Shut the Fuck Up-The Party Politics as Cannibalism Edition, May 13, 2019

good morning people this is Deb della piane it is again a Monday it is the 13th of May and this is your shut the fuck up so let's start by getting let's let's stop by getting all the unpleasantries out of the way ok so we can talk I would like to say shut the fuck up to everybody who still believes that the Democrats and the system can be fixed from within I would like to invite you to please shut the fuck up cuz you know I have proof otherwise so let's talk about Tulsi Gabbard so tulsi gabbard you know it has been rumored first I heard that she was polling at 5% in the presidential election and then I got a phylactery better word a communication in my email you have to understand I have several emails and this is my personal email where I used to get all my political stuff and I got this from daily cause which by the way is now nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party establishment all right they this email came directly from the what's his name what's his title political director of daily kos it you know any pretenses of being a news outlet remember that used to be the lefty news guys remember those guys yeah no they're all political action now I have in any given day I can get twenty fucking emails from them they have a petition Department uh you know political action Department support your local candidate up department whatever alright they did get them all over the place alright so I've been slowly unsubscribing from some of the bullshit but I did manage to get this email and it's it's quite amazing so Tulsi Gabbard is either polling at five percent of 0 percent depending upon what you want to believe and I really don't think that polls really give anybody the accurate numbers and I really don't even think it matters because they know who they want and that's what they're gonna work to achieve you know it doesn't really matter what the fucking numbers are it doesn't matter whether you're being told the truth about the fucking numbers the numbers you know it doesn't really matter so the letter from daily causes basically we got to get tulsi gabbard out of the Congress so they're already not only are they you know she could easily with these kind of polling numbers drop out the people that support her she could easily give her support to someone else and then start concentrating on rerunning in her district I mean that would be you know the logical thought process if you're polling with those kinds of numbers after the you know debates you might you might start thinking that way and she's gonna have her hands full because the democratic party establishment is looking to get rid of Tulsi Gabbard now the person that they're running against her is a state senator from Hawaii named Kye Kelley Kahili I believe that's how you say it I really don't know ka hele apparently his father was also a state senator and he passed away I don't remember what it was it was recent 2016 I think so although they're selling him as a conservative I mean I'm sorry as a progressive they call it Tulsi Gabbard not progressive what they referred to her as hold on I got the letter up and I you know I'm gonna put you know all this stuff in there they don't think she's you know blue enough you know she is a yeah let's see you know this is what it says it might my name is Francis in this email so it goes Francis need more proof that pro dictator anti gun control and self-described pro-life democrat Tulsi Gabbard is a terrible choice to represent one of the bluest congressional districts in the country well if I get news for you blah blah blah then they go on to say that she is attending a making an appearance at a Anthony scaramouche's mega reunion in Vegas blah blah blah valve I haven't seen any article on that that's a tweet that's a tweet so that's what that is so they you know I find it unbelievable that they're selling this guy Kahili as a progressive when one of his problems is that is that he takes issue with the fact that she met with the Assad Bashar al-assad so he's upset about that and he's also a veteran by the way he served two tours of duty just like her so but he's on the right side of it see she's she served two tours of duty but she's a dictator she supports you know Assad you see she supports dictators he served two tours but you know he would never meet with a side so but he's the progressive and she's not these are the way the way they have redefined and reeducate at the public on terms is exactly where the problems lie and and the people don't pay attention to actually what the person stands for or what the person's positions are they pay attention to the terminology that's given to them through the media and that's the problem that's called lack of critical thinking all right now I'm not a fan of tulsi gabbard I think she's an opportunist just like everyone else she's you know drawn to power anybody who runs for president is drawn to power he feels he called to service killing CAI que el he feels a call to service you know just so you know they all feel a call to service all of them every fucking one of them says that every single one of them even Cory Booker who's the most disingenuous motherfucker on the planet okay I mean even come out of Harris who wouldn't know what service look like if I hit her in the face so they all are drawn to service they're all drawn to service themselves as what they're drawn to so we have what we have here is party with the establishment is so in control that they can squash whatever they want at any time they're leading you on with Alexandria kzo could says you'll notice that she is allowed to speak about all those hot-button issues but when it comes to discussing situations like Venezuela she is behind the Democratic Party establishment you notice that they all a given leeway to keep you hooked they know the issues that make you want to be hooked okay are all hot-button identity politic issues because that's what you choose to focus on because to focus on the big shit is fucking scary because none of these people offer you and you know that you grasp onto the hot-button issues as if they are for you what they are for is your votes make no mistake about this okay this party isn't salvageable from the inside and if this party which is significantly less intricate and smaller than our system can't be safe from the inside then the notion that we can save the system this party exists in from the inside is even more atrociously stupid it's a life sucker folks this system okay and by the way Jesse Ventura is a free market guy he can't save us either he's a free-market man he is not playing in the little microcosm of Minnesota or whatever fucking state he was in he is now playing in a very sick system and I'm gonna tell you something I'm gonna tell you something if he runs as a Democrat he's a fucking fraud all right straight up straight up if he runs for either potty he's a fucking fraud if he runs as a libertarian he's a fucking fraud if he runs as a green he's a fucking fraud and I'm gonna tell you why because the Green Party now is a shadow of what it once was I was all in I really was I was all in I was all in on Jill Stein more than once I was all in and then what happened to the Green Party is exactly what Chris Hedges warned about that playing within this system would render them ineffective I am no longer in on the Green Party I am NOT in on any party I am no longer in on representative government I am all in on direct democracy however no one's going to give up the halls of power to give us back our power and I want you to understand what I'm saying here anytime you think the system is working you can build okay that's fine do what you want but what happened to the Green Party the democrats walked in the fucking door and stole the green New Deal title from them and they let the Democrats walk out and then lock the door behind them never defended that green New Deal one time in fact I know for a fact that they support some people in the green party support the green new deal because it's a way to get the name out there unfortunately it's not a green new deal and they're aligning themselves with nothing more than a fucking college-level Google Doc that is being touted as the great savior and Alexandria occasional Cortes an actress who is here to ensure that the Millennials come back to the fold that's her job it's Bernie's job to keep the older stupid Democrats in the fold we all know he's not going to be the nominee either and again if people believe it's going to be different this time with absolutely not one iota of change demanded by the people then again it's I know people like to worry cognitive dissonance at the phrase I understand what that means that I get it but it's fucking sheer stupidity to me cognitive dissonance makes it sounds like it's more than stupidity it's stupidity it's ignorance its refusal to accept facts is what it is so please people shut the fuck up cuz I'm not on board here if you think for a nanosecond that someone is going to walk in to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and make capitalism work for the people at this point in our history then you are sad and you need to step aside go play in the sandbox bring a drool Cup though its unsanitary I will talk to you people later have a nice morning

9 Replies to “Shut the Fuck Up-The Party Politics as Cannibalism Edition, May 13, 2019

  1. Parties, all of them, are the breeding ground of corruption. They are created for the purpose of influence peddling for their corporate owners. And that is how our government was taken over by corporate interests.

  2. You are awesome. I like your take on all this. Thanks, Deb! Tulsi did not support Asad dictatorship. Her point is we should be open to dialogue no matter how crooked the guy/gal is to achieve the peace and cut the cost on war.

  3. You just confirmed for me why I don't vote anymore — it's all theater — just a big circus. "Call to service." Well, wouldn't it be nice if they felt a call to be of service to the PEOPLE, instead of the corporations! Wish the whole country could hear your truth and common sense. Esp. good were your words about cognitive dissonance! If people haven't waked up by this time, I wonder if they ever will.

  4. The American people are being just plain willfully ignorant. It doesn’t matter which side of the aisle they support. They refuse to face facts. They are allergic to the truth. I am disgusted.

  5. Tulsi did a veterans appearance in Vegas. And it was great.

    So who would you support Deb? Tulsi is not for Venezuelan intervention, don't paint her like that!

    I am personally tired of people trying minimize people that can make a real difference just to make some lame point that all politics are failed. I hate that Tulsi is running democratic party but what's her alternative? How many of you like Deb are on the board for the "new" People's Party? No one I know, they are all waiting for Bernie. I gave up waiting for Bernie. I don't need Bernie.

    I was a Green when Nader put them on the map, I left the Green Party when Nader left it for the same reasons, but Nader won't talk about why he left it now will he?

    What the "fuck" is your solution Deb? Pehaps you should share it.

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