People Are Not Happy About That Ellen DeGeneres Question at Democratic Debate | THR News

– Tuesday night’s Democratic
presidential debate hosted by CNN and The New York Times ended with a question that drew backlash from Democratic candidates
and viewers alike. (woosh)
(Hip Hop music) After a rousing debate (woosh)
about policy and passion moderator Anderson Cooper
asked his final question, which was about Ellen DeGeneres’ unlikely friendship with former president George W. Bush that recently ignited a
social media firestorm given his administration’s opposition to same-sex marriages and LGBTQ rights, among other issues. “Last week Ellen Degeneres was criticized “after she and former
“President George W. Bush “were seen laughing together
“at a football game. “Ellen defended their friendship, “saying, ‘We’re all different
and I think that we’ve forgotten that that’s OK
that we’re all different'”. Cooper continued, “So in
that spirit, we’d like “you to tell us about a friendship “that you’ve had “that would surprise us “and what impacts it’s had
on you and your beliefs.'” Two candidates, Senator Amy Klobuchar and former Vice President Joe Biden named the late republican
Senator John McCain, while others also
mentioned GOP colleagues. But later, several of
the democratic candidates shared their disappointment
in Cooper’s question via social media. Julian Castro tweeted: “Three hours and no questions tonight “about climate, housing, or immigration. “Climate change is an existential threat, “America has a housing crisis. “Children are still in
cages at our border. “But you know, Ellen. “#DemocraticDebate.” Kamala Harris seemed to agree tweeting: “Three hours. “Not one question about
the climate crisis. “Not one question about LGBTQ+ rights. “Not one question about immigration. “These issues are too important to ignore. “#DemDebate.” Viewers including The
Daily Show’s Trevor Noah were similarly upset. “When you’re eight hours into the debate “and Anderson Cooper asks
a question about Ellen.” And mocked Cooper in a follow-up post, “ANDERSON COOPER: “Irreversible climate
change is going to doom “all mankind to a painful heat death “if we don’t act soon. “So, obviously I’ve gotta ask: “Who’s your shittiest friend and why?” Pose co-creator and director
Steven Canals wrote: “Wait… “did they really just
ask an Ellen question? “I can’t. “I’m out. “#DemDebate.” To keep up with all the debate updates, keep it locked to For The Hollywood Reporter News, I’m Ben Meyers. (woosh) (woosh)

Avengers Endgame(No Spoilers) – Dog Honest Review

Let’s be real ese(dude). You already know you’regoing to watch Avenger’s Endgame and all these reviews are just a formality.
There really isn’t much to say about this film because it was incredible in
almost every way. This is the most important cinematic event in like the
past decade or more and I can only imagine this is what it must have felt
like to be a young pup watching the original Star Wars for the first time in
the 70s and feeling that sense of awe. The directors, the Russo brothers,
continue to show that they are truly masters of making superhero films as
they deliver what I consider to be the ultimate love letter to fans. The only
reason I was worried about this film is because of the potential for pro-radical feminist political propaganda, but no, the Russo brothers very wisely did
not turn this movie into “The Captain Marvel Show” because they know Brie
Larson is like a black hole sucking all the charisma out of her scenes. Hemsworth: Lifelong friends hopefully. Interviewer: Yeah! Hemsworth: Especially… Larson: (Bitch face) No. Not with me though. Hemsworth: No? We’re not going to… hangout anymore? Larson: Well I mean it’s just started and also probably ended. Hemsworth: You’re not going to return my texts? Everything I kind of do now is in the shadow of this WITCH(jk it’s “which”). by the way hats off to Chris Hemsworth
for delivering the most difficult scene in the entire film. Hemsworth: I like this one. MB: Jokes aside they kept the spotlight on the more popular characters while still
treating all the characters with the respect they deserve. There was just so
much about this movie that was incredible. The CGI that was used to
modify certain characters blew me away. There were so many cameos, and callback humor, and fanservice, and nostalgia, even Hawkeye was surprisingly way more badass
than I was expecting. There are so many little surprises and thankfully the
trailers didn’t give too much away and hopefully you’ve been able to avoid
spoilers on the Internet. The movie is 3 hours long, but it didn’t
feel like it because ultimately it doesn’t matter when every scene is
important and is part of an emotional build-up and there were multiple times
where I felt the urge to cry Alpha Dog tears. Trust me,
all my Alpha Dogs out there are gonna get hit right in the feels especially
if you have been following these films from the beginning. Because this is my
first perfect score I’m giving to a film so I’ll be giving Avengers Endgame 10
Vitas Thanos out of 10. (The 7th Element by Vitas) This film is everything a Marvel fan
could have asked for and more. The only thing that could possibly lower the
score for me would be if you were living under a rock and not watching Marvel
movies for the past 10 years because then you won’t get the same emotional
impact out of some scenes. Let’s just hope against all hope that
the post Endgame phase of Marvel movies don’t start to suck as much as Captain
Marvel did (Jeremy Renner putting up with Brie Larson) Larson: Tsk. Look at it with responsibility. Don Cheadle: I already told you about the touching. I told you not to touch. Lason: I don’t feel like I actually learn.

A Brexit deal has been reached, says Michel Barnier

The UK government has wanted
to open one point in the withdrawal agreement, the key point: the
question of the protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland.
Throughout these negotiations, the EU and the UK were fully committed
to protect peace, to protect stability on the island of Ireland.
We had to reconcile two objectives; first, include a legally operative
solution in the withdrawal agreement that would avoid a hard border
between Ireland and Northern Ireland; preserve the whole island’s economy
and protect the integrity of the single market. Secondly, a point extremely important
to Prime Minister Johnson and the UK was that Northern Ireland remains in
the UK’s customs territory. Discussions over the past days
have at times been difficult. But we have delivered and
we have delivered together.

Michael Gove: The UK is ready for no-deal Brexit, despite challenges

Of course no deal will bring challenges I have been open about that today as I have
been in the past It’s not my preferred outcome nor the governments,
we want a good deal. But whatever challenges no deal may create
in the short term, and they are significant, these can and will be overcome. Far worse than the disruption of no deal would
be the damage to democracy caused by dishonouring the referendum result. 17.4 million people voted to leave many of them turning up to vote for the first
time in their lives. They voted to ensure the laws by which we
are governed as set by the politicians in this place whom they elect. They voted for a fairer migration system which
attracts the brightest and the best. They voted to end vast financial contributions
to the EU budget and instead invest in the people’s priorities Such as the NHS and our brave police service. That is what the British people voted for
and that is what this government will deliver and I commend this statement to the house.

Jacob Rees-Mogg says he can’t confirm Saturday sitting – video

The UK Parliament has got
an international reputation of hardly been able to run
a bath as run a Brexit. Today’s Tuesday and the UK
Parliament cannot tell us if we are sitting on Saturday.
This will be Brexit Saturday if we sat. Brexit Saturday would be
the company of World War II Saturday, Suez Saturday and Falklands Saturday.
This calamity is not in the best of company that he–
he wants to visit on the country. What is going to happen
on Thursday between– on Thursday, that might be able
to clear his mind up as to whether we will be sitting
on Saturday? Decide, man, decide! –I always thought one was in the habit of drawing a bath,
rather than running a bath, and I am sure that the House
would be most capable of drawing a bath. But to come to the Honourable
Gentleman’s main point, we are waiting upon events.
There is a European Council taking place l taking place on Thursday and Friday
upon which the events on Saturday will depend. It seems to be relatively—
–Today is Tuesday. The Honourable Gentleman heckles,
elegantly and loudly as always, and he says that today is Tuesday—
I know today is Tuesday, and it will be followed by Wednesday
and a European Council on Thursday and Friday. Things will be decided at that Council
which will allow us to decide whether we need to meet on Saturday.

‘It’s totally appropriate’: Pompeo jokes about political pressure in Greece

Look, I was on the phone call. I’m on almost every phone call
with the president, with every world leader. – Can you assure your allies, Greece,
other countries of the Balkans, – the US allies – that they will not be
subject to political pressure based on their willingness or
unwillingness to help the interests of the US president? – What’s the question? To do what?
[laughter] No, no, you’re going to be under
enormous political pressure, let me assure you, right? This is what we do. We work together in a political
environment to achieve what the Greek people want, right? And America tries to advance
its interests around the world and I am confident that I feel pressure. When I talk to your foreign minister,
he pressures me all the time. [laughter] It’s totally appropriate.
– OK. – Right? Isn’t that right?
It’s totally right. Go ahead and admit it. You can say.
It’s completely right. [applause] Yeah, it’s OK, it’s OK.
I understand, it’s OK, it’s fine. Nations do this. Nations work together and
they say, ‘boy, goodness gracious, if you can help me with x,
we’ll help you achieve y’. This is what partnerships do.
It’s win win. It’s better for each of us. I’m not offended when your
prime minister asks me, ‘can you help us with x?’

Why we need political action to rein in the oil, coal and gas companies | video explainer

Many of us are worried
about the climate crisis. Many of us feel guilty.
Many of us want to try to fix the problem.
But where should we focus our efforts?
Well, here’s one place we could start.
New research commissionned by the Guardian has shown
that just 20 fossil fuel companies are directly related
to more than a third of the greenhouse gases
that have been wrecking our climate since industry
became aware of the risks, in the 1960s.
So however much we care about our personal consumption,
what really matters is political action
to rein in the oil, gas and coal companies.
Among privately owned firms, Chevron, Exxon, BP and Shell
are high on the list of climate polluters, which is topped by
Saudi Aramco and Gazprom. They and 14 other companies
have drilled and pumped out the equivalent of 480 billion tonnes
of carbon dioxide since 1965. Billions of us around the world
use their products every day to fuel our cars or heat our homes.
So we’re all partly responsible.
But the fossil fuel industry was warned about the risks
a long time ago yet it has funded campaigns
since then to spread doubt about climate science.
In 1965 the US president’s Scientific Advisory Committee
warned that fossil fuels were causing more carbon dioxide
which was altering the air on a global scale with
huge risks for humankind. Soon after that,
the head of the American Petroleum Institute
warned the industry that “Time [was] running out”
to deal with this. In 1981, an internal Exxon
memo warns “it is distinctly possible”
that CO2 emissions from the company’s 50-year plan
“will later produce effects which will indeed be catastrophic
(at least for a substantial fraction of the earth’s population).”
But then, 20 years later, Exxon decided to take out
an ad in the New York Times and deliberately tried to
play down the connection. Skip forward another two decades,
and Chevron, Exxon, and BP each donate more than
half a million dollars to the inauguration campaign
of Donald Trump, perhaps the world’s most
famous climate denier. Given the sheer weight
of scientific knowledge and public concern,
you’d think the petroleum industry would be trying to pull
less oil and gas out of the ground.
But you’d be wrong. They’re actually planning
to pump out more, which would destroy any chance we have
of keeping global temperatures
at a safe level. So reining in our dependence
on fossil fuels, and ramping up the transition to renewable energy
has never been more important both for us and
countless generations to come. But that’s not just about
personal choices. It’s about political action.