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Washington is in an uproar and all abuzz and in a buzzing uproar and a bra rias buzzing roar of buzz eNOS about Robert Robert Muller's latest statement on the Muller report Muller said quote I come before you today to clarify my report by making vague accusations and contradictory statements until even the things we thought we knew become uncertain and the things that were uncertain become entirely incomprehensible unquote Muller then refused to take questions saying that could only confuse matters because he himself didn't understand what he just said Democrats on the campaign trail reacted to the statement immediately Kamala Harris told reporters quote Muller's latest statement makes it absolutely imperative that we continue to distract people from the fact our policies will destroy the country unquote Joe Biden chimed in by telling a ten-year-old girl my god but you're beautiful and you smell so nice let me touch you unquote and beta O'Rourke repeatedly shouted hello is anybody there into an empty auditorium in the House of Representatives congressman Jerry Nadler addressed a group of trolls who are carrying the great battering ram grande to the kingdom of Gondor saying quote before Muller clarified his report rendering it incomprehensible we might have gone ahead with impeachment and unsworn Ark our party and our country asunder but after his statement that's still the plan now fly fly my fellow trolls and do not return until you have laid waste to Menace Tirith unquote House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reacted to the Muller statement by saying quote until now I have tried to silence the voices calling for impeachment because those voices were disembodied and seemed to come from everywhere at once making me think I might have imagined them like that time I woke up in Sacramento married to an enormous stuffed panda because I thought I heard and proposed to me when that was really coming from the toaster unquote Pelosi then refused to take questions because it worked for Muller and he didn't make any sense either trigger warning I'm Andrew Clavin and this is the Andrew Clavin show one of the wonderful things about listening to this show for all of you is you get to hear tomorrow's news today because I tell you what's gonna happen next and then it does happen because I'm always right about everything as I told you after hearing Robert Muller say whatever the hell he said yesterday by emphasizing that he didn't exonerate Donald Trump and that he felt he was barred from prosecuting the president and that the remedy for presidential law breaking is with Congress ie impeachment he increased the pressure on the Democrats to impeach without changing the political equation even one tiny little bit because in order to impeach the Democrats still have to stop the country's business cold in order to make the argument the Trump didn't obstruct an investigation into something that never happened but oh he sure wanted to and it might have happened so the election no longer counts then if they actually did decide to impeach on that logic it would be tossed out of Congress and approximately the time it takes Mitch McConnell to say get this garbage out of Congress so once again our James Comey an investigator opens his fat mouth when he shouldn't hoping to get a Donald Trump and instead he blows up the Democrats maybe they should appoint a special counsel to investigate Trump keeps getting them to do that and what does Taylor Swift have to do with it nothing but I want to talk about her to light scream you know I I know you do this I do it you spend money with your credit card you don't think it's money the bill comes in and if you can't pay it the interest rates are in the double digits it's insane what credit card how credit cards charge you when you don't pay up you can be a lot smarter by paying off your credit card balances with a credit card consolidation loan from light stream you can get a fixed rate as low as five point nine five percent APR with Auto pay and you could save thousands of dollars in interest get a loan from five thousand dollars to a hundred thousand and there are no fees you can even get your money as soon as the day you apply plus Xtreme is a division of SunTrust Bank one of the nation's largest financial institutions so you can have complete peace of mind if you want to save even more my listeners get an additional interest rate discount the only way to get this discount is to go to light stream dot-com / Andrew that's Li gh TS TR e am dot-com / Andrew this is subject to credit approval rate includes 0.50% auto pay discount terms and conditions apply and offers a subject to change without notice visit light stream comm / andrew for more information thank you for all the fan mail i got yesterday on the opening I got all this fan mail on the opening / the fact that I named a character dr. Geraldo Vaughn Zippity noodle and cracked a lot of people up I reminded me of a long time ago when I was a young writer on the way up I was a liberal I was working for the most radical paper and I was freelancing for the most radical paper in New York called The Village Voice which closed after I left it of course but I would write these satirical pieces and one day an editor called me up and they and said I don't get this satire it's just a bunch of funny names and I said no no you don't understand they're funny names but she wouldn't listen to me anyway yesterday you know you remember James Comey yesterday in his Washington Post op-ed he made the case that he couldn't have been conspiring against Trump one of his reasons was because his blabbermouth appearance after the Hillary Clinton investigation where he came out and said oh she was guilty but she didn't intend to do it so she's not guilty so we're not we're not gonna prosecute her which was none of his business it wasn't his role to say it and he said well I had to say it because Loretta Loretta Lynch had no credibility because she met with Bill Clinton blah blah blah blah and he said you know then when because of his screw-up he had to say publicly that he was reopening the email investigation right before the election he screwed Hillary over and Hillary lost votes over that and I think that did contribute to her losing the election so his argument was invited out to get Donald Trump why would I blow up Hillary Clinton and the reason was you're an egotistical incompetent that the reason I think his calculation was he thought that he was going to be made to look bad because Hillary was obviously guilty and Loretta Lynch was gonna Scotch the investigation she was gonna throw she had already made the decision she was not gonna do anything about this there was no way there was no way the Obama Justice Department was going to prosecute Hillary Clinton no matter how guilty she was I think Comey thought that was gonna make him look bad and you know his sanctimonious idea of himself as the angel of our protection was gonna go down the drain so he thought he was gonna come forward and explain that he really did get her and he was gonna slap her around and then he was gonna say yes but she didn't intend to do it so and that was not part of the law by the way she didn't have to intentionally release classified information to be guilty but he just decided he was gonna throw that in and so fights Marmol ii self-serving himself I mean he's now become this kind of smarmy figure who goes around everyone's embarrassed by him I think but Trump has this magic power to get people to do stuff that blows them up he's done it again and again starting with Marco Rubio making all these jokes about his fingers and Jeb Bush trying to make himself look like a you know an active guy because he called him low-energy Jeb I mean he just has a way of getting people to blow themselves up by trying to sink to what they think is his level so Muller essentially did this I think Muller you know it took me a while to kind of get through it was very confusing what Muller said and what he did especially when compared to his report but the money shot was this it was when he said basically that he couldn't do anything but Congress should in other words that he was confirming the Democrats in their narrative that he had given them a blueprint for impeachment let's listen to that again we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so we did not however make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime the introduction to the volume 2 of our report explains that decision it explains that under long-standing department policy a president president can to be charged with a federal crime while he is in office that is unconstitutional even if the charge is kept under seal and hidden from public view that too is prohibited the special counsels office is part of the Department of Justice and by regulation it was bound by that department policy charging the president with a crime was therefore not an option we could consider so this is a big deal because the time remember the New York Times when AG bar came out and gave his letter about the report saying that it exonerated Trump on collusion and they were they the doj bar and rod Rosen saying we're not going to prosecute on obstruction and the time said this is terrible because he sees the narrative because this is all that matters to the Democrats and the New York Times but I repeat myself right this is all one group trying to set the narrative because they believe that narrative is reality and they think of course it has it is reality to in the to the extent if you they can get you to buy their narrative you will vote the way they want you to and they have been furious that AG bar seized the narrative saying essentially that Trump was not guilty which is obviously what the report did say the report did say that there was no evidence we found no evidence of collusion and then it went on into this whole obstruction thing so he's going it to take back the narrative I just can't find any other conclusion you can make and then he stuck the Democrats in this terrible position and this this was Muller after his statement okay maybe that wasn't Muller but that's I think what he was thinking because now now you remember I pointed out there are a couple of things in the report it says he's he says the report is my statement in his statement he said the report is my statement which raises the question while you're making the statement all the same reporters a statement said that they found they identified no evidence of collusion and in his statement he had this confusing thing where he said we didn't disprove a wider conspiracy or whatever but in the report it says no ever of collusion Trump is absolutely right about this but then he says that if it had not been ever what is called the OLC I think it's the office of legal counsel their statement that you can't prosecute the president and in office that he kind of suggests that he would have prosecuted but he didn't because he couldn't and and here this is from Fox News they played what I talked about yesterday the disparity between the way bars said it when he was testifying in Congress and what Muller said at his statement special counsel Muller stated three times to us in that meeting in response to our questioning that he emphatically was not saying that but for the OLC opinion he would have found obstruction under long-standing department policy a president president cannot be charged with a federal crime while he is in office charging the president with a crime was therefore not an option we could consider so today the DOJ and Muller's office the special counsels office released a joint statement that said this the Attorney General has previously stated that the special counsel repeatedly affirmed that he was not saying that but for the OLC opinion he would have found the president obstructed justice the special counsels report and his statement today made clear that the office concluded it would not reach a determination one way or the other about whether the president committed a crime there is no conflict between these statements so that clarifies that that's I yes they say sounds to me like a conflict but what you know I never went to law school so I guess I can't really understand gobbledygook when people are contradicting each other I'm gonna talk about ring you know I like this stuff because it keeps you safe ring makes devices that help you see who is at your door they turn on floodlights automatically when people come on it's their mission to make neighborhoods safer you probably know about their smart video doorbells and cameras these protect millions of people everywhere ring helps you stay connected to your home anywhere in the world so if there's a package delivery 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resources and cooperation all true highly conflicted Robert Muller would have brought charges if he had anything but there were no charges to bring that anything is all caps and Trump then said Russia Russia Russia this is all tweets Russia Russia Russia that's all you heard at the beginning of this witch-hunt hoax and now Russia has disappeared because I had nothing to do with Russia helping me to get elected it was a crime that didn't exist some people made fun of him for saying I had nothing to do with Russia helping me to get elected as if it was admitting Russia I got a elected but he follows that by saying it was a crime that didn't exist he says so now the Dems and their partner the fake news media say he fought back against this phony crime that didn't exist this horrendous false accusation and he shouldn't fight back he should just sit back and take it could this be obstruction no Muller didn't find obstruction either presidential harassment so Shapiro made the excellent point an excellent point I thought that if if there was no way he could charge Trump if there was no way Muller could charge Trump because the OLC didn't allow it because the Department of Justice guidelines didn't allow it why was why did he spend 20 million of our dollars investigated in the first place I mean you investigate you know when you investigate espionage you investigate to see if anything went on but when you investigate crime you have to believe that there was a crime committed and you're trying to find proof of that crime if there was no point in finding proof of that crime why do it why and why did he spend all this time and put that you know there is this real sense that I'm getting that Muller is another one of these guys who hates Donald Trump and rush limbaugh made an also excellent point of saying when Comey came out talking about Clinton he said she didn't intend to commit a crime that was a crime that didn't need intent to actually be committed right she did the thing that she was not supposed to do that's all the law says that she had to do to be guilty of that crime but now they're saying well Trump intended to obstruct justice even though he didn't he clearly I doubt you know he clearly cooperated with the entire investigation so why is it a crime to intend something but not do it but it's not a crime to do something because you didn't intend it it makes absolutely no sense so all of this again all of this just makes the whole Muller thing look like a political hit it does make it look it look it makes Trump look better and this is in this idea that Muller was pushing the Congress toward impeachment it's very hard to avoid that and of course the impeachment drums are in fact growing both in the media and in the Democrat Party but I repeat myself Jerry Nadler this is his reaction to to this statement yesterday although Department of Justice policy prevented this Special Counsel from bringing criminal charges against the president the special counsel has clearly demonstrated that President Trump is lying he is lying about the special counsels findings lying about the testimony of key witnesses in the special counsels report and above all lying and saying that the special counsel found no obstruction and the no collusion in his statement this morning special counsel Muller reaffirmed his report it found substantial evidence that Russia attacked our political system that the Trump campaign benefited from Russian interference that Trump and those around him repeatedly welcomed Russia's support and that throughout the subsequent investigation Trump sought to obstruct Muller time and time again special counsel mother today repeated three central points which are critical for the American people one the special counsel did not exonerate the President of the United States of obstruction of justice – obstruction of justice of which special counsel mullet found substantial evidence is a serious crime that strikes at the core of our justice system 3 the Constitution points to Congress to take action to hold the president accountable for his misconduct so I mean this is like a train that is really gathering steam the Atlantic Monthly now has a their cover is just the word impeach you know obviously the press is picking this up in Pelosi she still knows look they're still saying that Trump tried to obstruct intended to obstruct but never obstructed an investigation into a crime he didn't commit that is their logic there is no logic there it's gonna it's there'll be a laughingstock now look I can't make predictions maybe Trump is so toxic maybe people hate him so much whatever happens they'll just grab hold of it but Pelosi seems to know she's still playing down the pressure she's under to impeach I'm very proud of her our House Democrats that have been very shall we say conscientious about how they breached their decisions and I think it's like 35 of them out of 238 maybe a 38 of them out of 238 have said that they all wanted to be outspoken on impeachment and many of them are reflecting their views as well as those of their constituents many constituents want to impeach the president but we want to do what is right and what gets results what gets results and we have to remember so yes there are some and the press makes more of a fuss about the two it's 38 and the 200 who are over half of the Congress after half of the of the Democrats in the house sit on one of these six committees so they're all on a path of finding more information so this is her narrative that 38 out of the 238 Democrats in Congress are pushing for impeachment of course those are the 38 in blue districts so they don't have to worry about moderates coming up and saying hey you know why you wasting time while actually dealing with health care immigration whatever they want you to deal with but all the rest of them she is saying I don't and the press makes a big deal out of this show because the press is on the left of Pelosi not on the Left policy-wise simply on the left wisdom wise because Pelosi is a wise old coot and she knows exactly how this stuff works and she's trying to keep control over a very very active caucus where in which all the energy is on the left and if you don't think I mean even before Muller's statement if you do not think the impeachment energy is irrational and constant on the left take a look at what Al Green had to say about it with you not that out green the guy from Texas we need to have this discussion about race the race question I think that we need to go beyond talking we have to make it an action item we have a president who has infused bigotry into policy it hurts my heart when I see that picture of that baby crying being separated from her parents I think that this would not happen but for the fact that these are people of color I also believe that the president having said that there was some very fine people among the biggest erases the homophobes a xenophobes Islamophobes in Charlottesville where a woman lost her life fighting bigotry I think all of these things when combined would cause us to conclude that these are impeachable offenses unfortunately however he is a beneficial bigot meaning he benefits a good many people and I unfortunately have to tell you that I'm so sad when I see people who have built their reputations fighting bigotry allowing this to persist to the extent that it has I'm not going to be a party to this I do believe he can't be impeached for his bigotry and he should be that I mean that's lunacy that's actual lunacy so that's what it below she is hearing he's first of all he goes through that you know saying that Charlottesville people will find people which has now been utterly debunked so that's not true he says that Trump is Trump's hardline on immigration is about race which is unprovable I mean how would you how would you know if that's what is in his heart but it could just be about the rule of law that's what I think it's about he says the Trump is a bigot but he's a beneficial bigot in fact a lot of people black people people of color are being benefited by his policies so he's so he's a bigot but he keeps helping I mean this is a guy who succeeds at everything Donald Trump the one thing he's failed at is being a racist I mean it doesn't make any sense but he wants to impeach him because he doesn't like him and he breaks his heart Don Lemon who's saying this the other day it's wrong to vote for a good economy when the guy is a bad guy you know it's it's absurd and that is what Pelosi is dealing with and that is the fire that the the inflammatory material that Muller was torturing yesterday Trump is blessed in his enemies above all the left has truly truly lost its way and the funny thing is is you know I have friends who are on the Left I friends were liberals and my problem with the left is never about what they're complaining about it is always about their solution you know they talk about racism there's racism I'm against racism I think racism is a human evil I understand that I want women to have more choices in life I want them to be able to you know do this whatever it is they want to do but every single time what the left does every single time is they identify an oppressor and then they adopt the oppressors values right they say you know oh you know there's racism and that's a bad thing so we're gonna be racist except we're gonna support the other races who were oppressed instead of saying the racism stops now we can't fix the past it ends now that was the old way that was the old liberalism hey B pluribus unum were all one that's it racism is over bad it was bad stuff we're sorry on we go you know that that's the only thing that works I understand that it's unfair I understand that it leaves the past unfixed because the past is unfixable that's why the past is tragic you know but to adopt the actual idea is thinking well you know there was racism here on the right so now if we can have a little racism here on the left it's all gonna balance out all the racism always goes in one side of the scale because the devil don't care who does the hating as long as they eating gets done feminism is the same way and as always let me point out it is not that I want fewer choices for women I want women as men to do whatever they want to do it's that what I object to about feminists is they have adopted male they they've identify males as the oppressors which I don't believe I don't agree with that but they had done identify males as the oppressors and then they adopt male values saying to women if you don't live up to male values you are not strong you are now you don't have to you always see that women in movies now they're always standing like men with their hands on their hips looking sir I think like you men are stronger than women you know if you're gonna do that you're just gonna be a second-rate man and so that you do not have women saying no we want our values to have the kind of respect that men's values have traditionally have which would be a very valid point to make which brings me to Taylor Swift you know I don't like pop music I'm not a big fan of pop music but I do listen to it and of the people I like I I really like the early Taylor Swift I thought she had a really nice take on kind of high school romance I teardrops on my guitar nice songs a couple songs then she went into that that pop stuff which was a calculated move not as interested in her many many many affairs and getting dumped by people but still she does produce these songs like getting back together and shake it off they're just they guess their ear worms you know they get stuck in your head she's obviously got some kind of talent and all this stuff so she was asked by a German interviewer hey if she'd like to be a mother someday she's about to turn 30 and she refused to answer and she said it's sexist she said I really said I really do not think men are asked that question when they turned 30 so I'm not going to answer that now now everything is wrong with that statement right men aren't asked that question because they don't become mothers children don't need mothers I don't need fathers in the same way in the same intense way in their early years that they need mothers present in the house with them they do not need the father like that the way they need mothers you can tell by the way bodies are built and what they are meant to do I know this is hard to understand but women aren't shaped like that just so you can stare at them they actually do have a function which has to do with the care and nurturing of children right and then she went on to say later that her next she posted on Instagram that her next album was going to be political and I thought to myself oh boy I can't wait because everybody cares so much what Taylor Swift has to say about politics I don't care at all what pop but Taylor Swift has to say about politics but this is basically her feeling that she's not important unless she is engaged in the traditional email in the old days the traditional email world of politics and if she is takes herself away from the traditionally female world of motherhood I'm sorry but that is just ass backwards I mean Millennials are now have now stopped virtually stopped reproducing and it's amazing all the people even on the right everybody's saying well it's the economy you know Millennials were coming up in the Obama economy and they couldn't afford children so they waited too long and now they're not even producing enough people to you know feed into Social Security and to develop a working class and it's all about the economy well baloney I mean baloney is about the economy when you tell women that you're nothing if you stay home and take care of your children that you're you know only something if you lean in if you're working all the time if you adopt male values why should they I mean women I think are more subject to to social pressure than men are somewhat and I think when you tell them that it takes them a long time before they found out hoops I made a mistake even the idea even the idea that you should have a career first and then a child is a male idea because men are built for that women their time runs out why not develop another idea of a career where you have your babies first and stay home and take care of them as they need and then go on to have a career later I mean that makes a lot more sense so in other words what I'm saying is instead of arguing for that we should that we women should now be able to have live by male principles why not argue for that female principle should be elevated in our society which I think they should there's a clip going around on Twitter that I saw that it's incredibly touching we haven't got time to play the whole thing it's like eight minutes long but you can find that it's on America Got Talent and a young man shows up with his mom and the kid's name is Cody Lee and he has got he's blind he was born with optic nerve hypoplasia and they gave him a life-saving surgery when he was five days old and he now has also this kind of autism that makes it very hard for him to communicate and his mom found out that he loved music and trained him up and so he shows up on America's Got Talent clearly afflicted clearly with troubles but with this enormous talent that his mom has cultivated his mama's named Tina so here this is we put it together briefly there's a longer but just to take a look at it for a minute I'm go D I am 22 years old Cody is blind and autistic we found out that he loved music really early on he listened and his eyes just went huge and he started singing and that's when I just I was in tears because that's when I realized oh my gosh she's an entertainer so I've been so many places in my life and joy [Applause] assaults in a mate's embed resemble onstage 10,000 people watch again well.all now never say no to you [Applause] so what you're watching there folks is the opposite of an abortion that's the opposite of an abortion right and if you watch I you can't obviously if you're listening you can't see it you've watched my mom's face look the kid gets the applause the kid gets the applause that's the way of the world but there ought to be a nobel prize for motherhood in fact as far as i'm concerned that's the only thing there ought to be a nobel prize for i I get it you do not get the rewards of the world you don't get money for being a mom you don't get the applause the kid gets the applause the thing that you produce gets the applause but if that's not the most important job in on earth I don't know what is and I just think it is sick what feminists have done and this is why when I say Trump is blessed in his enemies he's blessed because they have lost their way because they adopt the values of the people they identify as the oppressors there is living proof I know it's just a pop TV show but it's important and if you could see her face you would understand that that is living proof but that's that's the job that's the thing that people do that matters and instead of saying you know what what feminists should have said was screw male values let's elevate female values but they always do the wrong thing and that is why every time they take an aim shot it at Trump it flashes back and hits them in the head we're gonna stay on so you can hear our guest but please go to daily and subscribe it supports us we want your money it's only a lousy 10 bucks a month a hundred bucks for the entire year and you get the leftist tears tumblr and you get to be in the mail bag all your problems solved John Ganz is the director of communications and research at peri world house the University of Pennsylvania's global Policy Institute and he's a fellow at the German marshal he's a fellow at the German Marshall Fund and a former chief speechwriter at the Pentagon he's got a new book called the white house warriors how the National Security Council transformed the American Way of wars out White House warriors by John Ganz Johnny there yeah absolutely how are you I'm great thank you so much for coming on I really appreciate it I want to start I want to start with something very basic because a lot of times the guys who know a lot don't understand how little people know explain to us what the National Security Council is and how it came to be so it's a good question and it's a question I get a lot so it sort of tells you how our government is sort of one of the most important parts of it is so hard to understand but the National Security Council was created in 1947 actually it was created because Franklin Roosevelt didn't need a National Security Council to win World War two you know he kind of did things on his own worked with advisors and close friends and a few military officials he liked dealt with Winston Churchill and basically tried to win the war by himself and kept everybody else in the dark but government didn't like that and as government group as the war sort of went on and to a degree as the atomic weapons were used government bases said we got to figure out a way to do this better than just an old man working in the Oval Office making decisions of huge consequence by himself and so they came up with an idea that said let's get everybody who's working on national security they didn't define national security but you know they figured State Department Defense Department the military the president the vice president a few others in a room to talk about these decisions and make it a formal sort of requirement that that's how we make decisions and so it was basically a forum and not an opportunity to get all these smart people in a room but Congress said okay well if you're gonna have that many big names in a room big people in a room you're gonna need something to make sure they show up on time you're gonna need something to make sure that they know what they're talking about when they come to the table you're gonna need somebody to make sure we know what they said when they decide when they made decisions so they created a staff a very small staff in 1947 basically to do secretarial work keep minutes to write agendas and the scheduled meetings but out of that little humble administrative beginning grew an institution in Washington that's known as the National Security Council which is actually the staff which is now 400 something people and works in the executive office building next to the White House and is run by the National Security Adviser a position that didn't exist in 1947 so does this you seem to feel that this has gotten out of hand I mean that this is a dangerous thing to have these guys making the decisions with behind the scenes well what I'd say is is that I would say that as I tell people and I always get this in Washington and I'm in Washington right now and I was getting in Washington every since well when I was on the national security staff we were really thoughtful and I sort of say well look at some total of decisions and I actually look at staffers in the book White House warriors from Truman to Trump right I look at somebody in almost every administration and in every war that America's fought since then would you actually see is the track record is it's not it's not a it's not a sterling record of decision making and war in part because you know empowering a bunch of people who are behind the scenes aren't exposed to Congress are exposed to the public aren't on the battlefield in the diplomatic negotiations to help have so much power of their decisions doesn't lead to the best decisions at the end of the day and so what I say is is that that much unaccountable problem is a problem that much unaccountable power is a problem on its own but the actual impact is really in terms of how Washington works and how America fights his Wars has been a really a negative one for the country Wow so I mean now you're looking we've had Iran in the news of North Korea you've got john bolton in there a guy i respect but he's a guy when his toilet gets clogged up he summons a b-2 bomber and instead of instead of a plumber i mean he's a very harsh guy but on the other hand you have a president who goes out in front of people and says yeah i'm not listening to them he said it about north korea they say it's their missile launches are a provocation i say it's nothing and he they were making more like noises about iran and Trump was saying no I don't want to go to war well first let's start with this do you feel the Trump and his National Security Council are at odds i they certainly aren't working well together it's hard to really see and this has been hard listen why as I was trying to explain to people Donald Trump was a very unconventional pick I mean everybody sort of accepts that is true but just putting Donald Trump into a presidency was what basically was a collision between such an unconventional person who never served in government never you know worked in the military never served the military in the same in the classic sense of understanding you know had no experience in Washington into a system that has existed for seventy years of making decisions and thinking about things and thinking about the world that and a bureaucracy that has strong opinions and isn't easy to deal with even with presidents who you know worked in Washington for years right and it's been a collision between those two forces and it hasn't been easy and there have been moments of peace but most of it has been pretty chaotic so I would say less more of just a breakdown in chaos than really at odds because I think generally speaking the president only cares about a few issues he cares about the big stuff and kind of lot seems to let and from what I talk to people in government seems to let a lot of the little stuff go to other people what you have right now is more chaos less really sort of critical analysis of what the issues are and where the priorities should be and you also have a situation where there's really no precedent where for a president is publicly saying that the national security visor not only doesn't speak for me but it's on the wrong page with me that there that might have happened in history I like they say they're working in government national screws it's not that different than every other job right their job their days where you hate your boss their days where you like your boss their days we hate your coworkers there's days where you are looking at other jobs I'm sure there's people at the White House right now are looking at you know other jobs online right that's just the way it goes but those are great days so there's always days of people getting on the wrong foot but I can't think of a precedent where the president was actively saying that the National Security Advisor speaking is not speaking for me so looking at these two situations North Korea and Iran let's start with Iran are you concerned that the disconnect between Trump and Pompeyo the parent disconnect between Trump on pale and Bolton is going to drag us into some kind of engagement or do you think the opposite is more likely well I think when a president says he's not very interested in a war I think that generally makes it harder to fight a war I think the American people are pretty hesitant about a war another one I mean there's one thing the United States knows about it for the past twenty years and one thing you know America is pretty divided but I think most Americans would agree that another Middle East war is probably not in our strategic economic and political interest right and I think that generally speaking the military is pretty pretty cool on another war in the Middle East that said the challenge you have right now is is that you have this breakdown in Washington and it's those people who are interpreting all of the signals from the Middle East right and so we've said there's no say those people you mean all the whole a Bolton Pompeo Trump right we're sending a lot of there's a lot of reaction counter-reaction with her brawn we send you know an aircraft carrier they load missiles onto a boat we you know we remove troops from a personnel from Iraq they do something else so all of these little actions and counter actions have to be interpreted and we have to make decisions and when you have people who aren't on the same page have people who are disagreeing openly in public and in the press you worry that less that the breakdown is going to drag us into war and just something's gonna get misinterpreted and miscalculation is gonna be made at questions not going to be asked and an idea is not gonna be proposed and I think that's what you have in Washington right now and as I make sure everybody knows and as this book demonstrates even when these breakdowns happen with the big people and the national security eyes Undersecretary of state of President there's been times where everybody's disagreed in the past right that's happened I talked about in the book the Reagan administration had you know as iconic as his policymaking is on the Cold War his administration was very chaotic as well well the business of national security doesn't go away so somewhere there's somebody trying to fill the gap and trying to make a decision without upsetting people and that generally leads to problems let me ask you I need a quick answer because I'm running out of time talking to John Ganz the author of white house warriors how the National Security Council transformed the American Way of war let me ask you quickly is there a reform you'd like to see a specific reform in the National Security Council yeah generally right now the national security eyes are none of the National Security Council staff are subject to Senate or congressional confirmation and I'd like to see them basically be reviewed and approved by Congress just try and open it up and connect it better to the American people because right now it's too secretive for as powerful it is at a time when people are worried about a deep state and everything else thanks very much John Gans author of White House worries thanks for coming on I hope to talk to you again absolutely thanks so much let me end the week it's a week is already over I guess it's a short week let me end with a final reflection I've got a shit show you a great catch from our friends at MRC news Buster's Alex Trebek you know of Jeopardy Fame is suffering with pancreatic cancer battling a very tough cancer to beat obviously and Trebek's one of those guys like Pat Sajak who has just become part of the American consciousness and a complete we benign in a beneficent way it's just kind of a nice character to have around so a lot of people rooting for him and praying for him as he fights this thing so listen carefully this is from as I say it's from mr.c news busters the way this was reported on ABC and then the other two news networks and ABC obviously is the jeopardy network so Trebek is there guy listen carefully to the ABC report tonight Alex Trebek three months after revealing his battle with Stage four pancreatic cancer now saying doctors believe he is in near remission we remember he vowed to fight it with the help of your prayers also I plan to beat the low survival rate statistics for this disease Trebek now telling people magazine the doctor said they hadn't seen this kind of positive result in their memory some of the tumors have already shrunk by more than 50% he adds it's kind of mind-boggling I've already gone from where I was to this the doctors are so excited just beside themselves with joy and Trebek again thank the millions who have sent good wishes I told the doctors this has to be more than just chemo I've had a couple million people out there who have expressed their good thoughts their positive energy and their prayers the doctor said it could very well be an important part of this out it is and we're always rooting for Alex here good job ABC very straightforward report listen carefully to see what's missing from the reports from CBS and NBC Trebek announced his diagnosis in March I plan to beat the low survival rate statistics for this disease the five-year survival rate for stage 4 pancreatic cancer is less than 3% the 78 year old has continued to work while undergoing chemo thank you for your continuing messages of encouragement and support he tells people I've got a couple million people out there who have expressed their good thoughts I told the doctors this has to be more than just the chemo for Trebek that support is part of the answer there was some encouraging news today from Alex Trebek the host of Jeopardy says his doctors tell him that his Stage four pancreatic cancer is in quote near mission in an interview with People magazine Trebek calls the prognosis mind-boggling but says he has several more rounds of chemotherapy to go before he's declared to be in full remission yep they edited out the prayers it just completely took out the prayers was obviously meant a lot to Trebek and bet that he felt it helped him very much you know yesterday during the mail bag I said that God is not like Tinkerbell he doesn't go away when you stop believing in him but you do you go away when you stop believing in God you lose the entire the entire logic behind your rights behind your soul behind your conscience all of the logic of that goes away when you stop believing and that is why I mean they don't know they're doing it obviously there's nobody at CB s rubbing his hands together NBC saying oh we're gonna get rid of God it's an instinct they have because they know that God is opposed to what they want which is power to make decisions over you which is to take away your conscience take away your agency God is an enemy of the left because he gets in the way of their plans but as I say when you stop believing in him he doesn't go to go away you do and that is their ultimate goal to get rid of you the you of you who demands rights who is endowed with rights lands the right to make decisions according to your own conscience anyway let us join our prayers to those of millions of others for Alex Trebek I hope he beats this thing it wouldn't d be a miracle for the rest of you you're screwed is the Clavin this weekend however however if somehow if somehow you should make it through the chaos and rage and violence of such an event we will be here on Monday and we hope to see you then I'm Andrew Clavin this is the Andrew Clavin show the Andrew Clavin show is produced by Robert Sterling executive producer Jeremy boring senior producer Jonathan hey our supervising producer is Mathis Glover and our technical producer is Austin Stevens edited by Adam SIA vets audio is mixed by Mike Carmina hair and makeup is by Joshua alvera and our animations are by Cynthia Angulo production assistant Nick Sheehan the Andrew Clavin show is a daily wire production copyright daily wire 20:19 today on the Ben Shapiro show robert muller issues his farewell address and democrats move toward impeachment that's today on the bench Shapiro show

Taylor Swift's Latest Political Fail

apparently Taylor Swift has now publicly rejected president Trump's stance on LGBTQ rights in a letter to Senator Lamar Alexander now you'll remember that Taylor Swift tried to endorse a Tennessee gubernatorial candidate a couple of years ago or last year in the gubernatorial race and that ended up being a giant fail for her nobody cared what Taylor's who have thought about politics that is not stopping her but here is what the Washington Post reports today Taylor Swift's newfound political streak was on full display Saturday when she posted to Instagram a lengthy letter to senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee imploring him to protect LGBTQ rights by voting to support the Equality Act the Act which was passed by the house last month would ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in employment housing education jury service and Federal Financing well do a lot more than that it would basically mandate that if you are a private person in private life that you have to imbibe everything that the social Left tells you about the malleability of gender of sexual orientation of all of that stuff so it said I've decided to kick off Pride Month by writing a letter to one of my senators to explain how strongly I feel that the Equality Act should be passed I urge you to write to your Senators too I'll be looking for your letters by searching the hashtag letter to my senator in the letter she wrote for American citizens to be denied jobs or housing based on who they love or how they identify in my opinion is unamerican and cruel she added that some argue the actus Rupp's religious freedom there are hundreds of Tennessee faith leaders who have recently disagreed and spoken out to defend the LGBTQ community which is not an argument that's an argument that if you are a traditional Christian who believes in traditional values about sin and sex that you should basically be disregarded because she found some liberal pastors who echo her viewpoint she wrote that protecting the LGBTQ community from discrimination could bring more jobs to Tennessee citing the fact that several corporations including Amazon have spoken out against the anti LGBTQ slate of hate referring to bills moving through the state legislature that would according to Human Rights Campaign allow businesses organizations and contractors to discriminate against LGBTQ people in employment policies first of all that sort of language demonstrates the overreach that people want from government okay it's not about allowing businesses to discriminate if it's a private business the question is does the government have a right to interfere in private business not what will they allow businesses to do you do not get your Ritt from the government this is not 17th century britain free association freedom to pursue your business in way you see fit is a basic American right freedom of this has nothing to three religion religious freedom really it has to do with freedom of association if you don't want to have to hire a conservative for your business this would be a you thing and if I don't feel like hiring somebody from the left from my business this would be a me thing and if I'm a religious institution that doesn't feel like violating my own religious precepts by performing a same-sex marriage that's a me thing and if you don't feel like accepting somebody from my synagogue into your church that's a you thing you know how we can all live in society together we can lighten the eff up and leave each other alone that's what we can do a Taylor Swift is writing this letter now why does it matter the Taylor Swift and all these celebrities write these letters and the left wants to play this double game the double game is this every time the right complains about a cultural figure intervening in politics people I'm gonna say well why do you care they're citizens just like anyone else what do you what are you whining about why do you mean you say you don't care about celebrity why does it matter to you what Taylor Swift has to say but then they tried out all these people at the DNC because they obviously believe that these people have something to say so here's what has happened and it's really bad for the country because the cultural has now become political because there is no element of American culture that is free from politics or at least mildly free from politics because every aspect of American culture has become more and more political from Gillette ads to sports because every because every movie must be replete with social justice warrior messaging these everything from children's book to library time has become a battleground for social issues what's happened is that the right feels like it's not in control of the culture and the right is correct the right is not in control of the culture the people in Hollywood are universally to the left so universally to the left that people in Hollywood it is far far harder in Hollywood to be a conservative than it is to be gay there is no question about that it's just really I mean I know many people in Hollywood many of whom are gay and many of them are conservative and many of whom are both there is no question it is harder to come out of the closet as a conservative in Hollywood than it is to be gay in Hollywood to take an example and this is why I've had Hollywood people who are friends who high place people in the Hollywood industry and every time I mean with them or get-together with them I will overtly explain to them that they should never reveal to the public that we have met because they will be destroyed by their own folks the commanding heights of the culture are run by the left and Taylor Swift proves it and Taylor Swift who was silence for you there was a meme online a joke online why doesn't Taylor Swift speak out about this issue her silence is deafening because basically she was a political and she didn't say anything about politics then in the last couple of years her SJW friends convinced her that it was time for her to speak out about politics and now she won't shut up about politics well people on the right feeling like they are not in control of the culture then moved to the realm of government for protection so they pour all of their energies not into culture and not into the culture war and pour all of their energies into politics because this is something that they understand we can put our money behind candidates and not only that whenever there is a cultural figure with any sort of cachet who endorses the right-wing position people on the right freaked out because like wow there's finally someone in the culture who doesn't disdain us and sneer at us it's a major reason Donald Trump is president Donald Trump was a cultural figure not a political one but he was a cultural figure who did not sneer and everybody who is on the right and the right was so flattered by this that they thought oh wow somebody who actually is willing to fight the culture wars the left meanwhile has ratcheted up the cultural battles and so people on the right have reacted by saying okay well we're going to elect politicians who at least are not going to kowtow to Lena Dunham out in Los Angeles in New York we're going to elect people who fervently wish to ignore Taylor Swift and the left has responded by saying okay well if we don't have political power will ratchet up our cultural power as the left takes over the culture and the right moves back into politics what you are getting is this massive war where the political class on the Left has merged with the cultural class and the same thing is happening on the right so politics and culture are becoming two sides of the same coin and it's really not good for the country it used to be that the cultural sphere is where we all got together to chat during work breaks and now we can't even do that anymore and it's leading to political divides too because if all of our culture is political and all of our politics is cultural what do we share we didn't use to share politics but at least we shared culture now we don't share politics or culture and things I think are getting to a breaking point that's why this sort of stuff from Taylor Swift or Reese Witherspoon's sounding off about abortion that's why this matters it's only a matter of time before the United States has two separate cultures there's no cultural space that is shared either that's not gonna be good for the country the left is pushing it so that there'll have to be two different business lines in every business people who decide to endorse the social justice warrior left the Gillette's of the world and people who do not people who endorsed the Starbucks view of the world and people who endorsed the black rifle coffee view of the world that's where the politics of the country is going I don't think it's good for the country but it is quickly becoming a reality and that's because the left could not leave the culture alone they decided to ratchet up the cultural control that the Left utilizes on a regular basis