well is it salamat [Applause] [Applause] and he tapasya namiko and Astana kasama official is uber no nothing maraming salamat yellow importantly shocking ko and Azula [Applause] voila Romans and rumbled on to just being Messiah and and then I forget then I shift to English and so may I just say that he ganito anna gabov opera sabayon Athena I want a place is around couples and journey on both land in bi Koskinen bi are both known police at casa be co-come computer map along and proposed upon that expedites everything why don't you make use of it so player next time gustavo say some building lumpur don't rehearse in bi door knocking tie a book lying about it what do you have – I don't want you to wait Rita filament yarn computer monkey and super fast I did it little person – uh no record no recovery in pa-11 de trabajo a typical Bissau vomit I put up where Puma su casa in the doornail Tala – no you cannot younggu beer no well an amount of me Summa soul at De Anza solar my love that the thing poro load some pneumonia load load million laughs Neon Indian Isola so I I want to make life comfortable for you they are misogyny Nutella young corruption McGuigan a filipinas obey O Matic or do not worry goon India cannot be borough a contaminant filipinas my polish customs or immigration a to miss a you know para sampling more Thumbelina Sabine more Sabini mayor Downes Japan fulfilled Anya Putin in a moment avoid sampling more topples you create a scene Mexico come on but was in more tapas Murayama I mean among major chemical to analyze the tapas or a job by de Tocqueville oh gosh a bucket in E and money on Panamera Okinawa Umaga Bahama Eunice Rebecca hey mo welcome on to Nevada sample Bob Seger opinion peritoneum Shabak mode innumerable a pompom Al Pacino Ionian mode Lebanon in the Empire sale yellow yellow pepper and but discipline a Pilate [Applause] during my time be assertive Sam monitor a patent more vocal and pastor a church event opposed August acapella John came of the two lungs our kin parama Walla and captivity and the unum is small for a purpose of Musa Airport parang an open up our own mayor cannon yes tell me Rama [Applause] marinate Oh bucket Marat Marat won't begin filling Malita what's the relative value of this alonso but my nikita Shambala said no pain in my ballet voluntary of the alien member container again they remove the alien get the bull head if the bus just be assertive that was gonna publish of her create is seen you like that Parana Lancome only report more you know more because he were long sustained to say Geronimo aluminum then an eye-opener not even on a sour tapas I thought girl it echo echo on anyone [Laughter] [Applause] anyone us Elvis omotchama sobota Aiyappa mocks us Tinto an erasable Waco in d1 economist our Kohanga REO bayinnaung pata white opera a survivor all what they learn non-stop president will appear as a shower from number one and veto new number colon sardonic Akita and agronomy style [Applause] and eatable she speaker paka paka Lala Salama garlotte she uppity a Cooper a hood the law government Leon Panetta Louie Neela yellow fever [Applause] I'm problem Veneto little I have Okajima crippled Hawaii return no the Americans are really a bully Kapusta cotton ago did veto a faux pas Matata Hakuna Poppleton in a new bucket alone even Bobby Valentino Goomba breath when the bus Tascosa ty oh sobbing you know human rights like to remind the president that if there's a fan of the servile a journey can be the Tecate Baja mula mula mula mula mula tapas available they will will begin to cut aid and assistance that's the a demeaning statement oh no Paco Osuna unleash number tap on Jalan Ampang john padula also a forum on the Holden towel deliver about you gusto namaha if you have the evidence go ahead and file the case voila home problema I can rap in prison for my country yeah I am NOT a Filipino for nothing Vasquez Danny told him to make the Bob Rae Bob Dole not do not with our dignity vanilla see the third edition at the Statesmen it behaves like a hoodlum tamama multiple a lien Valen element their own a dog and he took I don't Canon Veneto na Vajrasana and this is relief for all of you Filipinos and for the entire world busking inambari maka diferencia what blonde busta buy an apartment [Applause] Dignan americano antenna technology inanimate a Yamaha drug addict if at all Annie but don't tell occasional days ago casino Yaiba billable operon plasterers amico we are not manufacturing mommies if our Imam in Egypt if you really want to stop the guy just shoot them with one with one bullet in the head that's it looking for time of baroque baroque mahjongg alright oh so month [Applause] kayako Emily guy as I say bula vinaka even muscle muscle assume boo and Sammy said mom son of amore climb over this a No [Applause] Alamo Association Acting Secretary of Agriculture governor money vineyard is a magna laude graduate chance to graduate magna before until about serrator Cayetano Depot nandito see mum Lonnie may your aunt Aggie shower now mom oh look and I see mom wha Kate I know Papa Tsinghua Ponyo ha both yo even Seville hello history Anita June he was go potty some party in The Gargoyle samanya but they're the lowest Oh Salem Padre if it's called a phone on the holy eternal military's laboum and what about oh no plane no methicillin the chomp on my own echoing fiscal in questa cosa latinum sorry building so sovereign status Kokila I mean holy comedian Deval Patrick possibly goes a bit of it it works in a sense in a savvy Moody Toto Toto but Philip II showed you simile it super a tapas abhi go to the Sangha civilian the Murray book world motherboard okay so no nanano sick or a colossal el trabajo Puentes okay okay in a tribe of Indians are not technical assistant different even he became my chief of staff then to become the mayor of Murray before nine nine nineteen and nine years couples are cabinet now just have started it and honor Fernando are ting Guapo da congressman's a ball our Toria C Java if you remember Pastore Toshi as a victory Chapel to the Devourer past or early billion it coffee the energy si algo see the Wonder tale nothing [Applause] see Michelle yo Bogart oh no man artista a toda fungus Torah Bastogne and cheese misko Ananya telega it on CSI hard-working you mom along it was a more artistic I saw a cop oh I ordinary around designing new 6556 you know in an ominous shadow but the ligase III finished my high score seven years javelin and I go with rhythm a tapas capilla del ended up over hey see you know billion you send a holy power Dominic who you telling a topic with our daughter no no no ha hey I'm not like of complain it demanded up on child abuse kappa sky human abyss aya alumna we have this colloquial term Sangam pantalon column de ba unit investor bomb of the potatoman alligator or gallium cottageville curve little Angela de ba it's a colloquial or idiom development of years a subunit at I gonna eat cow chicken another Hong Kong frontal and Columbus illa Popa Youra Nakuru porosity at all on her tongue at the teratoma too gaudy he took building ariana top Elizabeth mcnac occupant a billionaire you Ito College of Law becoming CEO Lionel Delgado shipping for Roman Yemen yes is his professor Sylvester such a year Hawaii survey University Kurosawa Nando's Ito Trabant aha Wow Lennon's law school camino de caminha mountains 32 promoting in Andong Samata become agarikon only broken on Metallica they say oh come on oh the tapas cut up my mana the thing no pipe there there to Louisville imagine in sour and yours okay careers so then para inspirationally be personal and I I am focusing you mayor of the supposably in terror it it's I I do not want to Sabine good enough pero hottie endure much good has come for tablet ago D toes and even China if I mentioned is they say you know my mom or a Buddha the other side of the world the maken down that means only less I would eat oh poor Amorim at the top of the stove and a ballet very – unique forum until the heroine in 401 put it on purikura daisakusen Elizabethton in allowing denied in dhianeila Sapodilla duterte may death penalty no no ma yurid the membrane market no gusto a ballot whole new economic Toronto's India unprecedented on the second ago El Presidente no no lot I'm finna go Sephardi toe see well not ordinary my room death penalty you know meet the Buddha Allah km of legaia million it's a banana and then dr. samaram in Ernakulam and 1000 in the monkey house of allah ma revoir au problema [Applause] you know yeah the retired D toaster Kabila Tom Colicchio americano boo-boop ski it's a detour I know castle onion books are you a human have done step tell you miss a Filipino kanika kapoor in an Iraqi nickimja booted a ependymoma tyga Neto I know Castle analog Filipino I know Cassell and learn about the server saying you know mo gluto panacea Bo but it maka in motion an abdomen but what right in this university building well great I am again September transferred our salute in Milan ago by what right I know I know I don't I sell oil and lemon but market the windmills I mean much a good boy and boy and Geeta put tongue in Italian tenor voice it now but angle just answer me the question who gave you the right to destroy the life of my daughter raping her of the rabbits in his killing her but what right do you have now community developers from Kaduna impoverished at Europe saving every couple of the thing Don be believable aluminum opera well the timid on basalt Nevada and you know what dysfunctional deny Landy Tokyu or main may even wanna know Pelican dilemma it it is by itself a dysfunction already too be frank with you well under night at I humor sailors tapas Iligan open and it becomes really a total dysfunctional NACA we told in a modern so in the Indian Union you simply you simply overlook the things in life my American friends we stick to the fundamental issues about human life you have to protect with we do not want to see whoever wants to kill people you cannot build a nation over the bones of the criminals if that is what you want to do but then I have to do something by the sheer magnitude of four million instead of helping me you are criticized it just ice me publicly insulting because as a matter of an every time you mention about human rights violation there's always a few words added and that is the assistance you can have it it's all yours we will survive I'm sure I would be a villain tour Loyola maybe at this time not all Filipinos would took not too kindly about my son but in the years to come the next generation did you would know that there is such a thing in this world as the dignity of the Filipino people cramming salamat maraming salamat formula


  1. I salute you sir..totoong tao po are a good leader in our country.. hahaba pa sana yong buhay nyo sir..❤❤❤

  2. Now ko lang napanuod to..pero tatay k tlaga sir President..Tatay Digong Maraming salamat..maraming maraming salamat po 😢😭

  3. Ang daming dumaan na president si pangulong duterte lang ang naitama ang mga baluktot na daan at my paninindigan sa bayan at totoong tao at nakakatuwa pa salamat po tatay digong ❤️ sa labis mong pag effort at pag palawalak ng Community good bless us

  4. Hahahah 😂😂😂 andami kung tawa dto promise! The best ka talaga Pres.DUTERTE! MABUHAY ANG PILIPINAS. So proud! 👊🏻👊🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Am i right pilipino's? Hit like kung proud ka din. 😊

  5. so pwede namin sampalin yung taga BOC? hiningian ng 40k yung mama ko para sa pinadala ng kaibigan niya . hindi nag bigay mama ko kasi known as scammer tong mga hinayupak na to. check ng kaibigan ni mama na taga cebu sa office nila totoo nga na may pinadala. pero nang hihingi ng 40k.

  6. He is very wacky, funny and yet honest, straight forward, but intense not partial. He is never boring. Every speech of him the audience is happy and satisfied😅☺😄

  7. Pres. Duterte, sana magkaroon ng death penalty sa Pilipinas for drug lords n pushers na sinisira ang PILIPINAS at mga familia na at mga kabataan. Isama na rin sana ang economic sabotage n smuggling.

  8. Mga bobo yung ayaw sa war on drugs. Tapos may sinasabi silang Extra Judicial Killings? Na sa pagkakaalam ko ang Extra Judicial Killings ay ang pagpatay ng di ayon sa batas or hindi dumaan sa tamang proseso. Tapos yung ibang namamatay na di alam kung sino pumatay,di nila naisip na baka mga kasama at kakilala ng mga adik na yun ang kapwa pumapatay sa kanila kasi natatakot na ikanta. Hays bobong Dilaw

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