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[Politics] बीजेपी में शामिल हुए ‘आशिकी बॉय’ राहुल रॉय THE NEWS INDIA

Rahul Roy, popularly known as Bollywood actor and Ashikki Boy, has joined the BJP. Rahul Roy joined BJP in the presence of Union Minister and BJP leader Vijay Goel. Rahul Roy, popularly known as Bollywood actor and Ashikki Boy, has joined the BJP. Rahul Roy joined BJP in the presence of Union Minister and BJP leader Vijay Goel. Rahul Roy, popularly known as Bollywood actor and Ashikki Boy, has joined the BJP. Rahul Roy joined BJP in the presence of Union Minister and BJP leader Vijay Goel.

An Insignificant Man (Feature Length)

For the past seven years He had been working here
as a land officer Helping farmers claim
their stolen land back The politicians are
like the mafia here Brijlal had complained
to the police But the police
took no action They ran the jeep over
him again and again Crushing him
into little pieces The family thinks they
are next Can we get the supreme
court to intervene? Father knew that they
would kill him I was there too
and tried to stop them They drove after me,
so I ran for my life And I went to
the police But it was too late – Were there any
other witnesses? There were
some women But they were all
too terrified Do you have documents to
support your father’s work? – Yes, we do Should we put up
posters all over town? People need to know
what is happening here – Everybody knows – There are plenty
of such cases There are no
official eye-witnesses Without a witness,
the law can’t do anything The eye witnesses are
all too scared to testify The law only punishes
common people Not politicians Long years ago We made a tryst
with destiny At the stroke of the
midnight hour When the world sleeps India will awake To life and freedom Big story we’re
breaking tonight It’s certainly very disturbing
what is emerging Multi-billion dollar
telecom scam $287 billion coal scam Dozens of companies
managed to corner billions of dollars using proxy
political connections which cut across
party lines All parties have come together
to fool the country The biggest names in politics,
in corporate India and the bureaucracy It seems like we’re living
in the age of scams It seems that our
political establishment is steeped in corruption All our anti-corruption
agencies are compromised Can we expect this parliament
to pass a strong Anti-Corruption law? We are being looted,
we are being robbed We dared to raise our
voice against corruption And we drafted an
Anti-Corruption Bill The Anti-Corruption Bill is to be
tabled in parliament next week The Anti-Corruption Bill
is rubbish! – We won’t let it pass! – Please behave! Unless All the people of this country
take to the streets on 16th August There is no hope If the Egyptian people can
come together at Tahrir Square to overthrow
their government All we’re asking for
is a new law The path he has chosen To impose his draft of a
bill upon parliament Is totally misconceived And fraught with
grave consequences For our parliamentary democracy Are you saying that they
should contest elections? Is that what you’re challenging
them effectively? Absolutely, you’re right I want them to
come into politics I’ll never fight
an election I have a few dreams
for this country Anti-Corruption Bill
is one of them Good judicial system
is another Electoral reforms and
decentralization of political power So that participatory
democracy is there If anyone knows how the Indian
political party system functions It’s Yogendra Yadav Yogendra Yadav, then
give us the solution Having reached this point and having
reached some kind of a dead end I think the only
way forward is Political in the more
obvious sense of the term Which is by forming a
political organization By contributing to
a political alternative Let’s move on to the big
news story of the day Arvind Kejriwal will fight
in the Delhi Elections A political party of honest people
has no chance in the country You will all lose
your deposits So, the big question
we are posing Can Kejriwal really succeed
as a politician? We need to build an
organization first Ten volunteers in every
neighbourhood in Delhi And one person to
supervise them This is our top priority Now tell me how many volunteers
each of you can find Get back to me on this Give me your names
– Ramesh Pandey What do you do, Ramesh? – I am a manager
at Barclays Does that mean you will
quit your job to work here? – Yes I will.
I believe in you – I’m a huge admirer! The way you fearlessly deliver your
speeches is really inspiring I mean such a small man exposing
such powerful people! You’re doing a great job – Give me your number If you need any help,
come meet me I’m here every Sunday
– Every Sunday Yes, in the morning You don’t need
an appointment – Sir, I have a project Every year we help 1001 girls
from poor families get married As charity,
there is no fee Look, how long can
we depend on charity? First we exploit
the poor and then we make
generous donations How will marriage
help them? Shouldn’t we look to increase
their income instead? To empower people
by changing the system? But changing
the system will take a long time I’m sorry I disagree
with you on this Charity is the easy
thing to do No one wants to
change the system “It will take too long” So what? We need to
start somewhere Leave charity to
the rich So don’t include
me in charity But I’ll be there if you
need blood, sweat and tears [Volunteer] People don’t
want to listen to us How do we assure them that
we are not like other parties? And how do we convince
them to support us? We were all part of the extraordinary
protests two years ago Back then, none of us
had imagined joining a political party
– True Millions of people took
to the streets They were tired
of corrupt politics They wanted to shake up
the establishment and throw out the emperors
and their crowns There are also
questions like “What if you don’t
get enough seats?” “Which party would
you ally with?” Our stand is very
clear on this We can say to anyone
who asks such questions “We promise that under
no circumstances will we form alliances
with any political party and compromise
on our principles” More importantly We will bring decison-making
to the public Does your road need
repair work? What should be the cost? And were the repairs
satisfactory? All such documents will
be open to the public Yogendra Yadav,
I have to say that I was surprised when you came on
board with Arvind Kejriwal For the last twenty years I have been associated with
peoples’ movements – Which wanted to go
to a political alternative? Not just wanted to,
they actually tried but it didn’t make it
because it was not viable – But do you think
Arvind Kejriwal is that person? Arvind has energy he has
out of box thinking He has the ability to cut through various
things and come to the core – He also has a reputation of being
extremely intolerant of other people’s views The extent to which
you bring energy is the extent to which you
drive the movement So those who bring energy
also give leadership I have a question
– Go ahead On election day will you arrange transport
for the voters? Look, we don’t have money If you can all arrange
something for yourselves… We are fighting the
same battle So do the other parties
arrange transportation? – They hire a cab for us
– Right [Volunteer] Go in their cab
but vote for us instead – I would rather not – Try walking this time, sir
– Huh? – It’ll be a satisfying walk
– I’ll try this time We can all book a
cab together Don’t we book cabs
when we go out? Elections are much
more important We don’t, but many people
accept money for votes – Political parties buy them off – They distribute alcohol
and money just before elections [Volunteer] Take their bribes but
vote for Kejriwal instead It’s a secret vote so
they won’t find out No, that’s just wrong We should honour our promise One shouldn’t lie [Journalist]
That’s ridiculous ma, Where is the honour
in accepting bribes? I swear that as long as I live I will never take a bribe nor will I give a bribe I swear that from today onwards I will never accept
liquor or money in exchange
for my vote I see a lot of you
aren’t committing Because alcohol is
too hard to give up Everyone here loves
their drink You’ve been a three
term Chief Minister You’re completing fifteen years
as Chief Minister of Delhi So far your opponents from the
BJP have been lacklustre This time around there is a person
who has come out of nowhere And so the space that he’s occupied
becomes extremely important What is his status? Except that he keeps on
talking about himself And then he changes tracks He said we’re only interested in the
Anti-Corruption movement Now he’s entered politics So what is their policy?
What are they going to do? People may find
it interesting to see someone
enter politics But when it comes to
selecting governments People are serious about it They just don’t get carried away [Radio]♪92.7 FM – Inside Delhi’s Heart♪ “Satyagraha” – A film inspired by the Anti-Corruption
protests is releasing today Superstar Ajay Devgn is playing
Arvind Kejriwal in the film Do watch this one guys You, and this entire system are corrupt to your rotting core
– Shut up! The people have decided to
join forces and fight corruption If the country’s future is
shrouded in darkness then ours is hopeless, too This is why we need to
change this system Not by protesting
but by entering politics Let’s gather young idealists
to form an honest party Everyone will support us! Mr. Kejriwal How was the film? Did you find it similar
to your story? Well, the film arrives at the
same conclusion that we did after
the protests Do you think your path is justified
because the film celebrates it? Do you disagree? But the film also raises
questions about indiscipline and about how crowds
never make rational decisions Are these issues important?
– Yes, they are important The film does answer
these questions You talk about
indiscipline In the film, a family has been
fighting for seven years to get its land back from
the government What choice do such
people have? You expect them to
be “disciplined”? Are you implying lawlessness
is a solution? Who makes these laws?
Whom do they serve? Do they exist only to serve
the powerful? The law is meant to
protect us, not them Now the biggest
question is will people actually
vote for him? If Arvind Kejriwal has won
over the people of Delhi Will they win the
election for him? We’ll ask him these questions
after the break Can I talk to you?
– Huh? I have come across some
sensitive information It’s in these documents What are these documents?
– Government papers I have a letter here An informer brought this
to us yesterday This government
has terrible luck All their secret letters end
up in our hands Who here is troubled by
rising electricity prices? All of you? This poor woman has been slapped
with a massive electricity bill Why this sudden
hike in prices? Why is electricity
so expensive? We are here to
tell you why Sit down for two minutes Why has electricity
become so expensive? Let’s go back to 2002 Electricity was
privatized that year Sheila Dikshit had promised us
that these private companies would put an end
to electricity theft and hence reduce our
electricity prices Did she promise this or not?
– Yes she did It’s been 11 years since Electricity theft is now rare
but has electricity become cheaper? – No In fact, our bills have
tripled since Do you know who decides
electricity prices in Delhi? DERC is a government
regulatory body It stands for Delhi Electricity
Regulatory Commission In 2010, the DERC chairman
was a man named Berjinder Singh The power companies
went to him with reported losses
of $135 million and demanded a price hike Berjinder Singh asked to
see their accounts He was shocked at
what he discovered The companies had suffered
no losses at all On the contrary, the companies had
made profits worth $600 million Berjinder Singh immediately decided to
slash electricity prices by 23% He was going to issue this order
on 5th May, 2010 Sheila Dikshit wrote to Berjinder Singh
on the previous night And told him to stop
the order immediately This is the letter she wrote Where did all the
money go? It has all gone
to the corporations! And what did they
do with the money? With his eyes firmly set
on the Delhi elections Arvind Kejriwal has now
made power and water His poll planks apart
from corruption We are the best power producing
state in the country And it still remains
the cheapest Mr. Kejriwal
has taken it up I don’t think the common
man believes it Are we heading now for
a way of fighting corruption which is about
naming and shaming Putting names out there and
stating the charges For a very long time all the
main political parties of this country have followed a code of silence Where you don’t talk about
political collusion And we won’t talk about
conflict of interest You don’t talk about
one company I wouldn’t talk
about another In democracy such codes
need to be shattered A rank outsider has come
and shattered that How is everything? Hello – They began
beating Akhilesh And we tried our best
to protect him We didn’t fight back – They were carrying chains The police was there too?
– The police just watched One of the policemen
took off his name tag and handed his own stick
to one of the goons Some of our volunteers were
watching from a distance We only tried to
protect ourselves and waited for
help to arrive After that we protested in
front of the police station Don’t expect anything
from the police The police is controlled
by the politicians And they have
all the power Our domain is amongst
the people We have to draw them
to our battleground You have to make
this incident public This has to end Last night at 10:30 PM
in Model Town Our volunteer Akhilesh was
attacked with rods and chains His head was
severely injured They think violence
will break our spirit – No! Never! If violence is their solution I am ready to submit myself
to their rods and chains This is exactly the kind of
politics we want to end We must stand up against
their repression Or else… Thank you Unless we act they will continue
to trample us I have decided to go on
an indefinite hunger strike I will survive only on water Until the people of Delhi
show courage and stop paying their
unfair electricity bills Our volunteers are
working with the belief that it’s possible
to end corruption Don’t be afraid 112,000 people have
signed letters of dissent Have faith, we will
only grow stronger If the electricity or water
officials come knocking drive them away Who owns electricity and water?
Sheila Dikshit or us? Sheila Dikhsit’s or ours? – They belong to us!
It’s ours! It belongs to us
not the corporations We must take back
what is ours – Delhi’s heart will burn until,
You take back your unfair bills Delhi’s heart will burn until
You take back your unfair bills I hoped and prayed for
Sheila Dikshit’s victory But who knew she would snatch
the bread from our mouths And deprive us
of basics Over 400,000 have
joined us in this fight Make it ‘In this struggle’ It’s done, tweet it! I’ve been overcharged
again and again But our last bill
crossed the limit Authorities promised to
check for errors But did nothing [Congress]
The people of Delhi have seen us work hard
for the last 14 years We have won three
times in a row People have
chosen us – Why did Sheila Dikshit
write a letter to DERC when they were
about to slash prices? Do you have an answer? [Congress] No, there is no
such letter [AAP] We have the signed
letter with us – DERC is independent! – Can I make a point? Don’t turn this into
a shouting match – I’m not shouting
I have a loud voice -That is all the news
we have for today – Thanks, brother! Nice to meet you Manish
– Same here Your associate Kumar
is an old friend Yes, he’s told us
everything about you So, what of it? In politics, everybody has stories – The curtain has been lifted
– We are all in the same boat You’re an infant in politics,
still learning to walk Don’t hunt what
you can’t kill People have started
noticing us The other parties
ignored these issues But only because
of the strike electricity and water will
steer the elections The electricity bill is $900
and water bill is $60 I don’t have that
kind of money The calculation within the party
is that 1 million signatures would mean touching
4 million potential voters How many people have
we reached so far? We have all the data
on our systems Give me an estimate From 13 neighbourhoods we have about…
– 600,000 people? We are with you If anything happens to you
we will end our lives too We promise you
We will fight for you – We support you Over a million
people have joined us in our protest against
Sheila Dikshit Today we are one step
closer to our goal I have decided to
end my fast These 1,049,300 protest letters reflect the anger of
the people of Delhi The letters hold Sheila Dikshit’s
corrupt government responsible for inflated electricity
and water bills These letters were to be
received by her today Instead they were
received by her staff We asked her secretary,
‘Will she not meet us?’ He replied,
‘The minister is sleeping’ I’ve seen you on TV The Congress Vice President
was on TV 24×7 Performing for the camera But all they got was 27 seats
in Uttar Pradesh Elections aren’t
won on television Journalists were confident
they would win at least 100 I estimated 30 seats
out of 403 And they won 27 – How many will we
win in Delhi? I’ll tell you when the
time comes Let’s focus on the
job at hand [Volunteer]
We’ll definitely win Not yet Not right now Our credibility is our
biggest strength Our candidates must be clean
– Yes, all 70 of them One bad candidate and
everything falls apart 16 Congress representatives 9 BJP representatives have charges of murder
and rape against them I promise that if any
of our candidates are found guilty of a
criminal charge We will revoke
their candidature A corrupt person cannot
enter the parliament And I challenge the BJP &
the Congress to stop nominating
corrupt candidates [Anchor] The BJP’s representative
on our session this afternoon Member of the National Executive
of the BJP – Mr. Sanjay Kaul Alright! So the die is heavily
loaded against me Look we have established
a vast system We have an office in every
corner of the country It has taken us
a lifetime BJP is 50 years old Congress is over
100 years old The AAP will take
decades to catch up This is just how politics
works in this country – Boo!
– Trust me, this is how it is When I was younger I was also in love with
the idea of revolution But this is no place
for emotions It just doesn’t
work like that Someone once said,
“Revolutionaries make great lovers but they make lousy husbands” They are good for flings
but not for settling down Do you know any
good people? Don’t worry, you’re
not on trial – No sir, it’s not that I am asking you to simply
identify honest people In other parties candidates buy
their way into the system We are asking
our volunteers to find upright candidates – I’ve sent you a text message Please read it – What’s in it? They are my credentials
I am nominating myself I suggest we look for people
other than ourselves – How much time do
we have to find someone? There’s plenty of time We will not stop until we
find strong candidates – When you say
“strong candidate” do you mean
a rich person? No, wealth
isn’t a criterion – Or a local goon
capable of murder? Certainly not A strong candidate is someone
with deep community ties Someone who
people admire The food subsidy system
in Delhi has failed The government spends billions
of dollars on food subsidy But the
reality is bleak We filed information
petitions across Delhi This scared the subsidy
officials into doing their job People finally began
receiving food They tried to intimidate me I was physically attacked during
our food subsidy campaign – Aren’t you afraid
for your life? No I’m not afraid because somebody
has to do it [Reporter] The AAP has released
a list of selected candidates Joining us now
is Arvind Kejriwal Candidate profiles can be
found on our website We are going to ask
people for feedback – In my opinion one
of the biggest problems in political parties is
sycophancy and yes-men How can we prevent this? – If I am the sole decision
making authority Then there will be a
personality cult But in our party, volunteers will
have decision-making powers Volunteers will decide
their candidate Potential candidates will
now come up and speak I had never imagined
I’d join politics But a decade of grassroots
work with Arvind helped me understand
a few things For instance, while fighting
for food security They tried to
get us killed They tried to
buy us out We were offered obscene amounts
of money to back off We were able to resist them
only because of Arvind… I know he doesn’t
like being praised I am fighting elections
there’s no doubt about it But from which constituency
I haven’t made up my mind Three-time Chief Minister
Sheila Dikshit We join her now What is the AAP Their volunteers
are all outsiders Is it a party? Can it compare with
the BJP and the Congress? This election vote for the AAP – Very happy to meet you, sir
– Thanks Tell your friends and family We bring flowers of love,
not guns and ammunition Go ahead and punish
the guilty Go ahead and punish
the guilty But don’t think of all
Muslims as terrorists Sing with me! Let’s live together as
brothers and sisters Sing it! Sheila Dikshit won the last 3 elections
from the same constituency in Delhi I have decided to fight
these elections against Sheila Dikshit
on her home turf I will bear true
faith and allegiance To the Constitution of India As by law established And that I will uphold the
sovereignty and integrity of India Is there anything that can
obstruct my application? Most importantly the affidavit
should be filled completely Will you tell us if there are
any irregularities in the form? We’ve double checked
everything but… No, in case of a discrepancy
we’ll notify you right away Immediately?
Oh, that’s great We’ve gone over it several times
but you never know… A very nice cartoon has come
out today in the papers where I’m asking a journalist,
“What is Kejriwal’s stand?” We don’t understand The next panel shows
Kejriwal responding “What does she mean by saying
what is my stand? My stand is to stand
for the elections!” Madam, look up! There was a time When politicians went
door to door for votes But now money is
used as brute force We need to counter this Nothing can beat a good
door-to-door campaign Hello, I’m from the AAP Do you know our election symbol?
– Yes I do! What is it?
– The broom Have you heard
of the AAP? – Yes, Arvind Kejriwal! He’s a good man
– So will you support us? On voting day?
– Yes, of course Thank you They will spare
no expense You will see their posters
in every corner of the city You may not see
our posters But we’ll knock on each
and every door in Delhi Are we ready? – Yes, sir Sheila Dikshit will
lose this time We will win We’ve collected $300 in
ten minutes This is how we’ll fund
our election campaign Yes? Hello? I am on TV right now I can’t talk right now – We talk about the need
for transparency in politics But it does not exist
in our own party We want volunteers to have the final
word on candidate selection – Are you saying only their vote
decides the final candidate? – Yes, volunteers must decide the
final candidate… – No, wait What if I don’t agree with your
choice of candidate Can I then choose not to
campaign for that candidate? You’ve always said that the volunteers
will be the final judge – I never said I won’t have
a say in it… – No you did…
– Hang on The volunteers will
decide… right? – You are nothing
without us, sir Manoj, calm down Just like a
democracy right? In some areas we have
as few as 30 volunteers Let’s say there are
four candidates The first candidate
gets 8 votes The second,10
and third, 12 Should the person with
12 votes get the spot? Are they the strongest
candidate? How can 2 votes determine the
strength of a candidate And there should
be no deliberation? Is this
democracy? What have you reduced
democracy to? These are your
own words, sir You built this party to give
greater power to the people Greater power does not
mean absolute power The idea is to have a dialogue,
I need to have a say as well Then what about
our rights? Why are we
even voting? – Your right?
Yes – You think this
is your right? – Isn’t it? I am only asking Are you doing this
for your rights? I am curious – Yes absolutely
Okay – Don’t take our right
away from us, sir Does everyone
agree with him? – I agree with him Nobody is entitled
to anything If you think
candidacy is a right Leave immediately! And if you want
to broker power leave right now Everyone has their
own coterie You are all lobbying
for your friends Do not lie to yourselves There is a serious
conflict of interest I have no
such interests – The candidate selection
process has been compromised Please sit down This is not an inquisition,
why are you talking like this? – You’re just trying
to confuse us Please sit down Can you please stay? We aren’t done yet Don’t you think
that the party is drifting away
from its ideals? We need a clear
answer from you The party has gone back on its
promise of internal democracy Honestly, we’re not in a position to
follow internal democracy We’re trying to find
a middle ground We’re struggling to fully
realise our principles I sincerely apologise Will an apology
make this go away? In the political sphere,
such things do happen Our intent is sincere
Please trust us I believe anyone fighting
elections is corrupt Then we can’t complain when
our women get raped You worry about your women
I can protect mine Any other issues you feel
the government has ignored? Nobody can change
anything around here Right I am not talking about
the present You are clean
right now We’ll always be clean, sir
– Only time will tell Can we trust a
government that can’t ensure
our food security? No! You are our representative
it’s your duty to make sure
we are heard – Santosh is one of us
and understands our cause and bravely fights
for our rights We call on her to represent
us in the government Use the one with
the big crowds – This is a good shot – The flames look nice
in the dark “You have to fight
corruption to the finish… …and vote for the
broom symbol this time” – Where’s the
poetry in that? Why not read out the
entire candidate list too! A short essay on
each candidate Your poetry is confusing
“The broom will sweep away” The ad should have clearly said
‘Vote for Broom’ Instead, you wanted
to be poetic “The Broom will sweep away” You are not serious
about the movement You made us into intense
people and let yourself go Can’t believe I quit
my job for this Stop making me laugh Now this fight… I can’t dub with you
laughing continuously – Should I be more dramatic? I haven’t even
had dinner – Let it show
in your art The funny thing is people
think he doesn’t laugh at all You, the people, have to
take this fight to the finish Aam Aadmi Party
Election Symbol – the Broom What is the situation? Aam Aadmi Party activist
and candidate from Seemapuri Santosh Koli was
critically injured When a car hit her bike [Police Officer] Did she ever mention
receiving any threats? About 15 days ago,
we were at the market She seemed worried
so I asked her “Why are you upset?
Your campaign is going so well” She said “Some local goons have
threatened to kill me” “They want me to drop out” She was already critical
when she was brought here She was vomiting continuously
so we had to intubate her The next 24 hours
are very critical Only after that we’ll
be able to let you know Santosh started working
with me in 2001 She was just a kid And ever since, she’s been
a younger sister to me She fought for
food subsidies… We are with you, Arvind We will fight!
We will win! They may try to threaten us
They may try to crush us We won’t back down Keep fighting, Arvind
We are with you Please donate
whatever you can This party needs
your support – Her temperature jumped
to 226 degree fahrenheit It was unbelievable It means there’s a
brain haemorrhage She started
bleeding thereafter Neurosurgery
couldn’t do much Any attempts at
recovery were futile Santosh will live in
our hearts forever! Please make space
for her family Everyone else
please step back The battle for
Delhi has begun and while both the
Congress and the BJP continue to downplay the
potential threat from the AAP The fact is for the first
time Delhi will have a truly triangular
contest in the capital Congress Party will live forever! – All parties have kickstarted
their election campaign BJP’s national leader,
Narendra Modi will be speaking at a
massive rally in Delhi Victory to BJP! Mr. Narendra Modi! The Delhi State
elections… will herald… the BJP’s victory
march across India We’ve done countless
demonstrations We pleaded with them Petitioned them We’ve done countless
demonstrations Sorry – One more time – Say it with a
little smile… Right, so let
me rehearse Power has to be taken away
from the corrupt politicians And the common public
shall truly be the rulers This concept is often
missed by the public Decentralization
of political power I know you are talking
about Swaraj But as a concept… People don’t understand that
they are the real rulers Do it like this
Let’s come together… to transform politics to curb corruption – Let’s come together If you want to
end corruption – Let’s join hands if you
want to curb corruption Let’s come together
to curb corruption Your support is crucial
for our cause Okay – Roll please?
– Rolling – Please start, sir Greetings! My name is Arvind Kejriwal We didn’t join
politics to make money We’ve done countless
demonstrations I went on long
hunger strikes You and I both wish
to end corruption We need your support We need your vote We do not have the
money to experiment with this kind
of a video It’s not working
for many reasons You know I like
this idea of Arvind talking directly
to the audience But that intimate connection
we’re looking for is missing He’s very stiff! ♪We will get Congress back♪ ♪For a victorious Delhi!♪ – Do you think this ad will change
how people feel about you? Will this campaign work? Will it make people trust
the Congress again? Be patient, you will get your
answer on election day Wait and watch Come to the office right away
It’s Sanjay Singh – AAP candidate Shazia Ilmi has been caught
in a sting operation agreeing to
stage a protest in return for
campaign funds The sting operation claims
many AAP candidates were willing to do exactly what they accuse
their opponents of in return for money – Massive crisis at
Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP Just ahead of the
Delhi elections A sting operation
video which shows AAP members purportedly
accepting money contrary to their claims They will lose all political capital
built up in the last few months – Yogendra!
Sir! Sir! Will you come speak
on Times Now? [Anchor] What’s going on,
Yogendra Yadav? We thought this is a
party with a difference your candidates
were different This is really low level – Yogendra, the surveys
that you had conducted showed massive
trends in AAP’s favour in several parts
of Delhi With this
sting operation Will the AAP survive? These tapes are edited
and clipped together We wish to see the
unedited versions We request the
owner of the video Mr.Anuranjan Jha who has conducted this
sting operation To give us the
unedited tape [Anuranjan Jha] Why should I give them
the raw footage? I am not obliged
to give them anything I will give it only
to a constitutional body Today, the party that
has blemished the names of so many Itself stands tainted AAP is the
most corrupt party We had lot of
hopes from them But now I want people
to thrash them Because we are accused We shouldn’t have access
to the evidence on the basis of which we
are accused This I’ve heard for the
first time in my life I thought even murderers are given evidence on the
basis of which they are tried The owners of the video refused
to give the raw footage to AAP but have submitted it to
the Election Commission This is the story
that’s breaking The sting operation
on the AAP The party has now accessed
raw footage of that sting from the
Election Commission [Reporter] We want to
hold a protest march If you could make
a small appearance It’ll help us
get attention But we have no proof to back
our claim against them What’s the process
for donation? This is the crucial bit where
they’ve cut the footage But we have no proof to back
our claim against them Can we do something else? Then… We can’t just
accuse like that I’ve been in television
for so long If there’s nothing
concrete We won’t do it “We won’t lie” – “We can’t accuse like that, Only if you have
something concrete” “We won’t do it” “We can’t lie” They cut 14 seconds and
changed the entire story This paints a completely
different picture They deliberately removed
10 seconds from a 3 minute video and those 10 seconds are
the most crucial part This shows that they were only
trying to defame the party Our volunteers and candidates
have suffered a huge setback Who’ll take
the responsibilty? Our reputation was
dragged through the mud Who’ll take the
responsibilty for it? [Journalist] There’s no doubt
that the sting has tarnished your image You will have to agree I’m agreeing on camera that the
sting has hurt the party Why are you stuck
on the same question? Who do you think
is behind this? BJP or Congress? I have no idea The Countdown has begun
for the assembly elections and no election will be watched
more closely than Delhi A fairly healthy debut for the Aam Aadmi Party With 7 seats for them The Congress is expected
to win 27 seats BJP, 32 seats The AAP could
win 8 seats leaving 3 seats
to independents The AAP, 7-12 So the big picture
that is emerging is that the Congress
is ahead Brother, vote for AAP – No, you have
no chance No problem, have a good day Congress and BJP have begun
a publicity blitzkrieg Their ads are in
the newspapers every day They’ve mobilised an army of
workers on ground They have their own
printing presses In the next 15 days
they’ll stir up a storm They have a far
superior organisation – You have repeatedly said
during your campaign that the Congress and the BJP
have no threat from the AAP – Yes… these are the
two traditional parties Arvind Kejriwal did… There is no point in
discussing Arvind Kejriwal His story is finished There are a lot of hopes
attached to you If you lose this
Delhi election a lot of things which can
happen in the national scene will get stalled for a
couple of years or more which is going to be
very, very bad Work 18 hour days
if you have to But you must win This is democracy ‘Rule of the People’ Ever since we were young,
we were told that ‘India is a democracy’ If we asked, “How?” The answer was
“Because we elect our leaders” Elections don’t
define democracy We vote once
in five years And the elected rule
without any accountability That’s not democracy People decide the
change they want and the leaders ensure
its delivered This is the democracy
we believe in Our name is
“Aam Aadmi Party” The party and Arvind Kejriwal
need to be seen as one Arvind’s face, the symbol of the
broom and the ‘AAP’ These three things need to
register in people’s mind Our aim is to disperse
the funds controlled by a few into the hands of the collective The six biggest issues emerging
from our survey in Delhi Water We also concluded
from our meeting today Once again the survey
shows very clearly Water is not only the most
important problem of Delhi It is three times more important
than the next important problem So it has to be
water, water, water! We believe this is a
basic human right and it is the government’s
duty to make it free No party has promised
such a thing We should be the first party to
say these things straight away Any promise apart from this one
must be made with caution If the poor cannot afford the
government’s water bills Will they go thirsty? Do they not have the
right to free water? When the AAP forms
the government 700 litres of free water will be
alloted to every household daily And in 30 days Electricity prices will
be halved in all of Delhi Free water for everyone AAP is for everyone Electricty prices will
bother no more When AAP comes
to the fore Are you being realistic? Or are you succumbing to the
worst forms of populism? Do you not believe you have
been unnecessarily exuberant? Making promises
which are unrealistic Especially cutting the
electricity bill by half and providing 700 litres
of free water to each family Our expectation is not
50% reduction of rates but in the bills that the
consumer finally pays It should lead to
50% reduction [Journalist] So it’s an expectation
not a promise It’s not clear in
the language We’ve spent a lot of time
thinking about the language Mr. Kejriwal has arrived We are with you if you promise
not to demolish our homes You need to ensure
our basic rights – I don’t have the
power right now! We’ll give you the power! Lead the way
we will never leave your side – We are with you! We promise to legalise
your dwellings We promise better
food security And you will all receive
a Social Security ID Yes! We will start
local clinics How will we fulfill these
promises in one year? Fortunately, these plans haven’t
been made public yet – They have, sir Arvind has made announcements
on Facebook & Twitter It’s not cast in stone I think we should still
think carefully This is the last chance
to think carefully We’re getting carried
away in our excitement We are being
optimistic But we cannot
commit this to paper I really think
we should think about it How are you, sir? – Congratulations I am the ex-president of Delhi BJP I have won an election from here as well
– Yes, I am aware You’re on full steam! I have seen rickshaws with
your posters on the back They are definitely impactful
– It’s working You’ve launched a
direct attack! When will your party
declare candidates? [BJP Member] In a couple
of weeks from now We’ve announced
the core team There are rumours about
internal conflicts It’s all part
of the game [Reporter] The BJP has bitten the
bullet over announcing its Chief Ministerial
candidate for Delhi Dr. Clean, Harsh Vardhan
got the nod after a meeting of the
BJP’s parliamentary body Who will we vote for?
– Congress! A lot of people ask “Why did Arvind decide to contest
against Sheila Dikshit?” “This is suicide,
you’ll never win” I can confirm that at the moment
Arvind is leading in your constituency [Announcer]
Arvind Kejriwal needs your support! On election day, when you
cast your votes remember how we transformed
Delhi in 15 years We are not politicians We entered politics because
they compelled us and now the people will
overthrow this government [Reporter] For the first time, Delhi is an impossible
state to predict The fact is, Sheila Dikshit
has been in power For 15 years
now in Delhi BJP is now rising And Arvind Kejriwal has caught
the imagination of the Delhi public – Vote for the Broom
– Vote for Congress 24 hours now
to the Delhi vote Nobody wants to put their neck
on the line on this one It’s going to be a
fiercely fought and extremely close battle
by the looks of it We need to remain vigilant
till the last vote is cast Our work is not
done just yet – It’s the same story before every election Money, alcohol and muscle power
being used to win votes The Delhi Election Commission
has announced a slew of precautionary
measures Flying squads along
with surveillance teams Are carrying
out raids We want to catch
the culprits red-handed Hello? Yes, tell me Is alcohol being distributed?
What’s your location? Open the door right now! Start the machine Press the
green button – Is it done?
– Yes This is for the first time fifty percent
vote mark is being crossed The police is harassing us
and not letting us do our job Calm down Where are you
right now? I’ll do something You can’t arrest
us like this They are obstructing
our volunteers File a complaint over
email immediately We could be seeing Delhi
going for a record poll figure The polls are
now closed The exit polls
are indicating A clear win for
the BJP in Delhi Our own poll
shows that BJP is poised to win
the election with 41 seats while Congress
will have 20 And the AAP
will have 6 seats Our evidence shows
that we were leading until 72 hours
before elections We don’t know
where we are now Exit polls say we
have slid down We are attempting to transform
the politics in this country and Delhi is our
stepping stone The volunteers understand
the importance of winning But we’ve compromised
our ideals to reach here Compromises have to be
made in politics True idealism can only be
practiced in a monastery Politics should be about
realising the ideal You start with an ideal But instead of just
preaching it everywhere We should implement
those ideals in the real world If you want the
advantages of power, You already have
the BJP and Congress who treat politics
as a business The challenge lies in navigating
between idealism and brute reality And in politics, this
challenge will always exist We don’t know what
tomorrow has in store If through some miracle,
you change this system in four days then something is wrong This will be
a long haul We will have to concede
defeat in some battles So that we can
win the war It’s the most anticipated
election result this year Will people repose faith in
Sheila Dikshit? Can the BJP’s HarshVardhan get
to rule Delhi for the first time? I am leaving, mother – Will you be
home late? At 11? 11
Maybe 12 [Election Officer] Counting starts
at 8:30 A.M. In fact counting has just begun – I pray for
your success! Hello! The BJP is leading right now Nangloi Jat goes to BJP Narela, BJP wins – We lost Narela?
By a big margin Who is leading here? Congress
– Okay Who is looking at
Karol Bagh? Will someone respond? Laxmi Nagar Congress is leading, we
are trailing by 1900 votes [Election Officer]
Sheila Dikshit has 1090 votes Arvind Kejriwal… Sheila Dikshit?
– 1090 votes Arvind Kejriwal? – 2556 votes Unbelievable.
Kejriwal is leading! Arvind is leading
by 2000 votes! We are leading
in Timarpur! We’re number one
in Timarpur – Oh wonderful! We’re leading in Santosh Koli’s
area by 8000 votes [News] For all the exit
and opinion polls Something very interesting
is happening in the National Capital Region Has Arvind Kejriwal managed to
successfully steal the agenda away from the BJP right
under its nose? This was meant to
be a referendum for Arvind Kejriwal’s
brand of politics Our candidate Akhilesh, who
was beaten up by the police Is leading by
8500 votes Sir, we’ve won Laxmi Nagar
by 6000 votes Congress party is in big
trouble this morning They are breached in
Narela by the AAP They are breached in
Sultan Pur Majra by the AAP The Congress party has been
breached in Patel Nagar by the AAP The Congress party has been
breached in RK Puram by the BJP It is clear that the
battle in Delhi is now between
BJP and the AAP Congress is nowhere
in the race and a comeback
seems unlikely In the New Delhi
Legislative Assembly counting for 12 rounds
is now over Arvind Kejriwal is leading
by 15,000 votes – Had Arvind campaigned
in my constituency I wouldn’t have
lost by 340 votes – Don’t worry…Winning and losing
is part of the game – Please sit down – Look at the number of
votes you’ve got? That’s the point Just tell me if you’ve
won or lost – He lost Where? Sultanpuri Majra Keep saving your work I don’t want to
lose any data If the AAP has taken
BJP’s spot They need to assess the
situation they’re in Congratulations, Arvind The Election Officer
will speak to you now Mr.Arvind Kejriwal We have just been told
that Arvind Kejriwal has won from the
New Delhi constituency with over 22,000 votes That’s a massive,
massive victory He has defeated Sheila Dikshit,
the incumbent chief minister There on your screens,
Arvind Kejriwal has just come out Look at the euphoria
here at the AAP office I believe that the
people will win, Democracy will win! Victory to Mother India! We have to be a strong
opposition now and show them
how it’s done We’ll raise those standards We rose against not only the
government failure’s but also the opposition’s Long Live
AAP! Long Live
Arvind Kejriwal! This victory belongs
to the people not me I’m an insignificant man – What do you have to say
about the margin of victory? This is a triumph
of the people This shows how frustrated
the common man was This is not my victory I’m an insignificant man The people of Delhi have taken a decision which we respect That’s all I can say just now It’s a stunning debut A political miracle of sorts Debutant AAP is not going to
form probably the next government But, my god what
a performance Congratulations, sir No party is in a position
to form a majority The BJP, the single largest party
in the Delhi Assembly Doesn’t want to take a
shot at government formation Rumblings within the congress
party are growing louder They’ve issued unconditional
support to the AAP How can we take support
from the Congress? It’s out of the question 50% off in electricity bills 700 litres of water
free to everybody Let them fulfill it – You’re not convinced
it is practical? No, are you? Having undertaken this miracle I’m deeply disappointed that they are
running away from their responsibilities and continuing to
be an NGO You have the majority with
the Congress supporting you Form an alliance and
fulfill your promises For the first time in history a government will be formed
in consultation with the people If you think the AAP shouldn’t
form the government please raise your hands About 50 people And now those who think
otherwise, raise your hands Form the government! I don’t agree
– Why? They should fight
another election These people challenged you and that’s why you
formed a party Now you are a
political party Admit you’re a political party
and act like a politician Go ahead and
deliver now! I support Delhi is all set to have
a new government It is history in the making This is a big moment for
Indian democracy But Yogendra, many questions are going
to be raised again and again about what Arvind and
you said earlier That there’s no question of taking
support from the Congress or the BJP How will you avoid the label of
being a party That started off
with politics Not as usual And may have in this choice
ended up embracing Politics as usual? I, Arvind Kejriwal By the grace of God Bear my allegiance to
the Constitution of India And promise to uphold it with
honesty, devotion and loyalty Long live
the revolution! Friends, today is a
historic day Two and a half
years ago We protested in
these very grounds with a demand to end
corruption in India For two years,
we did all we could Fasts, demonstrations,
everything But slowly it became clear This country will not
change until we transform the politics
of this country We will now
take the oath Repeat after me! I swear that as long as I live I will never take a bribe nor will I ever give a bribe Let’s say it again

Does Sadhguru Support BJP?

People of a nation elect a government
today. Tomorrow morning somebody is saying we must pull it down. What is this?
In Andhra Pradesh, we are working in the education sector so have I joined
Telugu Desam Party? With the Rally for rivers, we are very active with the
Karnataka government right now you think I’ve joined JDS? [Questioner] Namaskaram Sadhguru, some media houses every now and then report on your association with the BJP Could you please comment on that? [Sadhguru] My association with Bharatiya Janata Party?
I have never been associated with any political party nor will I ever be
associated with any political party But when people elect a government, I think
it is my fundamental duty as a citizen who is living in this country, to do
everything possible to support that government to do their best. It has become
a disease. People are trying to throw away one of the greatest gifts that we
have in modern society which is democracy. Democracy means that one among
us could stand up and become a leader of the nation. We want to throw this away.
Everywhere this is happening not just in India. I saw this happening seriously in
United States of America after this election, happening in India. Today you
people of a nation elect a government today, tomorrow morning somebody is
saying we must pull it down, what is this? You have forgotten that hundred two
hundred years ago, if power had to shift from one person to another, how many
heads rolled on the street, how much blood flowed on the street, you’ve
forgotten this. Today by casting a ballot without a drop of blood flowing, power is
shifting from one group to another which is not a small thing. Even within a
family blood will flow if power has to shift. That’s how it i. If there is
enough property and wealth, if power have to shift within the family, blood will
flow But somehow we evolved a system where we
can shift power of an entire nation without blood flow. Do not underestimate
this and do not throw this away. It is the business of every citizen to understand that democracy is a
functional democracy only when every individual votes according to their
judgment of what it is, not because of religion, not because of caste, not
because of creed, not even because of party. No matter what, I will vote this
party, you are a bloody fool you are destroying the democratic fabric of a
nation. What it means is what I see as right, who I feel is best for this
country right now, to him I will vote,to her I will vote. Not the other way round
So people are saying because the central government is Bharatiya Janata Party, of
course I will do everything possible to support this because it matters for the
country. I am not supporting Bharatiya Janata Party.My commitment is for nearly
1.3 billion people, half of them in a very bad state. Well in Tamil Nadu we are
working with the local government so you can say I’ve joined AIDMK. In Andhra
Pradesh we are working in the education sector so have I joined Telugu Desam
Party? With the Rally for Rivers we are very active with the Karnataka
government right now, you think I have joined JDS? Yes I have, because because I want you to understand, if you
do not bow down to the people’s will you think your opinion, what I think is more
important than what the people have elected, this means you don’t believe in
democracy, you want feudalistic nonsense once again. That’s what you want. So a
whole lot of people, essentially people who have nothing else to do but to
comment on other people’s lives, this has become a full-time job for a whole lot
of people. Now because central government is on and I think last four years have
been very effervescent governance, are they all right? No we can disagree with them
on many things but we have elected them it’s our business to support them. When
the next election comes, its for you to evaluate whether they have done well or
not, if you don’t like them get somebody else. Yes, that is so with
every government, that’s what democracy means. So this is for Bharath not for
Bharatiya Janata Party

Indian Election Update | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

Did you see the results? -Yeah.
-Landslide victory for… Modi, Modi, Modi. I told you.
I said, “Don’t do Indian elections.” Why can’t I talk about Indian politics?
I’m Indian. You’re Indian? You didn’t even live there. How do you call yourself an Indian? My family’s from there. People think that you’re American.
You’re a white washed. No, I’m not. You know me
and uncle are brown, you know that. How? But you don’t behave like a brown. -What does that even mean?
-You think that you’re a smart white dude. Sorry, you’re not. If you don’t want me
to talk about politics, -what do you want me to talk about?
-Go ahead with Bollywood. -I’m not talking about Bollywood.
-You should. -I’m not talking about Bollywood.
-No, Indian food. -The spicy Indian food.
-Oh, yeah. Biryani. -You want me to do 26 minutes…
-Oh, yes. on biryani? Yeah, you can do an hour. You could do an hour. Okay. What if I just do the update
on what happened? -Apology is the only update you can give.
-Only update you can do. Maybe you can put it as… “Patriot Act:
Apology Regarding Indian Elections.” You want me to do “Patriot Act:
Apology About Indian Elections?” -Yes.
-“Sorry, I Didn’t Listen.” Hello. Thank you so much! Thank you. Hello, how are you? Hi! Welcome to Patriot Act. I’m Hasan Minhaj.
Thank you guys so much for coming out. Oh, man. Now, look. India just wrapped up
its general election, and we have to talk about it. I mean, can you imagine if we didn’t? Like every white person would be like,
“Is Hasan okay?” And every Indian person would be like,
“Good, he learned.” So here’s a quick update. This election
pretty much came down to two parties. The BJP,
a right-wing Hindu Nationalist group led by incumbent Prime Minister,
Narendra Modi, and the Congress Party,
led by Rahul Gandhi. And the results were stunning. Prime Minister Narendra Modi
is celebrating a sweeping victory Narendra Modi now set for
a second five-year term as prime minister of the world’s biggest democracy. Ladies and gentlemen, India has spoken, and India has spoken decisively. Okay, that’s Navika Kumar, and we featured her the last time
we talked about the elections. So she hit me up on Twitter and invited me to come on her show
for a debate. And I said… “Hell no.”
That show is way too intense. I would get destroyed like King’s Landing. Make your point! All right, make your point! Respond to the basic issues. Can you just calm down? Why are you getting personal? I think you suffer from amnesia. Stop playing the victim card. You did not make
the political point that you should have. Do they just slap everyone
right before they put them on air? Also, how do they fit so many people
on that show? It’s like they mapped the population
of India onto their news shows. Now, look. We know this. It’s not a huge surprise
that the BJP won. It was the size of their victory
that was shocking. Modi’s BJP Party won 303 out of 542 seats in the lower House of Parliament.
It’s well beyond the simple majority a party in India needs
to form a government. The BJP took so many seats, they won a majority on their own. They pulled it off
by expanding beyond the Hindi Belt, which sounds like something
Gucci got in trouble for selling. But… the Hindi Belt is actually a region that’s made up entirely
of Hindi-speaking states. In this election,
the BJP managed to expand into every part of India. They are now 56%
of the lower House of Parliament. Meanwhile, the Congress Party ended
this election with 52 seats. That’s not even 10% of the lower house. And if you think things couldn’t get
any worse for Rahul Gandhi, you’re very wrong. And one of the highlights
of the BJP’s amazing victory is Amethi, where the party’s Smriti Irani
defeated Congress President Rahul Gandhi. An event that has led
to even more humiliation for the congress. I would like to say Smriti Irani has won. I want to congratulate her.
The citizens of a Amethi have decided. I respect their decision. Okay, Rahul couldn’t even win
his own district, which his family held for decades. He lost to a BJP candidate
named Smriti Irani, who’s a former soap opera star. And trust me, she does not fuck around. Okay, why did they film this entire show
on Google Street View? It feels like the director
is like, “Wait. I’m just looking for a brunch spot.
Let me just… let me just get my Matrix on.” Killing the competition
isn’t just a metaphor. The BJP ran some wild candidates. Like Anantkumar Hegde who said, “As long as we have Islam in the world,
there will be no end to terrorism,” which kind of sounds like
Stephen Miller’s wedding vows. Or Sakshi Maharaj, who has
34 criminal cases against him, including robbery and murder, but by far the craziest BJP candidate
was Pragya Thakur, who won in Bhopal. Now, she recently pissed off
pretty much all of India. Sadhvi Pragya has proved to be
the biggest embarrassment for the BJP. She has called Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin
a patriot. You can’t say that. That’s like calling Ted Bundy
a ladies man. Now, Pragya eventually apologized. But this isn’t the first time she’s run
into trouble. Last year, a terrorism charge
was laid against her as a suspect in a 2008 mosque bombing
that killed six people. Visiting a Bhopal Hindu temple
for a cleansing ceremony, she adamantly maintains her innocence
in the case. I am 100% innocent. Okay, technically… Pragya is out on bail
because she has cancer. But she’s also been accused
of plotting a deadly bomb attack. So, I just don’t know how to do this joke. You know what I mean?
‘Cause, like, what was her Make-A-Wish? You know what I mean? They were like,
“Hey, do you want to meet The Rock?” And then she was like,
“Can he help me blow up a mosque?” I told you it was fucked up. Now look, it’s easy to reduce
the BJP’s popularity to one issue, whether you look Pragya
and think Hindu nationalism or you look at Congress and you think
of corruption and incompetence. But don’t forget one
of the biggest reasons the BJP won is Narendra Modi himself. Voters wanted him
to be the face of India. So even though he’s known
for not taking questions from the press, the stakes of this election were so high,
even he had to sit down for an interview with one of the most feared journalists
in India, Bollywood star Akshay Kumar. The fashion statement you make
is very interesting. Have you styled it yourself? This is a good question. I want to know if you eat mangoes. I eat mangoes,
and I enjoy it very much. Okay, that sounds like a five-year-old
interviewing their doll. Akshay’s like, “Do you like mangoes? I like mangoes. Would you like some more tea?” He’s so charming, I almost forgot
about the Rafale scandal. Now, I totally get why Indians love Modi. He’s so Indian.
The day before voting ended, he climbed the Himalayan Mountains
and meditated in a shrine for 18 hours. He basically did what Americans think
Indians do all the time. Look, you may not agree with his politics,
but the man knows a good photo op. He’s like, “Look, I want to meditate.
Get the cameras ready.” THERE’S– FUCK– THIS IS A THREE CAMERA SHOOT! Look what they’re cutting. They had to cut wide on the walk.
They’re getting his lineup. They got his lineup! We have multiple angles inside
of a cave, you guys. The point is Modi is savvy and revered, and I know this because Indian trolls
are blowing up my mentions. They don’t like my sweater.
They don’t like my hand motions. This person just wants me to know
that I’m a son of a bitch. I love how he wrote, “Just so you know.” He’s like, “Hey, just FYI. You’re a son of a bitch.” But I picked up on a general theme. Modi supporters think I was trying
to swing the election. “Let me take this time
to thank Hasan Minhaj, who helped us elect
a right-wing government in India. Thank you.” Okay, let me make this very clear. Comedians can’t swing elections. This is insane. George W. Bush won twice
when Jon Stewart was on the air. We’re talking peak Stewart, you guys. He had black hair.
He had the shoulder pads. He took down Crossfire. Everyone was like,
“I get my news from J-Stew. He’s the truth-teller.” Meanwhile, Bush went back-to-back.
Comedians don’t do shit. But… I can’t go online without Desi trolls telling me
I ruined democracy. So clearly,
I didn’t need to go to Navika’s show. Navika’s show came to me. I think he made Modi win. Why is he talking about
Indian politics anyway? He has no clue about Narendra Modi.
He has no clue about BJP. This guy’s an anti-Indian. You are my least favorite
Daily Show correspondent. -Not funny.
-Excuse me. That is not the point.
Can I make my point? -Can I make my point?
-Make your point! It’s only Modi, Modi, Modi for him. I tried to tell him not
to talk about this, and he never listened to me. He’s a complete idiot and a buffoon. Why are you getting personal? Why are you getting personal? I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Let’s not get personal. Hasan Minhaj is a son of a bitch!

TSP’s If Politicians played Indoor Games

Atal Ji, buck up! Ever since Modi Sarkar is here, you’ve just been playing, man. Wait up, Mr Advani. My horse is chewing on some grass. There’s an elephant, camel and a King! The King is on a foreign tour. It is in your brain… Guruji! Get off, now it’s my turn. But son, I haven’t finished playing yet. I will end this game now. You sit next to us and clap. What are you saying? Yogi ji, pick it up. Yes, Guruji! Oh my god! Not me, the chess board! Damn, Modi and Yogi, this is not done! Tell me Yogi, what do you want? Guruji, I want New Delhi. Tell me a number, not feelings Okay, so six, six and six, to kill these two. You want six? Here it is. Six. Haaah haha! There goes Lalu Prasad Yadav. You’re out, Mr Lalu. Haaah haha! One more six. Kumar is out too! Absolutely amazing. Third six, haaah haha! Yogi! Yogi! Got you trapped. 3 six equals a cancellation. Lalu, this is my Ludo… I bought this from Japan. Mah Ludo, mah rules! Lalu Ji, would you support us to beat Kumar Vishwas? Would you Enough! What will I get? We will let you out of our house without being bashed. Get together with us, and get behind Kumar Vishwas’ token. Oh, so they are forming a group. Let me break it right away. Modi ji, I have an urge for poetry. Shall I? Oh no no no. Don’t want to hear your poetry. Nope. It’s damn nice! On love! Don’t talk about all of that before me I don’t wish to hear it. I don’t want to hear. But Yogi ji, please listen. Yogi ji, listen. I’ll demonetize! “So Yogi ji says, Love you!” He doesn’t! My Country men… “Plays Holi intoxicated!” Rahul ji, truth or dare? Dare. Dare? So take this potato Put it in your machine and get me gold out of it. But Modiji, that was your machine, right? I was just giving a demo. So master, truth or dare? Truth. Is your Aadhar Card linked to your bank account? Dare. Link your Aadhar card with your bank account. Let’s play ‘Never have I ever’. Never have I ever…seen..’Acche Din!’ Oh, master! You drank the cowpiss. “Mehbooba” said, Bhak K, on you. *sings a song* *songs continue*

Cobrapost Expose on Bollywood | Did Celebrities do any Wrong? Opinion By Dhruv Rathee

People will think that Mahima Chaudhary is saying that. And plus everybody will start thinking like that, brainwash. We want to brainwash and polarize people for the 52019 election and want you to help us. Worldwide, India might be the only country where you will find blind followers of celebrities. Friends, in our country film stars and celebrities are valued very much. They are worshiped till the level that some people have erected temples for them. Like the temple for Amitabh Bachchan or Rajinikanth. People have started worshiping them. Namaskar friends. I am Dhruv Rathee. Let’s talk about the Cobrapost Operation Karaoke. This is the biggest sting operation on Boollywood celebrities till date. The undercover journalists of Cobrapost pretended to be social media agents, and went to different celebrities. Like Sonu Sood, Vivek Oberoi, Jackie Shroff, Kailash Kher. They went to a total of 36 celebrities. They offered them money for promoting political parties and promoting their positive work. Friends, except 4 celebrities, all of them agreed to it. Everyone promotes good work, I am clarifying that we are doing this for getting Bharatiya Janta Party re-elected. Our motive is that. Modi Sir made Daniel Overseas Citizen so we will definitely support it. In these sting operations it was interesting to see the different responses of the celebrities, and how we can interpret them. Amisha Patel was offered to politically promote BJP to which she agreed, But this is what she said additionally, Sir if you go to my account you’d see Narendra Modi Ji’s film… Yes we know.. where Amit Shah, Mukesh Ambani, Akshay Kumar, all of us went, I posted that. Yes I know that. So already I do that, I posted when Atal Bihari Bajpayee died, I am active for all these causes, This shows that some celebrities were happily selling out themselves. Showing the posts on the death of Atal Bihari Bajpayee and saying that they already do political posts, so they would be suitable for the job. On the other hand, some celebrities were aware that this can be false promotion too. That the promotion may also spread fake news. Like Mahima Chaudhary, who says that since they are asking her to lie for them, BJP can even pay 1 crore per month. Future Public Relation, you are handling the promotion of BJP? Right, we are. Fake tweets, how much will you pay? You know everything. Everything’s fine ma’am there’s no issue. What is you budget? Budget is good enough, there’s no issue in that. How much will you pay for one tweet? What do you think it should be? BJP? BJP can pay anything, they can give 1 crore a month. -What ma’am..
-Why not.. It is.. It’s a huge job, you are making me lie, politically promote, it can’t be cheap. Of course not. Some celebrities negotiated very well, like our Jackie Shroff. He says, “You open the door to your money vaults and I’ll open my heart to you”. Open the door of the money vault, Sir it is open, that’s why we are asking, I already hinted to it. I’m opening my heart to you and you are hesitating about opening the money vault? Sir I am telling you it is open but… You are understanding me right? It’s decided then. We are born empty handed, what will we take with us when we die? Right, right. Sonu Sood who mostly plays the role of villain in the Bollywood films, was recently the villain in the movie Simba, He says 1.5 crore per month won’t be enough it should be 2.5 crore per month. And he would prepare the best content himself and the promotion would be top-notch. My messages would be strong and nice I’ll try to post 5 or 4 , whatever you guys want. If someone else posts I’ll answer or retweet it, we’ll work like that. Work according to the mood. I feel that 1.5 crore that you are offering should be atleast 2.5 crore. -2.5?
-Yeah, because I won’t count it, I will go overboard with that. Some of you may ask what’s wrong in it? Celebrities anyhow promote brands and products, so if they promote political parties, what’s wrong in it? Friends in my opinion there are three reasons why it is wrong. First, it is directly used to fool people. Whenever a brand or compnay is being promoted, people are aware that the celebrity must have taken money from the brand to promote them. But if they tweet in favor of political party or for something they did, People would be misled as they wouldn’t know that the tweet or Facebook post has been paid for. But it shouldn’t be known that you are a brand ambassador of Bharatiya Janta Party. yes, I know, that is why we will mould it and filter it. People should believe that they are your personal opinions. -We didn’t make any deal.
Absolutely. 100%. It will be effective only then, we’ll have to be neutral. Saumya Tandon is another actress who was approached for this sting operation. But she refused to political promote BJP in exchange of money. She had an excellent point. I do not want to do any affiliation for any political party in exchange of money because it is against my believes. You can see many actors do many things for money but if I will do it only if I genuinely believe in it. If you do not genuine you believe in anything but you are promoting it, then it is immoral and you are deceiving your fans. It can also be dangerous because you do not know the consequences of this promotion. Can the ideology be a threat to the country? You do not know this if you are thinking about your own benefit only. Friends I would like to mention some other celebrities like Vidya Balan, Arshad Warsi and Raza Murad. Other than Saumya Tandon these are the celebrities who rejected the offers and refused to do any political promotion. Their actions deserve respect from the whole country. She would only have to promote the good work of our party, the good policies. She would only have to appreciate that. I understand but the only thing is its related to a political party so, I am being very honest with you and I am so sorry for being blunt but Vidya doesn’t get involved in any kind of things like this The second reason friends politics is for public interest and brands and businesses are for private interest. These two things cannot be compared because public interest is for everyone and it affects every aspect of your life and private interest affects only one thing. If a celebrity is promoting a shampoo and if you buy the shampoo and turns out it’s not good it only affects your hair, But if you choose a wrong politician it will affect all the aspects of your life. The policies which will be made will affect everything, the government schools, the government hospitals, taxes which you will have to pay, and the forested areas around you, It will affect everything and everyone. Third reason friends is all these celebrities who agreed for this promotion in the string operation, agreed to deal in black money. They were told that 90% of the amount will be given in cash and there with no official contract of it. However, one thing that 10% will be in white because we have to pay GST so we have to show that. Some celebrities started saying why are you giving 10% in white? The whole amount should be in black. So 10% will go into your account or rest 90% would be in cash. As this is political funding, it is very difficult for white. Do not put anything in white. But we have to put something, we have to show something in the contract, but it will be only 10%. -So till when I have to do it for?
-9 months Our Shakti Kapoor has been shown in other string operations as well. He lauded demonetization and said that it would flush out all the black money. But here he is asking for black money and says there is no need for any white money. – 9 crore, right?
-9 crore. 9 crore is a bit much. You don’t know the things I have done for their promotion. What’s surprising again is that most of the celebrities were are not surprised with the offer. Which makes you think that maybe many celebrities are already doing this and promoting the political parties I can think of many filmy nationalist celebrities. But on the other hand, many celebrities were not even surprised about the dealing in cash. Some even admitted that they deal in cash and they already do it. We are okay with it till 80%, we can’t do 90% or 100% because.. But we do this. We do this a lot. I just did a South film we have a mutual understanding. It’s quite normal. Yes, yes it’s the same situation. No one is getting paid in white completely. Clicking everything country using black money by celebrities in the industry is very common even now The most shocking thing to me was that some celebrities even ready to spread hate in the country in exchange for some money. Like Abhijeet Bhattacharya whose Twitter account was suspended for this reason. Why are giving Rohingya so much? Shoot them simply. If they leave it’s fine, else shoot them. That should be the attitude. -Yes if you post statements like this..
-Absolutely.. Shoot the Rohingya and shoot them first who support them. First the supporters, then them. That’s perfect, we wanted this, to heat up matters. His grossness is the reason why his official tweeter account was suspended. In the whole operation what do we learn? Friends we should never become a blind follower for any celebrity. Because a celebrity is a good actor, it does not mean that they are a good intellectuals or a good person and have good intentions. However there are celebrities who are good people and have good intentions, But that is not the norm. Generally it does not happen. Mostly the actors are actors because they want to earn money, it is their business You should always question what kind of a person is the celebrity in the other aspects of their life Do they promote pan masala or if they work to genuinely help people. You should also know that most of the celebrities live a glamorous life They do not understand the perspective and point of view of a common man. Cobrapost does investigative journalism. If you remember, last year they did a similar sting operation on media house They went to various media houses and offered them money for political promotion and even their almost all media houses except two or three agreed to it I made a video on this to and click on the ‘i’ button to watch that. So if you like this video then share it, the videos of the cobrapost sting operation has been put in the description You can go watch them. They are very entertaining I will recommend that you watch it If you like my work, go to to support me so that I can keep making such videos for you. We shall meet in the next video. Thank you!