"Strong Leadership" feat. Mitt Romney

we hear a lot of negative talk these days about our politics but I've convinced that with strong leadership America's best days are ahead I'll make the tough choices necessary to cut spending to protect our country and to work every day to give you tones more control over our future I'm Mitt Romney and I approve this message asking you for the opportunity to be the strong voice that Utah needs and deserves

17 Replies to “"Strong Leadership" feat. Mitt Romney

  1. I am from the Czech Republic and i am very sad that my dream country the USA elected for president Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton isnt the best candidate but she was and is better than Trump. But my true candidate for president is this man. Mitt Romney. President for all of us. President like Ronald Reagan. President who supports freedom.
    I am from the Czech Republic and I support Litr Romney for senator of Utah.

  2. mitt is a piece of shit. weak spineless coward. can't believe i supported this rat back in 2012. he's really let us down since then and showed us his colours; can u believe this rat wanted hillary to win. what a sack of shit

  3. Romney, I will not vote for you or support you because you do not support our Second Amendment liberties. My firearms are home defense firearms. The sole purpose of these is not for hunting down and murdering people.

    In 2004, in the middle of his single four-year term as governor, Massachusetts Governor Romney signed a permanent ban on semi automatic weapons — reportedly the first such state law in the country. "These guns are not made for recreation or self-defense," the Globe quoted Romney as saying. "They are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people."

  4. please please please do not elect this loser RINO. he back stabbed all the way to the election. then he crawled to Trump Tower looking for a job. hit the road Jack as Trump told him. do you really want to elect more swamp people? get smart, stay smart, do not elect this "resistance" candidate.

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