Breaking News!!! Global Climate / Global Governance Agenda Has Been Defeated In Paris

this is Joe Wayne with the anti Cohen tell pros show and dingdong the witch is head dingdong the climate lying witch is dead that's what I'm saying folks and what do I mean by the climate lying witch is dead well what I mean folks is yeah it's dead and everything that you have been seen in Paris everything that you have been hearing from the rope-a-dope Pope you know the socialist communist fascist Pope the good little Pope that odd just basically does what he's told and nothing more and nothing less just what he is told and he hasn't been told what he is being told by any God nope he's being told this by the corporate cabal the malevolent machine the wicked group that past tense used to willed so much power may and those were the heydays remember that yeah you know the the Crusades the Spanish Inquisition yep those were the days the days when they could just you know dictate to the world and back then we had to listen or either be tortured into submission are tortured to death well seems like the Muslims picked up where the Christians left off and now the Muslims are going through their crusade so to speak but uh that one's trending to be much much much shorter than the original Crusades back in the dizzay that being said man whoo I have never seen such a Hail Mary pass in my life folks I have never seen so I have never seen such a big gaggle of lying pedophile politicians in my life and you do know that's why they're all there do you not I mean you do know that every one of those politicians were blackmailed by groups like the NSA the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service or Isis you know well they've lost their power no more can the Mossad the CIA the FBI the NSA all of these alphabet agencies that were put in place to control the cattle well lost all of their power just like the Wicked Witch of oz how did they lose all of their power and let me tell you if they had any power folks they wouldn't be standing up and screaming like Mad Men and mad women right they wouldn't be trying to force their will on the world and it's not a benevolent will right they don't want to help anybody except for themselves that's right this is not a global warming group this is a global charity group you know it's kind of like you remember this little thing called the American Civil War well a lot of you may think that that civil war was over slavery it was not that was a good propaganda tool you know that was a good weapon for them to use to incite the sensibilities of liberals around the Union but that was just a an exclamation put on the point of the Civil War now the reason we fought the Civil War is because back in the day the South produced everything the North did not produce anything the manufacturing base of the country was in the south and basically the people in the north you know people like Lincoln and other so-called liberal elite of the day would sit around and pontificate on historical and current events but that's all they would do is sit around him and blow smoke up each other's petard that's all they would do or could do unlike the people of the south that actually produced all of the products that we needed to get long in the world to trade and to build an economy well the South also had to pay for the north to sit on their ass and pontificate and you know basically shout orders from on high south got tired of this got tired of sitting and paying for the north to sit around and shout orders to the people in the South that were paying for everything you know kind of similar to the situation we find herself and currently so this is what started the the civil war it was not slavery no no no no no it was the lazy as liberal elite of the north living off the largesse of the people in the south okay not a whole lot has changed and um you know a couple of hundred years politicians still lying and sucking the blood off the work product of actual Americans who built this country well they're still doing that but we don't have anything to worry about the climate debate is dead it is officially dead folks now why do I say it's dead well this scheme to milk the global population out of their hard-earned money using a scheme of global well let's call it what it is you know I mean back in the 70s folks this same group try to bilk money out of the public by saying we were going through a global Ice Age it was global cooling yes/no whenever the world didn't ice over in the 70s well they started going to a new lie now in the early 80s it was global warming early to mid 80s 70s it was global cooling there was going to be a new Ice Age in the 70s that didn't happen they changed a global warming in the early to mid 80s the 90s is when it really got going really really really well got a lot of steam in the locomotive engine of the global warming lie and that was in Rio in 1998 and Maurice strong which died this year was the architect of this this lie you know this global warming lie in the 90s in 1998 he got all the signatories to that agreement back then he got them to come to Rio but just like now folks the agreement wasn't worth the paper that it was written on right because just like now folks it was just an agreement between a handful of elitist like Al Gore and Maurice strong and others at the time that you know never gave up they've never get they got left out of you know Rio basically the whole group did nobody signed on to this agreement because it was unenforceable had not one iota of power that comes with the treaty process and you know basically if you want to form a treaty that rather than an agreement of elitist well you're gonna have to get the people and the people's representatives to come along with you right there's going to have to be a net gain for the people or you're not going to have any teeth put into your agreement right because if it's not a treaty it has no teeth there's no enforcement mechanism at all well this is what happened right they were unsuccessful in scaring the world to death right they were unsuccessful in using the catholic religion as a weapon against the world right they tried to use the rope-a-dope pope and he couldn't sell it no because you have actual climate scientist with actual historical data that disproves everything out of the line elites mouse I mean those facts are stubborn things right I mean lies are easy you can get a bunch of lying politicians to go along with a lie for so long but that's all it is is a lie unless you can back it up with historical documented evidence to support your story or your scheme well unfortunately the actual climate scientist that wanted to you know be able to sleep at night right because the actual climate scientist found that there were a minority of climate scientists that had no problem selling out right they had no problem selling the light to the world unfortunately for them facts are a rather sticky thing you know you can't shake facts off just by getting a bunch of liars to agree to a lie well that's what happened you know people finally got tired of being lied to started presenting the facts started speaking out proudly and loudly right and this is because they have now righteous indignation from being lied to and when you have actual righteous indignation and the facts on your side well you're not going to be lied to and you're not going to be fooled well unfortunately for the group of global elite retards they're in Paris and that's come on let's be honest folks that's what this group is they're a bunch of retards you know from Barack Obama to Angela Merkel to Maurice the drag queen Draghi you know they're in the European Central Bank you know all of these Rothschild central bankers and political puppets right they they have all lost you know and lost in a bad way this is what happened in their little agreement okay they had this little agreement you know that they were trumpeting in Paris so proud of this this global Accord and what is an accord an accord is nothing but an agreement an agreement Falls very very short of being a treaty right they're so proud of themselves they're patting themselves on the back oh we got this we got that well well one thing they did not agree to they couldn't even agree this let along having treaty signed to this fact but they had a global court a global climate Court that they wanted to prosecute the public with right no matter what country you were in they wanted to dissolve our borders and our national sovereignty when it comes to paying them their blood money right when it comes to paying them for the lie they have been telling in the face of all the evidence for many many years and that's just what's so laughable about these retards you know they have evidence on top of evidence on top of evidence that guess what it wasn't global warming that created Isis it was Obama I don't give a what you say Isis did not come into existence until Obama started his Syrian strategy to try to eliminate Syria and Assad off the world stage just so that Israel and the Zionist kazar ian's could come in and spread their wings and Institute the ODE engine on plan for a greater Israel that's right the plan that I talked about on a very frequent basis this is the one hundred and eleven year old plan that encompasses literally every one of the countries that are in conflict right now in the Middle East every single country that the jihadist you know the the men of fighting age the 90% plus that are the group that are invading Germany Sweden Switzerland I mean every country in Europe that they can invade they are invading like a horde of you know killer ants you know let's just call it like it is they look like a bunch of marching red fire ants you know that are you know got a job to do they were paid to do this job but they're going to do this job they were promised freebies they were promised houses and land just like the old days you know when the English used to promise lands you know and bility and noble titles to people they were opposing or fighting you know they would just offer their nobles you know the elites in these countries noble titles in england and land in england right and they would sell out their people not a whole lot has changed they're still bribing the weak-ass elite in every country the greedy elite to sell out their countrymen and their country women well guess what we're not buying anymore we're not buying anymore folks so they couldn't even agree to having their global climate court right that was the enforcement mechanism behind their agreement again agreements mean anything so what I can agree with anybody about anything you know I can agree with the Mad Hatter that the freaking moon is made out of cheese does that make it so no it does not it just makes me a crazy retard that wants to control everything right just makes me a crazy control freak retard and if you folks want to give me a comment say oh don't use the word wee I don't care if you haven't grasped this fact yet folks I don't care what people say about the truth because the truth is the truth and if it offends you it just means that you're a liar that just means you're a liar well they're big Paris trip was as big of a flop as Rio was back in 1998 and if they don't stop now they have lost folks they have lost completely they have lost the infowar they have lost in the arena of ideas because guess what they don't have any that's why they keep doing the same things year after year after year they keep doing these same things because they can't think of anything new to do because they are not the ones who create they are the ones that mentally masturbate they are not the ones to build anything no they're the leeches of society that suck the blood off the ones who do create and who do build that's what they are parasites parasites anybody who is a career politician is a parasite I don't care if your name is Ted Cruz or if your name is Vladimir Putin I don't care who the you are anybody who runs for office and makes a career out of it is just a political parasite who wants to suck the blood out of the marrow from everyone they are supposed to represent well guess what they do not if you can't get done the things you want to get done and let's say three terms you know I mean come on if your Congressman six years should be enough then either move the on or go back into the private sector and try to make a living on you know your experience your work ethic your loyalty to an individual or company but you don't have any the only thing these career politicians you know let's call it what it is these career criminals the only thing that they're good orally are experienced in is lying and deceiving killing and controlling right so if you can't get things done in six years as a congressman give it up if you can't get things done in two terms that's twelve years as a senator then give it the up you're nothing but a parasite you are viewed as nothing but a parasite why do you think the mainstream media parasite and the political parasite numbers are so low right they are so low on a perpetual footing they are so low perpetually that you know these guys you would think they would get the message but they're too greedy they're too retarded right they can't do anything but lie to the public with a straight face they're good liars and suck the ass of every corporate fascist out there I mean they're really good at begging for money goddamn they're good at begging for money you know if there that good at begging for money they ought to be on a street corner somewhere shaking a tin can because that's what they're doing and these billionaires own these little worms you know if Trump has done anything he has shown us exactly the unabashed greedy entitled attitude of these politicians you know they have no self-respect at all if they did they wouldn't beg for money if they did they wouldn't lie for a living if they did you could actually speak to one of these assholes but have you ever tried to speak to a sitting congressman or senator or anybody that represents you good luck good luck because these political retards that have sold their soul to the beginner fascist they're too good to talk to you yeah they may talk to you while you're in a line somewhere you know while they're begging for your vote but as soon as they get it they don't know who you are but you keep voting for them don't you you keep voting for them because they're in the same club that you're in right there in the Republican Party woohoo they're in the Democratic Party oh yeah we're having a good time now we're really not that's the problem with this world folks the party system right you're so ready to give up your individualism you're so ready to go along to get along you don't speak out whenever you know that the person that you put up to run your party to run this country is a lying thug you won't speak up because he's the same color as I am he's in the same party as I am even though you know that this person is a lying moralist shrub that does not have one shred of dignity or honesty within them but yet you keep putting them up you keep supporting them you keep buying the line so you are to blame look yourself in the mirror and realize you are to blame for all of our problems because you have set in these little parties and you've heard the lies and use you know continue to buy the lie and support the lie and bathe in the line just so you can feel like you're part of a winning team well congratulations you won but we have all lost I'm glad you feel so goddamn magnanimous I'm glad you feel so vindicated but we have all lost we have all lost our courage we have all lost our individual expressions right we express as groups now as offended groups as feminists as homosexual as black you know whenever you stop being an individual and give up your individuality you know to be a member of a group you give up the reason that God puts you here God in my opinion but I am no expert by any means but in my opinion I don't think God put us human beings here you know I don't think that we entered into as I don't know Souls our energetic forms you know whatever you want to call it I don't think we entered into this organic earth into this third dimension reality I don't think we entered here to be a lemming to be a part of a group I think that we were put here to learn and to grow as separate individuals because we each have a separate story do we not I mean none of us came from the very exact same circumstances we didn't come from the same place we all come from different places we all have different stories we were put here in my opinion to live out those stories right to learn the lessons that maybe we didn't learn last time around we were not put here in my opinion to be part of the crowd to give up our voice to the group you know know if that were the case we wouldn't have voices we would just be linked you know kind of like the Star Trek Deep Space nine episodes you know when they had all the changelings I don't know if you watch Star Trek Deep Space nine but they had a group of aliens called shapeshifters called changelings whatever and they would all go to the great link where all of these changelings would all merge together and you know they would all know what each other we were thinking they didn't have to speak but we're not changelings we're not on Deep Space nine this is the present not the future this isn't the Utopia that you have dreamed of that you have eyed about your entire life guess what that place doesn't exist well that being said you know I'm looking at the counter here in front of me and I am noticing that this video is tracking on and on and on and on if you guys want me to shorten these videos you know go ahead and drop a few comments below because I I realize that I do tend to go on when I have a tangent that I am you know passionate about you know so that being said I'm going to go ahead and bring this video to a conclusion but once again you know you can let people know you heard it here on the anti COINTELPRO show with Joe Wayne that the climate debate is dead political puppetry and mainstream media maggots have all been outed as Liars the world as you know doing a collective bellow laugh right now on the floor right we are rolling on the floor laughing our asses off at these shrubs have continued to sell the lie but guess what we have stopped buying the lie many moons ago and now we just have to deal with these little worms kicking and screaming and throwing their temper tantrums and a green you know about a climate change agenda of course they've already agreed many years ago but all their green and all their propaganda and all their lying and deceiving hasn't got their agenda pushed forward one inch more than it was in 1998 so congratulations for nothing this is Joe Wayne with the anti COINTELPRO show good you

Assange on 'US Empire', Assad govt overthrow plans & new book 'The WikiLeaks Files' (EXCLUSIVE)

welcome to going underground I'm action rattan see were outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in central London as the Tories try to convince us into bombing Syria to save it we're going to speak to the world's most wanted publisher the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange under siege from UK police at a cost of millions of pounds to the UK taxpayer the WikiLeaks files has just been published and it paints a picture of us destabilization of the lives of billions of people right around the world and as David Cameron finally admits that the UK is involved in extrajudicial killing using the most infamous of Isis recruitment sergeants the Reaper drone we look at the British connection to US atrocities for all this and the analysis of critical US State Department cables from the millions published by WikiLeaks let's go underground Julian thanks to you and the Ecuadorian Embassy for letting us in again so how do you think this book will address the censoring of WikiLeaks in mainstream media and academia you outline that it's banned in the Library of Congress university students at Columbia are being told not to tweet or Facebook some of the cables when I was writing introduction to this book I thought well you really need to describe why people should read the book so what's new about it didn't the newspapers already cover all this material okay well the Cablegate cables as 251,000 cables released them in 2010-2011 but subsequently right up through this year that we've published ten times as many cables with now published 2.7 million and another 7.3 million documents all together so 1010 million documents in total and why haven't newspapers covered all that well it's a lot of material but also they engage in censorship and they do it for a variety of reasons then cables are very interesting because the way we dealt with the media was we have a hundred different media groups greenwalt with and they got the same material and so you're able to compare the New York Times to Lamond to Greenpeace all different groups working without material and see that they all have their particular biases and they select some material they'll also redact cables for other reasons the big surprise to me was not the media censorship we have worked out ways to smash through that in certain cases in other cases it's become very normal and I think there's even a the general public understands now that each media outlet senses things in outside particular ways the surprise to me was the academic censorship and the academic censorship is not uniform even within the US and UK the academic censorship is not for example in epidemiology it's not for example in computer vision it's not for example in computational crystals it's not broadly speaking in the sciences or medicine where some there's some thirty thousand citations to material in WikiLeaks it's not even in the courts you think women writers use our material international tribunals even UK domestic court's it's in foreign relations academic journals published in the United States and perhaps in the UK they're trying to erase what you've been publishing from the field of international relations that's right and even worse than the US media the New York Times for all its problems published about a hundred of our cables okay we've published 2.7 million 700 is not great but it has at least 100 LA Times publishers every couple of days there's one media outlet in the u.s. that will publish something but International Relations journals most what's going on it turned out that there is in fact a formal policy at the largest or the most prestigious international relations journal international relations quarterly and the editor admitted that he had been placed in an untenable position by the umbrella organization the ISA International Studies Association and as a result there's a policy of not accepting anything derived from WikiLeaks cables because they're nervous about classified classified material but other journals in the United States are not nervous well I want to get into why that might not seem so surprising as we go through some of the revelations outlined in in the book let's turn to the subject of according to media at the moment imminent war on Syria and imminent votes who knows in Parliament again for British bombing of Syria you you were outline for the book outlines how there's been little change between George W Bush and Obama how the US policy all through had little to do with human rights in Syria and much more to do with sponsoring Iraqi style sectarianism that led us to Isis and of course the refugee crisis which is making headlines now and that's right if our Syria chapter goes back to 2006 as a very important cable in 2006 from ambassador Roebuck stationed in Damascus and he writes back discussing a plan for the overthrow of the Assad government in Syria and that plan is not well we should you know support the opposition and so on through a bit of better media planning and so on it's it's to use a number of different factors to create paranoia within the Syrian government to push it to overreact to make it fear that there's a coup to use its maneuvers against the Islamic extremists against it so in Syria says we have a problem with Islamic extremists crossing over the border with Iraq and we're taking actions against them to take this information and make it make the Syrian government weak the fact that is dealing with Islamic extremists at all and then most seriously to foster tensions between Zia the Shia Shiites and Sunnis in particular take rumors which they know to be false and Satan the cable they know to be false or exaggerations and promote them that Iran is trying to convert poor Sunnis and to work with Saudi and Egypt to foster that perception in order to make it harder for Iran to have influence and also harder for the government to have influence in the population this man robot now ambassador to Bahrain so caught that deliberately trying to foster because instruction that's led to do quite the refugee crisis the number of cables that speaking about in the Syrian chapter but that particular cable it is really quite concerning I mean it you know often cables are written in such a way where you have to read between the lines or what is not said in this particular cable it's just all hanging out a whole lot of Machiavellian schemes to overthrow the Syrian government and it's predating any of the human rights demonstrations against the outside government it predates the demonstrations in 2011 how do you think despite as the book says the u.s. laid the foundation for sectarianism in places like Syria causing bloodshed on donor what will scare what's happened in Syria is really very serious I mean there's hundreds of thousands of people now dead in Syria but some countries managed to manage to still succeed despite the destabilization by all these agencies around Venezuela Ecuador were in the embassy here how do they out of these countries seem to be able to work their way through it unlike the Syrian government well I mean the Syrian government has managed to survive just I I think need to look at regional alliances part of the problem in Syria is you have a number of US allies surrounding principally Saudi and Qatar that are funneling in weapons Turkey as well very serious actor who each have their own hegemonic ambitions in the region Israel also no doubt is if Syria sufficiently destabilized it might be in a position where it can keep the Golan Heights forever or even advance that territory so you've got a number of players around Syria that are looking to bite off pieces whereas in Latin America forged echo for example it has relatively supportive states around it same with Venezuela relatively supportive state and this book documents for it for instance the United States going to Brazil and saying we want to reign in Venezuela we want to isolate Venezuela we think that as well as a problem for the region and Brazil saying no our relationship with Venezuela is important it's important regional player we don't want to compromise that relationship by doing anything against Venezuela okay the book details jetta Seidel US policy right around the world from Latin America to Asia all in the name of liberalism which you write about in your introduction how does all the torture and killing work with the free market and the use of free markets this interplay between big American companies and the State Department and the US military is something as well documenting the cables you know you can see all over the world u.s. embassy is acting as a sales agent for Boeing for Monsanto lobbying to adjust European law even to create sanctions or other other penalties in relation to Europe for not accepting a genetically modified organisms or forcing labeling now we know that maybe within a few miles of this embassy secret negotiations on TTIP the free trade agreement are going on you've issued a reward for information so once you can see TTIP in isolation – all the killing and torture that's mentioned in the book but the US Empire and it is correct to use that word it's not a Empire in the classical sense it's not like the Roman Empire it's a little bit like the British Empire but different it's a modern Empire you wouldn't expect an empire in a modern age to look like an old Empire now there's a continental expansion of the United States yes it has grabbed other territories like Hawaii and effectively Puerto Rico and Alaska but the predominant form the US Empire has is an empire of US bases now more than 1,400 US military bases in over 120 countries dotted around the world and an empire of Trade and it uses these mechanisms of its embassies of its military bases of its presence in organizations like the UN and IMF in order to secure advantageous deals and structures for the largest American companies interestingly not for the average American worker so you or you hear about American interests it's not the interests of the average Merrigan that are being pursued of course it's the interests of the companies that are close enough to the government to be able to have their interests reflected in what u.s. ambassadors do around the world in part two of going underground korban I have thought of what about this whether he can survive in a labor leadership position we speak to Julian Assange about the special relationship and when he's going to be free in part two of our interview with Julian Assange we investigate our liberal values crush dissent and whether the WikiLeaks founder will ever be able to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy and regain his freedom and hand in hand with the banning of information that you were talking about earlier the WikiLeaks fatwa which i think is mentioned in the book there's a massive version of information using the National Endowment of democracy u.s. aid they have lots of different non-military where these on the surface sounding organizations that are massaging well that the sovereignty is at work yeah one of the most important documents we've ever published is the unconventional warfare manual and what is unconventional warfare so unconventional warfare is warfare performed through the use of surrogate forces to overthrow a government that's essentially infiltrate train and overthrow that's what happened for example in Afghanistan it's what happened in Nicaragua now that manual which I mentioned in this book it is active policy now in the United States it's active military doctrine and it describes that when the United States needs to do something it pulls together the various arms of American power yes those the military arm which were very familiar with they also include the intelligence on the financial arm the commercial arm and it's informational power and and its diplomatic path doing all of these together in order to push on a country in order to get it to do what the US government wants up to do to work in tandem and under financial power yes the IMF is explicitly listed under power connected to the State Department USAID is explicitly least explicitly listed what I find very interesting about this convergence of different forms of American power together to achieve it and result there is different theories of government different theories of how the United States work so one theory is you have very various rival agencies and rivals people within agencies and railroads corporations and so it's actually very hard to get anything done and there's no doubt there are cases where that in the past where that has been true it's hard to get this mass together but the formal policy and it comes together in practice is actually to pull together all these different agencies which might seem like they're working different beats and push them together in sort of pincer formation on a country to achieve a result well President Obama says that I mean he obviously doesn't admit that holistic approach of all these different government agencies but he does say and he said at this speech as regards Russia in Ukraine that for all the criticisms of the United States and the European Union there is the differences they don't crush dissent is President Obama lying well Obama is definitely lying is it varies across the European Union but Obama has prosecuted more whistleblowers under the Espionage Act than all previous presidents combined he probably would say as dissent he'd probably say that fact is more leaning of seek more than twice as many now of course he says that that's espionage but there's no allegation that any of these people have given their secrets to a foreign government or working with a foreign government allegations are they're working with the media Israel is pretty central you mentioned Israel there do you think do you think the nuclear izing as it works to ending the nuclear weapons program of Israel is really the only way forward because the chapter in the book about Israel seem to suggest us duplicity involving Israel as regards the Palestinians is it will always be a roadblock to peace it's very serious to duplicity of the US in relation to Israel the protection of Israel again and again through its veto power at the UN it's one of these situations where it is only really the United States who has an ability to affect Israel and so the Palestinians feel that they have to deal with the United States because no one else has the ability to affect Israel because the u.s. keeps exercising its veto now as we've seen some some interesting and clever moves by Palestine around that for example pulling in the ICC the ICC has been kind of an emasculated organization every single prosecution it's had is of an African no one else the detail I think in some ways one of the most interesting chapters in the book because it looks at not a country or region which all the other chapters do it looks at an international institution the ICC and how the US has tried to subvert the ICC by signing secret agreements around the world to prevent expedition of its soldiers for war crimes and other violations in Palestine now becoming part of the ICC and people monitoring that process it is putting pressure on Israel and you'll see the number of the cables mention the extreme Israeli concern with at the prospect of the Palestine right when the ICC it now has join the ICC so do you think that the tide is turning away from your personal circumstance like whether their deployment of missiles the United States now on the borders of China or borders of Russia in there's a recognition there that they're going too far that the global South Russia China together could now start to mount a attempt at neutralizing American power that has gone too far it's very hard to say if you look at it in roar terms post-world War two the u.s. had 50 percent of GDP global GDP and as a result it was able to set up posts for institutions multilateral institutions with significant control because it set them up and rules that were skewed to its favor u.s. GDP is now down below 40 percent of global GDP it's military spent spending which traditionally has been over 50 percent is now down to about 40 percent its intelligence expenditure is still up past 60 percent so in some ways it is more than in more than a military superpower it is an intelligence superpower if you look at the relative spins of the United States compared to others now that said there is increasing integration occurring between states of the US does not control for example along the Silk Road but I wouldn't wouldn't discount the effect of the United States there is no country that has anything like fourteen hundred military bases spread over 120 countries around the world no one is any anywhere near that there's some fascinating chapters in the book how you document dissent in in Japan and South Korea being crushed by u.s. hegemonic but of course all the talk errors of Jeremy Corbyn who obviously descends from the US hegemonic power do you think the United States will be able to crush his labor leadership let alone his British Premiership if he's elected well it looks like he's going to renovate it by the leadership election now Corbin's in in sting fella I had experience with him in 2011 he protested relation to my treatment in the UK Parliament saying it was unnatural in terms of natural justice for someone to be extradited without charge it should at least be charged the United Kingdom and he proposed amendments which eventually were accepted in 2014 to ban that practice in future korban I have thought a lot about this whether he can survive in a Labour leadership position taking a his historically quite critical line relation to the UK u.s. relationship and to give you an example of just how different that is quote from ered a cable sent by the American ambassador to Washington DC after meeting William Hague who was the foreign minister in this government Lord egg probably now as we have been boy he is still an important person in the Parliament Hague said he David Cameron it's the Prime Minister and George Osborne the treasurer were quite children of Thatcher and staunch Atlanta cysts America is the essential country Hague said whoever enters 10 Downing Street as Prime Minister soon learns of the essential nature of the relationship with America he added we want to pro-american regime we need it the world needs it and that is such a world away from where Jeremy Corbyn is right now that's our foreign secretary in the US embassy here in central London and and you might go well he's is telling Americans what they want to hear but look at the degree of language I mean they're not complete fools they expect big payback on these promises and Corbin is not speaking like this and there is a real I think there's a real risk to his leadership a long-term interesting question as if Corbin could not be kicked out through political destabilization or leaks to the media of intelligence intercepts his long-term safety if he kept on a line of saying withdraw UK from NATO he has already weakened that line saying well it was it's not the focus now we need to talk about you know what is the role of NATO and so on well fair enough but if he maintained a very aggressive line of saying we must grab Trident we must removes UK for NATO I would be quite concerned about the risks that he would be intentionally politically destabilized by United States or something worse it's because we're talking about the relationships between great powers between you know about the UK's nuclear weapons system which forms part effectively part of the American Empire the US has bases here its largest interception bases up at men with Hill in Yorkshire so we're 6,000 NSA personnel working it directly it's quite hard to undo that relationship I think my suspicion is that Corbin will play will realize that if he hasn't already and play it smart NATO will be off the agenda maybe fine-tuning UK's role in NATO and Trident will be off the agenda I I suspect that it's not possible to win election UK unless that is done but then again no one would have thought it would be possible for him to be Labour leader at all and finally your safety I mean when do you think you and Chelsea Manning Edward Snowden will again regain your your right to freedom of movement Oh Chelsea Manning has an appeal coming up later this year early next year a bit yeah she was sentenced to 35 years in prison that's longer for allegedly disclosing information to the media that's longer than any person who committed war crimes in a row including those who raped and murdered a whole family that's going to take significant political pressure change in the politics of United States before until in Edwardsville before say Chelsea Madden is pardoned Edward Snowden is not safer it would Snowden to be in the United States or any ally of the United States I believe until the National Security Agency is wound up it is a core part of the intelligence community the the core the core part has about a hundred thousand people in Washington DC five million people overall in terms of security clearances but the inner core about a hundred thousand people that's a very influential and powerful lobby that simply will not accept a pardoning available smoke not acceptable in terms of my particular case while the pending prosecution is ongoing they have five charges espionage conspiracy to commit espionage Computer Fraud and Abuse conversion and general conspiracy decades theoretically in prison but it's a matter it's a matter of politics it's hard for them to have a big case during the run-up into elections I don't think probably that's something people want although you never know with Hillary if it's Hillary versus Trump and Trump's playing the national security trump card maybe there is enough incentive then to create a very big case the what what is clear is it's politically impossible to drop it it's just a State Department Pentagon and so on a simply such big lobbies in DC that it's not possible for the White House which can be subverted by any of these big groups terms of leaking their correspondence and policies to the press and and so on and ultimately literally overthrown which really came to shop with the White House in Syria it's not it's not possible for them to drop it under such circumstances julian assange thank you thank you that's it for the show as Julian Assange prepares to spend is 1178 night under siege in the embassy behind me tell us what you thought of our Twitter Facebook SoundCloud and email and don't forget our to UK news would build audits on every weekday evening on the hour from 7:00 till 10:00 we're back on Saturday the morning after Chile's president Michelle Bachelet hosts commemorations for the anniversary of the us-backed 9/11 coup d'etat that saw dictator Augusto Pinochet come to power

The Embarrassing Moments of Politicians

good really you gotta start reading in the spending we have got to his presidential candidate Sarah paling is coming under fire for writing notes on her hand to help her during a speech you know something not only are we going to New Hampshire Tom Larkin we're going to South Carolina and Oklahoma and Arizona and North Dakota and New Mexico we're going to California and Texas of New York we go to South Dakota and Oregon and Washington and Michigan and then we're going to Washington DC to take back the White House it's three agencies of government when I get there that are gone commerce education and the what's the third one there let's see commerce education and the EPA APA seriously is easier when we were talking about it no sir no sir we're talking about the agencies of government APA needs to be rebuilt but you can't name the third one the third agency of government I would I would do away with the education the Commerce and let's see I can't the third one I can't sorry and those people that hire illegals ought to be penalized admit you lose all of your standing from my perspective because you hired illegals in your home and you knew for it about it for a year and the idea that you stand here before us and talk about that you're strong on immigration is on its face the height of hypocrisy I don't think I've ever hired an illegal in my life and so I'm afraid I'm looking forward to finding your facts on that because that just doesn't any what the trick again you had there you have spirit news I'm speaking the nuts paper I was thinking for you to be about 30 you get 30 seconds this is the way the rules work here is that I get 60 seconds know what the man that you K and then you get 30 seconds to respond right they want Anderson you said you know Jim please working I just got to keep talking you know let me finish with might have to say look Rick a tough couple of debates for Rick and I understand that and so you're gonna get we're going to get tested what is an app this is an app that connects to an app it is it isn't a paper towel it isn't a car you can call in the car the car our enemies are innovative and resourceful and so will we they never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people and neither do we I read your first book and it's said in there that your mandate in Massachusetts which should be the model for the country and I know what came out of the the reprint of the book but you know I'm just saying you were four individual mandates my friend you know what you've raised that before Rick and you're saying it was true then go his true name Rick I'll tell you what ten thousand bucks ten thousand dollar bet I'm not in the betting business oh okay okay it appears Sarah Palin may need to brush up on her American history she visited the Old North Church today here in Boston the focal point of Paul Revere's historic ride but it sounds like she got a bit confused on the details the British that they weren't going to be taking away our arms by reading those bills and making sure as he's frightened his horse through town to then those warning shots and bells that we were gonna be secure and we were gonna be free he was before these social programs from the standpoint of he was far standing out for Roe versus Wade before he was against verse Roe versus Wade you know I am when I speak like right now for example ladies and gentlemen the president the United States of America Barack Obama thank you everybody what a challenge it is because in 1988 the question is whether we're going to go forward to tomorrow or we're going to go past to the the back and I can tell you listen act is that human life a person under the Constitution and Barack Obama says no I found it almost remarkable for a black man to say no we're gonna decide who are people and who were not there's want to rattle off a couple of things that insiders say she just simply didn't know there were real problems with basic civics government structures municipal state and federal government responsibilities she didn't know that the nation's involved in the North American Free Trade Agreement sure we're told those of course being the US Canada and Mexico she wasn't actually able to name all the countries in North America as part of that debate and she didn't understand McCain aides told me today that Africa was a continent and not a country and actually asked them they argue they say if South America South Africa wasn't just part of the country as opposed to a country in the continent you know one of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq to the war on terror was because I'm a gay soldier do you intend to circumvent the progress that's been made for gay and lesbian soldiers in the military I would say any type of sexual activity has absolutely no place in the military center Obama supporters have been saying some pretty nasty things about western Pennsylvania late and you know I couldn't agree with him more I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully it is just wonderful to be back in Oregon and over the last 15 months we've traveled to every corner of the United States I've now been in 57 States I think one left to go my State of the Union our state my speech to the nation whatever you want to call it speech in the nation I asked Americans to give 4000 years 4,000 hours over the next of the rest of your life millions of innocent people lost their lives because of the bigotry and hitlerism that permeated Germany in other parts of the world it wasn't obscene period in our nation's history no not our nation's but in World War two I mean we we all lived in this century I did I didn't live in this century buttons in this century's history we did not have a matter of fact we fought hitlerism which was a totalitarian form of government what I say go I am the law and where does this decision come from it comes from the poisonous wealth of keeping procedures like this in the beagle drink from in America drink from it

What I learned from President Obama | Jon Favreau (speechwriter) | UCD Literary & Historical Society

hello thank you Alex so much that was perfect he totally nailed it I am so honored to receive this award and and so happy that it gave me the chance to visit Ireland my only other trip here was with President Obama in 2011 where I spent the entire time making speech edits in a windowless office that could have just as easily been in Dublin Ohio I honestly wouldn't have known the difference at all and I'm especially excited to be here on st. Patrick's Day weekend I also want to thank whoever changed the time of this event from 5 p.m. to 3 p.m. so I could avoid the embarrassment of speaking to a completely empty room we're not as big on rugby in the United States but I can tell you if then my Boston Red Sox were in the World Series and David Ortiz was retiring today I'd already be 5 beers deep at the nearest pub so so I won't go on too long for us like most people who put words together for a living I have loved and hated writing for as long as I can remember but I didn't connect writing with politics and speeches until right after college I took a job as an entry-level assistant on John Kerry's presidential campaign and by chance I ended up sitting next to his chief speechwriter I thought he had the greatest job in the world I also thought it was the kind of job that other people did people who were older smarter and more connected so I just worked hard I kept my head down and I tried to learn as much as I could from him and one day I finally got the courage to ask if I could be his deputy speechwriter and he immediately said no but then one day after that when the campaign was almost broke and couldn't afford to hire a real speechwriter I became the most affordable option so a few months later when John Kerry accepted the Democratic nomination for president at the 2004 convention in Boston I was assigned the task of making sure that all the convention speeches reflected the message of Kerry campaign in one day I get a call from our chief speechwriter who told me that there was a problem with the draft keynote address being given by the young state senator from Illinois Barack Obama apparently Obama had written a line in his keynote that John Kerry wanted to use in his acceptance speech so I was told that I had to go introduce my 23 year old self to Obama and personally asked him to change the line in his speech the day before he delivered it thanks a lot boss so I sheepishly walked into the room where Obama was practicing his speech mumbled something about the line and then blacked out for a few seconds and when I came to Obama was glaring down at me within an inch of my face and he said are you seriously trying to tell me that I have to take out my favorite line in this speech so great first impression with my future boss totally nailed it and you know at that point I figured I would never talk to Barack Obama again and what that was too bad because when I heard his keynote the next night I thought it represented everything that was missing from politics for so long I had been used to hearing politicians speak in the same sound bites and cliches rattling off a checklist of issues that polled well but came off flat and sounded sort of phony but Barack Obama told a story that night he linked his probable improbable journey with America's and painted a vivid picture of a more hopeful future it was honest it was authentic for the first time in the whole campaign I was sure we would win and make a real difference in people's lives and then John Kerry lost and I was crushed I was 23 years old but I became desperately cynical about politics and what it could do I wanted to give it all up at that point I sort of had to because I was completely broke so broke that when I drove home to Boston to move back in with my parents I didn't have enough money to pay the last toll on the highway and had to speed right through the light so that was rock bottom then a couple of weeks later I received an email that changed my life one of my bosses from the Kerry campaign was now a top aide to Senator Barack Obama and told me that he was looking to hire his very first speechwriter my interview with Obama was surprisingly easy we talked about our families and where we grew up we talked about why we got into politics but most of all we didn't talk about the line that I took out of his convention speech because he didn't remember it was me at the end of the conversation he said something I'll never forget he said well I still don't think I need a speechwriter but you seem nice enough so let's give this a shot and that's how I got the job so for eight years I had the chance to learn about writing from one of the very best I can still remember the night I left the office to write my very first Obama speech he yelled after me fabs I know it's your first speech and I know you're probably worried and I know you're probably anxious but know this I'm a writer too sometimes the muse strikes sometimes it doesn't things don't work out come in tomorrow and the two of us will work through it together and that's how he was for eight years the president taught me more than I could have ever imagined about writing and storytelling he taught me that crafting a simple logical argument was more important than a snappy slogan or catchy applause line he taught me that shorter is always better reminding me more than once that Abraham Lincoln fit the Gettysburg Address address on the back of a napkin he taught me the value of honesty and authenticity in writing after delivering one of the most candid heartfelt politically risky speeches on race in America he said to me I don't know if you can get elected president saying the things I did about race today but I also know that I don't deserve to be President if I don't say the things that I believe but I think the most important lesson that I learned from President Obama was about the power of storytelling to instill a sense of hope and why that's so important right now we live in very cynical times and that's partly because we are constantly being fed a steady stream of bad news scan the headlines on any given day and you're bound to see story after story about a problem that can't be solved a war that won't end a disease we can't cure a plane we can't find a politician a celebrity or CEO who has lied or cheated or let us down in any number of ways these stories are real mostly and the media keeps feeding us these headlines because we click on them but as a consequence we don't get enough good news we don't hear as much about the hundreds of millions around the world who've been lifted from extreme poverty since the turn of the century we don't hear about declining crime rates or reduction in HIV infections or the billions who gained access to clean water and basic sanitation thanks to the generosity and commitment of the global community it doesn't make the front pages when someone's life is saved because she finally could afford health insurance for the first time or when a poor child escapes a bad neighborhood thanks to a dedicated teacher the news will record every instance of a public figures mistakes but it cannot possibly capture the daily countless examples of ordinary men and women who show kindness to a stranger or forgiveness when wronged or love without condition and the news simply does not have the capacity to fully Chronicle the slow painful and often frustrating pace that real peace and progress has always required that's why we need storytelling that instills a sense of hope and that's a job for the world's writers and poets for its artists and dreamers for its students and activists and youthful idealist of every age the people of Ireland understand this better than most despite a long legacy of hardship and adversity or more likely because of it this small island has produced an incredible number of history's greatest storytellers who were today celebrated as some of your greatest heroes Joyce Beckett Swift Shaw Wilde Yates Haney and of course those courageous Irish monks who rescued our civilization stories from the dark ages like these proud ancestors and so many other graduates of UCD I know that many of you will go on to make an indelible impact on our world and the best advice I can give you is this whatever change you want to bring about whatever career you want to pursue whatever cause you want to champion don't let anyone else's cynicism be your excuse for not trying after that disappointing election in 2004 I can still remember the moment when I finally let go of that cynicism it was the night of the 2008 election but it wasn't when they called the race for Barack Obama it was before that as I was making final edits to the victory speech the draft ended with a story we found about a woman from Atlanta Georgia named Ann Nixon Cooper who had waited in line for three hours that day to cast her ballot and what made the story so special was that Ann Nixon Cooper was a hundred and six years old born at a time when she wasn't allowed to vote for two reasons because she was a woman and because she was african-american so we ended the speech by tracing all the seemingly impossible change she had witnessed over the course of her life civil rights voting rights workers rights women's rights now as they started calling the states on election night someone pointed out to me that we should probably contact and Nixon Cooper and find out if she's okay with Barack Obama telling her story so our campaign researchers dig up her number and I give her a call and I tell this frail 106 year old woman that a man who's about to become the first african-american president of the United States wanted to mention her in his victory speech and she paused for a while and then she said will it be on television and I told her yes it would be on television and then she thought about that for a while and she asked me which channel will it be on and I said all the channels and then she said I'm so proud of him and I'm so proud of us and she started to cry and at that point so did I and right at that moment they called Ohio the race was over everyone started cheering and I hid under my desk so I could talk to and NYX and Cooper for a few more minutes seamus heaney once said if you have the words there's always a chance that you'll find the way on their own hopeful stories and writing that inspires can't solve the world's problems or shield us from the hardship and heartache that's just part of life by reminding us of the progress we've made in the past and the possibilities that exist in the future words can guide us push us forward and at the very least encourage us to try thank you very much for this honor and I'm very happy to take your you you

"Government Matters" – Senator Elizabeth Warren's Must-See Speech

we are now three days into a completely unnecessary completely avoidable Republican shutdown and there is more talk than ever about our inability of our leaders to find common ground on central economic and physical issues of our time the government shutdown is throwing a major wrench into a fragile economic recovery knurl nearly a million federal employees are sitting at home for no reason and other public servants are working but not earning a paycheck cancer patients are being turned away from clinical trials at the NIH Veterans Benefits are at risk basic nutrition services for pregnant women and new moms will be disrupted small businesses won't be able to get federal loan guarantees and all this is happening on top of the idiotic sequester drastic across-the-board spending cuts that have crippled Meals on Wheels headstart and investments in medical research we all know how we got here for years now we've heard a small minority in this country rail against government when I hear the latest high rates from some of the extremists in the house I am struck by how vague these complaints are from their rhetoric you'd think they'd believe that any time that we the people come together to improve our lives that the nation is committing some terrible wrong from their rhetoric you'd think they'd believe that the government that functions best is a government that doesn't function at all so far they haven't ended government but they have achieved the next best thing shutting the government down but behind all the slogans of the Tea Party and all the thinly veiled calls for anarchy in Washington behind all that there's a reality the American people don't want the extremist Republicans bizarre vision of a future without government they don't support it why because the American people know that without government we would no longer be a great nation with a bright future the American pee know that government matters the Anarchy gang is quick to malign government but when was the last time anyone called for regulators to go easier on companies that put lead in children's toys or for food inspectors to stop checking whether the meat in our grocery stores is crawling with deadly bacteria or for the FDA to ignore whether morning sickness drugs will cause horrible deformities in little babies we never hear that not from political leaders in Washington and not from the American people in fact whenever the Anarchy gang makes headway in their efforts to damage our government the opposite happens after the sequester kicked in Republicans immediately turned around and called on us to protect funding for our national defense and keep the air traffic controllers on the job and now that the House Republicans have shut down the government holding the country hostage because of some imaginary healthcare boogeyman Republicans almost immediately turned around and called on us to start reopening parts of our government why do they do this because the boogeyman government is like the boogeyman under the bed it's not real it doesn't exist what is real what does exist are all the specific important things that we as Americans have chosen to do together through our government in our democracy government is not some make-believe thing that an independent has an independent will of its own in our democracy government is just how we describe the things that we the people have already decided to do together it's not complicated our government has three basic functions provide for the National Defense put in place rules of the road like speed limits and bank regulations that are fair and transparent and build the things together that none of us can build alone power grids schools the things that give everyone a chance to succeed we are a nation of innovators and entrepreneurs growing small businesses and thriving big businesses but our people succeed our country succeeds because we have all come together to put public institutions and infrastructure together we all decided to pass laws and put cops on the beat so that no one steals your purse on Main Street or your pension on Wall Street we all decided to invest in public education so that businesses have skilled workers in a kid with an idea can create the next breakthrough company we all decided to invest in basic science so there is a great pipeline of ideas to create our future these achievements aren't magic they didn't simply occur on their own or through dumb luck in each instance we made a choice as a people to come together the food and drug administration makes sure that the white pills that we take our antibiotics are not Bank baking soda the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration oversees crash tests to make sure that all new cars have effective brakes the Consumer Product Safety Commission make sure that baby's car seats don't collapse in a crash and the toasters todas blowed we don't know who they are but there is no question that there are Americans alive today Americans who are healthier Americans who are stronger because of these and countless other government efforts alive healthier stronger because of what we did together the Anarchy gang at the house can dump on their make-believe version of government all they want but when the real government fails to live up to the high expectations we have all set for it politicians in both parties rushed outraged why because the American people know that government can work and believe government should work today that's right today marks the fifth anniversary of President Bush signing the bank bailout into law that financial crisis cost us upwards of 14 trillion dollars that's trillion with a T as a hundred and twenty thousand dollars for every American household more than two years worth of income for the average family billions of dollars in retirement savings disappeared millions of workers lost their jobs and millions more families lost their homes in April 2011 after a two-year bipartisan inquiry the Senate permanent Subcommittee on investigations released a 635 page report that made it plain regulators could have and should have used their existing tools to prevent the crisis Republicans and Democrats a bipartisan group found strong agreement that you better believe it government matters the attacks on government are abstract but the consequences of this shutdown are real less accountability for cheaters and rule breakers less opportunity for our children cracks in the foundations that businesses need to succeed and a tilted playing field that limits opportunities for all of our people we know that government doesn't always work we know that no institution is infallible people make mistakes ideas fail and sometimes we get things wrong but our response isn't to give up our responses is sit back and say I told you so we're not a nation of quitters our response the American response is to fix it to make government work better our democracy is an experiment and it's always evolving we constantly redesign Andrea imagine and improve on what we do together but time and time again throughout our history we have reaffirmed the simple truth that government matters and right now right at this moment if you look closely you'll see that we are reaffirming it once again it's not an accident that the desire to shut down government is confined to one extremist faction of one political party of one chamber of Congress of one branch of government it is not an accident that this extremist faction must resort to absurd hostage tactics threats to turn off the government threats to default on our debt threats to tank the economy to force their views on everyone else and it's not an accident that this faction is doing everything in its power to make government appear dysfunctional in a democracy these hostage tactics are the last resort for those who can't win their fights through elections can't win their fights through Congress can't win their fights for the presidency and can't win their fights in court but these threats are not working and they will never work because this is a democracy and for more than 200 years our democracy has defeated extremists and rejected the idea that government doesn't matter so mr. president to those who have forced us to the brink to those who rail against a make-believe government to those who seem to rejoice in anarchy to those who have salivated the chance to shut down our government because their extremist views have left them disconnected from the experiences of the American people it is time to hear a simple message you can do your best to make government look like it doesn't work when you stop it from working you can do your best to make government look tear when you paralyze it you can do your best to make government look incompetent through your incompetence and ineffective through your ineffectiveness but sooner or later the government will reopen because this is a democracy and this democracy has already rejected your views we have already chosen to do these things together because we all know that we are stronger when we come together and when this government reopens when our markets are safe again when our scientists can return to their research when our small businesses can borrow when our veterans can be respected for their service when our flu shots resume and our Head Start programs get back to teaching our kids we will have rejected your views once again we are not a country of anarchists we are not a country of pessimists and ideologues whose motto is I ought mine the rest of you are on your own we are not a country that tolerates dangerous drugs unsafe meat dirty air or toxic mortgages we are not that nation we have never been that nation and we will never be that nation today a political minority in the house that condemns government and begged for this shutdown has had its day but like all the reckless and extremist factions that have come before it their day will pass and our democracy will return to the important work that we have already chosen to do together thank you