SICK: Trump “Bringing Troops Home”…to Iraq

So Donald Trump continues to tweet and to
say more and more about how he is bringing troops home from [inaudible], from Syria. And this has been one of the big defenses
and justifications for what is actually a completely shortsighted and haphazard decision
to abandon the Kurds in Northern Syria who were immediately attacked by Kurdish forces
after American troops pulled back. We’re bringing troops. Home has been the story, except it turns out
that that is also not true. Trump tweeted that the troops are coming home
and then the Pentagon chief Mark Esper said, well, they’re not really coming home. They’re going from Syria to Iraq. The troops are actually going to the epicenter
of so called endless war in Iraq. And when you look at the details of the entire
situation, it is truly in every sense, the worst of American foreign policy. And I’ll explain what I mean. Uh, we abandoned the Kurds in Northern Syria. Okay. So that is a problem. We immediately have the narrative that getting
troops out of anywhere at any opportunity is by default the right thing. And we should be praising Trump for it despite
all of the both circumstantial questions about it, foreign policy questions about it, motivational
questions about it, blackmail questions about it. I mean, all sorts of questions around Trump’s
decision. Okay, but we’re told we are at least going
to get troops out of harm’s way. We’re going to get out of an endless commitment
that is all good, even if it has some unintended consequences like the deaths of Kurds, except
we quietly kept a small number of forces in Northern Syria anyway, not much publicized. What are they doing? Not protecting the curds. They’re protecting oil fields. Oil fields, case in point, prototypical of
American foreign policy. Abandoned the curds, protect the oil fields. Okay, but that’s not bad enough. Then Mark Esper says in the same statement
where he says, a small number of troops are still there protecting oil fields. He says, all us troops leaving Syria are going
to Western Iraq. No one is coming home. The story is false. The United States is not leaving the region,
and it’s really important to understand the significance of this. The entire justification for abandoning the
Kurds, opening the door to the resurgence of ISIS that we are now dealing with. As the French prime minister recently told
us, it was all about stopping endless and indefinite military commitments. Getting out of the region, taking our troops
out of harm’s way. The troops are moving from Syria to Iraq. We aren’t ending indefinite military commitments. We aren’t taking those troops out of harm’s
way. We’re not getting out of the region. We’re not doing any of the things that supposedly
are good about the decision to leave Northern Syria, and we’re actually perpetuating many
of the problems that some claim Trump is solving by leaving Northern Syria. We’re shifting troops around and we’re shifting
troops around in a way that has led to Kurds being killed. Two, the pleasure, by the way, of Putin and
urge to one, while not accomplishing any of the outwardly stated goals. This is a microcosm of foreign policy under
Donald Trump. It’s a combination of everything Trump says
is actually the opposite with not accomplishing the stated goals, never properly analyzing
what might actually a motivating factor, and then in the end we’re actually doing the opposite
of what it is that we claim to be doing via these foreign policy decisions. Now you know the everything Trump says being
the opposite is not new. There’s many examples of that in the Trump
presidency. Trump says he’s going to drain the swamp. He has filled the swamp more than any president
in recent history. Trump says he knows trade and he’s going to
do better on trade than anybody else. People fall for it. Then he starts a trade war that he can’t win
and he absolutely decimates Midwestern farmers in the United States. He says he will end conflicts of interest
with his businesses. He actually has more conflict of interest
than ever. He’s funneling millions of dollars into his
pockets by virtue of being president and those pockets of his friends and family, he will
be the most transparent president with the most transparent administration. No press briefings since. Is it last March? I mean, has it been nearly what, seven, eight,
nine months since the last actual press briefing? And of course, bring the troops home and get
them out of harm’s way and get out of an indefinite conflict and an endless conflict. Uh, and it’s the opposite. It’s we’ll send them elsewhere while our allies
who have been helping us to fight ISIS, the Kurds are getting killed. If you don’t see the tragedy that this foreign
policy and this presidency is, then maybe you deserve this presidency. I’m sort of at a loss for how to even sum
it up, but the exact opposite of what we were told this happening is actually what is happening
on the ground. And you don’t have to go to fake news media
to be told it. You just read the words of Trump’s own Pentagon,
chief Mark Esper. He’s telling you what’s going on.

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  2. Well, I suppose he is sending them home, in a way. After all, they've been in Iraq for so long, it might as well be. It's like, a home away from home. Yeah. Heh heh.

  3. Did trump steal that military jacket from a dead troop returning from the Middle East like he snagged the Purple Heart from the deplorable who served in Vietnam

  4. I agree with David: USA if you do not replace Trumpski with someone else in 2020 then you deserve him and the shit that comes with it!

  5. Yup, trump is all about profit. Nothing more. He could care less about the human race and their families and friends. If theres no profit he has no use for it. Its expendable. Even human life. Look at the border and the children.

  6. As a Canadian, with our porous and open border thanks to Trudeau, I now live in constant fear as to when terrorist attacks will increase in this country, because thanks to don the con, it’s only a matter of time after the shit he just pulled.

  7. It's kind of sad that David doesn't understand that Trump is basically doing what every! other US president did in the past. Yes Trump is horrible in many ways but which president haven't been in the last let's say 80 years

  8. You see, the soldiers stay on until retirement or death, and then they get shipped back home. So the government isn't lying and there aren't endless wars because they jump from country to country and they bring the troops home.

  9. Trump always raves about his being against the Iraq war. We may be there and that's not on him. But what is on him is the big lie. Hes been telling all that our troops need to return from Syria and the middle east. We have been there for far too long he would say. Well, here he goes doing exactly what we should have expected. Lying about the "troops" and the premise that he is against having our young men and women in these wars. He's a lying hypocrite that we should have known had another agenda. He's never followed through with any of the so called great things he campaigned on and this is no different. Our troops are actually leaving an area that we fully and impulsively abandoned knowing they were going to be taken over and many lives would be lost, in order to just shift them over to Iraq like musical chairs. He's pathetic and the media is more pathetic for not reporting on this with non-stop coverage and questions for this administration of ghouls.

  10. Imagine being family of the soldiers that he said were coming home. Only to find out that they’re going somewhere infinitely more dangerous than where they were. He’s such a scumbag. I wouldn’t piss on him to put him out if he was on fire.

  11. The current Presidency, (I can't use the T and P words together – it's not right) summed up perfectly. Well done David.

  12. Trump was screaming he was bringing "Troops back home" when "only 40 troops coming home"
    He relocating them to just as dangerous places elsewhere,
    What a fraud like most of his other promises.
    And even sending more in harm's way.

  13. If you just focus on what Trump is saying instead of whats actually happening things are going great. Explain that David.

  14. Trump's in real trouble at home so watch out for imminent action against IRAN! This guy doesn't care about destroying the world, provided he saves himself.

  15. Admittedly my representatives are not improving anything but peace keeping /making are at least named as a priority.

  16. The Kurds said goodbye by throwing rotten fruit, potatoes and rock at the vehicles of the withdrawing US troops.

  17. David misspoke and everyone knew exactly what he meant to say. Soooo why is everyone acting like it was a big deal? It wasn’t anything obscure or confusing.

  18. How do you defend this Trump supporters? He said he was bringing them home and you all agreed, so……
    Is this fake news, a joke, or ?????

  19. It was never about bringing troops home. Trump abandoned Kurds cause Erdogan told him to do that. Now pentagon has to invent new use for those troops

  20. Solution to unending military commitments:

    Constantly move troops from temporary commitment to temporary commitment, like ally-killing ping-pong

    Some great Facts and logic y’all

  21. By removing those troops, as a result, there will probably be a future exponential number of troops in harm's way. This grave error in judgement isn't going to rectify itself. Trump is a murderous monster, just like George w Bush.

  22. Trump is a lifelong scam artist.. Look at his MAGA cult members. All purchased fake Trump University packages.. LOLOLLLL 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  23. @4:05 Trump doesn’t know trade at all. ‘We’re taking in billions from China!!!’ He actually believes that China is paying the tariffs, and not the American importers and eventually the consumers. Why is Trump never confronted with that? Do the journalists know how tariffs work?

  24. Send Don. Jr and his brother there those two inbreads can't. Fight. There way out of a paper. Bag that. Crappy family is a. Joke

  25. I wonder what might actually happen if an American president actually pulled troops out of a place that the MIC wanted to occupy…assassination perhaps? Notice the whirlwind of political and pundit criticism for trump even saying he wants to pull troops out of wherever. I can’t abide trump, but I think he’s on the right track when he talks about bringing troops home. We can’t be at war forever and with everyone; it will / is bankrupting our country and destroying our moral rectitude. Has the Monroe doctrine now expanded to include the globe?…apparently so.

  26. *Kurds who were immediately attacked by Turkish forces
    , not Kurds. Careful David, you know the Trumpturds will take one bad example of something and discredit forever as fake news.

  27. I don't get it. Why do none of the journalist ever say to Trump's face 'this is a lie Mr President! You are lying!' For years he just lies in their faces and nobody is there to confront him in his face, but everybody tries to be as polite as possible.

  28. "To the pleasure of Putin", why, when have russians been antagonistic to the Kurds? You can dislike russian foreign policy all you want, but that doesn't make them the "evil empire" behind any bad thing that happens. As of now, russian troops are actually blocking further turkish occupation.

  29. I can understand how people who don´t follow politics can be fooled, but how many times are people on the left going to give this guy the benefit of the doubt like he deserves it? He´s a compulsive liar and never does anything unless it benefits him or his friends, that´s his only motivation.

  30. You know, my son had signed up for the Air Force just before the 2016 election. 6 year deal behind my back because he felt it was the only way that he, even having been top 10 in his class, could go to college. He was the first person in 9 years in our area to qualify to be Special Operations and was going to be a SERE Specialist. He left in May of 2017 to start basic. He did very well in basic, got Expert Marksmanship and was set to graduate BMT.

    A few nights before graduation he was brushing his teeth and all of a sudden had a seizure/black out event. It had happened once before in 10th grade in class but doctors didn't know what or why. Yes, AF was informed before he signed up. Doctors on the base also could not find a why. Because of what SERE training involves they let him go out of the AF, though they did let him complete graduation.

    He views this as a failure, which breaks my heart. As his Mom and someone watching the insanity of our country unfolding I view that seizure as such a blessing that has probably saved his life in the long run. Yes, he is still trying to figure out how college will ever happen, especially with the cuts to student aid and loans, but he is here. He's not being shipped around the world risking his life at the whim of a bipolar president. He's not being asked to take lives and risk his own just to make a handful of people more money.

  31. I dont get how Clinton gets impeached for a BJ. And Trump still the President after all the corruptions he's been doing! Crazy

  32. Is that a military jacket Bone spurs is wearing? Who does he think he is kidding?
    Not General Mattis who gets the award for the best comment last week " I got my spurs from decades in the Marines, Trump got his spurs in a letter from his doctor"

  33. If Trump wins 2020 I’m afraid that David’s already serious Trump Derangement Syndrome could turn into a suicidal actualization. I wish it won’t though, since I would like to see him evolve into a productive thinker.

  34. What is this, his 50th broken campaign promise by now?
    Trumps a fraud.

    Maybe he counts his tweeting as the new tradition of "Daily WH Press Briefing"?

  35. So we have Trump saying we’re bringing the troops home while we’re actually sending troops to SA and Iraq all while there is an unpublicized amount of troops staying in Syria, not to protect the Kurds but to guard oil fields? Someone should tell Trumps base T_T

  36. Trump needs only to place those daft bastards in the states, who wave their little flags every time their bloated dear leader opens his fucking mouth.

  37. Trump must be getting desperate/out of his mind to distract people from his endless scandals: Giuliani, Doral resort, impeachment and etc. This has always been his pattern when things get too hot he does something stupid and ridiculous. I just hope when the next president (being positive) comes into office that all damaging decisions in just 2 years of his presidency can be reversed.

  38. And yet ANOTHER LIE from trump!!!First he FUCKS OVER the Kurds, and now this. Seriously, HOW FUCKING STUPID DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO CONTINUE TO SUPPORT trump AT THIS POINT???

  39. Iraq doesn’t want US troops relocated there. The Kurds are throwing tomatoes and potatoes at departing US troops. Our reliable stable genius has really lost his marbles.

  40. Please do a show on Mark Zuckerberg's relationship to the Mercers and they're dark money funding of right-wing extremist. Why has Zuckerberg been meeting with Trump so many times lately?

  41. I'd like to take Trump, drop him right into the middle of the conflicts he's starting, and yank him out just before he gets killed. Rinse and repeat until he realizes what horrors he's committing upon the world.

  42. Everything that twump does, costs him votes. One of his biggest group of supporters were our military bc they do not live the attempts that 45 gives to break our democracy.
    These young men and women were valiantly doing something good for the Kurdish people. We gave them peace, far apart from the war, while serving as their guards, their teachers and their friends. Now, after abruptly being torn from their mission of support, they are justly angered. All their good deeds, destroyed after their departure. There is no second doubting, he will be loosing their votes too!

  43. So following blindly to your death makes you brave and a patriot ? Smh these guys that start wars should have to fight in them !

  44. "If you don't see the tragedy that this foreign policy and this presidency is then, maybe you deserve this presidency" -Packman

  45. Maybe a war with Iran to boot. The troops are in the place to act as a shield for Saudi Arabia. The Saudi's force now have some combat experience from their time in Yemen. So yeah, this could alot messier fast.

  46. I knew when he stated he was bringing the troops home that was a lie. The truth is not in this President. People need to wake up.

  47. "I am convinced that the women of the world, united without any regard for national or racial dimensions, can become a most powerful force for international peace and brotherhood."
    — Coretta Scott King


  49. Problem with that it's all a bunch of lies anyway then he's leaving a small Force of American soldiers to be the front line in the oil fields to protect a Saudi controlled refinery? It's something that he literally said the other day on the news I'm leaving my forces to protect the oil fields Trump supporter that's your son or daughter or nephew or niece or uncle or Aunt or maybe a best friend are commanded to withdraw from the ones that they have helped and died with but you sent them to Iraq and leave just enough soldiers to protect the oil fields what kind of commander-in-chief is this guy oh I forgot he's the bone spurs Commander

  50. What was the nickname of the idiot in your last video? Dragon1717 or some crap like that. Of course the republican moron was saying that Democrats shouldn't complain about going away from Siria and that in reality we are warmongers. Here you are served, you damn republican piece of shit.

  51. David it's actually you being short sighted. We are pulling out. The democRATS couldn't do anything but add more troops. Trump has brought more troops home than anyone. He didn't start any of this. He is fixing the mess. David I'm sorry , but you have zero military experience and your logic won't allow you to even get laid. So how do you think you know what it takes to win a war?

  52. …and his imbecile supporters will turn on a dime to ONCE AGAIN support foreign occupation, the opposite of what they “believed” last week, which was the opposite of the week before!

  53. David, do you realize you misspoke in the beginning? You said…abandoned Kurds…blah…who were immediately attacked by KURDISH forces. You meant TURKISH forces, correct?

  54. It seems that US troops were simply ordered to step a side so that the Turks can invade.
    Pence's deal had Kurds leave the are so Turkey can settle Arabs to the area splitting the Kurds in Turkey from those in Syria while ridding Turkey of refugees.
    Briliant from Erdogan but why is Trump in on it?

  55. NBC recently reported that Trump has significant investments (219) in Turkey and that Trump's gift of the Kurds to Erdogan may have been done solely to protect his investments, not to protect the interests of the US. Please tell me that someone in Congress is investigating this potential flagrant abuse of power for personal gain.

  56. Worst US president ever. It's hard to find the words to contextualize the rise of American tyrrany, thanks to the human fecal matter that is chump.

  57. Deaths of Kurds? Kurds primarily exist in Iraq and Turkey. The groups being fought are PKK/YPG forces and you all are crying over legitimate cutthroat terrorists who have been carrying out terrorist attacks for 40+ years in Turkey.

  58. The left has a few glaring issues, that are clear to see from an outsider's perspective. These are generalizations that apply to a range of issues from Trump's election, to climate change, to gun cuntrol, to immigration, to feminist marches, to LGBT marches and Brexit here in the UK.

    The first is the knee jerk reaction that the left had to Trump & similarly to Brexit. The left went on meltdown from day one. Before Trump was even inaugurated the left were rioting in the streets. The calls for impeachment were practically instantanious, plus the accusations of Russian collusion. You never gave him a chance. Because you've been screaming at the top of your lungs since day one, the right just tune you out.

    Opponents of the democrats didn't flip their shit at Obama like that, yet under his watch both Libya and Syria collapsed. Your candidate was Clinton remember? Now Biden is one of the front runners. Seriously? Do you think either one of these people would stop the war machine? You talk about corruption, but then we find Biden is deeply involved in corrupt energy companies and meddling in Ukrainian prosecutions. You're not offering a reasonable alternative.

    Your protests are so off-putting. These things look like absolute circuses. They just embitter people to your causes. Not only do they look clownish and vulgar, they're also really hostile and often violent.

    The DNC are a mess. The few resonable candidates you have are sidelined and vilified by your own party. You protest against civil liberties. You protest against law enforcement. You've got people like Ocasio Cortez making fools of you. You've got the race baiters on TYT distorting almost every story they touch. You protest the government, but support policies that would hand ever more power to the government.

    Collectively you look like a mess.

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