Mehdi Hasan Is Relentless in His Interviews with Trump Proxies

-I’m so happy to have you here.
-Happy to be here. I want to start
by showing a clip for those who are here who maybe
aren’t familiar with your work. You interviewed —
What is he, you said? -A Trump campaign adviser. -Yes, in charge
of re-election, I guess. -Yes.
-And you interviewed him in a way that many have said, “This is the template
for talking to people within the Trump sphere,” and I just want
to show it real quick. Let’s take a look. -He said during the campaign that there’s six to seven
steel facilities that are gonna be opened up.
There are none. U.S. Steel has not announced
any facilities. Why did he say they’ve announced
new facilities? That’s a lie, isn’t it? -No, it isn’t, because there are
a lot of companies opening up. There are steel facilities
that are gonna be opening up. -No, no. Sorry.
Sorry, Steven. That’s not what he said.
I know it’s difficult for you. I know you want
to try and defend him. But let me read the quote
to you. “U.S. Steel just announced that they’re building
six new steel mills.” That’s a very specific claim. U.S. Steel have not announced
six new steel mills. They have said they’ve not
announced six new steel mills. There’s no evidence
of six new steel mills. He just made it up. -The American people
are doing well. -That’s fine. The American people
can be doing well, and the President can be a liar. There’s no contradiction
between those two statements. [ Cheers and applause ]
-So, well done. Do you think — I don’t want to — I don’t want to put you
inside his head, but do you think
he was unexpected for how prepared you were? What do you think
was happening there? -I think so. And to be fair
to Steve Rogers — that’s his name —
he’s a very nice guy and, you know,
good sport about it. But he does Fox News
most of his time. And if he does
do other cable news channels, it’s the same problem
everywhere. Unfortunately, interviewers
on U.S. television tend to have limited time,
limited resources, and just want to keep
moving things along. And when I interview people,
I try not to move along. I don’t want to move on. I want to stick to it
and try and get an answer. That’s my job. -Well, I think one of the things
you did that was so nice is, again, there’s so much
happening in the Trump campaign that, I think, oftentimes,
as an interviewer, you’re caught with, “I want to hit
11 different topics.” You stayed on one thing. -I was like, “The lies.
Let’s go with the lies.” There’s six and a half
thousand of them. I’ll pick three or four. -But, you know,
and that makes it — I think they are hoping
and waiting for you to move onto the next thing. -There’s a bit in the clip,
which you don’t see. He actually says to me
at the end, he goes, “Let’s just move on.
Ask me another question.” [ Laughter ] I’m not gonna do that. And the problem is,
look, most people would move on because it’s — it’s uneasy. It’s not easy to go up and to just keep asking someone
the same question. I don’t like doing it. You have to relentlessly
keep asking the same question, keep asking for answers,
not moving on, getting in people’s face —
That’s rude, right? Seth, you don’t want to be rude
to your guests. -Of course not.
-It’s socially awkward. And we’re taught
not to be like that. Although I’m British, I’m rude and socially awkward
to begin with. So I may have an advantage
over some Americans. -But what are the differences
that you’ve seen in how the U.K. press
and the U.S. press deals with power? -That’s a very good question,
and I think you guys — Definitely,
there’s a cultural issue. You guys had your revolution,
War of Independence. You kicked the Brits out. And yet, weirdly, you’re
more deferential to power, I would argue, than we are. You know, the President
walks into the East Room of the White House, and the White House press corps
stands up, which I find — British journalists,
for all their sins, would not stand up if the Prime Minister
comes into the room. They’d be lucky to even
pay attention sometimes. You guys have this thing
where it’s kind of Banana Republic-esque,
where you allow your politicians to have their
job titles for life. So, do you remember in 2012, it was Governor Romney,
Governor Romney. Governor of what?
His backyard? He hadn’t been governor of
Massachusetts for five years. Secretary Albright,
Secretary Clinton, Mayor Giuliani,
Ambassador Bolton. If anyone here lost their job, they wouldn’t get to keep
the title the next day. Why do you do that? Why do you do that
with your politicians? It’s weird.
I just don’t get it.

Has political Islam failed? | Head to Head

The Arab Spring shook the foundations of the Middle East Across the region millions went on to elect not secular but islamic leaders In Egypt however the Muslim Brotherhood, were confronted by mass protests and ousted by the army So can political Islam, or Islamism, work in a democracy? Im Mehdi Hassan, and I’ve come here to the Oxford Union to go Head to Head with Professor Tariq Ramadan Whose grandfather foundede the muslim brotherhood Rank by time magazine as one of the hundred most influential people on Earth His call for the reform within the Islamic world has triggered both widespread support and outrage. from both muslims and non muslims alike.

Noam Chomsky – The 5 Filters of the Mass Media Machine

‘Propaganda’. Many use the word when talking about countries like North Korea, Kazakhstan, Iran. Countries viewed as authoritarian
through the lens of the western media. ‘Press freedom’. ‘Freedom of thought’. People use those terms when talking about countries like the United States, France, Australia. ‘Democracies’. In 1988, Noam Chomsky co-authored a book with Edward Herman called ‘Manufacturing Consent’. It blasted apart the notion that media acts
as a check on political power. That media inform the public,
serve the public so that we can better engage in the political process. In fact, media manufacture our consent. They tell us what those in power
need them to tell us … so we can fall in line. Democracy is staged with the help of media
that work as propaganda machines. Media operate through five filters. The first has to do with ownership. Mass media firms are big corporations. Often, they are part of even bigger conglomerates. Their end game? Profit. And so it’s in their interests to push for
whatever guarantees that profit. Critical journalism takes second place to
the needs and interests of the corporation. The second filter exposes
the real role of advertising. Media costs a lot more than consumers will ever pay. So who fills the gap? Advertisers. And what are the advertisers paying for? Audiences. And so it isn’t so much that the media are selling you a product – their output. They are also selling advertisers a product
– YOU. How does the establishment manage the media? That’s the third filter. Journalism cannot be a check on power because the very system encourages complicity. Governments, corporations, big institutions
know how to play the media game. They know how to influence the news narrative. They feed media scoops, official accounts,
interviews with the ‘experts’. They make themselves crucial to the process of journalism. So, those in power and those who report on them
are in bed with each other. If you want to challenge power, you’ll be
pushed to the margins. Your name won’t be down. You won’t be
getting in. You’ve lost your access. You’ve lost the story. When the media – journalists, whistleblowers,
sources – stray away from the consensus, they get ‘flak’. That’s the fourth filter.
When the story is inconvenient for the powers that be, you’ll see the flak machine in
action discrediting sources, trashing stories and diverting the conversation. To manufacture consent, you need an enemy
– a target. That common enemy is the fifth filter. Communism. Terrorists. Immigrants. A common enemy,
a bogeyman to fear, helps corral public opinion. Five filters. One big media theory. Consent is being manufactured all around you,
all the time.

West Africa economy: Leaders push for single currency ECO

there are topics that can both divide and bring West Africans together football with the Africa Cup of Nations how to properly grill a chicken and money that's because 15 West African countries have agreed to create and share a single currency called echo by next year it's a great idea if we have the same currency we could be one big country like America big and strong and then we will all be treated as equal already eight of the 15 countries used the same currency the African Francoeur CFA a legacy of French colonialism france's central bank acts like a manager holding part of their treasury to guarantee financial stability the seven other nations often deal with inflation and currency volatility with each of them directing their own monetary policy Omar I once see a graduate student in trade says he has watched leaders say a common currency is the solution since 1983 playing defensively others are being too aggressive and not thinking of the collective we need to play as a team for this to work but for everybody to win from it including Senegal while Nigeria is the continents biggest economy Senegal and Ivory Coast are some of the fastest growing in the world and yet the UN says less than 20% of trade here is happening among African countries the challenge is to get the big players in the region like Ivory Coast and Nigeria to stop competing against each other but to work as a team together for the benefit of the people of West Africa we're senegalese chicken stock maker Betty Sun a common currency is good for business allowing easier access to Nigeria's 420 billion dollar economy we need to move beyond the African franc to boost trade Nigeria is the driving force of West Africa's economy a single currency would allow us to overcome all of our challenges today it's a sizzling debate with each its own opinion while there may be uncertainty over the single currency regional leaders believe that in the end Africans will come out as winners Nikolas honk al Jazeera Dakar

Tsipras concedes defeat to New Democracy party in Greece election

the leader of the New Democracy party got what he asked for not just a majority but an outright one that allows the conservatives to rule on their own for the first time in 15 years kiriakos matsutakes says it will allow him to implement an ambitious reform program unhindered by coalition partners this wasn't just an expression of will to close a painful chapter for our country it was much more than that the fate of the people in their strength his desire to take our fate into our own hands he needs to prove that we can do great things in our own country the pressure is now in Matata keys to deliver on his promise to bring growth to the Greek economy and help create 700,000 jobs in his first term he's planning to do it partly through tax cuts but Greece can only afford them if international bailout creditors agree to cut repayments it's a goal that eluded previous governments since the beginning of government austerity measures imposed in 2010 when Greece faced bankruptcy because of its massive debts the victory of Matata G's ends four and a half years of rule by syriza Prime Minister Alexis tsipras raised the coalition of the radical left from obscurity to seize power from the New Democracy party in the last election in 2015 tsipras promised he would be the vanguard of the left-wing revolution across Europe to defeat the austerity policies imposed on Greece that caused recession and unemployment tsipras ultimately capitulated to those policies in order to keep Greece in the eurozone despite cities are raising the minimum wage cutting sales tax and offering more benefits to pensioners this year it seems to have been too little too late the thaw geometer thank you I will receive mr. mr. Tarkus into the palace said to hand over to him the office of Prime Minister as is done in the democratic stage I would like to from the bottom of my heart thank all the members and friends of our party who gave a good fight in unviable conditions in order to double its growth rate or grow much faster Greece will need levels of foreign investment in the coming years and that will be perhaps the biggest challenge on the economic front and that needs a lot of structural reform which sometimes takes time there's more at stake here than the economy for the past decade Greeks have watched their politicians being dictated to by their creditors the International Monetary Fund and the eurozone because those politicians didn't want to assume ownership of unpopular reforms like his predecessors which Ithaca says he wants to restore Greek sovereignty and dignity but unlike them he wants to do it in collaboration with European Union partners john psaropoulos al jazeera athens

Tory leadership debate: Johnson edges closer to power

given the seriousness of the situation it is genuinely extraordinary that this is the very first time these two had faced questions from the public they hadn't seen in advance as to what the next Prime Minister should do to get through the maze of brexit and yet again the same false promises Boris Johnson arguing that the UK would leave with no deal in October and then implement a trade deal with the European Union even though one wouldn't exist solve the problems of the Irish border where they properly belong in the context of the free trade agreement that we will do after we come out on October the 31st Jeremy Hunt tried to attack Johnson on this kind of thing he presented himself as a details man despite that they mocked by his opponents being Prime Minister is about telling people what they need to hear not just what they want to hear and the difference between you and me as you are peddling optimism and I'm saying we can make a tremendous the diplomatic war that's broken out between the US and UK came up of course once again demonstrating a gap Hunt insisted he would stand up to Trump and support his ambassador in Washington sometimes things that you have to say to your friends that you rather not say like I said to President Trump today because I think his comments about Teresa May were unacceptable and I don't think he should have made them while Johnson refused to promise to defend the Ambassador and refused to say that he would keep him in posts well I I'm not going to be so presumptuous as to the program was called Britain's next prime minister much of it was excruciating to the question allowed to respond Boris you haven't answered any no both are to raise their hand if they believe the UK will leave the European Union at the end of October well that's the spirit Jeremy yeah of course the one thing that both Johnson and Huntz both have in common is an insistence that through sheer force of will they can bounce the European Union into coming up with a new brexit deal before the end of October and when those people in Brussels understand that they mean business they will surely capitulate of course those people in Brussels watch the television – and know perfectly well that that is the threat they now face and nothing has changed and both the candidates know as well even though they won't admit it that there is no time whatsoever to come up with a new deal before the end of October hunts came across as the more serious candidates but Johnson remains favorites who will all find out soon enough if he's telling the truth about his intention to say goodbye to the European Union with or without a deal thornsley al Jazeera London

Indonesians sue government for air pollution

Jakarta ranked the most polluted city in Southeast Asia last year that's based on a study published in March by environmental group Greenpeace and air visual an app that measures air quality around the world on Thursday 31 Indonesians took matters into their own hands in an attempt to compel the government to tackle air pollution they filed a legal action against the president several cabinet ministers including the environment and health ministers and the governors of Jakarta and two surrounding provinces we shared our research with the government we told them this is the condition of our air but all they did was questioned our findings they asked what data are you using what equipment do you use one of the plaintiffs our dito hari Nugroho is a freelance videographer and a keen cyclist I use my bike when I go to most places and my lungs have to work hard I'm not sure what the long-term impact of air pollution is but I know I cough a lot more when I've been out on my bike the biggest contributor to air pollution is traffic the air quality index or AQI in Jakarta reached unhealthy levels in 24 out of the last 30 days according to data from air visual a city of Jakarta size requires more than 60 sensors to read the AQI there are only six here operated by the government activists say they also want a Thorat ease to apply more stringent standards when it comes to measuring air quality AQI readings are based on measurements of particulate matter of less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter or PM 2.5 the government has set the maximum daily level on that scale at 65 micrograms per cubic meter that's two and a half times more than the World Health Organisation's dust rule Changi a NGO is director-general of air pollution control with the environment ministry he says the air quality is improving citing government data which showed there were twenty days of good air quality so far this year compared to 34 for the whole of last year by 2025 we aim to reduce the use of personal vehicles by 30% that should help reduce pollution and we're committed to making vehicles use cleaner fuel but the 31 Indonesians who are taking government officials to court say that's not enough they are calling for more research more transparency and more solutions to tackle air pollution Florence lui al Jazeera Jakarta

US Democratic debate night one: What did the candidates say?

it's one of the most crowded and diverse group of candidates in the Democratic Party's history so packed that the first televised debates will run for two nights lesser-known politicians like Hawaii's Tulsi Gabbard the first Hindu member of the US Congress fought to raise their profile going forward these debates will have tougher standards to qualify so for some there's little to lose and everything to gain the American people deserve a president who will put your interests ahead of the rich and powerful that's not what we have right now Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren doesn't have that problem she's doing well in the polls is known to the public and visited a migrant detention center in Florida before the debates with a clear message to voters we do not lock people up for money we follow up by saying we do not lock people up for political ends which is what if the President of the United States is doing here health care economic disparity and immigration were among the dominant themes there was some infighting among the candidates over how to implement policies they all broadly agree on but former San Antonio mayor Julian Castro showed the kind of emotion that they helped his campaign I'm very proud that in April I became the first candidate to put forward a comprehensive immigration plan and we saw those images watching that image of Voskhod and his daughter ballet dia is heartbreaking it should also piss us all off outside the debate Trump supporters made their voices heard the president tweeted during the debate with just one word boring the Democratic candidates and those looking for someone to take on the president in 2020 it was an exciting start to what will be a long and hard-fought process the biggest challenge for many of these candidates is creating a buzz with limited time in a crowded field most performed as expected but over the next few weeks there will be a cold without increasing polling numbers campaign cash will dry up ending their president hopes for those that came into these debates with good polling numbers they have a clear advantage now they need to build momentum and that will be the battle ahead Anna Gallacher al Jazeera Miami Florida

Frontline Stalemate: Govt loses hundreds of troops

there is a stalemate on the front lines in Northwest Syria Syrian government forces backed by the Russian military have not been able to break the opposition's defensive positions after weeks of fighting it has been a costly battle or monitoring groups say more than 700 government troops have been killed since late April we tell the Assad gangs and the Russian occupiers whoever comes to the hammer or Latakia Front's will fail hundreds of bodies of regime mercenaries are rotting the rebels – lost hundreds of men defending their territory but they stopped the advance their ally Turkey did play a role by providing sophisticated weapons capabilities it doesn't want to lose its leverage in the province of Idlib another main stakeholder Iran however has been absent from the battlefield Iran's participation would provoke negative reactions from the Western countries especially the United States in terms of a kind of military action against Syria or something like that and another reason is that Iran does not want to provoke turkey sensitivities because they are working with each other in terms of circumventing the American sanctions against Iran others say Iran is sending a message to its Russian allies who have not stopped Israeli strikes against Iranian targets in Syria whatever the reason the Syrian government is struggling and Iran is proving its value in the war effort it live is not the only active frontline ISIL remains a threat in central Syria the major problem they are facing in eastern Eastern Front such as Eastern Homs such as their soul and even suela I'm gonna talk about the desert only the eastern Homs basically every two days I'm not gonna say daily there is an Isis attack when the regime position causing the death of 10 to 15 Sevilla fighters among the regime Syrian President Bashar Assad has restored control over more than 60 percent of the country but his army is exhausted overstretched and it seems too weak to recapture remaining rebel-held areas without the help of in fact militias many of the fighters on the front line fighting on behalf of the regime have been recruited forcefully from towns across the area they do not actually want to serve many of them do not like the Assad regime some of them have even fought against it in rebel ranks and therefore their morale their determination to continue fighting is very low assad repeatedly says he will recall koryn live but the battle for the opposition's last stronghold is proving to be difficult senator al jazeera Beirut