Hey Steve: The In-Laws are Always Around! || STEVE HARVEY

– I’ve been married for 22
years, this is my husband, wonderful man, love him,
but we’ve had the same fight for about 20 years. He has a problem where
he thinks that my family is too involved in our personal business. Because I come from a
large Hispanic family, (audience cheers and applauds) yes, I’ve brought 10 of
them from Cleveland with me. – Whoa whoa whoa, all
them people that hollered, them your family? (audience hollering and applauding) – Yeah, they’re all from
Cleveland (laughing). (audience laughs) Steve, my family’s
always been there for me. And my husband comes from
a very tight-knit family. In a Boriqua family,
it’s a little different. So I understand that, I give
him the authority in the house, I respect him as the head of the house, but I like their input. So sometimes I tell them things and, yes, they do some things with us, and so he gets sometimes
where he, he doesn’t get mad, but he’s like, I need some personal space. And I’m telling him,
okay, go to the bedroom, they’re coming over. (audience laughs) And so I don’t understand. Do you think he’s really being
a little bit overly sensitive when it comes to my family? – No I think your husband is 100% correct. (audience applauds and murmers) – But I don’t agree! I don’t agree! (audience
applauds and cheers) – Steve, Uncle Steve, listen, I came here ’cause I been outnumbered for 24 years. (audience laughs) First of all, let me correct her, we’ve been together 24 years,
we’ve never ever had a fight. Now we’ve had intense fellowship, (audience laughing)
– Yes. – But never a fight. Listen, we don’t do nothin, without Puerto Ricans! (audience laughing) On our honeymoon, Uncle
Steve, our honeymoon, she brought, yes, she
brought her grand mama. (audience laughs and screams) – Wait, wait, wait, wait! There’s a reason, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait, hold on, hold on , hold on! There’s more to this. My abuela came, but let me tell you why. We, first of all we were married. We didn’t have any money, we
didn’t have no where to go. And we were just starting off. We didn’t have any money. – We didn’t need her grand mama though. – My– – You don’t need money to
do what you needed to do. (audience laughs)
– Listen! – That’s free.
(audience laughs) – Listen!
This is not, listen! Steve, what happened to
happy wife, happy life? He keeps me happy, which he does. He’s very good to me. He’s a great man, mentors. – Talk about me, girl. (audience laughs) – Two master’s degrees,
he’s great, he’s awesome! It’s just this one area
that you know, like, my family, just, they’re there for us. And he knows that too, right? – They are, listen, they are there for us. But some stuff gotta be for us, that’s what I’m tellin’ her. (audience applauding)
– See, hold on. Now what’s your name, Michelle? – Yes. – Now you seem like you
got a real nice family. Just let me tell your family something. All your decisions that
you runnin’ by them, it’s none of their business. (audience applauds and cheers) Somebody taught me something
that I didn’t know before. And when you get married, you should form a two-handed circle. And in that two-handed circle, is you and the person you marry. They told me, Steve don’t ever
let nobody in that circle. Once you let other people in the circle, you now have other opinions. And it’s tough enough getting
two opinions on the same page. Once you open it up and you let
six, seven of them in there, you’ll never get on the same page. – We’ll try to do, we do date nights, but we’ve like never
taken a vacation alone because, well– – Never, been nowhere, alone. (audience awws)
– Wait a minute. – We’ve been in the room alone, but I mean they’re on the ship or– – I’m not even convinced of
that either. (audience laughs) – [Steve] Wait a minute. – So I’ll try that, that’s my growth plan. – Hey, wait, I gotta tell you somethin’. This dude been waitin’ on this moment. (audience applauding)
– Somebody gonna hit me. – Steve, help me. So like anytime y’all go on vacation it’s never by yourself? – There’s a Puerto Rican somewhere, with us! (audience laughing) Somewhere Uncle Steve,
there’s a Puerto Rican! – Michelle. – I’m gonna try, that’s my growth plan. – No, try, what is trying? You can’t try. You got to do something.
(audience applauds) He owes you and you owe him. – All right, good talk, Steve, thanks for allowing me to have this (laughing drowns out word)! (audience applauding and laughing) – Thank y’all for comin’ everybody! We’ll be right back! (upbeat funky music)

Straight Talk: Dealing with the Mother-In-Law || STEVE HARVEY

– What’s the best way to
deal with an unpleasant mother-in-law? – When it comes to the mother-in-law, we don’t need to get involved. Lean back and let your
man be the man and say, “Hey Mom, you wanna see
me and the grandchildren, “mind your own business,
stop giving orders, “stop taking control of the house.” A lot of these men, they’re afraid to say, your wife is your number one priority. Tell your mother to step back
(clapping) in a respectful way! – Go ahead. – The last thing you need to
do is have the man, Siggy, say anything to his mother. – [Siggy] You gonna do it? – Men can’t handle it, a fight with you, much less his mother and you! No, no, no. Take the high road. Love her into a relationship. I’m telling you, I have
seen it and seen it. Don’t step in between a man and his Mama. Just let her run it, take the high road. Kill her with kindness.
– Wait a second. – Kill her with kindness.
(clapping) – But what if you can’t? – Then pray to God that He intervene. And that He comes– – So if you’ve tried and
you tried and you try and you can’t–
– It’ll work. – Prayer doesn’t work. You need to have the man
– Prayer works, honey. step up and be the man.
– Prayer works. – OK, why can’t you do it together? – Now, she didn’t mean it like that. She meant prayer don’t work in all situations.
– Prayer don’t work with mother-in-laws. – There’s black people,
“Prayer works for everything!” (laughing)
(clapping) No, she meant in that
situation where you got a overbearing in-law. I gotta protect her ’cause I– When my hood rolls up, “Prayer work for everything!” (laughing)
(clapping) This ain’t even on the subject no more. (laughing) All right, Rachel? – I feel like, let me
try to find something in common with her. – Yes, work for the relationship. – To move forward,
which is her son, right? She loves her son, so
like, lead with that first. That’s what I was trying to say. – I’m just saying, if I left it to Travis, (clapping) if I left it, Steve, if I
left it to Travis to fix anything with any woman about anything, he’d be like, “Uh.” He don’t know. – Yeah. – So I got to put that
olive branch out there. I got to love her into a relationship. – Because let me say this. Men who love their mother
and most real men do. – [Kim] They do. – Most men who have a
problem with they mother, you should probably leave them because if you–
(clapping) any man that has a problem
with the first woman he ever loved, which is his mama, and done broke up with her, you next. So, just understand that. But here’s the deal. Most men hold their mother
in a certain reverence. It’s hard to knock that down. Go over there and tell her, hey man, my mother passed when I was 40. To that day, I was her boy.
– Baby. – I was her boy. “Boy, come in here.” I’m on TV. I got some money. – She don’t care. – If you get your man involved, he gon’ short circuit ’cause he can’t, it’s his mother. Now, he can, he should
say, as she suggested, “Mom, come on now. “Come on now, this is, give her a chance. “She’s really a sweet
woman, she’s great for me. “I love her. “I want you to give her a chance. “She good to me like
you’ve been good to me.” Ya know, and then just get on out the way. And then you gotta do
some of what Rachel said. You gotta find something in common. Hell, all y’all like to shop. – [Kim] That’s right. (clapping) OK, so we good with that one? – We gon’ pray about it. (laughing) – Prayer fix everything! (laughing) Hey ladies, thank you for
sharing your opinions today. We’ll be right back. (cheering)
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