Senior N. Korean diplomat in Italy seeking asylum, hopes to defect to third country: Reports

the senior North Korean diplomat who was
working for a Pyongyang’s embassy in Italy is reportedly seeking asylum and
is under protection of the Italian authorities major reasons for this
decision is believed to be children’s education matters similar to why a
former ministry at the North’s Embassy in London tayong who defected to South
Korea back in 2016 Oh jung-hee gets us up to speed with the
developments a senior North Korean diplomat and Italy disappeared from the
mission last year and is reportedly seeking asylum on Thursday South Korean
newspaper Chung hong-won reported citing diplomatic sources that tooth hyung gear
the charges affair of the North embassy in Rome applied for personal security
protection from the Italian government early December he and his family are
currently under the protection of Italian authorities personal security
protection is a diplomatic procedure aimed to prevent one being repatriated
while seeking asylum in a third country throughout the day the South Korean
government declined to confirm the matter saying they have no information
regarding the report but the nation’s intelligence agency briefed lawmakers on
the situation on Thursday accordingly lawmaker said that two disappeared with
his wife from embassy grounds in early November last year before he was due to
finish his term later that month it is not yet clear
whether to is hoping to defect to South Korea Seoul’s intelligence agency told
lawmakers that there has been no attempt to contact the government by Jul while
his per about are yet to be confirmed true was dispatched to Italy in May 2015
and started to run the North Korean mission there in October 2017 as the
Italian government expelled the North’s ambassador Boon Heong Nam after
Pyongyang’s sixth nuclear test it’s believed that two decided to seek asylum
after he was ordered to return home a major reason is deemed to be the
education of his children there have been two senior North Korean diplomats
who sought asylum in a third country a former minister at the North’s Embassy
in London Taeyang who defected
South Korea in 2016 and back in 1997 former North Korean ambassador to Egypt
sang some gear defected to the US with his family and his brother who served as
Pyongyang s trade representative in Paris mutiny
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