LifeTalk Breaking News: MeToo & Politicians Ignore America’s Hidden Sex Scandal!

🎶 Music 🎶 Hello. I’m Mark Crutcher,
president of Life Dynamics. On this Tuesday’s edition of Life Talk,
we released our new report documenting that thousands of women and girls have been raped
or sexually assaulted in American abortion clinics. This has been going on for decades
and since the release of our report, the cover-up by the abortion Lobby and
the mainstream media has continued. We’ve also contacted the #MeToo movement as
well as more than 50 of their political supporters . So far we’ve had absolutely
no response from #MeToo, and only one inquiry from
one of these politicians. Their claim to care about sexual assault
victims is being exposed as they lie. So I’m asking each one of you for your help. First, go to and inform yourself – and then
encourage all your friends to do the same. Then write letters to the editor,
call in on talk shows, use social media, or do whatever you can to get this
message in front of the American people. You can even have these talk shows
contact us about an interview. And if you don’t think that’s
important, remember this: at least four of the sexual predators
we identified in our report are STILL working in American
abortion clinics right now. We are counting on you – because without
your help this scandal will remain hidden. Thank You. you

Democrats Are Purging the Reasonable

the Democrat Party is going to try and purge itself of its own pro-lifers I'd like to show you this article over at the Daily wire where it says leaders of the Congressional Progressive Caucus are demanding that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee abandon its support of the five remaining pro-life democrats in congress and allow abortion advocates to compete for their seats okay so this is how they're going to essentially alienate the rest of their supporters list all of the same ones by saying that you can't have a view that differs in any way from the party because they're not gonna allow people who are even slightly pro-life they're just against late term abortion they're gonna have any dissent essentially inside of the Democrats you won't be allowed to run as a Democrat if the party says you're disqualified that's why we're moving toward regardless of the votes regardless of what the people want you know it's like the the Bolsheviks when you can run for office if you obey the party in its entirety no just forget about what the voters want doesn't matter and this is why I don't call them the Democratic Party I call them the Democrats or the Democrat Party because they're not about democracy at all they don't care what the voters want it no not at all and whenever you've had communists in positions of power throughout history it's it's it comes down to you're either on board 100% or you have sent to the gulags that's it they don't allow for differing views or essentially independent thought none of that is is allowed and they have the audacity to call other people fascists there are still some sane Democrats especially amongst voters right people identify themselves as Democrats who are pro-life or just in the very least against late stage abortion in fact late stage abortion is hugely unpopular amongst the general public whether you're talking about conservatives or people who identify themselves as Democrats late teen late term abortion has always been hugely unpopular so don't listen to the his sterics of the upper tier of the Democrat Party because they don't represent real normal sane people in any regard really normal people don't want to kill babies who are just born who are almost born it's just not a normal same position but the new mantra the Democrat Party and this is important is one of compliance essentially you can't be against abortion at any stage you can't be against illegal immigration anymore you can't be against gay marriage you have to be completely 100% where they are at they're insane you know policies you have to be with them if you're not a game on destroying our society then you're out and I don't say that lightly what they are espousing now it parallels what you see over in ancient Rome which collapsed due to its decadence and also its embrace of mass immigration you know there are a lot of parallels you can make between the modern demócratas ish ins and those that were embraced in ancient Rome they really are but it's the Democrats and the modern left who want to abandon history and ignore it pretend like it has no lessons that the party that wants to tear down statues if you recall and stop essentially teaching history or just change history entirely and what they teach you know in the past they just accept it that some people would have different views on certain topics it's all part of being human part of being an individual is that you wouldn't fit into a certain group like you know Democrat 100% now they don't it's all about centralized thought control and this isn't gonna end well for them as they essentially push everyone away who's saying who disagrees with them even on one topic they will be rejected stop don't leave yet since you made it to the end you probably enjoyed that video in that case here are some other videos that you might enjoy the opiates link at the top will provide you with better ways to be more reliably notified of new videos and also has social media information that kind of thing that's because you know how this side is well the link at the bottom the stall link that's in case you're looking for merchandise or healthier products Thanks