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from global leading Britain's conversation with me in town hello very good evening it's three minutes past 8:00 here on LBC welcome to the third of our Tory leadership interviews I should tell you that we're also interviewing the two Liberal Democrat leadership candidates later in June and just Angeles is getting very excited at that prospect Angela you are our third victim if that's if that's the right word I should remind everyone that we can you can watch us also on the LBC website at LBCC at UK a YouTube channel Facebook page and Twitter feed and do you think Andrea led some that a the next lead of the Conservative Party has to be somebody who voted leave well my personal view is yes it does I think we are now in a very dangerous place as a country our politics is very much broken by the failure to leave the EU over the last three years we've got to leave and move on and we can't have the uncertainty that we've had for such a long time continuing anymore so yes I do think it needs to be someone who not just accepts the will of the people which in itself is important of course but who also really believes that once we leave the EU we've got a bright future ahead of us and that is what I think it's what I always campaigned for I know all the different kinds of don't like talking about the other candidates but I mean there's someone like Jeremy Hunt whose foreign secretary he voted remain but actually converted to leave live on my program actually offend someone like him in your view be the next prime minister and negotiate our exit well I don't want to talk about other candidates I'm I'm here to put my own case and certainly for me I have passionately campaigned for leave in the referendum campaign and ever since I've been in government fighting for brexit at every turn and I do believe yes that the person who takes this country forward to get through brexit and then into the amazing world of opportunity that awaits us it does need to be someone who actually believes in leaving the EU have you always believed in leaving the EU so I've got a text here from Ian in Surbiton who says please ask Andrea when she became a brexit here as I've heard her advocating remain before 2016 well that there has been a big campaign about a a lecture that I gave to the Hanson society so my decision that we'd be better off outside of the European Union was the result of a very long journey so I set up a Fresh Start project back in 2011 with Chris Heaton Harrison George Eustace it was designed to look at reform of the EU with the UK as a part of it and it's something you know I like many of my generation grew up inside the EU I had no desire to leave it but what I did want to do was to have a fundamental reform of it so for me having done a huge amount of work and presenting a manifesto for change to David Cameron on the eve of his persuading the EU to reform was all about getting change so that we could remain a part of it and it was when David Cameron came back with so little reform about 2% of what we were asking for that that for me was very clear we can't any longer be part of an EU that cannot reform itself even in sensible ways and so I felt we would be much better off out of it it's just not going in the right direction why did you stay in the cabinet for so long because I think a lot of brexit supporters found it very odd that we had so many different cabinet resignations and they kept thinking well surely Liam Fox is going to go see and surely antral Edison or penny mordant are going to go soon but you stuck it out and you became quite a firm advocate for Theresa Mayes deal which many breaks it is do not believe is brexit and you came to that conclusion in the end I suppose yourself well I stayed in government for three years because I totally believe that in order to fight for brexit you have to stay in government and influence the outcome you know leaving government means you just take yourself out of the game so I absolutely do agree that the withdrawal agreement bill was going to mean legally leaving the EU and being in a position to sort out problems later on but we would have legally left so for me that was the defining point and the reason I resigned was when it came to the withdrawal agreement bill it was proposed that there was a clause in it that would accept that if Parliament voted for a second referendum that a minister would then put in place that legislate that would have meant delaying article 50 again and that for me was just crossing a red line so I couldn't stay with it any longer but all the time I was in government I was fighting for brexit but David Davis resigned over the checkers agreement and and various other ministers fell by the wayside since then he was the one involved in the negotiation so he must have been tempted to leave at that point surely yeah I mean it's been a very uncomfortable three years it really has but ultimately as I say if you want to influence the outcome you have to stay in the game and the truth is that you know for those who resigned they've not been able to influence where we got to and for me in cabinet I've actually had quite a significant influence on the legislation in terms of you know as leader of the Commons I was putting in place at almost 600 statutory instruments to prepare for brexit by March the 29th we got that work done we got in place five and brexit bills that needed to be in place for a No Deal brexit so you know I was making my contribution all the way through fighting for brexit but you were sitting in a cabinet which I've described in the past as the most supine cabinet in recent history you had a prime minister he would go around the table asking what everybody thought and then she wouldn't give her views as I understand it and then she would go away and do something completely different which is effectively why you resigned in the end because that that was the catalyst for your resignation how could you sit there though time after time after time and allow the Prime Minister to behave in that way well I I don't want to comment on anything that went on in cabinet meetings and you know what you've described isn't how I would have seen cabinet meetings I think they were very forceful views expressed and unfortunately all too many times they were also leaked but I'm not one of the people who talks about those cabinet meetings but actually it was much more than just that I mean for me as I say having responsibility for all of the legislation I was sitting on the cabinet subcommittee that was called the day one readiness committee that was preparing for all eventualities including no deal actually using our input to make sure that the UK could cope in all scenarios so actually there was a very important role to be played by staying in guv but do you accept that as a member of that cabinet for the last three years you've got to take your fair share of blame for the fact that we haven't left the EU yet you can shower blame on the opposition on some unfair as Conservative MPs as well but in the end you are part of the cabinet that failed to deliver praxis so why should people have confidence in you now to deliver on it well I completely take my share of the blame I III I don't know what more I could have done and I wanted to stay in government to fight for brexit but I do accept that I didn't to succeed and and nor has the cabinet succeeded but that in many ways is why I'm putting myself forward now because for over a year I've been advocating a managed exit and I do believe that my plan a three-step plan which is entirely workable entirely deliverable that gets us out of the EU by the end of October with a smooth exit is a way forward that we should be exploring well let's spend a few minutes going through that I guess I think one of the weaknesses of this leadership contest so far is that most candidates have said well trust me I can do it you've actually come out with a plan which has attracted some criticism you would have expected that when you published it but just take me through how you can do a managed effectively No Deal brexit because a lot of people think that it's an impossible thing to deliver on and it really isn't impossible this is a deliverable plan it's not a managed No Deal it's a managed exit you know either it's managed or it's no deal it can't be both so as a managed exit it's got three steps the first step is to introduce two bills before summer recess so in late July one that that resolves to put in place because the new leader is announced on Monday the 22nd yes and as I understand it Parliament going to recess two days ago Parliament has not voted for recess yet and under my leadership Parliament will need to sit for three further sitting days which enables us to have second reading of a bill in the Commons and a bill in the law if there's a problem there as well isn't that because if if you win and your plan is put forward and Labour could put down a vote of confidence in that period and there could be conservative MPs like Dominic grieve and several others vote with labour and you could actually lose a vote of confidence before you can even put that legislation into force that's the reality now so under the fixed term Parliament's act labour can put down a motion of no-confidence every day of the week the question is will they and it's my view if we go for a managed exit so if we introduce two bills which are putting forward very sensible measures that all people would get behind so for example resolving the uncertainty for EU citizens and UK citizens resolving the future for Gibraltar for air transport for what happens to goods in circulation at the time of exit really sensible measures that nobody would object to so it's my view that UK Parliament would welcome that would welcome resolving some of those outstanding issues and therefore would give those bills a second reading then during the summer recess we would have a month in which to talk to you heads of government about our plan to leave at the end of October during August yes you've got her hanging down in their holiday homes you might remember Theresa May went to meet with Emmanuel macron his the point is that during that period of time there's an opportunity when people are you know half at work in half on on vacation to be able to go in town is that way well no not really that the guard is down it's just that they have more time to reflect and therefore it's a good opportunity to go and see key people to talk to them about our plans for a managed exit and the measures that we can put in place by the end of October another step I would take is to propose a temporary free-trade agreement along the lines of the EU Japan free trade deal that we could have in place by the end of October again that would last for a year that would solve the issue of the Northern Ireland border for that one year period soldier issue how would you do that so essentially you'd have two bills that have had second reading summer summer recess then happened so in September those bills go to committee stage and report stage and third reading so there are plenty of opportunities during that period to introduce government amendments to legislate for a temporary free trade deal and during fact I do what you haven't actually negotiated with the EU so it would be a long soon so very clearly this is the UK side of legislation and as I'm explaining we would be talking to the European Union about sensible measures that would lead to a managed would you be talking to though because we all know that the European Commission disappears for the whole August that's just a fact the new Commission isn't sworn in until the 1st of November conveniently a day after we're supposed to go after anyway who would you be talking to Sabrina why I mean we know she's been shuffled off to another job so as I say we'd be talking to you heads of government during all this and then in September then in September I would be leading a UK summit UK led summit in Northern Ireland to which the newly proposed EU Commission they won't be in place yet but they will be proposed one or two always gets her not confirmed but the vast majority of them are then go on to be confirmed so they will be in place during September and EU Heads of Government to join a UK summit to agree firstly that we do need to leave at the end of October it's in their interest that we do and it's in our interest that we do and to set out as a result of that summit the sensible measures that we all want to take to ensure a smooth exit I'm still slightly perplexed by this temporary free-trade agreement when when do you negotiate that you because these things do take a lot of time they certainly do and this free trade deal would be a 12-month free trade deal modelled on the EU Japan free trade deal so an existing one that would actually wouldn't be the solution to all of our problems but what it would be is it would work rather similarly to the implementation period where in effect we would have a 12-month standstill period where trade complex supply chains complex issues around fresh food and so on could actually be resolved for that 12-month period and then once we've left the EU at the end of October we would then have that 12-month period in which to either look to extend or to agree a permanent solution which let's be clear the EU offered us at the start of this negotiation they offered us a comprehensive free trade agreement so all of these things we have to leave the Europeans at temporary agreement how does of the Irish backstop issue well because a temporary agreement means that you don't need a border so you wouldn't need a hard border in Northern Ireland what is there for the EU to negotiate to actually go along with this strategy because it's very much in their interest as well as in the interest but that has been said all along for the last yes except that it's always been the concern that the UK will not leave without a deal and when when it was put to the test that was indeed the case in my view if you're to succeed in the negotiation you have to be prepared to walk away so very clearly with a hard deadline of leaving at the end of October it'll be in the e use interest and in the UK's interest to make sure that the people who've been caught up in this EU citizens living here UK citizens living there can have their future made certain to lift that uncertainty and likewise it'll be in our interest in their interests to agree an arrangement that can enable us to move on to get out of the EU to keep those complex supply chains up and running for a 1-year period whilst we sort out a permanent relationship we're gonna go to right now but we will be coming back in a moment and we'll also come to your calls in a moment to is 17 minutes past 8:00 this is LBC I don't expect to need legal advice anytime soon but there's been several times when 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signed it the British government has signed a treaty that's it you accept these terms or you leave on the 31st of October with no deal on a very hard brac set what would you do then well you know the assertions you've just made a not strictly correct because I'm not asking that you to negotiate on the withdrawal agreement what I'm saying is there are some bits of it that are eminently sensible for their man for us so those are things they have already agreed to so that's the bits that I'd be looking to implement secondly if the EU really won't negotiate even to protect their own EU citizens in the UK even to protect the plight of goods already in circulation if they're really going to cut off their nose to spite their face in such a way then yes I mean we have to leave the European Union at the end of October the problem is you know people sort of say well you can't possibly do that but the reality is that the uncertainty is really harming people and businesses already so what we can't afford to do is to continue on extending and looking at new measures and trying to sort of renegotiate things the fact is that withdrawing agreement won't be reopened and the withdrawal agreement bill won't be voted for in Parliament so they are dead and all we can do is to look at the bits of it that can be retrieved that can help all of us and then get a managed exit out of it so we do that how do you manage the exit for the 1.7 million Brits who live in other European countries so the point is we're legislating in the UK and the EU have already agreed in the withdrawal agreement those same laws and what they would then have to do is to have a vote in the European Parliament to accept the same terms that they have already negotiated and agree why would they have to do that because that would be the quid press it's actually the individual countries will have no it's not no it's a multilateral agreement so that withdrawal agreement is an agreement between the United Kingdom and the eu-27 so as a matter of fact if there was a No Deal exit each of the individual 27 countries and the United Kingdom all have No Deal plans for what would happen to citizens my point is it would be so much better to put in place the multilateral agreement that then works for everything works exactly the same way for every UK citizen and every EU citizen it protects all of their rights in other European countries each of those countries will have to do that it's not European why no no it really isn't the French I'm not suggesting that I'm suggesting that the agreement that is in the withdrawal agreement cuz that's dead you just said it you're snow you can pick up elements well they might say I'm cherry-picking but the reality is that for EU citizens here and UK citizens in the EU the best solution is the one that has been agreed between the United Kingdom and the whole of the EU and so what I'm proposing is to lift those elements of the withdrawal agreement that are in all of our interests and to put those into a separate bill in the United Kingdom's legislation so that we can make progress with that bill and if the EU also wants to have that multilateral agreement they can then ratify that at EU level let's pretend that brexit isn't here that yeah it's all solved wouldn't that be nice you will remember watching Therese arm a on her first day in office on the steps of Downing Street made and making what I think even people who aren't conserved his thought was a pretty good speech now I'm not going to ask you to make a similar speech but what's the one thing that Prime Minister led 'some would want to be remembered for at the end of her Premiership what's the thing that really burns inside you think well if I get power this is one thing I am going to do that is number X it related okay so I'm gonna be very greedy and say there's two things one is my real passion in life which is to provide support for new families because you're a lifelong emotional health you're not going as a mother I know I'm not gonna say that at all obviously not but your lifelong emotional health is determined by your earliest experiences so giving every family the best start in life that's absolutely key and then my second pick is to solve the climate crisis for the UK to become world leading decarbonisation supporter both at home and abroad using our overseas development aid to help developing countries to decarbonize and pretend I mean an increase in the out budget it means that I would I would certainly use our overseas development aid that we have now and I would focus I mean already some of it is spent on supporting the environmental goals of developing countries I would want to focus on that because it is a real issue right across the world particularly in developing nations at risk of flood of destruction you wouldn't increase it what would you cut from the budget then well I think that there are many areas of the overseas development aid budget that could be better spent on protecting environment and habitat so for example in much more use of solar power to enable people to be able to cook and heat themselves better in countries that are quite hot during the day now there's a there's a lot of infrastructure building that that odor could be used on in a good way whilst at the same time not not taking away from our support for countries in need and disaster relief and so on why are you standing this time because you didn't succeed last time a lot of people think if you hadn't bowed out of the contest and it had gone the full length you might have actually won do you rather regret that now do you do you sometimes library thinking what if I really don't and the truth is that back three years ago we had had a government that had told us we'd have half a million job losses we'd be cutting the NHS we'd be cutting pensions if we voted to leave and then we did we voted to leave and so what we couldn't afford was a protracted leadership campaign so the day I was told I'd come second I rang the chairman of the 1922 committee who is in charge and said to him we cannot have a nine-week leadership campaign we need certain we need leadership we've got to get a grip now and unfortunately the decision had been taken and so I was perfectly clear it was not in the national interest to carry on with that leadership campaign particularly when Teresa had two-thirds of the parliamentary party behind her and I certainly think we've seen in recent weeks what happens when you lose the support of your party so no I think if I had the facts in front of me again I would have made the same decision but if we look at the facts now Boris Johnson has got around 70 people 70 MPs in according to the lists on the various different websites I mean you've obviously got eight because you had them to nominate you but you you're going to struggle aren't you to get through the first round so I do have good support from colleagues that I've been speaking with lots of colleagues in recent weeks and there are a huge number talking about my ideas and my policies and I know that I do have plenty of support but the reality is you know I'm putting myself forward because I believe that there is a bright future that awaits us once we're out of the European Union and I really do have a passion for enabling each person in our country to become the very best that they can be and I back myself to be the leader that that actually delivers that for this country but you can count oh you can you can see the figures you can see that there are probably three candidates are going to fight this out now you you have to consider what you would do if you did get knocked out surely no I don't I have to carry on trying to ensure that I win the support of colleagues for the first ballot and then the second ballot you know anything can happen in a leadership contest and I will absolutely be fighting with everything I have to make sure that I stay in this race what's the biggest danger in the world today well I think one of the critical challenges facing the world is the climate crisis I mean it depends whether you're looking at the short-term challenge of things like nuclear war or whether you're looking at the medium-term challenge of the environment I mean you know there are there are all sorts of challenges and then of course you know here in the United Kingdom we have a massive challenge of online harm and young people's mental health so there are there are all sorts of challenges that require response empathetic and compassionate leader and I do believe that that's what I would offer well we're going to take some questions from our listeners in just a moment oh three four five six oh six oh nine seven three is the number to call it's coming up to half-past eight let's get the latest news headlines from David DOM Tory Tory leadership candidate Andrea led sim has told LBC the next Prime Minister needs to be someone who actually believes in leaving the EU that's on the same day Rory Stewart has officially launched his campaign saying the choice people face in the contest is between fantasy and reality over delivering brexit Oxfam's received an official warning following a major report into sexual misconduct claims following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti Charity Commission concerns include a failure to report allegations of abuse against children in disaster zones the organized organization says it's deeply sorry and a lodger who murdered three young children at their home has been released from prison David Megrahi killed four year-old Paul Ralph and his sisters Dawn and Samantha in Worcester in 1973 when he was 21 LBC weather windy and wet and raining continuing across Wales the Midlands and northern England tonight dry and in Scotland and the south a low of six degrees this is LBC gasps an ocean credit card check if you're eligible in minutes without affecting your credit score it comes with a credit limit of up to 1,500 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fees whatsoever fast forward to living happily ever after visit property rescue couture UK property rescue fast forward to salt iandale on LBC 833 time for Angie Letson to take your questions if you can't get through first time do keep trying oh three four five six oh six oh nine seven three and let me remind you again you can watch us on Facebook Twitter and the LBCC website at lbcc co uk alex is in Leeds Alex what's your question please I and other started my teacher training in September also a conservative number so we'll have a boy in his upcoming election so I've got a couple of questions first ones on housing so the cost of buying a house has gone up from six and a half times average salary in 2010 to seven point seven in 2017 so I'm wondering what what Andrea can do is p.m. to either bring this figure down or to make housing more accessible and secondly in education so the IFS is saying that spending per pupil is down extend in real terms since 2009 to 10 2018 again what can we do as p.m. to increase funding in real people I love this you've been watching too many Donald Trump press conferences where the journalists always ask two questions but they shouldn't really do it but well we'll forgive you for that Alex so housing first Andrea yeah well thanks Alex and specifically on housing for young people I have a demand-side idea and a supply-side idea on the demand side what I do want to do is enable young people to be able to borrow the deposit on a home so for young people who are paying high rent but not able to get together the money to to put down that deposit I want to be able to provide them with a government scheme loan that enables them to get the deposit together and then swap rent for a mortgage and have a secure home of their own with no not necessary any increase in outgoings monthly to that well not if you also a tackle the supply side so on the supply side what I want to do is to allow local authorities to be able to buy a piece of green field or brown field site at land in a suitable site that's not up for developer led building but to actually buy it themselves at a cheaper rate and to bring in services to it and then to allow for a real explosion of innovative new self-build housing and modular housing which is something that's really taken off on the continent but hasn't really hit the UK yet that's very true why is that I also live in jail no matter you look at wanting to build these sort of what they called and they fantastic really kind of funky looking houses and of course if you've got a decent affordable housing site is a local authority for a small development for it for young people you could make that really a cool place to live and you can have proper infrastructure electric buses and so on so I I do think we radically need to improve the housing opportunities for young people and that's to say this I'm hearing this for the last 10-15 years where we've got to build more houses and you will say well under this government we've built more houses than promising I think two million houses in the next was it five years which I did think was a bit of a stretch okay what what do you promise well I mean at the moment and the government has achieved three hundred thousand houses in the last year three hundred thousand new homes and you know I think it's very difficult to just put a number on it but what I do think is if you change the policy and you enable the demand side by enabling more young people to be able to actually get a home of their own but then you also sort out the supply side by freeing up local authorities I think you could actually increase the rate of new house building quite significantly and also with self-build and particularly with modular housing if they're manufactured homes on a production line actually the build time is extremely quick and you also don't have the problem that we have in this country of the shortage of laborers of skilled laborers to actually work on building sites so do you think we need to look rather radically differently at both the demand and the zone line very quickly on to second on school funding yes so on school funding I completely agree with you Alex that we do need more money for schools more core funding for schools and so I do have to and priorities for the comprehensive spending review which would be schools funding and police funding particularly where schools are concerned though I do think parents desperately need more wraparound care to enable them to go to work in the knowledge that their kids are safe so what I'd want to do is to provide more core funding for schools but also funding to help schools to be able to pay for more activities for older children and more secure care for younger children Boris Johnson wants to increase the per pupil funding on average to 5,000 pounds what's your figure so I'm not making specific funding pledges at the moment because we have a comprehensive spending review coming up this autumn we need to see what the Office for Budget Responsibility is going to forecast as the Headroom that we have to be able to spend and very importantly the thing for me as a as a sensible fiscal conservative what I would want to see is that we're using some of that Headroom for our spending priorities but also we need to tackle the mountain of debt that this country has one point nine trillion pounds of debt and if we don't start to reduce it for a start we're spending 40 billion pounds a year just on servicing that debt but if we do nothing about it we're effectively leaving it for our children and grandchildren to soar now so I'd want to share the proceeds of growth and I so I can't say at this point how much money we can afford for schools but I can tell you that would be a priority I let you say you have a vote in this leadership contest are you convinced I think in terms of education I don't think I had a commitment to actually increase real terms funding oh no that isn't that's absolute commitment Alex okay yeah I want to know you're gonna vote for Alex um I don't think I can quite bring myself to vote for Boris Johnson so I think in terms of ever think Rebecca dear I think Donna craw has got some good ideas I did quite like Andrea lips didn't in the previous campaign stand down so we'll see how this campaign goes along he's being a bit coy yeah thanks Alex kregasm Portsmouth hi Craig good evening yes and I'm one of the hundred and sixty thousand Conservative Party members will be voting at the end of the when the votes go through and I've just got another two-part question was raised but on the 25th of June a group said they're going to have to call the Parliament to legislate for a note to stop a No Deal bear in mind that Parliament's two thirds remain firstly can they do that if if you were Prime Minister could you stop it and would you have the will to stop it that's the first part of the question and the second part the question is I think you'll you'll agree with me that trust in politicians is at an all-time low at the moment we were told 110 times that we'd be leaving on 29th October 29th of March and happen so come the 31st of October if there's no deal on the table what can you categorically state now that you will take us out of the EU with no deal regardless of what Parliament say yeah well I think I can absolutely reassure you on both your questions I will definitely commit to taking us out of the EU and in all circumstances at the end of October this year possibly do that because because as having been leader of the Commons for the last two years it is quite clear to me how that can happen the legal default position is that we leave the European Union on the 31st no it's not unless Parliament intervenes its unless there is a law passed that says something different now Parliament cannot actually generate its own laws other than through the type of arrangement that was the Oliver letter in Nick Bowles that is what they're trying to do again now but that's we do actually have a majority at the moment in Parliament with our confidence and supply agreement partners and I do not think that Parliament will support the idea of another taking over of the order paper such as happened last time there are about 20 Tory MPs and we could probably sit here and name them if we have time yeah that may well support that yeah it wouldn't be xx but there are also some labour members who support that we have tested it previously and there isn't a majority in parliament for actually legislating to or enabling Parliament to legislate to take no deal off the table so I my own view is that with a managed exit proposal on the table colleagues in Parliament across house will want to support a managed exit you know I know people say that Parliament is 75 percent remain in fact many MPs will say to you that even if they were remain they do want to respect the will of the people at the referendum and so they're not saying they don't want to leave the EU they're saying it's the it's the terms under which we leave that are very important to them hope so it managed exit I believe will pass through Parliament Craig I'm gonna move on because I do want to get more callers and I'm going to ban two-part questions from now on if you don't mind Andrews a first-time caller in Brentford Andrew what would you like to ask all hello the lumbers for them to find out what next Tory Prime Minister bit about Islamophobia in their party John well you had exactly Goldsmith and his dog missile campaign in 2016 yes Johnson comparing them inland brokers to litter boxes yeah and like the Muslim Council of Britain they serve in the Tory Party to the Commission some Commission that labour hands and what will she do to try and bring back bring back the Muslim vote and does she think that the toys party have a problem with Muslims and Muslim supporters okay well thanks for your question Andrew and the first thing I would say is that I think for so many Muslim families and Muslim communities their values are so similar to those of the Conservative Party around family community hard work opportunities and so on so yeah exactly no I completely agree we need to really reach out to our Muslim friends and neighbors and make sure that people do feel very welcomed in the Conservative Party so you're absolutely right to point out that we have to stamp out any evidence whatsoever wherever we see it of anti-muslim feeling except that there is a phobia problem in the conservative politic not all conservatives do know well to be perfectly honest I genuinely don't know and when I've spoken to the party chairman about it he has absolutely assured me that any complaints about any conservative member along the grounds of either faith-based or race-based offense that that has been taken extremely seriously and members have been banned or suspended so I'm assured by the Chairman that we take every single accusation that have been suspended and then allowed back in without any well without anybody knowing until someone finds out about it yeah and I certainly think that the that the Conservative Party needs to be very very careful to ensure that we are open and welcoming to people of all faiths and all communities right across the United Kingdom Andrew thank you very much thank you uncles in a second oh three four five six oh six oh nine seven three is quarter to nine Nick Ferrari at breakfast weekday mornings from seven LBC bosses pay and other pay within the BBC goes up by almost eighteen million pounds a year they decide to stop free TV license for over seventy five glory Hana Fuda joins me now this is their lifeline if their information it's their entertainment is it fair really that's the BBC should have to decide where poverty begins and ends former Director General Greg Dyke I think it was inevitable they were going to come up with a solution of something like this taking a 20 percent cut to the total BBC 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you could say we're simply the best oh sorry that's the wrong song join today from just four pounds fifty a month visit the a a.com the AAA because anything can happen new customers already Tizen sees apply the in Dale on LBC call oh three four five six zero six zero nine seven three twelve minutes to nine on LBC angelarts um is with me taking your calls to Erica estimate they will be uh here after at nine o'clock alright let's go to another call Danielle in Dundee what's your one part question Danielle well I'm back in Andrea's we don't I am I know there are some concerns you didn't Scottish Conservatives and just about this I've never seen Everton in ds2 and so yeah I was just wondering what she could say to people to back her as leader as well and this has come up today because yeah I think you made some comments earlier today about this didn't you which haven't gone down well in some unionist quarters in Scotland well yeah that was slightly taken out of context to be honest I am absolutely clear we had the referendum in Scotland it was a once-in-a-generation referendum the Scots voted to remain a part of the United Kingdom which is fantastic for us and fantastic for them and I'm absolutely committed to respecting the result of that referendum in 2014 the reason I said never say never is because I also respect devolution but I am quite clear I would not be expecting or indeed permitting a further Scottish referendum in this generator recalls Nicola Sturgeon won the last Scottish elections with a second referendum in her manifesto so do not have to respect that result now I think you have to respect the result of the referendum in Scotland in 2014 well there isn't a firm majority in Scotland and certainly polls suggests that the Scots do not want to further referendum for me unequivocally I would not support a second referendum on Scottish independence at the current time that should be a once-in-a-generation decision it's not right it's not fair to create the uncertainty that yet another referendum would cause there and of course the same goes for the whole United Kingdom in terms of the referendum about the EU we had it and that's it and we now have to abide by the result are you happy with that Daniel yeah absolutely thanks Danielle one satisfied customer quick question from Anthony in Norfolk who says as you know Boris wants to increase the higher earning tax limit I see this is buying MPs votes what do you think well actually my concern about that is some having been leader of the Commons for the last two years I did have a small group of statutory instruments which are secondary legislation which we're proposing slight adjustments to charges for various things which in a hung parliament we simply would not have the numbers to be able to pass so I'm afraid from a practical point of view in a hung parliament you can't achieve significant tax reviews and and big fiscal changes that's going to need to wait until we have a conservative majority okay mark is in East Sussex hello mark hi and yeah do you think that the Labour Party under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn is capable of winning an outright parliamentary majority in a general election well thank you for that question and I don't I don't think that the people of the United Kingdom would support a hard left Marxist government that would undoubtedly destroy jobs destroy businesses destroy our place on the world stage but my big fear is that unless the Conservatives can take us out of the EU and then move on to the amazing future that we have ahead of us once we're out of the EU institutions then if we get to a general election it could happen by default because as we've seen the brexit party has been able to take votes away from conservatives because of our failure to deliver on brexit so for me it's all the more imperative that we get out of the EU that we move on with our conservative compassionate agenda for our nation and then we can win the next general election outright do you agree with Jeremy Hunt that the Conservative Party is facing an existential crisis I certainly do think that we have no divine right to govern and we have no divine right to even lead the opposition you know parties do have to make the case they have to deliver for the people and they have to demonstrate to people how their lives will be so much better under that conservative government and those things we need to now do Marc I completely agree but you've got to get that message out there I think I think the man is completely unelectable and I faith in the British people that they would ultimately see that at the ballot box okay Marc thank you let's go to Gail in Bristol Gail what's your question hi immediate stop to the loan charge I review it I'm the daughter of alone child suicides victim and it's still going on you know the treatment of these contractors is disgusting and I don't how many more people do we have to lose well Gail I'm so sorry really I mean that that is absolutely terrible to hear very genuinely and as you'll be aware the issue around the loan charge is one of whether in fact people who had particular working arrangements were potentially sometimes encouraged through mis-selling to present their employment as along the lines of a loan to them these things were proved by the HMRC yeah well the the the HMRC argues that these loans were never approved by HMRC and that in fact it was always clear that these schemes were not acceptable and I do think that there is a very legitimate investigation that needs to be had but I am so sorry to hear about your situation gala I really am could you not sorry Gail I'll come back to you in a second and can you not commit to agreeing the retrospective claiming of back tax over 20 years is not accept although the convention has always been a maximum of six years and that would actually prevent people like gales father from getting into the psychological state that they clearly have gotten you so I would absolutely accept that retrospective taxation is not the right thing to do however I think that the reason why I say there needs to be an investigation of this is because there is a very legitimate argument about whether that retrospective taxation was something that people should have been and could have been aware of at the time of undertaking these particular working arrangements or whether it wasn't and you know I've always been clear right from when I was on the Treasury select committee is a backbencher back in 2010 that we cannot have retrospective taxation people do need certainty in their business affairs but at the same time is vital that people do pay their fair share of tax so I certainly would commit to properly investigating the situation uh the review we've already had review well there has been a limited review that's true and I have actually looked into the loan charge on behalf of particular constituents of mine and HMRC have come back with very I think very reasonable comments that they've made about the particular circumstances now I recognize that you know there there are lots of people caught up in this so there are general points to make and there are specific issues for individuals and HMRC have always said people are dying because of well and that you know HMRC have always said that nobody should be put into a position where they are Burnsville in the position that's the problem and HMRC have been very clear that people should call them should speak to their advisers and should deal with them directly yes please do do you know what I have two issues and first of all my dad was a very honest man he declared everything – hey – Marty I have paper trail going back years and years his whole career he told them secondly the amount of time he had to wait with and that we are now waiting we we're no further along we're months months down the line we are no further along he submitted on the deadlines he he was trying to work with them because he believed you know from what they said you've done wrong and he met the deadline and he was met with it will be a few months and from that his mentor he he could and he wrote he could not take it anymore he couldn't take it the waiting I am now waiting my family are now waiting my wake up every day thinking about the lone child I think about my dad and immediately I think about the lone charge this year no one is seems to be listening they're saying yeah well the Kings do it we're going to review it yes I think what speak to people that are living through it I've read my dad's work but what it did to him it ruined an indestructible man it's horrible to listen very quickly well yeah I mean that sounds like something's gone terribly wrong there Gayle and I mean the one thing I really would urge you to do is to perhaps think about contacting your Member of Parliament who will be able to get people to speak to you I mean it sounds to me like you that it does well no of course it won't I mean that that is an absolute tragedy I'm so very genuinely sorry to hear that and certainly as I say I do think it needs to be reviewed it does need to be fair to all of those who are who are faced with this real challenge and of course there will be some cases that have just gone wrong and I'm so very very sorry Gail Gail thank you having the broke for having the bravery to failing because I can't I can't been easy Andrea thank you very much we've run out of time unfortunately and we've got still a full switchboard of calls we could have gone on for the rest of the evening but I think estimate they might have had a legitimate complaint if we've done that because she's on in a moment thank you very much indeed well as I say coming up in the next hour estimate very will be joining us the formal work and pensions secretary and she launched her campaign for the Tory leadership yesterday she's she's been holding meetings in pubs up and down the country but like Rory Stewart has been walking up and down streets oh but lots of questions to ask Esther McVeigh so keep your calls coming oh three four five six oh six oh nine seven three I'm going to be asking a questions for the first half now then it is down to you oh three four five six zero six oh nine seven three that's the number to call here on LBC

Tory leadership candidates clash over Brexit date

well the real turn of events here is that what some of those Tory candidates have been saying has spurred an extraordinary a new twist in the plot because opposition parties have got together with some Tory MPs and have come up they think with a clever scheme which will allow them to use a vote that happens tomorrow to start a process which could mean that a majority of MPs in the house could stop a future Tory Prime Minister if they wanted to leaving the EU with no deal it would also they think start a process which could allow them to stop the idea of suspending Parliament something that gets talked about by Dominic ROM one of the leadership contenders in particular and that they think they've found a way of trying to stop that suspension happening a suspension which it was intended would stop MPs stopping No Deal how does this all work effectively they they book a day in the parliamentary timetable as it happens the 25th of June it might be that they use that day to book another day but eventually they hope that they will bring in a bill that will by statute stop a future Tory Prime Minister if they were trying to do this getting away with it and you know just at a moment a slight lull in parliamentary life the Chief Whip probably had his feet up he not only faces a critical vote tomorrow which could start this whole process he also faces potentially ministerial resignations because those people have been doing the calculations for this whole scheme reckon that it can only get through if maybe a few people who were still in the government come over to their side and help them and on cue Rory Stewart one of the contenders to be our next prime minister and and to be Tory leader has turned round and said you know what I'm a slightly minded to vote for this wheeze so the whips will be scratching their heads wondering exactly how they should deal with all of this and just when things were relatively quiet at least on the parliamentary votes front there's a massive headache for the Gov in the report that follows there is some strong language bizarrely I have to tell you because one of the people who wants to be our next Prime Minister was holding up a sign cabinet turned into something of an off-camera hustings today so did Jared said the Treasury haven't given the Home Office the money it needed to brace itself for No Deal bricks it will we Stewart declared they'd want a suspend Parliament to avoid it frustrating a No Deal brexit acting illegally the Attorney General said it wasn't actually illegal Rory Stewart then continued the route side whatever the Attorney General says he tweeted suspending Parliament would be unconstitutional offensive indefensible and futile while they bickered a cross-party group of MPs was plotting to block no deal deploying unconventional parliamentary tactics Rory Stuart's at his leadership campaign launch said he was almost certain to back the cross party effort to change the law so a prime minister can't exit the EU no deal if there's a majority of MPs in the Commons against that I haven't read the details this my instinct as I would be wholly supportive of a move that tried to do that he said they thought Tory activists wouldn't in the end back the front-runner Boris Johnson to be Prime Minister and when you ask them do you really and I don't want to make this too personal but do you really feel that this is the person that you want engaging with the detail of the future of your health and education system is this the person that you want writing the instructions to the nuclear submarines is this the man that you want embodying your nation on the world stage and guiding you through the most difficult choice that Britain has faced for 50 years I trust the conservative members to arrive at the correct answer at a Westminster lunch the leadership contender Andrea led 'some unveiled the slogan attacking the speaker a man she thinks connives with cross-party remains to defy brexit supporters earlier in more serious mode and led some launched her leadership campaign defending her decision to stay in the cabinet right up until the beginning of last month when she resigned and principal of the brexit process I stayed working hard in cabinet for three years supporting the prime minister to get her brexit deal over the line it was very uncomfortable at times but my view was that staying in government to fight for brexit was the right thing to do a man who didn't get a job under tourism a Mark Harper launched his leadership campaign suggesting serving under to resume disqualified others from succeeding her frankly everyone else in this race has at some point over the last three years been sat around the cabinet table and has participated in the decisions that have led to not leaving the European Union three years after that referendum every single one of them has participated in fundamental missed judgments that have got us to where we are Linton Crosby long-standing adviser to Boris Johnson pitched up at Parliament today to tell some Tory MPs what a hit Boris Johnson is in marginal seats candidate himself will finally be shared briefly that is launched tomorrow in Brussels the outgoing European Commission President jean-claude Juncker was asked if the EU would as many candidates for the leadership demand rethink two resumes brexit divorce deal as far as the content of the we've all agreement is concerned we can have some clarifications Precision's additions to the political declaration concerned the future of our relations even when it comes to limiting the backstop in time no do you have any particular favourite for next UK prime minister No maybe he just wanted to terrify the candidates he might just endorse one of them and in their chances well in a moment I'll be talking to one of the candidates mark Harper but first joining me from Westminster is the Green Party MP Caroline Lucas who is backing this cross party motion how is it going to work well essentially I think MPs on all sides of the house of becoming increasingly alarmed at the more and more reckless statements coming out of the mouths of people like Dominic Rob so essentially tomorrow there'll be a motion that'll last for about an hour which will enable MPs we hope to be able to take control of the business in two weeks time on the 25th of June and when we get that opportunity to be able to organize the business of the 25th of June what we want to be able to do is to have a bill that will make it mandatory upon the prime minister to come forward to Parliament and seek their permission before trying to crash out of the EU so essentially what we're seeking to do is to stop the prorogation of parliament we're trying to stop whoever is the new prime minister from careering over the edge of a of a cliff we're trying to get the steering wheel off them to try to make sure that we absolutely and have the opportunity to make sure that that gets a vote in Parliament first because we are confident that should that be put to Parliament the big chances are that they would say no but are you sure you're gonna have the conservative rebels to get this vote through because in the past these votes have gone through at the last minute when we were about to hit the buffers we're nowhere near that at the moment I think there is such a concern about the idea of suspending Parliament of just dismissing Parliament as if we're some kind of irritant rather than an essential part of the of the overall governance of this country but that has angered so many MPs on the conservative side as well as labour that I think there's a very good chance we will get those toriel rebels I think to sort of hear you know Dominic Rob being so cavalier about potentially even drawing in the Queen er – this whole debacle er has really angered so many people so this is an opportunity to put down a red line and say hang on a minute you are not going to sideline Parliament is essentially what this is about it's about stopping the the suspension of Parliament and the ability of one person essentially to decide on such a major issue that we might well crash bottom line how confident are you that Parliament will stop no deal happening at any time I am confident that were it's to be the case that we were on the edge of that cliff and Parliament had the opportunity to stop us going over that cliff into no deal I'm confident that Parliament would use all means to stop that happening Caroline Lucas thank you very much well mark Harper is with me now the former Chief Whip who's one of the candidates to be the next prime minister Rory Stuart's first said he's minded to back this as a former Chief Whip should a cabinet minister threatening to vote against the government be sacked well I've been very clear to two things Krishnan firstly when jeremy corbyn's Labour Party proposes anything given Jeremy Corbyn stance on never doing anything was in the national interest my instinct is to not support it and I think that would be the instinct of the vast majority of Conservative MPs on what Rory has said I've looked at the the comments he's made this evening saying he would be minded to support it it's very clear it would be government policy tomorrow to oppose what is being proposed and my colleagues in Parliament the chief Whitman everybody down will expect every Conservative MP and particularly every cabinet minister to support the government and you agree with Rory Stewart that note that there any brexit by October the 31st is impossible I've been very clear that I think we have to leave the European Union my preference is a deal but I'm prepared to leave without a deal if the alternative was never leaving at all but I've been clear that I don't think Parliament will allow us to leave without a deal unless my conservative colleagues are persuaded that every single step has been taken to reach a deal and I haven't proposed sidelining Parliament I do understand you've got to take Parliament we did you give Parliament a vote but I thought before taking us out with no deal I'm very clear if Parliament wants if a majority of MPs want to stop No Deal I've been very clear that they're able to do so as Prime Minister would you put it to Parliament before taking us out with no deal well III think in the last result harlot of Parliament the Parliament will be able would you give them those well it depends on the circumstances oh I hope that doesn't it's a really simple no it does Prime Minister would have the opportunity to put up to Parliament vote it does because I'm planning to get a new deal if I'm Prime Minister and put that to Parliament and take us out now I I don't want to start thinking about what happens if we don't get one but I'm very clear if the conservative party doesn't get us out of the European Union we're not going to succeed we're not going to be in government the party is going to be destroyed and that's what conservative colleagues are gonna have to confront you said look comfortable with No Deal coming to you yes I if the alternative is leaving is not leaving at all so let's just work out what that means what is the economic impact on retailers of No Deal well if you're comfortable well I think the government's going to take every step to prepare for No Deal and whether No Deal is very difficult or just a bit bumpy but what it will also depend on the attitude of our European Union partners and one of the reasons why I've said you need to approach these negotiations in a sensible tone and spirit is because if we left without a deal and our European Union partners wanted to help make that work then actually it would be bumpy but it would be managed to cover you rated-r if our European Union partners didn't want it to work and wanted it to be difficult then it would be very difficult a lot of it would be very difficult well if our European Union partners wanted to have you read the government reports about the impact on Northern Ireland business I have read the various government reports that have been produced so what does that tell us about the impact on business yeah well it would be difficult which is exactly why I've said my preference is to leave with a deal and I set out today at my campaign launch in some detail my approach to getting us out with a deal prepared to say you're comfortable with No Deal don't you have to spell out to people honestly what No Deal mean yes it would be difficult because it would mean wellness that the thing that dependent makes the difference is it all depends on what our partners in the European Union what their tone and what their approach is if it would be the effect on the pound what do you think it would fall well I don't I don't know I suspect it would initially um it depends what currency markets what would be the past well it all depends krishnan on what our European partners the tone and whether they wish to effectively administer a punishment beating or not I'm going to be approaching these negotiations if I'm prime minister in a constructive tone building a constructive relationship with the Irish government with the getting Stormont back up and running to reassure both communities in Northern Ireland and all parties and approaching our European Union partners in a constructive spirit I would be quite surprised if I were to conduct myself like that if they were to respond in the way that you're suggesting what reason may would have been quite surprised as well she tried for three years and got nowhere I mean the point is you've said you can't go around promising things that you can't deliver yeah you're promising something you can't deliver because you can't promise a deal before the next election well I've been very clear you absolutely cannot deliver a deal by the 31st of October there simply isn't time to get our european union partners back round the negotiating table get a deal and get it through both houses upon them that's not realistic I think it is realistic to be able to do that with some more time and it's also clear that we cannot go to the country in any set of national elections without having left the European Union we just saw what happened we've got 9% in a national set of elections you cannot as a governing party keep getting that level of support and expect to remain a functioning political party is essential you're mean you don't have a well-known record but you were immigration minister during the go home vans we were life as we ended you said about that is that it didn't work what you never acknowledged is how offensive it was well do you understand how offensive it was to anybody well from an immigrant background illegal immigrant backgrounds who's been told go home well that that was a terrible things for one side well the message was aimed at illegal immigrants so it was aimed at people who were in the United Kingdom you'd either come here illegally or had come here legally and had out stayed their legal right to be here so we tested that no no and it wasn't it wasn't effective and I listen very carefully you and I had the conversation at the time we looked to see if it was effective it wasn't effective at all and we did a pilot over the summer and we didn't ever do it again because it wasn't effective and I set out in a House of Commons Select Committee report and in some evidence but it didn't work and we didn't do it again lastly there's a debates on Sunday Boris Johnson hasn't done any appearances yet should all the candidates be there yes and if I'm still in the race after Thursday didn't wanna take anything for granted I'll be there my campaign launched today I got people to ask me any questions I answer all of them and that's I think the approach for anyone who wants to be Prime Minister

UKIP MEP Politician Gerard Batten Confronts George Soros' Lies About Brexit, Market Crashes, Unrest

button you have too much mr. chairman mr. Soros I'd like to make a few comments and then ask my question use began by speaking quite a bit about brexit and what you said is that there is buyer's remorse well I can tell you there isn't buyer's remorse in the UK what there is is a concerted propaganda effort by the media establishment the political establishment and the banking and financial establishment to actually try and undermine the result of that referendum which was very clear I don't think that you actually get it you said that the the bro pro brexit vote was fueled by anti-immigration sentiment immigration over immigration uncontrolled immigration unlimited immigration which we've had now for many years in the UK certainly played a part but what this was really about was a pro-democracy vote people in England and Wales anyway voted to get debt back Democratic control of their country please try to understand that that's what it was really about you then said that there were two looming crisis a crisis in the financial markets and a crisis a military crisis and military threat crisis regarding the financial crisis yes we can expect one to be deliberately engineered by the crooks in Goldman Sachs and various other financial institutions because I predicted that long before the vote ever took place there is a real crisis looming however which has got nothing to do with brexit there is a financial crisis which is coming anyway and that is because the eurozone and most of the public finances of European countries are nothing but gigantic Ponzi schemes which are heading for a crash whether that happen that won't happen because of brexit that will happen anyway that's almost inevitable the second one was regarding the military threat the biggest threat to our safety is actually from the European Union and its foreign policy and military pretensions which are undermining NATO contrary to the myth that was put around during the brexit campaign the EU has had nothing to do with prefer with preserving peace in Europe that was due to the democratization of countries after the Second World War and the nights out fending off the threat from the old Soviet bloc now I come to my question you said that it was tragic that the budget had been reduced to one point two seven percent of GDP to fund the European Union now I very rarely agree with EU commissioners but some time ago mr. Barroso when he was president the Commission said there should be a euro tax and I agreed with him because I said when the people can see how much this scheme is costing them that's when they'll want to get out so I agree with you let there be a euro tax and then when people can see how much this whole project is costing them then they will be even more determine not just in Britain but in all the other countries of the EU to stay out but what I'd like to ask you is how much should that tax be how much of a financial burden should ordinary people be prepared to actually sacrifice for the European Union and when should it be levied please put a price on it and by the way however big this crisis is I'd be surprised if you didn't make some money out of it like you usually do you do need new forms of taxes and eventually but right now when you have got unused resources you need to use the untapped resources of the European Union and put people to work and and and great generate growth that is that the key for solving the issues I think that's probably all I have time for Missy monsieur sawhorse thank you very much mr. solos