Numerous Prominent American Politicians Going Down [Epstein] Trump Turned States Evidence

good to hear you calling oh I was expecting your call tonight I'm so glad awesome so today the Daily Mail came out with an article about Jeffrey Epstein being arrested and in the article it says three documents that will be unsealed are from a defamation case that was settled after FC entered a guilty plea guilty to a single charge of soliciting and securing a person at the age of eighteen constitution and that's the case that he was found guilty after one victim right pretty much a jail well records in the defamation case contains descriptions of sexual abuse by acting along with new allegations of sexual abuse new allegations by numerous prominent american politicians powerful business executives for president and a well-known prime minister and other world leaders Wow Wow I would agree I mean we hadn't he went when he went to India and he was bouncing back and forth and I know that he was taking little pit stops on his exotic journeys between them and the next day to talk to Canada 2020 so and then on June the 20th Justin was called to the White House to talk about us MCA and China right and when he's asked the meeting with Trump he brings along his Minister of Defence Harjit they jam and Chrystia Freeland who thought he's gonna welcome harge a stage and was Minister of Defence why does he need him there at that meeting or her who's not even welcome in the White House the way she insulted Trump wow that's amazing yeah Sark's on members she called last time yeah well his weight goes heads up he's and they got a plane on the table because when he left the g20 last listen it was last year I think I think it went from let's do 20 Justin came out and said Charlotte it won't be pushed around and this eyebrows is slipping off and he was flying off to chocolates going off to China and I think that there was a missile that was launched from with the islands gun Bay so when when when Justin met with with Trump again on June 20th again and there was a plane on the table yeah Wow wow that's that's crazy and those socks the Goathead socks are clear you know his old telltale throw up to his handler or slash no masters if you will campaign manager who also by the way has ties to dams Girdler who was in the annex of the human trafficking executive orders December 21st 2018 which is well dad's burglar is mentioned in the annex one of the people that are on the family balloons right what's going on information that we need is the information that he had in the log books on Epstein Island hmm was of everybody coming in and coming out okay so even stuff that wasn't on any flight records I thought it was wired up with cameras I thought maybe the thing had cameras cameras but he also kept logs of everybody coming into that island because they had Elaine now these they landed on the main island and transferred over by boat okay now these logs are are you what is what's your question regarding the logs or is it like these are just these logs can really expose and spill out some crazy things expose a lot I mean there's people that we looked up to for years back on that list just just like who's already come out like um Kevin Spacey for example like a lot of people liked him followed him in the movie in history he's already kind of been ousted a little bit but we're talking probably bigger and better so do you think he can use this for to get out of maybe a little bit lesser sentence because he's gonna maybe coordinating help something like that or is this some of it I mean I think he I think he'll turn I mean everybody's everybody think this is a hit job against Trump Trump was cleared back in 2010 when he turned state evidence against Epstein in the first case okay okay that's you know alright we were wondering I mean so we didn't know the extent of any friendships but uh again you know so alright assaulted one of his workers to the 14 years old and from every club or property that Trump acts oh okay okay that common knowledge and then turn around when he when they arrested I've seen for the first case told the story and current state evidence against them so well and Trump a couple weeks ago I can't remember an interview he said he was not going to things weren't looking good I think he was questioned about Epstein's like it doesn't look good for Epstein and friends as all he said yeah about what his Trump know yeah you know what is Trump though the picture I mean I just asked that today yeah yeah we're talking about that today it's like wait a minute I think it's all nice and looking good when you look at it but who's uh who's on the six of that camera you know dark grey hair are not dark right here but white hair I mean it on the back it almost looks like Bernie Sanders but oh right you're right you know I remember that alright so in your best by the way thank you for your service brother yes thank you for your service yeah four of us vets are here now Rosa what do you think this is gonna lead to do you think it's the floodgates it's just the tip of the iceberg is just the beginning the beginning of the end for all this coming up for some of the I mean there's gonna be two-thirds of Congress wiped out from from from the connections if states are worried about you know Spygate knowledge it they didn't know this was coming yeah through that yeah very true and her guardians of the pedophile because I mean he won't be Arkansas he'd be stung and tied and ripped apart by the time yeah these guys yeah the Royals are involved I mean there's a lot more people that we yeah they'll never find them it would be like a Jimmy Hoffa I bang her oh yeah unsolved mystery you know I mean if these we know what they do did that their own victims and like we've said before this guy is definitely you know a billionaire he's got connections he knows people like you were saying a great great point the fact that you know he had the log books or no but there are log books that specifically named names who was coming and going you know a great point thanks for giving us the the 2010 when Trump turned state's evidence from well I ban Epstein from all my properties because I just asked guys and it's kind of what kind of solidifies a point of you know he was once an insider now he's sitting there he's actually physically seen these people these monsters and when Q call these people sick it's amazing some of the stories that Trump probably has told you know military intelligence and NSA is from Club 54 in New York I mean Chuck didn't drink so I mean yeah you remain silver in the room where they that's a great advantage actually Wow I mean I knew didn't drink I knew he didn't drink I mean I know that he's admitted to it oh yeah so you won't yeah former inserting that he told them exact you know he told everybody probably what he's heard and what he's seen in clusters before so 50 for New York you oh that was a that was the center of opulence into certain times and yeah that's awesome so any any shoutouts to any of you any anybody have any any closing kind of words for the patron era again thank you for your service and we'd love you calling in for sure what's your last thoughts brother yeah just say thank you to all the VF 84 brothers from Fighter Squadron 84 skull and crossbones I know everybody thinks skull and crossbones are bad but when they represent the US Navy's fighter squadrons they're not all bad yes yes that's awesome for sure we keep on track I had those I had that squadron attached to my ship at one point I think on my 2000 deployment where the that's why I jest I was invented and we folk out of Norfolk Virginia I think they were that's right man oh shit yeah mm what three or six okay I think three then they wanted vf-103 sluggers took them all it took over to call signs and they always care they always carried around that skull and crossbone like in a locker or what was it a little like you know like a glass yeah glass case mm-hmm they're supposed to be in San Ernie's skull and bones from an ensign during World War 2 the craft and when he was going down he's he said remembered her Jolly Rogers so yes all right brother well we appreciate it thanks for calling in and call back any time and thanks for all the info got tons of stuff written down and we appreciate it thank you we'll talk to you thank you very much thank you very much less god bless yes sir all right so Donald Trump studio 54 he was never on the dance floor but he was there he's sober minded you know he doesn't smoke doesn't drink I think I heard it may say at one point in time even no TVs or electronic devices in the house it's more recent kids yeah so I think that's something to think about somebody who who keeps his sober mind who's vigilant you know you made a good point that last call Mike when you said that somebody who is the sober person in the room is like in the land you know I say like the land of the blind it's the one night man that's King you in a week we can all take that down to our own level I mean you go walk into a room and you're the only sober person I mean you're you just you see the get lapped out of sometimes two people get different people right we've know the yeah I mean you could that's what the social engineering comes in yes yeah you can throw you know this guy okay I go complimented him twice on his shirt and his shoes then he's gonna give me everything I need to know for the next two weeks on this on that dirt bike I mean and if you're good at that you can work the room and leave there with I mean we know Trump wrote that book in 99 all of 99 couple months of 99 really in January 2007 we get a guy named Osama who's gonna bomb a building with a plane and go back to his home and Afghanistan crawling or some rock and that laid out the whole story that we didn't even take place for 19 more months we'll move on to the next guy we call a terrorist [Applause] [Applause]

Meet Lupe Valdez and Andrew White, the Democrats vying to challenge Gov. Greg Abbott

My name's Lupe Valdez and I'm running for
governor. I'm Andrew White and I'm running for governor
of Texas. I've started, for 20 years, businesses. I'm an Army veteran. I've been a federal agent for over 20 years. And for the last 13 years I was a proud sheriff
of Dallas County. I created, from nothing, a business that had
250-something employees. I oversaw over 2,500 people. As an entrepreneur, I know what it's like
to build consensus. I grew up as the eighth child of migrant workers. My father was Gov. Mark White. I know what the everyday Texan is going through. I'm Hispanic, female, lesbian, Democrat. And now that I'm over 65, I joke and say senior
citizen. My values and my heart have nothing to do
with the color of my skin. Diversity is what made this country strong. Diversity is what will make Texas strong. Regardless of race, color, gender, sexual
orientation, gender identity, it doesn't matter. If you're a Texan, you're a Texan, and you
need representation. You can support the Second Amendment and also
believe in common sense gun safety legislation. I believe in all the amendments, but I don't
believe that anyone who cannot handle their disagreements through other than violence
should ever handle a weapon. We need to forget the games. We need universal background checks. Basically we need to stop the stupidity. We've got to get away from these large-capacity
magazines and the bump stocks and everything else that goes with it. I'm going to fight for women's rights. This is a decision that my wife and I would
not make for our own personal religious reasons. I don't believe that a bunch of men in Austin
should be telling women how they should deal with their body. I get to have my own personal beliefs. And the great thing about America is you get
to have your own personal beliefs. And the Supreme Court backs that up with Roe v. Wade. We must continue to let an intelligent woman
make her own decision. I'll veto any legislation that we've seen
recently come out that limits a woman's right to choose. We've seen all over the nation how moderate Democrats are winning in traditionally red states. You know, it's been tried several times. As Democrats, for the last several years,
we have been trying this moderate position. You're gonna be working with a Republican
legislature, most likely, and you're gonna have to be able to work with both sides of
the aisle. Texas is not a red state, it's a non-voting
state. The real answer here isn't Lupe versus Andrew. The answer is which one of us do the Democratic
party believe has the best chance of beating Greg Abbott? What is Abbott doing wrong? How much time do we have? In which area? Let's start with education. Instead of fighting for public education,
he's fighting for private school vouchers. In health care, he does not accept the Medicaid
expansion. I've already talked about gun safety and what
he's not doing with gun safety. We need to have automatic voter application. Shall I go on? Gov. Abbott doesn't even believe in climate
change. I mean, for Pete's sake, ExxonMobil believes
in climate change. We're spending untold amounts on law enforcement, judicial issues and jailing on these minor offenses. For small amounts of the possession of marijuana. The first thing we need to do is decriminalize
marijuana. Not just decriminalize it for now and for
the future, but to go back in time for the people whose records have been ruined. And then, if we choose to legalize all forms of it, we need to get some resources out of it. I'm asking those who say they support legalizing marijuana on some level if they've ever smoked weed. Have you? No. I never have. No, I haven't. Matter of fact, I'll go one step further. This is kind of embarrassing. I don't know if I want to admit this. I was dull and boring all my life, so … I've never actually even smoked a cigarette. And I'm also older than most of the folks
you've asked. Cigars, that's a whole nother subject. Gosh, I'm not gonna start because what if
I like it?

Sierra Leone Politicians now moving towards cultism

Oh efficient and welcome to the program setting took a sesame national basketball force we can talk about the issue of President Ernest Bai Koroma don't go visit the Pope naughty Vatican nah Holly room which he make president of Janice welcome ago now at a place it's not a problem going as a president if you go all out for represent because I don't vote for now some people they don't vote for I'm say lady represents a long pause people name the kanji for making you go lobby for maker get help for making go help for making them pray for the kanji for making go and try for casual on a people lab for maybe they can do investments in a saloon but no just first look into the frosting what can she learn about this not too secret maybe nigga be a secret or maybe you know know this information say there is what we call a political cohesiveness alone we actually they go on right away meaning this cult organization we actually am embedded with so many political strong names within the retina at the government with another opposition we are in any of them wire and I tell you any of the wire they always every month then they sacrifice blood this not information where they tell you to the email may not go presence do I only tell you this we know the president to eradicate officially only gradually we all represent confirmed on this sauce but this now information way not reliable somebody will go with step on land and a particular place T Namek ideology tell you see why some major political agents were some major political people in a saloon now an elegant choice these are the reasons because most of some pastors them some Imams them some big political names them they don't in this group a newly formed group and this group a very much formidable it means most of human them on a little oh this man this man or make in a lawyer and this madam it name they are all belonging to this cult organization what are they tell our support posing promise you know a promise we'll get all the latest photos them who actually happen we go in somebody know the economy – because now this information will get for now low just jump to the issue of president of trance maker my going to this for me Kiku teleporting go telly put would she go to na na diva chicken ooh no no but is a president as I say he's represented his people of Sierra Leone for make a cooler before we what I just want to ask why dr. Ernest Bai Koroma take away with the guys way don't feel saloon yeah this it means now if you want become a minister a no need for make the sale you not minister we're not me means you did a car point you make a ceremony for you you just have to belong to the old people's congress it means you to magically become a minister now you don't seek them people air tech JFK would a no importance for goods he took a John bonus you see what you know important for good it took the in the other people even economy P for making them good at a particular place now tell me I'm much it cost for one posting for pay for our flights power and paws you know that that money didn't chicken go big booty blocks for the people in we don't the mode slide which of them then go enable any mobility block one-room chef that was until elbow slipped it but now another waste money she wouldn't talk together cut people let's say all this natural people mmm oh this ng see what not hang God if I did talk about certain things so SLP people they tell me say you know a PC you know we've had talked a certain things I'm some a PC guys and you say this is not a real cinema this not all nice LP pod is the mg see now I already tell miss a meeting a defense is up to you but I know say that interests of my country the camp force in an annuity propagate now putting are the essence of taking people who are not part and parcel of government not go check their it's in I'll show off why is President Ernest Bai Koroma now trifle Pootie Tang era little ism salon during the time of president dr. Anna's by criminality one get the highest-paid civil servants they like for example the anti-corruption Commission is afk be received higher salary you know simply because these are the things are @lc then they keep on keepin a bank keep on our bank for the team where they come and people are 1 4 & 5 sooner now when I talk about samurai samurai dis Samuel adducts a tree to God if not posting with Samara you know nobody know they wish bad for is a body why they blame the guy was reasonable for me I know the an odyssey 8 an elicited if they're cut up when she retinol equation also you were opposed n Coppedge they say all kinetic Committee president money you know go for reject you know you know get for reject but let us try to attack the issues they will attack the issues them accordingly no attack personality una go begin catalyst will begin car to Malibu we'll begin car to am Keller will begin car to present no no attack issue tendency you are corrupt count evidence them no boo allegation because you hit in sports car party moodiness who is that is a cell union election et al akir go up color now am posting a phobia EDA na SLPP r EF p ND u DP or any polls ng see anyone thankful with 11 go up condom pot low we bring issues tableau we put 10 people and to the board lunch at the terminus it's an opposition they don't let me be simply because they are not vocally in crime whatever I will tell you the no Abel good team up said talk now honestly was some certain video there were so people who talk about the blonde away Samuel the flagbearer for all People's Congress they plunder some of in particular English ability talk but some may be in another neurotic notes of Holi watch on certain clips them with even the president dr. Ernest Bai Koroma they blunder : Ebola she if he is if your uncle Putin Ashley – but you know puts SLPP Monday Ratna it opens because they are not in power if the nimpah is it at the back my w a liquidity my w DS people and they then get right Nadia right if nation about up Uralic Menelik noble cost MCD stacked are bring issues if we say disposing corrupt if we say Matt appeal don't do this bring issues with debates on these issues now long we stop the cotton no more cartoons on body you know Danny no make sense in the wasted time family logo to the other point second point to the can support and a newly formed political party we are the national grand coalition in DC and only yesterday the unconventional the capital city Naboo we get four see a lot of people M order people them from breakaway people em from Salem People's Party APC in other places and come together and do this convention what neurontin had already seen us alone I wanna just continue for practice and Cheney political journey politics we're in a few nameste if he's in a despotic capacity that I right no Posse company physically you are deonda eco-mode e UN Wanda but make sure you put the country first and I won for tell people em where they talk about country first listener some slogan the way inaudible scalp at Sweden and you live from NGC negative slogans he puts a low force and which at the travel always if you watch me program the an OD in supporting any political party and so I get the political rights to belong but a little jealousy let's the interest of the country come first instead of political party now they don't form up to get people order Stratfor criticize all these now breakaway or this what we are talking votes for people awake credible vote for people a welcome where gets experience vote for people my not to political party vote for people away who are ready we deceive evidence a these people I don't I don't do one it won't do to vote for somebody because I missed a PC Edition Excel PP additional DM mr. nd miss the UDP or did not know all we can to get us reunions thinks a loaf was not a no lien convention it was a very democratic in the sense the new elections any mercy dr. Kalam color as the the winner of that particular convention day when they represent the NGC officially not the 2018 general election we get for camp women say now we look ten people laugh we want one say I really took bring this political like Vieira's who knocked on puts their nuts abou you know not this one let media people then do when I put them knowledgeable yeah let them debate on issues that both and I would rather tell President as a back Rama he you know nobody accepts the invitation for big tango and it simply because best reasons best known to him but you did it have for talk he built a PC now you write for Lake you party you be SLPP now you write for lakiya party you be ng c UD m ng now you write for Lake you party but put saloon force think about the children who are still slippery Street now if we took up the silly TPC now people are still asleep last it now light you go check nadi street picking them at the age of twelve they are still on the streets of fitter picking them with them people a don't die nannies mudslide now then it's my bitch aligned for big forest we talk um it gets all rancor people and cities you know like this government I'm not Chuck I'd already tell you as you watch this program we are different from other people you know need support any political party because now in the same people em you know if it is may not change color he'll go Sciences change them but what you say if you change color for the interest of the country so be it but no goko Solomon see because this is baloney NDC NDP or this not Camry by the support you could be in cause I would be isolating Huachuca is not making sense think saloon you'd think force think about the children think about yourself think about you indication we don't get you know able get better job think about that bamboo the last point that issue of the entertainment business in Australia saloon entertainments not very much very much important sector not the country what now we see some musicians and we get now all-stars are attitudinal change a system we get a system Varenka you get at is a system for for hoodie good robots more time campaigners who get artists when just need the 50 Fattah we understand now making our own artists and artists in see a so we did the entertainment industry they already would be simply because who people in red promotes I would it promotes hmm how did the group which we won how many of the all-stars art is the winner on where they don't get recent album them you know would it be poets another attack personality but so charity Fortuna look at Nigeria's if nothing will hit you Mick you cannot be in if naughty bits name fine they deep it's fine lady reading fine if Nadi song you miss any message knife fight lady fine but not totally do this we don't make him put on the transition artist in other walking you know they can see dog little it next we do neither is it on board opener in actuary in a reason is artistic part beef beef in lesson at is Dennis alone with them very much intelligent Vacaville XG it gets other people Amin get a mmm and other on a very much important data support now it is see United Nation now Alexa one kairi kairi the back our artists for peace artists for peace what you na did not do now because she'd only camp fo for more time now and Colin said artists for peace or style you be at think about this if no one read music industry audience achievements in looseness telugu before on al now left allergy will not pink saloon una come together with a formidable organization one umbrella both he gay artists for this artist for that as his all man defeat on Punk all money fetch you now I get I don't want to talk about certain sports it completely understand gets a look at is the boy if you play business with God in why India bicep Alec Eger WiMAX in most one dance what some people even play musical suit your analysis it get saloon axis then the female artists that really female artist an edit guide it it's really likes of stars in all other people he didn't try but you only the other woody the promoted music the back corner on you know so now we see no see see this at this female RTC 5mm he wants out I will be sorry promote really spend hundred million also as in this is not what we want industry who now own a place aloo music Hoonah would enade' get you them TV channel de una help for promote saloon hmm but we'd run back did he see you hitch this artist una black new now tangled not get them black we are FM stuff then they business again bottle jealousy Oona's at ISA alone P all-star beautiful piece B attitude artist fortunate enemy artist for more time campaign via nothing salut force stop bad hat una play good song una record 5 music there for McMissile new people and self the proud of moon are serious business a lunatic but with a difference of solemn music energetic music so we implement real instruments they will get blue you order one day only play if the implant– old mangalica from boot now shooting some program were left free today not forget to subscribe guna YouTube just a pity visa galore and not forget the life that cheetah Facebook everywhere just like a TV saloon and subscribe and 24 hour broadcast life like a TV tell you in the low Bloods key to be a solid core cylinder a technomage a Moscow