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– I hate that urn so I'm just gonna get rid of it. (water splashes) – [Julie] We are here to talk
about our twelfth episode of the
season called, "There is a Mummy on Main
Street." – Slug or not I am responsible for the things I do and I have very likely unleashed a new monster on the
humans that live outside the gates of the school. So, I need to clean up this
mess. – This episode is also directed
by the fantastic Julie Plec. Very exciting. – Pack your flippers Dorian. We're going on a road trip. – Our team has to go and recover
the urn and vanquish the monster before
a lot of innocent people are hurt in the
process. – Are we there yet? – I'm boiling. – I'm freezing! – I'm starving! – If you are going six hours
away and it's spring break at
the Salvatore school, this calls for a road trip. – Are we there yet? – So, a whole bunch of our team
piles into Dr. Alaric Saltzman's undercover
minivan (Brett chuckles) And hit the road. – This is obviously the work of
a mummy. I told you. – I think when you do a show, monster of the week, of course
you're gonna do a mummy. And so our mummy is just
a really great design that is unique, much like the
merman. It's reverential, but it
is also unique to us and has a story and we really
get into the biology of how will these people work. (monster growls) – I'm gonna need my weapons. (theme music)

Legacies – New Series Tonight 9

they call me the tribe writer and the daughter of a werewolf and a vampire the granddaughter of an evil witch there's no place in the world for someone like me except one a Salvatore school we teach discipline compassion a little magic this is a story our story the only question is will we be its heroes or its villains legacies new series tonight at 9:00 on showcase

Legacies 1×04 Inside "Hope is Not the Goal" (HD) Season 1 Episode 4 Inside The Originals spinoff

– [Matt] Like Dr Saltzman was saying, local girls Dana Lilien and Sasha Stodero, didn't come home last night. (glass breaking)
(screaming) – We're very excited to be here
to talk about episode four, Hope is Not the Goal. (growl) (frightened scream) – Sasha and Dana, the snotty girls from last week's episode, have gone missing. So, Sheriff Matt Donovan comes
in and says to the school, "Hey I could really use some help finding these missing girls." – I'm in. – I'm in too. – I'd like to help. – I volunteer as tribute.
(upbeat guitar music) – [Julie] And so our
kids, rustle up a posse and go undercover at the high school. – This is the senior hallway. Where I spent much of my formative years, stuffed in every locker except this one. That one doesn't open. On your left you'll find the bathrooms where I had my first kiss with a toilet. – For Landon it's going
back to a hallway, that is, the sight of great childhood trauma. But when a body turns up really quickly, it sort of brings us back to
the old Vampire Diaries days, and Matt Donovan's like, "Oh God." you know like things have
been so good here for so long and he's gonna have suspicions. – Think it's safe to
say, she's not a runaway.

Legacies Temporada 1 | Episodio 5 – Alaric y Dorian se enfrentan a una dríada

la noche que me iba y con oliver algo me atacó desperté en una oscuridad eterna sentía la presencia de otros pero no los veía ni escuchaba estuve tanto tiempo y luego de la nada me encontré no lejos de aquí con deseo de tener la vaga porque es esto no lo sé sé que debo tener que salga algo que me presiona dentro diciéndome que la lleve llevarla a dónde hay un pozo negro más allá de la tierra encerrado lo veo lo siento y debo llevar la tara allí si lo hago encontraré paz y seré libre y quién te dijo esto una voz en mi mente sigue e intente ignorarla pero no tengo la fuerza lo lamento no tengo opción cuidado historias de plata

Legacies | Inside: Maybe I Should Start From The End | The CW

– You've been my best customer this week and I don't even know your name. – Landon. – That's a beautiful one. – Thanks. I'm a pretty sure you gave it to me. – [Brett] It's called, Maybe
I Should Start at the End. Very excited about this one. – Last we saw Landon
Kirby, Hope had put him on a bus to New Orleans to
see family friend, Vincent, in order to have Vincent
help him track down his birth mother. – I've told you my whole life story, but I don't know anything about you. – His journey with this
woman actually opens the basic Pandora's box. The mother load, pun intended
of questions when Seylah turns out to be absolutely nothing like what he thought she would be. – Where the hell do you think
you're going with my keys and without telling me? – I'm going after Landon. He's in trouble. – Then we're going and I'm driving. – I will say without giving anything away that this episode contains a
creature that Brett Matthews has been wanting to bring to life on the screen since childhood. – Seylah, is that you? – First grade time.
– Like, full geek. – Yes.
– Full geek moment. – Yes. – What is happened here on this episode. (male screaming) – No, no. – Pazam!

'Legacies': Jenny Boyd Says Her TV Dad Matt Davis Has Been A Real 'Guiding Force' For The Whole Cast

how did it feel to join such a like its you're part of a legacy family not just on the show legacies but the character it's an incredible feeling I mean obviously the shows have such an amazing loyal following and it really did feel like coming into a family that was pre-existing so yeah it's been great I mean we've already had so much support the show hasn't even aired working with Matt who plays your dad yeah he's wonderful and so talented really supportive you know he's obviously been around the block and done the whole CW Vampire Diaries thing so it's been great he's been a real sort of guiding force I think for the whole cast yeah I don't know dizzy did he sort of prepare you for what to expect when this show rolls out I don't know if anyone can do that yeah we're just kind of slowly getting glimpses of it we were at Comic Con last weekend and started to feel that real sort of hype and excitement but yeah he gave us all some really good advice right at the beginning of how to sort of keep it together and and be a great role model to the fans so are you still poring through old episodes of Vampire Diaries or originals for you know an extra knowledge that's out there I do yeah occasionally I will I've got a lot of past you know I've watched it but I bring it up again just to sort of refresh every once in a while a little teaser of what we're gonna go and legacies it's about the next generation and they're learning how to control their power absolutely it's a very young fresh show it's about these teenagers who are just beginning to cope with the supernatural world and their own abilities so it's really interesting dynamic to watch them learn about how to control their powers and use them for good or evil and the choices that they have to make and you have a sister on the show too do you guys need to spend a lot of time together you and Kaitlyn yeah we do our characters are very separate and they do have a lot of sort of separate storylines but yeah we get along great and it's so wonderful to have her and we really support each other both as characters and as actresses you