Stop Blaming Coach Kwesi Appiah When Politicians Are Doing Worse-KNUST Lecturer

and yet Yahoo me nah minute dr. skocy capisci too many hace frío umbrella me he be after the blasters game looking make our social media pages ahora nadie Houdini who say from philosophical perspective and who do you grow closest yeah a freebie be good it's a dementia at the sea and ein gonna force you see fef con we good McCoy a couple of friends social media page captain no BOC oh dear Dan lay a course on Oakland anytime and phenomena they were commenting about Afghan blasters performance they've started hooding could cassiopea reach for a accountable then I ask myself am i being muna yahoodi must not include more accountable than appellate colonies DISA gana mana epiha campaign for the Videodrome accountable maybe that way anyway anyway anyway our if you must inform will room sudden Hassan those people are holding the national team coach more accountable than our political leaders anything is good sir Felicia attacks vs manager the couch Anika into a fatherhood an accountable but that may deny he would coach not countable it is important say yahoodi a political leadership accountable ecology it's one of the lessons city expected and a voice you know Vanessa Vanessa sorry row dear ministers of state accountable marijuana Anaya / Zbornak training National Development Committee media no no a failure born in Playa we do not run Mesa defender defender mmm yeah pop on the ball was going straight into ganas net a northern Hyun iodine AJ boy well then they born in Ahmedabad Reba beer okay Jamie to the stands and it was saying that what Ghana sir shorts no but so coconut oil yeah we nah baby say on – eh Monsieur Dubois not to move but I do own a bra you deal my way and then land and a police regional partners Orissa please would you describe the pointed in the women are they impressive good but dominated by America gross energy man who you watch no I'm a bullet organ on it how accountable have we been as a country it's boy naughty I know I know attach him and I says the country's idiot is that your boy near you now in the continued to to national development so you teach oh so you a medical doctor sorry Nance new-found we need nominal I forgot that enema picking the last one good expectations OPI hours up essay on what the company heading and not let me a preview for your politicians or yeah no one tulum attorney attorney epic for blasters day we want ultimate trophy a little some of us to the higher say shark – animal can take eternal science vacations now me as much as a blast a safer trophy named Ron I also expect our leadership to also be in come true Nani Amamiya mine I said never up to now we are holding the guys accountable by budgeting bring him we are not losing our political leaders accountable 20% who say I'm playing was discussing you could do alcohol though by he Dubois not him yeah you coach so maybe wouldn't say screw Ania do shoot today blast a swallow ceejai MP Peeni NBC Sam near-disaster scrutinize you soup you're politically despot I gotta CBD anymore my women Facebook a monk I'm gonna send a good cause yeah yeah it will crash you're buying you know why don't we vote non-performing political leaders out and then the DMV pinion decision CAE Plus display Ahava obeah oh boy where I add yet yeah hey babe you freed yes I am PV near-misses yeah get your blog on I'm gonna book a more senior it's Mia but why don't we apply that in a leadership the point why don't we do that and then Danis I went on tour and Umbra OB I have a PDF NSA gonna back us off so when we apply the philosophy and the level of accountability idea for the blast NASA alleged trust me within the next ten years gonna be two more and gonna fine you know yet yeah in fact side will call I preview the last year Parliament and your Parliament we are not 2014 over yes twenty twenty two million dollars and this is the Parliament on the cotton Cunha a free China as we speak try non-canonical on or si so as of 2014 a million meaning she of ss9 Fraga once again accountability minister picture mp3 means own say a problem but a CM Punk which was European before must be held accountable many Union abyss off I want and I'm a conclusion said in here are mine yummy it gives me her today's money somewhere but physically basically blast us with a flip the Parliament ie yeah not conclude honest on my way I she could be our baby I decided yeah yeah now go back to accountability BC meeow meeow steady be Jessica study Osama be there crying out to say no of our more a bomb or they run about no it's over B now fidelity sir I did Sunday morning traffic missile and a meaty drive it to me it took me less than ten minutes to drive from Felicia – Ted Danson it means all this really see traffic we have any fuel he had destroyed the environment heretofore sorry we appointed you man I'm so Binion that you may use the benefit of traffic law then comes back to love FM anywhere before akuma contract any site or distributor to be honest on an uncertain future ya rabb a bomb for your info impose back to a cow blitzie nomicon say can we go deep in for us accountable us yeah yeah good question Fionna one day and I said yes SR and I was over here nothing abilities to our Java machine missile s loco for us to develop no Mac our hand I said I was a giant opinion disassembled irrespective of the bill 300 MP Peeni Khurana we have foods with your vampire campaign or channel campaign bein away and our camera let's see here that's a finally I am gonna focus I don't know he may not have any effect on them it's not though Oh Patrick Rana when you hold the leadership accountable he makes your campaign easier to say the volume Yesenia Barea in referring to me me me knock on it chocolatey a Hanuman busines my office all of him no support Autotech 102.9 missin katya adorama la oh yeah bossman song Lida Alikhani July Fest nanka ibaka same you know non connect young COBOL any depois da names was a snap and a yeah we were say Republic Day now a commemorative today it will new Messiah Akuma now an owner NDC am an akuna soif rebenga on beside a desire start to tree public holiday Appa because oh my gonna enjoy fr would be smart 1957 Anna 1st July 1960 a bear – mine Republic Day and Abba men saw in even coma Cochran up a copy yes sir Marino us in our intuitive Oh Caligiuri nipple trouble mom or my women hee-yaw Musa say or we are there the moment of boots and now we are a bit more minor develop a cotton embezzled yopo meda Hoka Hoka hey moose hacer para que que que no mo pay an a so Munna say yet wah-wah wah-wah still say to me no and no more pain allow my limp unto them come home lo que party remove Assad mmm you know say epidemic raka say say Elena power within 4 years we'd increases anima betrayed Aparna every education a new creature adores Ellie – no mo pop our body Dolci abhinaya – mamas responsibility Oh Tom you know mo pay opieop LOL kappa pc Sevilla Capilano be nipple be a doctor oh man positioner or Tennessee mania or Jerry Trainor oh no those are the people who see the position as a responsibility home NC area who say sir Republic Dino car CD an anime near de sica Republic Dino yeah kassig on holidays nimble brain nuisance consider acaba be conceded nama democracy Nagas are Co fire SEL confusion a 2-1 a woman oh yeah nama benefit by pnina and wanna say benefit an abyss a video to me nah Oh Papa would millions Jessica 3d or any by a local court Madonna Dan Nibbana crowbar was se para o Ghana holiday holiday holiday no confessor beneficial it drew bread be nigh a holiday anniversary any of em please in the package now you say oh Moo say any at all good evening in academia I having the Hanukkah Kwanzaa Carson holidays a year ago see Sandhya Nia shifts near the Kamandi FLE carry forward they are carrying forward the command a cutting you can't eat your cake a happy to do say yes dear Sabathia the beautiful nature soiree yes let's say we be am falling from heavens free from Israel Orellana ottoman official tardy appraisement of visual mana to free area between the holding period Romano didi you know we're Duma and my brother Queenie moon idea miss ah holy do away with the back way Nina anniversary banner also faster than us whoa hey Ghana yes I am a Christmas Day box CD will say Christmas assisity d20 FIFA Society b-26 messy Sunday we are currently Co forward Monday Tuesday man Kyle Cochran Adorama the Baja 1000 won a New Year's Day this generous 7th air Constitution Day this much Independence Day April 19th a Good Friday April 22nd a Easter Monday May 1 a worker's day jeune fille a either fitter August 4th I have found as day August 5th I have found this day to be good right good nice 1l what it will ya commemorative No oh yeah May 25th African Union team on a July 1 unless Republic Day Carter and Nephi memory back I drew petty Festa Tet Offensive on Pea Cocina Organa ha tt Fresenius Fetisov increased résumé ah Bravo sue the defense nobr si – hey Bobby revenue NASA for name Allah wah wah wah did you know a survey and conventional Bravo's northern rough in a similar graph Yuma do you know the first thing that we do know avianna holiday is a holiday the saphenous yeah um I can't really say 1st January is a holiday movie Anna holiday in your wake quality in your finances holiday in your dreams the cultural festival in renew my visa obiano cafe general Normandy ascending Libya Libya say Ghana is a father confusing the seventh medica Kamisama who have dementia pretty good Constitution D her Mehdi yakonov platform is several times a dark outside my for weird member hodge my fushia newman who say and he remembers our see me again who yi tian han kui mau medina Tajima who take us energy for kuvira si hey KD KD know o Piana common Komachi Asya o fresedo common coma Bray struggle a soda body ganna independence' lotta Lee SEO sending Cromartie hacia el Gavilan a venerable sosenko mana node n Anacostia doctor insane Gagarin a independence ssssss holidays membrane nuisance debris a nuisance oh ma fille de gana holiday neva code Ruby BIA opieop sa la política a New Orleans baby agenda c4 per se muffin I believe also may induce a Zuko in comas party MC who was a banker Madea and this diggy diggy diggy diggy sister who follows the same illusion you pee and lagerfuhrer guess when she say oh man really show monopoly namana I'd not say you need appropriate to Asahi Baraka Valley we borrow cover week ah every fish and easy for the Kansai holidays will occur on iron yeah bye-bye Sara do you feel more nervous I don't know Becca don't Bettina Catriona say made is it may be a very strong Republic Republic cuts him yeah very story probably tinkle a young cabana depower denied a home country Oh Mona were all the information or the GDP normal conscious a deep GDP for the day so when a day is declared as a holiday harm I got the country lose an alarm on cap my mama Norman recommends face on my castle holidays declared roster to do anything Kuwaiti weenie weenie weenie way you back Ebisu oh oh say over their magics Romans an ammonite many missing police capacity abena courage a catch sa Easter day is us holiday Christmas the way of last holiday eat over yes you are solely be because over their policies already I policies Nancy let me see one of the TV stations now police capacity you're already gonna fooling himself when you say Nia yes dome yep Anthony burying your mouth when I holiday for EDI daddy baby ax or didn't want us here in funny say Founders Day August 4th a basic Waseda near the bath water August 5th obey holy Tanzanian on wanna means yes you Anna oh sorry food Eno submissive Amanda Cara Maria Dino oh sorry idea but Radha oh sorry for da man Casa miel support oh ok New Year Day miss Oporto called sushi date mean support okasada for DME support to for Ferguson Porto okay what's the embezzled in me – our Disney a nuisance I think a 1 2 3 4 5 55 from our Hebrew okay oh yeah he Buena be a free prayer not me 1c mm-hmm this much there yes this much this much is okay the Enter key aha Hey Good Friday Easter Easter Monday holiday I don't support it uh-huh it's a man didn't know system and the LED Easter Monday good idea tantrum oh okay Good Friday is a holiday isn't it yes it is for that I agree come on Edie hey Carson I guess for Founders Day mm-hmm I guess fief Wow this – ooh – yes you observe very first what are my for fun or near the above Monday about 20 fests haha today far away 1 over Rd near the up on Monday 20 Ted her till Jim yes sir so far wonder – oh my god Adam yeah yeah you know he let me know let me know oh this much – mighty good Friday ha ha eat it okay eat when after a good Friday right energy you can't say December 25th 25th Christmas Day Christmas Day Boxing Day 26 world-famous entire van engine on a silicon de encima 'can't and it'll add on also da de de DT T honest man Frank ah yes – 1 2 3 4 5 6 now wait I'm near term delivery which are one two three four five six seven now Father's Day good the farmers they mean come on I'm a fan can opt office informal careful beautiful I'm also deformation ma sucah Fumiya magma ammonia Meganium queima into mediocrity as far as the engine okay from SD Iran should be upset come on with no commemorated yes and collaborative we have formulated better policies and the colloquy of access to be more for Policy discs on delay of talking

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  1. Please leave Akwasi Apiah alone he is the best if Ghanaians don't like him another country like him and the would pay him more than Ghana.

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