Rapinoe's Advice For President Trump | The News & Why It Matters Ep. 327

welcome welcome to the news and why it matters I am Sara Gonzales joined with me today we've got Graham Allen back on set MLB first baseman sorry I forgot first baseman new Texas Ranger Graham Allen the play that Glenda Astros today they start the the Astros Rangers Series today I do appreciate the fact that you have really taken on being a Texan yes America colors it is yeah we went you got the Jersey we went to the baseball game you were like I am all and we've got Eric July in the house as well a famous YouTube star here July thanks for being here absolutely anytime and we've got Erin : from the blaze comm one of our amazing amazing reporters thank you so make sure to check him out at Bibble is calm grandma it's our top story today Megan Rapinoe America's Savior of everything that America should be says that President Trump needs to do a better job hmm okay well I can't wait I'm excited oh me too all right Eric totally actually agrees with Justin Amash in terms of the threat that the two-party system is okay alright a lot to get into there yeah Erin Alexander Ocasio Cortes has sort of hinted that Nancy Pelosi might be a little racist and all these criticisms that change I love this race card is on the table yes oh my gosh obviously a lot to get into first we want to thank our sponsor I target Pro so for those of you who are gun enthusiasts is if you have not heard of AI target Pro you gotta get one it pays for itself when you talk about going to the range you got ammunition fees all of these add up really quickly and it gets really expensive when shooting is a hobby so what I target pro does they've got a laser bullet which I love to say I feel like I need to put my pinkie up when I say that a laser bullet and they put it in in your gun and it has a you know specific for your caliber you put it in what it does is your dry-firing so you're working on your trigger control you know you're working on the pole of your gun but it's you know nothing's coming out so 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to start with the video so so let's watch a little bit of it good chance the president is watching this interview or will watch this interview what what is your message to the president Oh message to the president I'm gonna make all heard I think that I would say that your message is excluding people you're excluding me you're excluding people that look like me you're excluding people of color you're excluding you know Americans that that may be support you I think that we need to have a reckoning with the message that you have and what you're saying about make America great again I think that your harking back to an era that was not great for everyone it might have been great for a few people and maybe America is great for a few people right now but it's not great for enough Americans in this world and I think that we have a responsibility each and every one of us you have an incredible responsibility as you know the chief of this country to take care of every single person and you need to do better for everyone all right so first of all I just want to say it's it's the president of this country it's the commander-in-chief of the military you know Samantha at this point right so yeah but your acting is that she would have known what she was talking yeah yeah so okay so so let's try to dissect all of that you're excluding people like me you're scooting people that look like white people you're excluding people of color which I find absolutely incredibly just an asinine statement Louis black unemployment rate in 50 years lowest Hispanic unemployment rate ever criminal justice reform Act signed in the list goes on and on Trump is the most Pro gay president we've ever had he's the first president to ever come just straight out and be like I love gay people you know if you want to get married and be you know go do you be you what is she talking about it makes no sense and I love the fact that she says that people that maybe support you you're losers didn't know we support him already because we don't agree with anything that you just said and then she goes on to say that what an incredible responsibility he has this president well what an incredible responsibility you have as the representative for America for women's soccer you know this isn't the Megan Rapinoe team this isn't all of this and we've got another segment here with Rachel Maddow that that'll be really good too to further this they took an opportunity to show a unified stance as Americans they just won the World Cup this was an opportunity to go we're Americans we're better than you you know BAM we're here we're throwing it down and they turned it into this social justice Equal Pay nonsense and just watch what she says about how can how can they fix it and then I think it's really going to go full circle here so just watch this in the moments immediately following the final whistle you get that USA USA chant but equal pay equal pay along that same cadence yeah I think fans want to know what they can do to support that fight fans can come to games obviously the national team games will be a hot ticket but we have nine teams in the NWSL you can go to your league games you can support that way you can you know buy players jerseys you can lend your support in that way you can tell your friends about it you can become season ticket holders I think in terms of of that that's the the easiest way for for fans to get involved no breaking thing there you can watch more which leads to more ad space which leads to more revenue you can buy the jerseys which also leads to more revenue this has never been about equality never because if you really break it down women made 13% of the revenue generated during the World Cup men Nate men made 9% all right the difference is women generated about a hundred and thirty-one million men generated six billion dollars so by her own philosophy of equal pay they should have made less money yeah because they should have gotten nine percent or god forbid the men should have got thirteen and then they would have made even more money this has never been about equality this has never been about sexism or homophobia or whatever this is they just want more money that's it I mean that that's what this is about I think it exposes what you said there about they need to spend more money watch the game to expose that the people who are shouting equal pay they don't care about women's soccer because they're not watching they're not going to the games they're not paying for it so it's just it's the hot topic of the moment to say oh we want equal pay for these women but like where did were you the last however many years before the World Cup came up were you going to any games where you buy any jerseys no sorry about not a lot of people like women I mean people just don't like it just don't watch it yeah you know act like you like it now just because it's the issue to be you know angry about right definitely like that's she's correct and in that sense like hey if you want them to make more money go to their games buy the tickets and so forth so she's absolutely correct but the thing is that she's working backwards when people are chanting equal pay equal pay equal pay you got to obviously earn that were you kind of touched on the revenue and whatnot that they make in comparison to like the the say the men's national team with their club teams or anything like that it's not a secret the fact that people are still screaming out this equal pay equal pace but debunked thoroughly time and time and time and time again it makes absolutely no sense but they keep perpetuating this idea and a little bit that she said about about Trump is always interesting because that's to me at least is why I joke and I called them npcs you know non playable characters and that's because it sounds like they're being pumped out of wood mill to read from right because the same old it always you're excluding this obviously she's a white leftist and she can speak for people of color as well as far as how how they feel she knows a lot about that but thing is like person like myself who has been very critical of a Donald Trump and stuff like they're like I can at least speak of things like of merit right I can go to a policy I can say hey this is why I don't you know I'm not maybe not a fan of you I I'm not fond of you this is why but she's just regurgitate the same old nonsense and this is why we don't for the most part take them seriously in their gripes because yes a athlete now our entertainer a musician actually coming out and saying oh I don't like Trump oh yes yelling in an echo chamber pick something pick something new because what what Hollywood elitist what what major highly paid athlete does like Donald Trump these days it makes no sense and and it's just to me they further go along and prove their point that this has never been about anything even back to Colin Kaepernick I said it from the very beginning I don't believe this is about oppression I believe Colin Kaepernick wants money he's made more money not playing in the NFL than he ever did in the NFL he trademarked his face for a shampoo company bottle that's supposed to be coming out along I along the way here Nike Nike had to whole debacle with the Betsy Ross flag seven days to the day after all that happened Nike unveils their newest worldwide commercial you know what's in the commercial a fourteen-year-old Hispanic girl that wants to be a boxer do you know what they pan around and zoom in on her shoes that are Nike American flag boxing shoes look it up look it up right now seven days after the debacle now that's a coincidence right early oh man he's not strategic marketing that's what I'm trying to say this is never about Nike doesn't give a crap about black rights they don't care about oppression they don't care about quality these athletes don't care about gay rights black rights equality pay gender pay they don't care about any of this they want more money and we are feeding just right into it well and I think you know one more point on this I want to get your take on is I saw these memes going around about you know Megan and another teammate dropped the American flag there was a teammate that came in and picked it up off the ground immediately as if she you know she realized hey guys we're not supposed to be laying this on the ground that's disrespectful picked it up and you know conservatives wanted people to know what her name was then there was another article that Alex Morgan well one letter name I don't know if that was Alec so once it goes Kelsey I don't know I know it's like I don't put her on television they're not putting her on CNN to go up and talk about the win even though it's clear she loves America so I saw a tweet and a corresponding article that came out that said that all these conservative people who think that she's the hero oh now they realize she's gay because there's a picture of her kissing her girlfriend now they're Trump fans are disappointed okay I first of all the whole the whole flag touching the ground thing I think some people get super bit out of shape you know there's some people that say you know the United States flag code says that you can't put a flag on a shirt well by that very definition take out the whole US Army because every single one of them have a flag on their sleeve if you really know about it it's actually talking about taking a piece of the actual flag and turning into that's neither here nor there um sometimes in the heat of the moments people just forget they space out they let it touch the ground I've never been like that oh right but if you watch the video it wasn't an accident now they had it in their hand and they deliberately threw it down to do like their little dance move and stuff and to me it was less of a just screw America moment it was more of a we don't care about America enough this win was not about America this was about us and that is was a direct action of a direct mindset that just subconsciously almost happened because your mind wasn't in the right place in the first but it's tell me that the story that comes out of this whole World Cup win is really an anti-american sort of story I mean that's the narrative that we spend the most of the time talking about anti-trump anti you know gender pay you know all this stuff is negative that's coming out of it's not about unity it's not about an American win on a world stage it's just about negativity and it's creating a false narrative and it's acting as if things exist that don't exist I don't know Trump fans who hate gay people I don't know anyone who has a problem with being gay so the fact that we're having Megan chick I'm just gonna call her Megan what's her name you know out here talking about how Trump is excluding people we've got articles now talking about how oh they loved by the way Kelly O'Hara is her name the one who picked up there we go Kelly O'Hara Thank You Kelly Wow earpiece there Thank You control room you know saying that oh now conservatives don't like her because they found out she's gay that's not true there's no facts never says you know exactly there's no evidence and now we're just painted as these you know and well racist bigoted homophobic what else yeah let's all the phobics check those boxes ridiculous all right we're going to get to tulsi and justin amash when we come back you before we jump back into the conversation in case you have not heard you gotta mark your calendars March of next year spring 2020 there is a really amazing cruise taking place that you are not going to want to miss it is called cruise through history they are visiting first of all there's look at this this giant luxury Italian cruise line is going to take you through the eastern Mediterranean you're gonna visit Croatia Greece Jerusalem you're just gonna visit all of these amazing places with so much history embedded in them and you 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having a little bit of trouble picking up momentum as a Democratic presidential candidate she is now throwing her hat in the ring to agree with Justin I'm in the libertarian and me I love to see a political shake-up I always love to see a political shake-up and with the whole Justin Amash leaving the Republican Party that in itself was art it was he was a bit about him leaving a Republican Party was a bit of a shake-up and I was reading the other day that Tosi sort of agrees with his logic at least surrounding it regarding the two-party system and how it's not really conducive or productive to my guests advancing Liberty four or four Americans and obviously I can't help but agree I think more than I guess now more than ever when with the rise of social media and now we have sort of two presidents that have with President Obama now Donald Trump and people are now voicing their opinions we're able to even with politicians because they can just send a tweet we know what they're thinking it's a lot more transparent in that regards than what it's ever been so I think the Donald Trump thing given getting elected I thought at least I would hope that hey people would start to question at least maybe the system that we have here when people are like alright well there's a guy that I dislike so much that's gonna be filling this powerful position that you know he I mean granted yes they're over exaggerating a lot of things that he can or he can't do but just the idea that I would think hey something something might be wrong here and unfortunately we saw this with certainly the last presidential election at least on the Democratic side which you had the guys like Bernie Sanders and these sort of guys that seem like outliers yeah Sanders not so much now that we know a little more about him but we certainly saw how that establishment a Democratic establishment pushed them out like hey we're not gonna allow you to win we're starting to see this sort of with Tulsi as well like a lot of her supporters are like that's just if we know that that's not that's not gonna happen they're not going to allow her to win however people because they're so afraid of the other person may be holding office they will even if they don't support this person be like hey I would throw my support by however whoever the Democratic nominee saying with the Republican nominee and I agree with them in the sense that it doesn't really really help because we've run that cycle every for in two years like hey you let other two evils or whatever and I don't think that that's actually productive in terms of actually moving towards Liberty because what we get is what we have now a bunch of milquetoast sort of compromising going going down and our liberties obviously at stake and they keep chipping away at them time and time and time again because we keep putting in people in office just by way of what party affiliation that they're part of I agree with you to an extent I worry though that like look say eight years ago I was full on board let's get you know the Libertarian Party to get to run someone that's not kind of crazy and kind of out there you know someone who seem sane you know let's talk about independence but I feel like we become so polarized and the left is so scary and dangerous in my opinion that I'm almost to the point well I should I should say I am to the point now where I say let's just get past this election and defeat all of this socialists you know agendas and then maybe we can have that conversation I mean I understand a lot honey can new life hey somebody's got a win right right I'm like I don't want to have a spoiler that helps social media I'm not as worried about like who you know I'm not even a guy that participates in politics that much I'm more so of the cultural infiltration that's what I believe I believe politics is more so a lagging indicator so this is why I do the music and I do all the youtubes and stuff like that to try to influence people in that way because I think if you change the culture by default people will go support whoever it is today so they support I'm not even a guy libertarian party members probably despise of me because I won't go throw my support behind whoever that it is that they throw in front but I think that what we're seeing at least I think that's what we're gonna see in the future maybe is that art we keep kicking that can down the road like hey alright well we don't want them to win want to stop this out and unfortunately what I've seen and this is why I've had my gripes with the GOP in a lot of cases they tend to at some point in time start to compromise with them in certain aspects we've seen this with look gun rights here and there and I actually I get really triggered that's one way to get me triggers okay you take the the liberty position and then it's like well we think we can get them to shut up let's let's go past this you know executive action bone stock band all right or whatever just to get them to shut up but they never shut up they never they never stopped or not and that's the way I met with it I think that I would be more open to hearing you know anybody out no matter what political affiliation or party affiliation GOP or what-have-you if they were taking that stance that Liberty stance and we're consistent with it and not say no we just something mal will compromise here and there and that to me is just it's again it's not productive in terms of working towards a more freer society do you think do you think that the problem is the parties are too strong and therefore they're squeezing out any ideology that doesn't fit within them or do you think that they're too weak and that when a personality comes to the party at Donald Trump or an AOC or whatever the party takes on the identity of that person for better or for worse definitely I would agree with the latter because I think that's what we're seeing we saw that with Bernie Sanders even he know he ran as a Democrat kind of went back to being an independent but he pushed that party further to the further to the left and again I think that's what we're seeing so I would agree a hundred percent that that's the more so what it is and I think they don't have like that principled stance or they don't necessarily take it and they may run run on it I mean the old saying at least you know amongst my colleagues that a lot of Republicans they run like their campaign as libertarians and then they start governing like Democrats Ryan what a man and I honestly see that you know what I mean so I think that it is a principle they have seemingly the right ideas right we want to we want to free a society we want limited government whatever you think that means they want the government to be smaller than what it is have less power than what it has but yes you get those infiltrators Democrats they've had this throughout the decade that are like no no socialism was at least a bad term that they wouldn't say they wouldn't dare say that even maybe a decade ago that you know we don't take that seriously VIN Hillary Clinton with the bat for capitalism at one point but you have now more than ever you had the Bernie Sanders those types arise they're open admit it and they'll see open admitted socialism right now this is a relatively new phenomenon in that case but that's I think that speaks to your point and that they are taking that identity certainly they're seeing younger people that are like oh yeah this this sounds sounds good hey we just steal from rich people we take their money they give us all this free stuff oh yeah what's the dislike about that and yeah they started taking an identity so you see that what is it reparations oh yeah we'll all the DA preparation or free college you want that well all will all adopt that so I think it goes certainly maybe you can make the case that the Democrats are more guilty of this maybe than the Republicans but I do think he does go more I got it I don't want to cut you off but I gotta take a break folks back Aaron I'm going to let you make one final one final point on this conversation yeah I mean the point that Eric made about culture sort of leading politics and politics being a lagging indicator I think that's really important when it comes to looking at the Democratic Party because when you look at something like reparations that's now a political issue I remember years ago reading about that and you know cultural sort of publications and circles that being a topic that people were interested in and now suddenly the Democratic Party is jumping in on that and so I think it's important for us as Republicans or conservatives to be plugged in the culture and influential in culture in order to make moves in politics aircraft about 10 seconds left tell everyone where they can find you be July commerce what are Eric beans a lot younger four five nine is of course the YouTube where I'll talk everything comics the music's or whatever I feel like all right go subscribe overtime starts next lady calm you

Satan's Political Agenda

the agenda from my reading of the Bible the agenda that Satan has you like to think about this one a little bit it's to legalize what is illegal Satan wants all nations to legalize what God has said is illegal God says don't bow down to any gods before me don't bow down to idols and worship them instead of me don't do that don't misuse my name children obey your father and mother work six days and rest once you don't obey your father and mother don't murder don't commit adultery don't steal don't lie don't cut it it's the law don't break them I've been here 73 years you say well what will satan say he'll pick number six do not al pick number five children honor your father and mother he'll take away strip away all discipline inside a family he won't has any hesitation on trying to break that marriage up where there's a divorce it takes place it hurts your children they don't get the instruction the families is all shattered the fathers are gone you like breaking up the families that's Satan working in that do not murder he whispers in a year but you have a right you have a right a woman's has a right it's your body so you can approve Hey but what are you going to do look you can be in Maura there's no such thing as sin you can sleep as with many as you want to so you have a gigantic sexual free-for-all when Satan says you don't have to be he keep sex confined to a marriage I mean you know who's to tell you who you and have sex with so you got a sexual free-for-all and whoops look out if you got a sexual free-for-all sexual intercourse is what produces children you say well if you have a sexual free-for-all you're going to have a have a children of a lot of children coming from that all that sex yeah that's where it works men and women get together and have sex on the sperm and the in the embryo and you have children unfortunately you don't want the children you just want to have fun get naked and breed anything and anybody you want to have a big time stay high get drunk and just have a lot of sex there buys happy well what about the children that are being produced from your immoral behavior millions of them you're like oh my goodness what are we going to do with all these kids well I have a command it's three words three do not murder so we take it and slice it and dice it I would it would it be murder if we don't know if or they're really not a person enemy with then and it's okay to go ahead and kill them if it's in the first trimester and well we don't want to do it right there when they come out of the womb they said ah no that's all right to don't murder do not murder at any time you

Craziest Things 2020 Democrats Have Said… So Far

people who are in convicted in prison like the Boston Marathon bomber on death row people who are convicted of sexual assault they should be able to vote I think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy yes even for terrible do not save lives walls I'm saying is we should invest in a buyback that we should restrict any weapons that aren't bought back to gun clubs hunting clubs shooting ranges keep them there we're safe what happens to those insurance companies after your plan under Medicare fraud we cover all basic health care news so they're not gonna be there to do that I suppose if you want to make yourself look a little bit more beautiful in our work on that those areas they can do that and if you are caught just like if you're a cop you know with drugs or anything else that Prop will cost to go in your home we have one of these weapons yeah you'd be prosecuted do you do you support the late term abortion legislation that was passed in the New York State Legislature as well as in Virginia I don't think we need more restrictions right now so basically BlueCross BlueShield would be reduced to nose jobs that's when you guys are supposed to cheer okay

Guess What Democrats Now Support

you think rapists should be able to vote let's say on policies about sexual assault in the community you don't have an opinion on that not really know what is going on we're back in downtown Kent seeing if people agree with Bernie Sanders when he suggested that terrorists and rapists should be able to vote from prison I think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy yes even for terrible people use a poor convicted rapist voting from prison it's a tough question I don't think so but no actually I believe that people have been reformed and it depends on the severity of the crime but I do think that convicted felons should be able to have their voting rights restored as they are citizens of the United States what about specifically rapists and terrorists I feel like that's a leading question I'm asking because there is a presidential candidate who supports exactly those two things and who would that be who do you think it is I haven't the faintest idea Bernie Sanders oh you're not gonna hit on my boy Bernie he's hating on Oh No why are you walking away after your boy Bernie wants rapists and terrorists to vote do you support convicted rapists voting for prison you won't denounce rapists voting from prison what about terrorists honestly I'm pretty fried right now I can't be thinking about this this and that my brain departments in my brain departments don't work together should you be voting what about your country well we don't vote we don't have democracy where are you from Saudi Arabia oh I heard that you guys were very tolerant though tolerant about what just rights for everybody that's what I've been told the mainstream media is telling me is that not true it's true and I think they should be able to vote I mean everybody has the right to say something so you think that rapists and terrorists should be able to vote yeah I think I think why because but with what he has committed I guess is not relevant to devoting I guess the use of poor convicted rapists and terrorists for voting in prison do you think they should have the right to vote from prison so rapists who rape people should they be able to vote from prison that's it about what what what kind of things would you research about that to make an opinion I don't know I've never looked into that subject if you could guess a politician that would be pushing for convicted rapists and terrorists be able to vote from prison who do you think it would be that's a good guess but it's Bernie Sanders that surprised you guys at all he's very liberal so doesn't really surprise me I don't think you know where like their moral compass is mostly so it'd be pretty hard to determine if they can actually like see an issue as an impartial observer or if they have to be involved with it if you guys had to guess which politician was proposing to allow such an idea who would you say it was Donald Trump what if I told you is Bernie Sanders that surprising really do you follow much of anything that you have actually donated to his campaign before does that make you feel like he wants to allow terrorists and rapists to vote a little bit skeptical because I've always been skeptical of like socialism but you never know how it's gonna go so I'd like to do more research on it though I think we know how socialism goes though yeah a little bit I mean I'm not completely against it but I do see faults in it I'm not advocating for socialism but there are parts of it I do like for a Democratic Society wait a second isn't this capitalism talking about people who are in prison that have been convicted who are serving sentences for the crime of raping or terrorizing a terrorist those people should they be able to have a voting booth in prison I'm talking about specifically perspective it's just it's really it's really just simple terrorists and rapists be able to vote from prison why what what are you having trouble with so rapists rape people terrorists commit terrorism should they be able to vote from their prison cells after they've been convicted charged it's proven that they've done it I don't know where else I should go with this do you think they should be able to vote from prison if you had to guess which politician was proposing to allow rapists and terrorists to vote from prison who would you think it is I am Not sure cuz I don't know politics but maybe our president I don't know I don't know so the Democratic Party is proposing that they shouldn't be does it surprise you yes do you think convicted rapists should be able to vote from prison how's that trivial the end of the day small the students like that I don't think really affect whether or not the community living is filled with good people are bad people bad people can be a capable of good things and vice versa you think rapists should be able to vote let's say on policies about sexual assault in the community mm-hmm you don't have an opinion on that not really what is going on you think rapists should be able to vote what about the me2 movement do you think it's kind of troubling that he could vote a rapist could vote based on do you think rapists should be able to vote on policies about sexual assault that affects their community I think everyone should be allowed to vote for Federal Elections I don't think criminals should be able to vote for a statewide rapist so that's not how is work rapists don't people in prison don't wouldn't get the option to vote for a local community because they're not part that community they're on federal land or a statewide land should they be able to vote in general people everyone should be able to vote rapists and terrorists said this a million times I really hard convinced me convince me why I should support that why shouldn't they be able to vote why she cuz they rape someone they probably aren't making good choices to run this country and so because they made bad choices they should have like their rights as citizens they rape someone right and I'm not defending that at all but at the same time there's you know if they're United States's and they should probably be allowed to vote fuels though everyone in America who is a citizen should be able to have the right to vote but at the same time I feel like there are certain lines that we don't cross I don't think it's my right to say whether or not someone gets to vote but if you're more of your right to say they shouldn't be able to vote then it is their right to vote you have freedom of speech is literally written in the bill of rights his right to vote is stripped away when he raped someone do you agree I don't think I do agree with that simply because a person's freedom is given to them by the country no one should have the right to take or give freedom away from another person do you think convicted rapists should be able to from prison vote from prison on what matters voting for the president for primaries anything do you think they should be able to vote from prison all right well what about terrorists convicted terrorists that have been committed a terrorist attack in this country should they be able to vote from prison why not because that something like a terrorist attack or something they did to this country I think that that is so disrespectful and so wrong that why would we give them a say when they don't even support our country in the first place they're out to get our country so what's the difference between allowing a rapist to vote but not a terrorist why is the rapist any better I've not thought about that I'm not gonna give you an answer to that one though do you think rapists are better than terrorists if you could guess one politician that is supporting the idea of allowing convicted terrorists and rapists to vote who would you think it is I'll give you a whole list now for the ones that are not running on the Democratic side for president first I don't know if she does but Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders have them going queer Pete okay throwing Pete Buddha jet or whoever the hell he is okay I'm the only one I'm not sure about maybe it's biting do you think rapists should be able to have the right to bear arms I don't think anyone should have the right to bear arms but they have the rapist as a right to vote but no one has a right to bear arms you have the right to bear arms you also have the right to potentially kill someone if you have the right to vote you have the right to I don't know elect someone that's progressive and willing to change policies to create a better country unlike wait got children Norah that's what does that have to do with anything I'm talking you really just brought the Second Amendment second minmus says I have the right to defend myself the Second Amendment up until 2010 was not defined by the United States Supreme Court as being in support of individual ownership of guns it was in 2010 but that ruling was overruled by Supreme Court up previously molt time so do you think our right to own a firearm or owed any type of weapon so yeah what a new hold on a parent's right to own a firearm I the good thing you don't run this country in your opinion very popular also a dual citizen so you know I have a much larger perspective than you probably that's why you support rapists voting from prison that's why I suppose support universal suffrage that's what that means universal suffrage well you know you don't support my right to defend myself from rapist it makes sense you want them to vote in my country I'm saying I'm saying that no we don't support my way to have a fire no one should have the right to own something I can kill another person that could kill somebody please give it to me how is this going to kill you right now right now how is this going to kill you I was like I'm gonna kill you right if there was one politician that supported that who do you think it would be I don't know Bernie Sanders does that surprise you that does since he seems like he's four you know I mean we support socialism that's not very good well he but he's a good guy right alright so what's your support we'll make who you are I would say so you know how many people have died under socialism over 150 million do you think that they should be able to have the right to keep and bear arms son convicted rapist and terrorists they have the right to keep and bear arms No so you were very quick to say no about the right to keep and bear arms but not so quick to save voting what why why the hesitation only one but not the other because there's a difference between pulling the trigger on a gun pulling the trigger on a voting booth there anyone that you're like he probably supports that or she probably supports that not really I'm kind of hoping there isn't one but I don't know so Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris of both support exactly what I just said does that surprise you actually yeah quite a bit yeah do you think that convicted rapists should be able to vote from prison I'm sorry you guys won't denounce rapists voting from prison why do you support that I guess if it's your day off you can't denounce rapists voting to take away your rights remember we are listener-supported we don't get billions of dollars from the government or Silicon Valley or George Soros we are supported by you so please go to infowar store calm and check out the highest quality nutriceuticals supplements at info or store com