Border Politics and Latin America

How’s my hair? It’s pretty good. Yeah. Donald Trump is a step closer to funding a
wall with Mexico. But a 5-4 decision. The high court says it will lift a lower court freeze. While the freeze had prevented the government
from tapping approximately 2.5 billion dollars in Defense Department money. The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 Donald Trump can
use military funding to build the wall. The U.S.-Mexico border. Its campaign, 2020, and if you are a Trump Republican, anything short of a bigger, better wall is a letdown. It’s ok if Mexico doesn’t pay for it but immigration
and border security are still your priorities. If you’re a Democrat, detention camps, racial
profiling, and federal raids are all part of the story you can’t ignore, especially
since 62 percent of Latinos say they lean Democrat. However you lean, you’re gonna want to make
sure you get the full picture before casting your vote. Hello and welcome to GZERO World. I’m Ian Bremmer and today I’m going to dig
into Latin America, where an exodus of people from Venezuela and Central America are changing
priorities across the region and also becoming a signature issue of America’s campaign season. And who better to sort that out than a man
who once served in the government of a nation undergoing massive economic collapse and now
a source of the migration crisis in the region? Venezuelan-born minister turned columnist
Moises Naim is here. And of course I’ve got your Puppet Regime. And after discussing Venezuela, I bet you
can’t tell the difference. They can fail. I can win. I can name. I can siiiiing! But first, a word from the folks who help
us keep the lights on. Let’s start with some facts. Remember those? With some what? Fake news alert, people. Fake news. What is that, velvet? What are you wearing? The U.S. is home to the largest immigrant
population on the planet. Terrifying! If that’s true, I’m going to send myself
back to where I came from. I’m out of here. I swear to God. One in five immigrants lives here and they’ve
mostly arrived in waves. Starting in the 1840s, it was the Irish and
German Catholics. By the turn of the century, the southern and
eastern Europeans. Of course, that’s still just different parts
of Europe. The U.S. immigration system favored predominantly
white-skinned European countries. Shocking, I know. And yet by the 1960s, much of that was set to change. Political pressures were mounting at the highest levels. We are the descendants of 40 million people
who left other countries, other familiar scenes, to come here to the United States to build a new life. Two years later, Congress acted, prioritizing
skilled workers and family members instead of a quota system. LBJ signed it into law. This measure that we will sign today will
really make us prove to ourselves, both as a country and as a people. From then on those from Asia, Africa, and
particularly Latin America had their turn and America’s demographics began to change. In 1965, 84 percent of the population were
non-Hispanic whites. Only 4 percent were Hispanic. Today, non-Hispanic whites make up 61 percent
of the population. That’s it. Hispanics now account for 18 percent with Mexico emerging as America’s largest source of newcomers. A quarter of all U.S. immigrants are Mexican
according to Pew. Of course, when the economy turns, newcomers
with a different complexion are an easy scapegoat. But remember, the campaign issue today centers
around the undocumented. And when it comes to U.S.-bound
Mexicans, Pew estimates that more than 40 percent of them arrived illegally. President Trump has taken a number of steps
to reduce that number. He campaigned for a wall, demanded billions
to fund it, declared a national emergency, shipped U.S. troops to the border, threatened
a trade war with Mexico over inaction, and even shut down the government for more than a month. And guess what? Unauthorized immigration is on the decline. Thing is, that number has actually been going
down since 2007, long before either Trump or even Obama took office. There are 2 million fewer undocumented immigrants
today than there were back then. U.S. Border Patrol has even reported the massive
drop, apprehending less than half as many undocumented border crossers last year than
they did back in 2007. So why the big emphasis today? Those countries are sending the tough ones. They’re sending the gang members. Those are the people they’re sending to the
United States. Got it. So it’s about gang violence. But even a cursory look at FBI numbers tells
you America isn’t as violent a place as it used to be. Violent crime has fallen by 49 percent since 1993. But maybe that’s not the point. Mr. President. And we’re going to destroy the vile criminal
cartel MS-13. You have MS-13 gangs in different places. MS-13. Very important. We’re taking them out by the thousands. Ok, so it’s a specific Central American
gang that is really the concern. For argument’s sake, let’s forget that MS-13
actually originated in Los Angeles and take President Trump at his word. Gangs with roots in Central America are dangerous. They carry out horrendous violence, they traffic
hard drugs, and the Justice Department estimates there are some 10,000 gang members of MS-13
alone in the United States. But that’s pretty much the same number as
10 years ago, so they’re not growing. The point is, these are the guys – and they’re
almost always the guys – to go after. So how do you attack this issue at its core? New law enforcement partnerships in Central America? Education programs to keep kids out of gangs? Support for local governance in El Salvador,
Honduras, and Guatemala? Or the opposite of all of that? The State Department announced it would cut
all foreign assistance to those three countries. We pay them over 500 million dollars, Honduras,
Guatemala, El Salvador. We stop the money. Some people, they have studied the issue or
they haven’t been down there and maybe don’t understand what that foreign aid actually does. Rerouting at-risk youth into training, into
computer science away from MS-13. Turns out that money, more than 560 million
a year, is set to be diverted to Venezuelan opposition to pay the salaries of officials
loyal to one Guaido, a man who’s been unsuccessful at removing Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro
from power. In other words, U.S. aid dollars meant to
undermine MS-13 and reduce the reason Salvadorans, Guatemalans, and Hondurans flee their countries
and head to the United States is set to be rerouted to fund government officials who
actually aren’t even in government. To be honest, I’m not sure what those guys
are doing right now. I’m not suggesting there aren’t good reasons
to fund the opposition in Venezuela. Maduro is cozying up to those like Castro
and Putin while citizens sit on the brink of starvation. But if fixing immigration at the U.S. border
is top priority, then removing resources from three unstable Central American countries
will – well, I’ll leave it to Texas Republican Congressman Michael McCaul. If we cut all this funding, I think it’s going
to make things tragically worse, not better. Moises Naim, Distinguished Fellow at the Carnegie
Endowment for International Peace, well-known author. New novelist, though we’re not going to
talk about that at all. So good to be with you. Thanks for having me again, Ian. It’s always a pleasure chatting with you. So much to talk to you about. Latin America usually a part of the world
that’s a little bit quieter in the headlines but absolutely not now and particularly in
Venezuela, where you for your sins were actually in cabinet back in the 90s. Thankfully not now. Yeah, the challenge is huge and people pay
attention to the political situation and the difficulties and all of that. And the huge corruption of the Maduro government. But the story that is central there is that
this is the largest economic collapse in history. There are no precedents to this and all of
this is driven by the fact that their productive capacity has been destroyed. The domestic industry is, for most sectors,
is very, very tiny now. Venezuela has the size of – the Venezuelan
economy now has the size of one of the Central American small countries. And this was the largest, wealthiest country
in the region. With the largest oil reserves, proven, in the world. Today. Today. And the fact is that oil exports have been
declining at 15 percent per month in recent years. That is driven by a combination of the destruction
of the oil industry, both because of thievery, of corruption, and just because they appoint
their political cronies to run it and they don’t run it, they run into the ground. And the other is sanctions. U.S. sanctions on the oil industry and the
capacity of the oil industry to operate internationally. So the combination of all these things have
made Venezuela, who used to be a petrostate, one of the world’s largest players in the
oil industry, now instead of being a petrostate is a narcostate because now narcotics trafficking
is the dominant industry in the country. So most of the money for the government, for
the military today is no longer coming from oil production. Exactly. It’s coming from illicit activities, mostly
narcotics, but also the illegal kind of exports of cotton, of gold. And Venezuela is very wealthy in terms of
mineral wealth, all kinds of minerals, and But with the level of collapse that you’ve
talked about – again, unprecedented in this part of the world – in a very short period
of time, why, overwhelmingly, is the military still with Mr. Maduro? Because there is no exit for them. Most of them are either under tight control
by the Cuban intelligence services, because the other big story that has not been sufficiently
told is that Venezuela is now occupied by Cuba. The Cuban government plays significant roles
in important decisions. There are very few decisions of state that
have to do with international relations, with the economy, with domestic politics, with
repression, with the management of the country that are not controlled, influenced by the
Cuban government. And so they are very good. The Cuban government has been very good
at controlling. They have 60 plus years of running a very
tight dictatorship. And the first thing you learn as a dictator
is pay attention to the military. These are the guys that can do you in. So that’s what’s going on. And so there is repression, there is control,
and the fact that their military, their top brass is up to their ears in all kinds of
dirty business. But they can’t be having anywhere close to
the resource and the success that they were experiencing when the economy was actually
booming comparatively. Well, some of them, when the economy – Because they ran the oil sector too. They run the oil sector, relatively. But again, we are talking about a highly
fragmented military. Some of them are actively involved in the
cartels, in the drug cartels. Now you mentioned the Cubans and you said
that increasingly Venezuela is a country in terms of its power that’s occupied by the Cubans. You didn’t mention Moscow. Now we talk a lot about Russia of course and
perhaps too much in terms of the mainstream media these days but certainly the Russians
have wanted to show that they are putting their finger on the scale in favor of Maduro
and his regime. What role do you actually see them play? Critical. And it was quite a surprise. They’re a new player. They’re a newcomer to this play. They have been very important suppliers of
weapons during the 90s, during the Chavez era from 1999 on. Venezuela under Chavez and then under Maduro
became one of the biggest clients of Russian weaponry that very often came with technical
assistance and all kinds of support systems for that. That included members of the military. But then, not unlike what happened in Syria,
where Russia was not a player originally – it was the United States and the European Union,
Iran and so on – and all of a sudden Putin became a spoiler. Putin showed up, the Russians showed up, and
now they’re important players in Syria. And you cannot imagine a solution or a negotiation
in Syria that does not include the Russians, which was not the case at the beginning. Same in Venezuela. The Russians today play a very important role. They played – recently there was an attempt
to overthrow Maduro, in which the Americans and Secretary of State Pompeo recognized. They had high-level talks with the Minister
of Defense, with the president of the Supreme Court, with very important military people,
with the head of intelligence. They had it all organized and they were going
to go ahead and remove Maduro. Now do you believe that? I say that because when there was a coup attempt
against Erdogan in Turkey and it failed, I mean those people were gone. They were arrested, they were purged and in
fact, they went much farther and much broader than was complicit. Now in the case of the “coup attempt”
against Maduro in Venezuela, you had the United States government saying that they were in
conversations directly with these senior Venezuelan officials but after the coup attempt failed,
those leaders are still in their roles. No purge whatsoever. So, I mean, how do we square that? Power. The distribution of power. These individuals have their own power bases,
you know, in different kinds of ways and they immediately turned and immediately started
denouncing the United States, stating and restating their enthusiastic support for Maduro,
explaining that they are all part of the same family that is countering the empire of the
north, that they played them and so, you know, each one of them has sufficient power not
to be overtaken or taken out. So why do you think it failed? I think it failed because they turned. And I believe – But why did they turn? Because of the Russians. That is what Secretary of State Pompeo said
publicly, that the Russians played a role in turning this around, and I have other sources
here in Washington that confirmed that. So despite all of the money, all of the control
that they’ve had, they were willing to go against their own interests and their regime
in support of the American administration that was not offering them much of anything
until the Russians stepped in? No. What they didn’t have and they need is sustainability. This current situation is not sustainable. You cannot sustain this massive humanitarian
crisis of people eating from the garbage cans in the streets, children dying in hospitals,
people fleeing the country. Eight thousand Venezuelans per day seek refuge
in other countries. The inflation is the highest in the world. Which gets you a couple million a year. That’s a Syria-type crisis. Even larger. The Venezuelan displaced, the Venezuelan refugees,
is larger than Syria by now and it will continue if nothing happens and the situation in Venezuela,
the economic situation, doesn’t get better. You will continue to have desperate people
that are willing to walk to another country, typically Colombia. And that will destabilize Colombia, if you
get a million, one more million Venezuelans walking to Colombia and they are taxing their
social systems, their schooling, their health, their housing, their job market. And your view, if you could make a recommendation
to the Trump administration about anything that they might do differently than what they’ve
done so far, you would say what? At this point we have had from them a lot
of talk about an action with sanctions and they have been very effective. I think that was well-designed and it’s working. But there is this constant dangling of all
options are on the table, meaning the military option is on the table, and that has created
expectations and distractions – Guaido talked about it, even. And everybody talks about it so…and but
then you talk to the people that are in the administration or in the Pentagon and elsewhere
and you don’t see that there is so much appetite for military intervention. With whom? With which legitimacy? Are you going to go to Congress and require
authorization for that? Are you going to go to the United Nations
and seek the Security Council – And which allies… Which will not happen, right? And is President Trump willing to just go
it alone and try to do it and how? I think if they just put Bolton in a plane,
I think that could be it. Well, that’s a possibility. Ok, let’s move from Venezuela. We can talk about it for hours but lord knows
your involvement around Latin America is also extremely long lasting and I’d love to ask
you about a little – another place big in the news right now is Mexico. Yeah. And the potential for a trade fight between
the United States and the Mexicans. Were you surprised that this is now – after
the U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement was moving to ratification – were you surprised to
see the trade and immigration issue right back in the headlines? I was surprised by the timing, not by the action. I always expected that as domestic politics
in the United States and the electoral calendar grew close to events that Trump would lash
out against Mexico. That’s what – remember, when he declared
that he was going to run for president of the United States, the essence of that message
was about Mexico and China. Stop the Mexicans, the criminals and… Rapists. Rapists and all those horrible things. And that – apparently that has paid off. He’s convinced that there is a base, that
there is a political base that needs that. And I think he’s going to play that. Is it fair to say that Lopez Obrador, the
Mexican president, really does not want that fight? No, he’s not – actually he has stated it
several times. It is in writing. It is the official policy of the Mexican government. And Lopez Obrador, the president, constantly
repeats this. He says, my mantra is – I repeat it every
day – I will not fight with the United States. I will not fight against the United States. And he repeats it. He doesn’t want to fight with the United States
but it seems like while Lopez Obrador doesn’t want to fight, President Trump needs a fight
with Mexico, so we see these clashing interests, both driven by electoral and political calculus. Now Lopez Obrador is an incredibly powerful
politician in the Mexican context. His popularity is enormous. He’s got control in both houses of congress. Can he work through this without experiencing
a lot of damage internally, irrespective of whether tariffs go up or not? Sure, he can turn this around and explain
that whatever bad economic situation happens in Mexico – and it may, Mexico may suffer
from Lopez Obrador policies – but then he can blame the United States and he can blame Trump. He says, you know, the situation is bad because
you can see how, what Trump has done to us. So Trump is providing a cover for whatever
economic malpractice and bad economic policies that Lopez Obrador will be undertaking. So do you think there’s going to need to be
a shift from the Mexican president if these tariffs come on to start blaming Trump directly? Is he going to start needing the fight? I think he will try to avoid that because
his political cycle is different. He was elected for six years. So he still has a lot to wait for. The run for that still long. Moises Naim. Great to see you, my friend. Thank you, Ian. And now for something completely different:
I’ve got Your Puppet Regime. Daddy, it’s Don. I saw you’re awake but you’re not tweeting
or watching TV. Are you ok? I can’t go on, Junior. It’s just – it’s too much. What? This is the hardest I’ve had to work in…ever. Ever? Dad, don’t say that! Why? I can’t think of any more nicknames for
these Democrats. This motley crew, there’s already like 20
of these losers. I can’t think of anymore. Oh come on, Dad. You can do it. Do it for America. Do it for us. Do it for the media. The media? The failing, fake news media? They can fail. I can win. I can name. I can siiing! That’s our show this week. And you know what?? I mean if you had a show, you could be doing
this instead of me. You know, we could change it up. But until that happens, I’ll be back next week. You must do this. You must be right here. We’ll be chatting. Don’t miss it. In the meantime, but if you like what you’ve
seen, get all interactive, check us out on Send a note. Tell me what you think. I think someone might read it. See you soon.

FNN: Joe Biden hints at 2020; Tuesday Top Stories from Across the Country

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The lh tter Ab Rosen iup her I ao wanto thanhe FBInd the IR fl i invtigati takown of is cashe tak down today stat a on bo coast?l in six With thaI’llr Joe bn of long me who thepeci age icharge of the Boston office of the FBI thk yo ank yoany Oncegainy nam iJoene of e war and on e spial J divion. e FBI ston Opationarsity blues cuinatedarly ts morng en appromately thr hundr ecial ages fromhe FBI instigatnsinal Set out to arst for sx dividus. rosshe coury for tir Collen missis bribe aoles an i. ney laderingcams. So far trty eit indiduals ha bee s fullyaken io custod d sevenre worng tard suende. One ibeinactive pursued. other f are eected to ead guil here iostono ter tay ando in t coming weeks. Weelievell of em pents cohesnd facitats. Whye cheat andovered up eir cres studts a taxyersense of hd wking everywhe. Afte we unveredvidenc of a lae scalelabote fraud. Woing a uelatednder cer. Follingen mons ointee inveigativefforts using a riety of sophiscate chniqu. ThFBI yr ownovered what we belie. Roing sdent a overhe untry of thr righhad a of theost tleaveto some iversiti ithisountry. Su aYale Snford Gegetown. We belie everye chaed toy how to ro in fosting lturef corrtionnd gre. Thatreateg o get into e schos t rht yoway throu har wor. Goodrades i. s had aeady bn stacd agast them. Byorrupt pctices iluding profes and yr pfectnd C.but not. a ACT score at wer fraudently obtned behal of otr studeshen ineality ty werear fro Make no miake thiis not ase For aing ihe bt interes of t. t thr weah. Did e to stemso so tyse. succs wh the bt edutionn setheir ney could buy terall hundd thound to x and lf milon dolrs. For Thei actns we witho a doubt insi. . Chai r theeal vtimsn this se are t hard rking stents. someing sves up fosucces in the clege aission ocess? But end up bng shuout. Beuse for ls qualied stents d the famils sply boht their y i. Wh’s alscause for ccern how thi was enllowedo happenn t. Evence we d’t teen sws that tstya systs tir uversits hadhe inlace. To commode stentsith fe Cathoc Some ohom di notven playnals. eports ey werrecruid to pla It ahame thattrikes at e re of th colle admisons pressn unirsitieacross thcountr. Anthe alged mtermin hind i Rick sger. Ofr a viety of eating opons a parf a wispread whilalso fst C. Tny C. conspicyf ams. Ng appcants on the cpetiti atetic tms in exange f ibes. soce of ose brid. t natur and The’s no telng wt their carrng outhis cspirac. Bu todayrrestshould a warninto . Yocan’t p to ay y can’t lyinghe e yowill g caught. Th was a comexndemandi Thesef th Ro stute chged ngles t magnidef the crimin ente. And the siousne of th imes. recoizehe invesr jitrs and osecors to rsue ts case. wever o work not de. Instigatn conties. st those w are pyingyd the rules. Becaus ayou ca s in ts . The pact on evy dayeople Israel a brd rangg of ft. thtremenusork don b t UnittateAts te. As welas Mike thank to eciagent chaehrisne connl a her for of e IR crimil invtigati.or eir continuartnerip and suppt This is uly a team fort. Thank you. for ing he I’d le to thk you esor FBI speal age in arge Josephottoe oprtunit to adess youere toy. Agn myame i Krien connel I speci agent in divion forhe Bosn fie fice. Th morni speal ants fm IRS crinalnvestition ongsidhe FBI arrted zens oindivials f their le in natioide schem to exange bbes focolleg At t centerf the sweeping financi Sing in thothers aested toy cspired to no oy mak d recei bribe bo also bogu crity fnded bsinger. Utilizs concl therue source and nature o. e makihe bris tt these parts could dedt tht paents as critabl dations theirwn indivual inme tax rerns erallrisrimina vestigion io t FBI acedverwenty ve milon dollar in d y found by sger. Over a ournvestito e ofhose iolvedas n arityt all t gree. contue to llabore wh allll our enfh ited Stes atrney’sffice. On thesi inveigatio to enre that e honest Aricanaxpaye reived mesge that virus crimin il neve let fincial corruion. An greedrumpardork an honest effort. Thank u [inauble] to ba coniracy nionwidinars Therare seral conctions tcope. scor f example wertt Bost Univeity anege To t defennt’s le inhe state- A lot the cspiratial etings- And we fraly he the — reurces and theophistation take wn a ce of ts magnitud. Weon’t kw the talumber – As speal ant in chge nevole- Meioned is is ill ooing. So t thirtthree pants we ve chaed. eirhildre were le to t in somhera . a tal.t epar to gi you I’sorrys thenything that n happ tthosetudentwho two pects tha qstion rht ere is wh is t reaionf the sools. Toe lee tt to thschool As tchargesgainst the — it’sot aaccidenthat there are no student crgedn these The pents thether defdants arelef th fraudemains to be sn whetr wee stents hever wwere studen. Wi the reason the studen In perntage o how many stents tactual do itn fron [inau] I’m sorr undsike thgs. Around Wellhere eential. llpeak more broly tre aresseially twoinds of fraud. Th t sinras selng one wa to chtn the T oCT d the her wa iso use s connecons. a kids into sool wh ferents athletic cdm e ink mi Hoffm forxample took aants ich wathe SA cheatg sca So took aantage t oer and some th y can’t mment them. I thinkhat I t duri intviewsith tame Inveigatio.ily sepate. Wh gave a tip that is counlingusinesears andkctivi mi? ars a thebuil the best coection or time think bend that can’t reayomment as u can te frog . Th the recitment parf the amepende on t persol relaonship he d estaished wiivisio o coach at a Exam catingut for lot os. the thin like geing th finition ofow howong. How inlvedn goinon? theynow wh was That vy trendouslndo for e mplain affidit whi I realizis qul seinstans. Thathis h occurd a ttrtao pares kind oinstn uld acally gng tak the ex. And soone worki f singe hower thehild didn’ know d in ct tre’s ainstan in the cple h call wit sinr To scuss the play thi a singe I thito whatever t paren wanteottempd tt do. For rsonal gai or thbes. sometis goi. Thathlet progr. It wasoth so – The is at let ther is on ach. Whid notake anyf the monefor emselv.llook se Someookllf it f emselvut mos iappes gave seortios prram. So for tir o use. Case tdo thdimo – . proder be –me to t PCB Brght..ictimofhis Well ty all ceived tes ores tt werertificlly Inne instance as you’ll see in the complaint it appears that singer whereinger would hel th defdants stude commit fraud d. missn to Noheaste wh tt University I kl the cplaint les anythg abouthe think th’s an iortantistincon to dratph hools e notnvolve- itppearsnd allf thes stance th thexcepti of one U S. C. ainie n The aches were aotted slots foathlet recrument e coacs work with nger an theaccept bribeinger ga the cchesufficientl imessive for aatholic. Crential t cch i used inteally tha this s a go cruit r the am was mitted h the pson d the ach poeted aive. Some of te ‘s a ltle prature for tha mean t status thawe chargeeople e . But the actual sennces somne mightace but w are w jus don’tnos ve prematu forhatome o ese dves arere arehe between as said uallyitarubstans tweenwo huned and 500-002000. Doars os aually s premureot’s a ttle colge y wha range of seencing- They mh] . s kn and as yocan sein the colaint fidavi. We do occasnallys ey wt a cperating b I thes peopl well I will yf that t . Reins acte these areot the these obably aret the on aches. Inlved ando we wle mong ahe to lo f addional tarts For’m of t threeor me washeorry the fe employnd en eaer vers. The way sort got iod the swer tthat I sorryow m n gonnaommentn thate said tt ha leftf thatbvious –s Coection away. I can’et a lot ol obvishich ithat -e the We identiedinge d agreent to ead guiltyo racketrin. real all I canell yo-t’s the provionsf the reemen ha I dt wi say about stencinut the ple ad You’ be ab tsee thocent. urselfe’ll bdocket u mentned thait apprs that t scht inlvedn on t second that. One e r investation rsus e yourngoingnvestition. Rit nowhe schls theelves are not targe of this vestigion – y can s fromhe chaes broug e invesgationas veryroad we crgee throhout t invesgati and ouinvestation of eacof the target whave n sn e schos as co cspirats This ithe fit we dooti. thinks bett positn litt er a yr [indible] Reporter t ladiesports t to ts thesare bi prrams a one tyon’t. Woet mared se simp athlics Ihink se play iefly d th quit. Onof the dendan. d that canno s more out it currtly enlled. still Childr of thespa chge. More talng abo apps Will see fm thehargin document mt of th activy fairlcurren – So I asse I can tu t And e enroed intactivees stents – I d’t knothe awer tthat can te you do at. Basedn I’ve eng documents I don’t think thas th case I tnk the got i ssion. But I n’t tnk thegot sff ft nger wood atoing. Wasalibrang thk edentis. To aearealist an n so imprsive as to inte suscion oadditial scruti. Clg tes. I n’t kn the awer. Onof the oer i One at wil. One dendant is in Ha. Ando it’she timdifferce estion therere rul governg agen canake arstso you can showp at t o’clon the moing. Intested by- Anso thas whathat’s at countsf w. Mostf the ture yea. But if u do scially wit Right [indible] Al was jt a rely sma guy. So if undersnd youquesti infoation aut theorrectde He w just art engh To ge near pfect sre on mand. r to cibrate thecore so singer ws theye loong.of sre Fosof your dghter tk the SAn heown thfirst ti. I got bit . Reaking the exaor sco es up t much tha would As a singe w discued wit rents whaind of ore was impressive but n too imessive. two tempts to get that sco en he s just gooenou to dot — I’m nosureow mh of ats public so I’me ofot ansring tt Ihinkn the chginl which is w plic youill ndhateve I’mllowed tsay- On that’ rember it standi here. Anthe rio theeds charging g actsses andoachesn this college aissions sms one ofp Social med trend rig now you can see on the fox ns Facebos Felicity Hufan iLori Laughlin and just. To of the more tha forty people& chge in natioide clege hear itrom theBI andwe federal prosecutors. Just ments ago more news now coming up next in the court roon Thursday so that is the big news the coming out of Chicago right there you can see him leaving the court room — Just moments ago so we’ll have plenty of more e on ttome cas dn awell w gotome othe topewf e da we lked abot a ttleit elier todbout ba o that from our we he trying to ally tead ai needle hera sttegic me with.went enty andine riseodayister spker To Of the presint ofhe Utedll. Fot. Stat ofd this borefforts fro the fringes o the Democrac Party to . But before any of this goes too far speaker of the house Nancy Pelosis tapping the bras ying I don’thinke shoul goown that path bauset dividesheountry. d he’s jusot wortht. Hell sees ca investigions into t adnistration a just starting to hit their stre in the mocratical contrled hse enou that makes meeel likbelve n we nees path but it’s presidt Clint When he was impeached b. Republicn nine eight the effor back fire and Clinton’spproval ratingh uld colicate efforts by Decratso defeat trump? Theoter hn twty tnty to render doest mean that y don’tha instigat the presint b think wh she’sayings politilly. It’s foos eand. present s probly blo anybeuse ee forts to acallyemove the preside. lo at e WheouseomeD le o fox ne nowp nehtackore morni and afternoon x u mu f joinings to stoes Onrigh her inhe Arina thiss vir s s k eets Kalrey. Playing witthe dog and Jennifer off has the latest. callingut your neighbours dogt she was about to keer twin mornin Ias jusabouto opaturday e gate saw coue dogs running around but one of them wasn’t an ordinary dog. It was a wild animal a coyote running around and playing with the dog a thelook lik they’re vie d ne the Slamar golfours in Tempe s d I’vnever en coyot lihat jushangin aroun and pyingnc se t coyotame up sclose Cassandra. justept on shooting I didn’t want to be like removing it quickly or I just tried to like stay cool. Ok madme nervous and I just don’t wanto bekittish eith we taed to neigor net wor Arizona gam and fish about h thisnliky iendip beg o first response was a committee that savage wted that’sur word for very used to being. Around people and dogs and most likely this Katie’s been fed by someone in the neighborhood and sheays it’seen sn bere it’s not necessarily auring situa playful situatihe als says therhave been other reports in that neighborhood of cotes being. A little too friendly with humans even followinghem arou whi is very dgerous when anils lose their natal fear of people we may think it’s a positive thing. But overall that comfort level turns to a possible nip. All rit the Jennifer all rerting in there yikes all ght n takin a liv lookt your temps right now littl bi coor than w all A expecting at thitimef the ye fifty sen there. Scotdale in w wl beightar hour for yeah I on box ten extra d we’ll hav the very lateson Joe B. He’s hinng at now 4200 that’s coming up nt on ns now acrs the cntry and rht now we’re gonna go out to Joe Biden — He just spoke earlierhis morning and he givesne of the biggest of people saying that andncelot doe aounc tha he is running for psident that he is going to be one of the top runners but so far. He hasn’t mad tt ofcial announcementill after you Bin speaking you kind of know th. I thank you [inaudible] Thank you. You know — I’ve been around aong time but I omise you I did not kw a least evenomebody id something Very pround on. saidlatters fine as lo you d’t inhale. Myame iJoeiden e Bides husbd The hons you Let I do. Basednespect you heor t. An thes real literly no group of mnd women’d rathertand y naudib] I kid. Wh I say wmoved Delawe — We me- To Cymont lawareittle stl town d the cter pce ithe to like aostf . t lirally e firetation. In the fe stion wasirecy [inaible]e schl that Ientcross y Tond everyid I kw t anotr way. My neighr you gw upithe toe [audibl refighr compencies poo for y of tm.n’t quify So pasd but younow t sods sil but maybes the And men –guys. Evything admir [inaible]ireall Evythingood. neigorhood.n the Everhing waseedein t counity. [inaible]ighr there Nostanteruck. Whh is tre. You kn who tcall. When y neede h? Even aa kid [audible] So Hold anks f invitg meodaynd has bn realr frieship This bn deep. Habeen aong ti. I didn’have task Cal five times I haasked r ve theifth te I was i Africaryine Neon Manla. And rin’s iand in e t Afca I w a you senat And went to e fm theip. rport not upon Jl’s doo should- J. e got Irishp now see he’s theeal in nute. moreime. O moreime my wor a Ben to ore itne mor Notin but iyou wi marrye e’s a looraid will you marry me she welI gues . Myisterat frnds askour whaade you chge your nd she sd I fl inoveith the bo are t ns you kw how keep wkingt it. She p a sht wn Js guysave thsame tng or u women e puts up way she pacedittle nos on e mir where shave miion. Th the snts or shld sto ying tmake mlove y. She p up twwo naudib] Well HoldTo frid doest sul Naonal Df ty makou wan be a tter vsion o And you kw what] roldven th kind frien me. Soone Jn Idmirend The refighrs and tirrive famili. Youreaders to ner stop fiting- For fowhat’s- Inspesh te [inauble] d the swhankou. And you know wha.r alyou do- I’d li you a — r – Save a ltle lger I m need in few wks Fobe cefulhat u wiis? [inaible For u. gndfatherou s Joey. Neighb fm belluckle oe sole jobor the men and women they rep- w yobleed r youreople. Everirefhtey thei hlth carglin. For is guyeels it does e rest yr lep lead you ndedser becau fireghters vigoint uot just yr jo ofessi It a broer. Is aister. Yo know theirxpressn litaryhe se y he leav nobo behin at’s bauseou do what dang youun inturningn towar budingsnd ragg fore res. You p your ves on e line evee n f l thatay somimes Your wk is de. You alws say t exe thin. alwa see t sameme Just or job Joe Welle wit me aong ti Thenited Stes ands a twty ninyear o kid. Ninete sevene yourupport. Nation hyperle ijusta Youeene of e tnty nine ye old k therere three wille say of the anyo from Delare here. Repuicans in refighrs’reemocra t a jo. And if you we smar y want th the fefighterI did. I willithr re polics is the lst of wh you’vdone f me [iudible live omy twoons’ve to reat mysf lik. Wee wfeel sdeeplyn debt. Deceer. Seventy two onmy we is bg t ailer Broaided. Kill my wife kl myaughe ok aut ahour and half I’m to froe from my re. Compano say voice. a izzardith alizzardle of ntreside Reaga t nd a helicter to ge me to urosuron aall toead becausIo crer e is beding. % chanclor t my fire servi and a amlance dow. In Wasngton the mdla snstorm a water read. And awelvy my life. are ying to ge theurney wouldt cal actio o ere hang trole. And ll tcalm tm down loing recent Joe. Youuined erythg it cent home belvee I knoine’day. u t othe mo h talketo the sang it’e e crted eql Thenf you come fefight. Souly — Yo ur neibors – ThAmeric pple o youore th they haveny idea howuch That why theice psident ho pointed out I was was so prd in e midd of thGreat Ression. To t real mon the recory act kping youfire statns ope. And cntlessirefigersn b at’s w I’ve en soroud t pporthe defenderf the se asrant ae he’ot her t we senat daughrebt of gritude r whate did. What pple dot reale is ahi roowu pecapitaasis and e tnaw eorcemeured ofcerso on aer capa basis. What don’t?o havyour We sti tkeep fhting r o fetynd the safet local communiesa . m gigaic dferenclaborakes But I don’t see any rean why yoshoulde ninthe rit to coectiveargainghohe hell a these] y shoulhave the se righ Expeence vy remds me. Of theightn ghty s oververtimpay for firefit. callhemsels these gs to all eobs f sharelderstg but younow. get io that I Ion’t Ion’t tnk it s very comp. Deseedade ov te tee hours u worky se althohhey’rerying to dever timfor evybody So youorkn a gcery store inourtackin the rag- Spaghei n cr overmeou d’t getaidhe nightbout t billi llars year [indible] Holy worrs. ThSupremourt decisn. t it de for u guys. Th kee ainge keeasking we keep . mo morof you. To dith res m more iensen dangerby clitee w man few littlbit olde? Who thon how to de with rroris apons [indible] Anases andeapons oass deruction for d’s sa. He dit a eg st looat Calorni. Two destctive wle of wildfe seasonver o do wh gun olence? Instea of giu need especially re firefiters. We me you fig for erything you get. don’tton’t g it I ally iss one the aas I d’t t. Mae is becae I’ve own so Theanks amongillingo make the ull ver uerstanpeopleight Likeafety [inauble] ir pla [inauble] Hethcareinaudie] My god wasoing tstay ay from Did u see e budg was jt senatoin] ] Heuts. 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It st a sialorld youot beats nev neverever br ne. Think about it [inaudible] Visited [inauble] In Afghanistan. Theempory pson c. Taken the liban.psne i? u know wt was nging. Over ts larn convted temporyestraing place. War mor it wathat feman [iudible That femaninaudie] Our m] . Resience.ten biphotogph. On hisace id it l. ther nev has bee a there Becae rllyhank y use y ys uerestite t impac yohave on theommuni d at tt mome on ouration anon theorld. I ink aut thatimefter ne elen a lothese da. Weere sonited [inaudie] Toda thros. be at each otr’s The ly is tremis. Is on the ri this cotry MeanHey th.l.lin Asver tan our litics gove oursees even’t To onef n e aboua Republic lks. is notho we e. [inaible]e gotere Re rememr. Wh it ishat mes thi It’sur coralues at we believ unds cny but is the Inob b creor wh certau.icreede . inalnable rigs we’ve ner met th . o it ‘ve ver bked off i sous corny bus arinaudie] We Davi Brookallsn invible theall s moral br. us tether. nati up lds It is prty bas. 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It is t hyperbole sugst you are e eing you ithe ckbonef this count. n e our cntry futures tghest times . Beuse I ok arod thisoom. nati.he ople w builthis Countr was built by Wall St baers and Cs annnced hedge fuanager are nre not cessary b they dn’t those cotry Is builty thereat Arn ddlelass aew nshe hel thmidd class ople le you u kne iwas myadnewhe jo is abt aot morthan a paycheck [audibl ot digty ‘s abo respe ‘s notour ple in the counity. Spnooker kidy I’d s ney is gng to okay I seAmeric story. Thetory oordinl Neigors letou and grew extradinaryhings. That’sow we bt tion ithe histy of the world. Thee come t most werfulation idea. we e the st powful In hisry theorld. Anothe iat thpeoplehis cotry u knowean’t bdefine re not ae to be find naudib] Byaceinaudie] My tri [audiblur region [inaubl] defin. Othe in durinprince ls of thou we dot us a know th th’s defes thi. The Amican body t at’sith an expreion age tse tnder sta. And th’s wha i is crentprident unrstandat all yo defimerica. 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We hee largeconomy in thhistorof the wor. worl theichestation the We havthe stngest militar in all. th mos iovativ trepreurs inhe wor The mosas a v. Were virally eney indendence. Sothing thatas beyon o not aly to ina ando many otr natis. And t fact is we havet oductive worrs in th wor works in Aaucte as Weaveore great reseah iversies ithe Unid Stes Amecan a t rest Andf you dou me as my wif the pr. The’s noeasonhy we n’t n. Thtwentyirst ctury. Who lls thvacuumave.lves we coinue twalk ay o walkff theorld sge? Weust goto getut of r own w. Remee and we iledt this is Ameri it’s me tget up Rember w t hell ware m prott o troop and our refighte tha you. at we tnk otheihis unds like Joe Bidenor tnty twen there and wha wean s t nexoupl o wee therut theear fs a unn? Joe n is anday I’vrun grdfatr and his own was granted. Ke the fai my amma theyl kn Joe t es sead eo weill wai and see in the ne couple of days or maybe weeks the sea of Joe will be running. In twenty twenty more news now everyones up next eason why — Thk already because of the rn iame at area last night theresell h a everne mie . thk y so much for joining us herd om. Joe Bid the- Isn’ rlly hit aajors twty wll see wt hpensy ther in e a or wksightow l’so to the house- GOPeade asnd thed tk the ddle t minoryn the a newsonn flr. persctive if yo loo at whur actities sshine week while eyere to take awa ts minority.mporta tool ofhe And with tt — wou like turnhingsver — To Ja- gog toalk litt — is Work sing confe prident- Brough fward and tt his. – This is methin tt- At lea. Ceainly rack of ctifys the aanting. Too get oufiscal hou in orr youe lookin t esiden isanting tmake rmanen t t cs and bs for lmerica citens fromful that lislati w passe me cember of twohousan senteen at budt heang arts todnegardso the Unfounatel we’ hea ready thathe house Democts have h the budt andrying to ge o fiscoun yore loong at twey two Defit at ast we’rtrying- To put out some nd gotiatns to try to geur fiscalous wh the psident dng pefull the hou stems wl theye showg no pmise rht now. Thk youason for tking about tmportae of the budg proce d if uook apresidt trump’budghatt . A coinues to buildur litary which is critic prrity hel fun oureteran throughhe VA choe a the vetens to go tthe hospital of their cice so that ey can Off forhings tha hav ppened to em iservic t to me surthat when the come ba homee te car othem. ensu that e our vetanss to needa have e resoces ty predent tru in his budt something tt’sriticas we and the crisis growiorse. A haveore pele comg er legly but en more than that ie cong ove at’s t human traicking at’s cing io our nion. Fact las . o to preve pple a here lelly fro votg. An you semocraote agnst that in sence votg taxper fun to lpeople.dy a Here iegar esidenrump conties also tonsurehat we canuild ysical barris including Any ao mainins thtax cu higher wb – r pocks and of urse Demrats want ty Pelo’s. Soalistgendaas bee n But literaloing aers — frspeech a rigs lt wk or theCLUctuallame o agnst a picyignatu bill HR one b. . amenentust a f weeksgoecon the condmendme rhts.hts Are yo seena because i limit their right inact Decrats n. Have bn supptin- Th ia that someby is for babiorn murder it. Weave be tryin tmove gonn bring dcharge petion a ba is bor alit can be muered – e Docrats havbeenlockin that every sp otheayf that’seallt ey want tbecome. I ink ty’re s o of st theyontinu to ge furth out of stp Demoats who re aemocra they wld y wod be? An now the vedo take ay yo gunights — Th have voted to std up for This isn’t –wer borlive — Theld Demratic Ptya opleecognizehis ist en the Decran Just few years a it’s ch furthe y ch aocialiartyow in Demoats a criticingheticize esiden trump’s bget at the same e nogonnbring a bun of thr own. at oask t questn if youe shoun’t y at let have ura n ide suld y bng for yo own bget tshowhe nationhat yr. Inhe Demrats refused to do that under speaker polics righ. th budt cmittee and alsor partf learship and ys and mes- La weewas historiceek You tchhe actio on their oor butheirwn Democrat adersh team cld not bng Becae theemocra soclists resolu. se uheyad to ter do thresoluon. Th weeke Ias at uth by Muchf the lk wasbout the Green neal was t ragwith my peop d jusyestday as reang woul elimiteil andas dl that thy At t same te the newindustry. mocrat soclist pposes ich meansliminaonf more jobs but I rd yterdayhat e Unit Stes ion tra t come t wor’s larst porter in. Twty twey one ink abt that oilxpd The genuityf Amera at the reac that goal the.. to twen sevenen by fty two miion ts. Th’s the mt oanyajor country inhe wor. the rld inor Amecahat ds tha met ‘s a goo deal for t tizensf meansore js. As ourconomy connues to ow abouexpoing oi. For ergy securi – y serity imeansussia cant verageou anyreeans t But is ithe chlenge at we fac. To this new Docrat Soalist Pay. It theebate beten control versus. Ishat Rald Rgandvised a bk in. govementsannotontrol the peop. withoucontroing Thk of e legislatn theew ever ement of our le fromemocrs. outravelTo theemodelgf our hes Sr riculte coulbe. Thank at els tema prose Medireor all priveealth suranc youoave longerillt Agnovernmts conol of pelehe diffence beten contro ver. Th weust watch wh the Decratsid las week. Th voted to gi. Taayer mon to potician. me politicnsontrol eltions is is th debe we’re hing merica on t floorf the was histor weewhen tast week mocrat socialist. leadship.perf theiown thenti semic commesrome lence on with tir conrence I wan raisenotheroint. The Decrats a o brg up a bi partin antiDS bi that s pass theenate. venty venty enty tee again 772-3t ses tpunish Amerin bunesses fro invesng in e fr a democtic socie of East.sest ally the Mdle try belied i whaaterast wnesolutn the put on th oor ey wou bringp this partis bill. at has passehe Sene on to the flo. Agnhe Demrats wch we’ ked H ject t call prote human Th child w survesn aborti t abila e i . We wl continue to brg it u ch andvery d. Anas theeb Saide’ll he a diharg pd and have the in Apri have the abily thtimingowo star. Puttinyo. Doe’ll seehere the Democratstand on this as well naudible] Yes right lkshen we come back th think how about the twenty om twenty budget A give me a hint. They hate it pa you welme bac tnewsig I eveot now covern Precco iury a I said I thisouse. an rai her in the valley thi is . Onhe se wanthe eities wt thnineeshat’ w we’rlivi hers- ‘reonnaet tt ltle b the weend abo eighty four Sund wil definely te tt all rht w yo theenat Docra they’ about twenty twenty at wustelead yesrday and pret mu. Dead on arrival fothem. esence bget becau it’ pret uy- To rmphazehat a senator Schumer said. It feels invest in people or communies o future and it starts with Cuts in Medicaid one a a hal trilli dolrs. Andet me ju stress th two outf three senior citizs in nursing homes get the care pay r throh Medicai. In this untry eight hdred llionollars in Medicare cuts an this as wnowfter t presiden has saiover andver agai. Mecaren thet bassn his budget. Wenow tt peoe depd on Mecare and Medicaid th for thr ownealth re as we as their children. abt whas hapning to eirned moms and. replacemt.repeals t ACA n ts hlth research and this reallyo untry pla and sple and t trum bgk Just month ago we signe a historl veryleased to helpelieve that. In thibudg t psident cu 31% the farmill pgram tt we just pas d anotr 15%. Fr the dartmen to beble help. block gras whi areopme iticly important t communies a lo commitie. impro Guidunding to otect theo Grt Lake 90% o our fresh water o our cntry srounds beautul ste and in eight states. And ts presint turnsis back No mter wt yourpinion five ing fward onny individl fort its absutely true at thi bgeturns its bk Let me jt say one oer thing terf recting t promis.ono fi his camign The job oCongre n thes.rder esiden.o determin fedal spding poritie nee a budgethat i well do ourobf Cgress andets u We iite Repubcan colagues to join u intoppin the esidens effort tonderne. Artie one in the conitutn [inaudible] Righyeah. I don’t kwow many timeu alhave hrd. Repuican Party wts tdo id thawie cutedice anMedica T pay for t cuts. For rh peop and bigorporaons — That prr ma years. We iyou loo at this bget ‘s tim to y wtold y so. Last Ail O priceut tost he Replican tax c bill Which prih nefit veryich pplend veryig corrs d it pced out awo poi ree onfour tllion. Mediid by. Two int thrnd It’sike a 9 perfe mat peop and b corpotions atwee theh th propod cso the people o are rved bMedica SoMedica. Weold you they’re goa do it. Thet thk Amerinsre areoing to ink th’s a vy good ia. Inhe twey twen eleion Let concl. Th vot on e nional Yoput thconstituti fir ere do y put pside trump Becae thehoice cld ne clr are tt it isongrs s the pow of e pursnd the por to. Mang owhich one of r Briashotators. dertmentf defen.he aimpossleituati. Througut thiadi e dertmef defense has tried tavod ing porized andoliticed t we’veeen or andver again thaevt esiden. uches becom taint in some. For ts bega inarnest lt year wn ousand. depled not to aar zone not Buto ourwn sthern rder. The ergenc dlarati ishe next ster mitary. Thpresidt isskin the. agait i own besnteres To rai mily e unde theawaole tplay eyust detmine wheer the cotructif the ll rthe the mison. anwhil theknow. at Fd reall needs new ound basedissilenterceor eld ty know tt fort Meade. Needsn authized vehiclerom comin kidsan go to a hool. sthe Withou asbed know it ehf the pjects is me impe pridens wall. Mostf they go tough whopl whoil. this arehe In t short term ty will b ssrepare to mplete the missio. In. mainta theublis trust. d bi ptisan coorationith the leg. And that is unacceptable. th I he. be to redo thibut w This ia budg ss. Prises cf. It’s o of theiggest ls ‘ve seen ce down t pikt The esidt said –te. He bkehat omis thisdica and Mic. budgetlashes. s in major infraructe bill. This bd sshes traportatn b er 20% e presentaid ecation i e majo civilights our time Heroke ttromise bause he The a noromis ktn as this budge It’ss broken. Now we’ll take your questions. Ht to dll othe prpect of imachmen? Look I’m goi to wa for the ma a rort we havo se thin bore mang anys I nclusion. o mu on let’ thene thi we suld b doingightow in mypinion. Is makinure tt thentire mall aepor whppropriate protecting intelligence the main problem y. you tnk it. cotry too divisiveor the I think tha. they wil come to a dgmentnd disiver it y b a judent that brings everybody together e wa or e oer? Les wa for the rort. The firsthing to dos ma re thate dlare tt the is notn emergey now for all act you knowor our Republican to clear a emergcy wan butu a fut. lookt whathey d but first frnds hav the couge. To say that. Gog on a teaer areou o syn thoh with the speaker of the househe’s not waite for es t e that the ml a ripe we shod wait e just commented on what model reportomes out.e The sur were u conrned that wh tt likenderhaps of th falls th onl we’ll get a bget the way wgot whenhe las two yess ou it I thi if you tal to Republay to you wha they’re tling us they s theame thing. Thank you everybody. All right Democrats in a holding pattern now for waiting for that mother reportefore doing any action and there hi everyone my page you’re not weot. Is wh arevs – h just gting staed w arere hearing to start that impacts T. mobile and sprintustomers are iting tsee if the two companiesre going to merge make a major. Cell pho comny and s a very closs e live n showi the raira we ha ctures and look at th is. contueo monir thaIhinka I hear some rain here at the station right now too and we got some top stoes fmcross the count- We’re going to head to Indianapolis to get the story about tap dancing firefighter. Of all things you can do in a spare time turns out he’s training pretty hard for Anthen we’ll head on over to Florida wre a stone store owne bs stopping an attempted kidnappin. It was every vigilant right absolutely absolutely and I will head on er to lifoia where a man got a very close encounter with the mountain lion on camer. Ther we go much more coming up isoming down here downtnin Phoenid . were hded out on t adwayshere wknow when the the drirs.ere the vley of Ofs anoertory but thea w they shod rig no be there as wel yep.he rdways And weill hav g s ttle b we’llre talng metime let take ltenTo in ee mea what t sts y t as ll as he d madhat. Desion dision at the shouldake — And ase saidefore are w e. Willino helphem o in ose ciumstans. Followpn thatouend . gornme the wh this pain d a cplether pces wch I’m nogonna say caus thet arehe. s not bn as blic a it ha inis pai shinon. Thanksor comg

AOC Testifies On Detention Facilities

>> I believed the canker sores that I saw
in their mouths because they were only allowed to be fed unnutritious food. I believe them when they said they were sleeping
on concrete floors for two months. I believed them. >> That was representative of Ocasio-Cortez
testifying before the House Oversight Committee. And the point of this meeting was to discuss
the conditions in which migrants are being detained in. There have now been multiple reports about
the unsanitary and unsafe conditions that they're living in. And AOC has been very invested in improving
these conditions which is the reason why she refused to sign onto the appropriations bill
giving Trump the $4.6 billion he requested for border security. Now that said, I think it's important to hear
more details about what she and other freshman Democrats experience when they did visit these
detention centers. Take a look. >> And what was worse about this Mr Chairman
was the fact that there were American flags hanging all over these facilities. That children being separated from their parents
in front of an American flag that women were being called these names under an American
flag. We cannot allow for this. Because it is a policy of dehumanization,
implemented by this executive administration, laid at the feet of Steven Miller, that create
a tinder box of violence and dehumanization where hurt people, hurt people. >> So following her testimony, there was quite
a bit of criticism, not in regard to what she had to say, because what she had to say
was not only accurate, it was backed up by other members of Congress who accompanied
her when she visited those detention facilities. But because she decided to get sworn in prior
to testifying. So following her testimony, Ocasio-Cortez
was mocked by conservatives on social media for asking to be formally sworn in at the
hearing. A procedure committee chairman Elijah Cummings
noted was not necessary. Now one of the conservatives who attacked
her was Mika Brzezinski. And she did it on Twitter with this tweet
saying, why is this? Why AOC? And she embedded a tweet from Tom Nichols
that essentially mocks AOC. Now AOC had a very clear reason for why she
wanted to be sworn in. When you swear in, and I know a lot of Republicans
don't care about this because they get sworn in and they lie anyway. But when you get sworn in, you are under oath,
right? The whole idea is you are not lying. You have to be as honest and truthful as possible. And so here is what she had to say about her
reasoning behind getting sworn in. GOP has been stating that I am lying about
the translated accounts of migrants at the border, particularly about the fact that women
were drinking out of a toilet bowl. Committee staff conferred with me ahead of
time about requesting to be sworn in. Seems like that makes a lot of sense, right. It makes a lot of sense, but only if you're
dealing with honest actors on the other side, and she's not dealing with honest actors. They don't care. They know you're telling the truth. They know what the reality is. They don't care, right? It is not the bug, it is the feature. They love that viciousness toward people of
color, toward migrants, toward people who are desperate and vulnerable. It's not the bug, it's the feature. >> Yeah, and it's funny, you said it that
being sworn in is a joke to people who get sworn in and don't tell the truth. You know what I mean? One thing that I will point out is for a lot
of people who, I've heard a lot of anti-immigrant rhetoric in the last couple of weeks. I had an argument with a lady at the passport
office who was talking about immigrants, and it made me so angry. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is Puerto Rican. Immigration is not our fight, but because
she's a collective thinker, I think that people don't realize, there were a lot of Puerto
Ricans, and I go under fire for saying that, who was like that's not our deal. We are natural born citizens and we have our
own fight over here. That is, to me, is an example of what it takes
to make a change, to stand in solidarity with people. When black people say immigration is not our
fight, and there are black people in Mexico in camps right now from Africa and Haiti,
who are begging for some asylum. This is what it takes to make a change. A collective mind and a collective body amongst
people who really want to make a difference. That's when white people march for civil rights. That's what it takes to make a change in this
country, so I commend her for taking that oath seriously enough to take it and say,
I'm gonna tell the truth and I want this people to know how much this means to me. Is revolutionary in a time when people are
used to lying. >> Sure, we are reduced our tribalism. I mean, I also think that laying this on the
feet of Stephen Miller is a brilliant job. Because he is actually on the ground right
now in his little blanket fort. And he's got a picture of the guy who called
him a honky in middle school that started this whole thing. He's got the hair he always want, and he's
got a picture of the girl who rejected him. And that's just above all his little toy soldiers
at the border, so you- >> Yeah, I don't know if you guys saw him
in the bagel shop the other day, when he had that meltdown. >> Yeah, he did have that little meltdown. >> I don't know about this. I miss all the fun stuff. >> No, it was a different guy. But it was pretty much, do you know who I'm
friends with? I'm friends with Stephen Miller, that little
bagel dude. Anyway, it was a brilliant moment. But yeah, this is the moment where you're
gonna throw down for something you actually believe in. I mean this is the issue that I think progressive
Democrats are having. This is where their divisions with moderate
Democrats are coming- >> Definitely. >> To bear, and what better issue than this,
than this humanitarian crisis to actually feud over and to fight for the soul of this
country. I mean, the thing about the American flag,
that's depressing as hell. We have to remember, so many things have been
done under the American flag in our names. Wars have been fought, millions have died
under the American flag. The American flag, unfortunately, is not a
symbol of freedom or progress for most people in this world. >> Right, right, I mean there's been a lot
of propaganda and a lot of conditioning to convince people that the flag stands for all
these wonderful things- >> Yeah. >> Like liberty and justice and everything
that we've heard over and over again. But the fact of the matter is you're right,
there have been groups of people who have historically been disenfranchised, discriminated
against, we've known that. But with this administration, I don't understand
how any member of Congress can sit by and watch as people literally die in border patrol
custody. And by the way, on the right, you have people
who aren't just sitting back and watching it, right? They're making excuses for it while simultaneously
pushing to do away with reproductive rights in the name of being pro-life, right? Supposedly because they care about protecting
babies, about protecting children, there are children dying right now. At least six of them have died already. They do not care about life. >> No, they don't. And the only thing I agreed with Donald Trump
was that that swamp needs to be drained. And they need to drain the swamp, starting
with him on down, and they all need to go. And I'm not just talking about Republicans,
cuz a lot of the people who are our biggest problem are the ones that are standing on
our side and are our biggest impediment in terms of progress.

How Trump is building on Democrats' militarization of the border

You also talk about—that for many, many
years, first, certainly, throughout most of the early 20th century, there was a fairly
fluid situation at the border, people coming back and forth, with not a whole lot—there
was a Border Patrol established in 1924, but there wasn’t really the kind of constant surveillance or seizing of people and sending them back. Can you talk about the development of the
border wall mentality in more recent decades? When I was a kid, there was no fence. Migrants would come across the border—yes,
illegally, without papers. And we’re talking now in the ’60s and
early ’70s. Five years ago, when I was a kid, right. Thirty, 40 years ago, there was no border
fence. There were fewer border guards. People would come. They would migrate. They would work in the fields; they’d go
back home. And this was understood and known. Even though that people were entering without
inspection, without papers, people looked the other way, for the most part. I’m not quite sure what happened, what the
flashpoint was, that we started to militarize the U.S.-Mexico border, but all of a sudden
immigrants became criminal, and we wanted to wall ourselves off from them. We have more undocumented immigrants in the
United States than we’ve ever had, because it’s hard to get in. Now that people—when they finally do get
in, they stay. And they not only stay, they bring their families
in at a later time, when they can. So, we have this swelling effect because of
the way that we manage our borders. I don’t know that we’ve had a terrorist
that’s come up from Mexico. We haven’t had some sort of an attack from
Mexicans in the United States. And all of a sudden we have this sort of militarized
infrastructure. It’s somewhat of a mystery to me. I watched all of this happen, bit by bit. I actually think it’s a political construct. If I’m a politician and I want to run on
keeping you safe from these immigrants, I could look like a knight in shining armor. And I think that that’s what Trump and presidents
before him have done. There’s a portion of Clinton’s State of
the Union speech, his second one, his second year in office, that reads like Trump wrote
it. “We’re going to go after illegal aliens. We’re going to go after the criminals coming
across the border. We’re going to fortify the border. We’re going to build border walls. We’re going to hire more border guards. We’re going to keep you safe.” I’m actually paraphrasing, but that’s
the gist of his speech. That sounds like a Trump speech to me. Bill Clinton was the author, or at least his
administration was the author, of the border walls and the way that we manage the border
today. The laws that were set in place then are the
laws that Donald Trump is standing on today, and allowing him to do what he does. In 1994, we had a policy that was enacted
called the Border Patrol strategy of 1994: prevention through deterrence. “Let’s build border walls in front of
San Diego, in front of El Paso and a couple of other major cities along the border, and
let’s purposely force migration through the deserts and through the mountains.” That’s on purpose, because we’re going
to let the terrain take care of them. The Border Patrol knew that people were going
to get sick, they were going to be dehydrated—this is all in the document—and that they may
die. That is the policy that we have in place,
as well as the detention facilities along the U.S.-Mexico border. Everything was geared to the fact that we
were going to shake people up. They knew very well that they weren’t going
to keep people from coming, but if they did come, they were going to know that we meant
business, and they were going to take that message of deterrence back home. We can fast-forward 20 years-plus today and
see that it hasn’t worked.

Latino Conservatives Debate Liberals on the Wall, Amnesty, and Political Polarization (Part 2/2)

raise your hand if you are for the wall one of you that raised your hands for the wild wife why are you poor the law every single year through the southern boater there's like sixteen thousand kids that are brought through the illegal ports of entry for trafficking purposes labor and sex slavery which I think it's a terrible crime that we should all get behind and also women so so that is what I main reasons on for the wall it's going to secure our borders is going to prevent people from doing these terrible crimes and obviously it's national security as well anyone that's against the wall does anyone want to respond human trafficking is done right here in Miami is done all over the place a war didn't start it or won't stop it either also there are people being raped and killed and having the same type of exploitation who are in these ice detention camps and children are being killed and we don't even know what's happening to them so I mean if you're gonna build the wall maybe build it around some other areas maybe build it around the White House so that people stop getting killed like that uh what I will say is the wasn't practical number wonder certain areas in the country where the wall just like it's just impractical I honestly thought the wall was like a metaphor to just tougher immigration policies which whatever but they really wanted literal it's impractical in some parts of the country and number two there is cutting through a lot of reservations we're talking about Indian land that the government does not own and they want to cut through that land those are sovereign nations that they're gonna be invalidating just for some law that again is impractical in many other areas of country and number three a walls not gonna stop us we're gonna be migrating here regardless I I just want to address the real yeah the whole thing you said about Mexicans being rapists bringing jugs first of all this is this is true this is a statement of fact I mean Mexicans do bring drugs into this country legally Mexicans do come in here commit murders commit crimes and I don't think it's appropriate to paint with a wide brush all Mexicans coming to this country are doing that because my mom crossed the border to this country twice illegally I have plenty of family who has done that and they've come here and done good things my mom came here and her first job was that talk about cutting tomatoes and that that might be funny but that's that's a fact so you know you it's not a it's not appropriate for jump to paint every Mexican coming here as a murderer or a drug dealer but the fact is is that a lot of them are and in my point of view let's say we let it at 50 Mexican Mexicans to this country 49 of them are good good working citizens who want to contribute if the one of them kills my daughter I don't want any of them in the country speaking of your family that went through through this very similar process that I'm about to say a couple of days ago Donald Trump was in the border he was there and he said our country's full we cannot take you anymore Australia border for he was referring to the hundreds and hundreds of Central American migrants many of whom are fleeing violence who are here to request asylum so raise your hand and actually let's start by you do you believe that the specific community of Central American asylum seekers deserve to come into the United States well if you look at the history of asylum it's space it's based on a religious persecution things of that nature now you know we're painting or styling with a broader brush and where if there's violence in your home country you deserve to deserve to get a yes I know that so you deserve to get asylum and well I don't I don't know if that if that should be the case if we should just accept anyone from everything from everywhere just because they're escaping a bad situation I don't think that that automatically grants your Asylum first would you argue that your mom could be one of those people I would absolutely argue that my mom under different circumstances could have been one of those people so it is a very touchy situation me being a Mexican American and noting that my mom has become successful and it is hard but at the same time we have a problem already with poverty in this country we have a problem with veterans who aren't getting the care that they need after after literally getting blown up for it the right for us to be here right now and have this discussion and I think before we start taking in everyone else and their problems we need to address the problems that we have in this country now and you own that wants to respond to him my issue is that some of these ideas why they might have some aspects set in reality it creates a sort of hysteria and it creates a sort of anti-immigrant sentiment where my brother who was born here people always tell him go back to his country and to think about ice and some of the bills that are going on right now are not just you know there supporting criminals there are mothers there are families actual families that are being welcomed into this illegal it's okay there there it is it is separating families it's very divisive why why didn't he have such sentiments against his own wives he seems to love immigrants in his bedroom so I don't I don't understand not to be vulgar what I'm saying is that just keeping it real so I've been trying to talk for a while so like I want to talk about your last comment like Oh Trump said these things do you consider this races that makes racism seem rhetorical I guess if it's a rhetorical device instead of it being like a systemic issue that's actively destroying lives like family separation so like for people to decide well is this races just by the sound of it is kind of silly to me in the fact cuz the fact that separating a family is racism slavery was racism and it it worked off NATO slavery separating these families at the border is slavery and talking about these families that are coming over why are they coming over we talked about ms-13 you called them rapists gangbangers so on and so on but those are American gangs they're created in a very particular form of cárcel racism and they were deported back to these countries and these and they weren't even from there they were raised here they develop these types of habits in order to exist within a racialized American economy they're also in those countries so because they got deported there by the US you created that problem and also for the fact that I didn't create that problem cannot talk about America I'm talking on America my problem no that's that's fine you you were talking about the American position all day so I created a merit I used it as a rhetorical device for the American position that deported these people let's talk about the fact that you guys brought up the family and separation is racist I have a big problem when they're using children at the border to get into this country that is not their children so either there's DNA test or we're gonna have to separate you to make sure that that child belongs to that parent but there's this thing called human nature I feel like also gain that weight so your uses with a key boss is just insulting for sure in your face like about the 11 million undocumented immigrants that are here what is the first thing that comes to mind when I say that let's go around I think we should give them citizenship and that might surprise you guys but I do think there are they're already here they've been here for a while they're in our schools they're there in our restaurants the you know they're there every they're everywhere they're part of us they should be given citizenship I think I agree with him that a lot of them that have been here maybe they should get amnesty I think you know they've been here for so long they're pretty much American by this point but there are some that they don't represent American values and they shouldn't be here what exactly are American values Constitution the life liberty and pretty very happy in the core American how that American passport I'm a citizen not important you're cutting around here a lot of things to like just amnesty you know it's a snap of the finger I mean a lot of them you know they're criminals I think they got to be reported a lot of them you know their families and you know they've earned their their chance I almost find it disgusting that people are we're really talking about how to legitimize like the life of a human being thank you like what so they should be given citizen citizenship because of this right I think people should be granted human dignity period no matter if you're a Palestinian baby if you're an American baby regardless give them their humanity there's a report out there that says that it's gonna take almost two years so identify the thousands of families that were separated at the border who thinks it was immoral to separate families at the border I am four people and I feel like the things the hate the stereotype it's affecting real human beings and causing people not to see people as people but as objects as this thing with an emotion attached to it and that level of discrimination is causing families to be separated people are losing their lives they are dying and that is the issue I have with you anyone that does not see it in moral what do you have to say I mean I just want to say the only reason I don't see it as Memorial is just because like you or me or any of us here were to commit a crime here in America are we would be separated from our family we'd go to jail like it's the same thing that would happen to anybody else who committed a crime in America and crossing the border illegally is committing a crime I would also like to say that their nation are some sort of demeanor you can't just assume that these people are families you need to validate these things you can't just take it as face oh this is your mother fine because they'd spend documented that that's not the case that that the Coyotes are using children and as cover saying that their their dad for protection you need to validate these things you can't just take someone's words and use advocate devil's advocate your imagine if that was your mother with you and but what's the feel would you feel okay of your mother and you were separated no I would be sad absolutely I didn't I never said that separating the families isn't isn't horrible because it is horrible and it is saddening and just look at the images of the conditions that stopped it is sad but at the same time just because something is sad is just because it's unfortunate doesn't mean that you can't have you need to have some sort of way to validate these things you can't just take someone's words and say okay this is my father okay good to go the people who are talking about this are unaffected by this the people that this is happening to our Central American indigenous communities the Claudia Gomez was a man by a woman or a little girl really who got shot at the border there are families being separate these are indigenous children and this is literally replicating the Indian Removal Act is this this not only displacing digis communities from their pueblos but also separating them from their families which is the history of the United States and this is literally a continuing to yesterday doing out of force not my way back home I came here my cousin stayed there and guess what happened at 18 he died that is the reality that we're escaping and unfortunately these gangs these a instability of our countries often come from the United States going to our communities and trying to start a business there by displacing us you that was the past is a few [Applause] still going on I fear lead you have more invested yourself in another country than here you cares more about another because this year this is my problem you know these are borders these are man-made borders I don't care I care about people that I know I know I know right now in Colombia in Colombia you we don't want you more there's a million Venezuela's that are in Colombia yes you care so much about American people congratulations I'm not like that I'm sorry I I do think I'm a community back home you assimilate so American and that is back again this is coming from a point of view it's separatism little look you guys are acting like as if we're not all human sorry humanity is being stripped they're being dehydrated they're being sponsored me ask you this there's there's many Venezuelans know that that are coming to Miami and in South Florida in your eyes is there any difference between some of the Central American families that are at the border and some of the Venezuelan that are trying to come I mean yeah there's a lot there's a lot of differences one of them is the majority of the majority but there's a very large majority of Venezuelans here who have a lot of money some of them are even Chavistas some of them or you know they they're kind of like took their money came here they have businesses so in terms of like humanity know they're all humans but the majority of the poor Venezuelans are going to countries like Peru countries that Colombian countries like Brazil they're rich ones are all here right but there is I mean we do know factually right that there are many Venezuelans that are trying to leave them a loot of government and that are trying to seek asylum here so my question is for everyone do they deserve the same opportunity to seek asylum than a Central American family right I feel everybody is the same everybody has that what people don't understand is there is laws and regulations to claim asylum there's about five different don't quote me Reina but there's about five different options of political reasons if you're being prosecuted for political reasons I have a friend that claimed asylum that way if for race for I mean like relationship persecution yeah exactly it's not just because your town was affected by some sort of a gang and now you're poor and then so you come up it's not like that it's like legitimate reasons you have to verify paperwork to be to claim asylum when you think of this American dream right Oh God what type of American dream it may not exist and you tell me that it may not exist right but when you do think of this idea of the American dream what what does that look like for the latinized community in my opinion the American dream is opportunity and even though our country is not perfect I think there's more opportunity here to succeed than any other country in the world and I think I can't argue Inc sorry I didn't mean to cry sorry I think that the American dream what essentially means is people from the global South coming here and then obtaining the privilege to ignore the United States involvement in the global cells what does that look like for you to me as he said the dream is opportunity it is to come here and make money it is to have my own business it is to succeed I don't necessarily think education means success I have many friends and many people that I know are millionaires and didn't go to school didn't finish the work college dropouts and I actually agree with you and we talked about this earlier about the pharmaceutical industry and how anti big farm I am and even though we may have our disagreements most of us just want a reboot in all establishments and this means our health care these like pharmaceuticals it means education it means everything else but what I don't want is to give the government more power because they're already messing everything up people yeah the less the less government reliance the better walk into a DMV see how that's run walk into a small business do that's right government out of the way I promise you things will take care of themselves the more the more the government puts their hands and everything the more things get ruined okay roads of yummy for me the biggest issue that has happened with the chains of government is how people relate to each other I think a lot of respect has been lost and policy aside which it's really important I think I'd look for a day when people can come together and disagree but still respect each other our country has become so so divided that you can't even sit down it's what what what I will say is you know we can we can agree to disagree depending on the issue but if I meet someone and they say I want your parents deported I'm not gonna be their friend I'm not gonna be like oh I agree to disagree with you that affects my life personally I have to drop out of school for two years because of Trump's administration would you ever be friends with any of the people that voted for Trump here no I was really unfortunate that's a turd person that's really sad personally speaking if any of them want to deport my families if that really is their opinion then I'm not gonna be their family okay what do you have to say to that I look at everybody as an individual here and I base you on your character a lot of these people have very strong character I don't judge them off of their political views or how they feel about what they think the world is doing and imperialism all this stuff like I don't I don't really like I just feel like that's sad that we can't all walk away from here and go to one of these really nice bars here in Wynwood and have a drinks not that it's not that I have any hatred to anyone that had never would have or trumpet to me it's it's again like it's affecting at people's in their everyday life so if you have an opinion that I felt like can hurt me can hurt someone that I love I'm not gonna sit down and have a casual drink with you that just doesn't make any sense to me but I can see the pain that that causes and yeah because I'm a people person I love people but another day so so okay yeah that's why we're here right because so maybe there is no common ground maybe there is but misunderstood I don't want people to feel like you know anything goes but I do feel that sometimes this is it's a communication thing and you might not understand my point today but if I can have more conversation with you if we could build more bridges together maybe over time you could see my point or maybe over time you could change your mind or maybe some aspects of me I'm not so rigid about everything that I and Phil for those of you that can vote that have the privilege of voting when you go to the ballot box what's the most important issue that you're gonna be voting on we're talking about policies and politics all right we get to talk about it in this air-conditioned for no this is a pretty this is an extreme people are literally dying right now like that is a fact people are dying right die every day all right my god you are exhausting every day I also don't feel like politics was necessarily ever constructed for the people I'm talking about that down there you know down-home grassroots people it is an elite structure within itself when you elect the leaders of whatever things so if we look strictly to politicians who I paid to do what they do and shake hands to do what they do we're gonna be completely lost so will you raise your hand if you're not gonna vote in 2020 I'm not I'm voting no everyone plans everyone that can vote plans I'm voting for the ones of you that did vote for Donald Trump in 2016 will you'll be voting for him again in 2020 absolutely yes yes the Democrats are not only producing anybody that would capture my vote why are you better than of my value I mean you're talking about we have been talking about politics and you know what what will stand up to you on a ballot and you know there's been a this lately you have politicians like Bernie Sanders aoc who won't want to give people they wants to have more government programs they want to hand out more things I don't think it's right to keep people dependent on the government I think that you don't want the less amount of people dependent on the government for anything is a good thing that's why overall I'm conservative that's why I will be voting for Donald Trump I want people to be lifted up on their own instead of you having to rely on the government for a job for a place to live for welfare but you want talking about hand now let's talk about these corporate handouts you were anti-establishment really think about what corporate establishments are to the foundation of America for things the less free they are if they're dependent on the government for something else that gives them less liberty that gives them less choice that lives to give people the right to live right right you're working through college so then you can get a better job so then you can live a better life like that is life I had it that's how you are socially responsible economically responsible like you have to work jobs now and go to college so that you do you think that say something and then we're gonna start wrapping it up go ahead United States still has colonies to this day for Rico Guam Virgin Islands okay in Puerto Rico the body can people there are still under colonialism and every product that goes pro Rico has to touch American soil first and then Puerto Rico and that affects the people that means the products there are twice as much three times as much etc so when we talk about rights at the United States or our Americans what Americans because Puerto Ricans are on Mary Carol so like forty person make forty percent of population psyche on welfare never voted to be independent so why don't they just be independent because you just because should you have to because directs themselves from the United States have had movements for independence those people Oscar Lopez the longest American political prisoner was incarcerated for 36 years these people people are constantly demanding to be free and they're constantly being killed and arrested and incarcerated I'm sorry for cutting you off we could literally do this for 25 hours in but again going back to 2020 what are the policies that you want to see you're not seeing give people a living wage I'm graduating next year and my degree is in education and even as a person coming from the education around I do not believe that education is the way out give people a living wage to me I want to see that I don't want that to be huge mass incarceration that needs to stop little so we I mean what are we so much like not a business owner to try to demand what nothing business owner you in constipation anyone else what are policies that you want to see that are not happening and just you can just start spending on the military absolutely speeding everywhere where Latin accent mean to be running next me or any of my friends who are all that and I've never used this term Latin X before I really don't like the term and the interesting thing about it is the only time you become Latin or lat X is when you're outside of your country if that makes sense cuz when you are where you are you are you are whatever you are wearing yeah I mean identifies enough for latina to me I didn't really I felt separated from I guess the Latin ex community because I wasn't latin enough or whatever because that ones I started to identify with my blackness I didn't know that the two things can be combined I felt like it had to be separate I had no choice till then I've got an education figured out these things you know called the truth and realize that if you know that it's both inclusive so I'm gonna understand why they chose Latin eggs because you know people don't like to be calling Spanish because it's from the Spanish conquistadors and all that stuff but I identify persons in Africa thenar not so much Lennox I didn't even know that word existed until now I don't even think it's a word at all I feel like it's a way for people to kind of you know not offend I mean I might not know the exact origin but I feel like it's a way for people to not use the gender pronouns in Spanish like oh you can't see Latino or latina because we don't really know who they are you know we don't know how they identify themselves and I mean we've been using you know Hispanic people have been using that word for centuries such a long time and for all of a sudden you know have somebody tell me how I can talk or change the way for me to talk it's you know it can be a little insulting Latino Hispanic whatever these words were giving them to us by different people those words actually we didn't use for centuries I don't know or they got that information it's relatively new terms Latin X to me doesn't really make sense I'm gonna be honest with you personally if I go back home to my abuela and I say oh were Latinos were Latinos whatever they're gonna she's gonna be like oh like what what is that what is that yeah I mean and I would say that Lion X instead of saying Latin is forceful it makes people think it is intentional it is something that is critiquing this the current status quo well on that note and thank you so much for this discussion I know I got heated and I know that at the end of the day we still may disagree on many things we may now agree a little bit more but more than anything I'm grateful for you everyone here is very smart and and I yeah I'm just thank you very much for this for this discussion giving us the opportunity

Trump Visits Texas Border Amid Government Shutdown

-You guys, today was the 20th
day of the government shutdown. A lot of people are saying that President Trump has
backed himself into a corner. And Trump said,
"That's impossible. The Oval Office
doesn't have any corners." [ Laughter and applause ] "I'm not an idiot." [ Applause continues ] That's right — it's Day 20. Everyone's fighting.
People are exhausted. There's no end in sight. It's basically like playing
a game of "Monopoly" with your family. It's like, "Oh, just…"
[ Cheers and applause ] "Just bankrupt me, Dad!" [ Applause continues ] I saw that, today, federal
workers protested the shutdown outside the White House. It didn't help when Trump
opened a window and yelled, "Don't you have jobs to go to?!" [ Applause ] It's not good.
Due to the shutdown, the FDA has rolled back
their food inspections, or as romaine lettuce put it, "I'm back, baby!
Yeah, boy! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!" ♪ The Venga bus is comin' ♪ ♪ Ba-ba ba-ba ba-ba ♪ ♪ New York and San Francisco ♪ [ Rhythmic clapping ] -Romaine. -Oh.
[ Laughter ] Guys, today,
President Trump flew to Texas and visited the southern border. But before leaving for Texas, Trump spoke to reporters
about the shutdown and said Democrats
have been taken over by young crazy people.
-Oh. -Yeah, because
when I see this picture, I think, "What a bunch
of young crazy people." [ Laughter and applause ]
-Whoo! [ Applause ] -Ahh.
-But earlier today, Trump claimed that
he didn't throw a temper tantrum during his meeting
with Democrats. Check this out. -I didn't pound on tables. I didn't raise my voice.
That was a lie. I didn't smash the table. I should have,
but I didn't smash the table. [ Laughter ] -He sounds like the Hulk
apologizing. "Trump no yell. Trump no smash."
[ Laughter ] "Trump no smash. No yelling and smashing."
[ Laughter ] "I should have smashed,
but I didn't yell." [ Laughter ]
-Yeah! -Today, Trump also said he's prepared to declare
a national emergency to get money
for his border wall. It's pretty historic for Trump. This will be the first thing he
declares that's not bankruptcy. [ Laughter ]
Hey, oh! -Oh, hey, mm! [ Cheers and applause ]
-Mm! Well, I saw that "Fox & Friends" host
Brian Kilmeade said Trump using
a national emergency to get the wall
would set a terrible precedent. And Trump said, "Wait.
What did you just call me? I'm a great precedent." [ Laughter ]
"I'm a great precedent." He thought he said… -"President."
-That's correct. -But he didn't —
he said "precedent." -What's that? -He said "precedent,"
not "president." That was the confusion.
-That's correct. -'Cause you —
No, he thought that Brian, the guy from Fox said
that he was a bad president. -Right, but he didn't.
-What's that? -He said he set a bad precedent,
not president. Trump thought,
in your joke construction, thought that he said
"president." [ Laughter ]
-That's correct. -But in fact,
the word used was "precedent," which is very close,
but since Trump is known for malapropisms
and stuff like that… -Sure, sure, sure, sure.
Sure, sure. -The humor is in that
he heard the wrong word, but then still used that
wrong word to explain himself, whereas a normal person
would say, "Oh, I'm not a bad president," he said "bad precedent" again,
not realiz– [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ]
In case you were wondering. -Oh, I get it now.
-You know what I mean? -[ Laughs ]
[ Applause continues ] -Oh, I just wanted —
-Do you get it now? -Well, because of
the construction of the joke, that's hilarious.
-Yeah, yeah. [ Laughter ]
[ Cheers and applause ] -Guys, did you hear about this? Mattel just came out
with a new Magic 8 Ball called the Trump Magic 8 Ball. It's like a Magic 8 Ball, but with Trump
answering your questions. And good news —
we actually have one here. It's time for
"Trump Magic 8 Ball." Here we go.
[ Cheers and applause ] -♪ Trump Magic 8 Ball ♪ ♪ Trump has an 8 Ball ♪
-♪ Yeah ♪ -This Magic 8 Ball is filled with the wisdom
of President Trump. You can ask it
any personal question you want, as long
as it's a yes-or-no question. Then you give it a shake, and the
President of the United States will answer your question. Who wants to give it a try? One person, perfect. All right,
I guess you will give it a try. Stand up, buddy. Hey, what's your name
and where are you from? -I'm Dan.
I'm from Orlando, Florida. -Orlando, hey!
-Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Have you — Have you gone on our ride yet?
-No. -Wait.
What are you talking about? We have a ride.
-I know. -It's just like being here.
But I guess you just wanted… -I'm sorry.
Yeah, I wanted the real thing. -You wanted the real thing.
-That's what I should've… -Yeah, absolutely, yeah.
-Yeah, yeah. -How close are you
to the theme park? -Like 20ish minutes.
-[ Chuckling ] What? [ Laughter ]
Have you been to the — We have a —
our own roller coaster. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -I've heard about it.
I just haven't gone. I'm sorry. I wanted to go to
the real thing. -It's a good roller coaster.
It's like a good — -I'll try it out.
Yeah, I'll try it out. [ Laughter ] Sorry.
-No, it's okay. Are you from Canada, as well? -No, well — No, why?
-Cause I thought you just said, [Canadian accent]
"I'll try it out. I'll try it out."
-Oh, did I say it like that? -Yeah, I think you did.
-I didn't mean to. -Well, you'll see it back on TV,
and you'll be like… [ Laughter ]
All right. Anyways, what personal question would you like to ask
the Trump Magic 8 Ball? -Let me think.
-Could be anything. -I want to know, can I eat 80 chicken nuggets
in one sitting? [ Light laughter ]
That's what I want to know. -That's the question
you would like to ask the Trump Magic 8 Ball?
-Yes, yes. -Any question you want to ask.
You want to ask if you can 80… -Can I eat 80 chicken nuggets
in one sitting? 80. 8-0. -You want to ask the President
that instead of… -Yes, that's what's
most important to me. -…instead of yourself. Okay, understood.
-Yeah. -Trump Magic 8 Ball, can he eat 80 chicken nuggets
in one sitting? Is that correct?
-Yes. -I think you probably could. -You tell me what you think. I don't think so.
I don't think. -He says he doesn't —
He says he doesn't think so. [ Applause ]
-It's a bummer. -Go to the theme park.
Go to the theme — Who else?
Raise your hand. [ Cheers and applause ]
Who else? Yes, sure.
Get up, sure. Hey. How you doing? How you doing?
-Hi. I'm Melissa. -Melissa, where are you from?
-Long Island, New York. -Long Island! I love it!
[ Cheers and applause ] Melissa, have you been on our
roller coaster on Long Island? No, I'm just kidding.
We don't have one. -Yeah, I was just gonna say — I have no idea.
-No. Yeah, thank you. What personal question
would you like to ask the Trump Magic 8 Ball? -Um… Jimmy, can I have $100? [ Light laughter ] -From the 8 Ball? [ Laughter ] I mean,
are you asking me for $100? -Yeah.
-All right. I think I know
what the answer is. [ Laughter ]
I don't have any cash on me. All right.
Let's give it a shake. -Okay, Magic 8 Ball,
can I have $100? -President Trump,
do you think I should give — am I going to give
this person $100? -You can't ask for that.
How ridiculous! [ Applause ]
-Fair enough. -Right. Thank you.
He's right. He's right. Who's — Who's — Who else? Yes, hey, buddy.
Come on, stand up. [ Cheers and applause ]
How you doing, pal? Nice to see you, buddy. What is your name,
and where are you from? -My name's Joe,
and I'm from Jersey. -Yes, New Jersey in the house. Come on!
[ Cheers and applause ] Joe from Jersey, we have
the Trump Magic 8 Ball here. You can ask it anything. People have asked it,
can they eat 80 chicken nuggets? Someone tried to have it
convince me to give them $100. You can ask anything.
It's a Magic 8 Ball. What would you like to ask
the Trump Magic 8 Ball? -Will I ever be able
to do the Floss dance? [ Laughter ] -Wow.
I mean, that's a tough dance. The Floss dance — I know.
I see the disappointment. [ Laughter ] It looks like you've tried
to do it in the past, and you've failed. Okay, is there a need to do
the Floss dance, or not really? -Not really.
-Not really. Of course. All right, well,
it's a great question. Let's give it a shake. Let's see what President Trump
has to say. Will he ever be able
to do the Floss dance? -We're gonna very soon find out. Maybe I'm not right,
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That's a cryptic answer. But maybe we will find out. Roots, do you have a beat?
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What's their names? -Lorelai and Matthias.
-Check out your dad doing the Floss dance
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What just happened? Thank you for playing. That's all the time we have for Trump Magic 8 Ball,
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Trump Magic 8 — 8 Ball ♪ ♪ Trump Magic 8 Ball ♪ -Oh! That was fantastic. That was pretty good, actually.
-[ Laughs ] I liked it. Oh, guys, listen to this —
today, Lady Gaga apologized for making a song with R. Kelly
back in 2013. Gaga says she hopes her fans
can move on from this embarrassing moment and enjoy her new duet
with Kevin Spacey. [ Audience groans ]
Now, hey, guys, I get — -[ Laughs ] [ Laughter ]
-Whoo! [ Laughing ] -And finally,
it was reported that, during his meeting
with Democrats yesterday, Trump got so mad
that he stormed out of the room. It was the first time
Trump did something stormy without having to pay $130,000.
[ Cheers and applause ] We have a great show tonight.
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Nancy Pelosi's Most Pathetic Moment

>> The Hill is reporting that Nancy Pelosi
has written Donald Trump a strongly worded letter. >> That'll show him. >> What a leader. In reference to the migrant detention camps,
which, of course, are holding migrants in unsanitary and unsafe conditions. Now this all has to do with legislation that
the House passed. The initial form of the legislation, it's
a House funding bill, would give the Trump administration, or specifically border patrol,
$4.5 billion to continue with their terrible operations. But the initial bill actually had certain
demands from the administration to improve the conditions in which these migrants are
being kept in. Now, the final version of the bill didn't
have those demands. And so, Nancy Pelosi is like, hey, Trump,
I'm gonna write you a strongly worded letter begging you to please improve the conditions
for these migrants. So Pelosi urged Trump to take specific, immediate
actions as proposed in House Democrats initial bill and highlighted three policy changes
lawmakers sought in last week's negotiations over a $4.5 billion package to provide resources
for agencies handling the influx of migrants at the border. So I want to read from the letter that was
just released. She writes, in our conversations, you and
the Vice President said our 30 day timeline to establish final plans was not achievable,
but did not offer an alternate deadline. There must be a date certain to us. What are you doing? >> What are you doing? This is over. >> It's done. >> You already voted, you already voted. >> The money's there. You gave him everything that he wanted. >> You gave it to him already. That's not how you do negotiations, you don't
go, okay, look, here's the ransom money. Now, can you please give me the person you
took? You didn't bring them? God damn it, I should've asked earlier. That's not how it works, okay? So now, there's two issues that I have here. One is, it's not even strongly worded. >> No, it's not. >> Here, I'll give you another quote. She says, I would deeply appreciate your soonest
consideration of the proposals contained in the House legislation. That's not a strongly worded letter. That's a pleading, begging letter. And by the way, that's the position she put
herself into cuz she already gave him everything he wanted. There were progressives in the House who said
don't do it, don't give him everything he wants, fight. And Pelosi, as always, said no, we believe
in preemptive surrender. Her only excuse was, no, but Schumer surrendered
even before I did. I know, it's a very low bar, if you're comparing
yourself to Chuck Schumer. So yes, both of you, in your entire leadership
of the Democrats, all you've ever done is surrender. So it's not a point of pride to say, yeah,
Chuck Schumer surrendered before I did. You should have seen him on the concrete floor,
he was lying down for Trump way before I did, a couple of seconds before I did. So and then, I think, can I get all the press
agree with me now? I don't know. >> Of course not, they'll never agree with
you. >> I know they never because they kiss her
as a non-stop. But if you're a real reporter, you would have
to acknowledge the facts now. She called herself a master legislator, and
almost every reporter in Washington went along with it. I did research before I wrote an op-ed about
how Nancy Pelosi is not a progressive to make sure that I wasn't getting it wrong, dozens
of articles. She's amazing. What a strategy, incredible strategy, and
she's so wonderful, amazing. Does a master legislator, after a bill has
already passed, write a letter to the person they were negotiating with? Going, pretty please, I know we gave you everything,
but could you please do it anyway? Is that what a master legislator does? No, that is what terrible legislator does. And Medium, stop making excuses for Democratic
leadership. Cenk, you don't understand, they're playing
three-dimensional chess. What part of three-dimensional chess is giving
Trump everything he wants? And then turning around and writing, I beseech
you, I deeply appreciate, at your soonest convenience, please, please, do the thing
that we didn't insist that you do when we had the power. >> Right. >> When we had the leverage. >> Right. >> No, that's not what a master legislator
does. That is what someone who should be fired does. Now you can't fire her from her congressional
seat, obviously, but you can definitely fire her for being the Speaker of the House. Cuz she doesn't speak for the majority of
Democrats when she constantly aids and abets Donald Trump. And she is not the leader of anyone, let alone
the Democrats, as she constantly helps Donald Trump achieve everything he wants, without
any fight at all. >> So I remember when this vote took place
in the House. AOC was not in favor of it, she did not vote
in favor of it. And Nancy Pelosi got real salty because AOC
actually did the right thing, right? Why are we just gonna toss taxpayer money
in the direction of these detention facilities that are mistreating and abusing these migrants? Well, I also wanna just quickly note that
this is what Pelosi said after the bill had passed in the House. In order to get resources to the children
fastest, we will reluctantly pass the Senate Bill, Ms. Pelosi said in a letter to Democratic
lawmakers. As we pass the Senate Bill, we will do so
with a battle cry. >> Heh. >> I know. >> Battle cry. >> Battle cry as to how we go forward to protect
children in a way that truly honors their dignity and worth. >> Apparently the battle cry is, deeply appreciate
your soonest consideration. Wow, I didn't know you were that strong, Speaker
Pelosi. She's gotta go. Not my leader, not anybody's leader. And let's understand what this letter is. This is a CYA operation. So she realized she made a mistake and she's
taken a lot of heat. And before she was never ever challenged because
everybody in Washington is way too polite to everyone else inside the club. Now there are a couple of progressives who
are not as polite. You know why? Cuz they're representing the voters and not
everybody inside the elitist club. And so now, you know what happened? They were right. And so now a lot of Democrats are going, maybe
the progressives were correct that Nancy Pelosi is not a master legislator. Maybe she doesn't know what she is doing at
all. So that's why Nancy Pelosi, after it's totally
useless, comes out with this letter, hey don't worry guys, don't worry. I got a letter where I beseech Trump, problem
solved. Sorry, but that's a sad, sad joke.

AOC Shuts Down Right-Wing Fake News

>> Following AOC's visit to an El Paso migrant
detention center, of course, there is right wing spin. Even though the heart of the story should
be that migrants are being mistreated, abused, and kept in unsanitary conditions at these
centers. Well, there's a right wing writer for Washington
Examiner. Now, let me be clear, Washington Examiner
is a right wing publication. Her name is Anna Giaritelli, and she is saying
that according to her sources, AOC was yelling at Border Patrol agents while she was visiting
the detention center. Here's her tweet, she says, Representative
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, screamed at federal law enforcement agents in a threatening manner
during a visit to a US Border Patrol facility in El Paso, Monday afternoon, and refused
to tour the facility, according to two people who witnessed it. Now, let me be clear in that she is not a
source that should be trusted. In fact, she had, and this is something that
Jordan brought up. She had claimed that there were prayer rugs
at the border, that ranchers were finding Muslim prayer rugs at the border. And this was all meant to push this narrative
that dangerous Muslims are trying to enter the United States at our southern border. That story was debunked. So, again, she's not a source that should
be trusted. But I also want to be clear about one other
thing. Considering ProPublica's reporting which indicates
that 9,500 Border Patrol agents, both current and former, were in this private Facebook
group putting out disgusting, sexually degrading content about AOC. I wouldn't really mind if she yelled at them,
right? >> Yeah. >> Especially considering what she saw when
she went to that detention center, and what she witnessed with the abuse of these migrants. >> So I have many things to say. First, to the Border Patrol agents who were
such tough guys when they were doing their Facebook group. We'll give money to the agent who throws a
burrito at these bitches, is what they wrote- >> Yeah. >> Referring to AOC and another female congresswoman,
who also happened to be Latina. And they talked about hoes and they talked
about all these things and how they were going to do this and that. And now, if it's even remotely true, they
go running to conservative media crying, my god, AOC was mean to us, mommy, will you protect
us? Are you crying? Are you crying? >> It's incredible. I mean, they will sit there and laugh about,
make jokes about migrants who have died under their watch. And then they turn around and they cry when
someone allegedly yelled at them. Again, I don't know if she yelled at them
or not, right? I don't trust the source. >> No, no, I don't believe it at all. >> Yeah. >> It's actually now warped because all conservative
rumors and conspiracy theories warp immediately. It started with speaking to them in a threatening
manner. She explained, it's like I'm 5'4" threatening
how, right, and you guys have guns. So threatening how? What does that even mean, right? And then it became yelling, and then it became
yelling, screaming, and crying. There are no reports of her crying. >> I know. >> This is all made up. And look, the other story that this reporter
made up is so preposterous. >> Reporter. >> I know, reporter, right? Is so preposterous that anyone who would believe
that, and put it out as a real news story, I mean, you just have to realize at a bare
minimum their judgment is horrific. Let alone the fact that they're likely just
making things up on purpose for their propaganda which is what conservatives normally do. Prayer rugs at the border, really, from Juan
Ben Ramirez? It's obviously to scare monger people like,
my god, they're all brown, and I can't tell the Mexicans from the Arabs. There's prayer rugs! If you know what one of them turned out to
be, they're like, we have evidence, we have it was everybody's like really let's take
a look. It's the only picture they ever show. It was a soccer jersey. >> Of course. >> Of course. >> No, but everybody knows that devout Muslims
like to pray on soccer jerseys. >> Yeah, they're so well known for that. >> I mean it is the prayer rug of choice. No, but I want to also remind you guys of
the story that ProPublica broke. Because let's not get distracted by nonsense
and false stories coming from the right. So again, this is from the ProPublica piece,
perhaps the most disturbing posts, and this is again from that private Facebook page. Perhaps the most disturbing posts target Ocasio-Cortez. One includes a photo illustration of her engaged
in oral sex at a migrant detention center. Text accompanying the image reads, Lucky Illegal
Immigrant Glory Hole Special Starring AOC. >> So that's when AOC had not come into the
building and they were tough guys. Then AOC comes into the building and they're
like, she was threatening us, she was threatening us. What happened, tough guys? When it's little kids and you lock them up
in cages, you're really tough. When they die and you spit on them, proverbially,
and say, if he dies, he dies. That's a direct quote from one of these Facebook
posts. You're a tough guy, right? When AOC's not in the building, you're talking
about this, that and the other thing, you're so tough. She comes in the building you start shaking,
you start shaking. And then you go run to conservative mommy,
and say mommy, mommy, she threatened me. You're so tough. And that's the thing with all bullies. They're not actually tough at all. It's insecurity that breeds it. And so they want to go take it out on defenseless
people. Because in reality, they're not tough at all. >> Let me give your more. Another is a photo illustration of a smiling
President Donald Trump forcing Ocasio-Cortez's head toward his crotch. The agent who posted the image commented,
that's right bitches. The masses have spoken and today democracy
won. I will give them credit for acknowledging
that Donald Trump likes to sexually assault and rape women. >> Yeah and that's probably not, well, like
with a lot of conservatives they celebrate that. And then that's why they were celebrating
that image. So to use your vernacular. Now that a congresswoman, by the way, the
youngest female congresswoman ever in the United State's history. Has come into the building and actually stood
up for the defenseless. You feel threatened bitches? So you like to use those terms, right? Now they'll cry about this, I guarantee you. The good people of Border Patrol, doing their
jobs, and crushing those people, and making sure they never get any showers. And making sure they're locked up in cages,
and if they die, laughing at them! Are you impugning their motives? God damn right I am, and if she didn't yell
at them, I wish she had. Yeah, exactly right. I mean, the story is being reported by conservatives
as if even if it were true, it would be a bad thing. No, these are people who are abusing their
power. Now we know that the right wing doesn't see
this as a bug, but rather a feature. And so instead of focusing on the fact that
now dozens of migrants have died under Border Patrol custody. And instead of focusing on how they're being
kept in unsanitary conditions, and they're just being abused every single day. They've decided we're going to go after AOC
because she allegedly yelled at Border Patrol agents, please. Now let me give you AOC's response, quickly. She says, to these CBP officers saying they
felt threatened by me. They were literally discussing making a GoFundMe
for an officer who attacked me on my tour. They confiscated my phone, and they were all
armed, I'm 5'4". They're just upset I exposed their inhumane
behavior. >> Hear, hear. >> That is a leader, that right there is a
leader, and Nancy Pelosi should take note. >> I believe she has taken note. >> Yahoo asked her, do you think we're really
headed toward fascism? And here's her exact quote, are we headed
to fascism? Yes, I don't think there's a question. If you actually take the time to study and
to look at the steps and to see how government transforms under authoritarian regimes, and
look at the political decisions and patterns of this president, the answer is yes. >> Man, she doesn't scare easily. So if you're gonna come at here, you're gonna
have to come a little stronger than that. And you could tell, again, they're just bullies,
and the minute you push back, they cower and they should. And what I was going to say is that, look,
9,500 people were in that Facebook group, there's only 20,000 Border Patrol agents. So it doesn't mean that everybody in that
group was Border Patrol, but obviously a lot of people there were Border Patrol or connected
to Border Patrol. So that's a huge percentage. It's not a few bad apples. I'm sure that there are a few good apples
mixed in with quite a rotten lot. Most importantly, led by rotten leaders like
Donald Trump, who encourage their worst side rather than their best side.