26 Replies to “SHOCK: Ocasio-Cortez Calls Pelosi's 'SINGLING OUT' of Democratic women of color 'DISRESPECTFUL'

  1. We need to talk about Black people and not throw Blacks into people of Color , We Are ADOS !! Not People of Color

  2. As a progressive, I see Pelosi is looking at the big political picture. A different perspective than progressives. Much as I love AOC et al., I am fearful their notoriety (lacking a better word) may be going to their heads.

    I have my favorite progressive candidate but will vote for anyone running against Trump.

  3. I can't wait for these old fucks who are stuck in their ways…. to die off. Let America be who she claimed to be but never was for some of us.

  4. 💙Rep. Ocasio Cortez She could have a point however i do not want any in fighting we must come TOGETHER you there so u all must work together PLEASE LADIES 🌹💙

  5. Aisha and Sarah are absolutely right! Pelosi did not do anything to win the House back in 2018, it was the Progressive Democrats energy!! This show demonstrate how MSM and Non-Progressive are not listening to the voice of 2018 Progressive Democrats!!!

  6. Fuck polosi she a cunt traitor racist. Bitch she should be. When she speek she muble 😂😂😆😆😆😆👿👿

  7. We will lose 2020 because of self appointed Republican Pelosi. Where are the Democrats to stop this traitor to the party? She nothing but a liar giving the Republicans a free pass to commit & get away with all the crimes they are doing. Why aren't the Democrats making her step down as Speaker? She is just as greedy $$$$ and just as much a con as Trump.

  8. These four vote have respect all over the country, here in Michigan they have alot of respect and I wish I had a representative that fought that hard for us! I may not vote if Pelosi doesn't change her position quickly and Biden wins the primary. And I hate Trump! Let him have another term so Pelosi can prove to have a losing strategy and we can clear house and get real change!

  9. F. Nancy Pelosi. She is helping Trump when you going to report the truth Don. Quit playing Nancy's game. Nancy is doing what she is told buy her doners. Why cant the main stream news see that? Joe Biden is not going to help me just you Don.

  10. Don she is Wright. There are more people left then center seance 2018. I am 54 yrs. Old white. And I was a middle democrat. That moved to the far left in last 4 yrs. And younger people have moved. You been in a bubble to long Don. Your in t.v. land to much. Your arguing about people have moved. I've seen these kids have moved left, and if Nancy don't see that. Then they will lose again. The middle needs to move left Not the other way around.

  11. Trump ICE raids will never happen. more of Trump bullshit I take a man to run America, Not some flipflop deranged sociopath

  12. The only 2 good candidat for the démocrate are Sanders and Warren .Kamala Harris is a joke her past is to heavy!Especialy with the african American.

  13. Is it because I am standing way back here in Canada that I can see,as clear as day that Pelosi is a god dam Republican ,a hardcore corporate owned conservative.

  14. And please stop the BS with The "judeochristian" this is a myth such thing does not exist ! And Budigeg is a joke !

  15. Kinda of disgraceful that politicians still think colors in the USA. Learn your lesson folks “COLOR SUCKS “ Think policy, think humanely, think love. Support your leader.

  16. Don Lemon is a corporate wallstreet liar who twist the fact.CNN anti Sanders (medicare for all,free collège etc..) propaganda will give Racist/serial rapist/pedophile/w hite supremacist/Neo-Nazi lover (Charlotteville) Trump a new term.

  17. AOC should have never play the race card lost respect with her you can be right but there still is no reason to show the race card the only thing she showed the world is that she's has the issues with race unprofessional

  18. Ocasio-Cortez can learn something from Pelosi – choose her words more carefully or keep her mouth shut. It's called being diplomatic. She's starting to remind me of trump.

  19. Now Black is bitter? Oh, we will go back and forth to keep arguing for the races? Move on and get along.

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