Noam Chomsky: Democrats are really moderate Republicans

now for another interesting take on the government shutdown we're gonna hear from Noam Chomsky but first I want to bring in Artie's in this and now he who interviewed professor Chomsky on this current governing crisis and will bring us what he had to say Anisa you went up to Boston and talked to Noam Chomsky he's had you know been following these issues for quite a while what did he have to say about how government should be working versus how its currently working well he still thinks that it's all big business that's basically one party but what he pointed out was that a new faction has been born and that faction is Democrats that have moved to the center let's listen to what he had to say there used to be a kind of a quip that the United States was a one-party state with a business party that had two factions the Democrats and Republicans and that was pretty accurate but it's not anymore the u.s. is still a one-party state the business party but there's only one faction and it's not Democrats it's moderate Republicans today's Democrats have shifted to the right so he obviously thinks that there's been a shift the interesting thing is that he's been around for so many decades and we talked about that that his position and what he's been talking about the US government has stayed the same but the parties are evolving yeah and I think that's visible really in this debate when you have this the shutdown spending number that both parties is essentially a conservative number that includes the sequester and Democrats are willing to sign on board with it it kind of lends proof to this idea that the Democrats have indeed shifted to the center I talked earlier with Ben Swan about this and about how the media should be covering this you know fair and balanced reporting we see the media blaming both sides for this did professor Chomsky assign blame to any one particular side over the other in the shutdown Chomsky is very clear that he thinks the entire situation is a farce he doesn't hide that but he did talk about how Republicans have gone so overboard I mean they become scum something incredibly that almost shouldn't be real that it's become such a farce and he did talk about that that's recognized on by the most respected conservative political analyst Norman Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute very right-wing foundation is maybe the most respected political analyst on the right he simply describes the Republican Party today as what he calls a radical insurgency that is doesn't care about fact doesn't care about argument it doesn't want to participate in politics and is simply off the spectrum well that's what's happened and that party is essentially who the president is trying to negotiate with right and they've gotten us in this situation with a shutdown where they're now piecemeal funding the government so it's no longer that they're talking about spending cuts they're now opting in choosing which programs to spending if we get to the debt limit situation then it'll be the entire government that they'll chew pick and choose what we pay down and what we don't that seems to be a protocol route a pretty radical way that hasn't we haven't seen governing worked out what else did the two of you to discuss you and professor Jones discussed we discussed quite a lot internationally about what's happening about u.s. foreign policy and we talked about Iran about the new president Chomsky seems fairly pessimistic that we'll see any changes in Washington he thinks all of it is in Washington's court right now the ball is in Washington's court but until basically the US where he said the way he put it was the West stops taking the US as lead in terms of finding a negotiated diplomatic solution and supporting Israel completely there's no way that the situation is going to change interesting is certainly certainly someone worth paying attention to he's been right in the past so listen I always thanks so much