Why I Have MAJOR Issues with President Trump for 2020

every one region X of valor Ridge in this video we're gonna talk about some major issues with the president Gordon get started folks if you're like me you know you're probably not a ideologue when it comes to politics Republican Democrat whatever I'm about small government in maximum individual liberty so I want individual liberty to be the main mover of this all I don't care which party that you support I don't support Democrats or Republicans I've given Democrats a pretty hard time simply because they're so egregiously the violators of our rights or at least try to be but you know I got to be honest here Republicans have done it to most notably our President of the United States now I'll just copy out here I voted for him I did because I didn't want Hillary Clinton to be president I'm sure a lot of you watching this video are probably in the same boat where you did not want that corrupt vile woman to be in the White House well we've got Donald Trump in the White House now in this video to me is is about firearms okay that's what I do for a living that is my profession that's what I am that is my issue I am a single-issue voter okay I'm a single-issue voter when it comes to that I believe that the Second Amendment is the one thing that makes all of our other quote rights possible and I don't think that anything else really matters because if we don't have the ability to protect ourself then all of its null and void and at least it would be eventually so I am a single-issue voter when it comes to firearms I vote for candidates that uphold the individual right to keep and bear arms that uphold our ability to keep the Bill of Rights together I guess that I've got several issues with with the President on firearms I've got several issues and I'm sure that if you're watching this video you probably do as well the most notable issue that I have with him is the fact that he sold himself as this pro-second amendment guy to get elected and he knew how to pander he knew how to speak the language of gun owners in this country he knew how to get the NRA behind him he knew how to talk the sweet talk you know if you looked on his website for president when he first started I believe that the Second Amendment is that saluté I believe that it needs to be protected and you know at the beginning of his presidency and even slightly before it when Obama was still in office we were so close to having suppressors taken off the NFA list so close we were very close to a national reciprocity when it comes to cop to concealed carry in this country we were very close and now we're at the point where a couple of years or just passed his halfway point his presidency we're at the point now where bump stocks have been banned we're at the point now where he's on Piers Morgan talking about how he doesn't like silencers hey listen president Trump it's not a silencer it's a suppressor they've been around for over a hundred years even longer then actually something that you wouldn't know cuz you grew up in New York City man what are you gonna know about guns you're gonna know anything about it most people up there have no idea about firearms and I know that there are some gun people up there so this isn't all of New York but when you're talking about a business mogul like Donald Trump the only experience he has with guns is with the people who protect him is our own bodyguards and of course now the Secret Service so we're talking about some serious issues here so I start as I said guys my biggest issue is the fact that he sold himself as the Second Amendment guy yet during his presidency we've had more gun control with President Trump than we ever did with Barack Obama and look under Obama's presidency he talked about it all the Democrats ran their little suck holes about you know banning guns and all this but they never did they never did anything about it you know all the Republicans played the game you know they they talk tough opposition when they were you know the ones that were fighting against it or at least had the veneer of fighting against it but now we're at the point where we've got Republicans proposing gun control things like red flag bills guys like Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham and of course President Trump himself has been on record as saying that he believes that guns should be taken first and then due process comes later so because he's not a constitutional guy let me explain something about how due process works president Trump due process means that if there is a crime or at least there's evidence of a crime that an accused has a right to face his accusers he has a right to be informed of the charges levied against him this is a fundamental right in Republic in case you missed that in civics class you know what Business School the other problem that I have here has that he says that that people should be 21 in order to purchase a long gun really I carried an m16 a two service rifle in defense of my country when I was 17 years old the same military that you didn't have the guts to join so don't talk to me that somebody has to be 21 years old to have a rifle or a shotgun okay there's plenty of people that are younger than 21 right now protecting the wars that you continue okay so don't tell me that you're against people that are under the age of 21 having firearms because they do your bidding as commander-in-chief they are the people that you send and deploy overseas the under-21 makes up the vast majority of our armed forces so don't tell me they're not responsible enough to have them because you have no problem using them in your proxy wars and continuing them so don't do not lecture people about that they need to be 21 to have firearms and I've heard him say this I've seen video footage of him saying this stuff I know it's gonna ruffle some Trump supporters feathers you may even unsubscribe from the channel not come out to Train like you were going to anyway and you know what that's fine I really don't care at this point I'm so tired of the lesser of the two evils I'm so tired of that paradigm I'm so over it I do not for one second we'll never again compromise because of the lesser of the two evils I will vote for a candidate that I believe upholds the Second Amendment I will vote for a candidate that upholds the Constitution I'll vote for candidates that have a proven track record of individual liberty and voting in laws that protect individual liberty those are the only people ever again now vote for and in an election of any type and there's no more of this compromised stuff where oh you know what we're going to vote for the list or two years do you want to do you want a Democrat to get it I don't know when a Democrat was in office Barack Obama my firearms rights weren't restricted further than what they have been in the Trump administration so you can say what you want to about that and you say well he would have done it would have could have should have didn't and that's the bottom line the other issue I have with the president is gun control stuff is is of course the bump stop ban now listen I do not have a vote stock I never did have one I the only experience that I've ever had with them is seeing them at certain places I think that it is not useful in any way shape or form but it doesn't make it an automatic weapon it doesn't make it any more or less dangerous than anything else and then with no pressure whatsoever with with nobody having the ability to enact legislation that would have ban this he ordered the ATF to have this done the same ATF who under Barack Obama had no issues with bump stocks whatsoever but under President Trump they did and here's the really the really insidious part about this whole thing is that the man was just at the NRA convention literally a couple of months ago talking about how he has protected the Second Amendment well I have yet to find evidence of how that's the case I have yet to see any evidence whatsoever of how the Trump administration has protected the Second Amendment it certainly hasn't expanded it it certainly hasn't made it better for gun owners it certainly hasn't made the Second Amendment more accessible in fact states that individual levels at the states they've made even more restrictive laws so I think is is you've got to really be objective about this stuff and you've got to really understand it just because it's a Republican that doesn't mean that they're good people that protect firearms and when you're talking red flag laws like senators Rubio and Lindsey Graham and even a lot of Representatives in the House of Representatives have proposed a lot of them are Republicans and I don't know what world people live in that they think oh well we just need to get more Republicans and listen I do not at this point think that anybody represents the interest of gun owners but gun owners themselves because if you think that you're gonna send these people to Washington DC and their integrity is not gonna be compromised you are living in a delusional world because that place that hellhole at least American city in the entire country Washington DC is the greatest cesspool of scum and villainy that has ever been assembled in any one place when I look at people like James Madison and Richard Henry Lee and George Mason the people that created our Constitution the people that created our Bill of Rights the people that create needed the recognition via the Second Amendment when I look at all of those guys and then I look at Congress now it's an absolute joke it would be like having a wonderful flower in a garden and then all of a sudden it's decayed matter and weeds like that to me is what Washington DC is ins you may ask why am i doing this video because I'm tired of people telling others how to live their life I'm tired of people that we elect getting to Washington DC learning how to play the game and then our rights get restricted and as I said folks if this ruffles some Trump supporters feathers good but I want you to justify his comments against the Second Amendment and I want you to justify him doing away wanting to do away with due process and I want you to justify the bump stock ban and I want you to justify him wanting people to be 21 years old to purchase a long gun and I want you to justify his comments that he doesn't like silencers on Piers Morgan of course he's catering to the Brits and not all Brits are against guns I know a lot of Brits watch this channel that are very Pro firearms ownership and you know what I feel for you guys and I wish that you would come here instead of people that hate his country I wish that you would come here but my point is is that if a lifelong New York Democrat gets to be present in the United States which is what Donald Trump was a lifelong New York Democrat who knows nothing about firearms the most heavily-guarded man on the planet the most heavily-guarded man on the planet there are more guns protecting Donald Trump than any other man on the planet who has no problems with the Secret Service having enforce I know exactly what I'm for they used I got friends in the Secret Service I know I know exactly what they are it's the same guns that he doesn't want you or me to have and it has nope he has no problem being around them he has no problem being protected by those guns by those silencers yeah they use silenced suppressors you know I use suppressors on their guns on their on their on their submachine guns and also on their imports so he has no problem he doesn't it's nothing doesn't like suppressors if he doesn't want us to have them for some reason these handlers told him what do you needed to say so folks I know some of you watching out there think that oh if we just elect good people if we just select good people to the federal government you know we can turn this thing around listen the federal government's the problem here they're the problem they're the restrictor of your rights and your state rights too if you look at what they've done to some of the states and coerce them for funding and everything else this is a major problem here so look the people in the NRA and all this and that Wayne LaPierre Chris Cox and all you pianned I'm a lifetime member look I'm a man I mean lifetime member of the NRA I want Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox I know you watch my videos I want you to defend Donald Trump's comments and I want you to defend his actions be an executive order defend how he is restricted the Second Amendment defend him and then by all means invite him to your convention next year and then he'll give you a bus Sunshine rate cure of emotional output about how he protects the Second Amendment when in fact his administration is one of the biggest violators in simply two years one of the biggest violators of the Second Amendment that there is so guys sometimes we got to face cold hard facts sometimes we've got to face the reality that you know what maybe just maybe that's a guy that's in the White House right now Donald Trump is no friend of the Second Amendment is no friend of libertarians or conservatives and as I said guys if you get pissed off that I'm criticizing your Dear Leader I want you to think once you're getting pissed about because everything that I've said in this video is true everything that I've said can be documented verified and he is on record as saying so if you're gonna defend a guy like that if you're gonna defend his actions against the Second Amendment then you're dumber than you look I see I see the same and the problem is I see the same behavior with the devout Obama supporters I see the same thing with certain Trump supporters like the man can do no wrong he's this genius he's playing 4-dimensional chest really our Second Amendment is in a chess game our Second Amendment is in a chess game all you people have said always doing the bump sock so we can get national concealed carry reciprocity let's see it's sat on Mitch McConnell's desk for two years with a Republican hopper that up with a Republican house that already passed it Senate to the Senate and it sat there for two years so now it's Democrat house it's Republican Senate so but yet the bill is still out there so you geniuses out there that think he's got this big grand strategy hey we're past fifty percent into his presidency at this point we're well past it he knows was in it he knows who the people he can work with who he can't work with it out it's no mystery so please once again defend his actions defend his words defend what's happened to the Second Amendment under this administration please by all means defend what's happening to it it's this whole thing we're an abused spouse can justify their partner's behavior oh he only hits me because he cares I see the same criteria here I took the police reports I have taken the domestic violence reports where I've heard men and women both justify the behavior of the person that kept pounding them and bruising him and punching him in the face III heard it oh well you know he just went a little too far but but I really don't want anything bad it's like I see the same thing like these gun owners think oh do we need to get Trump backing off it why so you get I born be a second amendment pissed on so you can have more of your rights taken away I don't think so as for me I'm done with this compromised stuff I'm done with it all I am tired of these government's whether it's federal or even state governments violating our natural right to self-defense I'm sick and tired of them trying to dictate to others what they can and cannot have when if how and when that they that we can defend ourselves I'm over it they're the problem they are not your friend government is force it's coercion and the sooner people recognize this and realize that the only thing that we have is each other the only thing that we have is other Patriots the only thing that we have is our adherence to the principles of freedom that our founding fathers gave us through the Constitution the sooner that you realize that the sooner you'll realize that the federal government United States is completely out of control certain state governments are completely out of control and we're at the point now where we got to realize that we do not have any allies other than ourselves we have no other allies other than our and the sooner people realize that the better off and the quicker that we can restore our Second Amendment so guys wanted to give this all off my chest you know I'm about to go into my day of rest and I don't want to have any regrets and I wanted to get that off my chest because the Piers Morgan thing with Trump on that that was my final straw I wanted to give the man the benefit of the doubt all this time I said maybe he's got you know it's getting kind of Justin you know kind of mentally try to excuse a lot of stuff but I can't do it anymore and I'm not gonna do it anymore and as I said if this offends you that I'm criticizing dear leader you need to do a real self-evaluation like you need to reassess your principles and your values and you need to reassess why you put so much faith in a guy who has never proven that he's a friend of the Second Amendment and a guy that has never proven that he values the founding fathers of this country three there's to valor edge reminding you the lessons that we learn written on the tombstones of others you see on the ridge

2020 Democrats Pander For Your Vote I White House Brief

yo its mayor Pete here in the heezy what is up my fellow diamond don't worry I'm pulling at pulling at 0% with the blacks pulling at 0% they want nothing to do with me so I got to do I got to do this stuff to get me some street cred I'm good a good good good good good do I do is black well I mean I'm almost bad alright I'm almost as bad as Kristen Gillibrand in her eye gaze BS it's cringe it's cringe people all of their behavior is cringe they don't look they don't realize how ridiculous they look but you know you know that feeling when you're lame as hell and so you have to pander like crazy to get attention of course you do it's called running as a Democrat in 2020 I swear guys it's like it's like the pandering Olympics who can humiliate themselves the most I mean they're all trying to get that elusive edge right the clown car of Democrats and that clown car descended on Iowa this weekend 19 of them 19 of them in Iowa those poor islands I mean 19 Democrats descending upon the beautiful plains of Iowa to haunt them it's like an invasion an invasion of locusts you got kooky Kamala you've got Amy Klobuchar Kristin Gillibrand lazy Bill DeBlasio Beto Oh dork cory booker i mean where do these people come from and speaking of where they come from where is Uncle Joe why wasn't Joe Biden there oh yeah that's right because his campaign strategy is to not do anything it's to not go anywhere in public don't want to embarrass yourself so you just don't get seen so mayor Pete he's not the only Democrat pandering but he might be the worst I mean let's watch him let's watch him chillin with Jesus and Mero on Showtime once why all right mayor people keep it lowercase nothing oh but we're good though you just pull up and be like yo Matt back if you come president you could pardon us oh wait I forgot to ask you this Army Navy Marines hey maybe it's so cringe it's so cringe so he comes out he's like you know what I'm down with the blacks I'm down with them maybe if I do something illegal blacks will think I'm one of them you see booty judge is not doing so hot with the black voter so he has to swindle them to think that he's down with the homies black folks they may love them some booty but not so much the booty judge quote he's white male and gay which is an obstacle for black voters yeah I mean let's let's not beat around the bush here all right the black community is not gonna be down with the whole gay thing I'm just telling you what the reality is he has a whopping zero percent with likely black voters in South Carolina so they do not love them some booty judge so you know he has to pull his the pull shenanigans like this yes sir I say eat fried chicken just like you mr. Sharpton is I doing black right and then when he showed up for a speech yeah he showed up he gave a speech in Iowa he did he gave a speech where he blasted Republicans for defending freedom and patriotism those evil bastards Republicans can't do that that's Democrats his job not if you own a history book it's not and then he actually took to butcher the piano just watch this you can see the audience there they're like please just give us more just kidding they look like they want to hang themselves with the piano wire so it wasn't just booty judge right cuz booty judge did his fair share of pandering but then look at Kristen Gillibrand cuz she took a break from campaigning to pull an AOC and be a bartender because remember ain't nothin wrong with that here you go that's for you yep that's that's how bartending works in the case you want to know where Kristen Gillibrand stood on gay rights she's totally down with them oh my god it's so cringe yeah gay rights yeah right I mean if I cringe anymore my entire body is going to have like carpal tunnel is that even possible it is with these Democrats is shamelessness and her shirt says love is brave oh it's so brave of you to wear that shirt love is brave unless of course it's heterosexual love and then it's something to be embarrassed about more embarrassing in fact then that little dance she did and almost as embarrassing as the other panderer our superhero Eric's wall well and welcome to my fellow candidates whom I consider we are all a part of being the Avengers the Republicans in 2016 that was the Hunger Games cringing cringing up even more I mean he actually thought that was gonna make him seem dope I small will hear me roar fight fight fight fight fight fight fight go get em boys we are the Avengers

Democrats Face Decision On Impeachment

make no mistake we know exactly what path were on we know exactly what actions we need to take and while that may take more time than some people wanted to take I respect their impatience there is no controversy or try this try that we are on a path so if it gives you some entertainment to make it look like disabuse yourself of that this is a very very strong team that we have this is Jacqueline Luqman with the real news network and welcome to trending topics our weekly discussion of some of the major issues in US politics in our first segment we'll discuss whether the Democrats should impeach Trump or not and in the second segment we'll talk about Joe Biden and his record on unions what is it really first even though no definitive declaration of guilt or charges came from the Muller report it was unequivocal about what should happen or what the response should be in regard to Trump's acts of obstruction from the report the conclusion that Congress may apply obstruction laws to the president's corrupt exercise of powers of the office accords with our constitutional system of checks and balances and the principle that no person is above the law direct quote from the report but Democrats seem to be divided on whether impeachment should be pursued or not so our question is to impeach or not to impeach joining me today to discuss this are Jeff Cohen Jeff is co-founder of rootsaction.org and the founder of the media watchdog group fairness and accuracy in reporting or fair he is also the author of cable news confidential my misadventures in corporate and corporate media thanks for joining me Jeff nice to be with you and kemal Franklin Kemal is attorney is an attorney and founder of community movement Builders incorporated I come out thank you for joining me thanks for having me so Jeff I want to start with you your organization roots action has created a campaign with a list of reasons to impeach Trump that go far beyond just what was highlighted in the Muller report in regard to obstruction of justice talk about that campaign and what that means in the context of impeaching Trump and your thoughts on whether the Democrats should impeach him or not yeah think the Democratic leadership has been wrong on this they've been obstructionist they should have proceeded long ago you had the Democratic leader saying for two years we're waiting for the Muller report then we're waiting for the full unredacted molar report then we're waiting for Muller to testify as what some of them are saying it's it's gotten beyond silly as you pointed out Jack woman at roots action we have 21 different grounds for impeachment 21 well when when the Democratic leadership and Pelosi have put all of their eggs in this basket of Muller report or obstruction of the Russia investigation it's sort of ridiculous because it normalizes the other things that Trump has done that is unprecedented in previous presidencies for example he refused to divest from his business interests that's a violation of two anti-corruption clauses in the Constitution and corporate interests and foreign governments have been lining up at his Washington DC hotel and spending money and the Democrats have talked about Muller Muller Russia Russia the Muslim ban violates the First Amendment you can't discriminate against the religion he's abused the pardon power he's politicized federal prosecutions he's attacked freedom of the press and more importantly as threatened to use federal agencies against news outlets that have been critical of him he's twice invoked national security and emergency to get explicitly to get around the Congress's authority to appropriate funds so all this craziness where the Democrats whine and moan and say this isn't good with the Constitution but they've never used the word impeachment in the context of all these other things which is something they should have talked about all along and then obstruction of Russia is just one more icing on the cake so that's the problem with the Democratic leadership is just folk connecting impeachment to obstruction on the Russia investigation allowing all these other things to not be considered impeachable offenses so come out Franklin what are what are your thoughts on what Jeff just said that not not just that the Democrats should pursue impeachment of Trump but they should pursue impeachment of Trump not just for what came out of the Muller report but for at least 21 other reasons well I think I'm torn that's first but I actually agree with Jeff that the malla report is the least of the reasons that truck should if he were to be impeached should be impeached his immigration policies have led to the separation of children from families which has led to six or seven deaths of young kids his war tactics in Venezuela his support for the war in Yemen which is called too human which is called as a humanitarian crisis I think a far more impeachable offenses however I don't think that the Democratic Party should impeach Trump particularly around the mall or report issue or the Russians because I think that's a red herring for what's needed in terms of wiping a clean slate I think that I think the Democrats need to focus instead of the Russians on what is it that cause Trump to win in the first place and what is it about the weak candidates in terms of Hillary Clinton and potentially the newbie candidates that they're putting up that they can't be Trump at the ballot box and so I think there are far more important issues with the Democrats to focus in on particularly since then impeachment here as in any indictment won't lead to him being thrown out of office because the Senate will never agree to that impeachment and they will just vote it down I think the different cuts need to worry about why they can't get their base out why they can't convince working-class whites to vote for them as opposed to voting for an overt racist who is going after them with with putting out ideas about demographic changes and that they're going to be threatened so I think the Democrats need to figure out what is it that they need to do to connect to more voters as opposed to going down this rabbit hole of impeachment which I think it's a political stunt which won't necessarily get them what they think it's gonna get them anyway so Jeff what is your response to what kamau said that the Democrats would do better to focus on why they could not beat a candidate like Trump going into 2020 as opposed to focusing on trying to impeach Trump in the environment in which a Republican Senate wouldn't vote to impeach him in the first place yeah well I agree completely with the criticism that the Democrats have to figure out how to reach voters and I think it's it's really illustrative that in November 2018 when the Democrats didn't pick up all these congressional seats and they did exit polls and they asked people what were the issues that that you voted on and the Democrats won pretty soundly they mentioned health care they mentioned economic you know bread-and-butter issues almost no one mentioned Russia collusion so my point is that if you're looking to reach working-class voters including white working-class voters as kemal talked about and you had talked for the previous two years instead of Russia Russia Russia from the Democratic leadership in there and the news outlets allied with the Democratic leadership like CNN like MSNBC if they had been talking about here's a president that refuses to divest his business interest and he's engaging in corruption self-dealing at the hotels that he owns that's something that everyone can understand every voter can get greed can get self-dealing self-interest corruption whether Papadopoulos or Carter page colluded with the Russians is a little more difficult it's a little more abstract so I believe the Democrats have just bungled it by focusing on the wrong issues and now they're stuck and if if Pelosi waits any longer then impeachment just won't be possible and I believe impeachment is a good thing it's an indictment even if they end it brings out all this information the US public doesn't know about even if the Republican Senate does not convict it still hurts Trump so on this note of hurting Trump come out vice news reported that impeaching Trump I know it might sound a little bit conspiratorial but they reported that impeaching Trump might be a part of a plan or a trap that Trump is setting for the Democrats if they do pursue it what are your thoughts on this idea that impeachment might not be a good strategy for the Democrats going into 2020 especially if they're only going to focus on Russian collusion or obstruction of justice from the Muller report but it might end up being a boost for Trump in 2020 yeah well let me start by saying I don't think Trump is smart enough to set a trap for anybody so I don't I don't think it's a trap that he's trying to set I think he ultimately wouldn't want to be impeached because as a president and having sort of that hung over your legacy I don't think it's something that he would warrant and he wouldn't want all the information that would come out about his financial history his background collusion in terms of his business interests and potentially more information that would come out around international policy and even as contacts it's an actually with Russians and others would not be something that he'd want to spend in the next year or two defending however I do think similar to the Clinton era that an impeachment we would only stiffen the backs of his supporters it would only make them think that hey look they're going after this guy but not based on his record based on just trying to push him out and that's not fair so I don't think it does a whole lot to convince those folks who voted for him the first time or people who all have offense who didn't vote at all that there is a good reason now to vote for someone else so again I think more time should be spent as Jeff mentioned on serious issues like health care student debt the wealth gap between average Americans and the billionaire class I think there's international forum policy issues that may not be huge around voters but I think they have huge interests in terms of saving guys that also can be focused on in terms of international view notice I think there are other real issues that the Democrats can spend now up until Election Day going after and I think you know it shows in their own party that they're not completely convinced about this idea anyway although I think there's a strong current for for some Democrats in the house to say let's go after this impeachment I think the reason Nancy Pelosi has been heading off is because there's also you know a split within her ranks of folks who don't also want to impeach because they don't want to give this platform to Trump that will again harden his support with his base I'm glad you mentioned Nancy Pelosi and the the seemingly dis fractured or fractured coalition in the Democratic Party because and and it speaks to what Jeff also said about Nancy Pelosi shouldn't wait too long to add peach here's what Nancy Pelosi has actually said recently about impeaching Trump at this point do you know most people think that impeachment means you're out of office did you ever get that feeling are you just in the bubble here but you get impeached and it's an indictment it's an indictment so when you're impeaching somebody you want to make sure you have the strongest possible indictment because it's not the means to the end that people think now that's what Nancy Pelosi said and Jeff I want to ask you this question and then come out I want to give you the last word on this Democratic presidential candidate says you've both alluded to Warren Harris Booker and Gillibrand were very clear in their support of immediate impeachment Pelosi has alluded to having a plan but even the the head of the House Judiciary Committee and Sanders and Biden were not as committal on immediate impeachment Jeff does this dis unit the Democratic Party make the Democratic Party look weak at this moment I think Pelosi's leadership is the money of the main reasons they look weak they look vacillating to try to seem more militant than the progressives in the Democratic Party that want impeachment and impeachment on issues beyond Russia and obstruction to outflank them you heard Nancy Pelosi recently say he should be in prison not impeached that kind of thing is stupid it makes you seem erratic it makes you look unsteady when you need firm leadership again if all they do is in is move toward an impeachment because of Russia or obstruction of the Russia probe that's stupid but if they go to these broader issues that Kemal and I have identified that would I think raised consciousness would get swing voters perhaps away from Trump would hurt Trump I don't believe for a moment when Pelosi says Oh Trump wants impeachment Trump absolutely is afraid of impeachment does not want impeachment if there's impeachment on the real issues it hurts Trump even with his own base come out what do you what do you say to that I mean I think there's truth to that but again I just don't know if I think the tool of impeachment is going to get Democrats what they want in terms of those swing voters I do think having you know and I'm hard left on more in most of these issues but I do think that it is important for the Democrats to be able to bring over a certain percentage of white votes in certain areas and to solidify their base in the black community and I think I think will probably talk a little about this later on but I think the candidates that are currently running except for a few are particularly weak in terms of solidify particularly the black base and the brown base of the Democratic Party so I do think there is a scramble for looking for different ways to get at Trump he seems to be sort of Teflon when it comes to hit that base of support that he has but I don't know about again if I think that impeachment somehow moves some of these folks who are on the fence over I think Trump's disrupt the behavior may help to do that I think the policy issues that Trump stands for again may also help to move folks over but I think in some ways the impeachment again hardens the base and doesn't necessarily lead to the rushing of voters in the middle over to the Democratic side well we have to leave this discussion here thank you both for joining me to talk about this issue that we will surely continue watching thank you thank you and thank you for watching this is Jacqueline Luqman with the real news network in Baltimore

June 2019 Current Affairs in ENGLISH – 10 June 2019 – Daily Current Affairs for All Exams

in nineteen dr. gorenberg is unavailable for the next few days hence I will be taking these lectures for the next few days around 10 days my name is dr. Maya Pal Singh hood and if you want to follow me on Facebook or download the PDF of these lectures you can subscribe follow the page here on Facebook or subscribe to the telegram channel here study IQ has a variety of pen drive courses which will help you to crack competitive exams and get a government job or your dream job sitting at home and preparing without going anywhere or moving to another city or paying hefty coaching fee so to know more about our pen drive courses log on to study iq.com the courses are available in both English and Hindi language for more information you can call on these numbers the first question is regarding the recently concluded French Open tennis tournament who has won the men's single title Dominik Thiam Rafael Nadal Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic so the correct answer here is Rafael Nadal and for Nadal this was a historic win because he has won the French Open for the 12th time which is a record in itself so he has the most victories at French Open he has the / he is the person who has won the maximum number of titles at French Open with 12 victories and with this he has set a new a new benchmark in clay code remember the French Open is played on a clay court it is different than the other three tournaments the main in the major four tournaments of tennis also please remember that the French Open is played in Roland Garros this is the name of the place or the stadium where the tournament displays is played it's Roland Garros who has won the women's single title at French Open is at Ashleigh Barty marquita bond ozawa simona halep or Angelique Kerber so the correct answer is Ashleigh Barty Ashleigh Barty is from Australia and it is her first Grand Slam title so she has won a Grand Slam title for the first time also it is a historic win for Australia because the last time that someone from Australia won the French Open in women's was in 1973 Margaret Court was the last woman from Australia who won the French Open from Australia so after 46 years history has been made for Australia Ashleigh Barty and another fun fact Ashleigh Barty used to play cricket until three years back she was one of the top Crick address in Australia but she shifted her game from cricket to tennis and now after three years she has won the Grand Slam so it shows that if you put your mind and body to any task in this world you can achieve it you might be number one in your field but if you want to be number one in other fields as well if you put work in it if you put yourself to it you can do it Ashleigh Barty is a living example of the same question number three which of the following has entered the Guinness World Records for creating the largest sentence made with packaged food so this is Pringles Pringles is that costly chips that is always available at airports and that you buy at the airports for a hefty price anyways jokes apart so Pringles has made this get it back India slogan it is in a mall in Kochi and this represents the Cricket World Cup they want India to win the World Cup again so they have made a world record since so they use more than 10,000 packets of Pringles to make this logo get it back India moving on this is very important please play at pay attention here India's first dinosaur museum compart was opened in which of the following states is it with roughened Jammu Kashmir authorization of Gujarat so it is d Gujarat remember this place is called really really or really most places I found it as really maybe someone from Gujarat can tell the correct pronunciation in the comment section whether it is pronounced Reds as Rio Lee or really I think it is pronounced as really only really only anyways remember this name of the place really and also that near the town which attested situated it is policy policy nor okay so policy nor is the place where Dan where a large amount of dinosaur eggs are also found it is said that this is the second largest or hatchery it means this is the place where the maximum second maximum number of dinosaur eggs have been found in the world and also throughout the world this is the third largest fossil site where dinosaur fossils are found so you might not be knowing this but India is having one of the largest sites of dinosaur fossils it is in it is near ballast you know the district name is mahi sagar named after the river maggie so the river mahi which flows through the grass and gujarat so my cigar is the name of the district and the name of the town is bala scene or balasinor is the town and the thyroid quarters and the specific place the village where it is where these fossils are found and where this new museum has been built by the Gujarat government is really so you have to remember it it was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Gujarat Vijay rouhani and the Gujarat government now wants to make it a big tourism spot okay so if you ever visit Gujarat try to make it to this place as well really it is situated around two hours two hours away from Ahmedabad the government of United Kingdom has appointed whom as the chief economist of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office so the answer to this is Kumar a year Kumar a year has been appointed as the new chief economist of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office earlier he was the deputy High Commissioner of Britain in Mumbai so deputy High Commissioner and now he has been made the chief economist of Foreign and Commonwealth of his he is from Indian descent and it is the first thing that this position of chief economist has been given to someone of indian or asian descent question number 6 which state government has launched the pink Sarki campaign for women's safety so this is the Karnataka government so Karnataka government has launched pink sari vehicles and these will be operated by BMTC that is the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation and this VMT see this scheme has been has been launched under the nirbhaya scheme so under the nearby have fun that was started by the government after the infamous rape of rape case of nirbhaya so this fund this money for Pink's Aarthi will be given from the near behalf fund and it is around 56 crore rupees okay India Indian junior women's hockey team has won the Cantor Fitzgerald under-21 international for nations title by which team so they have defeated Ireland remember they have defeated Ireland and they have won the Cantor Fitzgerald under-21 international for nations title India ended the tournament with three goals in four games and also remember Mumtaz Khan she's a player of India she scored the highest number of goals in this tournament which bank has launched the Centre for MS Emmys in Bengaluru visit Axis Bank ICICI Bank HDFC Bank or yes Fang the answer is I see I see IB ICICI so they have launched this Center which will cater exclusively to startups and MSM nice okay and they will provide business solutions to MS Emmys as well as startups as well which IT major then acquire us-based international technique group incorporated for dollar US dollar 45 million around 312 crore so this is V Pro V Pro will be buying international technique group a company based from us and they will be acquiring it for around three hundred and twelve crore rupees this technique group provides computer-aided design which is also called as CAD computer aided design facilities or services for in software named the first solar kitchen only village in India also this entire village has only solar kitchen there is no LPG there is no firewood no none of these are present in this village there is only solar energy used for cooking food and this village is situated in mother British so this is bunch a village this is bunch a village which is situated in the bay pool district of multiple age so Bethel district is considered the backward districts it is mainly populated by tribals so Bethel district has this village of Bancha which is the only solar kitchen which is a solar kitchen only village in the of the first solar kitchen only village in India so there are 75 houses here all of which have been installed with solar-powered stoves this scheme was launched by the government Larsen and Toubro financial services has unveiled the digital Sakhi program in which state so the answer to this is see Tamilnadu what is this digital sake digital sake will be a woman who will be trained by Larsen & Toubro for financial transactions so they will be trained to teach other people about financial transactions so they will be teaching more hundreds and thousands of people so the digital sake will be trained to teach further hundreds or thousands to enable them to make digital transactions so this is called digital sake already this scheme via Larsen & Toubro is running in mother flesh and Maharashtra and they have started it in Tamil Nadu as well India and China held the sixth round of dialogue on disarmament and non-proliferation in which of the following cities this armament means you are removing your arms if you have hundred missiles and China has hundred missiles you will agree to bring them down to 80 each and non-proliferation means you are agreeing to not have more nuclear weapons than you already have or more ballistic missiles then you already have that s non-proliferation so India and China although they are proliferating their arms both of them are arming themselves but still we are having this round of dialogue on disarmament and non-proliferation and the sixth round was recently held in with City so this was held in New Delhi all right so this was the sixth round and it was held in New Delhi the next will be held in Beijing and whenever it is which it is being organized you need to keep it in your mind next question Maharana Pratap gentie is observed every year on today the answer is 6th of June now 6 June is maharana pratap CNT and this year it was his 417 9th birth anniversary so quickly calculated tell me in comment section what was the year when maharana pratap was born this was is 479th birth anniversary he was a king of Mahad Mahad Kingdom is situated in southern Rajasthan and he is legendary for leading his armies against the mighty Mughal Empire under Akbar and he was defined till his death Akbar and Mughal Empire could not conquer Mahad completely till he was alive and even after a long time after he was dead so he died of his own injuries when he was around 56 years of age until the end he kept on fighting a guerilla warfare a guerilla war against the Mughal armies and while he was alive the entire kingdom Mahad could not be brought under mobile control not under Mughal suzerainty the International Day for the fight against illegal unreported and unregulated fishing is on which day so it is 5th of June so as the name suggests itself it is a day to fight against illegal unreported and unregulated fishing which is a big problem because the Fisheries of the world are deteriorating every year because of unregulated fishing many areas like Southeast Asia are having a huge crunch of fishes or fish resources to feed the growing populations of reap that region and this is celebrated by which organization mainly this was started by FAO that is a Food and Agriculture Organization another question to you is where is the capital where is the headquarter I am sorry not capital where is the headquarter of FAO so tell me the city name where FAO headquarter is situated and remember this day was started celebrating in 2018 so this is the second year in which this day is selling being celebrated question 15 which Bank has conducted the first e auction of forest produce forest produce in Donora mas in Maharashtra so this is yes bank so yes Bank has conducted the first auction of forests produced and it will try to replicate this in other states as well so they expect that around 40 crore rupees worth of forest produce will be sold via this auction and it is a new step towards digital transactions as well as enabling the for the people living in the forest or near the forest especially the tribals to enable them to sell their produce in a better manner to fetch a better price as for the scientists experimental drug Ebola drug rammed a severe may help protect against which disease is it monkey pox loss of fever yellow fever or Nipah virus the answer is B Nipah virus no this is significant because it is experimental Ebola drug and suddenly they found out that it is helpful against nip as well now you might remember that last year in May of 2018 Nipah virus wreaked havoc in Kerala seventeen people lost their lives in Carroll and in last week also there were three reported cases I think last I saw there were three reported cases of nipa this year as well so it is a good development for us because India cannot sustain a huge outbreak of NEPA as of now and there are no other proven medicines against this Nipah virus as well okay so there are no proven medicines against Nipah virus so this is the only drug as of now that can be used which of the following has partnered with motherhood hospitals to provide life care finance facility so this is Bajaj pincer so Bajaj pincer has agreed to partner with this motherhood hospitals and what they will do is whatever bills that you that you have the the medical bill that is occurred that is incurred in a hospital it will be kind it will be kind of converted into a loan so let's say that if you are if you have to go into a hospital and you have a surgery in this motherhood Hospital and you have a bill of rupees 2 lakh then you can pay easily in EMI of 8 10,000 rupees you can convert it into a loan and then you can pay it as an EMI which of the following banks is are included in the second schedule of RBI Act so is it fin care small Finance Bank Kookmin Bank ESF small finance bank or a and B both B and C both or a and C the answer is a and B so fin care small finance bank and Kookmin Bank are included in the second schedule now and second schedule means that they can now work as full-fledged banks according to our J rules and they can get more lines of funding now they can have more liquidity facilities they can issue certificates of deposits and get access to interbank borrowings at competitive interest rates so they will be no the new banks they will they can undertake all the banking activities that a full-fledged Bank and undertake so remember the names fin care small finance bank and cook Ming bank washing soda is also known as sodium chloride calcium bicarbonate sodium carbonate or sodium bicarbonate this is very basic science so it is known as sodium carbonate so sodium carbonate is washing soda in which year did Lilly become the capital of India 19 2011 21 or 1908 the year was nineteen hundred and eleven in eleven in the in the the leader bar it was announced that Delhi will become the capital in nineteen hundred and twelve the officer started moving their construction began on the new city and finally the new city was complete and inaugurated in 1931 and dildey became New Delhi because Old Delhi was not the capital they built an entire new city the British and that was now called the New Delhi so all the parliament buildings the Luo Tian's zone that you see today that was all completely built by the British and it it was completed in 1931 it took around twenty years to build everything last question for the day which metal is used to produce nuclear energy very simple out of these four only uranium can be used to produce nuclear energy now tell me something in the comments I have a question for you what is boron used for in a nuclear reaction or any nuclear reactor what will be the purpose boron you have to tell me in the comment section boron and recently there was a TV series called Chernobyl though so the Chernobyl series nuclear TV series deals with the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl that took place in 1986 in the Soviet Union and it has become the highest TV rated series on television in television history and it talks in detail about nuclear technology the nuclear reactors and how a nuclear catastrophe like Chernobyl was controlled so do watch it if you have time if you are preparing for example in the next one or two months do not watch it otherwise you can give it a watch Chernobyl the name of the TV series thank you very much for watching this I hope you like this video have a great day

2020 Democrats take aim at absent Biden in Iowa

there are some well-intentioned Democrats and candidates who believe that the best way forward is a middle ground strategy that is a failed political strategy I'm not spending my time with high-dollar donors and with corporate lobbyists Democrats we can't let this election be about what we are against it must be an election about what we are for it's a sample there the 2020 Democrats all over Iowa over the weekend new poll they're showing the Joe Bynes lead slipping somewhat in the Hawkeye State want to bring in governor John Sununu former White House chief of staff to President George HW Bush how you doing gov and happy Monday well do you just I'm great thank you very much for being here Joe Biden was not there seemed like everybody else was your observation from afar about what you heard governor well I think Biden's campaign has been a little bit inept up until now but he certainly has time to get it back in shape I think Iowa is is an interesting place because they all get there at the same time and the coverage kind of makes good comparisons across the board of the Democratic Party though is going through an internal struggle defined by that clip that you played of Bernie Sanders that they want to deny that there's a value to being in the middle and that the party should be the party of extremes Biden may be their only hope to get away from that losing strategy well by sorry Sanders is arguing don't play it safe Pete Budaj edge says playing it safe has consequences they're really trying to amp up the forward leading motion of the of the left side of the Democratic Party well those are the apostles of the radical movement of course they want the radical movement to succeed look Republicans ought to be taking advantage of this how they ought to be out pointing out that that that Democrats who support moderate Democrats are only empowering the radicals by adding to the number of Democrats that get elected and and I think the Republicans ought to be taking advantage of the Democratic circus in Iowa I don't see that happening yet I think Biden's moment though will be in the debates he will have to show in that first debate especially that that he is his age is not a problem as one who was getting up there as well I know that sometimes it's difficult to come across well when the cameras on you he has not done that and I think that first debate is going to be the most important thing for the Biden campaign you know interesting comes up to later in June you haven't lost a step by the way you know that I know I know you believe that too not a step here is what the polling suggests in Iowa were listen were eight months away from the caucus first week of February Biden's got a lead slipping a little bit but he's up eight points over Sanders Elizabeth Warren and as I mentioned Peabody Jake judge do you see some sort of celebration or I'm sorry separation developing right now among these candidates well I think the real separation is taking place at the bottom first where you have the Vado the former stars the baito O'Rourke's put you know polling in the 1 & 2 percent and i think the party at some point is going to say look your excess baggage we got to figure out how to get you I think that separation will take place in about two months three months and then the Democrat Party will be looking at a candidate a candidate feel of maybe eight to ten and that's when the the separation at the top will start ok real racist yeah yeah so that then that leads us to the question final comment on this you start to look at the numbers here who's rising and who's fading and as you rightly point out this the first debate will likely tell us a lot governor last comment on that yeah the first debate will tell us a lot and remember Iowa is is a caucus state with with having changed its rules on the caucus they're not only going to have caucus night they're going to have six virtual caucus states in front of it nobody's talking about that I have no idea how that impacts things but it certainly will impact them okay looking attention they all are ok sir Thank You governor John Sununu thank you have a great day have a terrific Monday thank you