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this just in cNN has just filed a lawsuit against the White House the network is demanding the return of the White House press credentials for their reporter Jim Acosta and they're also accusing the White House officials of violating CNN and Acosta's First Amendment rights and if you think that's not normal now Mississippi Senator Cindy hyde-smith she's doubling down defending her comments after joking about attending a public hanging video of the Republican making remarks first surfaced over the weekend the senator then released this statement quote in a comment on November 2nd I referred to accepting an invitation to a speaking engagement in referencing the one who invited me I used an exaggerated expression of regard and any attempt to turn this into a negative connotation is ridiculous reporters surprise surprise pressed her on this yesterday I put out a statement yesterday and we stand by the statement and that's all I'm going to say about it hyde-smith faces they run off on November 27th with Democrat Mike SB who is african-american joining me now MSNBC contributor and Princeton University professor Eddie Glaude and back with me former senator bob torricelli Eddie there's a lot to go through here every day we're trying to figure out do we follow the the most recent this is unheard of this is unprecedented this is crazy because when we do many people say oh you're just chasing the most recent shiny distraction but in not covering them and not talking about these issues the risk we run Eddie is that our norms are being pushed out of whack and our democracy the foundation of this nation was built on those norms yeah what we've experienced since 2016 and actually but a little bit before that Stephanie is Normie Rosen that the kind of basic common sense agreements that we've had that we've held that kind of stabilize our democracy have been tossed out of the window and here what we see I think is really interesting is the effects of the discussion of discourse around political correctness that somehow to apologize to engage in a kind of decent to demonstrate decency with regards to people who are different from you if somehow a sign of weakness when in fact what it becomes is justification for violin harmful and hurtful remarks and what's interesting about synthesis via hyde-smith here there's a tendency Stephanie for people to play fast and loose with my our dead with black people's dead it's not like lynching is an ancient practice their folks are walking in Mississippi right now who have relatives who were lynched who have people who have dead people because of that violent ritual of American of the American South that Mississippi was excellent at so it was real was crude it wasn't just simply an exaggerated expression of public regard it was crude insensitivity it was harmful it was ugly and and I think she needs to go down to Bryan Stevens's Museum over in Birmingham and get a sense of the depth of violence and violence of that of that practice it's also not an expression senator translating this idea of hyper political correctness and what is common decency and what concerns me is she didn't really apologize she said don't turn this into something negative and and she brushed it aside attempt to what does it say that she doesn't believe she will pay a political or ethical price it's as though there's no shame well first of all she's either as just suggested incredibly insensitive where she's an idiot my kids would be thrown out of school but my son would be expelled from school if he suggested something I've noted my caste all my adult life I served in the house with them first of all Mike I am so sorry that you and your family have to be part of a discussion where someone would have the audacity to raise lynching I get upset even saying this while you're trying to serve your country it it is beyond the pale and I've tried to think it's an italian-american what someone could have said to me that would have been as offensive to me and my family there isn't anything there is anything it would like being in a race as a Jewish American and having a Holocaust denial if the history of this there's a wonderful new book out the warmth of another Sun if you if there's anyone left in America who doesn't know the history of lynching hard though it is to believe the public spectacles the thousands of people the people not not to not grown men lynch whole families thousands of people who gather to celebrate the deaths you grew up in Mississippi you want to serving the United States Senate and you didn't know this history it is impossible anyway Mike I'm sorry if I'm sorry you have to endure it Cindy I may feel no shame but I've shame you ma'am I got to ask you about this Eddie this story I didn't want to believe it it is making headlines and it is yet another example of the deterioration of norms please look at this picture a Wisconsin School District is investigating after a photo of what appears to be a group of mostly white male students holding up a Nazi salute this image went viral this is 2018 Eddie when I saw this for the first time last night I'm a fool I'm naive I didn't want to believe it was true my husband I looked at it I looked at it upside down I looked at it backwards I looked at pictures of my sons dabbing with their friends saying maybe I'm confused but I'm not this is 2018 there were parents of these kids taking that picture how concerned are you that this is where we are Stephanie there's so much ugliness in our country right now so much disregard for the humanity of others it begins at the top but it doesn't start there it he's just an exaggerated indication of the ugliness that's in us those those are those are children young men engaging in the Nazis by the way let's remember those are children who are not so hating and so part of what we're standing at the precipice this is a crisis moment a unique inflection point the nation will have to decide whether or not it's going to be racist or not these aren't these aren't outlier Stephanie these aren't you know individual monsters these are our children this is us we have to decide whether or not we're going to be racist or not and that's not going to we can't hide anymore it's all out in the open you can't put this genie back in the bottle and so we're gonna have to decide who we're going to be who do we take ourselves to be and that decision is going to say that this has to be rooted in that is no longer acceptable and it must be banished once and for all from our body politic and until we do that we will see even more we will see even uglier things in the immediate future in even uglier even more vile things Stephanie on the immediate horizon because this is where we are right now mind you that politics is the ultimate consumer business it's the last great competitive industry in America it is consumer led when people do this and candidates say these things and they behave this way they're doing it because they have a market it isn't simply the candidates they know what they are doing people will respond to it that's the greater danger I'm gonna respond to it with love for all those boys in those pictures in that picture you're teenagers you have a chance to be better today be better tomorrow and we're gonna teach you to do that and I'm so sorry that your parents or your community and your school didn't but you have the chance to be great tomorrow and I believe in you hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

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yes one of the things I wanted to ask you like on the first day is you said like to my friend over here you got to lead your people you got to learn enough about the job that you hate and then lead them and I what I wanted to ask you is well being sort of on the front lines of things how do you actually or what are your ideas on leadership and you gave some examples today like for example you sort of come up with the plan and then you ask the questions so that's one strategy it's only one part yes I was wondering if you could share maybe a two or three minutes sure I'll be happy to my number one belief about leadership is you're a servant but here's what I mean here's what I mean specifically the word hero hero that isn't the archetype of like men and you and I about my is it true that inside of you you want you wouldn't want to be the best you want to create the best share the best do the best is that is that a metaphor for you in your life absolutely yeah me too so I think people in this room tend to have that as their metaphor so all of us at some level man or woman wants to be hero the word hero if latin root means servo servo means servant it actually means slave the hero why they're the hero has become the ultimate servant to something larger than themselves people and so forth the person who thinks they're going to lead by demand or by position can only leave for a short period of time but the person whose idea serving is my belief is if you can find a way to take any group of people and help them to experience their needs at a richer deeper level than anyone else then together you guys can get anything done anything now it may not work the first time but together you can get to that point because needs are ultimately we're after we're not after the vehicle we think Raptor you want a billion dollars then you get it I got plenty clients and I will tell you it is not the end game and so they have been they go after their second billion or you think it's getting married and then you get it you find out it's not the end game there's certain needs that have to be there and the ultimate needs are growing and giving because you only can feel so good filled up by yourself so my core belief is I got a serve if I serve I can lead because I believe motive does matter if my motive is just to get you to do something for me there's a certain amount of power that I can get to do that if I strategize if I think if I feel and also if it serves a greater good even if I don't intend it if the bumblebee goes to try to get the nectar it wants it's selfish goal I believe is a higher power the guys at all and when that bumblebee goes it doesn't intend to give anything but pollen sticks to its legs as it goes about trying to get what it wants that's how flowers are created I really believe that everything has a web of connection if your intent is to serve yourself you're still going to serve something more than yourself and you're going to get a certain amount of insight if you're intent in your motive is to serve something yourself but also something more just your kids then I believe you get a different level of insight and because you're serving more of what serves life it's not just me it's me and my family if you're trying to serve a community I believe you get a different level of insight treasure of humanity you get a different side I get emotional thing about this is why I do what I do so when someone stands up it's not about business it's not about anything but about serving them so I will use abrasive or creative language I'll use whatever takes humor stupid I'll make fun of myself I'll challenge I'll do anything to serve that's why I'm here I don't need to do more but I love to see someone free and alive and lit up so when that's your motive no matter how people perceiving it outside if they're around you long enough you can't hide what your real motive is and they'll see it and they'll feel it motive does matter if it's to serve something high it'll be that that doesn't mean you don't get served too and in business you got to be served or I used to do business and I'd lose money the business everybody else was happy and it was wonderful except I had no business so it's you know killing the goose that lays the golden eggs so I've learned to put that balance in but that gives me power that's why time disappears for me because I'm not about getting some action done I'm about the outcome question you know we we talked about you know the economy being real rough going forward but you've given so much of your self and I can see it and the passion behind these people about teaching these really important business principles that I'm confident that it's going to be a lot shorter to come out of this recession thank you so much give a hand so let me just tell you I'm excited to be with you this morning and to be here I flew in specifically for this I'm going to do a date with destiny for six days down the Gold Coast but I came up here because I wanted to have an experience because this is a perfect time to talk with people because right now most of the world when they look at the economy in their world do they have a great deal of excitement or foreboding what would you say most the world no questions foreboding if you want to give this a season we're in right now an economic season for most the world would you say it's spring or things you're just starting to grow summer where you're not quite what you want to be and you're a little annoyed because it's a hot summer you want more fall where everybody's reaping like crazy or winter where you're working your ass off and it doesn't seem to be paying off fully which season would you say the majority the world thinks they're in quick which one winter and winter I love the way that I say winter wit da winter is the most powerful season you could possibly start a business or make any money in and I'm not saying that because I'm positive because if you know anything about me personally that's not where I come from I'm not the positive thinker that you may have seen people say image of me in a seminar because I believe in the power of energy because without energy nothing gets done lots of people know what to do but they don't do what they know lots of reasons fears one of them not know what to do is another one but the biggest one is energy so they see people with energy in my rooms because I believe you want to make this thing like a rock concert because people get bored when they're just sitting on their tail learning so what I really believe is we need energy but I'm here to tell you I'm not here to come by today and say to you it's all positive let's go to our garden and let's chant there's no weeds there's no leaves there's no weeds I'm here to say there's lots of weeds here's of the are let's pull those suckers out so we have the garden we want who's with me on there say I I'm not a believer in positive thinking I believe we're in intelligence and intelligence says that if you and I are going to succeed in this environment if you come to a seminar like this and you're looking for ways to maximum your growth and your business and your life and your finances then you got to understand what's really going on and not kid yourself and so if you look around I think there's three keys to being a leader there mandates the leadership very simple but you might jot them down and think about these as you listen to all the speakers this weekend or the next day or so because it's really going to determine what happens because many of you come to an event like this and you're going to get excited you're gonna learn some strategies you learn some tools and insights and how many of you came here because you want to make some more money I'm just curious how many came for that as a meant primary reason and say I how many came because you already have a business you want to take to another level I'm curious say I how many of you don't have a vehicle you came here looking for a way to make some money let me state your hand say I most you already have a vehicle good how many can could just want to improve the aspects of your life something you want to enjoy more experience more say I well we're going to cover all those this morning we're going to start with you we're going to start with you because if you own a business if you're going to be an investor what's going to determine your success or failure is not going to be other people it's going to be you as the leader ultimately the choke hold on a business 80% of it is the psychology of the leader the owner or leader determines it financial wealth does not come from mechanics I coach one of the top financial traders on the face of the earth he's been my client for literally two decades 20 years he pays me a million dollars a year to coach him he emails me every day his measurements I see him only three four times a year for an hour I get a million dollars plus a piece of the upside I don't tell her that to impress you I tell you it goes impresses me not bad for four hours work but I've helped him for 20 years where he literally made more money than any human being in history in 1987 in a single day literally made more money than anybody made in a day which in those days was a half a billion in a day today that's like a half a trillion with inflation but with more money in 1987 the American stock market had its biggest drop in a single day percentage-wise still strongest worst day percentage-wise he called the market accurately hour-by-hour a week in advance and made half a billion dollars in a day now you can't live on that but it's a good start get you going okay here's the problem he lost money for the next two years he brought me in in for 20 years he's made every single year for 20 years 2008 when most hedge funds were losing 30 40 50 70 80 % he made 28% upside that year unbelievable so I know a little bit about markets I'm not just mr. positive thinking I've been studying everything about him George Soros who made a billion dollars in a day who I did my friend later on in the UK on their black day he turned that around as well so I'm here to tell you I know there are elements you can take advantage of and the people that know winter is the best season are the people that take advantage not because they're positive because they're smart but or if you do that you need three things first you got to see things as they are but not worse than it is are you with me on this because when you talk to the most Ozzy's today let me just explain something to you most Aussies today have a little bit of nervousness about the economy raise your hand if you can relate to that to your friends have a little bit of nervous oh it's not quite thrilled with the economy raising up that relates let me just get a sense how many know Aussies think it's the best economy could ever be okay three people on drugs good very good here's the truth there's a little nervousness because of you know Europe obviously nervousness because China's still growing but maybe not as fast big piece here nervousness because oh my god we gots a few little taxes coming in here now right carbon tax but interest rates are down 2% and just what the last six eight ten twelve months pretty nice but there's this nervousness here's just going to know if you're freaking nervous here you better not leave Australia because there are seven billion people on the planet they all freakin wish they lived in Australia you're in the best position of any country in the world that's not to say there are challenges your real estate market here is definitely inflated to a mass level and you haven't had a big correction there are things that are going to occur here but you got to see it as it is but not worse than it is or you're not going to act out of fear how many follow what I'm talking about here say I and why do most people make it worse than it is you tell me why didn't miss me if you make worse and say oh you can't even believe why even try the whole economy is just going to tank anyway why do people come up with this stuff cuz they're so afraid to what what's the word no one likes to say let's hear it they're so afraid to fail so they looked for a story to cover them it's like somebody says to me I can't lose weight cuz I'm big-boned no you're freaking fat let's just tell the truth here light is it true you're fat I mean I'm not making a judgement you're fat I was big-boned that was my story I was 38 pounds heavier than I am now and my story was I'm big-boned I'm still big-boned I'm 38 pounds lighter we come up with a story because we're afraid to fail what you have to do is see it as it is not fake yourself and say everything is positive everything is wonderful you'll get killed doing that in business you got to be smart you got to see it as it is but not worse than this you don't take advantage does this make sense yes or no second keys really simple you got to see it better than it is or you won't do anything that's the second key you got to see it better than it is that's what a leader brings to the table so bottom line is you got to see it better than it is if you saw a guy like Ted Turner Ted Turner multi-billionaire amazing influence created CNN think about this when he first came in with the idea of 24-hour news what do you think most people thought on an idea first of all they said there isn't that much news he almost went bankrupt four times when he kept seeing it better it was he saw the truth he saw the challenges he didn't make it worse than in Sweden panic he saw it better so there was something to move towards that he could make happen what does it say without a vision people what perish if you don't have a compelling view of the future you're in trouble and here's the challenge most of the world right now is in this place in America the highest that's ever been 63% of Americans now believe the best days are behind them they believe specifically that the future for themselves and their kids will be far less than it is today that's 72% by the way of Germans 81% of French people believe that now Ozzie's are in a great place so one thing you got to do is celebrate where the hell you live give a little hand for living in Australia ladies and gentlemen come on now so if you're going to be smart you got to go we got we got a young group of economy we've got a young generation coming up we'd certainly have some ties to some amazing resources that our natural resources for us and yes the spending is not as high and yes there's going to be a correction but guess what some people's winter is devastate other people's winter is mild so far your smile I'm not saying it won't get worse but here's what I can tell you if you see it as is and you see it better than it is you'll know something the greatest investors the greatest financial success in history the first man to become a billionaire by investing alone is the man who's a friend of mine he died about four years ago named Sir John Templeton Sir John Templeton started out with nothing he wasn't Sir John he was a guy that Jacek Lee grew up in his tiny little town with nothing to his name he worked hard and he decided to save his money and find a way to invest but he had one cool secret he realized when things are going well what do people want for their property when things are going really well a high price or a low price which one high price when things are going well do they want a high price or a low price for their shares which one high price when things are going unhappy when things are terrible and things going well people think it's going to go well forever when they think it's going bad they think it's going to go bad for how long forever when the is going really poor what does that guy want for his shares or at all I'm a high price or whatever he can get which one whatever he can get so his mindset was really simple I'm going to make all my money write this down during times of maximum pessimism I'll make all my money during times of maximum pessimism if you can when everybody else is freaking out seeing it worse than it is you can see how it really is not kid yourself not just be positive but see it better than it is and see where the advantage is and you can do the third step I left out which is once you see it better if it is you got to make it that way you got to come up with a strategy and action plan to make it that way if you can do those three things you can take advantage and he did it I'll tell you I did it when Hitler invaded Europe when he actually invaded Poland this guy took ten thousand dollars five thousand he saved and five thousand he borrowed which back in those days was a huge sum of money and he went out and bought every stock he get his hands on that was under $2 in the New York Stock Exchange including companies that many people thought go bankrupt he just bought it across the board ten thousand dollars now by the way that was one of the worst winter moments of maximum pessimism because every went oh my god Hitler is now storming Europe he tried to appease him it's not working he's going to take any countries are dropping everybody thinks the bad things are going to go on forever here's what we all know about seasons winter does not last forever does it what always follows winter my friends wet spring done a new opportunity is always there but when you're in winter you think it's forever and so everybody's freaking out so share prices went to the floor so what do you got for $10,000 was worth its weight in gold and by the way five years later when the war was over what happened to shares of stocks what happens the company started to rebuild exploded back up that $10,000 investment made him a billionaire of the course of two decades he didn't stop there where will be the worst place to think of investing after World War two would you think what was the country most destroyed even more than Germany in which country Japan in at radioactive places guess how much they want for land that's radioactive literally he bought things for pennies on the dollar and if you remember in the late you know the early late 80s who was the country that was dominating economies around the world it was Japan and guess what he did sold it all right there at the peak when everybody there thought it was going so great he always made money terms of times of maximum pessimism so what didn't he ever say to you today is this this morning I want to work with you with you as a leader I want to give you some strategies and tools that you can use to immediately shift your psychology because that's going to be 80% of your wealth building 20% is going to the mechanics of how to do it they maximize resources a leader can come into an organization that's totally torn up in horrible shape take the same resources take it to another level your body your mind your emotion but you can't maximize it when you're trying to fit in and you can't maximize it when you live by everybody else's rules I'm not saying don't be respectful I'm just saying as a leader you got to decide what you believe is right and one thing I can tell you will always feel right to never settle for less than you can be do share or give that will feel right as long as you live ooh so question how do you build muscle because what we want to leave here with is not some just positive attitude bs we don't just leave you with some material we wrote in our books we want to leave here with a different sense of identity strength and muscle I don't just mean just physical muscle I mean emotional muscle because think about how do you build a muscle what do you do no no exercising a muscle is how you keep it if you don't use it you faith unused faith unemployed does not grow it diminishes true courage that's inside of you that after a while you don't use your courage you don't make yourself do it the courage muscle doesn't get bigger it gets smaller passion between a couple you're so busy and you're so tired on express after a while that passion dwindles sometimes moves the seemingly nothing for people that really do love each other but what's happened is they just haven't used the muscles so weak it's like where would we even start right that process happens in all human beings and the emotional muscles are the one that's shaped every leader in every part of this world because everything that's happening this world is an emotional game 9/11 was an emotional game 12 guys took down a 5 trillion dollar economy for a few days shut down the air transport system and put the word terrorism fear and uncertainty into 255 million Americans I don't support it but one thing drove it emotion it was an intellect they use their intellect to its maximum capacity for bad for destruction from our perception certainly mine I would you probably agree with me but on the other hand they're a group of people that are on a plane who used that same emotion to get themself from a place of total fear to sing the phrase let's roll and those people Todd being those people those people use that emotion to give their lives also but to protect life protect what probably would hit the white house to change that peace those people put their lives on the line because they activated the emotion they didn't sit there emotionally unfit hanging out in their chairs hoping or worrying or fearing just for themselves they figured out there's something we got to do we're going to do it now muscle emotional muscle that's what will change your life 80% of success in life 80% of achievement in business 80% of almost anything that matters in your life is psychology and 20% is mechanics how to get fit physically is not that complex there are a million classes courses programs elements internet elements there is a gym on every corner there's a trainer anywhere nearby how to do it the mechanics is not that complex so how come the vast majority of people on this planet I should say vast majority of Americans not Planet as most people don't have enough money to be like people here we're the most obese nation in the history of the world who are physically fat because we're emotionally fat because what it takes is will people tell me on time I exercise you have a great life that's a two legged stool it won't stand you need the third element the third leg is emotional fitness psychological strength the capacity to drive yourself to do it doesn't feel good initially but feels incredible long term that's what we're going to do here the bottom line is if leaders get results and most people don't get results most people tell us a story don't pay if you don't get the result people don't achieve their goal they don't get the result why don't they achieve it what do most people tell us what have we even said at times if we're honest you didn't achieve the goal you didn't achieve your dream you didn't cheat this thing we as a company didn't do it because what what's the reason people give tell me we don't have the okay we didn't have the money why tell stomach I went in half the time then I didn't have enough time to achieve it we don't have the reason without the people resource I've given other people we don't have the computers we don't the technology and all the tools we don't have the right plan we're gonna have a plan my boss sucks if it wasn't for my boss we would have made it happen wrong leadership wrong management what else oh because our people are too old we don't have enough you see so if you put them up on the screen here people say things I don't have time you know the money whenever technology energy not enough restore we don't have the quality leadership we don't know the right people we don't have the network well I don't have the education that's why whenever people fail to achieve their goals 99.9% of time you ask them why they'll tell you it's because of a lack of resources that's what all these things are I didn't have the support right I didn't have the money we didn't have the time we didn't have this we know that there's a resource that people believe is missing and that resource belief structure then keeps people from ever being able to really lead because what leaders do is they find a way to maximize whatever resources they have has little as they maybe and they don't believe in limited resources I'll give you an example take a business example to start with in 1974 I gained team Psalm Walt and have built his little company up he cabled an idea he started with $20,000 and I think 1962 if I remember right but by 1974 within 12 years he had 78 stores and you know I did it in the middle of the night he drive across the border and he'd go and study other people's stores he buy everything the cheapest he could in the middle tonight he'd go to the people's stores whatever was working he figured out success leaves Clues he came back and did in his store whatever was working in any store in any competitor anywhere he could do it he did it so he forgot to maximize the little resources he had his twenty thousand build 78 stores and if you read any of the people following him the company gone public in that year they were all saying this is it he's maximized his resources I mean only have so much money there's only so many cities that are going to appeal to this discounting mentality right this is it this is all he can do and the word on Wall Street was self now what's interesting is at that time you look at Sears and Kmart and they were gargantuan companies weren't that twenty thirty forty fifty two times a hundred times his size or more probably and at that time they were the leaders and they knew what's going to happen but two things change yes or no did he suddenly get mass amounts of capital no here's what they didn't understand Sam Walton now or the Walton organization Walmart is the most successful retailing operation on earth and when you talk about Bill Gates being the richest man in the world that's only true because Sam's fortune is divided up amongst a bunch of different family members you put them together they dwarf Bill Gates Sam Walton did this how did he do it what people underestimated is that this guy could go to 4,400 stores do 250 billion where's Kmart today and they've been shrinking all the min shrinking and he's the dominant force on earth here's the thing he understood resources are interesting but the ultimate resources are the feelings of emotion that make you resourceful think of it this way resourcefulness is the ultimate resource what do I mean what are the emotions that make all this possible what's the fuel that takes an idea from being in your head well you wouldn't you'll actually know what to do how many got an idea for example was a great idea you're excited about it and then you didn't do anything one day there you saw it on the Shelf you saw some or someone stole your idea how many had this happen say ah you'll end up seeing you and that

House Democrats Begin Public Hearings On Mueller Report | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

welcome back I'm Stephanie ruhle House Democrats are not committing to impeachment proceedings but short of that they are doing everything they can to keep the President and Robert Muller's report in public eye this week that includes two congressional hearings and a full house vote on whether to hold Attorney General William Bar and former White House Counsel Don Magan it's civil contempt first up a hearing in the Judiciary Committee that will feature testimony from John Dean President Nixon's White House Counsel who testified against his former boss during the Watergate hearings back in 1973 Joyce maths is a former US attorney and professor at the University of Alabama law school and she will also be testifying in this afternoon's hearing also joining the conversation Matt Miller a former chief spokesperson for the Justice Department Joyce obviously we should note you are an MSNBC contributor but you are testifying on your own today as a former US Attorney with a whole lot of expertise what can you tell us about your testimony and why you think this hearing is going to be so valuable it's an interesting hearing Stephanie because today when we testify and I'll be there with my former colleague barb McQuaid who is the US attorney in Detroit Michigan when I was the US Attorney in Alabama and we're there not because we have personal political views but we're there to lend our expertise as prosecutors and talk with the committee about how prosecutors evaluate evidence in an investigation and how they compare that and analyze it in light of the legal standards the elements you have to prove in order to establish a crime and and how we would make charging decisions given the the body of evidence that the Moller report has compiled Matt John Dean is going to testify today yes he's an expert on what happened to Richard Nixon 40 years ago but what does he bring to the table because many people are saying it's odd he has nothing to do with this and Republicans of course are saying this is just political theater ignore it you know it's a fair question I don't know if you're a fan of all country music and know that old Charlie Robinson song you're not the best but you're the best that I can do but I think that's a little bit how I think of this hearing today which is not a slide against Joyce obvious she's the best in my book and this hearing is important but look the committee wanted to have a bunch of other witnesses by now they wanted to have Bob Muller before the committee they wanted to have Don began before the committee but they've been unable to get that done so I think what you see now is a two-track strategy so while they go to court to try to compel testimony from witnesses like Don McGann they're going to bring other witnesses like Joyce and John Dean and barb McQuaid who can come in and speak to what the Moller report shows which is pretty clear evidence that the cook the president committed obstruction of justice and a number of occasions most Americans don't know that I think the point of today's hearing is to bring experts in to explain that while the committee separately goes to court to try to get the witnesses from the Muller report compelled to appear then to that point Joyce these hearings are not fact-finding missions John Dean Barbara and yourself were not involved in this administration it seems more that they're simply trying to shine a spotlight and explain more to the American people most of whom have not read the report I think that's right Stephanie this is table setting this is helping people understand the context in which the events that the Moller report examined occurred and and Matt makes an important point and all acknowledge being the best that they can do because the real shame here is that folks who should have complied with subpoenas to appear in front of this committee because Congress has an article one oversight function to comply with the fact that those subpoenas have been essentially ignored is shameful it's a violation of the norms I know people get tired of hearing us talk about norms being violated but these are so essential to the functioning of our government hopefully the American people will begin to see that but here's the issue it's setting a table for those who are already at the table who believe that there is obstruction of justice who are going to be watching this saying hell yes but does it move the needle in any way Matt tomorrow you've got this houseboat does the vote make any difference because even if they agreed to hold bar and begin in contempt here's what gets me does any of it matter when is it going to happen in my little mind I would think subpoenas and being held in contempt would actually cost you something well look I think you're seeing the committee there they're always kind of two things in congressional oversight one is try to move the needle needle on public opinion and I don't know that a contempt vote does that and I think that could the house may actually not hold the two of them in contempt but the other thing that's going to happen on the floor is a very separate second piece of it which is authorize the committees to go to court so while moving that you that may in itself not move the needle on public opinion it gives the committee's the ability to go to court and try to enforce these subpoenas you know I think you've seen as Joyce said a bunch of witnesses just kind of flagrantly thumb their nose at the committee's lawful exercise of their constitutional authority and so what they're what Congress is being forced to do what the house is being forced to do is go to court and what what that vote in the house did we'll do tomorrow is give the committee's a chance to be able to do that more quick so it gives not just the G okay but Intel and banking and all the others who are seeing witnesses from inside out the and outside administration's just completely Stonewall the chance to try to break down that wall hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

Politicians Have Developed Allergy Towards Media: Krishna Prasad

we're seeing many instances on this on social media where abusive language is used what your mind can be a deterrent for this abusive behavior if one has to zero you know keep the deformation to the side good person you know how sure I'm not inclined to have a very general view on this because I think this issue of information is now split across the country it's not just author Pradesh it's not just Gujarat its recites Karnataka Tamil Nadu a whole variety of of states which are now involved in this kind of you know procedure in terms of attacking journalist you know these reasonable restrictions that the Constitution of India places under Article 51 a2e you know do not include issues like this you know if you look at the specific tweet of mr. Kenosha what is he really saying you know you see the thing is that is this a comment is this a charge is this a criticism what is it you know so it seems to be some blanket set of laws that have been applied post facto and it seems to have you know as most legal experts including Institute she will tell you they have little chance of surviving in a court of law so the point to me is this that that various tape garments of not particularly any one particular political party various state governments various political parties think of a of all their own ways of dealing with criticism their own ways of dealing with anything to do with the media for example I am speaking to you from Karnataka just now and if you see the track record or the current chief nurse of Karnataka who belongs to the gentle circular which is in a coalition in the Congress party it seems to be that the chief mister does not like satire this chief minister does not like any comments on his government the Chief Minister does not like anything we said about his son editors have been charged when fired you know and today in plays newspapers there's more from the chief mister in this family so it seems to me that the politicians whichever state they are seems to have seemed to have developed a kind of anxiety towards the media and they are using all the you know the instrum so power that they have and you know employing all kinds of legislation and laws to deal with the situation so it's no longer about writing to his writing a letter to the editor is no longer about giving ever joinder it's no longer about any due process that used to follow in journalism it just seems to be and this is really a good shot model at work it just seems to be that politicians seem to think that we first recourse to any criticism any setter any comment is to put is to send the policeman to your doorstep and that is really very dangerous and I think you're seeing that play across the country and mr. converses cases the particularly acute one because as all legal expert selves already know this addicted it has no chance of surviving in a code of laws but I also see from today's news wires that you know he's been sent to Bakula for two weeks so you are really seeing as mr. levitra pointed out you know a kind of a you know dual play me of politicians the executive the judiciary and all of this seems to be happening some kind of a vacuum

Political leaders from Mt. Kenya hatch plan to have one of their own become DP

it was a chat service at st. Matthews AIP CHR $0.20 Romero County which was unattended by political leaders from the larger Meru and Embu regions and two days after the political class in the region kicked off the clamor to have one of their own dominated to deputized and even a summer pitch proposed National Assembly Speaker Justin matura are the preferred candidate for the position the leaders took issue with a proposal by lead of minority in the National Assembly John body to draft a bill aimed at setting a ceiling on the maximum cash donation that one can make in a charge meanwhile majority leader in the National Assembly aid in Douala has accused salaries and remuneration commission of double standards over its move to oppose the controversial piece house allowances do only who spoke in karissa say they should not be discriminated against while all other state officers were enjoying the benefits why is it that you pay this my speaker just in Muturi you pay him house allowance and you don't pay the leader of majority and the leader of minority you don't pay them house allowance so you cannot purport to discriminate different cutters of state officers within the public service