Star Trek: Diplomacy s01e02, Úplné hlášení

Episode II: Complete Report Captain’s log, stardate 50281.28. U.S.S. Masaryk is in orbit of Betazed,
where we were tasked with conducting a regular inspection
of the local government office. On behalf of the government, Chandra Xerx, daughter of the Third House,
arrived to hear the preliminary conclusions. I’m more than satisfied with the situation
on Betazed, which, unfortunately, can not be said about my First Officer’s opinion… – And the planetary defense network
is in a totally inadequate state. Its last modernization took
place more than 50 years ago. Additionally, the Starfleet Officer at the
Embassy has repeatedly filed requests for assignment of a ground armed unit
to increase the safety of the planet. Nevertheless, you have never
forwarded his recommendations. But we do not consider it necessary…
– Bottom line. Betazed’s defense is
totally disastrous and this factor has been neglected
by your government for a long time. Which is all the more serious that the Federation
is in a state of war with the Dominion. – Commander, Betazed is a peaceful
planet taking pride in its culture, art, and belief in a
common understanding. We do not need an army. Besides, we are not in any
dispute with the Dominion. – She’s right, Laverna. Moreover, Betazed is not close to
any of the major stellar routes. So because of its zero strategic value,
the pursuit of its conquest would be a complete nonsense. – Even if that were true, Captain,
this is about the principles. Everyone has to be ready. Well, imagine for a moment that the
Dominion fleet really gets to Betazed. Oh, I can see the Female
Changeling as she says: Stop, this is Betazed, we are
not in any dispute with it, right turn Jem’Hadar, let’s
conquer Risa instead. – Joking is not necessary, Commander. As
could you and the Captain clearly see, in all other aspects our society
is well above the average. We have the lowest sickness rate, one of
the highest life expectancies, the economy is working even though we have transformed it from
market to central planning according to the Federation guidelines. And we have the lowest
number of social workers. – And that’s supposed to be a benefit? – Of course, ma’am. Standard equation. The number of social cases grows to employ
the number of workers assigned to them. – Anyway, thank you, Chandra. We will
prepare the final report within two days. – Thanks, Captain. Goodbye. – What have you done?
– Sir? – It’s not a report, it’s an execution. If
we send this message to the headquarters, Chandra Xerx and her entire
government are done. And yet they are one of the
best in the Federation. We need people like
them, they’re friends. – But they are not friends
of good defense, sir. I’m sorry, but it’s my duty to look into
such things in the planetary inspection. – Is that your final word?
– Yes, my report is final, plus it is backed up by a whole bunch of materials
that are attached to the inspection reports anyway. So, even if I praised
them to the skies, which I will not do, the
numbers are self-explanatory. The planet is totally unprepared.
We can send that report right away. – Let’s wait a bit. I told Chandra we were going to prepare
the final version in two days. I will have enough time to
arrange some drinking… some reception at the embassy and prepare the
members of the government for what is coming. Mitigate the wounds.
– If you think so, Captain. Now, if you’ll excuse me. – What a mess. Although she is right about the defense, the Federation
is not just about military pacts and the Starfleet. How will I look if I send a critical report about one
of the best governments we have in the Federation? Or is there a way to prevent it?
Mendon… am I talking to myself? – Excuse me, sir. I thought those were just rhetorical questions. If you want to know my opinion,
you can send a positive report. The overall tone of the message is
up to you, you are the Captain. – But Commander Laverna’s part
can not be changed or omitted. – No, but it’s actually
just a technical report. The overall assessment of the
Captain is of much greater weight. – I can not write the entire text completely
contrary to the opinion of the First Officer, which will be supported by the facts. What about all the reports of
defense incompetence? Unless…
– Sir? – The First Officer hands
over her part of the report, but the final inspection,
including the submission of the documents and the subsequent
dispatch, is up to the Captain, isn’t it? – Yes it is, but…
– I have an idea. Ask Commander Laverna to prepare the final
version of her report by 16:00 today. Then you will get me a report on the attached
documents in the following wording… First Officer’s Log. Our work on Betazed
is almost over. The Captain is skeptical
of my conclusions, but… …the planetary defense can not be
taken lightly at these times. Supplement: I feel sorry for Chandra Xerx, but they should have
thought of it before. End of record. – Well, Lieutenant? Has the
Captain finished his report yet? – Yes, ma’am.
– Great. Mine is already done too, I’ll hand it to him in a moment.
Just between the two of us, do not think I like to
throw mud at good people. But you know, it’s a
question of security… You shouldn’t tell on people,
but it needs to be reported? Somewhat rude, but accurate. You know, when the Federation and Starfleet Command
see in black and white what’s happening here, they’ll take care of it. It’s for
the good of Betazed, believe me. – As do you say,
ma’am, if they see… – Just a moment, I did not say IF they
see it, but WHEN they see it… Are you trying to tell
me something, Mendon? – May I have a hypothetical question regarding passing
information in the structure of the command? – That’s always a good idea. Let’s suppose that the
hypothetical captain, when submitting an alleged Federation
member report, decides… not to democratically publish
certain technical reports… for example on the
state of defense… to direct the reader to a particular view.
– That bastard… – I’m sorry, ma’am, but I have no
idea who you’re talking about. – No one, of course, I’m sorry,
proceed with the question. Had the hypothetical
assistant of this captain learned in all confidentiality
about this… decision, should he inform the co-author of
this report, the hypothetical first officer? – Of course not, if it was
said in all confidentiality. Do not forget the
official secret, Mendon. – I thought so, ma’am. Thank you
for refreshing my memory. – You’re welcome. And
thank you for your help. – As far as I know, I did
not tell you anything. – Of course not, that would
be extremely inappropriate. Now if you’ll excuse me, I
must to talk to the Captain. You have the bridge. – One, two, three four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten… – And I will send my final report with all the
proper data myself, protocol or no protocol! And now if you’ll excuse me, I have
some work to do in Engineering. – Remind me that I should never play
poker against Commander Laverna. – Yes, sir. – Mendon… come here. How did Laverna
learn about my plan to remove all the papers on
defense from the final report? – Commander is a woman and women, as
far as I know, have the ability to …look up information.
– Lieutenant. Consider your arguments. Commander Laverna is
a Starfleet Officer, so it’s not important what she
has between her legs, agreed? – Should I tell her or will you?
I’m sorry, sir. – You keep digressing. How did
Laverna learn about my plan? – You have to understand that
everything you say to me or I to you is completely confidential
within good practice. And so everything that you and Commander
Laverna tell each other is also confidential. – So?
– So with respect to this confidentiality, I hope that you are confident
that the talks between me and Commander Laverna are
completely confidential. Thanks to that, everything that is said between
me and you and her and me in all confidentiality remains confidential and the atmosphere among
the people in command is mutually confident… – Captain,
Admiral Nechayev from Starfleet Command calling. – We’ll get back to it
later, Lieutenant. Put her through. – Hello, Captain. – Admiral Nechayev.
To what do I owe the pleasure? – How is your inspection
on Betazed proceeding? We’re almost done. The complete report
will be sent within a few days. – Excellent. Where is
Commander Laverna? – She’s in Engineering,
ma’am, why are you asking? – It is my duty to inform
you that she has been accused of cooperating
with the Maquis. Your orders are to detain the Commander
and send her with a security escort on a runaboat to the headquarters where she will
be brought to the commission of inquiry. – Admiral, that can’t be…
the Commander? – Unfortunately, Alekos, it is true. I’m sending you details on
a confidential channel. And, Captain, keep it a secret. We do not need this kind of
publicity on Betazed or elsewhere. – Aye aye, ma’am. – Because of the situation I’ll get back to
you later about your new First Officer. It is understandable that you will
need a replacement for Laverna. Whether it will be a temporary or a permanent
one will depend on the investigation. But between the two of us, it doesn’t look
good. I would not count on her anymore. – Understood. – I’m sorry I had to tell you this. Safe travels. Command out. – Just what we needed. Lieutenant, get Laverna and tell
her to meet me in my ready room. And keep to yourself what you’ve
just heard. – Aye aye, sir. – The same goes for you.
– Aye aye, sir. – Cooperation with the Maquis? High treason?
That’s ridiculous, sir. I would never be party
to such a thing. Is it some kind of a joke?
– It’s no joke. I have the information right
here from Admiral Nechayev. – But how did she come
up with such a thing? – I don’t want to beat around the bush.
Do you know Thomas Riker? – Yes, I… I know him. – Thomas Riker, a duplicate of Commander
William Riker. He’s recently deserted, joined the Maquis and attempted
to steal U.S.S. Defiant. He was imprisoned in a
Cardassian labor camp. His crew was released to the Federation. And during the subsequent interrogations of
these renegades, your name was mentioned. – But, Captain, that’s
all a misunderstanding. I used to know Tom Riker, yes. But I did not know anything
about his illegal activities. My relationship with him was…
personal. – I think I understand. Intimate? – Yes, sir. – I’m sorry, I had to ask. So did you meet him and his friends
on a purely personal basis? – Exactly so. Yes, I dated Tom Riker. It was beautiful, he was kind and
attentive. But then we broke up. He went his way, and I went mine. If he was in contact with the Maquis
at the time of our relationship, I did not know about it.
You have to believe me. – I believe you, Laverna.
– Thank you. – Unfortunately, my trust is not enough. You’ll fly to the headquarters and
to the commission of inquiry. You have nothing to fear, in such cases the
commission consists of trained telepaths. If you are not guilty,
they will exonerate you. – But the investigation will take a
long time. What about my job here? Will they replace me? – I’m afraid they will. I can not do
without the First Officer, not now. Not even temporarily. – I understand. I know how it works.
When the commission is done with me, it is possible that I will not come back here, I
will be transferred elsewhere. Things happen fast. – That is true. – Sir, despite all our disagreements, I…
I’m happy to be here. I don’t want to end up on a remote base or a
transport ship and you know it might happen. I haven’t done anything wrong.
Can’t we do something about it? – We might be able to… Yes, Commander. We are, after all, in orbit of Betazed, the planet of the best
telepaths in the Federation. Chandra Xerx happens to be an
approved fleet trained telepath. She could scan you and give Admiral
Nechayev a testimony of your innocence. – Would she do that for me? After that report of mine that
might ruin her and her government? – Yes, that unfortunate report. We haven’t sent it yet. I believe that if it’s tone was…
milder, I could convince Chandra
to do that thing for you. – I understand now. To be exonerated I should turn a blind eye. That sounds like
blackmailing, sir. – Be sensible. Betazed will survive without
fleet shows and military equipment. Your career and the welfare of the entire planet
in exchange for your military conscience. I think it’s a decent deal. The universe helps those
who help themselves. – OK then. But I keep telling
you all the time. You’re cynical and you’ll
end up badly, Captain. – As will everyone, Laverna. – So her only connection with Tom
Riker was on the level… ? – I think the modern term for this is
horizontal jogging, Admiral, yes. – Who would have guessed, a
workaholic like you, Laverna… – It confirms the general theory that
people active and thorough in one area are equally single-tracked
in a totally different way. – So there was
nothing more to it? – You can trust me. Commander’s
interest in men is purely physical. The only thing she would remember if she dated
Chancellor Gowron would be that his
mustache tickles. – Very colorful, madam Xerx. Thank you for your
time and testimony. Commander Laverna, in the light of this…
information, I can tell you with clear conscience that the
investigation of your person is completely stopped. I wish you and the Masaryk safe travels.
Goodbye, Captain. Nechayev, out. – That was… ehm… thorough. – I apologize for the invasion of
privacy, but it had to be done. – I understand and thank you. Thanks to you I don’t have to face the commission
of inquiry, where it would be discussed anyway. – Thank you, Chandra. Now
if you’ll excuse us. – Of course, Captain. Good bye. – Lieutenant Morávek, report to the bridge.
You’re in command. – Aye aye, sir. – Well, Commander, this is over.
Now to that report. Shall we finalize it
in my ready room? – Yes, sir. – So, that should be all, and
we can hand the report in. – Yes, sir. Just one question. I’ve changed my
assessment but… how do you explain the
missing data on defense? Numbers can not be deceived, and they show that the
planet is totally unprepared regardless of what
you or I claim. – Read and learn. – Attached to the report, you will
find all technical status reports, except for those included
in current secret files, information that could lead to
misinterpretations or honor insults, documents that were lost
during the embassy… ..embassy’s relocation and messages lost during the natural
disaster in the winter of… That year was a particularly
devastating winter on Betazed? – No, it was a wonderful winter. Many
compromising documents disappeared. – That is quite a list. How many documents are there
left for them to see? About fifty? Twenty? Ten? Five? One? Zero?
– Exactly, Commander. Two years after this incident, the Dominion fleet attacked
and, due to the lack of defense, annexed Betazed. Written and directed by Production Camera Editing and postproduction Masks and make-up Music and 3D animation Sound Starring Crew Opening credits Set Set built by Special thanks to Subtitles © Barevná @ Ziina, Star Trek Diplomacy

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