How We’ll Win The Culture War

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well. Today’s political landscape is, for
lack of a better term, a bit of a mess. It is characterised by two
warring camps, one on the left, one on the right, plus a large group
of exasperated, disaffected centrists and moderates in the middle,
whose necks are getting increasingly sore watching the back and
forth, back and forth of the bitter ideological tennis match that is the
culture war in 2019. It started off as a few hypersensitive university
students lamenting being “triggered” over certain words and
demanding safe spaces being gently poked fun at by snarky, witty,
highly amusing, very attractive right wingers who were sick of
being told what to think and say. However, it has turned into a vicious war
of not just words, but actions. From online dogpiling, to professional sabotage,
doxing, street brawling, and even mass loss of life;
the culture war has escalated to a place it never, ever needed
to go. So, how did we get to this point? Well, before I tell you how, pretty
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go. The left will have you believe the political
tension, or “division” as they call, it is caused by racist, sexist,
bigoted conservatives spewing so called hate speech led by a man named Donald
Trump who is apparently the second coming of Mussolini. To be clear, when I say the left, I mean the
“regressive” left; the faction teetering on the extreme, who, while
making up small minority of the population, occupy a disproportionate
number of influential positions in the media, academia,
Hollywood, and big tech. This allows them to dictate the cultural narrative,
and determine what is and isn’t publicly acceptable
to talk about. The right, however, will tell you this cultural
friction is caused by the blunt refusal of the regressive left to consider
opposing opinions, as well as their vicious smearing of any opposition. After all, if you tell a
group of people, that is conservatives, often enough that their entire
moral core is questionable because they support a certain political
candidate, you’ve got to expect that maybe those people will get a
little bit angry, eventually. And considering the left’s hostility i has
amped up bigly since the election of Donald Trump, for no other reason
than they are such appallingly sore losers, it’s no wonder
we have a reached a point where certain members of the two ideological
camps are role playing at civil war. From what I have observed and experienced
over the past few years, the regressive left, with their neo-Marxist
mentality of pitting people against each other as either the oppressed
or the oppressors, seems to have made it their sole mission to inflame
these tensions. So much
that conservatives, after years of ignoring or downplaying the
provocations, are starting to react. This is quite a big deal, because conservatives
are not naturally reactionary. Conservatism is not about reacting to things
so much as conserving what is good and true and functional. Conservatives want
to create and maintain, rather than react and destroy. Leftism, on the other hand, is by definition
a reactionary ideology. They are not about building things up; they
prefer to tear things down, with no discernible plan of what to
construct in their wake. It is in their nature to poke and prod and
harangue conservatives, to proverbially stick it to the man. Funny thing is, what the regressive
left doesn’t realise is that they already won that culture war back in
the 90s, and now they are the proverbial “man” to which people are
sticking it. Considering the tendency of the right to placate
rather than react, the regressive left has been dealt a surprising
hand in recent years, with right wingers finally making it known
they are fed up with the left’s rudeness. One thing I noticed after the 2016 election
is that it always seemed to the regressive left who were
suddenly talking about this “division” in society, and
how everyone was “divided”. And I remember thinking, uh, this isn’t
a new thing; everyone has always hated you, it’s only now that people
feel empowered to say so. You could say that the regressive left is
the ideological equivalent of Mean Girls Regina George So, why am I relaying my concerns and mournful
musings about the state of the culture war? Well, because, no joke, the West is on the
brink of devouring itself. We’ve seen this multiple times with the
violence perpetrated by Antifa, and also more recently the mass loss
of life caused by right wing extremists. There are a number of people out there who
are very keen to escalate, and I think we can all agree this
needs to not happen any more than it already has. Now, I’ve seen commentary from people who
tend to be somewhere in the so-called sensible centre lamenting
the fact there is not enough listening going on; that the two sides
are failing to hear and understand each other, and that’s why there’s
so much resentment and vitriol. Well, that, I think, is a load of rubbish. Conservatives do listen to leftists, because
we have no choice. All
they do is talk, we couldn’t not listen if we tried. They are so noisy,
and as I mentioned before, occupy such a large chunk of institutions
like the media there’s literally no escaping them. And the thing is,
conservatives are happy to listen! We don’t find hearing opposing
views offensive simply because they’re opposing views. The reverse,
however, is just not true. The extreme left is more than happy to admit
they will not absorb any opposing viewpoint. That’s why they demonize outlets like Fox News and Breitbart as fascist and company. It’s so they can excuse
themselves from tuning in on moral grounds; and thus avoid the
sheer trauma of listening to people they don’t agree with. They are
also much more likely than conservatives to break off friendships
over politics. A survey taken after the 2016 US election
by the non-partisan Public Religion Research Institute found Democrats
were almost three times more likely than Republicans to
have unfriended someone on social media after the election. There was a similar
disparity for self-identified leftists versus conservatives. Democrat women were by far the most likely
to unfriend someone because of politics, with 30% of them saying
they had done so. This
was followed by Democrat men, at 14%, then Republican women at
10%, then Republican men at 8%. Funny how those who so rigidly
preach tolerance show the most extraordinary intolerance while
doing so, amirite? This unashamed habit of packing themselves
into echo chambers, demonizing any opposing voices as morally
repugnant, and slicing people into tribes based on arbitrary characteristics
like race and gender, is why the regressive left, not conservatives,
are responsible for the division in society. I’m calling it, there it is. And they will
never, ever, ever see it. They will never admit fault, or consider that
somehow their behaviour is less than appropriate, because
they are so sure that they are the true, pure, moral, enlightened
class. Therefore, they feel
they are justified in being as vicious and as cruel as they want to anyone who disagrees with them, because they
believe those people are not only wrong, but evil reprehensible
scum. That’s the key difference between the left
and the right. The right
think the left are naïve, but the left think the right are evil. Big and
very significant distinction. Once you understand that, you
understand the mindset that we are dealing with. There is no
measure these people will not go to in order to protect their
narrative. So, if not enough listening, at least from
the right, isn’t the problem, then what is? Well, I would say it’s not enough talking,
specifically, talking from conservatives. As I mentioned earlier, conservatives are
not naturally reactionary. We’re also, funnily enough, not interested
in engaging in conversation with people who are going to
screech RACIST at us whenever we suggest something so horribly
radical as perhaps open borders aren’t such a good idea. That is what has landed us in this mess. Because of conservatives’
totally understandable unwillingness to let their opposition screech
at them publicly about what bad people they are, the regressive left
has been led to believe that their way is objectively the correct way
of thinking and speaking. And because there is no ideological balance
in popular culture, people in the middle who are desperate to
hear a different perspective are not given a reasonable alternative. All of this has allowed the regressive left to get away with
their thuggery and intolerance, under the guise of working for
the common good. This hall pass for bad behaviour they’ve
been handed is also what causes social justice warriors to act with
such hysteria whenever they suffer a loss. They are like spoilt children; their ongoing
global tantrum over the 2016 election proves that
they’d had it their own way for so long that they’ve forgotten how
to share. They are so emotionally attached to their
political beliefs that even a hint that maybe they are wrong on one or two
things goes to the very core of their being. To admit they are wrong would be to upend
the very fibre of their identity. Because of this, and also because of the left-wing
obsession with big government, it makes perfect sense they would
stress about who is going to lead them, and which politician does
what. Again, they’re
like children; they need to be reassured that the adult authority
figure is in the room, or they’ll become anxious and act out by crying
or throwing things. Literally. Conservatives, on the other hand, do not get
emotionally attached to our political beliefs, or at least not as
attached. This is, again, the
nature of conservativism. We don’t like big government. We would
prefer politicians to have as little to do with our lives as possible. Unlike the extreme left, we don’t look to
politicians for moral guidance; that’s what religious and community
leaders or family members are for. As such, whenever our political parties lose,
we shrug it off with an oh well, let’s work harder and win next
time. We do not need
therapy dogs and play dough and colouring books to get over the
appalling traumatic experience of losing an election. So, what’s the solution to all of this craziness? How do we generate
not necessarily a more conservative society, but a more balanced
one? A cultural zeitgeist where everyone feels
they can express their views without fear of losing relationships,
or having their reputation destroyed? Well, conservatives need to start finally
speaking up. It is very important we challenge the noisy
regressive leftists in our lives, but not for the reasons you think. It’s not to change their
minds; that’s not going to happen. The only way a social justice
warrior will seriously consider other viewpoints is if they go on their
own personal journey of soul searching. You won’t convince them of
anything. But, you can convince those who may witness
the discussion. To borrow from the Gospel according to Ben
Shapiro, never argue privately with a leftist. Always do it with an audience. They are the
ones you are going to persuade. Some of the best advice I ever got
when I was starting out on this journey of culture warrior-dom in
2017 was from my editor. Before I did my first TV panel gig, he said
to me, don’t go in there trying to win an argument. That’s not your job. Your job is to present
a particular perspective in an entertaining and interesting way, not
for the other panellists or the studio audience, but for the people at
home. Those are the people you are going to influence. The same is true in your own lives, without
cameras and studio audience. While you probably won’t influence your
opposition, they’ll be too busy hand-flapping and calling
you a bigot or something, you will influence your audience. Donald Trump embodies this. Yes, while he may be brash, and
seemingly spontaneous, and rude, and crude, he is what you would
call the first wartime president during the Culture War. That
brashness, while not typically conservative, is what is needed. Until Trump, the left has been the only side
actually fighting for what they value, and what a dirty, dirty fight
they have put up. And while
conservatives pride themselves on being dignified, and polite, and
not at all reactionary, that strategy hasn’t worked. Trump, for all his wonderful flaws, is actually
fighting that Culture War, using the left’s own tactics against
them. He is calling them out
at their own game, using words, not violence, and while he won’t
change their minds, he is proving to the silent masses just how
unscrupulous, disingenuous, and power-crazed the regressive left
actually is. His strategy, while unorthodox and uncomfortable,
is working. And yes, I know regressive leftists are aggressive,
I know they will denigrate and mock you, I know it is intimidating. But it is so
important we do engage with them to somehow swing the
pendulum of acceptable public dialogue to a happier medium, even if they cast you as the villain. Sometimes, you have to be ready to
play that villain to get the message across.

Free speech on campus: Is it in danger? | FACTUAL FEMINIST

Is the campus free speech crisis a myth? Some say yes. They tell us not to be distracted by media
stories of campus radicals shouting down speakers. “Look at the big picture,” they say. “Free speech is doing just fine.” Are they right? That is coming up next on the Factual Feminist. I was recently invited to Lewis & Clark Law School
in Portland, Oregon, to give a lecture making a case for more openness on women’s issues, such as the gender wage gap, or the patriarchal
rape culture. These need to be questioned and debated, not accepted as gospel. Women—everyone—are best served by truth—not
slogans, much less myths. But I was drowned out by chants: “The wage
gap is real,” “The campus rape culture is real.” My speech was disrupted. And video of the protest went viral, and several
news stories cited it as an example of growing intolerance on campus. That’s when the pushback came. Matthew Yglesias at VOX, and political scientist
Jeffrey Adam Sachs in the Washington Post, assured everyone not to worry. Support for free speech is stronger than ever,
they said—especially among college students. As evidence, they pointed to one of the most
trusted sources of data in the social sciences, the General Social Survey. The GSS has been measuring public attitudes
on free speech since the 1970s. And it does suggest, just as Yglesias and
Sachs say, that 18 to 34 year-olds are the most likely to support free speech. But there are two big problems. First, not all 18-34 year-olds are students. In fact, the GSS excludes those who live in
“group quarters”—such as dormitories! Moreover, the GSS measures support for free
expression by asking people how they feel about speakers such as —communists,
homosexuals, atheists. But most of these involve issues that are
much less controversial today than they used to be So what we need is a study that asks relevant
questions to a cross-section of current college students. Fortunately, three recent surveys come closer
to the mark. For example, the Gallup-Knight Foundation
survey, looked at a random sample of 3,000 college students. The survey found that 70 percent of students said they preferred their campus to be an ‘open learning environment’ where
they might be exposed to offensive speech. Twenty-nine percent preferred a “positive
environment that prohibited certain speech.” Jeffrey Sachs cites this as further evidence
that the “kids are all right.” Well, nearly 30 percent of college students favoring
censorship is not exactly cause to rejoice, especially when that figure is up from 22%
two years ago But here is what is most troubling to me:
37 percent of college students said it was acceptable to shout down speakers. I have been lecturing on campuses for decades
and, until recently, no one shouted at me or tried to disrupt the event. My colleague Charles Murray has faced noisy
protestors in the past, but he says, he could always count on someone in the audience telling
them to “Sit down and shut up, we want to hear what he has to say.” The protesters, aware they were in the minority,
would melt away. But recently, at schools like Middlebury,
Berkeley, Claremont-McKenna, Evergreen State, Lewis & Clark—the censorious minority is not melting away. censorious minority is not melting away. Why not? I have noticed one striking change. An increasing numbers of college professors
and students equate speech with violence. I first became aware
of the conflation of speech with violence in 2015. An Oberlin professor explained in the campus
newspaper that by questioning sexual assault statistics, I was attacking victims’ experiences
and their… reactions to those experiences” Such skepticism, she said is a form of discursive violence. The idea that words and arguments constitute
violence is gaining currency. In statement about my Lewis & Clark talk,
protesters said, that while “free speech is an important tenet” that freedom stops
“when it has a … violent impact on other individuals.” “There is no debate here.” And no debate was allowed. The law students who disrupted my talk at
Lewis and Clark were very much in the minority. And students who came to listen did tell them
to keep quiet. But the protesters were confident and determined. Because, I think in their minds they were taking a principled firm stand against violence. But speech is not violence—it is how we
avoid violence. Speech is how we negotiate with one another
in a pluralistic society. The distinction between words and deeds is
foundational to American law—it’s foundational to American democracy. Surveys about what students think about free
speech in general may not tell us much about the real state of tolerance on campus. We also need to understand how students think
about speech, and whether they are captive to a worldview that equates it with violence. And we need to know how many administrators
will tolerate their reign of error. Those who assure us that all is well on the
campus have yet to come to grips with this problem. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section. And please subscribe to the series and follow
me on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for watching the Factual Feminist.

Ben Shapiro Criticizes Milo, Reddit, and Keyboard Warriors

(Off screen) hi! my question is… I feel like it might be a little bit more personal but um what do you think about the places on the internet like slash poll do you know about that at all? (Shapiro) not familiar, no! (Off screen) I’m talking more about the keyboard warriors who… I know have insulted you in different… (Shapiro) like the reddits in the 4chan? (off screen) yeah, like reddits in the 4chan because I feel like they kind of started almost like a political revolution online of getting rid of P.C. but i just wanted to see what you thought about it them? (Shapiro) I think they’re mostly losers who sit in their mother’s basement, smoke pot and masturbate (laughter) I think that my biggest problem would be with this group of people is that there is a… again I’ve spent my entire career fighting against political correctness right I’m the guy who goes to public high schools with under…. with… with poor kids and says to the poor kids the reason your parents are permanently poor is because they’re bad with money and made bad decisions don’t make those decisions and you’ll do better right that’s politically incorrect and that will get you shut down by the high school principal right which happen that’s political incorrectness it is not political incorrectness to shout cock at people right you’re not actually changing anything I’m sorry but shouting cock at people doesn’t make the world a better place it just means that you’re an asshole so the idea… so you know my big problem with this is that there’s a whole generation of young people who are falling into the trap of thinking that principled by saying stupid things and not just saying stupid things, like cuck is just a silly thing but people who are using the n-word in chat rooms because they think ‘oh I’m violating some sort of societal taboo and that makes me cool’ yeah well that’s not going to be so cool when it turns out your employer can search you and now you can’t get a job right it’s not going to be so cool when you fall into this trap of associating with all with all these folks and it turns out that’s on your Facebook page it’s all fun and games until you actually have to live in the real society where the left is willing to go after people now I don’t think the left should go after people for this sort of stuff because I would prefer to live in a society where we can all say whatever we want but I don’t think that you saying these things promotes that because I don’t think it’s important that we have a society where you say the n-word I think it is important that you have a society where you can point out that we’re not disproportionately sending black people to prison we’re sending black people to prison in precisely the proportions they’re committing crimes I think that’s more important than you shouting cock or the n-word right and this is this is my big this is my big problem with you know as you know I have this long-running debate now with my old bud Yiannopoulos it is my big problem with Milo and his entire movement is I think that Milo is not conservative I don’t think he knows anything about conservatism I don’t think he cares about the Constitution he says this openly I think that Milo cares about being a provocateur and I’m sorry I provocateur generation is only valuable in standing for things that are worthwhile it is not… being a provocateur just for the sake of being a provocateur is worthless provoke in the name of something real and decent and then I’ll stand with you provoke in the name of just being a provocateur because you’re violating taboos and you’re wasting my time thank you

7 Reasons Ben Shapiro Is So Dominant In Debates

Ben shapiro is one of the most famous and skilled political debaters out there and even if you’re not into politics his arguments are fun to watch. In this video I want to explore why Ben is so talented in debates. Specifically, I’m gonna give you seven techniques that you can use no matter what side of an argument you represent, even if you’re on the wrong side Three caveats before we begin: First, I am NOT saying that Ben is right or wrong on any of these points. What I’m gonna discuss are some of the rhetorical devices he employs that can be persuasive even if they aren’t always logically foolproof. No matter where you fall in these issues, there’s a lot to be learned from Ben’s style of debate. Second, you probably don’t want to focus on debating in your interpersonal relationships because the goal of debate is quite different than the goal of most relationships. -or you’re debating somebody on a stage in which case your goal is basically to humiliate that person as badly as possible. And third, Ben obviously does quite a bit of research which is really tough to combat without figures of your own. -If you’re, if you’re richer you tend to be married longer on average people who are poor tend to get divorce Where did you get that, um, statistic? -Census Bureau Now, research is necessary but I’m more interested in the tactical side of the debate rather than the prep so I won’t go any further into it. Let’s begin then with Ben’s defensive debate tactics starting with catching non- arguments and that’s because not everything that sounds persuasive actually constitutes a valid argument. For instance, when you hear that nine out of ten fill-in-the-blanks believe something that doesn’t necessarily prove a point. That is an argument from authority and, though it might be compelling, more evidence is required to be deemed conclusive. So when people lean on authority in arguments, Ben knows to call them out on it, like in this example: We urge you to listen to the American public and to the law enforcement community and support a ban on the further manufacture of these weapons. That was Ronald Reagan. -Okay, so now I can disagree with Ronald Reagan. You keep front of the great right-wing presidents of modern times agreed with me -So? Another common debate tactic that maybe isn’t done on purpose and doesn’t constitute a valid argument is getting emotional, particularly when the other person gets upset or offended. Now when Piers Morgan did that, Ben wisely didn’t engage him because simply being offended doesn’t prove anything. How dare you accuse me of standing on the graves of the children that died there, how dare you. -I’ve seen you do it repeatedly, Piers. Like I say, how dare you -Well, I mean, you can keep saying that but you’ve done it repeatedly. What you do, and I’ve seen you do it on the program. The late Christopher Hitchens put this same idea rather bluntly: If someone tells me that I’ve hurt their feelings, I say: well, I’m still waiting to hear what your point is. Now you don’t necessarily need to be that abrupt, but pointing out that a point needs something beyond simple emotion in order to make it valid can make other debaters flustered and from there you can segue into the third defensive tactic that we are covering in this video, which is pushing for specifics. People often hold very broad opinions, very strongly, without necessarily being able to articulate what they mean concretely, and of course this happens on all sides of the political spectrum. So when Ben is grappling with a very broad, spanning charge, he takes the necessary first step of pushing that other person to provide specific examples. -I know what the Republican beliefs are I mean, you’re a young guy, but you certainly remember two years back when their beliefs were completely the opposite of what they are now. -But which ones, which ones? -Free trade. This is absolutely critical do not get wrapped up in defending generalized statements even if you don’t like them, because if any sort of blanket label is asserted against your position or it’s large institutions that are being branded one way or another, if you try to defend against that single phrase you are already buying into an argument You don’t understand and that would be absurd So instead, push the other person to relate exactly what they mean specifically, like in this example: We’ve been talking about. When you say institutional racism, it’s too broad. You at least have to name me the institution. Which one is the racist one? Which institution is racist? Tell me what you –like — so we can fight it– seriously– so we can fight it together Just– I want to be on your side. I do. I want to fight racists. I think race again I think racism is — I think racist — racist behaviour is evil. I want to fight it with you, but I can’t fight it if you’re not if you’re not showing me what it is Similarly and lastly on the defensive side, Ben knows his arguments inside and out so he doesn’t get sucked into defending points that his argument doesn’t require. For instance, in this next clip Ben is talking about how Trump will say outrageous things, knowing that it sets the media ablaze and his point is that Trump knows what he’s doing and he does it on purpose in order to control the news cycle Now when Don Lemon responds saying the Trump shouldn’t be doing that, Ben doesn’t bother defending the morality of his actions. He’s only talking about the purpose of them. -says some things that are outrageous like people in the media aren’t patriotic, knowing that people in the media are immediately going to turn it up to 12 on the Richter scale. But Ben, don’t you think he should be truthful in his comments even if he’s even if he’s funny and if you give them any — shouldn’t he be truthful and he wasn’t. Of course and I think that this is where the media — here’s my advice to people in the media. Now recognizing that you can and should agree at points with the person that you’re debating seems obvious but it can be especially hard to do when people insult you a general rule of thumb is that if the other person winds up attacking you you were actually winning the debate. So Ben usually doesn’t get sucked into defending his own honor and he shows a great example of that here: Paul did a hit piece and in it writer Jane Coaston says you have hollow bravery, calls your campus speeches shadowboxing and if you wanted to be genuinely brave, you’d challenge quote: Some of the wrongheaded ideas held by your right-wing fans How do you respond to that? Number one: I’ve never really attributed bravery to myself I don’t think that it’s brave to walk on a campus and talk to kids, I think it’s brave to be a member of the military. I think it’s brave to be a cop I think it’s great to be a firefighter. I don’t think it’s brave for me to walk with a security team at my side onto a stage. If I thought that I was gonna get shot and murdered, then I probably wouldn’t do it. So I don’t consider myself part of that group anyway Then wisely doesn’t bother defending his own bravery and instead sticks to the points that he knows are strongest to his argument and that takes us to Ben’s Offensive Strategies. One of the big ways that I see him stump his opponents is through the use of snuck premises. Essentially, you introduce the exact point of contention as a given and that’s through the clever use of language. Now, this isn’t to pick on Ben because we all do this from time to time. So first off, see if you can find the snuck premise in this next case: -from planned parenthood. As you may have noticed, I’m mostly against abortion. If you wanna go to Planned Parenthood and get a contraceptive, go for it. I don’t care. I do care when you start killing babies. This is a problem for me. Again, a snug premise introduces a contended point as a given. So what counts as a snug premise shifts with each position of each person involved in a debate now in the context of the abortion debate: pro-choice versus pro-life, what is the snug premise that Ben just said? Here it would be the words: “kill babies”. This entire debate hinges on the personhood of the baby/fetus and using the word baby implies personhood. So with that word, Ben is able to sneak in a premise that most of his opponents would probably disagree with but he does it in a way that they don’t notice, so they are stuck, coming to the same conclusion that he does. Here’s another example, this time in a debate over the morality of socialism communism and other economic models: -income inequality in the United States is also quite high, right? There are people who are Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos and then there’s the the local checker at your grocery store. But if the local checker your grocery store is getting richer then it seems to me they have nothing particularly to complain about in how the economy is operating. They don’t have a right to Jeff Bezos’ money They don’t have a right to Bill Gates’ money any more than Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos has a right to their money. What is the snuck premise in this case? It would be the idea that it is their money. A socialist or a communist might see the money that an owner of the means of production has, aka another rich person, as being stolen, so it wouldn’t be their money in the minds of a socialist or a communist. But when Ben assumes the idea that it is their money, he makes a point that again his opponents might find disagreeable but they won’t really know where to poke the hole, because they adopted his premise as soon as he said it. Now in my experience, most debates are won or lost on snuck premises. In concealing the steps we take to arrive at our conclusions, we can get there without the other person knowing exactly how they disagree with us, but still being stuck. So if you want to win cheaply, without having your ideas challenged, this is an excellent tactic, that is, how you can win a debate even if you’re wrong. But to the degree that you can catch yourself, you’re usually better off avoiding this and it’s usually more insightful and better for the relationship to bolster the opposition side, as we discuss in our video on Jordan Peterson, which I will link to below. Again, not to pick on Ben, just pointing this out as an example. I’m going to leave this for now and move to another effective rhetorical tool that I see from Ben. It’s moving from the abstract to the concrete, and it looks like this: I think that focusing on poverty is a good thing to do. I think focusing on income inequality is not a good thing to do because there’s no correlation between income inequality and relative rates of poverty, right, there’s tremendous income inequality in a lot of places on Planet Earth, in fact in all places on Planet Earth. If you go to Sudan, there’s gonna be a rich warlord there and then there are gonna people living on six dollars a year. This works because the specific example seems to prove the broader point that preceded it, even though a single example cannot prove a rule. It is useful shorthand for persuasion and explanation. I do this all the time with the examples that I give you in these videos- it’s very very common. And when you add an element of humor to the specific piece that you are saying it makes it even more persuasive because people can be so wrapped up in laughing, that they don’t necessarily evaluate if they disagree with the point that you made. -The people who are currently acting in a criminal fashion in the drug war aren’t going to be out acting as model citizens, as a general rule. A lot of those people are going to be committing other crimes because this has been the history of the United States: when you make a substance illegal, the people who are criminals were criminals before and they’re criminals after. Al Capone was not going to turn into a banker after prohibition ended. And the final piece for this video, at least, is that you want to emphasize the conditions under which you would agree with your opponent. What evidence would you need? Now we previously saw Ben do this with regards to institutional racism in a previous clip: -racist behavior is evil. I want to fight it with you But I can’t fight it if you’re not if you’re not showing me what it is. Here he is talking about Trump’s impeachment and the Muller investigations: [Applause] Dude, I’m happy to wait for the Muller indictments if they come down and they target Trump. I’m happy to see him impeached but I need to see evidence. Where’s the evidence? just throw it in the trash. And if he throws it in the trash or quashes the Mueller investigation then yes impeachment should be on the table. Thank you Ben. When done in good faith, this is a really admirable way to build consensus and settle a debate, but since I said that this video was gonna have elements of how to win even if you’re wrong, this can also be used as a smokescreen to make your opponent lose sight of a more effective way to win an argument and instead focus on giving you the evidence that you asked for. By the way I am NOT saying that that is what Ben is doing here. I’m just saying that when you outline the conditions of what it would take for you to reverse your position, it can work as a diversionary tactic. So, there you have it, seven reasons that Ben Shapiro is so difficult to best in the debate and seven ways that you can win even if you’re wrong.

Political PAPI meets Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

political poppy meets Alexandria Ocasio Cortez this was an interesting event as soon as we got there I was interviewed by a man who seemed to be from like Eastern Europe or some shit don't forget these two guys they're very important they're going to come up again later in this video [Applause] yeah just arrived at the Alexandria LoCascio portes Halloween events Elizabeth is here still getting packed before still showing off I was very surprised that they didn't have more gender inclusive bathrooms but then again we were at a church so so Cortez comes in through a back entrance thankfully we were standing close by so we were one of the first people at the event to get a chance to meet her as I'm with Alexander Ocasio part a selfie video thank you so much I must say for someone who's trying to take 90% of my wealth she's actually very sweet in person so she eventually addresses the crowd and once she is done I realized that this is my chance to ask her a couple questions [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] and bear with me I get really nervous whenever I meet famous people but I think I did pretty well okay so first of all congrats on the success you've been having on the campaign trail people seem to love you a lot Trump recently talked about taking away Pro fry citizenship right we're children who are born to illegal immigrants he doesn't even have the jurisdiction to do it there's no way that he can there's no way that he can really make that kind of an executive order because it's practically unconstitutional so would you like to see him amend the Constitution or take it to a Supreme Court instead I think really just trying to drum up some last-minute panic one more question do you have any one more did you guys see the look on my face and yes that man who I assume is a volunteer for the cortes campaign actually tried to prevent me from asking her another question but kudos to her for allowing me to finish the interview do you have any regrets about denying that Shapiro of the faith running at the candidate for Congress I debate other candidates from our anthems no other kids different numbers as I ever had to debate you so I don't really understand why I would have thank you so much for your time so now I'm getting dirty looks everywhere and immediately after the interview I'm approached by a lady who asked me who I'm working for I guess she thought I was working undercover for Fox News or Breitbart once I tell her I'm an independent journalist she proceeds to tell me that I'm not allowed to Axel Cassio Cortese any questions unless I go through her first and then she hands me her business card it's funny because I didn't approach Ocasio Cortez in a disrespectful matter I didn't ask her a loaded question to try to ambush her because that's just not my style to make matters worse do you guys remember the Eastern European reporters from earlier in the video well they try to axel Cascio Cortez a couple questions and they also got in trouble for it it actually looked like they were scored it out of the event I managed to run outside and get one of them to explain to me what had happened all right so what what ended up happening in there did you did you guys get kicked out yes really so what you guys were recording the whole time while she kicked you out towards the end of the event because she doesn't want to answer questions her breasts okay that's actually 30 seconds no and they pull their mic out of her hands so would you say that she doesn't believe in freedom front well they tell they believe in freedom of the press but I told these press agents well that's leaving freedom of the press right and she doesn't answer and this is not the first time that something like this has happened she's been accused of not allowing press previous events even time hold meetings were closed off for the press okay all right thank you so much for your time oh shit so that was political poppy meeting Alexandra Ocasio Cortez who are very sweet in person but you need to get yourself better political advisors you can't have people working for you that are hostile towards the press and this is not the first time that something like this has happened and although I don't agree with you on most issues you are going to be in politics for a long time which is why once again you need to surround yourself with people that could handle these situations a lot better

Trump Bails Out The Democrats Again | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 295

okay I am still traumatized today I'm trying to get past and trying to move past it but what happened was over over the weekend we were we were going to load the kayak into the truck so we could bring it to the lake so I could fish in the kayak one of my favorite things to do is to go fishing in a kayak and which really just means that I'm too cheap to buy a boat but we're about to load it in the cut in the in the truck and then we noticed a spider in the kayak and it was not just any spider as a black widow spider which had laid there was an egg sack there was a black widow spider and an egg sack in the kite now that's literally my nightmare I mean in a very literal sense that is my nightmare that is my worst case scenario well I guess worst-case scenario is that we don't notice it I get into the kayak and then I'm out in in the lake and then the black widow spider jumps out and tries to bite me in the eyeballs that's the worst case this is like very close to the worst case scenario and anyway what could I do then in that situation aside from burn the kayak burned the truck burned my house burned myself I jumped into the fire myself I look pretty good afterwards considering and so now I can never kayak again and I can never walk out of my house ever again now you might say that it's very girly of me to react this way to a spider I am terrified of spiders I admit but I would respond to that in two ways number one how dare you sexist number two spiders are actually demons they are from Hell they crawled out of the cracks in the ground from hell and that's I mean it's in the Bible that's it's it's right there so he might girly because I don't want to be around demon spiders and my girly because I don't want them to crawl into my ears and eat my soul as spiders are known to do no that's just called taking precautions okay that is that's called knowing the science all right I'm gonna try to move past this and talk about other things today as best I can to overcome the trauma and what we're going to do is to begin with I want to talk about something that if you're a die-hard Trump supporter a die-hard Trump fan you're probably not going to like but I think you especially need to hear it so I hope you hope you stick through it with me so we can have this conversation but first before we get into that a word from our friends at noon you know getting in shape is not just about losing weight it's it's about learning healthier habits feeling better about yourself whether that's more stamina so you can kind of keep up with your with your busy life keep up with the kids keep up with your job or if it's getting into the the genes you've wanted to we're being more in tune with your body's needs whatever it is that's what it's about the great thing about Noom is that it can help you in a very personalized kind of specific way no matter your situation or your health your fitness goals whatever it is so for me in my very specific situation it's been great because I'm immobilized for the most part with my achilles injury and now I'm even more immobilized because of my fear of spiders and so that means I can't do a lot of the kind of cardio stuff I like to do usually and that's where the more well-rounded approach by Noom helps out keeps me from becoming a blimp as I am as I am you know incapacitated in some ways so I really need to focus on eating healthy developing good habits and Noom has been great for that Noom is a habit changing solution that helps users learn to develop a new relationship with food through personalized courses based in psychology Noom is all about kind of teaching you why you do the things that you do which will then help you break bad habits and form good ones new ms it's not just a diet it's a it's it's a healthy and easy to stick to way of life you don't to change it all in one day small steps make the big difference sign up for your free trial today at noon n o o slash Walsh you don't have to change it all in one day small steps make a big difference so sign up for your trial today at noon n oom comm slash Walsh what do you have to lose visit new mcoms slash walls to start your trial today that's Noom comm slash Walsh the last weight loss program you're gonna need okay now for a conversation that is sure to upset Trump's biggest fans I think but it's a conversation that if if you're in that group I think as I said you need to be a part of first though let's kind of set the stage well back up last week was a pretty disastrous week for the Democrats as we discussed last week AOC basically insinuate Alexandre Kaiser Cortez basically insinuated that Nancy Pelosi is racist accusing her of quote singling out women of color in Congress which is not so much in the insinuation of racism as it is an outright accusation of racism and then Pelosi responded and their supporters and the different factions have been going back and forth eating each other alive it's been very ugly ugly if you're a Democrat if you're you know not a Democrat if you're a conservative it's kind of beautiful to watch your opponents eat themselves and then over the weekend so that was what happened last week the Democrats spent last week eating each other cannibalizing you know their own party and then we get to the weekend at over the weekend left-wing extremists have been themselves going out of their way to expose themselves as the anti-american militants that they really are their way there were two moments first there was this moment watch this [Applause] [Applause] those are leftist protesters at an ice facility in Colorado ripping the American flag down and replacing it with a Mexican flag and I have to tell you I'm very glad they did this I'm not glad to see that the the the the flag disrespected but I'm glad I'm always glad when leftist radicals exposed themselves as the radicals they are I'm glad when they make their true intentions known I'm glad for the truth to be shown and for people to see it they really do hate this country and they really do want to bring illegal immigrants in here in order to upend and destroy our country that's very clear I mean that's that's what that the symbolism there means we tear down an American flag and replace it with a Mexican flag that's what you're doing then also on Saturday something I was not glad about because of the violence and the fact that someone died in the process and antifa terrorists waged an attack at a nice facility in Washington State he came with explosive devices a gun and he was eventually thank God he didn't he didn't succeed in hurting anybody at the ice facility but he himself was shot and killed by police this is an incident that should get a lot of attention now we know that the the main leftist media is going to ignore it but this is you know it someone deeply affiliated with and involved in an Tifa someone has been arrested in the past who's going now with a gun and incendiary devices and attacking a government facility I mean and Tifa is a terrorist organization and that is becoming increasingly clear and they themselves the antifa members are increasingly less shy about you know acting like terrorists and exposing themselves as terrorists so we should be talking about that we should be talking about the flag thing we should be talking still about Democrats you know the infighting and everything but we haven't been talking much about that this weekend because instead we've been talking about Donald Trump's tweeting a Donald has a policy it seems where he will not let his enemies destroy themselves for very long yeah when his enemies are destroying themselves Donald Trump just compulsively needs to jump in and say ditto put some of the negative spotlight on me I'm not gonna let you guys make idiots of yourselves okay I'm still here he needs to bring the spotlight the negative spotlight back on himself he is constantly constantly constantly bailing out his opponents by saying dumb stuff that gives them an excuse to change the subject and get back to talking about him in a negative way constantly he's constantly doing it and he did it again in a big way this weekend referring to what is annoyingly now I guess called the squad you couldn't think of a more annoying name for these for the for this collection of people but the the freshmen Democratic representatives who have been warring with Pelosi lately and who have been you know getting all the just sucking all the air out of the room and getting all the attention it's Oh Ilhan Omar Alexandre Kaiser Cortez Rashida's liebe and Jana Jana Presley okay those are the sort of the four representatives that are in this unofficial group now and referring to them Trump tweeted this he said so interesting to see progressive Democrat Congresswomen who originally came from countries whose governments are complete and total catastrophe the worst most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world if they even have a functioning government at all now loudly and viciously telling the people the United States the greatest the most powerful nation on earth how our government is to be run why don't they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came then come back and show us how it's done these places need your help badly you can't leave fast enough I'm sure that Nancy Pelosi would be very happy to quickly work out free travel arrangements that last line about Nancy Pelosi makes it very clear who he's referring to there's no way around it he's referring to the Congress women who Nancy Pelosi has been at odds with and those are the four that I mentioned so there you have it he is telling minority women to go back where they came from the it's just that's what's happening here there's no way around it he said it's it's right in there I mean you could try to deny it's not what he said we can all read it it's right there we know what he said that is what he said plain as day and we should also mention to make matters worse that only one of the four women is foreign-born Omar is is foreign-born but the others were born in the United States so you know some Trump fans have tried to bail out the president by saying oh no he was only referring to Omar not the other ones well that's nonsense he said women that's plural he and he's continued to tweet on this subject just continuing to keep it you know to make sure that we continue talking about it and he's he always talks about it in a plural he's not he's not just talking about Omar he's talking about all four of them it's very very clear now again as a Trump fan you could deny it you can tell each other and your cell that's not what he meant but everybody else knows what he meant and no matter what you say you're not gonna change what other people know to be true you see that that's the problem so he is he is also telling people who were born in this country to go back where they came from now the other rationalization I've heard from some Trump fans to say oh no it wasn't saying go back to the countries where they originally came from or their families camera but go back to their districts as Congress people go back and fix it he said countries he literally said countries he started the thing by talking about countries they came from and then he said go back so clearly yes he is telling these people who are again only one of them is actually foreign-born to go back where they came from you can't get around it you just can't it and it is he's telling minority women to go back where they came from which is a monumentally stupid thing to say such an absolutely dumb ridiculous idiotic unforced error that can only hurt him and the Republicans and conservatives it cannot do anything good there's nothing good that can come of it period surprised by it because Trump as I said is constantly doing this kind of thing he's constantly getting his message across in the worst possible way and stepping on every landmine in the process and seemingly determined to make sure that he confirms all of the worst things that he is that is that his enemies say about him this tweets like so many of trumps tweets he's a gift to omar cortez all the gut all the democrats it is it is like it's like a christmas present that he wrapped up and handed them and said here you go it takes the focus off of them it gives them reason to unite what they were they were at each other's throat now they're united now they're back together again and they're happy-go-lucky and you know they're in this fight together so that's not good it's better when they're fighting it's that you don't want them together united it gives them a chance to take a righteous stand and stand against racism and ethnocentrism it gets them all that it gives them campaign material fogger it's it's just it is as I said a gift now look I don't think that Trump is racist I've said that many times Trump no he's not see his enemies either knowingly misrepresenting which of course we know they do or they just really don't understand also I think there are a lot of people his fans included actually who really just don't understand somehow what he's all about no I think Trump is very easy to read he's very you know he's a very simple person to understand what makes him tick so is he racist no Trump just says stuff that's what he says whatever will get him attention he doesn't hate people based on race he likes anyone who likes him we're period if you like him and say something nice about him he will like you it doesn't matter who you are it doesn't matter it doesn't matter and and if you criticize him he hates you it's as simple as that it's a race doesn't factor in gender doesn't factor it's a political party doesn't factor in nothing factors and that's it that's all there is to it it's that simple it's also true that the left and and and you know Democrats leftist they're gonna call people racist regardless they're gonna call their enemies racist regardless I get called racist all the time erroneously but I get called it it's just a word that the left throws around and it is a word that that talk about on for stupid errors on their part they have taken this accusation which which could have a lot of force to it and used to have a lot of force but now it doesn't have as much because they use it way too often and they call everything racist and the thing is when you call everything racist and then you actually stumble across a racist thing it's gonna be harder for you to condemn it or to have people take your condemnation seriously because your cuts the boy who cried wolf thing boy who cried racism right so yes so those two things should be stipulated fine with that said however the fact is he told minority women to go back where they came from and it is really really really really really easy to credibly paint that as a racist comment now here's the nuance here again you know if you're a Trump fan you can say he's not racist but he fine it is clearly very very easy though to take a comment like that and present it methought at is racist now yes they do that with every comment sure but you don't have to hand it to them on a silver platter okay you don't have to do that you don't have to put yourself in a situation where you're trying to argue you know you could tell minorities to come back where they came from and is not racist let me explain why that's a losing conversation that's not a winner and it's stupid white we don't need to talk about that that's not the point that's what frustrates me so much is it you know people say oh well you know he's talking about immigration it's like okay let's talk about that we don't need to have a conversation about well is it technically racist to tell people no that's not the freaking point you think that it's hell fool to have that conversation you think it you think it will get our point across better you think we're more likely to UM bring people to our side when when we're trying to you know have the conversation through that lens I mean it's like the thing where he said you know there are fine people on both sides after the neo-nazi rally of Charlottesville now Trump fans again will are very quick to point out that if you look at it in context that's it's not what he said he wasn't referring to the neo-nazis he was trying to say that there were other people there who were not neo-nazis who were there for the reasons and and that they could be fine people I get that okay I yes that's true you look at it cut but it was still a stupid thing to say it we don't want to have to sit here and explain why well yeah you could say there are five people on both sides in reference to a mostly neo-nazi rally and it's not technically racist that might be true but it's a losing conversation it's a loser it's just there's no reason to say it he should have just not said it and it's not because I you know every time I talk about this people say oh you just want to be politically correct come on you know you know me right I'm not politically correct I could care less about political correctness I say things every day that are as as far for politically correct as humanly possible and I have the death threats and the the death wishes and the hate mail and everything imaginable to prove it okay I've told you about it on the show that people wish death and worse on my family on my children on me it's a normal occurrence for me death wishes death threats I mean all that stuff okay because I don't care about political correctness and because I'm you know I'm going to engage on issue so I don't care about that that's not my point but if I'm talking to minorities and we're debating something I'm not gonna say go back where you came from but because I'm politically correct know it's just an incredibly stupid way of getting your point across and you're gonna lose it once you say something like that you lose any chance you had of conveying your message and actually getting it across is gone because you said that okay there's a there's a now I do think you can say something like and I have said things like generally speaking not targeted at minorities but just in general look if you hate America that much if you think it's a damn good then you can leave right I've said that about Colin Kaepernick but there's a very clear difference actually between saying look if you hate America you can leave and saying go back where you came from it's a very clear difference between those two statements very clear and anyone who cannot see the difference shouldn't be in politics if you can't see the difference between those two things you are not nearly politically savvy enough to be in politics now Trump fans will still try to pretend that the president tells it like it is and you know says the things that other people are afraid of saying that's not it okay I mean at this point guys you got to see the reality for what it is it's just it's the same thing when you still hear people trying to claim that Trump is playing some sort of brilliant game of 3d chess and this is all a political strategy and now it's so it's it's so you know subliminal and subtle and yet it it's so Jake the guy's a genius no no I mean by now you must realize what's going on he watches Fox and Friends especially on the weekend and he just tweets and thinks out loud on the internet that's it that's all it I mean it's like a lot of people on Twitter except he's the president it's that that's that's the difference here now you could say about me oh if you run your mouth on Twitter all the time true I do but I'm not the president though you see I'm just paid to run my mouth that's that's my whole job I'm not paid to run the country I am paid to run my mouth it's a and it could be a fun job and you know we can argue about whether or not it's a very useful job but regardless that's my job I like to think the president his job is bigger than that more than that and even as someone who's paid to run my mouth even I wouldn't say half of the stuff that he says on Twitter again not because I'm afraid not because I'm politically but but because it's stupid to say and will achieve nothing positive at all period so ok here's here's the point we gotta we gotta move on when it comes to the tweeting if if you if you are a die-hard fan you love the tweets great fine I mean you're you're entitled to love the tweets I'm not telling you not to you can think whatever you want right but most people in the country are not diehard Trump fans and there aren't enough of you to reelect him in 2020 it's it's just not enough now he won in 2020 with three million fewer vote voters and he did it because he was running against Hillary Clinton who's the most unlikable and corrupt political candidate in modern American history she didn't campaign in the Rust Belt amazingly she was being investigated by the FBI during the campaign he was a novelty at the time which which which really counts for something and his the people who didn't like him his opponents didn't take him seriously enough as a threat and so they didn't show up in places like Detroit in Philadelphia is a lot of these urban centers there was a depressed voter turnout partly because they thought I was gonna lose anyway went off to take him seriously well as soon as he won they realized that oh wait okay that was a mistake and then that's why it was it was just a few weeks later after he was inaugurated or was a few weeks before I remember where he had the women's March he had a million people out and they were you know freaking out about Trump now and we all said at the time okay it's a little late for that you people should have been there you know if you really were that worried about Trump maybe you should have showed up at the ballot box and you didn't they're not going to make that mistake again they won't you can't you cannot count on on Trump's opponents and people hate him not showing up again they will show up so all those things I just listed those are benefits he is not gonna have anymore those are gone it's a different day it's a different year different which which yet again emphasizes that he's going to need to expand his coalition now he won with what was a 60 or 61 million voters last time yeah it's all about the electoral college right but it also you also need bodies you need warm bodies that's how you get the electoral college votes so he won with that amount last time um that same amount isn't gonna be enough this time and it's arguable it's it's doubtful whether he could even get that mitt the same amount again but you have to ask what has he done to expand the base to get more people in and don't just tell me how the economy is doing fine who cares I Got News for you most people don't vote based on the economy that whatever anyone says it's not true most people don't most people they're not looking at the freakin stock market before they go to the polls no what has he done in terms of his communicating in terms of hitting on a very human level right what is he doing to expand to bring more people in because running his mouth on Twitter the same way he did in 2015 in 2016 does that represent an attempt to bring more people in to appeal to more people are these tweets going to appeal to more people no that's the problem you know they've done surveys on this the vast majority of Americans have a negative view of the tweeting and if they did a survey on that particular tweet I guarantee the majority are gonna say I don't like it now they might not all freak out and say it's racist but at best they're gonna say that was stupid and worse they're gonna say he's a bigot racist Klan member right that's kind of the scale you're good when you say stuff like that that's the best you can hope for is for people to say that's stupid but I'll try to look past it and that's what Twitter has become it's become a thing where at best people look past it it's not a net positive anymore and here's how I know and then we'll move on here's how I know that it's not an it's not a net positive because I think we all know and I talk to people like this all the time people who are kind of more in the middle politically they like some of trumps policies in fact policy-wise he's he's better than they thought he would be so they liked him as boss and they don't like some others but they're kind of like you know they don't like the Democrats either and there's a lot of people in that realm don't like Democrats not diehard Republicans not diehard Trump fans they like some of those policies they're with them on some of most of the immigration stuff that with among the gun rights stuff that with them on you know foreign policy but they really hate the tweets and they read they did his whole act as whole shtick they just hate it they don't like it they are turned off by it they're all and so there are a lot of people in that camp now some of them are gonna overlook it and vote for him anyway great but not all of them will there are gonna be some who say you know what I just I can't vote for him we're gonna stay home you just I'm just so sick of it or maybe lavota against them who knows you might not agree with that fine but those people exist that's a political reality so we know those people exist I talk to them all the time I know they exist do you think there's anyone who the same sort of thing where they say yeah you know I like or you know let's look anything yeah they kind of are if the honest policies and I don't know they're sort of they're sort of in the middle but they just love the tweets it's like give me more tweets I love this stuff man and so they're gonna be more inclined to vote for him because of the tweets you think there's anyone in that category if you're a die-hard fan you're not in that category I'll talk about you I'm talking about people are not die-hard yet are gonna be more compelled to vote for him because of the tweeting I think we all know there's nobody in that category there are a lot of people who maybe would vote for them are less are less excited about it because of the tweets there's nobody who are a maybe but are more excited because of the tweets and so that tells us that it's just it's a it's it's not good politically it's not good and he's killing himself and he's giving gifts to the Democrats and if you if you really are a Trump supporter and if you really hate the Democrats you don't want to in control you got to stop encouraging this stuff because it's not helping alright let's see what else you want to talk about let's go back let's go back briefly and I talked about the Democrats embarrassing themselves let's look at one of the embarrassing Democratic moments that Trump has so helpfully distracted us from Alexandria okay Joe Cortez at a hearing on Friday tried to take the former head of ice to task in fact before we play that clip it's a great clip before we play that actually she so she was she was at this hearing and first of all she insisted on being sworn in even though she was told well you don't need a sworps where people where in we don't swear people in for this she insisted on it and why did she insist on being sworn in well because she stood up there and she you know she had her she had her hand up and she had this you know that kind of like innocent but but sort of innocent deer in the headlights but also determined sort of facial expression that AOC does all the time so she's standing there with that facial expression with her hand up and the reason why she insisted on being sworn in even though it wasn't necessary is so just so she could get that picture and just so that now she knew that she's going to get that picture of herself with her hand up and then every news article about the hearing is gonna have that picture attached to it which means that okay now she looks determined and serious and it's a nice little picture and also it makes it about her now I I think that that's a disingenuous tactic I think using you know using a swearing-in as up as a you know as a political ploy like that is detestable it actually that's actually taking the Lord's name in vain that's actually what taking the Lord's name in vain means when you swear by something but you don't mean that you're doing it in vain so I don't like it but it's politically savvy now see that's what politically brilliant move looks like and aoc I I don't like her I mean I think her policy wise I absolutely oppose everything she's ever said or suggested policy wise and as a person I think she's dishonest I think she's she's she's a race baiter I just I don't like her as a person I don't think she's a good person but she she she is politically savvy and that was a there's a pretty brilliant move see that's the kind of thing Trump needs to be doing not that exact thing but things that are gonna make you look good things that you know I just where you think about how this is going to be perceived and viewed by the general public not just your diehard fans but just the average person who doesn't follow politics that closely and the average person doesn't follow it they're gonna see the picture of aoc with their hand up I guess I know that's a very it's like a very honest and straightforward person who's swearing in its gonna tell the truth that's what these sort of just average oblivious persons gonna think Trump needs to be doing a lot more to appeal to that type of person or he's gonna lose okay so she that was a fine little stunt but then the problem is you could do the stunt for the picture but then yeah then it comes time for the actual substance and that's where ALC falls apart and so here she is you could tell she she thinks she's got him but she doesn't watch this mr. Holman your name is on this is this correct yes I sign that memo so you are the author of the family separation policy I'm not the author of this memo you're not the author but you sign the memo yes a zero-tolerance memo so you provided the official record and a Shinto secretary Nielsen on family for the United States to pursue family separation I gave secretary Neilson numerous recommendations on how to secure the border and save lives but it says here that you ret you gave her numerous options but the recommendation was option three family separation I'm saying this is not the only paper where we given the secretary numerous options to secure the border and save lives and so the recommendation of the many that you recommended you recommended family separation I recommend a zero tolerance which includes family separation the same as is whatever US citizen parent gets arrested wouldn't wear the child zero tolerance was interpreted as the policy that separated children from if I get arrested for DUI and I have a young child in a car I'm gonna be separated when I also police office in New York and I arrested a father for domestic violence I separated that all due respect legal asylees are not charged with any crime when you're in the country illegally is violation eight United States Code 1325 seeking asylum is legal if you want to seek assignment go to the port of entry do the legal way the Attorney General the United States has made that clear okay okay so there you there you go you know what that is that is appeals to emotion appeals to feeling talking points all of that in a bundle coming right up against just facts and a logical point of view that the ice director their former ice director what he it's just a lot just common sense logical look here's the deal type of approach and when the when the one appeal smashes up against that it's like a brick wall and it just falls to pieces and so she just decided that was just a beautiful moment because she just disintegrated she had all of her she had all of her her talking points oh you're separating families and he says yeah it's what happens when you arrest somebody of course we are that's not the point okay it's not it's this isn't some ploy some you know when when if you get arrested for DUI or something you have your kids in the car you're gonna be separated from your children and you're also gonna be locked in a cage and if you want to put it like that of course it's gonna make it seem worse but it's actually just it's a it's a what else are you gonna do you're gonna put the kid and in jail with the parent that would be a heck of a lot worse than separating them but when you're in a position where you've got somebody breaking the law and you need to detain them there isn't any sort of happy or nice way to do it it's it's kind of a lose-lose regardless a lose-lose for the person especially who's being arrested and if they've got kids if they got a family it's just gonna make it even more difficult but you still have to enforce the law obviously so I love that approach that's a good approach because look it's he wasn't showboating he wasn't trying to be intentionally outrageous or provocative or anything he was just like here's the deal all right um I guess we're gonna well I've got a bunch of emails I don't have time to get into us I think we'll save them I also wanted to mention I think it's September I want to say September 20th I don't look it up but there is this Facebook group which I can't tell if it's serious or not I can you can't tell anymore especially online if people are being serious or if they're just crazy I mean for the longest time I the whole Flat Earth thing there's a flat earth groups online and Flat Earth YouTube people for the longest time I really thought that all that stuff was ironic and people were just kidding around and it was just sort of this inside joke and so I thought I could appreciate that I can appreciate irony and and then it took me a while before I realized oh wait they're serious people actually believe this so it's a similar thing here where you've got a Facebook group with that I don't know what the number is up now but thousands of people who are claiming that they plan to storm area51 out in the desert and I believe what is it Nevada area 51 they plan to storm it so that they can discover the aliens that they believe are being kept at area 51 the Facebook group this the the description says let's get them aliens and it suggested that if they all run and they charge area of if you want then they can't all be shot the the bullets won't be able to keep up with them which of course is not true I just would tell you that so as I said I don't know I don't know if it's I can't tell these people are sincere or not I hope they're they aren't because if a thousand people do storm area51 you're gonna have a thousand dead people and nobody wants to see that and I and I'll also say this listen as as fun as it is to think that aliens have visited earth and the duck the government is hiding you know the information about these aliens as it's I like to think about to think that that's true too because it's a fun thing to think it makes you feel like you're living in a movie but I got to tell you if you're planning on storming area 51 I'm just spoiler alert they don't have aliens which as far as you're concerned they're definitely not gonna have aliens because you're gonna be killed in the process so that you'll never see them even if they do have but in any case they don't have them they don't have the aliens and I know that for two reasons number one this is the main thing and this is one of the reasons why all the conspiracy theories about how they did that the government did 9/11 the government faked the moon landing the government all this stuff I know that all of that is false because number one is just self-evidently absurd and stupid and I have common sense but number two our government is not nearly competent enough to coordinate these conspiracies and keep all these secrets I mean you see how things are just leaking out of the Trump administration constantly out of every presidential administration there are constant leaks and everything happening you really think I mean area 51 has been there for four decades so that means that thousands of people probably not only know about the aliens but I've seen the aliens and at this point and there's been no leaked information no no video or photos have made it out now just our government again is not nearly competent enough to keep a secret like that for so long and then number two also I do think there are aliens out there but they have never made it to earth they never will the distances are just too great there is no technology means in science fiction there's technology in reality they're just probably cannot ever be technology that would traverse the distances you would need to traverse in order for one civilized planet to encounter another civilized planet I mean we're talking about light-years traveling at the speed of light is impossible traveling beyond speed of light is definitely impossible but even if you were traveling at the speed of light which again is impossible it would still take you probably hundreds of years in a spaceship to get to a planet that potentially has other intelligent life it's never gonna happen so we're alone as far as as far as we're concerned we are alone on earth don't go getting yourself shot over it I understand the appeal not of getting shot but of wanting to see area 51 but don't do it that's my recommendation all right we will leave it there thanks everybody for watching thanks for listening Godspeed

Has Politics Ever Been This Fun? | The Michael Knowles Show Ep. 380

president Trump posts a social media summit at the White House today to combat big tech censorship meanwhile star democrat alexandria Ocasio cortez calls nancy pelosi a racist then Iran tries to seize a British tanker so the Brits threatened to blow Iran's boats out of the water we asked the important question his politics ever been this fun all that and more plus the mailbag I'm Michael Knowles and this is the Michael Nolt show [Applause] some people like to pretend that politics has never been this bad they say oh no the chaos in the White House oh no the chaos and the crazy left and the Democrats we do this because we like to feign hardship this is something that people do this is how people bond sometimes in groups if you're meeting a new group of people if you're working together or you're on a project together you're at a conference or something you'll notice people like to complain because they sometimes bond over imagined or real hardship but I am here to tell you especially with today's news cycle politics has never been this fun and it is nowhere clearer than in president Trump's tweet storm about the social media summit talked about taking a frustrating news item and turning it to just pure joy we'll get to that in a second but first I need to proselytize to you about my favorite way to sleep which is purple mattress come into my boudoir please sleep as though you are sleeping in my bed am i meeting you right now I might be I don't know purple mattress is the greatest mattress ever invented period I love it I've had the privilege you know I travel all around the country to college campuses I had the privilege on one occasion to stay at the Ritz Carlton may be the nicest hotel in the country and every morning I woke up and I thought ah that just doesn't feel as good as my purple mattress purple mattress is the greatest luxury I've ever slept in it is firm and soft at the same time how is that possible it's not an innerspring it's not a memory foam it's 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NOLs KO wles to eight four eight eight eight the only way to get this free pillow is to text knowles KO wles to eight four eight eight eight message and data rates may apply KO wles to eight four eight eight eight there's a social media summit going on at the white house right now why are they doing this because the social media big tech companies every single one of them have shown that they are willing to censor conservatives and it started out with the fringy people like alex jones and then it moved into more mainstream kind of comedian types like Gavin McGinnis then they started going after steven crowder who's about as mainstream as they get they're going after all of us they've demonetised a lot of my videos on youtube they have restricted or outright censored some of my videos on YouTube they restricted my Praeger you video about how important words are they're going after all of us so president Trump is gonna hold a White House summit here is how he announced to the summit on Twitter quote a big subject today at the White House social media summit will be the tremendous dishonesty bias discrimination and suppression practiced by certain companies we will not let them get away with it much longer the fake news media will also be there but for a limited period the fake news is not as important or as powerful as social media they have lost tremendous credibility since that day in November 2016 that I came down the escalator with the person who is to become your future first lady when I ultimately leave office in six years or maybe 10 or 14 just kidding they will quickly go out of business for lack of credibility or approval from the public that's why they will all be endorsing me at some point one way or the other could you imagine having sleepy Joe Biden or Alfred Newman or a very nervous and skinny version of Pocahontas 1000 out of 24 he got that fraction wrong as your president rather than what you have now so great-looking and smart a true stable genius sorry to say that even social media would be driven out of business along with and finally the fake news media I'm sorry I thought I could get through it and I can't I also want to point out there was some kind of random capitalizations in here when he was referring to Pete Buddha jej who he calls Alfred E Newman like the Mad Magazine character he actually tagged an Alfred e Neuman account don't know who that person is this was a masterpiece comparative literature classes poetry classes are going to be studying this tweet storm in the future for its rhetorical brilliance I'm not kidding what more could you want this is hilarious and it actually accomplishes something so a lot of people what they think is that Trump's tweet storms are just Ritualist they're crazy they're weird they're they're whacky it might be weird they might be whacky but they're not gratuitous they actually are accomplishing something they have a point he's not just writing them cuz they're funny he's writing them because they are calling attention to the social media summit we haven't heard a whole lot about this social media summit a couple headlines here and there but the mainstream media and the big tech companies have had every interest in blacking out it hasn't really been trending on social media mainstream media haven't been covering why because conservatives voices and social media are a huge threat to both of those institutions so how does Trump call attention to it is he sends out this whacky tweet storm that is too much to ignore so he how does he goes after the fake news so he hits them really hard but maybe they could ignore that then he says we won't let them get away with it much longer so there's a threat you think they probably have to cover the threat then he just starts talking about how he walked down the escalator with his wife and that's kind of strange then he says he might leave office in 10 or 14 years so he might stay beyond his constitutional term limits he says just kidding but you just feel if you're in the media you have report on that then he makes fun of Joe Biden then he makes fun of Pete buddy judge then he makes fun of Matt of Elizabeth Warren and as he's making fun of her he gets the fraction wrong she's won 1024 Native American he says it's 1,000 out of 24 which would make her incredibly Native American it would make her many many multiples Native American it's 1,000 divided by 24 is quite a lot then he uses this phrase which is the one that's actually been plucked out so great looking and smart a true stable genius the media at this point even if they could ignore the other stuff they can't ignore that because it's hilarious and they will use that to pretend that Trump is a crazy narcissist he's not he's just really really good at getting attention because he's gotten everyone's attention obviously he's got my attention I'm reading the whole thing but everybody has been doing this in the mainstream media today and now we're talking about the social media summit so what is the social media summit Trump invited his most ardent social media supporters to the White House to discuss censorship so CNN now that they have to report on this CNN has been describing them as right-wing extremists that's it the White House is in chaos is the right-wing extremists dissent so who was invited the head of the students for Trump see a right-wing extremist tiny as they it's the young Trump supporter a Twitter account named carpe donk 'dom which describes itself as the eternally sarcastic Amin Smith specializing in the creation of memes to support President Donald J Trump and the talk-show host Bill Mitchell who is a huge Trump supporter his twitter banner is just like a glowing golden picture of Donald Trump these are not far-right people he's not inviting white nationalist neo-nazis all the regular gang that the mainstream media scare mongers with he is however inviting eccentric people I mean one of the guys names is carpe dunked oh that's pretty eccentric this sends the right message the message that this is sending is that the White House is not going to back down on this so he's threatening he's saying there will be consequences what will the consequences be I don't know he probably doesn't know but he's saying there will be he then holds the summit which in itself shows that they're taking this seriously and then crucially he's not just inviting the buttoned-up people he's not just inviting the ones who have bowties on and who are really super serious and have a lot of law degrees he's inviting these hardcore pro Trump social media accounts with names like carpe dogdom he's saying we're not going to give an inch we're not going to apologize at all it sends an important message into 2020 we'll get to that in a second and then we'll get to this wonderful story about Nancy Pelosi but first I have to thank another sponsor and invite you once again into my boudoir you are so lucky today I've got to tell you about 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the message the Trump is sending here into 2020 the previous GOP strategy this is like BT we're dividing time between BT and I don't know 80 the year of our Trump in BT in before Trump time the GOP would have experienced all this censorship would have experienced all this slander all of these smears and it would have stayed quiet don't dignify it with a response don't acknowledge the eccentric figures in our ranks people who give themselves names like carpe diem and who post memes all over Twitter no no they're not like we we were just we just wear bowties and we go to really fancy lunches in Washington that was the old that you know I I love george w bush but george w bush did not know how to handle the media same thing with Mitt Romney Mitt Romney had no idea to handle the media still doesn't Trump doubles down and he doesn't just double down and say I defend this person I defend their right to free speech he doubles down about how good-looking he is he invites carpe diem to the White House this show is boldness it's not just words it's not just paying lip service to giving everyone a fair shot he is actually exhibiting that boldness himself we talk about this all the time the best defense is a good offense this has always been the case so my only criticism of this event is that I'm not there but I'll be in DC in a couple weeks so maybe I'll get to stop by the cough ethic palace then that is the hope this is a good news on the GOP front but there's even more good news which is on the Democrat front and this is the chickens coming home to roost this was only a matter of time for years now the left has baselessly smeared conservatives as bigots we've warned the whole time this is harmful to the public discourse it's dangerous in a democratic republic you shouldn't be able to just smear people as bigots the Democrats haven't cared they've egged it on now the chickens are coming home to roost because the Democrats are starting to use this same cynical strategy against the older Democrats how did all of this start how did a OC and her compatriots start accusing Nancy Pelosi of racism this all started because the most vocal Democrat showboaters on this border crisis have refused last week to vote for funding to help mitigate the crisis that's Ilhan Omar aoc Rasheeda Talib and Ayanna Presley these are all the young radicals who everyday have me wondering if President Trump should just dissolve the Congress and named himself King for life I mean if this is the future of our country this is the future of Congress doesn't look very good and so they've been talking about how important it is to fund this crisis and get the beds and get the sheets and help the kids and then it comes time for a bipartisan boarder funding bill this had broad bipartisan agreement and they wouldn't do it and even mainstream leftists called them out over this hypocritical border vote here is Rasheeda Talib on Martha Raddatz a show on ABC trying to answer for her hypocritical vote I want to stop you here for just a second MacLennan has been sounding the alarm for months for resources to help the migrants you voted against the 4.6 billion dollar agency border bill to deal with the surge of migrants that included almost three billion dollars to provide shelter and care for unaccompanied children acting secretary McLean and says those funds are critical to get children out of I'm priority and transfer even if the bill didn't have exactly she's proud I'm this some that she won't even let Martha Raddatz get the question out because she knows the question is a total indictment of her so Nancy Pelosi uses this opportunity to show look guys these screeching ignorant young Congress women don't know anything there they're not actually the leaders of this party were the ones getting things done Pelosi tells the New York Times and tells Maureen Dowd who's a columnist they're quote all these people have their public whatever and their Twitter world but they didn't have any following therefore people and that's how many votes they got pretty harsh criticism from the Speaker of the House she's completely right AOC made it to Congress with 14,000 votes there about a quarter million registered voters in her district maybe more than that she got 14,000 votes in that primary that no one thought was gonna matter because there was an entrenched incumbent and Joe it was Joe Crowley had been there for a long time and he didn't campaign she went in she got 14,000 votes she wins the primary she makes it to Congress so she's got this huge almost 5 million person Twitter following no one actually in her district likes her that much she's polling very low in her district in fact part of the reason why a OSI is making such a spectacle of herself is because there's a fair chance that she won't get reelected there's rumors up in New York that they're going to redistricting of her district so she makes this big spectacle aoc seizes on that how can a rather Pelosi seizes on that to thwart AOC now how can a OSI respond she could respond by showing why Nancy Pelosi is wrong on the border she could respond by making a principled argument about how Congress's complicity in the border crisis she could respond by trying to secure the border and discouraging people from putting themselves in this position in the first place by crossing illegally but she and do any event because she's a hardcore radical leftist and she doesn't know anything so instead she called Pelosi racist and I love it so much oh it's just the greatest I wish they would do this all the time she tells The Washington Post quote the persistent singling out it got to a point where it was just outright disrespectful the explicit singling out of newly elected women of color take that Nancy Pelosi wasn't just a see Ilhan omar jumped on this bandwagon too she tweeted out quote pathetic oh I guess she's she must have learned from bait Oh Aurora canned Corey Booker and who Leon Castro and Jose Diaz but Lord that in an America now we speak Spanish instead of English I don't know I wonder why they call her an American pathetic Oh she writes you know they're just salty about who is wielding the power to shift public sentiment these days sis sorry not sorry it's like the worst combination of millennial thinking and millennial language the Millennial thinking is if you disagree with me you're a bigot everyone who disagrees with me is Hitler that's that's the millennial leftist mantra and then there's all this stupid language you call each other sis sister which means you're assuming their gender and that's horribly offensive as far as I'm concerned then they'll say things like sorry not sorry just these sort of vapid expressions and all the point the point is just very blunt and simple it's just coin Nancy Pelosi a racist what's ironic about this and you know my feeling is uh Nancy Pelosi there is no evidence that Nancy Pelosi harbors some racial bigotry it's like when they tried to call Biden a racist there's no evidence of that there is however plenty of evidence that these young fresh faces Ilhan Omar Rasheeda Talib those people that they actually do Harbor racial bigotry Ilhan Omar just remind you has claimed that Israel hypnotized the world and she is publicly prayed to Allah to awaken people to the evil of Israel she has claimed that politicians only support Israel because the Jews bribed them and she is also claimed that Jews aren't loyal to the United States repeatedly done this Ilhan Omar Pelosi was the one who had to say hey lady cool it on the racism Ayane Presley it was another one of these fresh faces she tweeted out just yesterday or two days ago to Kelly and Conway quote at Kellyanne oh hi distraction Becky remember that time your boss tore babies from their mother's arms and threw them in cages yeah take a seat and keep my name out of your lying mouth now for those of you who aren't familiar with like weird leftist millennial speak Becky is a derogatory term for white women so Becky is considered this generic white woman named it's kind of kind of like calling someone a cracker it's saying you're bland you know to be a white woman is to be sort of uninteresting and boring this is the sort of thing that we would expect from Ayanna Presley to give you context Ayanna Presley is a graduate of the same College as Alexandria Ocasio Cortes and it shows a Presley rather has never done anything in her professional life other than work for politicians or be a politician so she's got a very narrow and shallow background but just consider the racism of that statement to call to criticize Kellyanne Conway on the basis of her race imagine if a white congresswoman referred to a black senior White House adviser by some stereotypically black name as though that were a slur she if they said oh hi distraction Shaniqua oh hi distraction Chantelle I don't know imagine the outrage that you would hear from that actually you don't have to imagine it because forget a Republican congresswoman a comedian a generally left-wing comedian one time made a racially offensive joke about a black senior White House aide who was Valerie Jarrett that was Roseanne Barr who made that joke she lost her network TV show within hours but Ayanna Presley fresh-faced democratic congresswoman does the exact same thing to a woman in the exact same position nothing nada doesn't matter they don't bring it up this has always been the double standard and I suspect it's going to continue to be the double standard conservatives have always just dealt with it I mean that it is hard to fight back against this because we don't want to get in the muck with them as much as they do it's just disgusting you don't want to get into a fight with a skunk because either way you're not gonna leave smelling very good but now finally the Democrats themselves are experiencing the poisonous fruits of their decades of a racial divisiveness this is it I mean Nancy Pelosi in her whole crew they stoked this racial resentment they stoked all of this racial division and now they are the victims of it because it never ends if you have a politics that's just based on division and entitlement and resentment and envy that's not going to end it's not we're not gonna reach a point where those evil wicked lusts and passions are satisfied they are ravenous passions they go on forever and now the Democrats are eating their own and it's absolutely fabulous to watch meanwhile during this entire clown show one story that has not really gone mentioned is we've more or less just averted a war with Iran like yesterday yesterday the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps which is the military wing of Iran attempted to seize a British oil tanker in the Persian Gulf so Iran for weeks now has been provoking the west because they're trying to create a sense of urgency to save the Iran deal that is more or less expired and they're trying to save certain waivers from Europe so that Europe can continue to cooperate with Iran and so what did they do they set a couple oil tankers on fire they shot down our drone out of the sky they're trying to provoke us into some kind of conflict to scare the entire world about a war in Iran and a war in the Middle East so that will give in to them and basically appease Iran because I guess we've forgotten that appeasement hasn't worked very well in history so Iran now the latest thing they've done because the US and Europe has really handled these provocations with great restraint and pretty well so what they did yesterday is they sent a couple boats to go seize a British oil tanker what they didn't expect though is that the British oil tanker was being exported by the HMS Montrose which was much more heavily armed than the British tanker so you've got this incredibly provocative maneuver by Iran to basically force the oil tanker into Iranian waters so that they can seize it at that point that's when the Brits turned their four and a half inch main gun and their surface ship torpedo defense on the Iranian boats in addition to 230 millimeter automatic machine and AC Kaptur missile system and just just to kick it all off they deployed their rocket launching helicopter just circle the Iranian boats so I it's just like these little you know irani and bullies pull up and then you just see the full weight of the British Empire as though it were resurrected again in the Straits of Hormuz and the Iranians back off of course what are they going to do they blow them out of the water this was the this was the the very subdued response from the British the Royal Navy HMS Montrose which was also there pointed its guns at the boats and warned them over radio at which point they dispersed classic British understatement no it's as if to say yes well no no big deal you know it's okay we we averted it this was a major provocation this could have turned into open fire how was this averted how was the possibility of war averted it was because the British were prepared to go to war I mean this is the premise that we've been talking about for weeks the way you get peace is by being prepared for war you get peace through strength that's the phrase of Ronald Reagan it's the phrase of Barry Goldwater it's the phrase of conservatives now for 70 years peace through strength you'll hear the left try to browbeat conservatives and say you're war mongers you're Hawks you're bloodthirsty or because we want to build up the military you should point out to them that the two most peaceful presidents in modern history are Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump and those are the two guys who were called Cowboys those are the two guys who were called war mongers those are two guys who have built up the military dramatically but they've built up the military because they know by building it up they're reducing the likelihood that we're going to actually have to deploy the military bullies what when you don't stand up to a bully when you appease a bully that is an open invitation for aggression that is an open invitation for war when you stand up to them and you launch your your deploy your rocket launching Helicon to circle them and you point all your guns at them and you say we will blow you out of the water not a shot is fired that's how you have peace it's a lesson the left doesn't usually get but we should send it because the the lessons of history are clear appeasement doesn't work and and being prepared for war does work and moreover imagine if a bullet had gone off yesterday we would be talking today about possible war with Iran and now we don't have to talk about that now we just get to talk about Donald Trump calling himself good-looking and youthful and a very stable genius and making fun a sleepy Joe and making fun of Alfred e Neuman people to judge and watching the Democratic Party implode on its own premises because now they're just all calling each other racists and bigots we get this wonderful news cycle politics has never been more fun than it is right now and the reason it's fun is because we're extraordinarily prepared we're showing a tough face two big tech tough face to censorship tough face to Iran because we are standing up willing to do hard things we get to have as much fun and we get to guzzle as many leftist tears as we want we've got to get to the mailbag but first speaking of leftist ears go over to Daley you get me you get the Andrew flavin show you get the Ben Shapiro show you get the mat well show you can't ask questions in the mailbag that's coming up right now you get to test questions backstage you get another Kingdom you get everything and you get the leftist here's tumblr never more important than now and it's only going to heat up as we approach 2020 go to daily wire comm we'll be right back with the mailbag jumping right in from Brett Michael was Martin Luther King a socialist yes yes he was don't take my word for it in a letter dated July 18 1952 Martin Luther King wrote quote I imagine you already know that I am much more socialistic in my economic theory than capitalistic that was 1952 one of the lines that sometimes conservatives will say is that Martin Luther King for most of his life was very conservative and he was very capitalistic and oriented toward free markets and then only later in his life in the early 1960s did he become a little more radical and more socialistic that isn't true he always had a pretty socialist economic bent to him both sides want to claim Martin Luther King the Conservatives claimed Martin Luther King because of his most famous speech I have a dream in which he talks about a world in which racial division won't matter and black children will play with white children and this is a vision the Conservatives love and the left claims Martin Luther King because he said certain things that these days we might call identitarian he was an advocate for black people for black rights because he was economically quite radical he wanted a jobs program you wanted ant the war on poverty he wanted more socialist economics he he at one point talked about the nationalization of industry as being a good thing and so he's a complex figure we we have made him a simple figure because we claim him as a secular saint I mean we have a day for him we celebrate him on the secular liturgical year we've turned him into a legend that he really was not you know he had supreme moral clarity in certain areas if you watch his speech I've been to the mountaintop it's one of the most powerful speeches in American history and then he was murdered the next day then you learn that he was one of the most prolific womanisers in the history of American politics you realized that he didn't always practice his moral vision himself and parts of his moral vision were wrong like socialism the worship the veneration of Martin Luther King veneration is the better word the veneration of Martin Luther King is problematic because he's a sort of problematic figure this is why a lot of conservatives at the time that the Martin Luther King Day was created suggested that if there was going to be a day for the Advancement of black people and for the abolition of slavery and to commemorate the advancement of civil rights particularly for blacks that that day should celebrate Frederick Douglass rather than Martin Luther King and I I tend to be of that persuasion – I think Frederick Douglass is one of the greatest writers in American history he was profoundly anti-socialist he he defended the rights of property and this obviously partakes much more of sort of our theories of natural law and and the foundation on which the country was built so it would be would be nice to have a Frederick Douglass day would be nice if he were the one that we were to look to because unfortunately the left has a point when they say Martin Luther King had many leftist dogmas and may socialist dogmas that's true and it was true even in the early 1950s from Adam would you rather meet and have a conversation with your great-great-great grandfather or your great-great-great grandson who would you like to learn more from the past or the future certainly my great-great great-grandfather there's no question about that I don't care what happens to my great-great-great-great grandson I don't care what his world is like it won't affect me I'll be long dead by the time he comes around and I won't to meet my great great great grandson would compromise my free will because I'd see how history has unfolded and so I wouldn't be living it in real time I would be dooming myself to a sort of fatalism or a determinism and I don't want any of that but I am interested in the future and the way that you learn about the future is you learn about the past because we live our lives in narratives we live our lives and stories and our understanding of the past profoundly influences our understanding of the present which shapes our future so I would love to meet my great-great great-grandfather and for a couple reasons one I think there's a lot that has been lost over the last hundred or 200 years and so it would be good to see what's been lost and try to bring it back on the other hand I think conservatives in particular are given to nostalgia which is history after a few drinks as my priest father brother says so you you don't want to be nostalgic either you want to talk to this guy and he'll tell you yeah things weren't so great than either yeah we had the same daily concerns that you guys have to and this is what happens generally when you open a history book when you engage with the reality of history you realize that the legends that we tell ourselves aren't quite so simple and actually what happened is as a much more complicated and much more interesting from anonymous dear Michael king of cofee Fay my girlfriend and I have had issues lately we've been dating for four years and recently have discovered some religious and philosophical differences in us for example she's open to the idea of Christianity but she can't guarantee conversion she doesn't explicitly denounce abortion as evil etc what do you suggest is the best course of action do I try to convert her to my Christian morals and beliefs if so how I love her very much and want to make this work thanks all the best anonymous I would not recommend picking a girlfriend or fiancee or a wife based on some checklist I would not recommend doing it based on whether she checks off all the boxes I think that's so clinical it's not how love really works and what we're talking about is a love you're not just picking someone to serve you you are falling in love and if you're falling in love then your love for that person your desire your will will help to transform that person you know I've known sweet little ELISA since we were about 10 years old and we dated in high school we split for college we got back together later we've kind of weaved in and out we were always in each other's lives though and you learn something which is you either grow together or you grow apart and it is almost impossible not to grow together if you love each other and you you spend a lot of time together you you sort of have to I mean it's that's just how people I mean this happens with your friends you will be influenced by your friends you will be known by the friends you keep and that is all the more true when you're talking about someone you're dating or fiancee or wife that's said doesn't mean you should just lay off and say oh it doesn't matter at all if you have religious and philosophical differences you should talk about it not in a scolding way not in a debating way but in a loving way you you think that you understand the truth and you obviously then want to convince the person you love of the truth and I suspect the same as true of her you know in that since I've been 10 years old since I met sweet little ELISA she and I have held very different views we've kind of gone in all sorts of directions and we've grown together now we agree on probably most things but it's not always the case and our views are changing on things all the time – as new evidence presents itself and circumstances change that's the way that I would do it you know Cole Porter sang let's do it let's fall in love he didn't say let's do it let's make sure that on a checklist we all check every single box and that you can be a good spouse for me and fulfill my needs it's not how it goes you want to make sure that you don't have fundamental oppositional ideas of the world I mean that's gonna be very important when you raise children but it doesn't sound like that's quite the issue so I would i would say go along with it and you know have a love affair and if it stops working it's fine break up find somebody else but if you're just worried about something thirty years down the road some problem that you're inventing don't borrow a problem from the future for today sufficient to today or the problems of today from Marc Michael I think you were off-base when you criticized Megan Rapinoe for saying I deserve this when she won the soccer game I'm not a fan of Megan she and her team had just won the world woman's Cup and was basking in that glory that did look like an alcoholic beverage in her hand I suspect that her statement was more from an eagle ego fulfilled than from leftism she just won big time loved the commentary keep up the great work Marc I agree with you that what she was doing was fulfilling her own ego I'm just saying that's wrong and it's it's especially wrong in sports it's unsportsmanlike you're not supposed to do that at the end of the game you're supposed to go around and say good game to everybody you're supposed to be humble you're supposed to obviously take some joy in your achievement you're supposed to succeed you're supposed to win but then you're not supposed to just talk about how great you are and say I I deserve this I deserve this and she wasn't joking when she said you can sort of joke about I'm the greatest Muhammad Ali sometimes would joke about it I'm the greatest in it but there was a real wit there was a real cleverness she didn't have wit her cleverness she said I deserve this she doesn't deserve this she won a sports game for a variety of reasons some of which are her own talent which she doesn't deserve she was just given her talent some of which is her skill which she has worked on and developed over time some of which are the circumstances of the people she was playing with and the people that she was playing against say thank you said good game to the other guys say I'm really glad we won say it's really cool that I get to hold this trophy saying I'm so grateful to this country that they would allow me to represent them to have this great feat but I deserve this you don't deserve anything what you're saying is it's not about leftism it's about ego fulfilled leftism is ego fulfilled I mean they actually celebrate pride it's all just me me me I deserve this I deserve that that is what it is you're completely right but that's left is amande that's no good from Michael hey Michael it's Michael hi Michael out of all in the Daily wire cheers to you for having the best show that's very kind thank you very much feel free to gloat well I'm not Megan Rapinoe so maybe I won't anyways how do you react when there are things that are personally challenging for your faith whether that be history or doctrine good question history doesn't challenge my faith one because the history of Christianity is extraordinarily misrepresented in the pop culture and as someone who spent even a few moments skimming through the history you can just point out the glaring historical inaccuracies that that people regularly point to you know the Crusades is the worst event in the history of the world or something like that so the history wouldn't bother me though even if it were true because people are fallen and institutions are imperfect and that's just that not only is history imperfect and flawed but so is the present and so will be the future that doesn't challenge my faith at all actually my faith tells us that my faith tells us the poor will always be with us the the tells me take up your cross and Barrett so that's fine the doctrinal aspects are actually one of the reasons why I'm Catholic and why I like the Catholic Church quite a lot is because despite all of the many many immense problems over the millennia in the Catholic Church the weight of their history the inertia of that institution has I think protected it from a lot of the doctrinal craziness that we're now seeing in some of my other friends churches where they've got pride flags outside of the church or they're they're changing doctrine willy-nilly or they're radically changing views of the human person and marriage and abortion and life and all of these things it's not to say that there aren't a lot of Catholics who do want to change those things it's just that the institution of the church has prevented them from doing it because it's so old it is so much history even the Pope's can't change doctrine the Pope's are are very fallible when they're when they're trying to change doctrine so doesn't present many challenges I do have a lot of questions about the faith I mean I don't know I don't know even one drop in the ocean of of what the faith is I don't comprehend even one iota of the faith but to 10,000 problems or 10,000 questions doesn't make one doubt as I believe John Henry Newman said from Nick hey Eric's wall well I'm sorry you had to drop out of the presidential race me too since you've acted in plays I'm curious what's your favorite work of Shakespeare if you had to pick one personally I don't think it gets any better than Hamlet but what is your pick and why you're absolutely right Nick the answer is Hamlet I think it's the greatest play ever written and the reason for that I mean there's a there's a reason why it is considered the greatest play ever written why it's done all the time because it is so powerfully broadly and profoundly human and because the play is about a question that interests me very much which is the history of Western Christendom particularly in light of the Protestant revolution so the play is really all about the Protestant revolution and the points that the Protestant revolutionaries were making and the problems of the Catholic Church and the points that the Catholic Church were making and what it means for Europe that Christianity had this big split in Western Europe and the you know even early on Gertrude the mother of Hamlet says don't go to Wittenberg don't go to the center of Protestantism you have Hamlet debating throughout the whole play doctrines of the faith from the very beginning we see the soul of Hamlet's father is coming out from purgatory the many Protestants doubt the existence of purgatory later on Hamlet doubts the existence of purgatory these questions are being debated throughout the whole play and those are the questions that really are animating our the modern era from say 1500 to the present and so we're seeing them work out there unfortunately the end of Hamlet is not terribly uplifting that probably gives you a preview of what we're in store for in the modern Western Christendom but you know it's a it tells the story at least and that's the purpose of art alright one last question I'd say one last question here I'll go down I want like a good question okay here we go from Kurt Hey Kofi Thames I enjoy the show what advice would you give to applicants who feel they have a disadvantage in today's world for being a white male would you suggest they describe themselves as Native American following the footsteps of Elizabeth Warren thanks Matt well you could honestly say that you could say that you I'm a Native American Native means born and from birth and American is American I'm American from birth I'm a Native American that's it so I could put that down in my college essay though I don't do it it is true that right now there are laws on the books that discriminate against white people and Asians for instance affirmative action in college admissions there is a sort of sense in the popular culture that being white is bad thing you heard Ayanna Presley make that derogatory comment about white women before she's a member of Congress with no pushback whatsoever from the media beyond race on sex there is a sense that men are awful they talk about toxic masculinity women do everything better than men and men are terrible knuckle-dragging people who don't deserve due process or consideration of their opinions yeah that's all frustrating and stupid I don't like to complain about it too much I mean I like to call attention to it I'd like to fight it but I don't want to whine and complain you know everybody's got a problem and that's ours it's a line from Tennessee Williams display Orpheus descending it was a vagabond guy who he wants to spend the night at a woman's house and she says no he says I got nowhere to go and she says well everybody's got a problem and that's yours I mean it people have problems historically in the grand scheme of things having the Hollywood and the mainstream media go against you is is isn't the biggest one also suffering can be sanctifying so if you do it nobly if you respond to suffering in a dignified way that is good for your soul and it's good for society so that's what I would do I wouldn't try to cheat it I wouldn't try to get around it I would just honestly say I am Who I am I'm not ashamed of the circumstances of my birth neither are you I would point out the contradictions and the double standards in their racial and sexual arguments and I would go on with my life and laugh at all of their craziness because they're they're the ones who seem to be so upset and angry and crazed all the time 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