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hello nonono welcome to a brand new edition of what the app by Fast Track among kids bring good liquor and today we're gonna take a look at three incredible e-governance apps that's right apps that the government has made and dimming you're in my life absolutely easy I know it fashionable to be criticizing the government but give credit where it's due and as part of digital India initiative there are some incredible apps that we only make things easy for us case in point number one em passports this amazing mobile apps basically gives you all the information that's required in case you want to get a brand new passport or renew your old passport right from the closest pass for civic interest do all the documents that you require everything right on tap on this app gives in point number two digi Locker did you know this that you no longer have to carry physical copies of your documents and papers in your vehicles anywhere in India you can be road trippin and all your documents can be safe and secured on a cloud-based application called digi locker on your smart phone all you need to do is upload or scan the official document which is a photo ID can be your other can be a pan card can be your driver's license can be a passport and you can show any of these documents to any required authorities how awesome is that make sure though that when you are registering you check the URL it has to be this one there are a lot of fake and fraudulent sites out there that want to get their hands on your official documents app number three EPOC shala must be give us a linear this is actually a learning app by NCE Rd and Government of India it was for primary and for secondary standard students there's a separate logon for teachers and for parents even and it's available in Hindi English and it's available for textbook curriculum and also audio/video aids that help the learning process for students and teachers so take a look at these three amazing government's apps or government apps that surely help make your life easy and in case there's an app that you use and you want gadget wallah and detective team to take a look at don't forget to hit up the comment section if you liked this video don't forget to click like and share this with all your friends and don't forget to subscribe to tech tools YouTube channel we've got a lot more to see videos coming right up for you