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usual debrief before you throw them into the pit find out where he's from family any other Phoenix as he's willing to give up then ask him about the knife snd knife when I was at the school I heard he tried to steal it and I'd like to know why he wanted one of the locks to the pit shouldn't be too difficult he recorded the voicemail with minimal resistance no one's watching us now look I already told the other guys I don't know anything you could kill me but I'm part Phoenix so I'm just gonna come back to life and a burst of flames and there's gonna be a lot of ash to clean up and after I come back I'm not gonna know anything I'm not here to interrogate Lenin in fact I'm here so you can finally get some answers legacy this all new episode this Thursday at 9:00 8:00 central only on the CW and stream every next day on the CW AB

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you sure it glowed again I sleep with the damn thing under my pillow it's hard to miss what do you think it's gonna be this time hmm Cyclops Slender Man Santa well given our luck I think it's safe to rule out old Saint Nick I don't know I mean Santa Claus is kind of terrifying we think about it freaks into your home he sees you when you're sleeping not to mention judgy hope I need you to focus look I'm trying I just wish that Satan's nightlight would give us some rest yeah and I wish that knife was never in our school to begin with but it's not like we can change that now all we can do is make sure we're not blindsided by another monster walking through our doors


Oh a vicious hi guys welcome to a brand new video today my death has arrived I'm this will be my life legacies really actually because I'm literally gonna die in this episode so good luck to you thank you for watching anyway is that this is episode 14 season 1 episode 14 is the Miss Mystic Falls episode it is this pose I'm going I have been warned literally on Twitter to have tissues I don't have tissues and I regret my choice right now um so I I really don't know what's gonna happen what to expect I'm just and Landon died and he came back into Phoenix and like my way I'm just I'm not I'm just I comes alyssum let's just get right to this reaction cuz I'm gonna die let's car who's that I'm scared excuse me piss off okay same nerd oh honey oh Sh oh my god dr. Susman I'm honestly just glad to know what I am I know you always belong honey it's okay that's a lie yeah I think so I think so cuz you reminded it reminded her of her family right that's why it's like you know hope that is not fine really girl come on saw the relationship based on the honesty and openness and I'm indestructible as your relative a long clear road ahead of us you know with no obstacles oh who the how worming defenses she turned piss off what is he doing here what is Roman doing here can you leave please he's kind of cute though my ex-boyfriend why would you do that to me piss the fuck off to be honest he killed a fellow classmate thankfully resurrected and harbors no he'll will will you recruit but when he left my home he was not a murderer oh damn dusty doesn't look at her that's right boyfriend and a Phoenix I don't hold them responsible for what happened anymore okay we're at my queens on this I deserve this to be honest I went a long time anyway stop it when I only make out a magical slugs that's word good essay actually wanted to talk to you about the letter I wrote yes I would like to learn I would like to see it anyway yes this pageant is misogynistic in archaic stop enabling it I can't you know I wish I was drinking something right now so he just spit take Mystic Falls ya know as he's been dreaming of this day since she was little I'm supporting my sister it's her crying and I'm fine with that easy will Penelope try and make Jesse win oh no I feel attention I need to be on this holy shit make Penelope a regular Lou give her a contract the judges are here excuse me Vera who's that Lillian told me so much about I am withdrawing from Miss Mystic Falls but that'll be same what a queen night look at her outfit look how she win I love her god help me look this is the trio the white the Kwan what the the square are you save them for like just oh my god like Lizzie that too like oh my God look look at Penelope man come on oh hey everybody I love everybody anyways I need to calm down cuz holy shit Lizzie correction that dead bitch didn't know this Salvatore costing me the crown from beyond the grave I have chosen a replacement hope like no Josie oh sorry young Penelope see Jersey wants it to look at the phrase come mullet josie Harvey's I'm gonna be very stressed later on anyways classic charity case yes you wanted strenuous this is my research I can't leave him a Lord idiot who are you he's only my favorite oh shit don't kill her please I like her don't kill her please on me oh my god what are you doing here not if I'm your escort that's right that's right where are you stand perusing this house Wilson I need this Emma I need to see the scene where they walked young army arm down the stairs I need this in my life yeah do not rob this from me she loves you read the letter I'm gonna need actual help in this a bitch who are you who actual are you get out of here hard we do not we do not slander Hulk Michaels and India's house who respect the Queen do you understand who is this chick who are you you're all of it to me it's tradition I'm gonna what ah that was everything in my life we don't care we touch wait oh it's following in your mother's footsteps in a way that Lizzy would never appreciate oh oh by the dark with him by heart stay here do nothing I'm fine okay I was not far from thank you you are one small moment away from a meltdown oh let it pop Zachary yeah that's true though wow she's been there before yeah yeah yeah let it all out okay well done I love his II to be honest no no no no no no no that's people they're real people yes it does yeah what the fuck this sentient jar of artisanal mayonnaise Romans I don't think he is going sure that the timing is too convenient I thought you were sorry for acting jealous yeah super helpful ask a vampire how we turned a woman to stone all right do I still have feelings for hope Benson are yes oh I always will but can you blame him she's gorgeous everyone has a crush on hope honestly can you blame them she's a stunning woman ivory white you should definitely trust her yeah he's your trust her that's true that's true I'm not not struggling anymore I've dealt with it and moved on you have not what I was wondering how you quoted my exact thoughts I'm miss Mystic Falls word for word okay then I remembered I wrote it all in my diary she read her diary Penelope oh my god why do I hate this tension right now why I can't did she read her diary that was into my Paolo and you're actually gonna check out my pottery action click the link in description box below and I'll see you guys over there chuffing now bye guys

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you must have a serious caffeine addiction we've been here every day this week I just like coffee I should get the next one to go hey I'm not complaining just a little worried about you this is embarrassing you'd be my best customer this week and I I don't even know your name Landon that's a beautiful one Thanks I'm pretty sure you gave it to me legacies returns with an all-new episode this Thursday at 9:00 8:00 central only on the CW and stream free on the CW app

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our father is a very gifted artist our father yes little brother it's finally here all season long 16 episodes and we have landed at there's always a loophole our season finale triad I mean it has to be them they've already tried to come for him once what are you gonna do I'm gonna go for Wonder Woman hope that's what sets out to go rescue her boyfriend just as triad storms the gate of the castle so to speak and so as this episode begins she's assembling her super squad ready to go out and save her man oh sorry we were about to knock but triad has a completely different attention for how they're going to spend their day Oh penny here we're looking for an artifact known as the chalice of arimathea triad thinks that the Salvatore School is a possession of the third and final artifact that will keep malov aura contained you're asking me to believe that the father that I've been looking for for years as an olive-oil only you can set him free we also have a a Landon who has sort of told Clark at the end of the previous episode I'm on your side brother and if we are brothers and let's go find this this final artifact together okay well if it's here how are we gonna find it this place is a haystack figure it out little brother your family's counting on you


a lobbyist hi guys welcome to a brand new video today I'll be reacting to legacies season 1 episode 13 broke into the reaction though next week stills photos came out and Posie and Miss Mystic Falls like parousia like together here are the photos I'd literally literally difficult like the Cape on Lulu look on Penelope literally end mom I saw has literally left my body like I'm actually not gonna make it next week so good resting pace man and okay oh my god anyways in the last episode there went for a road trip and then we found that that Josie actually had a crush on hope and wasn't responsible for like the fire and um we founded at Jersey isn't as innocent as we thought like she's done some shit a bad stuff to her sister so let's be honest this is gonna be very interesting to see what's gonna happen um and this week I don't know what's gonna happen I'm gonna cry apparently I don't know I'm someone told me to get tissues so anyways let's get arrived this reaction video let's go we just kill the mommy and spent six hours in a van together and I'm not I can't find him gee what do you mean what the hell checked out his home on Rosie it's curfew they st. the night for vampires to be walking around unchecked all opposed the fool doing right support the supervisor said he didn't check in I know em Jesus excuse me but it's a full moon rep oh you're right are you serious yeah Queen Team Emma bitch it's only happens after a private charter session something call this year yes yes ship back for the fun is over what does that mean you're like this three of them left the only one came back is Landon okay my son a name change you give us a minute oh honey it's alright you're supposed to be here on campus for spring break with Landon and mg neither one yeah yeah yeah yeah just because we have a cure for werewolf bites doesn't mean they won't hurt like hell now for those of you who are yeah that hopes blood that she is the Cure because its classes bought to said she would be a the same thing right that's why he looked at hope because she's the cure but still I'm stressed and ref place I'll be become totally honest I'm not really a fan of Rafael and hope being romantically involved I love them as like best friends and like bromance thing I love that their friendship but don't really like them as a thing I prefer Landon and hope to be honest I don't know friend enough rafting hearts distillation you can do especially after getting down and dirty with the love of his life I'll go to say caleb has really grown on me to be honest the beast and he's grown on me a lot in the last year episode you died and then became a vampire and then you Duchess ghosted you if you want answers I hope you get them because I would do anything yes Landon in the round of fashion feud you didn't take mg home what you didn't think it was that big of a deal shit of a school phone are me poor Alaric man having to do with all the shit I serious legit bull finger that was a politician you weren't you be dangerous yeah yeah is it MJ a monsters after them wait I'm on says after landing because landing is the last key for malleable it gives up what I'm a t there's a monster certainly none that made their way to Maryland but this drinkies remembers and you'll get them when I do listen expecting you talk to your son into a spontaneous road trip oh this is gonna be bad right now seems like it might have been a hasty decision thinks you're dead if someone were to see you walk around sit down I guess just wanna see done I get it door because the whole I think Milton's dead so of course it's gonna be big obviously awkward like he's dead they all think he's dead and I think the president of the moms doing a pretty good job at you know your son's a vampire like it's a whole like it's a whole thing like I it's a hard thing I get it but I feel sorry for MJ still that's word his faith is everything to him around twice 10 the parrot oh look this is gonna take some time to get used to the idea oMG my son thanks hurt did you know one not Mysterio lady Wisteria Lane Oh Lutie misty huh so there is tension between them but you're gonna find him we had an arrangement hmm and I expect you that okay damn arranged okay does a lot of chemists is Alberto school for in case I love that I would like one legacies right up such you really cute because they couldn't control their turns it well they had access to both sides of their minds alright we're doing okay doctor Saltzman said that dr. Saltzman Bassam is not a medical doctor I most definitely neither are you well it's risky I said no and I'm not gonna let you Oh without rash rash rash Jana I know an arm my dad's not gonna want a vampire in the family it is what it is I feel sorry for EM gee there are really a director he did a sermon that went viral a sermon about how he would give anything to have you back oh I'm thing to cut you out of it that's actually very true though to be honest because he knows his son is alive you know in a sense in a loosely not I mean so I get that a chance to and it's gonna cause more problems oh I put engine Nelson so you must be cretin tricks on me no no no me Samsung you're preaching about Lord if this is the test cream bars and let me see the truth your son wait does he not know his son's alive was only the mum okay Sarah conspiracy happening hot on does them he's him does Newton's mom know he's a vampire but the dad wasn't aware at all and she lied to him there is some shit going on the weird no the mums being Shady yes yes yeah again the mummies being Shady and that's the arrangement with Alaric we're gonna make it back on time Oh what does that mean that is legal not gonna work he's not the conversation the phone conversation you have been avoiding yes yes yes you do shop we both know she has feelings for hope that's right he does no it was not the slug Lord your inhibitions yes but it didn't make you do anything you didn't already want to do aka the Posie kiss they wanted to do that one in two kiss they want to be together I'm just so happy we include Posie somehow I'm just saying that's the team posies everything anyways back to the actual episode I agree he wanted to be with he loves how we know this anyways those in of my pub on reaction if you wanna check out my part two reaction click the link in the description box below and I'll see you guys over there ciao for now guys babe