President Donald Trump Threatens To Close Border Next Week: 'We're Not Playing Games' | NBC News

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Federal Judge Denies Democrats Blocking Trump's Wall

hello viewers I'm Curtis host of this channel and you were watching POTUS breaking news network YouTube channel I request you watch this video till the end federal judge rejects House Democrats blocking Trump's wall according to news updates from CNN a federal judge in Washington last Monday denied a request by House Democrats to block President Donald Trump from transferring funds from appropriated accounts to construct his border wall a setback for Democrats seeking to use the judicial system to fight the White House before starting to the news we would like to know your opinion about the following poll should employers be required to pay men and women the same salary for the same job kindly press the like button and comment your answer in the comments section given below this video we are waiting to know your reply in the comment section so now let's start the news judge Trevor McFadden said the house lacks standing to bring the challenge and also he does not believe the court should step into the fight between the President and Congress he wrote the court declines to take sides in this fight between the house and the president this case presents a close question about the appropriate role of the judiciary in resolving disputes between the other two branches of the federal government to be clear the court does not imply that Congress may never sue the executive to protect its powers it's one of the first times in the numerous court battles between the democratic-led House of Representatives and Trump's administration that a federal judge has ruled with the administration over lawmakers several House committees have received favorable rulings last month from federal judges as they subpoenaed financial records from Trump's accounting firm and from Deutsche Bank and Capital One as part of the democratic-led investigations McFadden's decision to effectively kill the house effort to stop the border wall comes at the White House and his critics clash over immigration policy on the us-mexico border a judge in California meanwhile overseeing a separate federal case pause some funding that was set to go towards the wall last month border communities and the Sierra Club will continue to challenge the constitutionality of Trump's funding of the wall in the lawsuit at the same time public attention has turned to Crowl conditions and border detention centers while Trump is called for tougher restrictions the ruling will likely not impact the other lawsuits by House Democrats or states against the Trump administration or various legal efforts to block border wall construction it was specifically on the idea of standing simply whether the house could show injury and could sue earlier this year the democratic-led house joined several organizations and filing a lawsuit against the president's national emergency declaration the lawsuit argues Trump's choice to move funds for the wall violated the Appropriations Clause of the Constitution which gives Congress power over the designation of federal spending it asked McFadden to block spending of money transferred for the wall in addition to future transfers the suit received the notable support from former members of Congress and former House General Counsel's from both sides of the aisle a bipartisan group of more than 100 former House members signed a brief I stated rarely in our nation's history as the executive branch launched such an assault on Congress's executive legislative powers the Department of Justice praised the decision the court rightly ruled that the House of Representatives cannot ask the judiciary to take its side in political disputes and cannot use federal courts to accomplish through litigation when it cannot achieve using the tools the Constitution gives the Congress a Department spokesperson said in a statement the Department looks forward to continuing to defend the administration's lawful actions to address the crisis at the southern border so what did you think about this news please share this news with your social contact and comment in the comment section below and don't forget to subscribe to our Channel press the bell icon to get notified for daily news updates you can make some donation to us through PayPal link given in the description section also if you want to communicate with us then contact us on our email which is also given in the description section of this video

Trump Turns the Shutdown Tables on the Democrats as Some of his Fans Balk

all right everyone it's time for a quick reaction to Trump's a fairly brief speech with regards to the shutdown the border wall of course and some of the black pilling going on at the moment now normally I don't make special videos like afternoon I don't make videos at all typically this one though is an exception I have no choice if people wanted me to do on an Roger stone this would be the sixth video that's a little excessive because of YouTube's algorithms especially sharing things out reaction to the Trump speech with regards to the shutdown you know long story short version essentially what he's saying is okay the government is gonna be reopened for three weeks this is a temporary reopening in order for negotiations to continue people get their back pay government workers and so forth we're continuing to persist and then he optimistically says well I think the Democrats ultimately are willing to to make a compromise to negotiate now rather that's true or not doesn't really matter what people are saying is well Trump has caved on the wall Trump is backing down he reopened the government without wall funding this is a temporary reopening for three weeks this is not a normal reopening like oh yes six months or or twelve months or something we're gonna budget for things this is a three-week reopening now he gains two things from this and this is what's important number one not only did he just technically give a State of the Union address at least in part on that issue he now gets to deliver the full State of the Union why remember he said hey okay I'm Nancy Nancy Pelosi I'm willing to kick the can down the road I'm not gonna give the State of the Union until the government's reopen well it's not closed is it no he just reopened he's signing off on it tonight so now he can give the State of the Union Pelosi can't stop him that's number one number two what he's done is he has gotten the Democrats apparently to agree to a temporary continuation for negotiating purposes ah what's the importance there the Democrats didn't want to negotiate at all when it came to all funding remember when Nancy Pelosi at first said dismissed his proposal out of hand note we're not Gosha anything shut the fucking government down we're not gonna talk about the wall at all ah I don't think that that's entirely accurate now is it they're apparently willing to negotiate enough to take the bait on this one what's gonna happen government reopens okay he comes out he gives his State of the Union in which he will browbeat the Democrats and say essentially look there's you know two or three weeks left I want to keep the government open I want to keep things funded but we need a border wall the Democrats need to negotiate on this if they are unwilling to do that the onus is almost entirely on them see what he's doing is turning the tables a little bit right now he is disproportionately he and the Republicans taking blame for the shutdown will it be the same if the Democrats who have agreed to a negotiation based temporary extension on paying government workers and so forth keeping the government open if they then do not negotiate they do nothing further do they take additional blame I think the answer is yes I think Trump knows that the answer is yes that's why he's doing this this strategic move this isn't caving on the wall this is getting the wall built through strategy but a lot of people will are either – they're too ignorant to understand that number one and a war or they're just you know there's black pilled completely they like demoralized or something I can understand what some of them will be of course that was his main campaign promise – a large chunk of the electorate that voted for him two years in you you only have a handful of successes with regards to border security understood absolutely if you want more give him time this is exactly how you negotiate he can't just go in there say okay I'm gonna declare a state of emergency I'm gonna get the wall built of Pentagon funding I get blocked by the ninth circuit the next day so what do you expect him to do this is the only thing that he can do he it's it's like a chess game he's trying to outmaneuver the Democrats and he's doing a damn good job so far okay he's managed to get him to agree to this primarily because what's their alternative what if Trump came out and said well I tried to reopen the government at least temporary temper early to keep negotiations going but they didn't take it they refused well they're keeping the government shut down I extended the olive branch they could have a have a three week four week extension they didn't chose not to take it so you know fuck them basically they couldn't say no and I think they know that but I mean how are they going to explain it to their constituents if they do refuse not going to happen so they've reopened the government temporarily with Trump coming out during the period and during this speech in which he's talking specifically about why he's signing off in a hey this is for the purposes of wall based negotiating we must secure the border there must be a physical impediment to people coming in illegally that's why I'm reopening the government so that conversation can continue now of course the hidden reason is the State of the Union almost certainly it is very likely he'll give the State of the Union in the next couple of weeks he'll say okay Nancy government's open can I come in and give the State of the Union trust me if she says no it'll be worse for she should just let him give the so to address she should just say yes because the alternative will be a lot worse he'll come and say hey remember this little letter and he'll still hold it up right on Twitter he'll have a picture of it right there say I remember when Nancy said that it was security concerns that kept me from doing the State of the Union in the house there's no security concerns Secret Service has been paid they're just fine she's still not letting me make if she's trying to strangulate and hold the government hostage see it's the Democrats that want to shut things down he'll win he's pretty much won either way but are there are a lot of people out there that don't understand his particular style of negotiation I think in his particular style of strategy and then some of these people are people that I like the kind enough like I like Mike Serna vich I like his content but he's wrong he's clearly he's flat-out wrong I think on this now it could be the Trump fails it let's be honest here it's possible he fails the Democrats don't fund the wall they lock down the government they shut it down again which is what they've done now he takes the blame anyway it's possible that that happens but I don't think it's overtly likely I don't think it's quite as likely as some people think um so yeah I'm gonna spend and I don't have a problem with what Trump's doing and I don't understand some of these people they're highly intelligent they understand the basics of political stress and they're still trying to ream Trump as though he saw that how did you read that headline on Breitbart or something like that yeah you should probably avoid them they're part of the legacy media – that's about all peace out

Trump Makes Cruel Border Move

the Trump administration has decided to completely cancel certain components of the facilities that children are being detained in these are undocumented immigrants who are seeking asylum many of them are children who are put in these facilities that are not detention facilities but they're meant to shelter the children until their case is heard by an immigration judge or until there's a decision made about where they're going to end up so this is not meant to be a prison this is not meant to be detention this is meant to be a shelter and as a result the shelters have certain programs that educate the kids to keep the kids safe and the Trump administration has now decided no we're gonna completely cut these programs the office of refugee resettlement has become has begun discontinuing the funding stream for English classes recreational programs and legal aid they have been deemed quote not directly necessary for the protection of life and safety including education services legal services and recreation federal officials have warned Congress that they are facing a dramatic spike in unaccompanied minors at the southern border and have asked Congress for 2.9 billion dollars in emergency funding to expand shelters and care so there are shelter employees who are outraged about this they're speaking to the press anonymously because they're worried about retaliation and one shelter employee brings up a great point what are you gonna do all day if you're not going to have any sort of organized recreation or physical activity what are you going to do just let them sit in their rooms you know like they're in prison right and and that last part was added by me for those of you who are listening to the podcast version of the show it's disgusting it's sick and it just shows you where the priorities are for the Trump administration absolutely nothing lines up with the initial what we're told are beliefs how many times have you seen someone who happens to be a trump supporter on video yelling at some Brown person in a grocery store about not speaking English but then they support a president who runs an administration that would cut English class oh my god that's such a good point that is such a good point none of it ever makes sense because cruelty really is the only let's just right it's not about I don't even think it's about you know hating immigrants so much that you just don't want them to be here as much as its hating immigrants so much that you want to be mean to them that's right and that seems crazy and small and small-minded but look at this and you know what you put that so perfectly because all of the justifications for the like the justifications they give us for their cruelty to these children right is complete BS it's meant to cover up the fact that it's just pure hatred oh they don't speak English we're gonna go ahead and cut the English program because it's not really about the fact that they don't speak English it really isn't you just hate the others that's it yeah out completely that's completely it not to mention how cruel it is to not want to help teach someone English so they can better communicate with big guards right shelter workers you know what I mean with with people around them but just the fact that you don't even really want you're not doing anything that supports what you say you want and we've seen this over and over and over again I bet we could write out a list of examples of hey this is what they've said and then they come and do something that completely checks this out like marks this out this doesn't make any sense they're cutting soccer I know and sending messages to the leaders of the heads of the shelter to say hey we're not paying for this and we're not paying for this starting back on May 22nd really mess up your you know your funding situation here yeah like are they having trouble funding balls is that right going on I know I know Trump seems to lack a pair but I mean what's going on right now this is this is ridiculous and for those of you who might be watching cuz I know we have some right-wingers who love to hey watch this show and you're thinking but what about our resources we're really struggling in the country right now you want to know why we're struggling because you have Republicans who continuously give these tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans by the way Trump's tax cuts will cost this country two trillion dollars over the next decade so while you're crying about our lack of resources just take a look at the root of the problem because I grant you that there are issues in this country we do need to fund certain things but the reason why it seems like we lack resources is because all of those all that revenue that we could be generating is going in the pockets of this country's millionaires and billionaires or also sitting in jail sales yeah yeah at the amount of money that we're spending on the private prisons that are detaining these kids and he's undocumented immigrants I mean why don't we take a good hard look at that because there's a huge money making scheme going on with Trump's immigration policies right and the US taxpayer you know the middle class in the working class that actually has to pay its taxes are footing the bill for those private prisons two easy ways for the young turks want us hit the subscribe button down below then you're a TYT subscriber and second is ring the bell and when you do that on youtube you're notified of our videos

Flashback Friday – Ep29 – Notre Dame Restoration, Anti-White Politics, EuroWar, Guest Ethan Ralph

and ladies and gentleman welcome thank you so much for joining us here today Friday again which of course means flashback Friday we're at the end of may 2019 already moving fast into June and then July and of course summer's over after that that's how we're kind of used to it in Sweden anyway anyway great to join us thank you so much for tuning in we have some folks joining us at deeds yeah do people like to hi to the six people try to get some action going on dealers more people joining us there anyway do you live you can happen Facebook Twitter or periscope as well thank you so much wherever your joining us from or if you're checking out the archives later at the Red House members calm thank you to all the members or red eyes tell TV as well how's it going today there is a fly imaginary things there's always one that gets in you know it's always one yeah I think I saw it earlier and then I just I forgot about other prep to do so hey how about that a FedEx track that went through her neighbor's garage that was a highlight of the week diversity hire it was a white hipster guy he just space I know what happened there were some guys that were pressure washing listen to Joe Rogan you just did the MDT that claimed that the brakes to stop working is what exists well anything wrong the garage door I guess pigment of your imagination yeah holographic use a quantum quantum things so that's fine no one has to pay for it anyway yeah so that's that's what's going on we have some some of our very best friends today visiting as well so it's been a little bit not as disciplined but we still have a great show for you lined up today we have lots of things to talk about of course we have Ethan Ralph from the Ralph for tour tonight former Hillstrom coming on in about well about 30 minutes or so here get him on to talk about some of the challenges that he's been facing when it comes to D platforming and censorship and jumping platforms and and so much more as well beyond that but hey what I would just kind of dive into some of the relief yeah like 11 stone talked about that Thole 11 she had a course right nyu that was cancelled due to the fact there was only two people that's now this is the the chick who was exactly just like crazy yeah and then all these lefties are like what but but classes get cancelled all the time it's not a big deal yeah it is a big deal because of what it represents and who she is people aren't buying it they don't want her crappy class no they don't that's not so funny about it and it was some good you know she was actually self tweeting but even the actually I checked this out and why you deleted her by she's gone she doesn't work there anymore now we know that that college employs a lot of nutters even just think that yeah I mean you see different has a lot of issues here's an article from the rap about this too and she ended up tweeting I'm not gonna go through all of this but she ended up tweeting herself and kind of I don't you know there's that issue today where if you can show that you kind of are a victim or been not harmed but like other people are suppressing me or you know something like that then basically you get you score points kinda thing so she has really kind of went overboard and talked about how you know she had done all these things and and just like very sad like yeah like what things again it was something about her if she had a party you know and showed us some hot news yeah once I through a very elaborate theme party in college and no one came in high school she stole my journal and read my sex fantasies about my English teacher she goes on there to like these people have no shame do they dirty dirty inside panic attack on stage every time I eat food food is like magnetically attracted to my breasts and often clings there unnoticed well that's up to you to notice those not for the food to notice gross tuna babies not help bagel she did get where did that go now she got some fan art I mean don't get me wrong I don't mind tuna but if it was on her let me see if I can pull those up here yeah she's yeah this is here woman here's some fanart yolks reply I think she retweeted know what she said my nose is actually bigger I think she's yes see she's cushy just jokes with it and hangs with it but if you tell a joke that's remotely sexist or racist or homophobic that's it you're out I'm calling the cops we're gonna ban you from every single platform that's where we draw the line no humor allowed no that's that's that's sweet while we're at it by the way this was a good one too AOC of course the our favorite you know socialist champagne socials maybe she's just a communist I'm not sure says imagine someone wearing a t-shirt that says the future is white like a GOP congressmen stood up and stood neck like Steve King stood to someone next to a person that said the future is white you know of course insert insert in any other group and it would be fine except for white people now I have trouble believing that Asians and blacks would agree that the feature is Latino though even they are not gonna like that shirt only Europeans are suckers enough to be like yeah I stand with these people you know I stand with these people who are better than my people who I want to replace my people yes sir I know it's pretty you know what if you said the future is Swedish or how about the future is Russian maybe I should make that yeah I know yeah like yeah the future is Germanic or like Slavic or you know like a group of people I guess that would make more sense but yeah I imagine that I mean it would be being outcry but in this case you know the the lady who doesn't know what a garbage disposal is gets a pass you know it continued on from that to first Native American elected to Congress because she's elected in 82 percent white district does about yet that's the guilt vote ladies and gentlemen only out of gets four non-whites right all my heroes killed colonizers you know and the only reason why she can wear that shirt today is because the colonizers were nice let's be honest here they were very nice yeah what was it I was it had they're on that I'm gonna pull up my notes here to the zone prepared I am horrific imagine a elected official wearing a t-shirt that said all my heroes kills invaders do you think that go down well for an elected Congress man you're the invader but then then you can say okay well if we have neo colonizers in the West right now is can we can we wear that if it wasn't right then what makes it right today they never came it makes it right if it if it hurts white people then it's the right thing if it's against white people there's never any wrong that can be done that's how good now this week is well with Shaw we saw we saw the fashion tag catching on I don't even know if I could show that in there but you can see what they're doing with the hash tag right he turns into an ancient European Sun symbol that I don't I don't know if we can show it in full but yeah that's it they're gonna be banning it from all the phones and everything now yeah there was someone that did spread the good word make Twitter ban the hash tag right so some people went the other way that it's actually for Oh doll runes kind of interlocked into each other forming the hash tag and then someone who obviously this was a huge huge troll and it did actually end catching on and there was a heart of gold stream reported on it they fall for it every time I mean talk about they are the paranoid conspiracy theorists both rights knew hate symbol I think that might have been photoshopped but still it's funny was it yeah I don't know how far it did actually go it I think but still the point is clear yeah it's just then you hate symbols why they all tried these kinds of campaigns but you know you could get people to do extraordinary things by just having the wrong people advocating for something you know like smiley faces we should start advocating for drinking water see what happens you know spoiling the new symbol of white supremacy exactly oh and hey some of the good news here very very good news regarding not read a damn Dame Cathedral in Paris French the French Senate says that it must be restored it restored technically as it was right we hired let's click in on the piece here on CNN very much I didn't think it would go in that direction I mean either very pleasantly surprised by that it was talks of having minarets or like new things or glass ceilings or you know come giant dildo probably something like that anything really to stick it to those right-wingers right let's destroy a you know hundreds of years of well it's already sadly destroyed in the fire but you know what I'm saying not rebuild it to to preserve it it could go in any direction essentially rebuilding the Cathedral which was damaged by the massive fire April 15 the cost tension between traditionalists and those who see this as an opportunity to construct a new cathedral paris paris is this socialist mayor and Hidalgo had said in achieves in favor of an identical restoration not surprising actually welcome mr. Eduardo Philippe had expressed interest in a more modern of course it's always some ugly modern monstrosity well good this is good news right very good absolutely the move to restore the resort to its last known visual state is an attempt to stop a modern makeover know who's writing this is this CNN and who said we wanted a modern makeover it's ridiculous what last month Phillippe announced any international architects competition to rebuild and perhaps refresh brief refashion sorry the Fallen spire which was added during the 19th century renovation of the 850 year olds Cathedral it was nearly three hundred feet tall and made of wood and led of course they had that called the forest up in the ceiling yeah of this thing but as we pointed out prior the French people after a was it after the French Revolution they had the foresight to say one day they might try to destroy it again these these maniac Jacobins and these you know Ottomans actually put people in ovens by the way like oh they're the ones who actually put people in others what do you think you take out the ideas from to pin it on yeah anyway so they actually planted trees for a potential and those are apparently ready they're like two hundred years old I think it's oak by merrily that's dangerous which is fast and planned some more that they had that for snacks 200 years exactly and the question is would we even be able to to have that foresight you know sure not too sure all right I don't know if there's more to say about that we will have to see what happens but that's a very very good go away Zakaria let's talk about this one this one is actually pretty interesting Florida launches investigation into group trying to privately build the border wall now think of think of it this way right you have a president that ran on building a wall then you have groups that show up it types of tax paying groups that show up and decide to do it and individuals that compresses that group shows up and then says basically we have to do this ourselves we there's the wall it's not gonna be built we have to take the initiative what happens consequently they raise 23 million so far only and there's been other attempts by them they want to give it to the government by the way to do it and they said oh well that's just gonna go into a general useful so basically a slush fund right so you know then they're like okay well screw that we'll do it ourselves and you know it would be more efficient it would look better it would get done on time and it would look great if the government didn't do it because that's usually how it works right yeah I just I just find it amazing that it's like you you know you said then what's happened is that they're being investigated that's the point I want to get to get to Florida the the state of Florida has launched an investigation into the group the race over 23 million online in a standard effort to private the Biel president Trump's proposed border wall in the us-mexico border in a responsive consumer complaints including those referred to by the office of the Attorney General and Department of Agriculture Consumer Services has open an investigation into this charity Department of Agriculture's spokesperson said blah blah blah yeah we build a wall incorporated in flu and they said that all they needed is permission from the landowners which is true but you also need all these stupid government permits to build anything right that's how it works in most of these Western countries nowadays I'm sure so that's what they're blocking them on that yet issued cease and desist notices and everything all right but yeah I mean come on state have done this is what the majority voted for the tax business some say that's why I'm saying why is it why is this even country no well commercial but it's like why is there an issue with this when this is what they say this is democracy see now they're going ahead and just freakin doing it yeah I love that these people took that initiative at least yeah exactly you know I you know people have said too well it's the wall it's not gonna work or you know all these excuses right well but it's but it's also about the the idea that the country and the people collectively is willing to take that as a symbolic act of saying yes every inch of the border wall might not ever be you know tested by these things right there but it supported the point is you show the dedication to the issue let's take back on for all of our country let's take back control of our borders let's go back to something which you know which is necessary for America to be able to continue to operate as a nation I'd say that this project is a true labor of love a project by the people who have gotten together and said let's do some teamwork and let's get it done you know these are the kinds of people I want to see more of moving forward yeah obviously our government is not our friend it's amazing that even Trump is like why is he gonna be okay as Florida investigates this group by the way the guy who's behind it is a triple amputee veteran yes he's a disabled guy oh it's the same group okay I've seen him I mean he looks like a really nice guy he's been through a lot and everything I remember I can get it done it was remember he was the platform from Facebook as well he was running some like hugely popular like a news aggregator I think or something like that to this amputee I think we covered it remember and they just they I think it was him yeah they did they yanked his Facebook page he couldn't you know he was writing an article about how I can't basically take care of his family anymore well that's able-bodied privilege and three daughters you know discriminating based on him having an well he doesn't have arms and legs yeah yeah I know it's it's what it is hey let me just see here otherwise we can move on and actually talk a little bit about I did a video yesterday about the situation with the and Tifa kind of interface with journalists and stuff like that and we have quite a bit to to actually get into there but what actually before we do that why don't we do some of the super chats why do you have those pulled up if I can start out there before we do that we'll bring in Ralph about yet about like 15 minutes or so we're gonna take a short break at the top of the bottom of the hour and then we'll bring him in but all right anyway Glen Gunn 19 says remember politics alone is not enough we must continually apply pressure and produce results at a grassroots level absolutely politics is not enough I think meta politics is not enough just culture alone as a you know moving isn't every end exactly everything you can't just kind of leave out one or just put your all your eggs in one basket as I said we have to like try different things so absolutely grant again thank you for that Kimberly Bentley says love listening to you guys while I'm working or cleaning the house good keep the amazing word secure is much love Thank You Kimberly really appreciate that yeah a lot of people are tuning in and whatever they're what if they're up to yeah all right Jim Munchie says yeah red ice absolutely thank you Eugene Westminster's iMessage telegram websites for all 25 countries are up and listed that's our white homelands comm I want to still have an attempt to look into it properly did you message on telegram I must have missed that okay let me get key sent to me in the email and I'm buried an email right now yeah yeah we'll definitely get around to taking so long it's has been one of those like two three weeks of insane wall-to-wall stuff but I definitely wanna do something on it Eugene as well white home last alcohol go and check that out in the meantime Thank You Jean we will reach back to you Rainey step says love your show keep up the great work thank you so much white mur mur mur mur Nick sleeper awake the enemy is at the gate so you don't wake you're inside there inside the gates I think gather behind behind enemy lines already right low do vices much love to the lovely Lana Thank You 2024 folks is it rotting or or what Fiona I would be a circus message just just a heart thank you for not really appreciate that the road warrior says tally 11 404 not found at Eddie spaghetti sauce I wanna be the best so what's Teddy spaghetti oh and Benjamin or what was it again yeah who was that again it was was a noodle I think so warrior yeah exactly I mean 11 assists I mean she's if she wasn't so dumb and luck attacked all these people all the time to try to get just wouldn't she wouldn't get that yeah she asks for she spews it out like crazy it's not a cypher no definitely not alright let's see here the next one cure for cancer ko I guess dotco the website maybe the trillion dollar pharmaceutical and medical industries say there are treatments but not cures to exploit people fasting proper nutrition cures and prevents many diseases preaching to the choir here yeah cancer cancer sorry a co exactly well we were you know we covered that actually last last week remember that there was just a piece in CNN who ironically actually had their own health department slashed effectively it was only the one guy left a few doctor guitars and things that they have there but actually one decent article they had was about all these cases where they finally had said all due to really really bad diet some of these people had gotten cancer ding-dong we've all known this what eating right is gonna help prevent cancer sadly it's it's absolutely amazing who knew right alright so John Sinclair says globo homo gay Plex both hey we run oh yeah there we go perfect perfect timing it's funny I saw some lefties that were all they took a screenshot of one of our shows those Globo homo strikes back and they're like look at the hate speech in this title they don't even know what Globo homo because they are one well I mean it's attacking gays world I mean it's just the globalists there's nothing to do with well maybe it doesn't away by the point is its amount of the homogenous ation of the global population right so it's homo Globus or global homo right it's like a console right here for cancer again yeah Christianity is religious communism both lies in both the lies emitted by the tribe to convince whites that their mud it's our fellow children of the God / the state well you know we have we share we share a Christian pagan heritage all of us and I think it's time to let that go we can have a different views but if you fight with people who are ultimately not anti-white over their religion then your you care more about your religion than you do about the actual survival of the people that's kind of our take on that so you know we don't go after Christians or Christianity people can we're gonna be multifaceted atheism paganism Christianity maybe even some other new faiths or whatever it's all good just as long as you don't hate white people I want to like destroy you know our our group basically displace us writer pro white or anti white at the end of the day you know I think even with our you left-wing are you right-wing it they're gonna do a video on this I mean so many lines are blurred there and people you know they kind of it is like a circle and it goes around in different ways and you swing on different issues and stuff but you either like white people and you want them to survive and think they should have homelands of their own or you don't I guess that's what it boils down to that's right but yeah thanks for comment cure for cancer Co don't Gustavo's slot machines as it breaks my heart to see such poverty my girlfriend is homeless and I can't provide for her yet but bring her and bring her into your house mover owning yeah what did that doesn't make sense that I should understand that brick smart to see such poverty like were homeless and I can't provide for her well okay I mean okay you're obviously in a situation that's what you're saying maybe he doesn't he can't provide for her I guess well you know again I don't know what your situation is but it's true that a lot of people are are being squeezed out you know because they're being discriminated against and unfortunately as our governments are just mass reporting you know cheap labor and workers and stuff like that there's not enough jobs to go around and then add on to it Automation and stuff right I think that two of the most bigger biggest issues that like you know people are starting to become aware of now or you know even if they're you know real or perceived is this issue of climate change and automation right then to the coming technological kind of revolution when it comes to these things and ironically they are both tied into the migration question you know without without open borders and mass migration the the consequences once automation comes into full swing is not going to be as bad as it's going to be if you're import hundreds of thousands and in some cases millions of unemployable individuals right who's gonna pay for all these and when it comes to environmentalism and used to be even just in 80's and 90's environmentalists did know that mass immigration was not good for the environment but all of a sudden they're just hush-hush about these things yeah it's absolutely amazing so yeah and the last thing I was inside she was climate the climate change issue and same thing there really I mean if you move large amounts of people from the third world into the first world and expect them to have the same lifestyle as we do today or even one that has a smaller you know carbon footprint or whatever you still gonna have massive consequences on the environment so all these all those questions are actually connected I forget who brought it up but there was some someone that talked about that I think was even I was watching some of Sargon's interactions that he was adding with you know when you think is he before he wrecked you keep you know went out on the road and all these young people came up to him and talked about they literally believed that we're all going to die in my 12 years and if we don't do anything now it's over and there was like immigration it's it's irrelevant it's an non-issue kind of thing but it's like well no it's not it's intricately tied into those things you know so it's kind of an all these kids must be a little you know I have some bipolar issues or other emotional mental issues that they just believe that right away that we're gonna die to news I know it's really look at Cortes yep nothing doesn't seem right in there yeah it's true it's sure okay two more I see here and then we'll we might actually take out over to the break real earlier here I'm in Ralph's opinion Ralph exactly anyway it is yes it is a tough says Deucalion the border yes I am Goodfellas get a South awesome say they get to bori accent again to bother you low and guttural you know so that's true and we had one that came in on the cash app again if you don't want to if you want a super chat and not give YouTube 30% we appreciate that too I don't Californian says henrik love the new hairstyle or thank you it's kind of the old one going back again I don't know what to do with it we'll see where it goes yeah definitely anyway so some of the things here guys I'm just switch over to a couple of the stories here quick because when ralph comes on i want to talk about the issue that uh you know that huffington post pieces actually yeah that won't work where did we go here but my buddy lose him we've been having some conversations on twitter man he is a sad man let me tell you yes no one's trying to censor ulaana he says go look at my tweets yeah you're just writing this whole article literally trying to ban and censor everyone who's aunt remotely anti leftist no one's trying to censor ban you you'll still have your platform like utter denial that they're banning people from all social media payment processors a web hosting venue even countries now anyway we'll get into them yeah but again it's they're not you know it's not they're not he's not stupid it's just dumb if you ladies are just well i mean it's just it just it just lies it's just a bunch of lies it's like things taken out of context and you know that's usually watch it's all it let's take this thing in that thing in this thing is less percent as monstrous kind of him i mean that's easy to do with anybody essentially you know and then of course you go you go from there into this issue oh well okay they're bad people okay well then that justifies the banning right but again if you put things in context you know it may it makes sense the things that we we do is we'll get to that i actually was one thing specifically i wanted to show from that because it just it's kind of funny but guys let's just take a quick little break here and then we'll bring on Ethan ruff we'll be right back guys everyone's been asking and is finally 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refugees they should aspire to go back to them yes [Applause] get the shirt in three different colors for men and women at red itd slash store or Lana's llama calm use the coupon code Dalai Lama or twenty percent support red ice support independent media now is the time yes they really do have to go back and thank you for joining us once again ladies and gentlemen great of you to tune in here if you're watching live just John joining us flashback Friday episode 29 of course you're watching red eyes TV gradual here alright so we have brought in route Ethan Ralph homicide Ralph because most people call him Ralph again how's it going I guess it's more affectionate Ralphy very good it's been busy and a lot of things to do it's great great to hear your voice manner thank you for coming on as well been listening to the the show on and off like the last maybe month or so really been enjoy I don't think I've listened to much at the what the height of the kill stream when you still were on YouTube I think yeah so we were on YouTube doing pretty well got kicked off I think the stories well-known then we we went to stream me and that was pretty good too until until they kind of just pulled the plug one day and went away and you know what happened didn't you you actually had some insight on that but you can't share it because of about what happened there I don't know it's no longer around regardless of what happens behind the scenes it's no longer there so then we went back to YouTube a friend of mine let him let me use his channel because technically I'm not banned obviously I'm here on your show now I'm not banned from appearing on YouTube but I'm not supposed to own a channel so I kind of try to use that loophole was broadcasting there for a while and then some archived channels got shut down they started looking like they might they might pull the old plug there again so now I'm back to D live another service that I'd used before so what do you think makes you so controversial what are they so because I hear you know I listen to other shows too and I'm sitting there thinking wow this is still on YouTube but I guess the kill stream was just too much is it because it got popular that's yeah and that's a I mean looking back it might have been a tactical error to do that big you know a big fundraiser and that drew a lot of attention that otherwise might not have been there so that might have been a bad play it was a lot of fun now it's funny when you do shows like ours we you don't want media attention but all these other shows are like dying for media attention who isn't a white supremacist and a white nationalist anymore I mean it literally had everyone on this Huff coupe article I've been having some exchanges shall I say with this guy oh I saw one of yours he has me blocked so I couldn't I couldn't register my tweets but yeah the list now obviously it's ridiculous thank using the term white nationalists first up that's their new scare scare well and they're trying to use that to to brand people in order to get them driven off of you know social media all social media now one of the big things this week has been Twitter because you know as much as I'm criticized Twitter and other people have as well they still you know they are kind of one of the most free platforms still out there not perfect by any means and I guess that might be a sad state of affairs given given some of the problems we've seen on Twitter but a lot of people are on Twitter that are not allowed on other other platforms so they're really trying to crack down I saw today they're going they're going after steven crowder i guess he thought that they would never come for him video and apparently somebody was almost crying in this video i haven't watched it yet of course i want to see him get a platform but i did basically yeah if you're if you're a white person and you're against the left even remotely you you're gonna be labeled you're you're a Nazi or white supremacist you're a white nationalist so just just give it the program okay basically people he just doesn't like seeing on Twitter just basically like everyone popular and old Indymedia literally everyone but but also know guys how they conflict try Adam green hi Adam if you're watching I know texted me about this article earlier Tuesday you're keeping an eye on it anyway look at how they conflate the terms though because here on half poof of poop they say white nationalist problem right but they're referencing this article that came out four vais right that they are Twitter have started researching whether white supremacists belong on Twitter right so look at how they conflating the terms and they do this very intentionally so that they can cast as a wide as net of as possible to basically get every single person that they don't like and who they don't agree with D platform from Twitter so this is just my views is to create more noise that's going to in their view hopefully add on to the reasoning that Twitter says okay these are bad individuals let's go ahead and ban them all them that's what how I did and I'm seeing a lot of articles that are that are citing Facebook made a shift recently where they said white nationalist contents not gonna be allowed on the statements more detailed than that but that was the basically the gist of it and they started taking people off the service around the same time they they banned Molly innopolis and some other people I know he had a huge page over there and they just they just took they just took him out now they're trying to cite that so I was reading article yesterday where they said oh well you know Facebook's Facebook's being proactive and what whitter doing sitting back why are they why are they still allowing these people there they need to be more like Facebook so and you've seen that in the past a once somebody makes a move it starts getting used against other companies and then they think well we're gonna look like you know a platform for quote-unquote bigots or whatever that's how it's gonna be spawning the media at least that might cost us a few advertising dollars so you know just it's easier to get more censorious it is finding our Twitter they say they're conducting in-house research and even other outside experts to understand how white supremacists use the platform and they're trying to decide whether these white supremacists should be banned from the site or should they be allowed to stay on the platform so their views can be debated by others you know god forbid we actually debate and discuss a lot of these ideas and see which ones hold up and which ones don't that's exactly what the leftists are afraid of that's what it is they don't want any debate yeah and it's it's kind of pathetic that's how far Twitter has been pushed they went from you know the free speech being of the free speech party was a direct quote from their CEO and now they're they're actually musing she would just take these people off the service although to be fair like I said earlier I mean compared to some of the other social media Twitter Twitter's really not that bad but I don't know I think it's gonna get worse unfortunately for everybody as we move along I decided that just seems to be the the unceasing trend going forward hopefully you know it turns around but I love to how when I responded to this this prick Luke who wrote this piece like you literally want everyone agree with the left band and he's like Oh relax Lana no one's trying to censor you or anyone else I was trying to ban you this is literally what he says you're you're pinning a piece that is calling for banning and censorship and you're sitting there like this little weasel lying weasel no one's trying to ban you'll still be you're talking to me on here now yeah exactly and that's your problem you can't stay in the world this is the thing right they don't they don't like this fact anything and here of course they list all the IDS there but we can't even list you the actual handle right did the actual link because that might give them traffic or something so obviously this is done – oh shit this is done – direct line to Twitter here's the ID folks like remove it right now yeah just here here's the ID take them off the service yeah now obviously if you know Twitter you can take those IDs and put them in it and find the Twitter but yeah that's a shout out to Twitter tech there and I don't know I just I hope Twitter you know it doesn't doesn't fold under this but the mighty see it's more noise I mean one plus is that you know outlets like – the poop is just so discredit at this point I mean they're firing people off like a bunch of people because no one's reading their crap posted and then I noticed something last night while while I was doing the the Rafat or D slash the Ralph's retort by the way I'll throw that out there oh but I noticed something of all the people they show almost without fail – a couple screenshots from people's feeds everybody has a magadhan yeah and if you don't have a maggot they don't they still have this like intense you know desire essentially to connect everything that they can to Trump all the time right so they just they merge these two agendas into one here and say well let's let's these are our these are the Trump supporters out there this is your you know these how they are right white supremacy like this stuff you know again if you go through much of this stuff it's just flat-out lies and it's like you know miss quotations and stuff taking this out of context and put this quote here and and and then Hitler in suck emotionally interpreting things that what's said in some weird like way like he said like one example right it was out of your tag there Ilana and he said like yet that you were if you were doing a speech in Sweden and you said you know you could go hear the whole speech is not hiding no no of course but it was like this idea like oh let's be edgy let's trigger people oh it actually turns out it was women that got Hitler elected exactly because they're like men all the time I got Trump alike intended like it's like a joke like dang it guys and this is always the quote that you know war free scene well the wording he used what that you bragged that women is like an interpretation of something which doesn't even this where I'm talking about it's like you know but they're you sure that you know if you give him something it is that they are sly and they are you know on my bio or my little thing there which was it was my few years ago yeah and so they cited that pulled up all the way accomplished harasser I did yeah I mean it's it's again it's just things that are you know again just these monstrous can all just BIOS on people know what you see is let's just go watch a video with Luke O'Brien just go just go look at that guy and then you'll realize how meaning was this whole pile of crap is actually see the guys writing this shite it's like oh my god I could you told me that he was the grandson the grandson of Larry O'Brien he used to be the chairman of the DNC he's also the one the president of the NBA or the Commissioner of the NBA – but that's a separate story I haven't fact checked that myself I have to look that up but somebody swears that I don't Twitter that no one exactly went exactly surprise me but the thing that really cracked me up was say they happen to mention that I had been on red ice and I had already been talking to come on the show on Friday so I just happened to tweet that out oh yeah seriously from an outsider's point of view what makes us so controversial what seriously I'm asking everyone what makes us so comfortable ya know what's your take on that well for me because that means like I don't know I mean and then somebody on Twitter was like Rob why you never challenged them when you're on there I was like well I don't know they've never really said anything disagreeable to me like I don't really they treat you guys like a boogeyman or something it really is it really is crazy I don't know I haven't seen I haven't seen it myself maybe there's some secret rituals or something I think it's it's the audacity that we dare to you know question most of these established you know come they want everybody stamped out that's not going lockstep I mean it's not even founder Crowder thought he could make fun of this gay dude and call him a queer and still using you know the straight slurs or whatever against gay people and now of course they went through and shopped all that up and you know he's been a fact in the skater used in like a comedy and making fun of him for you know being gay and laughing at him and now they're they're trying to take down his channel or take away his monetization and there's really no escape you can be you can be his main quote-unquote mainstream as you want or try to lean that way enough to cover yourself they're still gonna come after you they still want you off Twitter it's it's everybody they want calm it's not it's not exactly a once almost they've got some DC individuals off it's going to be new individuals which they which becomes the hard edge if you will right and those are the edgy ones now and they just it never ends they will never stop so once they get a taste for blood it keeps exactly like once they got Alex shells okay we got it now we're just gonna stop now they're gonna move down the list they want these people gone too and they won't stop until they're gone no no end the system a game plan obviously this is how they do it just keep on pushing they will never stop but the thing is I think that that will just piss off enough people eventually that and they're gonna piss off the wrong people that actually are going to go after them and sue them they might they might be able to knock down these some of these white working-class people a couple of pegs and destroy the reputation and make them unemployable just for having opinions which are largely unpopular by these radical far-left Pro globalist individuals that we're talking about but soon enough someone is going to be so pissed off that they go after these individuals and sue them for deformation and help to take down these these activists left-wing activist outlets that's what they ran every time yeah well yeah just flat out activist writing this article I was writing a tweet in response to this yesterday and I was about to actually had journalists written into the tweet and then I and I just thought what there's no reason there's no reason to call Luke O'Brien a journalist not just this article look look through his history I mean he what's what's her name Amy it was Amy Mecklenburg I think was her name he he docks her posted all kinds of stuff about her wife got her fired if I recall correctly I mean this guy's got quite quite the history and he's just a flat-out activist just read this read his articles yeah and there and obviously looking at that HuffPost appease it there's no secret about that it's they're not hiding it and interesting you this article showed up he just was it yesterday this was publisher of the day before anyway yeah pointing out some of these things again just a handful of these individuals there are multiple ones of them obviously but and the guy as we know was immediately reprimanded and his counsel suspended from Twitter for exposing these networks and what's interesting is he did the main research on Twitter right so the guy is utilizing data just as they did on YouTube with data in society right than this alternative influence Network report he's doing the same thing all these people are aroused in this guy won't have a job how is he gonna pay his rent because he supposedly writes about far-right extremist groups all the time yeah if you read The Huffington Post article they specifically try to smear him in that article and they call him basically he's saying he's LARPing or faking as as some type of you know expert on on journalists connections or behavior or whatever this mega harasser there's a lot in the article about him and that was just you know a day after this post and Colette is not some you know they're kind of more of an academic type website or has that you know more think think piece type feel you know I mean it's not really a firebrand type web site how you're doing it Nick Monroe I thought it was funny too though look at they had Jack Smith the fourth on this list to I remember he was one of these male feminists who's the biggest perv ever of course it makes sense well look at Luke O'Brien's tweet I just wanted to see here in late May 30 if he had tweeted it he said the problem won't go away and tell confronted so he thinks that all this this is just gonna go away we're just gonna stop talking about it as long as we're not on Twitter social yeah that's gonna solve the problem well no but they're not they're not dumb I mean these people will build camps when they get the ability to do so I mean they did they're not you know they lie and cheat and misquote and you do all these things to smear and and stuff because it benefits their agenda but make no mistake about it it's not going to be enough with social media because we'll find other avenues to communicate and get there I mean the all of this is happening because like there are an elite globalist faction that are transforming primarily the West but it's happened more or less as well and it's creating reactions by people they don't like to be displaced they don't like open borders they don't like being shoved into situations where they have no say and can't participate democratically right it's they are creating these individuals they're creating in quote-unquote far right all the good jobs have been replaced with service industry jobs there's so many things happening for 30 years it's not reporting know exactly and there's so many things happening and changing radically fast and then as I said earlier we have automation coming into that picture you know there's so many issues basically that's happening overpopulation I think is a future major issue as well that's not being addressed right so we have people what I'm saying is we have people that are voicing their concerns about this and saying hey listen we don't like the way things are going we have to take responsibility and think about and participate in how we directing the future of our various nations you know and and they are not liking that they they're on the pro global aside these journalists and these activists and they think like well just remove these people that are whining and complaining about it right and bringing attention to it and then then it will go away where else have we seen that Russia let's just put people in camps and kill all these people and put their names on lists and these people are literally doing lists and bragging about we need lists cataloguing these people yeah exactly they are American Bolsheviks these people are really disgusting and violent and they would if they could they would put us in camps 100% I believe that yeah and I think you had some comments on this to Ethan about Becca Lewis she's mentioned as being one of the quoted experts I guess in this vice article here from motherboard yeah that's wild because it says who research networks of the far-right influencers on social media for the non-profit data and Society major funding by these guys by the way from globalist anyway data in society that's I mean that's one of the key groups that you have to I mean keep an eye I mean there they put out the alternative influencer Network bullshit last year she's monitoring there but that's that's out the scroll but it was just a massive it was kind of on it was it was kind of a chart a little bit different but a big chart like that that the guy in the Colet did but you know it's not cool when he does something like that it's a rat she was quoted in a BuzzFeed article in May 2018 and it was about you know evil super chats on on YouTube and how they were funding hatred her picture on my show because I mean I found it amusing pulled a picture and then I pulled up her Twitter and she found a prophecy complaint against me for that even though it was a public art she's a public figure just named in a major publication but apparently that was an invasion of her privacy yeah because I mean again they make the the main issue that these the data and society ultimately had and I think the woman in the bottom right she's actually one of the heads of data on society I forget her name but yeah well yeah literally and you know the drawing of all these charts and connections between people and stuff and you were on that one too weren't you Ralph actually you know what I wasn't on the alternative because my show didn't you know not many people want you know I wasn't doing the show the year before that much either so my show kind of had its peak period right after the report came out so I wasn't on that report so I guess I guess Huffington Post was making up what's making up for that yesterday when they they put me in there I don't know I didn't make the AI in them maybe if they do another one maybe I'll make that one right we'll see maybe if they have sure there what do you think of this the tweeters head of trust and safety the Indian lady says Twitter believes quote/unquote counter speech and conversation are a force for good and they can act as a basis for radicalization and we've seen that happen on other platforms so they're considering mmm should we let people debate maybe maybe these savages on the cynic statement but anyway yeah that was kind of my she's the person is kind of apologizing for saying well maybe we should just let people you know debate the issues in an open forum on Twitter I don't know that those I guess those were my immediate thoughts on that statement yeah I remember reading that a Nick tracked me up I think again and I mentioned this in the video that I did but I I mean I do believe that you know in an environment where you have absolute free speech number one yes you will have some bad people saying some some mean things right so in society there's loss about this stuff you can't even cite but you know I know hurt somebody else or something like that but I mean I've said a lot of mean things no doubt very bad things but people said a lot of bad things about me but that's my point it's like that you know having mean things said about different people or whatever is a small price to pay to have freedom of speech obviously okay freedom of speech like the future of where we're going and be able to discuss that or like just repressive environment where we can't talk about anything because you hurt some people's feelings right well yeah I don't know which one is you know but so so that's the issue right one one thing but I also believe that in then an absolute free speech environment like let's say for Chan or HN or so you know how how the parallel if they're exactly the same that way but you know that those environments have turned into almost exclusively very right-wing environments right because I think that no left-wing environments can make it in that environment right you need for those ideas to survive you need for the platforms to be controlled and regulated and the wrong things are said need to be kicked off right you know you can't say that you don't this opinion well pass these far left they don't need somewhere like Fortran they get it on MSNBC and Good Morning America it's like an Tifa talking points look you know that's true I agree with that but at the same time I'm saying is if if all ideas Stewart just stood on their own I think that the the the main like anti-globalist perspectives right now that the dissidents out there are disseminating those those stand those are essentially more correct than the other ones as they need like a state for them to uphold like censorship for their ideas to remain partly upside down world they're saying that what we're talking about is radical when this is how it's always been this is how our ancestors always believed there are the radical once completely wanting to upset everything that has been and completely upset an entire balance that has been around since forever and fight against human nature and they think their speech will dear Attica lies people actually it's a complete opposite they're the ones who're radicalizing people with I've been watched contra points well and they they just don't like that we have a voice and that people can find this I mean if we were just you know walking around saying sup they might not care but they're it's they want to roll back the clock basically to a time when the the media at least she's speaking from a lot of people's view the media's view here where they controlled you know who gots scene I mean one of the what they're trying to stop is is how people can just build up a website or build up a YouTube channel build up you know a Twitter account whatever and and be seen by thousands millions maybe yeah and and they see that as a danger to their agenda and it's it's anybody it doesn't have to be you know you don't have to be edgy or they don't have to you know link you to Hitler or whatever you can just make fun of the gay guy at Vox I mean it's an example right that mean it hate this ability that he might just go off the right he is not under their control right it not every video he does is is either political or joking about those kinds of things but they know that he's not explicitly like outspoken far left Pro globalist activist so they don't have him under control and under raps and that's why he is also being attacked I mean I would never necessarily call him right we don't think yeah I think he's just a free thinker and he's and he's not PC you know I mean exactly say what he wants give his thoughts on something oh maybe it deviates from the you know the left-wing progressive agenda maybe he just doesn't see it that way on this one you know and he doesn't feel like being demonized about it I think also the attacks that they launched on him kind of even you know freed him up even more because though you know he saw it for what it was and now he pretty much says whatever he wants yeah exactly no what are you what do you make of that in terms of you and how you seeing this moving forward I mean having felt that Brunton down on YouTube and again I know that maybe one day we might not have our YouTube channel and you know then we'll have to go from there and stuff like that and you know people who have established websites that's a little bit easier already but people have also become so lazy let's face it and they're there so you know they just want to go to their feed on their social media to get the stuff and if it's not there that kind of don't don't do it anymore but how's that been for you because I know that you know again at the height of the kill stream you had like thousands and thousands of people tuning in live and stuff and then obviously unfortunately moving over to a platform like D live which is nothing in terms of the size compared to YouTube at this point yeah it's tough I mean all you can do is just keep keep fighting I guess I mean keep trying to but just put yourself out there put your ideas out there put your programming out there you know anyway that you have available sauce they'll have the Twitter you know I still have you know other social media I started a telegram today I've seen a lot of people doing that I'd already thought about it before so I figured might as well start up a telegram channel and they seem that seems to be a pretty pretty free platform for right now so I don't know I'm just just trying to trying to push it any way I can deal of Andy loves they've been good to me so far since we've been there two or three weeks the service it's a little it's a little clunky sometimes and I know some people it's it's some people's computers it doesn't really run right I don't know it's kind of a it's kind of a quirky a quirk service there but they've been good to us so yeah like deal of I mean that's really I mean most of people on here streaming video games I mean if you if you but they have have a x-rated section so if you talk politics you have to go to the x-rated school but hey I mean it's not easy yeah the nice I mean they're letting us stream so that's that's kind of look at it and we need options and that's my point – I think I mean obviously I think you know YouTube is also shooting themselves in the foot because they are removing that largely that which made YouTube so great which was anybody can just you know go on the site and you can literally just search for any topic I am almost a find you know I was just out of this world like theories and take some things and different things that you wouldn't get in the mainstream and that what was so great about the days yeah yeah 2006 78 or was it launched 2006 by ARMA but we got on there like fairly early in the process 2009 or something like that mm-hmm and I mean it was a completely different environment you know imagine that was a real look back to this Ralph and say there was the Wild West of the Internet at that point you know no sheriff was in town yet well I invited Susan Wojcicki to the show but I doubt that she'll be I also invited Jack I doubt he'll be coming I don't know you just have to just have to do what you can thankfully if they do kick us off of all these sites at least they've given us enough publicity throughout you know our Tom on there we've been able to use the tools some already so our names out there I don't think I'll lose everybody but it's tough I mean stuff when you have to migrate from site to site and are they gonna let you you know I think I'll let you stream or oh who did you have on the show tonight you might be getting a strike for that one I mean truce it's it's it's annoying but that's just the system you have now and you just have to try to push through it anyway again do you think it's going I think it's going to change I think that people aren't gonna take this forever I think it's a far there's a radical core group that's like preventing people from utilizing and getting access essentially to these platforms it's it's good I wish you know one of these is the problem is a lot of people with the real deep pockets I mean they could really put some money into something like this well they don't really care about people getting censored so I mean is there so far their part of the game here they don't really care about it I wish I do wish somebody with some real some real deep pockets and some connections that can be messed with quite as easily some other up stars would come along but yeah I do I do think there's a huge segment that's that's seen you know their favorite creator either get you know deleted or sanctioned or you know you know castigated by the media and there's a lot of people who are sick of it I mean you see it I mean we we see it every day we talk to people like that every day we read their their comments or email us or seem in the chat but it's it's just gonna it's gonna take some dead a these platforms have to come around and then stay around and a lot of times the the staying around is what's really hard it's it's a lot harder than even getting started in the first place because it's not easy to keep sites like this going you know social media sites and video sharing sites and streaming websites it's it's a it's a hard hard prospect absolutely now obviously people can follow you on twitter at the ralph retorts and now and all the d live TV for slash the ralph retort i definitely recommend people to check it out it's great show a lot of fun you know but some some elected state was totally off the wall but it's a lot of entertainment in that too I recognize a lot of the conspiracies that we used to talk about about like maybe five years ago that was kind of fun to flashback yeah yeah thank you thank you guys so much for having me on I really had a lot of fun and I appreciate it any time just hit me up course yeah Thank You Ralph appreciate what you do too yeah I know you have to go prep and set up for the show and all that kind of stuff for you welcome to stick around we're gonna talk about some of the other topics here too but thank you again Ralph and NSA do you keep up the good work we'll have some links in the description – gasps – Roth's stuff there so definitely check thank you all right we'll talk later all right well thanks all right that was Ethan Ralph thank you so much for joining us great having you with us and talking about some of these huge issues when it comes to you know censorship and just how to circumvent that ain't just these activists is actually doing us a favor by just naming everyone like I want all these people banned and there's getting greedy not knowing the limits because it'll get more attention and more people will be like wait a minute what's going on here now they're starting to ban these people these people and these people then maybe something can be done instead of oh they just banned right eyes no one ever wants to talk about us right no no those people ever defend us but we have their back at the end too yeah well you know again it's not gonna work at the either we fall individually or we all stand together and fight back that's the only options that we do have and if people want to bicker on small issues I mean yeah if you have an explicit free speech attitude then you extend that to everybody right and you stand up for everybody but I guess that they don't that means that they have an agenda and say well not those people kind of thing but I think it's they can get away with this almost easier when they just kind of one by one a little bit but now they're just like just kidding the candy store just going for it all right now well they think they're gonna get it alright now we have our time right like that articles now we can just totally just knock all these people out and stuff like that and I don't think that that's going to happen at the same time and people will push back and these people won't just go away overnight as we saw with like you know Nick Monroe he's getting over on telegram and so now it's like oh now we have to shut down telegram now that's the next Russian shut down the Russians then refuge' well they actually interesting with telegram a section that the FSB which is the the Russian intelligence services actually demanded them to hand over their encryption keys so that they could spy on them they're like and they say you and actually while screw Russia is beep and they actually end up moving to Dubai now I don't know if that's better but apparently the environment there for a business like that is more hands-off because you have a lot of people with like a lot of money and stuff coming there's people from all over and Dubai there's actually a lot of Europeans and yeah exactly so we'll see building obviously if they if they if they lie if they if that laughs whatever but it was amazing hey why don't we switch over talk a little bit about the road warrior just to clarify boxes teddy spaghetti that's right Vox ro1 is the deranged acolyte really has broken them both I thought that it was kind of funny in some ways I like that joke you made about the the dollar bill the the you saw to remember oh yeah we should have going on Benjamin the Hebrew God ended up being on the bill yeah I know a lot of the kind of out light people have turned their back on them so yeah we should welcome it's true no it is true welcome just because he makes a couple of jokes they don't like oh that's how quickly they discard him actually the left over have either of you seen the SBS documentary about Swedish Preppers yeah government tries to scare Swedes interfering Russia and ignoring migrants we actually have that as a story that we want to talk about other today or maybe weekend more yeah we'll see if we can squeeze it in today stellar Jay Atkins we need to laser eyes Dalai Lama shirt yes that was my first idea actually I love you guys keep up the great work so I think we will do that because that was my initial idea yeah I think so one more one more sneaky then they have to go back well I mean people don't know what the hell you're talking about what do you mean who what well those in the know those in the know you're one of us contact yeah dissident agnostic is intersectional post-modernism a Freudian admission that multiracialism does not work on the social level it's a lot of words and I don't like to say in my mouth it's rhodium.i mister makes sense right wait which one was that who was that from dissident Ignacio K its intersectional post-modernism a Freudian admission yeah intersection of post-modernism yeah I know yes in a way it is right because now they're all fighting with I get what you're getting at and it's actually true to a certain extent so yes you say he's right Eugene Westman breaking news Isis supporter admits beheadings Scandinavian hiker in Morocco coming up talking about it I regret it sure he does sure I have anyone that can do that kind of thing is not gonna ever good you say anything to get out of it yes punishment yeah road warrior Jesus Christ perfectly fulfilled the law and ended Old Testament Judaism Judaism no longer exists Christ ended the law we are under grace one way of looking at it ya ta p thanks Henrik and Lana for all you do for Hawaii people worldwide it will take some hard work but we will eventually win this fight I absolutely address no other option David Brody I didn't know this long a speech from Omron is posted will be watching I'm sure it's interesting yes go watch it see how the warrant came through my voice was dying a little bit I was talking all day you know yeah a few speed talk with people and you have to be loud and project because it's just you know a lot environment get a bunch of people around that's excited to talk then it's like DBE +40 you know at one point I was up there like ki max McDonald HuffPo used to care about wealth inequality and lack of health care well they do when it's for non-whites now it seems their one and only obsession as white people and harming them in any way they can yes and I expect them to be laying off more people soon Mike week nari oh yeah oh wait you have to read this one cuz it's Swedish you do it better Oh which one was it again focus my quick my quick avoc I guess yeah Jenna who long Scottie go in and full get the vest we're at rest abort coulibaly Stefan's Corbin oh it's a long time ago let's see how long it says he says how long is it gonna take before the people in the West basically it votes away these globalist finatus well the question is hopefully they do vote them out but that might not be the option that's the other thing to this right we might not be able to vote vote our way out of this might have to culture war our way out of this or something I'm not sure yet but he could he could take a while still unfortunately I think it'll get a lot worse before it gets better let me put it that way all right David Brody I grew up Jewish I do you know that I am NOT a member of the JCC or other Jewish or guide enta Phi European Latvian Romania and Poland people including Europeans should celebrate their history love your work thank you it is and the yeah Huber's are European and never will yeah fighting it let's fight in the jab yeah anyway thank you for uh thank you for your input we appreciate that it's gonna check that next one's here how do you pronounce that snezhana maybe yeah this like you a Slavic name what will happen to the useful idiots that assisted with the powers powers that be playing plan most likely eliminated after their purpose has been been served well yeah except lien and actually one of the first things that happens in bloody revolutions is that they get rid of the revolutionary class first those who effectively performed it because then when you have a new power base in place they just like say alright well these people are capable of doing a revolution that means they could topple us so let's say execute them all essentially that's usually what happens cheese goes on to say wanna make make a the future of the future is Russian yeah I think I should yeah it would be fun I share with the Czar Putin and Russian Imperial flag that'll trigger the Bolsheviks and she put the Czar on there just because it's the Bolsheviks killed and I'm right yep that's true okay Don Russia great again yeah that's true don't Gustavo no don't lose Davos slot-machine against is this sure reminds from 1999 high school hang out with my white friends listening fred durst actually met him I was working in music it's a horrible horrible band you know I appreciate that like listening to limp Biskit okay well good high school I was using to grunge music yeah Mike H says hey Henrik have you seen Kyle Kyle who not sure any continues a couple of messages in a row here from my cage put where did they go there's put those fourteen eight years in the chat lads take the wig pills right yeah listen to going talk live read siege read siege by James Mason alright thank you Mike Celtic films again which we had on the show check out that by the way says keep up the great work red eyes thank you we'll just kind of speed through these so we can get to the some of the topics here Machiavelli cut cocks how would you pronounce that Machiavelli sucks I guess mr. Sunday anti-semitic definitely you had an answer to that that's good cuz I don't know Hell's Gate says John Cleese says London is an English city anymore that was a while ago though I saw him in the news again did he say it again I was gonna search for that and I didn't have time to bring it in for today but he said that before basically where's the English people right or maybe that's resurfaced now or something is this a new one that he said yeah that's what I'm asking I'm not sure we have to look at that later City Connor replies saying it's a multicultural international City proving the point exactly he must have said it again then I saw it in passing Ruud Betty LeBron says Henrik we should invite hans-juergen back is currently being banned from the Norwegian political debate he's our guy I did talk with him and I wanted to get him back before the election which is coming up here he did actually message me so we'll definitely have him back so thanks for the tip there I guess so exactly the wrong person basically everyone except for you and you and you and you you can't vote and you can't take part in this discussion okay so just go go over here to this jail just disappear to this camp here that was good for you all right Boresha says hey hello red eyes whatever happened to the u.s. post office worker yes that is particularly interesting but gut-wrenching story and our careful people need to be in the workplace here among the best independent media thank you Tim I know that there were some lawsuits that we're moving ahead but I will follow up with him and say he did receive some donations which was really good for his family his five children but you'll have to follow up and see what happened with him if there was any success there yeah thanks very definitely okay we have a couple more here the Roberts says the future future is ours love thank you PL white people whipple the people which of course does not mean to hate other races yeah that's a revolutionary statement arrived in their country have you seen my mom at all this speech about race or to race birds of a feather yeah exactly I mean that's true very very good we should run it again in a video or something like that well I think we used it in one video like long ago mm-hmm but haven't really dug it out since John Jesus keep up the good work thank you John scopes got a fly no message thank you we are awake this always look forward to flashback Friday watching long speeches amaura next keep up the good work thank you we are awake my cats again says Cal is about this tall Mike's having some fun here Mike having fun in the chat like this tall already yeah I don't know the symbol there okay anyway give me a last name hey we had a couple extra on the cash up to thank you Mike by the way Brice P big donation hundred bucks thank you real appreciate that Brice Pete it says four red eyes members lads stay hydrated Thank You Brice yeah and then Joni B says four just showing my usual flashback Friday respect thank you Tony we really appreciate that as well all right let's dig into the next area here with what happened in South Africa when of course that famous comment by Mel Emma Human Rights Commission sides with Malema in hate speech complaint by de Klerk foundation and you guys remember thee let me just play to you one more time so you can hear it in case you missed that here it is at least for now right that's from the will fade sure I didn't expect anything else it's not mine it's it's basically it's mind-blowing how these white people can hate and turn on their own so deeply but then they're just bleeding heart liberals for any non-european and walks across the border but this guy's like we're not calling for the slaughter of why people don't dot yet but keep in mind the articles though and they were singing here's some footage from like singing killed the boar which has killed the white people and of course you have land confiscation and all these things but again the article look at the dishonesty here by the article right it says the SA South Africa Human Rights Commission has found that the e FF leader Julius Malema statement that quote we are not calling for the slaughter of white people end quote did not amount to hate speech well that's not the point the point is that he said yet that's what hello they can't they can't even give us that are not calling for this lottery of white people at least four words are me how how dishonest is in this media Human Rights Commission see white people they don't deserve human rights right it's racial and social justice when bad things are planned against them or actually happened to them unless they're gay yep yep all right let's move on here talk a bit about this story a little bit late – this happened a few days ago but still worth mentioning time for statue removals MLK's Sekulow sex life claims and then raped comets he was actually found this is actually one of the mellower things he did right he actually laughed at a woman who was being raped by a parishioner I think he's an act he was a complete it was a woman-beater a womanizer he got prostitutes he cheated on his wife and he was a communist and he didn't write his own speeches he is not the saint that everyone thinks he is he is a fraud even people like Alex Jones seem to think that he's some kind of a hero but there is that evidence even FBI records that have been sealed and things that are coming out now that are just saying what a lot of us already know yeah I mean you don't have to go to the FBI there's like a lot of other claims and the fact that he was he was a communist operative here's actually a really good video that you guys should know that has that's kept playing that's why that was the wrong money or this one it's Martin Luther King jr. it's called the beast as a saint exactly being scrubbed everywhere watch it check that one I think it goes through some of the sources and can other communist infiltration and why they used him and which group was behind him and for what reason it's definitely they just remember to keep in mind their look but he was saying these good things and it doesn't matter if someone else wrote it he was a he was a fake he was doing the bidding of another group who used these pretty words while having a slash what good ulterior motives that is the thing obviously clearly look at where we're at now it was never about peace and no black walking together like let's destroy white people yeah and it's also about pitting one group against the other and that keeps the power those in the center of the power pyramid the chopper to tear the power pyramid in in positions of power where they can continue just go about their business and they can enslave the rest of us they can make money in the process they can offer security they can come in with this authoritarian system it's like you know and again that's why we're proposing nations for every every people and the thing is the solution to racism it's essentially not having any any interaction and the issue that happens as being on a racial basis will let people have their own territories and nations for so-called situations civil rights blacks actually did better in the South before you know when they have their own segregated areas their own black communities there was actually lower crime there wasn't as many single you know single mother pregnancies things were actually better off if you talk to a lot of older black folks there was a documentary that was scrubbed that talks about that made by some black people so it's not it's not all what we're told it is I know there's a lot of conspiracy theories flying around to that oh no no this is white people that framed martin luther no but it's it's it's essentially just like the bringing of cultural Marxism and they pegged it on another issue race in this case to succeed pushing through but here's some footage of right there he is actually at a communists meeting a communist training school it's okay he was a good guy that was long ago now imagine it was some those Nazi meet up right alright so check that out if you haven't seen it the beast as Saint very very good and I can't do this well AB blocker is this was an interesting story I want to talk a little bit about here Italy to activate its parallel currency in Defiant is it rip I'm sorry I don't know the word rip Post how do you pronounce that post yeah my google that real quick yeah me word my vocabulary fails me on this one a quick reply to the software criticism ready let's hear a repost repose let me go back to riposte to EU ultimatum so the eurozone elites are looking straight down the barrel of an Italian economic revolts and a parallel currency we're talking about like I don't know something on the part of like greenbacks or something that JFK did or something else subversive mean about Treasury notes are back in play I don't govern a country on its knees says material salvini after sweeping the European elections even more emphatically than the brexit party note the majestic I he is already master of Rome the leg a strongman can no longer be contained even by Italy's ever ever an advantageous Mandarin class ever engine ingenious sorry Mandarin class his party commands forty percent of the countries together with Euroskeptics comforters from the brothers of Italy anyway he goes on there I think it's behind a paywall the rest but very interesting people said if he goes if he does something like this going against the euro yeah basically people are looting like there's people have done this before in history and they've been taken out because they're breaking but I think it's a I'm not sure but I think it's a it's a temp like a temporary solution I have to read up a little bit more on exactly what that would do but again it's obviously a you know it's it's a defiant move it's it's basically to object to the European Union and their course that they're trying to set Italy on so very very interesting we'll see what that diversities I think he's still under that investigation from those three judges that are prosecuting so they're trying to try but he's gaining more and more power essentially and to restore like that he's gutsy and just going for it that's what we need yeah absolutely absolutely yep alright and so here's this story that we talked about briefly earlier about the Moroccan suspect who of course was I think was an admitted jihadist yeah suspect the leader of jihadist cell has told Moroccan court that he beheaded one of the two Scandinavian hackers murdered in the high atlas mountains one was from Denmark as you know the other one from Norway that were found beheaded in one of these areas they're up in the mountains in Morocco in December so a Bob Saima al jude a 25 year old a street vendor told the court i be headed to one of them i regret it well i can't can't take that back now can you nope the damage is done say anything he needs to get out worries just some dumb inbred cheese the three are the only ones directed directly accused of carrying out the murders all four defendants face various tourism gosh and again like how do their parents say honey maybe you guys should can go to morocco alone and camp as two young women maybe you shouldn't do that oh no because it's racist to say that right we have to just be trusting no matter what it's pretty amazing pretty amazing anyway here's another tweet i want to check it out quickly to from the economists keep them out the economists it's actually rothschild own they are actually very prominent paper that the Rothschild family dynasty really picked up after a while now they have an interesting spin of this how George Orwell would have relished these times alternative facts troll farms mean warfare he would be spoiled for material which is joking online that that's the real Big Brother right not political correctness globalism cultural Marxism social media censorship banning mainstream media I mean this is an amazing lie I love how they always steal things from their opposition constantly taking what our side comes up with and then they try and use it and hijack it like it was theirs yeah I mean the means these tools are how you fight against a big brother you know and that's the point but again that's why they spin it right so you know political correctness censorship termination if you have the wrong opinions D platformed fire for your from your job you know that's Big Brother that's Orwell exact I'm saying now these did Joe know when horrible was writing about the hell of a totalitarian one-world government like the left is creating means are fighting against that it's like they kind of think gutter you know Orwell belongs to them ironically in a way right but now when the main establishment is using left-wing progressive politics essentially at least at the cultural level but you know that sure they might use a different economic avenues than traditionally the left has been involved in but progressivism and you know post-modernism and kind of like dictating the morality people and program people that's being done from a cultural Marxist from a Frankfurt School kind of perspective so the fact that George Orwell was part of this the left book club in Britain at the time makes them feel while he's ours so whatever is happening now is the right-wing conspiracy and you know we need to fight against Big Brother when they essentially are setting up you know the nineteen eighty-four system and using it as a blueprint and you have the Rothschild family being at the head of that and pushing back so anyway that's just kind of interesting that's funny so there's a company that is developing a way called Weibo Weibo a couple eight some Asian guys yeah and I think there were it was were they based in Germany but they developed a do-it-yourself or likely well do-it-yourself that just they program facial recognition and they have applied it to pornography sites to detect essentially if your girlfriend if your girlfriend has like done any shady stuff in basically yeah you maybe it goes through auto finds it on like social media and so so here's this woman she did pornography in like you know 2014 you know 14 or something that's a good thing well you might not get the truth so this but all the feminists are up in arms about it which is kind of funny I thought oh my god this is a dystopian disaster map or sex workers yeah well maybe they shouldn't take part in that that someone is making the dubious claim or Cuba claims to build a program for detecting faces in porn and cross-referencing against social media with 100,000 identified so far geez so imposing on Chinese social network Weibo claims have used facial recognition blah blah blah cross-reference woman's photo social media faces pulled from videos on a dope forms like pornhub in a Monde a post on Weibo the user says he's based in Germany claimed that to have successfully identified more than 100 young ladies in the adult industry on a global I wonder if some of it is to a lot of these one of the young people now they just take sexy nudes and they text them to whoever they're dating at the time and then when they break up those pictures end up on some of these websites but this might be just straight-up porn right no again it's nothing to do that this is those that I've like you know make money and publish pornography like through those like official channels or whatever you want to call it right not just some they're not picture people's personal messages on Facebook or Twitter if they're dumb enough to send something like that over over that channel but no to be clear the article says the user has posted no proof right so they're like well it's ridiculous but it's disgusting and oh my god it's dystopian but it's probably not true they're like freaking out about this that he's actually been able to do this and hasn't published any code well it's not that difficult do you know that there was an other story about artificial intelligence successfully detecting your facial general traits based on your face yeah did you so do you see that one yeah another company that had released a white paper on this too so they are don't get me wrong I don't like it but they were getting closer to to doing those kinds of things but it's funny that when it's like am well what shall we call it well I guess that the the people the people in power are viewing these women as victims right to a certain extent and it's kind of their right it's like if you're already a sex worker you're suppressed you shouldn't that it's like well no one forced you to you poor but the point is what I'm saying is that they are perfectly fine with having lists with people who have had bad opinions but if you've been doing porn you can't have them on a list I'm saying the double standard on ours when it's like well maybe that that would be maybe a guy wants to know that right before he gets involved with a girl especially if you lie so there you go technology use it's using in all different in all different areas Daily Mail add a piece about this to Weibo user claims have developed facial recognition software they can now identify porn stars and match them with their social media profiles in a parentis of AI misuse so again using artificial intelligence to develop algorithms to block out opinions that are wrong that's not a horrendous example of artificial intelligence but this is right anyway I thought that that was funny hey let's why don't we pull up some of those other stories you can introduce this one about the guy who was running Eric yeah yes I just learned about this guy I don't even know his name I don't even want everything swalls well well that's right he post guys running for presidents and someone's asking him whoa why you're just another white guy and his response is just so pitiful and what was even better though what's at the comments even from a bunch of normies that were hammering this video telling him how pathetic and cupped he was but and we can watch it I guess it's only a 10-second oh here it is okay I don't see what let me turn this up here let's try that yeah Eric's not getting in just keep that money why should another white guy be President well white guy who doesn't see other identities or understand other experiences should not be president I do knowledge or my experience that will pass the mic I've also pledged that I would ask a woman to serve as vice why should another white guy be President well white guy who doesn't see other identities or understand other experiences should not be President I do and you know where there would be gaps in my knowledge or my experience I will pass the mic to people you know who do have that experience I've also pledged that I would ask a woman to serve as vice let me read some of the top tweets white people suck so bad everyone wants to live with them swallow well has the bend over and spread ass cheeks mindset I wouldn't vote for you if someone held a gun to my head mark Dice there's a huge gap between your ears buddy Peter Lloyd oh fuck off you massive cock I mean because yeah Eric's not getting in this is what this is what they with passing the mic right I remember when Bernie was is totally like run over at that Seattle rally that he held that's that's what that's what he means right so I'm okay I'll get him power to just hand over all the power to people that that he believes traditionally traditionally have been suppressed you know minorities jeez I mean how many people are running for president on the Democratic enough oh yeah yeah what's a good time for that maybe right at the end here in a little bit we'll take some callers since if we can get that I try to sort out the riot app and it's a little yeah I just I refuse to do discord though for that reason yeah no no might be better didn't like telegram but we could try it out see if there's anyone that want to join in just right at the end comment of some of the stories or some other you know news that's happen or something like that but I wanted to show this one let me go back here about the what's it called again the how women single journalist we are actually happier than married mothers and they're more likely to live longer so this Australian crap source it's like fake news news Dakota a you absolutely unbelievable seeing women that are old and single with no children are freakin miserable maybe there's a good maybe there's a I didn't action maybe there's a couple women yes there's some women that genuinely can be happy without kids of course but there's in single – single it looks like it's just like me use those music and single child is live long what's your fax for that that we are getting a divorce so it's just showing you again it's all white people all white women in these clips it's just you know really pointing out the propaganda hmm what are they teaching white girls these days but that's an interesting like that's an interesting just a mainstream I don't know if a you is like if they just randomly put together their state-funded but it is interesting that like they just it's not a link to an article it's not a research it's not like it's a single childless women are actually happier than married mothers and then they what what do they list or list where do they show a bunch of stupid Hollywood mean yes from like propaganda killing white girls to be single and not have children a you it is it is a news no of course but I just don't know if they're like BBC or like SVT and Sweden they're like state-funded yeah just like a bunch of memes and shits seriously I mean who was it there's been so many actresses I think was Cameron Diaz who just quit yeah quit acting and she was like oh my god I'm like I want to see 45 now or something and I didn't have kids and I'm having all these thoughts and these regrets that in my career and oh my god I didn't have kids I mean there's been so many stories like that look at how some of these actresses are aging to the ones that didn't have kids and are still single they're not aging well they don't look happy they're miserable they made all that money they spend all that time in their career and what do they have in the end they're all by themselves and there are 200 pairs of shoes yay you know yeah hey I wanted to wear and then maybe they'll adopt like five black kids or something collecting my shoes yeah Sandra Bullock and Charlize Theron and now they don't not only black but they're trans well some of them kind of end up like you know you know adopting let's say refugees and stuff like that because they're basically did they do have motherly instincts they've been ripped that's been ripped away from them with propaganda yes entually then they find other things to cling that desire onto and in this case it's like whoa look it's my my big brown car teddy bear that I can like you know project my motherly instinct upon right you know my 19 year old or like my child refugee who's like 33 by the way Angelina Jolie I think it's not only one but two of her white kids that are blond says she's been treated treated like crap and has said awful things about remember they're they're both trans now one of them is definitely trans and obviously it's for attention cuz she said things like oh the blonde kids of my family are outcasts right cuz she's adopted all these kids from like Africa and Asia and stuff and and how she didn't feel as much compassion for them or didn't connect with them as much unlike her adopted kids who they'd been through so much and they're not privileged like my kids so I felt like I know I just felt this special connection to them and I think that they needed more I mean these are awful things to say imagine your mother saying these things no wonder why her kids are going trans are just trying to be special and get attention yeah that's amazing it's horrendous obviously this she's a disgusting woman absolutely yeah yes a lot of sad is a lot of sad people that you know have been and it's it's a shame because of course many cases they have been propagandize since thinking they've been manipulated right not given that chance of deciding for themselves and really thinking about it they've just been totally manipulated and convinced by what other people tell them to do so in that case it's not like you know all the women can do whatever what my body years and know then it's propaganda to not have you know to not have kids we know what the goal is we know what the agenda is check out this story here interesting in section another Australian outlet SBS talking about Sweden's Putin Preppers why one of the world's most peaceful countries is encouraging the fringe movement I've actually not seen the trailer yet I know what they're referring to bad I don't know what the angle is yet let's just check out the trailer here just below a minute or so so let's play this one of the world's most peaceful countries preparing for the word so these are all canned goods and some dry stuff they have like a quarter of a ton of rice what are they prepping for but you can't depend on the government to bring you food or get your water you have to do it yourself and could there fees be more real than we think Russia is preparing its armed forces for a large-scale war that is worrying because they build the capabilities we don't know exactly when and how they're going to use it all right that's actually very that's an interesting take on that because this is what we know right Sweden has distributed like these leaflets and stuff like prepare for war Russia its Russia Russia Russia they're taking over and I remember even like older like one of my uncle for example when he did military service they the military constantly programmed them and keep in mind this is when we're talking about the Soviet Union right that there was an actual threat many Swedes had participated in the war that Finland had against you know the Soviet Union and stuff like that so the threat was real but now it's not been reawakened again in the form of like well it's Putin that's gonna invade Scandinavia at any moment it's basically like it's basically NATO property it's to get you know Sweden to go to the the way of Norway which is to allow America to have military presence and bases on on Swedish soil to get even closer to to Russia to the Russian territory and in a way sweetness actually are already part they're not officially part of NATO but they all like NATO drills and like all kinds of things they're all ready but so my my angle on this about the point is it's interesting because they considered that the prepper movement is always something that like the mainstream kind of has like well what I'm saying is that it's curry it's essentially created by the government usually Preppers are like anti-government and they're kind of like oh if they could go wrong at any moment kind of thing but due to their incessant just garbage and NATO propaganda lies about Russia they've essentially created the movement and so Australia and outside news company comes up along and says what the hell is going on here this is a peaceful country why Sweden encouraging this fringe movement and in a way they aren't but they are in it indirectly by participating in this propaganda that yeah you know Putin's gonna take over at any mortgage yes I mean we're being flooded with migrant roll crime we don't have anywhere to you know the the housing is running out and and then this becomes the issue now Mike I mean being self-sufficient that is good I think all of course what did joke Russia's not communist anymore you don't have to worry about Russia this should be your brothers and sisters and you should have peace and unity with them I mean the ruse for crying out loud but the real problem exactly like it just that's another invasion right in your face ongoing it's right there yes yeah it's kind of crazy right so but again essentially they're right I mean there's there is going to be a society societal collapse in Sweden it's just a matter of time that is going to happen and either it'll be driven by economic strife when the various municipalities essentially go bankrupt and they can't pay for all these for all this out-of-control immigration and these welfare dependent people that are in the country now either it'll go that route or will be enough unfortunately no one wants to see this but it will be like you know kind of a collapse on like an on a civil level essentially where people fight over I guess resources and and to a certain extent territory as well at the end of that and they're just going to be different factions forming including like Islamic ones and and the opposition of groups to that and stuff like that so it is coming but here but the angle that they have that it's like Russia driven is just hilarious you know it's you know it's Nate its NATO essentially that's what this was behind this alright let's read some of these super chance to see where work let me see Jared Giroux skirt tomorrow belongs to us yes it does militaristic there is no political solution read see just someone from Norway Alexander drezna the traders do it so when shit hits the fan they can say hey we are the one one of you allies and one of the good ones these people are reprehensible Lord n Henrik and Lana loved Vikings house ningún from you want to read that ska Noland yeah it's going to London shameless shameless plug alert a funny song about a funny girl search for Greta Christ Superstar Hong Kong oh is it tune back yeah that's in back I don't know probably the the little teenager that they're launching is this the client the climate solution the girl who sees carbon dioxide the girl that's gonna get the is posing a couple things in the chatter the girl who's going to get the Nobel Peace Prize among other things right that that's the one I think he's referring to let me post the matrix or I guess riots linked in the chin the YouTube chat as well if you guys want to join in no one is lined up so far so we'll see if anyone wants to join in at the end hey I just signed up yeah people are afraid to call it's easier that's fine yeah if you guys want to check out the riot app check – I just put a couple of links in the in the chat on YouTube I'll put a couple more in there for you guys check it out create an account and that way you can join in when we take calls as we cannot warm up to that if we can get some good calm calm again we whites must all give to each other and build community yes as independent media Road ice is showing us immense courage our children and ancestors look to us yes they do thank you David Brody watching your speech loved the horn oh you're watching tear at the same time tasking here's the mind of a woman oh yeah we can multitask you can do that you've known to have three things on to say hey I'm a drummers actually can you know I can do that and that and that and this and the foot and that at the same time so yeah let's see what does this one say interview six hours ago shows you still our shows we are winning the culture war and there's a link how to put space because chat won't allow the link what does this say as the far-right culture war escalates concerns grow okay I'll check that one out later yes they're afraid sounds of north oh it's a long link there okay yeah it's too Deutsch events yeah I pulled it up it says as the far-right culture war escalates concerns grow that's the old line okay so we could read that later thank you pull it up yeah sums a Norse from Norway no come on but thank you and a more fatty thank you no comments okay I think that's actually more they give me a refresh that yeah here's the deutsche welle or yeah Deutsche Welle story as a foreign culture wars escalates concerns girl consolidates consolidating its major party status in recent European elections the AFD succeeded in part through the use of the arts and campaigning critics say it's probably don't push for cultural hegemony it's funny they did they just want to continue to hold it and dominate it not like and they know exactly and they know how to do that snezhana again watch yes live Russia attacks Sweden parody english subs available russia jokes about this youtube video about the whole thing in Sweden and the preppers and stuff oh yeah yeah yeah interesting yeah yeah was that a link in the chat no but it's a title ok insurance I'll check it out later definitely thank you moves under Kim X McDonald who worries out which person do you feel was most smeared and they have post piece I think Ramsay Paul was called the 4 letter n word anyway who knows rams knows what a joke that is five minutes of research would undo that view I actually didn't read those no I look at some of the individuals that are there you suck alright you know blah blah blah this is what's gonna be sister sweet lies bon Molyneux your tactics it's it's just it's it's lights it's me er it's out of context and it's just you know it's kind of gets old they're desperate you know very very desperate Robert I know it's not revolutionary but many people believe that we are racists think so they want the nation dispute and hate of each other that we racist think so yeah exactly that we're not revolutionary exactly there are the revolutionary ones we're just wanting to keep things the way they have been for a long time it's nothing revolutionary but yeah yeah no I get what you get Sackler Robert I'll get torches and no it's not revolutionary but many people believe that we racists think so yeah they want the nation dispute and and yeah they want the nation dispute and hate of each other exactly well again that's what I mentioned before they they're the ones actually creating division remember immigration is the most divisive issue that the globalist ever has issued on us and and what as a globalist I'm talking about the individuals or the people those to share the ideology within the respective nations that have gone to these all these globalist meetings and it's the devil's bankers meetings it's the Bilderbergers it's you know all these you know upper upper crust levels of the establishment than the elite where they get together and say well we have to we have to replace these stupid people now and stuff you know that's why you have that guy from the one campaign spokesperson for bono sitting around it exactly and he said we are going to be senile demographically speaking so we have to invite we have to allow all these millions of Africans are coming to our countries it's an exciting time to be replaced and handover your country to foreigners in the future your age will well thank you believe me hey I have a African refugee story actually Heinrich I didn't tell you about this mmm when I was going to oh this is bad yesterday yes yesterday it was going there was a it was a green light and I was going and there was I mean yeah I learned that he was an African refugee he just start walking in the crosswalk and I'm leaning the back of the cars and I'm just like Hello like always it's it's green here you're not supposed to walk this is a busy street and I rolled down my window and say what are you doing and he starts speaking to me in some African language and he's like 60 oh yeah I go it's so wonderful I love these people here it's just so great nice that's funny hey I let me see if there was any other that came in on this one no okay hey actually one thing and again I dumped the link to the riot community group in the chat so check that out later if you want to join in if you want to call and we're gonna start taking calls I know we haven't done that before some people aren't accustomed to that here but get a riot accounts set it up join the the Red House community on riot it's kind of an overlap I think you can join it actually through discord or through slack it's kind of an interface service and I'm not quite sure how that even works yet but essentially I think you can point the addresses or something to different chat rooms from slack or from discord and connect it that way or some things you might be able even to make a call from disco I'm not sure I'll look into that see how that goes and I couldn't show you guys how to do that or something but that way you guys if you want to join in and talk about some of the topics at the end of the show that's a great way of doing that to get a check out the right link in the description or in the chat and get an account and then we'll hook you up next time one of the sources actually wanted to end on I think here Lana if we wrap up is actually the the the UFO story from from New York why not it's a super interesting why do they release this right now and why such like random things they have it like a bunch of stuff like this it's about the Navy pilots which have reported unexplained flying objects over the East Coast and they did actually issue or release I should say video footage footage of this you have these kind of you know they box items essentially with the the computer systems that they have on board of their on their fa you know the 18 the super hornet planes essentially and you can box items which it detects us being like I guess autonomous or it moves or you can kind of you know I you can control it in some case it's just automatic and this story was talking about how there was a number of these objects that that showed up the footage was from this is one from 2015 video film by Navy pilots show two encounters with flying objects one was captured by planes camera off the coast of Jacksonville floor that footage published previously but with little context shows an object tilting like a spinning top moving against the wind a pilot refers to a fleet of objects but no image of the fleet was released the second video was taken a few weeks later just check this out I said take in on it now because maybe the big moments add yeah thanks New York oh it is trippy it's like what the hell is that thing of course man is it another nation what is it is it true it looks like a classic like like you a saucer accounting it's about given with a bottom little one and then I twist snow it's trippy what is it yeah there's another one why would they let them release this it was well yeah we get to that we talked about that that's what the interesting part well this is interesting – but there he box it [Applause] there you go yeah that is interesting what is that and why are they releasing it and why now I mean again they have released information kind of over the years and stuff now obviously we don't know but I I mean my view at this point is I think that there is shut up I think I think it's most of it as special ops I think that they have they have technologies that they're testing it could be obviously I think it's just a talk I like drones I think it's autonomous I don't think there's a living being in there yeah you know I think it's in these guys just don't know about it because they're not part of that obviously no I mean keep that in mind to the defense budget I mean that's where like one classic right that if like that the black ops budget was it was that wired let me just type that in again wired black defense budget or something like that yeah shake check this one out for example as a story like how they could fund something like this wired see for yourself the Pentagon's 51 billion black 51 built what is 51 billion by you exactly oh this has been going out for this for years now now this is back in 2012 so I mean that that research that's many years ago now you could have been develop things already you could have literally have that you know these bugs might have developed like genetic freaks and there are underground laboratories or chimeras or anything at this visit Nazis Nazis from outer space well I mean some of these things the Foo Fighters was around when the Nazis and the Allies were fighting and stuff this might be something totally different but it might be the same thing – excuse me who knows but the military keeps a lot of little things secret it could be the exact range of a jammer blah-blah-blah-blah-blah however a it has been unclassified and even lists the Pentagon's budget for all things to see the secrets are different their names are obscured by code words or simplistic classified programs but with little digging we can get a limited sense of how much money is being spent on huge government's most secret military projects in fact you could take a look at for yourself but together blob of a spreadsheet and say this back in was a too twelve this is from yeah 2012 they say this year the military blacks budget appear to be a little over 51 billion down from the 56 billion which held steadily for the last two years that's just for one year one year 51 billion do you think they could do something which flies like that for 51 billion and then use it against us to say see the aliens are here you better surrender going or something like that right I mean with us I'm saying it might be a kind of a sight the aliens are here to unite the planet right we all need to fight together to against as global rationalism doesn't matter any no focus on these aliens and I mean it's still it's still interesting don't play that again ah dammit it's still I mean it's still interesting even if it is if it truly isn't and and an unidentified in that sense that it doesn't come from us right it's an alien object or something like that absolutely that's fascinating but I don't know I do something I wouldn't change the fact of what's happening not gonna get off that easy look at that the churn got over the wave-like tilts or flips or whatever you want to call it 120 knots last one here again I mean that's like really really fast very fast looks real doesn't look like a fake tape only [Applause] [Applause] excited alright you get the ideas guys but yeah I don't know I think it's interesting and and again just keep in mind the propaganda behind the stuff they could be used at any moment some kind of fake alien invasion or you know any anything to justify a massive geopolitical kind of upheaval yeah exactly and it could be one of those like well we tested one one of those little phony things back in you know 2015 or whatever sure let them release that and you know they might have some really weird interesting things which this wouldn't even met Aleksandra Dresner says only world war three or aliens can stop a civil war yeah Heinrich angler where was your speech Falana I haven't been able to pay full attention well I did a quick search looks like it's up on the American Renaissance YouTube channel yep so go check it out I'm not no Kendrick is that we have some guests with yeah let's wrap up yep let's do that want to thank you all for joining us here today and again do joining next time if you want to join and call in no one is just a bunch of cowards in the green room well you don't have to do video you can audio only as well like yeah Ralph did today so if you want to call in that we can take your caller so we can talk about either some news that we didn't bring up or some of the news that we showed during the show or maybe some other issue that you want to bring up as well so we do want to try to get you back get you into the show and get a little bit more get some get some audience interaction participation yes so check it out links down below riots server get an account and we'll talk about that next time and get you guys either if there's a lad or a gal brave enough to join us alright guys thank you so much for watching really appreciate it we'll see when we would be back here because we do have company over the weekend here so we can where you might be a day delayed Sunday or possibly Monday so look out for that but we will do it but yeah otherwise I think I think that's it I'm finding the ending have a good Friday night hello same thing that we want to play doh that's how you say bye and Swedish yes say hey dude decima Don Young that's how you say bye in Russian yeah but yeah thank you guys for joining us have a great rest of your weekend we'll see you guys soon thank you again thank you to all the super Jets thank you for all the members and thanks for the donations Susan Germany is facing a drastic number of refugees by the end of 2015 believed to be in the region of 1.5 million Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural this country owes the rest of the world anything at once folks like me who were Caucasian of European descent for the first time in 2017 will be an absolute minority here is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century you have to really change the policy of immigration inside your we gotta put ourselves in situations where we're in the minority they think it is their country that it is a white country and they are absolutely wrong upon relenting stream of immigration whiteness is a form of racial oppression the Deutschland yeah but it is okay immigration is the future you cannot work and live in a globalized world without immigration and moving populations where the Islam that in Deutschland calm up do vids or a tiny toaster that Aprilia the task is to bring this minority together in such a way that it makes it impossible for the legacy of whiteness to continue to reproduce itself it is a multi control multi racial country and we have to live and be tolerant that's not a bad thing as a source of our strength they are not anymore only white or only Swedish or only Portuguese or only German they are multicultural places in the world I'm jealous insecure and got an ignition Mia hi Taniya hard-ons rushed us for examining not gonna start regarding Mirren victim legs does his boots varnish laden with silica standard you other grandness back tonight over circle hook what's over noodle [Applause] fuck stupid bitch sanyo country the deadly truck attack in Sweden the attacker using a vehicle as a weapon is Josh Tabb never choice before going to sleep some Gupta understand axis is opening personas for future we will continue to come here and hundreds of millions until indeed Gaddafi said will turn black there's no new stuff nor should we wanted to stop Jews I couldn't get the center of them in Jews will be resented because of our leading wall but without that transformation Europe will not survive the war on whites is real tune into the only media outlet bold enough to tell you the truth red ice TV you you

Trump Owes Texas Thousands

the city of El Paso Texas is probably gonna have to deal with some serious financial instability may be a financial downfall considering the fact that Donald Trump owes them about 700 I'm sorry four hundred seventy thousand dollars due to a rally that he held in El Paso and you know never paid for now why would he have to pay for the rally of course there are security concerns which the city provides there are transportation concerns which the city provides and so the whole point is that the various campaigns that might be doing rallies there will pay the city back now on the same day that Trump had his rally Beto O'Rourke had his counter rally and better or work has actually paid the money back already but Donald Trump has received a notice from El Paso indicating that he needs to pay up soon or he might face some additional penalties according to USA Today while O'Rourke has covered cost from his counter rally the city is still waiting for the White House to pay up the Trump campaign remains quiet on when it intends to pay the city of El Paso so there's been no word on you know if or when the campaign plans on paying back now I want to read from the actual letter that was sent to Donald Trump's campaign it said quote we are contacting you regarding the past due invoices listed above we realize this may may have been an oversight on your part however your account with the city of El Paso is extremely past due further the city may choose to not enter into a contract with an individual that is indebted to the city for more than a hundred dollars so little threat there a little benefit of the doubt and a little threat there which I like yeah it sounds like you know it's it's one of those late notices you get um I have an alarm system at my house and if the alarm goes off and the cops show up you got to pay a little fee every time the cops come you know this right so I do my best to pay the cops the fee so when I see campaigns like this at $470,000 and they're not paying it and what's interesting is obviously it's not like Trump sitting there opening a bills and going like Oh late on my rally bill right but it seems like you know he's notorious for being cheap and not paying stuff seems like this whole campaign is and the people that work for him because there's got to be somebody there who is in charge of paying for the rallies and they didn't pay for the Ralad yeah I mean for me it's I think a lot of Americans realized that on some level Donald Trump is immoral but I think the real point here or at least a moral lacking any sense of morality but I think the real point is done almost every single economic level the guy's a failure right his business is a failure his taxes are a failure and the fact that he can't even reveal them speaks to the fact that they're a failure and that he can't even pay back a city and its workers also right this is paying workers who worked on this rally so now there's talk of how they can recoup the money in other ways you know because I mean that's a pretty giant sum of money for a city right I mean it's not a small sum of money and so they're thinking about moving some things around and making do until they hopefully will get the money from Trump but again he hasn't really responded to any of the requests for comment from the media he hasn't responded to the notice that was sent from the city of El Paso and I also want to note that witness rally took place in February he of course as he always does caused a lot of chaos because during the rally he said some things about El Paso that simply were not true and the next video is going to help you kind of see the difference between his rally and better or Rourke's rally and some of the lies that Trump spread take a look the president repeating the false claim that crime dropped in El Paso after the border wall went up I spoke to people that have been here a long time they said when that wall went up it's a whole different ballgame is that a correct statement whole different ballgame when way way down but the reality is Prime in El Paso dropped long before the wall the claim enraging many from O'Rourke El Paso has been the safest city in the United States of America not in spite of the fact that we're a city of immigrants but because we are a city of immigrants to El Paso's Republican mayor what is the message from El Paso to President Trump we need to control our borders but there are other ways to do it besides just focusing on that single physical barrier so the mayor of El Paso also did you know a little media tour to talk about what the reality is for El Paso and he's said over and over again and I think it's politicians actually on both sides who have said this over and over again it's not just about a wall right the wall isn't gonna solve the problems that we're facing right now and for him to put all of you know his eggs in that basket and then completely defamed the city is like this crime ridden place is it's you know it's incredibly insulting so there was that controversy and then you add this a massive amount of money that Trump owes them and it's just insult to injury if you were gonna be honest in that rally he should have said we don't have money to pay for the wall and I don't have money to pay for this rally okay so enjoy it keep cheering good luck to you Trump out you know I mean but you know but also in that article by the way it indicated that other campaigns that also not paid and for other right right he was saying during the elections it said in the towards the end it said that there was a just in fairness it is that various cities called on Trump and current Democratic president candidate Bernie Sanders and former president Kane and Hillary couldn't have pay some bills for rallies during the cig 2016 election cycle so it seems like it's probably more common than we think but when it's coming from the Trump Trump and him and his campaign it's just the guy is just I mean it's just he emanates cheapness well yeah I mean one of my favorite quotes coming from Roger stone of all people was when you know the whole Russia investigation was happening and there was question about whether or not there was payment the Russians to help Trump for one reason or the other I don't remember the specific details the important part was the response from from Roger stone which was Trump doesn't pay for anything there you go I mean imagine being someone who is essentially finds everybody around him objectionable you know scared of everybody right just want to protect my family want to protect my business but claims to protect you the United States but in this very context where he's on the border making a case for Americans you know and and painting you know the other side of the border and negative terms you know for him to not even take care of the Americans that are part of his rally on the border shows that he actually doesn't care about the people on the border well you know one other thing I wanted to mention that's kind of related to what you're saying is for someone who ran on this idea of protecting the American worker he's shown us over and over again that he has no respect for the American worker I mean he certainly doesn't when it comes to trade policies he doesn't have any compassion for American consumers who are suffering from his nonsensical trade policies then you have the issue of you know him doing this global tour discouraging other countries from doing any business from AT&T because he doesn't like AT&T and how it's a conglomerate that contains media organizations that criticize him I mean it's it's absurd it's crazy that this guy you know from day one his father was paying for him so he's never been somebody who's been paying for anything it seems like he seems like he's been cheap his whole life and then it's crazy that there are people around him that will make excuses for him all the time I supposed to say look the guy's cheap let's move on I mean you know that's his characteristic let's move on he doesn't wanna pay for the rest by the way he could have he should start charging for the rallies maybe you can like I mean but then maybe less people would come so I don't know I mean the one area where you give Trump credit is he gave voice rhetorically to the anger that people felt at being ripped off by this larger kind of neoliberal system that we're all embedded within but he actually is a contradiction of all of it he's the ultimate hypocrite he exploited it yeah he exploited it he was never it was a disingenuous way of reaching out to voters and he hoodwinked them the thing that most frustrating is that his base doesn't why's that they've been hoodwinked and after all of this which I feel like is that it is I feel like he's the kind of guy that if you went to like you went to dinner with you'd be like oh he's a billionaire he's gonna pick up the bill but he wouldn't he'd kind of walk out Donald Oh anybody I don't know you left no no you look you know he's the kind of guy where the bill come and it'll just sit there yes just be like yeah are we gonna go at least you'll put your maybe you'll put your credit card down the road all right fine maybe we're gonna split it yeah didn't he pick up the McDonald's when he had the team's coming over to the White House I think he only paid another McDonald's yeah he was showing off yeah that's so crazy the TYT Plus app is now available on iOS and Android download to get more TRT content at TYT com slash app