Where do the leadership candidates stand on Brexit?

several Tory MPs are still in the running at having their chance at becoming the next prime minister but whoever wins will have the tough job of delivering our departure from the EU so just where does each candidate actually stand on brexit [Applause] [Applause] brexit brexit brexit it's the only thing our next p.m. will be consumed with leaving on the 31st of October and the top contender to do it is Boris Johnson the former Foreign Secretary vows to take the UK out of the European Union on October 31st by any means possible but leaving without ADEA would be the last resort if we have to go down that route which would be of course a last resort not something that anybody desires as their first option but if we have to go down that route then the best way to avoid it is of course to prepare it prepare for it he's already said he's scrapped the backstop and put pressure on the EU to change it by preparing properly for No Deal he also plans to hold the EU to ransom by refusing to pay the 39 billion pound divorce bill unless the EU agrees to what he believes are more favorable terms boris has also vowed to put Nigel frosh back in his box to keep the conservative parties safe from extinction can we find a leader now who can beat Jeremy Corbyn and deliver a sensible brexit that fights off the threat from the insurgent prexy party and i have to say that that is a the job that I believe I'm best suited to do today the charismatic contender remains a divisive figure among Tory MPs who questioned his previous controversial comments but he insist that he is the right person for the job one of foresters biggest rivals is Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt who wants to avoid crashing out which would be what he calls political suicide and instead strike a deal with Brussels despite the fact the EU have said the one already on the table is not up for renegotiation I think if we go headlong for no deal the most likely outcome will be a general election and that would be political suicide not just for me but for all of us in the Conservative Party the business enthusiastic Ange the withdrawal agreement by setting up a new UK negotiating team made up of all sides of the Conservative Party and the DUP I believe that if we show determination ingenuity and confidence there is a deal to be done another top contender is Environment Secretary Michael Gove and unlike Boris who vows to get the UK out of the EU Deal or No Deal Gove is willing to delay brexit for as long as needed be it days or weeks to avoid britain crashing out I believe that I'm ready to unite the conservative and unionist party ready to deliver brexit and ready to leave this great country however his chances can now be tainted by recent revelations that he took cocaine when he was younger a mistake and it was a mistake that I deeply regretted on the other hand someone who does bear hard brexit credentials and is prepared to accept a no deal is former brexit secretary dominic rub he wants to push what's called the Malthouse compromise which essentially means getting rid of the backstop and replacing it with alternative arrangements as well as exchanging annual financial payments to the EU for a three-year transition period that could allow for enough time to negotiate a free-trade agreement with our whitepaper with the negotiations in Brussels we're striving to get the best deal and I'm confident that with goodwill on the other side with the detail with the ambition we've shown we get that deal done meanwhile Home Secretary Sajid Javid believes his brexit plan is the most credible but has positioned himself as a firm remainer and brexit Javid plans to get a revised deal through brussels and hopes to renegotiate the irish backstop by creating a digitized border on the island this is a system that he insists could be working within just a few years if both sides were willing to work together we to understand that we won't deliver on the referendum result simply by leaving the European Union another vote remainer who has since identified himself as a brexit here is Rory Stewart the newly promoted International Development Secretary declared his bid to stand as p.m. in the hope to avoid crashing out and instead implement his plan to create a citizen's assembly to help Parliament reach a deal with the EU Stuart is focused on reaching a practical deal even if it means locking up MPs over the summer to make sure that it happens my plan is to come back immediately afterwards with a fresh mandate take the politics out of it say the country voted to get brexit done let us get a deals through Parliament in the end that's what it comes down to