2020 Democrats hit up Iowa's Capital City Pride Festival

Iowa happy bride happy pride I'm so happy to be in Iowa the truth is we would not be where we are today if a lot of people hadn't been able to change their minds to change their hearts and in a moment when I'm afraid that America is being talked about as though we're divided into permanent encrusted lockdown tribes we ought to remember as a source of hope that marriage equality came not only by way of our activism but by way of their conversion I know it is it the it is the people that are here right now that made that happen every significant civil rights change that we have seen in this country has not been a product of enlightened leaders or members of the Supreme Court or elected officials has been purchased by the service and the sacrifice of the struggle of those who made it happen the goal of our campaign is not complicated it is about justice economic justice it is about racial justice it is about environmental justice and it is about social justice it takes people fighting it takes people standing up for equality and justice and taking a brave stand it takes people who are willing to sacrifice for equality and justice and take a brave stand and it takes people who are willing to fight are you owned to fight and so I went to Democrats and I said we need to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell and I'm sorry to say some said to me Kirsten why are you doing this now it's not convenient and I look them in the eye and I said when our civil rights ever convenient you do them because it's the right thing to do and the whole point of America is that you can be whoever you want to be you can do whatever you want to do spread your wings and soar no matter who you are and we protect that not just because we're gay we protect that not just because we're black we protect that not just because we're Jewish we protect that not just because we're Muslim we protect that not just because we're women we protect that because we're American and it's our job as leaders whether you're president in Congress on a school board or in the state legislature that every act that we initiate in the United States is to provide opportunity for every single citizen in the United States regardless of what your zip code is regardless of what your sexual orientation is or the color of your skin and the era of intolerance is going to be over in the United States of America I want to finish my comments by thanking this community for leading the effort for justice not just for this community but for all communities this assemblage and parade doesn't just help this community it helps women finally get equal pay for equal work it helps me drive out racial disparity in our criminal justice ism it's the reason I've given pardons to thousands of people who've had marijuana convictions because the drug war has been so racially disparate this revolution brings justice to all the people of our country in my state so I want to thank you for what you're doing

Booed Democrats Invited To Join Republican Party!

this is such an old idea this isn't a new idea medicare-for-all here's John F Kennedy talking about it what sixty years ago back in the matter is but we are now talking about doing most of the countries of Europe did years ago the British get it thirty years ago [Applause] what happened what happened to Kennedy where is he how so there he is talking about doing it and he said most of the country England did a 30 years ago and so here we are at the California Democratic convention [Applause] so this is this is um this is John Delaney he he looks like he should play the neighbor to sitcom so he said this he tried to talk about this is at the Democratic count California Democratic convention which was in San Francisco last weekend and here's what he said [Applause] oh wait wait a minute we should have my mercy in there [Applause] what was that hand rubbing that was creepy as fuck we should have universal health care ah we should have universal health care we should have universal health care but it shouldn't be Akane and I I'm kind of keep saying this so you stop booing eventually we should have it how many times oh please stop booing I'm saying the thing that you want me to say I'm saying you know I think he's gonna he's gonna try to win the crowd back by saying we should replace every Planned Parenthood with a gun store why I had no idea where the principal from Saved by the Bell that's not smart policy so he just did another right wing talking point he goes we can't have a system that kicks 150 million Americans off their health care of course it does it gives them better health care you dumb dick you're a right-winger why don't you just go fucking run in the Republican primary like you're supposed to and then he couldn't take it he started tweeting stuff out he goes intolerant he goes intolerance to alternative points of view is not what the Democratic Party should be about don't we get enough of that from Trump I'm sorry so what Target jumped out my mind Ron black-owned says you're comparing people who want everyone to have health care to Donald Trump your talking points are tired as your idea is taking him from this weekend and go away I like what secular talk says he goes seventy percent of the country wants Medicare 80 percent of your party wants and every other developed nation has it they cover everybody for less and have better health comes and you're mistaking educated people booing you because you're factually wrong for intolerance go away you want to see what a right-wing or John so here's john hickenlooper he also got booed here's john hickenlooper after the Aurora shooting they asked him if he wanted to ban guns and here's what he said but I think this this wasn't a Colorado promised a human problem right and how we can have such a warped individual and no one around them be aware you know I I worry that if we got rid of all the guns and some of them have somebody guns in this country we do have a lot more gun violence and many other countries but even if he didn't have access to guns this guy was was was diabolical right he would have found explosives he would have found something of some sort of poisonous gas who done something to create this horror yeah so what he's saying is if he didn't have guns he went into a bomb store or a poison-gas store you know those stores because you can't outlaw shit cuz that's why we don't outlaw bombs because oh wait we did we did fucking outlaw bubs you can't have bombs you can't sell bomb in that weird it's so these guys are right-wingers and they're running as Democrats why because the Democratic Party shifted twenty years ago to be a Republican party and there are only Democrats in name only and that's why I do the show I do pairs John Hickenlooper yes it hears him at the California and listen to what he says [Applause] [Applause] I was [Applause] we should try to achieve universal power if I'm in private [Applause] [Applause] the only way the only way could have made this worse we would have said let me finish in Russian this guy comes from a state that just legalized busts rooms and they and they still fucking hate him that's something from the from the governor from the first state to legalize pot it's like finding out tabhi Tommy Chong is a pharma lobbyist that's what it's good oh by the way here's here's the Rona McDaniels he's the GOP chairwoman she says in today's Democratic Party if you attack socialism you get booed if you attack government-run health care you get booed their party has gotten so far outside the mainstream and it's going to cost them in 2020 well Rona you're so out of touch you you're named Rona and here's Jim Kessler of the Third Way Democrats he says the California Democratic Party is so far to the left that speaker Pelosi gets booed at their convention yeah yeah she's also few people they don't realize that Nancy Pelosi is to the right of Trump voters he doesn't realize that Trump voters are for single-payer green New Deal ending the fucking wars Nancy Pelosi's not for any of that shit she's actually to the right of the Trump voters that's how messed up our politics are anyway he says they don't respect national Democrats or California Democrats they represent denizens of bespoke coffee shops we are I don't know okay I don't know so here's how the Fox News talked about this watch this Frank it sounds like I was speaking at the [Applause] Wow in California those guys have no chance in this party they should both become Republicans that's she's literally just recruiting these people you won't get booted you come to our party you can say these things are good string em up socialism health care for everybody fuck yourself yeah come join us well I know watch what the Lund says well the the problem now for the Democrats is that the core their base vote is so far on the left with these policies but I want to remind viewers this is a great exercise for them because what they don't realize is how much the Democrats have changed how much the policies have moved to the left and on every single issue the activists can't wait to boo the moderates in the party this is just like the Republicans from 2016 it's just a mirror image on the left yeah and guess what happened in 2016 the Republicans elected an outsider political novice and said fuck you to their establishment that's what happened in 2016 at the Republicans and that's what's gonna happen this time for the Democrats [Applause] and we should pay close attention to this guy especially since he's got a clown suit on well what's amazing is that not only other Democrats out of touch with their base but so are the Republicans they're out of touch with their own base too because Fox and Friends and friends ask their own viewers what they thought about Medicare for all they go Bernie Sanders Medicare for all bill estimated to cost thirty two point six trillion new study says with the benefits outweigh the costs yes [Applause] that's their own viewers so that's how much of in a bubble even people at fight they have no idea their own viewers don't agree with their bullshit statements so that Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer they know that we don't agree with them but they don't give a fuck right but I think Laura Ingraham and that guy looks they actually don't know they live in that big of a bubble where they think that the people who watch them don't want Medicare for all they want it they all want a health care system that functions for them and they're not getting it hey we just added st. 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Full speech: Bernie Sanders | Iowa Democrat's Hall of Fame event (3/19)

congratulations to the honorees and thank you for inviting me to be with you and thank you all for what you are doing to defeat the most dangerous president in the history of our country the American people do not want a president who is a liar a racist a sexist a homophobe a xenophobe a religious bigot and someone who believes that he is above the law together we will put an end to the ugliness and the business that comes from this administration let me be frank with you for a moment while we are all united in the need to defeat Trump there are disagreements amongst us as to the best way to do that in my view we will not defeat Donald Trump unless we bring excitement and energy into this campaign unless we greatly expand voter turnout and unless we give millions of working people and young people a reason to vote and a reason to believe that participating in politics will improve their lives the status quo same-old same-old Park I know politics will not do that the only way we win is with a Democratic Party vet from the top of the ticket to the bottom is prepared to stand up and fight for the working families of this country black and white Latino Native American and Asian American a democratic party that has the courage to take on the powerful special interests who have so much control over the economic and political life of our country a democratic party that creates a government and an economy that works for all of us not just the 1% now I understand that there are some well-intentioned Democrats and candidates who believe that the best way forward is a middle ground strategy that antagonizes no one that stands up to nobody and that changes nothing in my view that approach is not just bad public policy but it is a failed political strategy that I feel could end up with the re-election of Donald Trump the American people want change they want real change and we have got to provide that change and that means and that means if we believe in Medicare for all as a human right we must take on the power of the insurance industry if we believe that we must cut prescription drug cost in half we must take on the greed of the pharmaceutical industry if we believe that we must end endless wars we must take on the political dominance of the military-industrial complex [Applause] if we believe we need to combat climate change and save our planet for future generations we must take on the lies of the fossil fuel industry history reminds us that real change never comes easy it requires millions of people standing up for justice and together we can do that we can create a nation where all people regardless of their income have health care and unlimited educational opportunities as a rights where veterans where veterans are not sleeping out on the street and where children are not going hungry and where we finally put an end to sexism and racism homophobia and religious bigotry thank you all very much

One town, 19 candidates: 2020 Democrats take center stage in Iowa

-Iowans are accustomed to seeing
presidential hopefuls. Just not so many of them. -I'm sure I'm forgetting
somebody who I'm really liking, but, you know,
there are a lot of them today. -For the second straight week, more than a dozen
Democratic candidates were all in one place —
this time in Cedar Rapids, at the Iowa Democratic Party's
Hall of Fame dinner, all of them hoping
for a breakthrough moment. -I wanted to be
a public schoolteacher. Can we hear it for America's
[indistinct] [cheers and applause] -And for the second
straight week, the man leading the polls
was nowhere to be seen. Former Vice President Joe Biden
has been in the race for a month and a half, and he's only spent
two days in Iowa. -It's almost like if you get
invited to a part and you choose not to show up. And I think Iowans notice
those things. -I would have liked
to see him here. I was a little disappointed
when I read through the program and saw that he wasn't coming. I know he is kind of narrowly
ahead in the polls in Iowa, but you should never take
that status for granted. -So far, Biden's challengers
have avoided going after him directly,
but they are starting to criticize
what they say he represents. -There is a real hunger. There are people who are ready for big structural change
in this country. -Our party does not need
a savior. We need each other. -And we're not gonna win
by playing it safe or promising
a return to normal. We are where we are
because normal broke. And we Democrats can no more
promise a return to the '90s than Republicans
can deliver on a promise to return us to the '50s. -With so many candidates
in the mix and so little movement
in the polls, the left wing of the party
is getting restless. -I think Bernie and Elizabeth
Warren have moved the party to the left,
and so that feels good. That feels like,
for the first time, we have some decent candidates,
and we have some options. And I don't see how Biden
or anybody else could really — I don't see how anybody else
can get the nomination. -But there are
plenty of Democrats who make the case for Biden, even if he's not here
to make it himself. -He's done a pretty good job
on the side of making his positions known,
seeking feedback. I'm on his Facebook feed,
as well, and asking about issues,
asking about where we stand. So, I like that the candidates
are paying attention and not just
throwing slogans at us. -The Iowa caucuses
are eight months away — an eternity in politics. Democrats
have their differences, but they are still trying
to focus on what unites them. -I don't think it's enough
for us to just be against Donald Trump. We have to be really good
about articulating our message. -It can't just be
"Not Donald Trump's base," "Donald Trump's base." We have to go back to treating
America full of Americans. -Look at the arc that we are

Which 2020 Democrats are stepping up Iowa campaign efforts

JOHN YANG: With eight months before the first-in-the-nation
Iowa caucuses, the largest group of presidential hopefuls descended on the Hawkeye State this
weekend. As Lisa Desjardins reports, this will be a
decisive week in the 2020 campaign. LISA DESJARDINS: In Iowa this weekend, a shift
into high gear, the campaign signs, the colors, the chants, all of it cresting and competing
in Cedar Rapids. RALLIERS: JDK is the candidate for me! LISA DESJARDINS: Nineteen presidential candidates
were there for the state Democratic Party Hall of Fame dinner, but, first, they faced
off in mini-rallies outside. New Jersey Senator Cory Booker: SEN. CORY BOOKER (D-NJ), Presidential Candidate:
We have got the determination. We have the love that it takes to win the
nomination and beat Donald Trump! LISA DESJARDINS: It was a fight for visuals. South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg
played the keyboard, and many campaigns battled on social media, trying to prove they are
organized and, above all, excited. RALLIERS: I-O-W-A, Elizabeth Warren all the
way! LISA DESJARDINS: Inside the dinner, the long
line of candidates was limited to five minutes each. Some, like California Senator Kamala Harris,
came with a broad campaign message. SEN. KAMALA HARRIS (D-CA), Presidential Candidate:
I am here to ask for your support, because I am prepared to make the case for America
and to prosecute the case against Donald Trump. LISA DESJARDINS: Others focused on a single
signature issue, like Washington State Governor Jay Inslee. GOV. JAY INSLEE (D-WA), Presidential Candidate:
We need to stand up to defeat climate change. We need to save our kids from the threat of
asthma. We got to save our farmers from the floods. Iowa is on the front line of disaster. And it is on the cutting edge of technology. LISA DESJARDINS: For Montana Governor Steve
Bullock, it was campaign finance. GOV. STEVE BULLOCK (D-MT), Presidential Candidate:
In this post-Citizens United world, where money equals speech, corporations have the
same right as people. Until we address the fact that the rules are
now written for those who have the biggest checkbooks, we're not going to solve any of
the problems you Have heard about. LISA DESJARDINS: This week, the whole field
is steaming toward another landmark, when Democrats determine out which of the 23 candidates
have met the criteria for the party's first presidential debates. Three candidates, Bullock, plus Miramar, Florida,
Mayor Wayne Messam and Massachusetts Congressman Seth Moulton, are still in doubt. They have not polled highly enough or raised
enough money, this as Iowa Democrats seem to see the field in two groups. A new Iowa poll from CNN, The Des Moines Register
and Mediacom found five candidates soaking up the most support, former Vice President
Joe Biden, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, plus
Buttigieg and Harris. Everyone else is at 2 percent or below. Two other notable findings from this poll
of Iowa Democrats, a sizable chunk, 25 percent, say a candidate being white would be more
of an advantage against President Trump in a general election matchup. And 19 percent say a candidate being a woman
would be more of a disadvantage. One of the few candidates missing from last
weekend's Iowa action? Biden. He was attending his granddaughter's high
school graduation, but he and President Trump will be back in the Hawkeye State tomorrow. For the "PBS NewsHour," I'm Lisa Desjardins.

Hillary Clinton: Being A Capitalist Probably Hurt Me Because So Many Democrats Are Socialists

you may be the only presidential candidate since World War two that actually had to stand up and say I am a capitalist and you did did it hurt you probably I mean you know it's it's hard to know but I mean if you're in the Iowa caucuses and 41% of Democrats are socialists or self-described socialist and I'm asked are you a capitalist and I say yes but with appropriate regulation and appropriate accountability you know that that probably gets lost and though my gosh she's a couple less I mean

The Fall of Justice Democrats

the 2016 election showed us that there were great divides in the Republican and Democratic base for Democrats the primary was the ultimate defeat for them in the election as the progressive base had felt cheated out of their candidate making many sit out of the election and costing valuable votes for the Clinton campaign needed in states that ultimately went to Trump due to low voter turnout since that defeat the left wing in America has been in shambles leading to much infighting on how to move forward slowly seeming to eat itself alive the Bernie wing or progressive base of the party since the election had been trying to figure out the best way to proceed further and two paths seemed to be the best way either a takeover of the Democratic Party or pushing for a third party I myself was swayed by a takeover of the party and the Justice Democrats seemed like the best bet for a change many of us supporters of senator Sanders were looking for however after this week I do find that justice Democrats as an organization has shown its true colors and does not represent me or the progressive base that still stands for freedom of expression and thought and moving away from identity politics that has ruined the Democratic Party over the last decade after the 2016 election I like many were shocked that Clinton lost but looking back on it I'm not really surprised at this collapse of the left many of us began to reevaluate our positions the term red pill came out as many went from the liberal side to the conservative side at first I kind of thought that way but when you really analyze what the conservative base stands for and what they are pushing especially when you look at Congress the arguments to me just didn't hold up the only thing in the end I found myself agreeing with from many of these right wing commentators on YouTube was their anti SJW rhetoric but when it came to everything else especially economics I still felt the progressive base had won me over so I felt that pushing a progressive agenda was the best thing still and that justice Democrats was the way to go but I do not think they deserved that support any longer especially when they make me have to defend Genk huger many of you have probably heard of chink he is involved with justice Democrats so I won't go into too much detail as most likely you've heard about him and his resignation from the Justice Democrats after an 18 year old blog post where he did make some very sexist comments and remarks before I talk about the situation of my thoughts on justice Democrats I do want to clarify though I am NOT a fan of TYT or Jake I used to be a viewer but like many who ended up leaving and not watching TYT anymore identity politics and their hard stances on far left social ideology that is typically associated with the SJW movement pushed me away from their network however that wasn't the big reason I didn't like Jencks involvement and justice Democrats though it was part of it for me to me I saw it as a conflict of interest to a group fighting to get corporate money and influence out of politics in favor of the will of the people yet it was founded by somebody who owned a pretty sizable media group TYT loves to tout that they are different than corporate media and how it works with political organizations but was it really that different from MSNBC propping up the Democratic establishment or Fox with the Republican as much as I agreed with justice Democrat stances I just couldn't help but be turned away because of that relationship and how similar it was to these the moment I really began to question Jencks involvement when Justice Democrats was his debate against Ben Shapiro at Politico at 2017 while I don't like Shapiro I did feel he performed much better in this debate and this moment had me really convinced that jank would cause problems for the movement and message of justice Democrats well I mean I when it comes to money in politics I think that that that breakdown doesn't really hold I mean the fact is that President Trump during the campaign talked 14 ly about how engaged in putting money into politics so and this is a game that a lot of people are playing it's kind of a weird question but as far as the idea that all money should be out of politics here is the problem okay TYT I we both have corporations and we expand upon politics every single day and we motivate thousands of people right every day on both sides of the aisle that is effectively an in-kind contribution now I you campaigned with Bernie Sanders did you do it because you expect it that's fine did you expect did you do that because you supported Bernie Sanders or did you do that because you expected some gimme forty whitey in return I assume you did it because you supported Bernie Sanders right yes so okay so the point that I am making is to attribute to everyone else bad intent when it comes to political spending in politics but to yourself it's totally fine and when it comes to other media intent entities that give in-kind contributions on a regular basis through their coverage visit when the New York Times when the New York Times which is biased to the left spends an inordinate amount of time and money reporting on Mitt Romney's idiotic stories about how he's in high school and cutting a gay kid's hair in 1932 if you're saying to me that that is less impactful on the political sphere than a corporation which is a group giving money to a to a political candidate for purposes of supporting that candidate I fail to see how you can say for yourself that you are innocent in this but everyone else is guilty I don't believe that either everyone's guilty or everybody is innocent or if you can find the actual cases of guilt where there's a quid pro quo then we agree that's prosecutable for all these reasons one of the biggest points from those on the left that didn't like justice Democrats was the fact of TYT and jinx involvement so you would think that removing him would solve all those problems well no it was far from it whoever is the social media manager for justice Democrats really fucked on their messaging here I can understand the need maybe for having jinks step down as a prominent figure within justice Democrats but when the statements are from so long ago really I mean don't get me wrong part of me enjoyed him getting taken down when he often argues for SJW shit but are we really just gonna ignore it being used to take out somebody we don't like or we gonna address it and I feel the need to address it he wasn't and hadn't been defending these statements that took him down for a while now yet they're still treating it like he is currently a sexist monster that needs to be taken down I mean is it a hundred percent impossible to change an opinion or belief I doubt there's one human on this planet that has the same beliefs and opinions since they were born the human experience is all about learning and changing and one of my favorite doctor who quotes pretty much sums up that very concept we all change when you think about it we're all differently all through our lives and that's okay that's good you got to keep moving so long as you remember all the people that you used to be but that doesn't matter with just as Democrats or this part of the left to them you are the same and you can't make up for any past mistakes you can't change your beliefs and you can't change your opinions once you hold something especially that they disagree with they can use that against you forever and it makes you a monster and they have reinforced this side and the way they marketed the messaging on how they took out Chang huger from his position and it doesn't look good when in their messaging it makes it sound like they're standing up against the patriarchy by doing this and using the word patriarchy he definitely wasn't a way to get those on their side that are very much against the SJW movement whether they're anti SJW are not the right wing and anti s2w crowd out there has been pointing out for a while now that justice democrats just seems to be a continuation of part of the SJW problem and for a while there I tried to argue against it but it's really hard to do that with something like this and especially if you go back and look at their at their media history they are constantly retweeting people like Linda Sarsour and other common STW talking points all over the place it does make it really hard to argue against that and it doesn't bode well for winning over people who are against that messaging this event has led Kyle Klinsky if secular talk as well to step down and I'd really don't blame him for those tired of identity politics that consumed and destroyed the left of the last election it doesn't seem like justice Democrats is gonna be any different and yet again as the SJW movement killed the atheist community on YouTube and led to the wonders like atheism plus it seems like they've just also hit justice Democrats as well now I don't want this video to come across as saying I don't support any of the candidates that justice Democrats are supporting as well our world isn't black and white like the extremes on both sides want you to think and I wholeheartedly agree with Kyle's message here it's beyond crucial that each and every one of us still support the candidates because the candidates had nothing to do with any of this every single one of the candidates has my support they all still support Medicare for all and free college and a living wage and ending the wars and a new New Deal and getting money out of politics and they weren't even involved in this drama or the fallout or the or the very quick decision-making so I want everybody to know that I'm not just saying that that even though I'm resigning from justice Democrats each and every candidate still deserves our support still deserves our donations still deserves our time to actually put in work at the grassroots level and to fight for them to get elected so that we can get our vision implemented so for me I haven't given any money to the Justice Democrats and I won't be in the future and nor would I recommend anyone else would but I don't want to write off all their candidates instead I think that a much more rational position to take is to take a look at each candidate themselves and what they stand for and make your judgments after that and support those candidates themselves with your money should you seem fit to otherwise for me a third party option looks even better now under the current circumstances Justice Democrats may still go on and be successful but it just doesn't look good when they turn away the TYT fanbase whether you love or hate the network most of their fans did support justice Democrats and this is just going to make a greater divide in the progressive movement they've also turned off that crowd that I don't want to label as anti sjw's as I've already pointed out some people on the anti sjw community that I do have problems with but those who are against the identity politics games the left has gone crazy for recently those people have been really turned away after seeing this if you can be sure of anything right now the left in America is nowhere near you it's still and this recent event doesn't bode well for any progressive movement in America in the next election at least under justice Democrats you

New Hillary Ad Is Everything You Should Hate About Politicians

Hilary Clinton released an ad called Dorothea and it's getting mixed reviews online my review is not going to be mixed I have strong opinions on this check it out when I think about why I'm doing this I think about my mother Dorothy she was abandoned by her parents at the age of 8 sent from Chicago to LA to live with grandparents who didn't want her but people showed her kindness gave her a chance like the teacher who saw my mother had no money for food and started bringing her extra from home whispering you know Dorothy I just brought too much food today she went to work in somebody else's home at age 14 and it opened her eyes for the first time she saw parents who loved and cared for their children and that's the kind of loving family she provided for us when she needed a champion someone was there I think about all the Dorothy's all over America who fight for their families who never give up that's why I'm doing this that's why I've always done this for all the Dorothy's all right I'm gonna be the curmudgeonly asshole here I'm gonna be the snarky skeptical angry grandpa like character here but that was absolute total utter horseshit I mean that's the that's like the sleazy political pandering 101 see here's the problem with Hillary Clinton when she talks I don't believe her I don't believe what you're saying it's obviously politically calculated and poll-tested and her staff crafted the message and clearly she's reading off cue cards as she tells this story because god forbid she actually talks about her mother from her heart and says what she really feels you gotta go Jess go off the cue cards and you can tell by the way I had to watch this clip three or four times when I was editing it in order to to play it here for you guys when I was clipping it out and it you can tell like the inflection that she puts over certain words is like oh she should have had like a comma there in her mind and she didn't have it there so it like was a clunky sentence too way she said it like everything about it the cheesy music it's just smacks of insincerity and furthermore what the fuck does this have to do with being President of the United States of America Hillary I Got News for You I don't give a goddamn about your your mom your brother your sister your great-great uncle I don't give a fuck about them I care about what you're gonna do for the American people what you're gonna do for the country don't give me anecdotes and platitudes and cliches about oh and then this happened in my personal life and here's an old picture I have a family don't you have a family we both have family maybe you should go for me are you buying this guys are you buying this stop when I when I listen to somebody like Elizabeth Warren when I listen to somebody like Bernie Sanders I get the sense that I get the feeling that and based on their actions too I get this not just from looking at them but they care about this shit they care about the issues they care about the facts they care about policy substance which is why you only ever hear them talking about policy substance you never hear them talking about the personalities of the other people involved in the race who are against them were their opponents you never hear them talking about personal things that happened in their own lives and when I was in eighth grade my girlfriend bro got me I don't give a fuck why would I care about I don't care about that politics is not about hey you're a celebrity that just happens to get to make important decisions about everybody's life no it's supposed to just be about the decisions you make that affect people's lives and crafting a better society so in the process of crafting a better society I don't care if you grew up if you grew up with no father or no mother or you had in 19 brothers and sister II had zero brothers and sisters all I care about is what the fuck are you gonna do on the issue of climate change what the fuck are you gonna do on the issue of money and politics what the fuck are you gonna do when it comes to the minimum wage what the fuck are you gonna do when it comes to unionization what the fuck you're gonna do about the TPP what the fuck you're gonna do about the Keystone XL pipeline how many of those issues were brought up in this ad zero zero none of them I walk away from this ad knowing nothing none of the substance of what Hillary Clinton is supposed to do it's a CH fucking just pandering sleazy pandering and it insults my intelligence the Democrats are supposed to be the better party it actually gives a shit about the details but what do you do trot out the emotional horseshit this is the Democratic version of when a Republican in an ad holds the fucking Bible has a cross behind him or and then you see him shooting a gun or some shit hey I'm with you I'm not going to like Jesus vote for me ah Billy Bob JimBob JimBob uh Hillary Clinton's like um my mother oh she was an amazing person I care so deeply about her and her name was Dorothy and I care about all the other Dorothy's out there see what I did there see what I did there her name is Dorothy there are other Dorothy's it's like a symbolic everybody else what I did to it I did it's not serious you're not a serious person you're treating us like the years 1984 and you can still pull it the emotional fucking heartstrings and people aren't out there really dealing with health care bills people aren't out there really dealing with joblessness people aren't out there dealing with all types of stuff you're acting I mean we got what we're fighting right now in six different countries six different countries were fighting in one way or another whether it's drone strikes whether it's an all-out fighting on the ground or bombing or whatever we're fighting in six different countries nothing not no mention to that no measure but Kyla it's one and maybe she'll make more political ads later great great great but this one should should have never been in the conversation because there are a trillion real issues to talk about and instead you show me old pictures and read off a fucking cue card in a cold way talking about your mother and pretending like you care about everybody else as much as you care about your mother you fucking don't you don't you're lying it's not true I don't believe you so forgive me for going over the top on this but you know what I was mad when I first saw it but what pissed me off more is that when I read comments on it it was mixed opinions I was like how is anybody mixed on this to me it's insane that anybody oh this is why I love Hillary oh you have my vote oh my god how silly are you you call yourself a Democrat and meanwhile you you're walking around like oh who can tug at my heartstrings more I watched Bambi one time and cried can I vote for Bambi somewhere can I do a write in a Bambi so the way you make decisions that way intelligent people make rational decisions in the real world we got a graduate man we gotta get over this shit I can't believe anybody has mixed opinions on that look those are not my kinds of Democrats okay I'm not a democratic loyalist I don't go Oh who's the Democrat that pulls best who's the strongest that's who I'm going to vote for I'll rent my brain out to that person fuck that man fuck that especially since Hillary Clinton's taken untold amounts of money from Wall Street and the corporate class and billionaires I'm sick of it I'm done with it we already know man we already know Wall Street says they don't even care when Hillary does anti-wall Street rhetoric because they say look we know that even though she's saying that suck she's going to help us when she gets an office so Wall Street knows that they don't even care when she speaks out against them cuz they know it's fake why the fuck would I vote for her if I'm gonna get basically President Obama slash Bill Clinton part two or part three uh and it's going to be even further right-wing on that because overseas she's even more hawkish than those guys and what the fuck why would I vote for you I don't uh it's not just the commercial which is why I don't like her it's her actions it's her policy substance okay way too corporate way too pro establishment way too sleazy politician and in my opinion this ad proves it

Dems Divided Over Appearing on Fox News | The Daily Show

seeing as there's 200 Democrats running for president there's bound to be differing opinions on how to deal with Fox News right while Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris are avoiding Fox News like cooties Bernie Sanders Vermont senator and guy who uses a walgreens bag as a briefcase has gone for a different approach he went on Fox and held an hour-long townhall millions of people every single year lose their health insurance now what we're talking about actually is stability that when you have a Medicare parole it is there now a show of hands of how many people get their insurance from work private insurance right now how many get it from private insurance okay now of those how many are willing to transition to what the senator says a government-run system Wow that had to be a shocking thing for Fox News viewers to watch right turning on their TVs and seeing a crowd cheering for a socialist plan for Medicare for all in fact that's probably what killed your grandpa that's what that was like you realize that's the opposite it's the exact opposite of what Fox knew as Fox viewers were expecting to see it's like buying a ticket to see Paddington but then you walk into the wrong theater and all of a sudden it's 50 shades of gray just like mommy why is Paddington being so mean to that lady know you're not supposed to be seeing this you're not supposed to be seeing this mommy are we leaving no hold on not yet not yet not yet not yet but you see what what Bernie Sanders did there was interesting right he didn't pander to the Fox audience he stuck to his principles and by the end the audience was on his side which ends up being good for the Democrats because normally when fox viewers hear about Medicare for all its stuff like the government will only pay for your pills if you go trans and that's where this is with Warren's points about legitimizing Fox News Pete Buddha says he showed that there's not necessarily the case rights he showed that you can do it a different way because the mayor of South Bend Indiana and host of Nathan's for you he did a fox hole he did a Fox Town Hall on Sunday and he showed that visiting Fox doesn't have to mean that you endorsed them you know a lot of folks in my party were critical of me for even doing this with Fox News I mean when you got Tucker Carlson saying that immigrants make America dirty when you've got Laura Ingraham comparing detention centers with children and cages to summer camps then there is a reason why anybody has to swallow hard and think twice before participating in this media ecosystem but I also believe that there are a lot of Americans who my party can't blame if they are ignoring our message because they will never hear it if we don't go on and talk about it I hope you'll join me in making sure that that next era is better than any that we've had so far thank you Wow standing ovations Wow standing ovations Pete Buddha jesh went on fox news trash their most popular anchors and then got a standing ovation at the end that is amazing because if someone came to your house and told you how ugly your kids were you'd probably be like get the hell out of here you wouldn't be like someone had to say it you got a big-ass head Billy you got a big-ass head someone had to say it and and it wasn't just the audience some reporters on Fox News actually credited Buddha jesh for coming onto their network but the kids were the big-ass heads they weren't as happy mayor Pete who desperately needs a reboot ajudge now when he wasn't pushing for tax increases or lobbying lame cheap shots he was trying to pass off political pablum as some type of high-minded oratory maybe we should call him Pope Pete because don't you love how he you know he because he attends church we're supposed to treat him as the be-all and end-all moral authority or the arbiter of who is and who is not operating in good faith okay I get that Laura Ingraham is trying to diss Pete but I don't know she achieved that by calling him Pope people like the Pope it's not a great disc it's like going you know this guy Steve is always walking around being a dick to everyone let's call him big dick Steve then everyone will know what a big throbbing dick he has I Fanny is so laura ingraham tucker carlson and Brian Kilmeade they were all pretty pissed with Buddha Jesus turn on Fox but there was one Fox viewer who was downright heartbroken last night I watched Alfred e Newman what's going on with Fox by the way what's going on they're putting more Democrats on then you have Republicans and something strange is going on at Fox Oh something very strange did you see this guy last night I did want to watch out you always have to watch the competition if you call it that and he was knocking the hell out of Fox and Fox's put him if somebody's gonna have to explain the whole Fox deal to me oh poor Trump you realize what happened here the news network that he loves the most flirted with a younger hots a candidate and he's clearly shocked he's clearly shocked you heard his voice broke what's going on with you know who Trump is Trump is basically a guy scrolling through his exes Instagram trying to act like he doesn't care just like look at this new guy this new guy Fox is with what a loser his boobs are way smaller than mine you know what would be funny as if I followed him totally as a prank totally is it oh no I liked one of his posts I'm like I'm like I'm like I'm like so sure Democrats go on Fox News or should they stay awake look I don't think there's one correct answer all right in many ways you know it's it's just like eating an Oreo you know yeah you can you can dunk it you you you you can twist it you can lick it you can do whatever just as long as you don't think it's a real-estate term you should know that's a part of your goddamn job [Applause]