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  1. Typical young liberal. I’ve figured out why these young folks are like this. They learned this in college and watched their professors pontificate and speak this over and over. This philosophy on how a their socialist paradise would function. Which would be great but the corrupt people will not let it be what it is suppose to be in theory. She’s probably never had a job of any serious responsibility or oversight that requires accountability.
    The reason for her views are because she doesn’t understand how these philosophical ideals actually function (not function) in the real world today. I’d love to take her to the VA and show her how awful the VA is. I’d also like to see her try to find a doctor who takes Medicare/Medicade anymore. Why don’t they take it? Because the govt doesn’t pay the doctor or pays almost a year later.
    These are just two examples. What she doesn’t understand is these are the programs that should work in her system but they don’t. She would just keep saying it’s because the free market takes away their money, businesses cannot pay their share etc etc. it never stops. Because this is how they were taught in the school system. Government program.

    The only thing they don’t get is it’s the people in government who are the problem. I spent 30 years working for the government. It’s the people. There are good people but they quickly get brainwashed to creat red tape and have their own agendas.
    The solutions are 1. REMOVE the people from government and 2. REMOVE the left from our education system. 3. Remove any kind of big business (interest or otherwise) from government. 4. Make govt employees accountable on a profit type basis by requiring every govt agency to make a profit.

  2. Stop spending money till you get under control. Your spending is out of control. Your stealing our children's futcher. Checks and balances people. Need accounting classes in school

  3. The economy has been growing because of a debt scheme. Trump is increasing spending and deficits beyond expansion in output. Gee I wonder how this will end? Try living on credit cards only without ever paying the bill. Like the "King of Debt" Trump.

  4. Other peoples money? Lets have a flat tax with zero ways for the uber rich to squirm out and pay less. It would make the wealthy cheaters weep and put the tax lawyer schemers out of business.

  5. I'm only into this video 27 seconds, and already, you are not telling truths. In 2015 alone, the US Army audit showed that it spent 6.5 TRILLION dollars more than allocated. (The national debt at that time was $15T.) In Fiscal Years 1999 – 2015, the Dept. of Defense has already admitted to spending 21 TRILLION dollars more than allocated. In neither instance could anyone explain where the money went. Come on — google it before you pretend to report it.

    And as for Mr. Forbes' claims that capitalism inspired innovation, he has been PROVEN wrong in studies around the world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfEdFm9UP28 and that's where I couldn't take the lies any longer.

  6. THIS IS PATHETIC how much this female does not know about the real world! She is utterly clueless and dont even know it. Experience matters GREATLY. Run a business Miss Nobody and then come back to the table in 10 years…

  7. This is the problem with ANYONE running their mouths about policies who have NEVER PRODUCED ANYTHING FOR PROFIT AND are only experienced in USING other peoples products and become ACTIVISTS! THEY ARE DUMB, DUMB, DUMB! They know nothing about the true nuances of economics and how things REALLY WORK in peoples behavior. NEVER HAVE HER WORTHLESS BUTT ON AGAIN. SHE is unqualified to even DISCUSS what this man has DONE!!1

  8. Govt is always self-preserving. A bureaucrat's #1 job is to keep their job. A civil servant thinks differently. God bless our civil servants and help the excess bureaucrats go get a real job.

  9. I have no doubt we are way over budget considering Congress hasn't done nothing we're spending all this millions and trillions of dollars on illegal aliens and their health and their border and they shouldn't even be here they're even getting welfare more than I get for me and my little girl that's pathetic and it sucks let's solve the problem instead of being the problem we're talking about you Congress!

  10. What does the waste have to do with obamacare? Are you kidding? A shutdown, military at the border, tax cuts for the rich and corporates. And socialized medical has NOT crushed anything in europe. You can walk into any polish dentist office and get service without going broke.


  12. Wow this girl is delusional. Free market and capitalism has raised billions of people out of poverty and has created better health and medical for the whole world. Socialism and government controlled projects have only ever destroyed nations and starved people. Their medical systems have no innovation and they depend on non socialist systems to get new and better medical practices.

  13. There are too many people that are living off the public dole.
    If people worked for a living rather than expecting everything to be provided this would be a better world.
    Taxing the rich is an extension of the idea, I don't want to have to work for a living….

  14. The Left: The government keeps people down, oppesses people, is ridiculously inefficient, and is always wanting to take our money!

    The Right: We agr-

    The Left: Let's raise taxes on the rich, give the government total control of healthcare, make sure the government has all the weapons, and enact socialism!

    The Right: ……….dammit.

  15. The airhead with the same disproven talking points, do you think any of those "tax the 1%ers" ever had an original thought? And she tries to tell Forbes about finance. ah hahaha! ah hahaha!

  16. communism comes in all colors……..wake the fk up folks….socialism is for total dependence ,on the commie party!!//dems…,,,and the sure fear,,dont vote against them,, or lose it…vote for the commie party…..its not about being independent anymore…declared the communist government,,,its about depending on us..while we play robin hood, with taxes,and use the middle class as an excuse to raise them to,,because the poor become grater in number,,and we caint take any more from them!to fill in the freebie and soup pot..if it wasn't seen coming then they wouldn't know its already that way..and has been getting progressively worse..while trillions have just disappeared…?

  17. 2:30 you see this massive waste bevause corporate lobbting has corrupted everu facid of Government.

    Half the Government worked for the people they are supposed to watchdog!

    OF COURSE Its looking out for itself, the influence Lobbying has is eroding everyones honestu and good nature.

    The good guy doesn't win anymore.

    Just the richest does.

    And rich guys don't have to be good. Lol.

  18. What more can you expect from a socialist, the government is screwed up and inefficient, her solution is more taxes and a bigger government. True insanity.

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