okay ready for the hot round oh no no no your dog who got you when you were a kid my parents always encouraged me and wanted me to follow my dreams and that's why I ended up becoming an actor how can kids and grownups work together to make the world a better place listening to each other if grown-ups listen to what kids have to say and if kids listen to what grown-ups have to say I think we can make the world a better place finish this sentence the world will be more awesome if trees were made of candy yeah yeah I saw your eyes light up I don't know if we can if we can promise that to people but we can give that a shot you can try just looking candy together mm-hmm pick it Jackie you try you know what that's all you can do is you know have you given any thought to the fact that I would like to be your vice president like I I'm a good guy I have a lot going for me you're skeptical I can see that can I give you some reasons as to why I should be your vice president and why I would make an excellent vice president yeah all right I will give you some reasons well one I make people laugh or at least I try to make people laugh is that good all right let's see what else I try to give time to charity stand up to cancer they're always looking for a cure and they're trying to help people who have the disease of cancer that's pretty cool right yeah you're still a little bit skeptical all right um well I'm the guy in Despicable Me 2 awesome Emily and you will not in it I am yes I am and I can prove it to you I am the guy in Despicable Me 2 none of you don't believe me I will get so angry yeah that's right also I I break my daughter's hair into pigtails every day you don't care about that and let's see oh you know what this is the best one of all I have dancing minions yeah that's right I'm sure they'll put some music and later right guys let's hope so yeah but all because you're not like a movie a court tune doesn't mean you can become a vice president this is big deal man this is not just kid stuff this is a big deal in the world well listen if I am the vice president to the kid president of the United States then I will share my dancing minions cutely as vice president I do not lie oh yeah what's this called a pencil sharpener I like it so bad gay so sorry take one that's all we're gonna need