What is Common Law?

Welcome to the Investors Trading Academy talking
glossary of financial terms and events. Our word of the day is “Common Law”
The law of the land which comes from neither the statute books nor the constitution but
from court law reports. Originally that body of law which was common to all parts of England
not customary or local law and developed over centuries from the English courts to be adopted
and further developed in countries using that system. As compared to democratically maintained
law, common law is judge maintained and modified law and is valid unless it conflicts with
statute law. Common law also known as case law or precedent
is law developed by judges, courts, and similar tribunals, stated in decisions that nominally
decide individual cases but that in addition have precedential effect on future cases.
The common-law system prevails in England, the United States, and other countries colonized
by England. It is distinct from the civil-law system, which predominates in Europe and in
areas colonized by France and Spain. The common-law system is used in all the states of the United
States except Louisiana, where French Civil Law combined with English Criminal Law to
form a hybrid system. The common-law system is also used in Canada, except in the Province
of Quebec, where the French civil-law system prevails.

Meet The Legendary Creator of Famous Daredevil Foe Typhoid Mary | Women of Marvel

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, guys.
I’m Judy. And I’m Sana. And we’re here from
the Women of Marvel. And we are back with a special
80th anniversary episode, and we’re excited to be
joined by Ann Nocenti. Hi. Hello. We’re so excited
to have Ann here. Ann is a very well known
editor, writer, filmmaker. You’ve done so much
across the board. But you’re such a
big part of Marvel’s history, the legacy of Marvel
in the ’80s in particular. And there was one
character, which is a personal favorite
of mine, that you created named Typhoid Mary. Uh oh. That is exactly
what you should say. What’s she doing in the room? Tell us about Typhoid
Mary and how she came to be. ANN NOCENTI: Well,
I think that a hero is only as good as its villain. When John Romita, Jr., and
I were working on Daredevil, we wanted to give Daredevil
a really good villain. He had a couple personalities. You know, he was a
lawyer and a vigilante, so if he didn’t solve
it in the courts, he solved it in the streets. He wore a devil suit. He was a lapsed Catholic. We felt like he was
full of contradictions, so give him a female that
had a lot of different sides. And so we created a
character where there would be an innocent Mary
who would seduce Matt Murdock, while
the wild Typhoid would seduce Daredevil’s darker side. It’s comics. Hey, you can have
lots of personalities. You already have an ego and
an alter ego and a mask. Why not have, like, five more? The conversation that we
had with you on the podcast really showcased all of
your different personalities as well, some of the darker side
of Ann Nocenti, which you guys should definitely check
out because there’s a great conversation. We learned a lot more about
the history of Marvel, all of the amazing things
Ann is doing right now. So Ann, thanks for joining us. And you guys, go check it out. This is Marvel. Your universe. Thank you. [MUSIC PLAYING]

[NEWS IN-DEPTH] Analysis of Moon’s New Year’s address

president moon jae-in took over the main
headlines of Tuesday with his highly anticipated New Year’s address keywords
stood out in a speech including a peace and evident change the president has
vowed to continue efforts to create momentum to improve inter-korean
relations and speed up stalled North Korea u.s. nuclear talks while assuring
that the government will make evident changes in the nation’s economy specific
ways to achieve those pledges were also laid out today we dissect the
president’s New Year’s message with doctors homes had Yun professor at Cal
King University it’s great to have you with us good to be here
president during his New Year’s address said that much of the efforts were
focused on facilitating the talks between North Korea and the US and 2019
but today he emphasized that while keeping those efforts alive the two
Koreas should try and enhance cooperation at the same time what does
this imply to the president’s long sought peace drive on the Korean
Peninsula right in this address we again reconfirmed against his resolve to push
through the the peace process Korean Peninsula peace process there are three
parts to it we all knew that there is a stop the war mutual security assurance
but the third part is a prosperity through economic projects and all those
and that goes more to the inter-korean relations relationships and I think that
the president moon feels that because we’ve focused too much on the North
Korea and the u.s. relationship and now how he has stalled he feels that there
is a much to be done in the third part of it and also the inter-korean
relationship I think that’s why he has a flurry of new or renewed proposals and
offers to – to North Korea and probably he wants to get that that aspect going
in order to kind of help along what the the u.s. and North Korea is going
in terms of dialogues president moon also laid out specific measures to make
new progress and inter-korean cooperation he mentioned about boosting
cooperation on borderline provinces and called on joint efforts for Co
registering of DMZ as the unesco world heritage which is also linked to
president moons proposal made last year on turning DMZ into a global peace zone
how feasible are his newly suggested measures to boost inter-korean
cooperation ostensibly it is possible to have that project going because those
are not subject to sanctions explicitly and so if the North wants to cooperate
there is a chance to do it I think the the problem is that the North Korea is
not looking to kind of go with those kind of soft projects at this point it
seems like their bellicose messages and and escalating this tension is at this
point would not really jive well with those soft approaches and and the
cultural projects so in that sense I think there there might be a point where
this artificially imposed deadline from the North Korea about the u.s. actions
if that’s up sized or if that doesn’t go anywhere probably they’ll have to find
new ways to get the get the dialogue going
probably that might be one of the options so the biggest remaining
obstacle you would say is North Korea’s hostile attitude toward South Korea
great point I guess fundamentally whether they are on board with the
Korean Peninsula peace process and if they see the merits of that probably a
lot of things can piss facilitate but the evidence is so far has been that
their criticism about the South Korea and the lack of role
kosecki singularly focused on whether the South Korean actions would help that
the talk between the North Korea and the u.s. so they have to kind of expand the
horizons to get the overall packages of the peace process
going and again that requires North Korea kind of getting on board squarely
on the peace process oh three prongs abit another highlight of president ones
address today was his invitation to Kim Jungman to visit South Korea he called
an efforts to create conditions the right conditions to materialize Kim
jong-un’s promised visit to Seoul which is after the second time the president
has made such proposal since September of 2018 how do you gauge the possibility
of Kim jong-un crossing the border to the south in the near future I think
it’s in the same vein whether Kim sees the value of that it’s a continuation of
North South Korea relationship so that there would be a major step in that
direction as any of the summit meetings would would would be so in that sense if
the North sees that by visiting South Korea if that helps South Korea to talk
to the North Korea to you know make the better relationship among the three of
them probably that would be the avenue to go but as I mentioned before North
Korea at this point is focused on escalating tensions and putting pressure
to to the Donald Trump in his bid to re-election and so on and so forth so at
this point it doesn’t really create a environment to where Kim would visit
South Korea and become become a big message to to the United States at this
point so I don’t think he sees the value at this point but things could quickly
change as the new years progress and those artificial deadlines kind of runs
its course probably they’ll come up with new plans
what do you think is President when Jane’s strategy if you will of
re-invited Kim jong-un during his New Year’s address
I think he almost he has to at this point his whole theme of the new
addresses new direction more concrete actions and rather than proposing
entirely new things he wants to kind of progress or make progress on the
previous talks that have happening and the Kim’s visit to South Korea is
certainly the one of them and also DMZ development and also road projects that
north-south they have talked about those are the kind of a low-hanging fruit so
to speak if they want to engage because that the talks have progressed to some
extent before but again you know it comes down to whether the North Korea is
willing to go to that route other specific measures suggested by president
moon today include co-hosting of 2032 Olympic Games Coe entrance of North
Korean and South Korean athletes during this year’s Tokyo Olympics mm-hmm and
also a forming a north-south unified team for certain Olympic events you’ve
mentioned that North Korea wants something bigger but how do you expect
North Korea to react to these proposals right remember the North Korea’s
overture of a peace that started the dialogue with the US started with the
sports events Pyongyang Olympic Games their participation zuv it
so this culture and sports events is always a good option on a soft option to
go to that route again we come to a point to weather weather that is useful
probably not in the relationship between north and United States because they way
their way past that stage but in terms of north-south relationship probably
that will be a major events that they can make some progress between two
countries in many different fronts of cooperation so I think the moon has sees
a very significant value to that and depending on what happens with the North
Korea and the US if that stalls further
probably north would say well we have to go down this route and start up the this
talk peace process or the talk process again so that North Korea can come
around I mean the US could come around but that’s I think of the month or two
away from this point president moon also mentioned about his long-sought goal of
connecting inter-korean roads and railways and China and Russia has
recently requested to the UN for sanctions waiver on those projects as
well how feasible is the plan though depends on the president moons vision in
this area I think that in the road projects especially his diplomatic
abilities or his influence could then net some better fruits than just
focusing on the North Korea and the u.s. because the road projects in this region
at least to China is a significantly invested in it they’re involved in the
Russia is involved so having a good relationship with those who are
benefiting from this project probably there might be some agreements or some
projects to be done and that requires that concrete actions
from moon and that has to be in in difficult maneuvering with the what the
US wants in this region how a steer there will be about the any kind of
economic cooperation that happening in this region not only from South and
North Korea but with the China and Russia now to the economy the moon
administration has injected the largest sum of money in Korea’s history into the
job market which actually led to the highest employment rate Korea has seen
but although the job quality remains debatable right how do you assess our
government’s economic achievements 20:19 well the criticisms are that those
projects are not sustainable because if it’s a fiscal policy or a budget driven
then when the money runs out wouldn’t what happens to those jobs but I would
look at it more there hopefully because any kind of stimulus to the economy it
is a good beginning but then it has to be followed up by the structural changes
in the economy so that those changes that he made would be self-financing
rather than just putting government money into it so on and so forth
so I think that the success of that that they report cart of on those actions
would depend on what he does next I think he talked about the changes this
year I hope that includes a structural reforms in the economy because without
that probably that will kind of fall wayside so a structural reform is a must
to achieve president moons what he called evident to make evident changes
in the new year right especially in the venture sectors there are some
significant legislations that did not pass I think the president mentioned
that so his diplomatic or the the political abilities to bring those
together so that these lawmakers would pass there was a structural reform bill
probably that would go to the credit of his ability to revive the economy in the
new year now prosecutorial reform is another huge
agenda for president moon Jane and as part of the efforts the president and
the cabinet members today approved the bill passed by the Parliament to set up
an agency that will look into corruption by high-ranking government officials
your thoughts on president moon’s core processor real reform I think even
before he he pushed that that prosecutorial reform had a pretty broad
base the support that has to happen because it was a legacy from the
previous kind of regime I’m talking about the 70s and 80s so not just the
immediate Regine so in that sense I think the
devil is in the details I think the people quibble over how to get there
rather than whether we should get there or not so we got about seven months I
guess when that agency comes into a real physical being so I think that a lot of
details has to be worked out especially focusing on how we ensure that the
independence of that agency would make sure that the goal of making a agency
that really serve have a check and balance on any kind of a high level
civil servants corruption issues that is an issue none
III think the direction is there so it’s a matter of making direct making that
happen with a sufficiently competent details
and and the mechanisms to make sure that that happens before you go could you sum
up president ones New Year’s message for us today and what do you think are the
main factors that will propel his goals I think that he faces a lot of
uncertainties not only the u.s. job us-china relationship korea-japan
relationship and and north and the u.s. that influences our economic issues and
diplomatic issues as well peace and economy those were his key words I think
he has a direction right which is that Korea needs to step up to give more
flesh to those directions the Korea’s role has to step up in the the peace
process not just looking at what happens in North Korea in the US and also in the
economy he briefly talked about the structural reforms those are the
tangible actions that has to be really driven by the government in the new year
we cannot just look back and say well this is what’s happening all right many
thanks to you dr. song as always we appreciate the time tonight thank you

Kent Law Clinic

I’m very proud of the work that we’ve
done in employment law, in immigration and nationality law and asylum law and
also in public rights-of-way. We’ve done some landmark asylum cases, achieving asylum for people that has broken new ground and it has had a
tremendously beneficial effect in later applicants for asylum and I think in a
wholly positive and fair way. In employment, we gained hundreds of
thousands of pounds for people by way of compensation in respect of unfair
dismissal. Well I worked on a case last year and
when we first started I met with a client, it was just one client. He
worked as a house parent and in a residential setting. As a house parent, part of your job is remain there overnight and sleep
overnight but the hours we were sleeping we weren’t being kind of paid for. We
were only paid for contact hours if we were woken up. And as it transpired
that’s actually illegal you know if you’re legally obliged to stay at your
place of work and sleep there you are technically still working and legally
they were obliged to pay us for some of the hours which they hadn’t been paying
us for. So we all managed to get our back pay paid and that was a result of the Kent Law Clinic. It would have cost them a hell of a lot to do
it without us but we worked incredibly hard on this case and it was something
that we I think myself and Toni especially felt really quite passionate
about because there was a lot of people missing out on a lot of money. And I
think without us they wouldn’t have known so where to go, what their legal
standpoint was because obviously we had one person come who then went and told other people what where they stood in the the legal area. I think it has made
a contribution, a modest contribution, but where it has contributed I think it has
improved the quality of life of many people and also improved the sense of community that there is a service for people who can’t afford to pay for a
private lawyer. There is a service which can help them, you know, with their problem. It’s one of the most unique features of the Kent Law School because it’s pro
bono work for students and as well as providing legal support for people
that live in the Kent area which they especially for people that can’t afford
legal advice so it’s a good experience on both ends because you
actually get to work with the solicitors you get to learn hands-on experience
working the case work, bundling, going to court. I had the opportunity for example
myself going to court and learning how to cross-examine a defendant. You would
never learn that anywhere else. It gives them tremendous skills that are
valuable vocationally in terms of a career in terms of employability. That’s
the most obvious benefit. It’s not the greatest benefit. I think the greatest
benefit is an improvement in their academic life and their improvement in
their studies. The greatest benefit is to their improved knowledge and
understanding of the law, their analytical abilities. You know, their
ability to reflect upon it and critique the law and to discuss it and to think
about ways that it could work better as well as the ways in which it does work.
And also I think the third benefit is that it’s given them a sense
of the importance of public service. The idea that you can make a difference
with the law that you’re learning at an early stage gives them a sense of, and a
connection with, people, that I think they take with them after they leave Kent. I love the Clinic. I think it’s a fantastic thing. One of the reasons I actually
wanted to come to this university was because of the Law Clinic. I remember seeing John Fitzpatrick speaking on the open days and it was one of the things that I really wanted to involved in. So when I had the opportunity to do it, it was just it was brilliant and this case was such a fantastic case to be a part of
because it had such a huge benefits for so many people and I mean you know. We
settled and the settlements could potentially change people’s lives. So I look back on it with fond memories. And I hope that, well I want to be a part of it for the rest of my life.

Embassy in Crisis: Diplomats and the Tet Offensive – Don North on the Tet Offensive

The Tet Offensive was probably the biggest story that I had in serving over five years in Vietnam, but there were certainly frustrations, I mentioned that I was very disappointed not to be able to interview any of the brave MPs and Marines who were guarding the embassy and who even though they were trained as Building guards they fought as an infantry platoon to defeat these 15 Viet Cong sappers I Was very disappointed of the Embassy’s Reaction to press at that time After the attack on the embassy there seemed to be a curtain drawn an information curtain drawn around the embassy In talking to the Ambassador we had to only report that the source was a senior U.S. diplomat We couldn’t even name him by name the Press attaché at the Embassy Barry Zorthian was very helpful he had experience as a journalist with CBS before he joined the State Department and We considered Barry sort of the sweet voice of reason in an embassy that was often hostile to journalists and Barry would help us as much as possible and of course he was the first one to get on the phone and warn our news agencies that an attack was underway at the embassy and Barry told me that afterwards he was under very strict Reprimand from others at the Embassy for him doing this they felt that he’d spoken prematurely before really a Clear picture of what was happening was going on on some spin could be put on the situation but In many ways You know there was no censorship really in Vietnam toward the journalists Certainly there wasn’t covering the embassy attack there was such confusion and chaos Nobody sort of was a minder and said dawn. You can’t go here. You can’t go there but the worst censorship ironically that I Experienced was from my own company back in New York There was a big difference and divide in the journalists that worked for ABC News between the Vietnam journalists and the New York and Washington journalists the Washington journalists of course were getting briefings having lunch with the president every few days and they were hearing this huge Public relations offensive to convince Americans the war was being won and After the attack and we were all being told to leave the embassy I asked for a few more minutes just to make wrap-up comments what we call a stand offer to conclude our report to television and this is what I said I said since the Lunar New Year the Vietcong and North Vietnamese have proved They are capable of bold military moves that Americans here never dreamed could be achieved but whatever turned the war now takes the attack on this embassy for almost seven hours is a psychological victory For the enemy. Now that was delivered basically 30 minutes after the attack was declared over no time to appoint a committee to Decide and an analyze the situation But just a very quick on the hoof wrap up It never got used some senior producer in New York said Don you’re editorializing, and we’re not going to use it they didn’t and of course the analysis that this indeed was an American military victory but a psychological loss was Very much accepted afterwards, but my poor attempts to say this just thirty minutes after the attack was thwarted

Wait Just a Minute: Former Diplomat Cécile Shea

[MUSIC PLAYING] Most Americans don’t consider
immigration a security threat, but some consider it
an economic threat. We need to speak
to those people, to help them feel more
economically secure, and help them to understand
that, actually, immigration is good for the American economy. The single biggest
thing that we can do to improve national security
is ensure that our intelligence networks are up-to-date so that
we know if the wrong people are trying to enter the US. America has always
been a welcoming place. People look up to America
because we have always taken your poor, your tired,
those yearning to be free, turned them into Americans,
and given them freedom. And the more that we
can present ourselves as that kind of a
country, the safer we are, and the more people
want to emulate us. Two things keep me up at night. The first is global
warming and climate change and what it’s going to mean
for our country in the next 15 years. And the second is the
loss of American prestige around the world
and how hard it is going to be to rely on
our friends in the future because they aren’t going
to respect us anymore. [TIMER CHIMES]

Sean Hannity CANCELS Geraldo Rivera

>>Geraldo has disagreed with other personalities
on Fox News when it comes to war with Iran. In fact, there was a video that went viral,
where he is saying it’s a terrible idea to escalate tensions with Iran and Brian Kilmeade
went at it with him. Now, recently he was supposed to make an appearance
on Hannity show, but that appearance was cancelled. And it seems like it was cancelled specifically
because Geraldo was gonna continue making the case that war with Iran is a bad idea. So he starts off with this tweet. Urging Donald Trump to keep his powder dry,
please don’t let this spin out of control. You can always hit them back. Please don’t let this become an escalating,
you hit me, I hit you back harder until we have another full blown, bloody Mid East war
on our hands. What would we win? And so then he ends up responding to someone
who apparently liked his tweet and he says, thanks. I’ll be on with Sean Hannity tonight counseling
restraint and talking about these deeply disturbing developments. And then later he said, Nevermind, Hannity
just canceled me. And I just like to end this whole exchange
with Malcolm Fleschner tweet, cancel culture strikes again.>>I really liked that tweet. So look, before we open this up for discussion,
I just wanna remind you of how passionately Geraldo feels about avoiding war with Iran. This was a segment that Fox had earlier. Take a look.>>Now we have taken this huge military escalation. Now I fear the worst. You’re gonna see the US markets go crazy today. You’re gonna see the price of oil spiking
today. This is a very, very big deal.>>And I don’t know if you heard
>>But this isn’t about his resume of blood and death, it is about what was next. We stopped the next attack, that’s what I
think you’re missing.>>According to the Secretary of State.>>By what credible source,
>>Okay.>>Can you predict what the next Iranian move
would be?>>They’ve been excellent, the US Intelligence
has been excellent since 2003, when we invaded Iraq, disrupted the entire region for no real
reason. Don’t for a minute start cheering this on. What you have done, what we have done, we
have unleashed.>>I will cheer
>>Then you, like Lindsay Graham, have never met a war you didn’t like.>>That is not true, and don’t even say that.>>If President Trump wanted de-escalation-
>>We should just let him kill us for another 15 years.>>If President Trump wanted de-escalation
and to bring our troops home. What this was a reaction to-
>>What about the 700 Americans who are dead? Should they not be happy because of him?>>What about the tens of thousands of Iraqis
who have died since 2003? You have to start seeing things. What the hell are we doing in Baghdad in the
first place? Why are we there? Why aren’t these forces home?>>You’re blaming President Bush for the maniacal
killing of Saddam Hussein?>>I am blaming President Bush in 2003 for
those fake weapons of mass destruction that never existed and the con job that drove us
into that war.>>Listen, you gotta give people credit when
they’re right, and Geraldo was right there. I think that he took a strong position. I also give Geraldo credit for consistently
speaking out against Donald Trump’s disgusting immigration policies on Fox. I’m sure that’s not an easy environment to
share your accurate opinions in. But yeah, so Hannity canceled. Now, who knows? Maybe they canceled him to maybe replace that
segment with something that involves a legal analyst or?>>I don’t know, should we give Hannity the
benefit of the doubt?>>Hannity did not want any of that smoke. He’s like man, I saw what you did to kill
me. And I don’t think any more clearly than he
does. His producers probably said hey, we’re gonna
go ahead and cancel Geraldo because first off, Geraldo’s only mistake was revealing
what he wanted to do that night. When he talked to the person who retweeted
him or liked it and he goes, thanks I’m gonna be on later to make sure I council against
this. They’re like no that’s not the agenda tonight. That’s not what we’re on board for. Of course, yes again we’re speculating. But I mean, if it’s not the case, go and let
us know what the other difference was. I mean, they canceled on me tonight so I can’t
come on and say what I had to say. So I mean, again, what’ll happen is you end
up revealing what your real intentions are and what your real beliefs are. And people on the region are like, well, 700
Americans were lost. You don’t care about the Americans being lost
when it comes to anything else except for pursuing war. And then so, of course, when Geraldo brings
up the tens of thousands of Iraqis dying, there’s no answer to that. Those aren’t real people? Those are casualties of war. Or when we talk about how we wanna make sure
we keep American troops out of harm’s way. They go hey, well American troops they signed
up for it. They knew what they were getting themselves
into. Somehow when it comes to having any kinda
empathy towards people it’s all based on whether or not you’re falling not behind this president
and his line of ridiculousness. Secondly, Geraldo use Trump’s talking point
about we gotta get out of these stupid wars. You can’t follow a guy who continues to contradict
his own agenda and policies throughout his presidency.>>Right, exactly. And look, it’s hilarious to me to hear anyone
on Fox News or even anyone in cable news talk about how egregious it is or how much of an
injustice it is when Americans die. When in our own country they constantly push
for domestic policy that leads to more Americans dying.>>Totally, my god.>>I mean, how many American die every year
because they don’t have adequate health insurance? And they will attack Universal Healthcare,
over and over again. They’ll talk about how we can’t afford it,
can’t pay for it. When it comes to beating that war-drum, by
the way, which is the most expensive policy to support, they’re all for it. They don’t care about American lives. American’s overall, just like troops are nothing
more than pawns, nothing more than props, that these lowly individuals use to make their
arguments when it’s convenient for them. But when push comes to shove, you think they
really care about the lives of Americans? How about all those segments that Fox News
has done on homeless people? Do they care about them? They defame them, they slander them as dead
beats, as druggists, as all sorts of things. They don’t care about human lives. What cares about is appeasing Trump, making
sure that Trump is happy with him. Because you never know, you might lose access
to Trump if you criticize him. And you might not be able to get a job in
Trump’s administration. We all know that Trump likes to pick people
out of Fox News. So it’s just gross. And look, not to get too leftist, I guess,
whatever you wanna call it. But that’s what capitalism is, that’s what
capitalism does. It’s all about profit, it’s all about ensuring
that you have the upper hand and you increase your chances of making more money, right? That’s what happens in our media all the time,
right?>>Making money and being a tough guy, that’s
the other part of it. Even people who don’t have, I guess, the interests
for lining their pockets. It’s, hey, we’re tough guys, we’re America. Hey, we don’t let them F with us like this. Hey, you’re not gonna say that to me. There’s a superiority complex that we have
from the moment that we’re born that says, we have to make sure that we talk about how
much better we are than you no matter what. You can be on the lowest totem pole in America. But you’re like, I’m an American, I’m better
than you. But your life actually has nothing to do with
this American dream that they’ve sold you. That you’re supposed to somehow pursue. And one more thing that they don’t care about
lives for is school shootings, mass shootings, Car Club shootings. We don’t care about that stuff, thoughts and
prayers. What bombs we dropping on people to stop that
from happening? American lives are being lost every day. You don’t care about American lives.>>Again, it’s just something that they cite
when it’s convenient to them to support a policy that’s horrendous, usually. And, in this case, it’s escalated tensions
and war with Iran. So, again, credit where credit is due. I think Geraldo is doing a good job. And I think that he should be proud of the
fact that Hannity canceled his appearance, right? Look, I don’t know what his future is gonna
look like. Obviously, Shep Smith, who had the audacity
to speak the truth every once in a while on Fox News is no longer there. But we know what Fox News is, Geraldo knows
what Fox News is. I don’t agree with Geraldo on many issues. But if you have any integrity and you actually
want to share truthful analysis with an audience, Fox News is not the place to do it. You’re hardly even seen on cable news shows
period, much less on Fox News.

AOC Takes A Shot At Biden

>>Freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
fired a shot at Joe Biden. This was when she was asked about a Biden
presidency to which she responded, God.>>In any other country, Joe Biden and I would
not be in the same party, but in America, we are. Now this was in an interview with New York
Magazine. I wanna give you some more context so first,
let’s take a quick look at the article itself. One Year in Washington, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
reshaped her party’s agenda, resuscitated Bernie Sanders’s campaign and hardly has a
friend in town. But let me just be clear about something. She might not have many friends in the Washington
establishment, but she has a lot of constituents and voters who are rooting for her and we’re
certainly among them. Now here’s how that line came up in the article. She said the Congressional Progressive Caucus
should start kicking people out if they stray too far from the party line. Other caucuses within the Democratic Party
in Congress require applications, Ocasio-Cortez pointed out. But they let anybody who the cat dragged in
call themselves a progressive. There’s no standard, she said. And I totally agree with her on that. I mean, we had Democratic presidential candidates
claiming that they were progressives while they were supporting fascist regimes in India. I mean, that’s not progressivism, like it’s
just->>Well, it’s easy to label yourself something,
yes.>>Yeah, exactly.>>And it’s easy to also imply that you support
the same, like if I were to ask you who among the Democratic primary contenders supports
the Green New Deal? Well, technically all of them, I guess, do
you think it means the same thing for all of them?>>Of course not.>>100% not, which is why we need to dig deeper.>>So she says the same goes for the party
as a whole. She was quoted as saying Democrats can be
too big of a tent. And we certainly know that. I know that this year in particular, when
I say this year I mean over the last six months, has been difficult in labeling myself a Democrat. Because there are members in Democratic leadership
who have enabled Donald Trump to an extent that I’m beyond uncomfortable with. And so identifying as part of the same party
has been incredibly difficult, but the way that the primaries are set up if you’re not
a registered Democrat in certain states, you cannot vote in the Democratic primary. And it’s gross that we have a system that
set up that way.>>Yeah, I hate that the party allows in people
who are so like at least ideologically violent to what it needs to accomplish for its constituents. But I feel like I identify with the Democratic
Party for the same reason AOC says that she has. We’re the actual Democrats, we embody the
spirit of the Democratic party going back way longer than the relatively recent neo-liberal
pro-corporatist thing that’s been, you know it’s been around for three or four decades,
but a big part of the Democratic Party and Democratic leadership. But farther back there, like, the part of
party that was able to get so many reforms for working Americans, that’s what the Democratic
Party needs to be. And just because some of these people are
running for office for the first time, and the party’s currently filled with these ghouls,
doesn’t mean that we don’t have the right to take it back.>>Yeah, you’re right. And we need to fight aggressively for that. Now people were not happy with what Representative
Ocasio-Cortez had to say about Joe Biden, and her views on the Democratic Party having
too much, casting a giant tent when it comes to ideology. And so since people gave her crap about it,
she defended her analysis. And she said, quote, yeah, I don’t know why
people are up in arms about this. Many other countries have multiparty democracies,
where several parties come together in a coalition to govern. In another country, I’d be in a Labor Party. Our primary field would cover two to three
parties and she’s absolutely right about that. Look, people have this visceral reaction to
Ocasio-Cortez because she has this incredible ability to call out the Democratic Party for
its devastating flaws and be effective in doing it. And so I think that that’s a great defense
of the point that she was trying to make. But she should also know that there are people
who are intentionally being obtuse. Like there are people who are intentionally
pretending like they’re dumb and they don’t understand what she’s saying, she didn’t say
anything controversial there.>>Yeah, it’s just true, learn about other
countries, I don’t know what to tell you. But that she has that ability to call out
the Democratic Party and specifically Democratic leadership, while also showing how it should
be done. She’s not just a critic. She is driving the conversation. She is organizing people and getting people
involved in this. That’s why you’re gonna see so many candidates
that were, some inspired by Bernie Sanders, others inspired by AOC. She’s in there as a critic, but she’s also
showing the way it should be.>>Absolutely.

Trumpist Nationalism is Silly & Won’t Solve Problems

We are going back to the phones at (617) 830-4750 let’s check in with Jeremy in Wisconsin. Jeremy
in Wisconsin on the six Oh eight number. Jeremy, what’s going on? Hey David, how are you doing? Good, how are you? Well, good, good. So my question, um, sort
of relates to, I guess the ever increasing role of international bodies and governance.
So seeing, I guess the example I’m thinking about is the Amazon rainforest. How that obviously
if it’s being destruct or it’s being destroyed, it has international consequences that affect
every nation. So I was wondering if you think with things like that going on and kind of
globalization increasing general, do you think international bodies will be more strong in
the future? And do you think they should go in that route? Well, I’ve said before that the um, the, the
idea that most of our major issues can be solved within country borders is increasingly
an idea of the past. I mean, listen, the U S can solve campaign finance internally. Sure.
But the U S is not going to be able to deal with automation and outsourcing independently.
We’re not going to be able to deal with climate change independently. We’re not gonna be able
to deal with pollution independently. Space travel is something that is going to exceed
country lines. It’s space exploration. So the hyper nationalist mentality that other
peoples problems are only theirs and not ours. And all of our problems are merely hours to
to solve. And we don’t need anybody else. It is such an antiquated and, and, and, and
uh, at this point, frankly bogus assertion that, um, we are going to need to solve these
issues together. That’s why that’s another reason, aside from sometimes the xenophobic
overtones of the hyper nationalists, it also just doesn’t work. That’s fair. Yeah. So I was wondering, I guess
you see the, I guess the results of the European model, how there’s been a little bit of pushback
to that with the rise of I guess nationalist rhetoric and parts of the world. Do you think
America is going to go down the European model and you’re going to see more, I guess global
connections in terms of um, making policy? Um, if we, if we elect the right people? Sure.
I mean, the current president is someone who has resisted that and is more of a go it go
it alone sort of guy. And the effect that it’s having is that increasingly the United
States doesn’t have a seat at the adult table on more and more issues when it comes to a
global trade. Trump is just putting tariffs on people and increasingly the, the, the sort
of outcast when it comes to climate change, he’s not even invited to a lot of important
summits and discussions. So I hope that that happens, but it’s going to depend on who we
elect. Awesome. All right. Thank you David. Appreciate
you answering my question. Alright, Jeremy, great to hear from you

Henry’s Law and Its Application – Solution and Colligative Properties – Chemistry Class 12

Do subscribe to Ekeeda Channel and press bell icon to get updates about latest engineering HSC and IIT JEE main and advanced videos in the last lecture we have studied that the effect of pressure is plays a very important role in solubility of gas this effect of pressure is nothing but Henry’s law let us study it in deep so what Henry’s law says Henry knows is that if the pressure is more which is applied on the solution then the solubility also increases let us say I’ll say policing continuation of Henry’s law and its application so let us see what is henry’s law Henry’s law says that the solubility of the gas in liquid at a constant temperature is slightly proportional to the pressure of the gas above the solution it means if you apply both pressure then the solute E of gas will be more and if you apply less pressure then the solubility of the gases in the liquid will be less so it is given in the formula s is slightly proportion to P so therefore solubility is equals to K into P and what is scale case Henry’s constant and s is nothing but solubility of the gas in liquid while P is the pressure that is applied on the gas to get dissolved in the liquid let us see what is Henry’s constant and this constant which is denoted by the letter K is known as it is nothing but the solubility of gas in moles per diem cube at 1 atmospheric pressure at constant temperature so suppose if s is goes to K into P so then will be the Henry’s constant is goes to one atmosphere when the solubility will be 1 or when the pressure will be 1 so now let’s see what are the applications of Henry’s law so these are the applications the first one is production of carbonated beverages as you know many of the calculated beverages like you might be consuming cokes and all they have carbon dioxide or carbonated water in it and what are those they have carbon dioxide gases that are dissolved in the liquid and hence they have a effervescence and hence they have effervescence whenever you have opened the bottle so by dissolving the gases you can make beverages and hence these are the applications of Henry’s law the second one the second one is nothing but the people living at high altitude people living at high altitude there is very small quantity of oxygen present in their environment why because at high altitude the pressure is also very less and hence as we know according to the Henry’s law if the pressure is more the gas that could dissolve in the liquid alone should be more and at high altitude since the pressure is very much less the oxygen in the environment is also very less and hence people face various problems and that problem is known as a knob here which means filling Nassif Nassif lesion of blood in the body will also be less as he bogi which is present in the body it absorbs oxygen but at higher to do the option quantity is less so therefore the people living there faces this kind of problems so thank you friends for watching this video I hope you have liked this video and please don’t forget to subscribe on e Kirra channel and do let your friends also share this video thank you so much