOP. Trumps own party.

  13. A giant tax give away!      She would be a great President, and then we may be able to reach Full Communism!  Democrats should be more like Senator Warren and help her Socialize or Nationalize the large corporations in this country to help reach Full Communism.  Go Elizabeth!  2020!

  14. Pocahontas: you are a liar, you had 8 years to clean up sh*t but you didn't. You spent 11 trillion dollars on your donors. I am a woman, immigrant (legal!) and I am voting for our President. My life is improving every day and I am not a Russian. Your are not telling us anything new.

  15. "Oh look, look," is the easiest observation you could make if you were going to play her as a character on SNL or something. She literally answers every question like that LOL

  16. After 3 years + of following the Trump story – I am a non-US citizen, a mere 60 year old Brit, semi-retired in Thailand, ex BBC presenter/producer, just doing my thing quietly with history, documentaries, books n all that sort of stuff; a tiny “celebrity” of truth and true stories reasonably well told. I have come to a final cut n paste decision that I will pop into Ruth Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, Morning Joe, CNN and all other realistic broadcasters fighting with the incredulity of the Trump presidency.
    This is the shittiest, craziest, most corrupt and dangerous POTUS in American history. The ultimate demonstration of irony in what has been for centuries, democracy, the American Dream, freedom of personal speech, the sometimes not so perfect stances on the global stage, but representative spirit and ethos that would be ideal in a free world where everyone was equal and all efforts made to achieve that goal across the planet as the sun heats us more and our own exploitation of mother nature makes it worse but now fortunately a recognised consequence; the pursuit of overcoming famine and the ideal distribution of our assets and wealth to make a life for people BORN into the world just like my three sons who never actually CHOSE to be here.
    LIFE is not an option for the children of the future. The world we give them and leave them with the inevitability of our deaths is the platform they must walk on and hopefully repair the mistakes we made.
    As also they must overcome the mediocrity of “reality TV” and the horrendous application of that to everyday lives.
    Fortunately, Trump will die like all of us. Realistically sooner rather than later. His millions however they were raised, will be distributed between his offspring; his memory forever tainted though in history. He is no Kennedy. He is no Obama. He is.. a TRUMP.
    And that word in English slang = a fart.
    Let us hope soon that democracy, decency and common sense will prevail again in the freedom of speech and voting that is the very essence of the culture and backbone of the USA and reality without TV can return to repair this colossal damage in a USA inevitably to become more populated with alternatives to Caucasian colouring inside even my remaining lifetime.

  17. You can’t have both her and Bernie running for president in the same primaries. It will split the progressive vote and give the nomination to a corporatist establishment candidate like Biden.

  18. It was popular to the people that voted to Trump. She sounds jult like Hillary Clinton after the Bush tax cuts "that isn't their money to take back"

  19. And yet she supported the total opposite, she supported Hilary Clinton, the symbol of the establishment and the definition of conflicts of interests such as trump …. ( sigh ) I really love her speeches but in the back of my mind I’m not sure if she is trustworthy and what is her real goal. #Bernie

  20. I could never ever vote for any party that would give AMNESTY to illegal aliens since we already tried Amnesty before in 1986 and it only encouraged millions more illegal aliens to come here illegaly
    I have no idea when the democrats became the party of illegal alien workers… It's sad really

  21. Socialism is wonderful so prove yourself today….PLEASE start right now by sending the government 60, 70 or even 100% of your income to help out ..Why wait for the govt mandate to live by your Socialist values? ….. Again Please start today.. Don't be a hypocrite…… Remember it's for the children

  22. Every notice, when republicans are in power, they invest in nobody but the wealthy! Every word that Senator Warren is saying right now is so very true. College costs have gone up because republicans interfered in the process! Oh, wake up people and get democrats in office so they can Impeach Trump so they can work for the benefit of the poor and middle class!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. The republican tax cut was for everyone. I don't believe in only taxing the wealthy. You know how hard it is to make a million? HARD that's why there are so few millionaires. Now you want to tax more those who worked hard to earn more? Tax cut for all.

  24. I check out Fox News videos to see what ridiculous conspiracy theories they're up to, and then I come to Seth Meyers to cleanse intellectually.

  25. Pocahontas ought to propose an anti-corruption bill barring lawmakers from pretending to be either native Americans or copyrighted cartoon characters and using such pretense to obtain and/or advance an academic career.

  26. Three millionaires discuss income inequality: Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Michael Moore plan town .

    only a uninformed lazy liberal snowflake would believe any of these frauds.

  27. Vote for progressive candidates in your area

  28. My wife got a 35$ a week raise just because of the tax cut.Obama put us in debt over 1 trillion a year every year and no tax cut.He spent 30% more every year in office then we had.Corporate taxes at 35% only is 15% of where the government gets it money 75% is from income taxes.With the government spending 90% of the money now how in the world do you expect to give free health care?

  29. She seems cool but she needs to come clean on the indian thing and take a dna test. If she lied (most likely did) then she deserves zero respect.

  30. Just noticed that Seth's audience must not get told to applaud every inane point the guest makes. Here they only react when Warren actually says something worth clapping for.
    I am so tired of all those shows where the audience goes wild after every other sentence the host or guest utters. Why the hell do producers think that makes for good television?

  31. As much as I like her, she sounds like a politician. That's not a good thing anymore if you are trying to get elected for president.

  32. Stop calling it "middle class". It is the working class that needs help. Middle class means well to do, not people working minimum wage jobs.

  33. Unfortunately, no, the GOP Tax Scam is not more unpopular now than when it was passed. When it was passed in December 50% of people disapproved, now only 41.8% of people disapprove, though only 37% of people approve of the Tax Scam. Love Warren though!

  34. The DNC has to go to the left because its indistinguishable on most policies from the RNC.
    Only big difference is pro choice and they're okay with gay. Woopsy doo.

  35. and the amazing thing is a lot of billianairs are not ok with many would rather pay their fair share .it takes the guilt out of it .think about it .

  36. Being from Massachusetts What has she done? what has she penned? other than sell books and attack the president. WHAT HAS SHE DONE FOR HER CONSTITUENTS ? really. please tell me, she just stands in the way what solutions has she brought? not being a troll but she really has just come to our state to use us as a stepping stone. thanks for nothing

  37. It would mean something if YOU knew what you were talking about… Elizabeth Warren has accomplished NOTHING …
    Sure Elizabeth has done something. She helped create the CFPB in the wake of the govt caused mortgage meltdown. The CFPB answers to nobody period. They are extorting money from companies and those companies have nowhere to appeal. She is a typical Ivy League 'educator leech" who has been on a govt payroll one way or another her whole life. HER SENANT MEETING LOG , she can't even make a senant meeting on time… Do your home work on this worthless Politican …
    I'm very glad to see Trump challenge this hack.

  38. Can we please also discuss how it was a Democrat that started passing horrible Corporate trade policies that destroyed millions of lives and communities. Can we also talk about how that same president deregulated Wall Street. Can we talk about how BILL CLINTON staged all the groundwork for the war on the middle class and everyday American! Talk about that!!!!

  39. She needs to be rode by a donkey in the ass on the senate floor with Trump riding on top the Donkey saying giddyup ride that Pocahontas stink hole.

  40. You mizzerable uneducated ugly as sin Douchebag !! Speaking to that clueless jew seth Rogan !! The both of you should rot in Hell !! You fake Indian C_____ !!!!!!

  41. My 1st Cousin " last name Maines " is a Dr. on the American Native Reservation " Oklahoma… over the Thanksgiving Turkey … we all laughed at Warrens claims … She is no more a Native than I am an Astronaut…

  42. Elizabeth Warren continues to vote for Trump’s military budget and supports the atrocities of Saudi Arabia. REGISTER GREEN AND STOP THE WAR MACHINE!!!

  43. America invested in this lying dirt bag. We got ripped off, she is a toxic, pathetic snake. If you like her, you are the MORON.

  44. Funny how liberals don't care about cultural appropriation when it's one of their own guilty of it. Each one of you that would call Trump a racist with one hand and then vote for her with the other is a fucking hypocrite. White woman drinkem too much firewater, never be elected Chief.

  45. Yeah, not voting for Warren. I'll be voting for either #1 Andrew Yang or #2 Tulsi Gabbard in 2020. #Yang2020 #Tulsi2020 The rest of the Democrats can go pound sand.

  46. Shift ? They are the like nazis , everything Adolf Hitler wanted they want , including the extermination of the jews , only a brainwashed ignorant moron would vote for the new NAZI party in America

  47. Democratic Party think republican have amnesia. we didn't forget all the mony they gave Iran.She is the most outstanding lier together with the rest of her kind. Hillary, polosky are all from the same bread.

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