Sam Seder Debates Centrist Democrat

calling from a 267 area code who's this we come from hi hello hello your name hello my name is Jeffrey hello Jeffrey well Jeffrey Jeffrey hey Don I'm long from Philadelphia okay Jeff from Philadelphia Jeffrey sorry good hey Don I just wanted to get something off my chest I uh I've been listening you guys for a lot what you particularly for a long time since air America we're on look like Chuck D and Rachel Maddow and whatnot so a long time and uh you know I remember when you know John Kerry was gonna be the savior of the Democratic Party so that's how far back I go but uh I just don't understand I mean I don't want to be you know it's not as you as much as say like Young Turks and oh god I'm gonna mention Jimmy Dore but I mean too late it's just one of the Democratic Party just stop being good enough I mean this a lasagna or kzo cortes thing is that's lovely but what does it really matter in the grand scheme of things she's not flipping a Republican seat she's not adding to the 218 number she's one of 435 senators should be a backbencher for two years at least right dares to go against the leadership she'll get stripped of all the community ships cuz that's how it works because you got a herd cats that's what it's all about right so I don't understand what I'm supposed to be all that excited well I think the exciting thing about her is that she's going in she's fundraising across the country for more progressive Katie's I mean if your agenda is to have a Democratic Party that is more progressive she is a traffic on my agenda my agenda is to have two hundred this is not the year for that that's the thing that's my problem my agenda is that 218 51 and 26 that's all I care about Hitler could come back from the dead and run as a Democrat and I would vote for him if it would mean that we had the majority backs cuz okay Ann has some swell okay okay this is not the time to run I understand it but wait wait really the Democratic Party so here's what there's no jumper so it's gentlemen to put up power free let me ask you a question let's just start let's just start at the margins who is going to who is going to get more Democrats to come out and vote Hitler or aoc that's cute but well no no dude no no she's wanting to get more Democrats to vote than Joe Connelly would then then her and Tommy wasn't good enough Joe Crowley I understand what was wrong with them yeah Crowley excuse me why don't you ask I understand why he wasn't good enough he would have gotten just as many Democrats use me we'll stop stop Doug didn't matter stop talking for a second you asked me a question let me answer it yeah I'm sorry I'll tell you why Joe Crowley didn't wasn't gonna get more Democrats out than Alexandria occasio Cortes and all I need to do is show you the numbers he lost he lost she has the ability to bring out more Democrats than Joe Crowley that's what the election proved she's going but if he had won it do you think if he had won this year we would not be talking about him do I think there's more Democrats in that district who are gonna vote for Joe Crowley than aoc I will bet you every single thing I own that her winning vote tally will be higher than almost any well certainly any off year election now we can't disaggregate returning the way that's gonna be reverie why it's not just gonna be her exactly exactly Jeffords so what are we learned wait a sec you better wait a second what have we learned that this period of time is actually the best time to get better Democrats in because it's agonised it's cause I want you reporting we just just agreed with me that she is going to get in work you mean nothing about government Jeffery on actress in New York are you joking excuse me Jeffrey you just her better Democrats I don't like what you consider better Democrat well okay that's the nut that's the issue okay that's fine if you want to disagree with me as to what makes a better Democrat but you have not a shred of evidence in fact you have a debate that wait let me tell you what the debate is and then we can debate it Jeffrey alright oh shoot where did he go yeah oh yeah no I'm gonna put it back in them Jeffrey I didn't hang up on Jeffrey listen I'm gonna bring you back into the queue but I want you to be quiet all right just just wait until I finished the premise I'm willing to debate with you what makes a better Democrat but if you want to argue to me that Joe Crowley will get more votes than Alexandra occasio cortes we can't test that because he already lost to her and when I say to you she's gonna get more votes than he has in any off year election in his history he was in for twenty years you say to me yeah but they're all gonna get that so if your premise is they're not as electable you have already disproven that premise so if you want to argue to me that andrew Cuomo is a better Democrat let's say then Cynthia Nixon I'm willing to have that argument with you but don't make it about getting elected because you've already lost that argument all right I will concede that point to you okay so I'm perfectly willing to I think Cynthia Nick deprived you want – I'm sorry glad why do I think Cynthia Nixon would make a better governor of New York State and Andrew Cuomo yeah Andrew Cuomo is horribly corrupt Andrew Cuomo's also horribly qualified as it also horribly qualified III don't know what that means I mean what in Cynthia Nixon what are Cynthia mix-ins qualification what will be her first order in office what does she know about anything other than acting what was during those first officers there England's opening that can be just as bad as corruption I agree with you I agree with you and I think there's definitely question as to whether or not she has the executive administrative skills to to do that that job I think that's a valid question I just think that Andrew Cuomo is incredibly corrupt and was I don't agree enabled the Republicans for the last eight years are you aware of the IDC yeah because he runs a state that isn't all New York City and that was that was since he makes his big mistake she ran like she was running for mayor of New York City nobody in Schenectady or Lackawanna or Buffalo gives a crap about the New York subway she won in those play now that's fine as long runs right she won upstate well it doesn't matter she still didn't run on issues they may may have voted for anyway but she didn't I listened to her and all her issues were pretty much New York City specific because she knew your business usually talking excuse me look at the map public in all look what the New York look at the electoral map all right the reason why Andrew Cuomo won is because he won New York City look at the map alright fair enough not to this another ending we don't ballad she is unqualified to be a governor of a large state not to mention the arrogance it takes to say it one day you know what I'm gonna try my for a you know be honest was that deep really random like the reason why she ran Jeff Jeffrey the reason why she ran was because people are trying to prevent Andrew Cuomo for running and being a viable candidate for the presidency and so sheer and essentially to win will never be a viable candidate for president I mean that's ridiculous well you know who thinks you're wrong he won't be you know who thinks you're wrong Andrew Cuomo yeah he was liking this call so far fine that's fine but I'm pretty sure Andrew I'm pretty sure Corey book there's gonna be the presidential nominee from the Democratic Party well that's amazing people's driveways you can't pay for that kind of publicity so right yeah all right well I but I don't understand what you're pointing I mean he's gonna be the guy uh well look I appointment I disagree my point is that suddenly it seemed that left wing wing Democrats have decided that being the left wing version of Trump and putting completely unqualified candidates up for election just because they're a celebrity in her case or their you know they have some kind of like or they don't the of course the the the purity test of they don't take corporate money you know that wait a second first the radicular stop Jeffrey did you really listen to me on air America or you confuse somebody else because I wasn't on I would tell you I was not on like Rachael show it Randy Rhoads and Mike Malloy and they Rachel Maddow and Chuck did you listen to my show there because all we did yeah was talk about about getting rid of the DLC and getting rid of corporate Democrats and we got a guy do you like Jon Tester yeah I know Jon Tester do you like Jon Tester he's alright I don't live in Montana so I don't really know the issues that he deals with there okay well you don't live in ie Democrat votes mostly we're Democrats right that's how you know what Jon Tester was doing Matt nor John test we do you know what John tester was doing when Marcus milita's found him as a way of defeating the DLC candidate he was a tractor he was also yeah that's fine working out that a GOP one outcome was okay that it's gonna be like that every time again I don't know guy in the White House the guy in the White House and that just proves your point so what are we talking about well I just saw a poll that said okay listen I just saw a poll of Democratic voters that voting against Trump is not enough to bring them out that's now maybe you have different data that's out there okay yeah well because people who did not vote listen listen just listen just listen yeah probably Jeffrey are voting for try understanding and what everything is you're forcing Democrats you go to those Republican effort instead of pandering to the Bernie bros no Jeffrey listen to me I don't know what you're talking about I just told you that people who didn't vote in 2016 are not gonna come out to vote to vote against Trump okay largely I imagine where are they gonna come out to vote for either probably gonna come out to vote at all well if not I mean you're arguing so what is the argument you're gonna get you're gonna get disaffected Republicans to vote because you know the reason I think GOP Oriya and Democrats there to go hunt for the votes of disaffected Republicans because they're not gonna go beg and for promised crap they can't sell like Medicare for all because they're one person and it takes at least two hundred and eighteen people to pass something like that just I don't understand what you see that's what you're saying that people in Peoria shouldn't support Medicare for all and no what I'm saying is that the minority party that is running should not be running on policy without a leader to lead it that's what I'm saying you can't have hi 218 people running around all espousing different policies that's not how it works well I Got News for ya they're all going around right message everybody get in lines like a jug rock dude dude they're all running on health care right now they're all running on health care and how are they gonna do that while Trump is president why are they running on health care right now they all of them see their poll II think it worked for the tea party it worked for the tea party anyone on anything they just went on we need Obama what are you talking about they why would my kid did you pay attention they didn't run they it's not just they ran on Obama they ran the whole Tea Party was started because of the bailouts cuz poor people are getting money because the government cuz they ran against they ran against health care it started it when Obama the nominee for president and it was gonna be but it didn't work with one rally we did gradual for inauguration day it didn't work when you break it didn't work when he thats also another good jeffrey they already call people like Nancy Pelosi socialists anyways it's irrelevant what the policy is no one I guess I got it because hi I'm Adolf Hitler you might disagree with me on my previous record however I do have executive experience Donald Trump is an asshole and Cynthia Nixon is absolutely outrageous in attempting to leave without experience it is time that we have a leadership that has put in the time you know it's nice about you know where they got that sink the trains ran on time I mean come on you know it's nice about this rising wave of left populist progressives democratic socialists or whatever you want to call them they want to give that guy healthcare – yeah I don't I was actually right especially a lack of undersize what was that guy's name the vast majority get health care the overwhelming majority of Democrats running successfully to the extent that we have polls for every race out there we don't but successfully they are running on health care that is when you look at the success that Democrats have had in the special elections health care was the overwhelming issue that they ran on if Cynthia Nixon began running as a state Rep I would respect this I know ever I would agree that I would not if I was Cynthia Nixon I wouldn't have focused so much on the subways I would have gone more for corruption I would have gone for broader issues earlier but that's a different question and just obvious though that she stepped out a grenade for us there was no other candidate like this is actually if anything the best way to look at Cynthia Nixon is she was a noble citizen activist absolute did a massive amount to you know we always say destroy the IDC essentially which has major implications for the state and Andrew Cuomo he took her a lot more seriously than the caller did because he was out spinning and trying to reinvent himself actually by the way going back to Bernie Sanders in 2016 was when Cuomo started to try to pivot when that guy got elected governor I do remember his first order of businesses at least as far as I know it was cut taxes for millionaires defin cut school funding yep and privatized schools and I would add up with to the reason why Cynthia Nixon ran is because no politician in New York would run against Cuomo there wasn't one that's why she ran and it was the same in 2014 bill de blasio wouldn't even formally endorse her like that's another thing the people needs I think it really gets through there that's Cuomo yeah de Blasio and Cuomo are enemies they have a Cuomo's tried to undermine him every step of the way they have all sorts of you know rivalry and and de Blasio's big like fu was I'm staying neutral let alone not having the hoods boat to run against him Cindy Nixon had to do that she do that like you would be the other person on the list and I don't mean that like as an insult I mean literally like literal there isn't a list literally yep I wrote about this in my op-ed for NBC like there were so so many factors the raid against her winning she was never gonna win and that's not what this was about but the idea that there's to make an argument that trying to get the most progressive candidates is going to hurt these candidates based upon zero data in fact all the data is running against that I'm not saying that Heidi Heitkamp should be out there saying well I think she should talk about expansion with Social Security and frankly you know some expansion improvement on health care they wouldn't hit in the health care the lawsuit Trump and min has to take away the mandate or what is it about to take away not just the mandate but also the pre-existing condition right the pre-existing condition and Heidi Heitkamp has been running on that yeah okay Heidi Heitkamp now Jeffery in Philly may know better than Heidi Heitkamp what's gonna work in no Dakotah even though he doesn't seem to know about what happens in montana but heidi heitkamp understand i mean health care has been running and it's it's not to privatize the system more it is she's from when she talks about the idea that they would roll back pre-existing conditions that is promoting the regulatory state the in what folks like Bernie and AOC have done is they have moved the conversation as to what is mainstream they have moved it to the left that is just the reality they weren't the only people that was happening at the end of the Obama administration to where you had the full complement of Senate Democrats come out and vote for expansion of Social Security which was a huge turnaround from just eight years earlier five years earlier four years earlier but it accelerated with Bernie and so that's where the value is now if you and if all you care about is getting Democrats in there to defeat Trump which I agree with which is why usage and you know said I'm we've got to get Andrew Cuomo elected and every other Democrat on the ticket elected because she also knows that when people go out and vote for Cuomo they go down the list and they check off ddd down in congress – right that's just the way that people vote we're gonna need to vote for ahead of Hitler if you have a problem if you have a problem with specific issues but you're trying to argue that Democrats are going to lose because they're moving left and there's no data to support that argument at all all we have is the data that we've seen it working across the state in fact the only major loss that we can point to in the special elections is down in Georgia with aasif and he had the same consultants that basically I think picked every other loser around which was ride the center also this I said it in more intense terms than I ever would have but like if you're if Democrats are winning by running Hitler like what is the point of having Democrats win like what what do you get from that yeah I mean I have to concede on that point I would say that if Hitler that that's a I'm pretty strong on this lesser of two evils and party block voting things but we don't know calm down there's running against it that's true Hitler could be running against double Hitler that's exactly it right yeah I could be running against Steve King and I won which case I vote for Hitler

Delaney Destroys Campaign In 10 Seconds

>> Over the weekend California held its democratic
convention. And there were some things that really stood
out, particularly when Kennedy John Delaney talked about Medicare for all and the reaction
that he got as a result of that. So let's take a look. >> What we need as Democrats to build an economy
that works, but it's got to be with smart policies. Medicare for all may sound good. But it's actually not good policy, nor is
it good politics. I'm telling you. >> I'm telling you. >> 100. >> We shouldn't have universal healthcare. >> We shouldn't have universal healthcare. We shouldn't have universal healthcare. We should have universal healthcare but it
shouldn't be a kind of healthcare that kicks 150 million Americans off their healthcare. That's not smart policy. >> I love it. >> You love it. >> It's so good. My favorite thing though, and I'm gonna do
this ironically like when I'm losing a debate with Jake or something. Just do this. >> Yeah. >> Mm-hm. >> Like that's not an answer, you're failing
miserably right now. And then at one point he kind of covers the
mic. >> Yeah. >> Yeah. I love that, anyway. >> I gotta admit, I am a seasoned politics
watcher. I am obsessed with the news, I look at it
closely every single day. I had no idea who this guy was until this
moment. This is my introduction to John Delaney. And I'm very happy that this was the first
taste of John Delaney that I've ever gotten, because I hope to never see him again. >> So, he's a former congressman. His a three-term guy who basically bought
a seat. It's a safe seat in- >> Maryland. >> Maryland, yeah. So I was in the room for this. A lot of us in the media were waiting to hear
from Julian Castro, who went right before him. We're gonna do a little gaggle with him. And Bernie was right before that. So, and this is Sunday, the Party Chair, there
was an election, that was over. The room, by the time Delaney gets up, it's
like a third full. >> Wow. >> I mean, there wasn't really anybody there,
right? He was the 14th of 14 candidates to speak. And as I said, nobody was really paying much
attention until he said Medicare for all, people like, you know, Alexa turned on, Medicare
for all. And you hear people go woo, Medicare for all,
right before. And then he lays the hammer down. >> They should've listened to that foreshadowing
woo. >> But he just kept going with it, it was
a bad idea. Now AOC actually jumped into this and tweeted
the following. Since there's so many people running for president
and not enough for senate. Instead of obsessing over who's a frontrunner,
maybe we can start with some general eliminations. This awful, untrue lie got booed for a full
minute. John Delaney, thank you but please sashay
away. Beautiful dance reference there. >> Yeah. >> And John Delaney didn't like it. >> Not sure Delaney can sashay but. >> It takes some skill, and he doesn't seem
to have much. Now, he responded to AOC by saying, hey AOC,
we have the same goal, universal healthcare for everyone. No. We just have different ways of getting there. Healthcare is the number one issue for voters
so let's debate the way forward. Any show of your choosing. Healthcare is too important for tweets. We need real discussion. He says any show, right? >> Any show right here. >> Right here? >> Right here. >> So Cenk Uygur says I'll be your Huckleberry. >> And both of you have had very positive
experiences on TYT. You know I'll be fair so we'd love to host
it if both sides agree. >> I just love, I love that John Delaney a
guy, again, who I'd never heard of before. The extent of my knowledge of him is that
he likes to get booed right to his face. And then he turns into like, online MRA guy
who is obsessed with debate me. Debate me right now. How many times have you gotten that? Like, I want to debate you, Anna. It's just like-
>> It's actually really funny because, of course, the whole debate meme began with Shapiro
challenging AOC to a debate, and getting really aggressive with it. In the last politicon, I was begging him to
debate and he wouldn't do it. So I actually don't get that too often. And if you're a conservative who wants to
debate me, let's debate. I mean, I have no problem debating. But it is kind of like creepy how aggressive
they get with it. Anyway, so I wanna just quickly make a point
before we end this story about how it wasn't just Medicare for all that got booed. The issue of socialism over all, right? >> Mm-hm. >> The very issue that we hear the press fearmonger
about consistently was brought up and honestly, the reaction was surprising to me. I didn't expect this. So here is Hickenlooper fearmongering about
socialism. Just pay attention to the reaction from the
crowd. >> We must address the divisions that are
tearing us apart. We must tackle the kitchen table challenges
facing Americans. But let me be clear, if we want to beat Donald
Trump and achieve big progressive goals, socialism is not the answer. >> Boo. >> I was re-elected,. >> Boo. >> I was re-elected in a purple state in 2014. One of the worst years for Democrats in a
quarter century. I was, if we're not careful, we're gonna end
up helping to re-elect the worst president in American history. >> I was one of only two Democrats that year
to win in a swing state. As Governor, I worked with non-profits in
business, with Democrats and Republicans. >> Amazing. >> Yeah, it's great, do you like to see it. I mean, and again, like I said, he did fundraising
explicitly on this moment. There's a Washington piece post in which,
it was a conversation with Hickenlooper talking about his very own Sister Souljah moment. And it's just bizarre to see it, because it's
such a politics of a different age. And there's no way that that's gonna work
today. And Hickenlooper, it has to be said, I think
I'm contractually obligated to remind people that Hickenlooper drank Fracking Juice to
prove that it was safe. >> Yeah. >> Indeed. Yeah, I mean, I think there is a difference
between Delaney, who I think is just cloistered and clueless, and Hickenlooper who was trying
to do this. He was trying to get this rise out of the
crowd. And the California Democratic party, you were
talking about the activists, and you're talking about the people who are there. Volunteers, people who stuff envelopes, those
are the people that you wanna kick in the teeth, right? But they're famously pretty progressive group. Although, I mean these are also people who
were appointed by elected officials. >> Yeah. >> There's a bit of a mix there. And so to see them, I think there's just a
general antipathy to eating your own. >> Yeah. >> Right. And I just, what was demonstrated in that
clip was the old tactic that apparently some Democrats haven't realized is an old tactic
that no one is buying anymore, which is you need to do what I think is right. Because if you don't, well, then Trump is
gonna get reelected, Trump is gonna get reelected. The fear-mongering about Trump getting reelected,
the big boogie man, is not gonna play well with some portion of Democratic voters. And they just haven't caught onto that. >> Well, they tried that with every single
election that I can remember. >> Right. >> They use the big bad Republican, which
they all are, like they're all big bad Republican. I mean, Bush was awful. Bush was way worse than Trump. And the-
>> In some ways. >> Yeah. They use it as a cajole to punch left, right? And the strategy hasn't really worked out
for Democrats. I see Republican's in power everywhere, all
over the place.

AOC: Can You Be A Democratic Socialist And A Capitalist? 'It's Possible' | MTP Daily | MSNBC

the president spent a lot of time on the using the S word ilysm and socialist it was a not too subtle I don't know whether it's a dig or a enhancement I'll let you decide flattered okay fair enough you have said you are Democratic Socialist can you be a Democratic Socialist and a capitalist well I think it depends on your interpretation so there are some Democratic socialists that would say absolutely not there are other people that are Democratic socialists that would say I think it's possible what are you I think it's possible I think you say you do so I'm a capitalist but I don't say that okay you know if anything I would say I'm in in a democratic economy but gotcha but the but is there so so in some ways whether it's you're coming from say Elizabeth Warren's perspective where she says you know she says things like I'm a capitalist but we need to have hard rules for the game what does the private sector do better than you know that the private say look government should stay out of excuse me sector does that better yeah I think there's a lot of things there's a lot of consumer goods where the private sector works and by the way I think it's important to delineate that just because you're in the private sector does it you can be in the private sector and be a democratically socialist business worker cooperatives are a perfect example of that it's not about government takeover it's about how much do workers have a say in your business do you have workers on the board do workers enjoy a decent amount of the wealth that they are creating or is the majority of these profits going to shareholders while you're paying a worker $15 an hour to live in a New York City apartment and so that to me is the difference it's not that public the public sector is democratically socialist and the private sector is not it's really about a more nuanced understanding of how our economy should work hello youtubers if you're watching this it means you've checked out our channel so thank you now do me a favor subscribe by clicking on that button down there click on any of the videos to watch the latest interviews and highlights from MTV daily and MSNBC you get more beat the press content every morning in the first read newsletter if you're tired of content that you don't know anything about where it came from you don't have to have that problem with us NBC News MSNBC MTP and the Meet the Press mind set right here for you on YouTube subscribe now

BOMBSHELL: Could MLK survive in #MeToo era? Democrats approaching civil war over socialism? | Ep. 64

in a stunning new essay the biographer from Martin Luther King jr. cites FBI reports which paint a disturbing picture of the real MLK could he survive in the me to era and where's the so-called mainstream media's coverage of all of this Joe Biden was a no-show in California and the other Democrat candidates for president took their shot plus are the Democrats heading for a civil war over socialism we'll look at that plus a whole lot more I'm Bobbie Everly this is a 13 minute news hour [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] our friends we're gonna cover MLK but first our friends over at bottle breacher welcome you to the 13 minute news hour and they have a special message just for you in time for Father's Day don't just tell the dads in your life thank you show them with an awesome gift from bottle breacher just go to bottle breacher com use coupon code Bobbi 13-8 1 for 20% off your next purchase and show your dad how much you appreciate him that's bottle breacher comm coupon code Bobbi 13 – a1 alright folks we're gonna talk about MLK because there is there's some interesting information that's come up this week and I just want to talk about him not to revise history but to talk about him in this context of what the left has been doing with other basically national heroes especially those on the right they will attack them they will try and destroy them they won't mention them in history classes anymore and they just try and make them go away you see this with George Washington Thomas Jefferson now they're getting attacked now there's you know movements to remove their names from buildings and things like that remove statues just because the left doesn't like what they stand for in their whole idea is that if you can attack the character of these people then you can attack what they represent the principles that help build America if you no longer listen to the people then you don't listen to their ideas and that's our whole angle and that's what brings us up to MLK because this guy is very important in American history and very important to me too as kind of an engineer I think I was born the year he died the year he was assassinated and everything that he said all the things we hear in history and on those famous speeches makes sense to me both as an engineer and as an athlete you know as an engineer it doesn't matter what your color skin are can you solve the problems or not you know the problem doesn't care if a white person is solving it or a black person is solving it can you get the answer that's all that matters and athletics in sports in competition it's who's better than the other not what color they are I mean that's where the camaraderie of football and baseball and all the teams they just start trying to win they don't care the color of skin of the other person and so his sayings in his speeches have a lot of meaning and they've always kind of guided me in my approach to life well so now there's some very interesting information that has come out and it's from a guy named David Garrow who was a is a peerless surprise winning biographer of Martin Luther King from back in the 80s and in 2017 and 18 some information was released inadvertently dealing with MLK and he's found this information he's looked at it in the National Archives and he wrote an essay last Thursday that was published that really shows from the FBI reports the kind of character that MLK had and we're talking about multiple multiple girlfriends extramarital affairs very bizarre and depraved behavior to the point where one was even a crime according to the FBI reports now Guerra wrote about this and it's been covered overseas a lot but the left stream mainstream media is not covering it at all and here is part of the story Guerra claims new evidence shows king whose extramarital affairs have long been known was a sexual libertine alleging sexual activities with dozens of women in describing them in graphic detail one of the claims would constitute a crime if true his evidence FBI files purported to be summaries of recordings of King and his colleagues in the 1960s when their rooms were being bugged and phones wiretap by Hoover the summaries were apparently inadvertently included in the John F Kennedy files maintained by the National Archives and released online in 2017 and 2018 Garrow discovered the inadvertent release all right so just to give you some little bit of background J Edgar Hoover who was FBI director at the time they didn't like King they knew some of his associates were communist party activists but they also didn't like the he was stirring people up so they followed him they surveilled him they tapped his phones they bugged hotel rooms and all of that those transcripts in those tapes are available the problem is is that by court order they have been sealed till January 31st 2027 so we can't get to them but what happened is apparently that FBI some FBI agents made notes on those recordings or about those recordings and those notes those reports ended up in these JFK files that were released last year and the year before that's what he's talking about and that's what the left is not reporting they are not diving into this as a news story in this me to era where they attack everybody Brett Kavanaugh is nominated for the Supreme Court they go after him with a vengeance and with absolutely no proof here are FBI documents about MLK which could really tarnish his reputation and they're not reporting it now there was a great conversation great interview with Laura Ingraham and Dinesh D'Souza the other day and here's part of it so I think this is kind of why these allegations although they're all over the British press and their source is credible they're getting no coverage in America not a single major media outlet has touched them the progressive historians are all hiding under their desks so D'Souza goes on and talks about some of the great african-americans in US history such as Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman in Booker T Washington and he says this all of these were Republicans they were conservatives they were celebrators of self-help and as what Douglas called a self-made man so the left hates them the left doesn't want to teach them and so the only guy that they've been able to push to the front is Martin Luther King he's the only guy that they in a sense can cling to so if they lose King they've sort of lost their one claim to be a champion if you will of african-american rights so will they risk losing King or will they analyze him and attack him as they've done other figures check this out why aren't they clamoring for the tapes to be released earlier I mean the extreme look at the look at the extreme discretion that even you're exercising on this show now if these allegations have been made about Reagan or about George Washington Thomas jeferson they'd be all over the newspapers alright so there you have it folks you know what should we do what should be the legacy of MLK I'd love for you to jump in the comments does this kind of stuff matter you know all these years later 50 years later 51 years since his assassination does it matter his personal life when he did so much for the civil rights movement and his speeches are still played today and still inspire people now should they be analyzed is the left being hypocrites you know what is the standard here for diving into the past lives in this new me to era jumping in the comments and please let me know all right we're gonna move on to the Democrats in California this past weekend the Democrats held their state convention they invited a bunch of presidential candidates down Joe Biden though was a no-show we're gonna get into him because Elizabeth Warren took some shots at him and so did some others but first I want to play this clip from Elizabeth Warren speech at the convention [Applause] all right I just played that because it frustrates me so much because she talks about the wealthy and the well-connected hello everyone in politics is wealthy and well-connected basically especially these longtime senators and these people running for president she is one of the wealthy and well-connected but well that's all right so here's the a clip from Joe Biden from a couple weeks ago that has really stirred up some of the Democrats take a listen to this all right so what Biden is saying there is he's basically telling the Democrats hey just chill out you know we don't need radical policies we don't need to move far to the left as soon as we get rid of Trump the GOP is gonna come around they're gonna work with us it's all gonna be good we don't need to go radical all right so obviously that didn't sit well with a party that is moving so far to the left and all the major Democrat presidential candidates are embracing these left-wing policies here's what Warren said [Applause] alright and here's more on that from Fox News from the Convention says Warren was one of 14 presidential contenders in San Francisco for the three-day meeting of the California Democratic Party featuring thousands of fervent activists Biden was the only big-name candidate to skip the gathering opting instead to campaign in Ohio that allowed Warren Vermont senator Bernie Sanders Harris and others a chance to grab the spotlight some conservative commentators and activists questioned whether Biden was intentionally avoiding the spotlight trying to maintain his lead without appearing to conflict with his Democrat rivals all right I think that is a pretty good strategy it for Biden at least for now because he is the gaffe master you know not only is he all touchy-feely and the weird stuff but he opens his mouth and strange things come out and I you know if he doesn't know it I guess his staff does his advisors do because it's better to ride this high approval or high standing in the polls now when he has to get out there get out there but don't you know just open yourself up for other attacks by opening your mouth when you don't need to here's some more from Fox News in San Francisco Warren's remark served as the most direct job at Biden but 37 year-old South Bend Indiana mayor mayor Pete Buda judge seemed to draw a contrast with the 76 year old Biden when he said Democrats won't win if they bring more than the same to the 2020 contest the riskiest thing we can do is play it safe Budda judge declared there's no going back to normal all right and here's something I want to point out that is just it's really scary from the convention how far left they've gone and you have to wonder are the Democrats headed for a civil war over socialism are the days completely gone where they want to raise taxes a little bit they want to increase government a little bit or is it just pure on socialism one of the candidates running for president is former governor of Colorado he can / and he spoke to the Convention and here's what he said and check out the reaction if we want to beat Donald Trump and achieve big aggressive goal socialism is not the answer [Applause] alright here's more from John Hickenlooper as well so what is going on with these people they boo a presidential candidate because he says we don't have to adopt socialism and he's booed for that it just shows how crazy things have gotten all right friends I want to wrap up with an update on the Fresno Grizzlies and their Memorial Day video controversy as you know we talked about in the last show sun-maid raisins dropped them Heineken USA who makes Tecate and doe sekiz they drop them as sponsors so what's the fallout what's happened to the Fresno Grizzlies we'll check this out after operating most of the week under a cloud of Memorial Day missed you the that put the team in national headlines the Fresno Grizzlies drew twelve thousand nine sixty two last night at Chicano Park this was the largest crowd of the season for the Grizzlies in the third five-digit crowd that Chuck Johnny Chauncey park in 2019 so there you go you stir up controversy you bring in Alexandria Acacio Cortes and their socialist policies and you draw the biggest crowd of the year that's pretty good fallout I think the sponsors are probably kicking themselves right now but good for the Grizzlies good for the crowd enjoy some baseball folks that's our show for today please subscribe please hit that bell when you do and have a great day we'll see you on Wednesday I'm Bobbie Everly this is a 13 minute news hour [Applause] you