‘The Game Changers’ – awkward government job ad

I’m so stoked for our presentation to the executive this afternoon. It’s been a massive challenge but definitely looking forward to it. Hey guys I’m just heading downstairs for my paleo, pear and banana bread, would you like to join me? No thanks, that’s a little bit fancy for me – I’m actually off to an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff network meeting. Okay then, see you. So how are you finding the program? It’s pretty great, to be honest. I been here less than a year and I never thought that I’d be working on a project supporting the modernisation program across government. Awesome. I’m working on the project is property and construction. Hey are you going to the Young Leaders network dinner tonight? Yeah, wouldn’t miss it – the last one was great. Hey Caire. Hi David. I had a look at your report yesterday, great stuff. Thanks. We’re all really looking forward to the grad presentation this arvo. Thanks David, no pressure or anything. Hey Rina, I got this for you. Ah, thanks David. Hey this year’s grads are real game changers, I’ve heard some fantastic reports about their work. They’ve certainly hit the ground running. Well, actually, I have to say sprinting. I’ve got two graduates working on projects in my devision and they’ve just had such a great impact on the team. Terrific. It’s really great that we can talk to executives like that. Yeah, totally. Hi Eddie. Hi guys. I feel really good about my part of the presentation with the executive this afternoon. There was heaps of good stuff on e-learning, which really helped me. Hey buddy. Sorry, I gotta do that every time. It’s because we’re in the buddy program. Have you have a run-through of all the other grads? Yeah, we had one yesterday at lunchtime. Tom couldn’t make it so we just Skyped him in. But it all seems to be coming together now. Great, can’t wait to hear all about it. Good luck buddy. See ya. Hi guys. Hi Teena. So you’re finalising your presentation? Yep, nearly there. Looking forward to it. Me too. Hey Dane, you mentor Jenna don’t you? I do, yes. I think her capabilities would be a really good match with budget serge team, can you suss her out and see if she’s interested? Sure, I’m actually seeing her this afternoon so I’ll definitely run it past her. Right, thanks. See ya. Hey Jenna, I just had a quick chat to Tina and she asked me if you would be interested in joining the budget serge team. What do you think? Oh yeah, that would be brilliant. Good afternoon everyone, it’s great to see you all this afternoon. We’ve had lots of positive about your work across the different projects. From my first look I can see that you’ve built many of the skills that I know will stand you in good stead for future opportunities, whether here in finance or elsewhere in the APS. Many of the ideas you come up with are real game changers. With that in mind we, the board are looking forward to seeing your detailed presentations.

Midterm Elections Definition

Hey, I am Councilwoman Candice Quarles
and you’ve reached Candid with Candice where we’re creating the next
generation of voters through video. What are midterm elections? We hold
nationwide elections every two years, the presidential election is held every four
years– in the middle of the presidential election is called the “midterm elections”
Midterm elections typically have a lower turnout than presidential year elections
but they are very important. All 435 members of the House of Representatives are up for election 1/3 of all US senators are up for re-election during
the midterm elections. Most of the states elect a governor during the
midterm elections. Midterm elections can change who’s gonna be the party in power
for the rest of the president’s term. The party of the incumbent president usually loses seat during the midterm election in the House and the Senate and this is
happened for the past 21 midterm elections. So this is really an
opportunity to change the landscape and the agenda of the current
president so make sure you’re voting in every election. Midterm elections are
when people who don’t agree with your policies sneak into office because turnout
is so low in midterm elections. Please help us to get out the vote we need you
to talk to your neighbors talk to your friends and encourage them to vote in
the midterm election which is in November. I’m Councilwoman Candice Quarles, help to get out some vote. Like, this video, share this video &
subscribe to my channel: Candid with Candice. Thank you!

Brazilian far-right politician Jair Bolsonaro stabbed in the stomach – 247 news

This is the shocking moment Brazil’s right wing presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro is stabbed while campaigning for next month’s election The controversial far right-wing candidate, who is leading the polls, was attacked while being carried shoulder high in the midst of a crowd in Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, south east Brazil The horrifying moment was caught on several cameras as the assailant struck Bolsonaro in the stomach  The politician was seen collapsing and clutching his stomach in agony- he is undergoing critical surgery after being stabbed in the liver Although his son Flavio said in a Twitter message the wound was superficial, it now appears to be far more serious as his father was rushed into surgery Military police arrested a suspect identified by police as Adélio Bispo de Oliveira According to police reports, the suspect was beaten and badly injured.At the time of the confusion, Bolsonaro was being carried on his shoulders by a supporter of his campaign, doing hand-to-hand with voters As he acknowledged to his supporters, one person approached him and allegedly stabbed him Share this article Share According to reports, Bolsonaro would normally be wearing a bullet proof vest provided by the federal police for his safety However, on this occasion he was without the protection.Bolsonaro was taken to the Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Juiz de Fora The hospital reported that he was admitted to the emergency room at about 3:40 pm with ‘a sharps injury in the abdomen ‘Initially his son had said the injury had been superficial, but examination indicated the suspicion of a liver injury Around 5:50 pm local time, TV Globo reported that the politician had suffered an injury to the intestinal loop Surgeons confirmed it had already sewn up.In a statement Federal Police said: ‘[Bolsonaro] was escorted by federal police when he was struck by a knife during a public act in the city of Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais A suspect was arrested in the act and taken to the police station. A police investigation was established to ascertain the circumstances of the incident ‘

CWUTV News | Organise to Win Political Conference

We’re here today in London, a CWU political event. We’re talking about the general election. We’ve had a number of speakers, Douglas Alexander
who’s chair of the Labour Party campaign, Byron Taylor, representing TULO,
the Trade Union Labour Organisation, and we’ve had Katy Clark, chair of the CWU in parliament. It was wonderful to be with such a warm audience and to have such an interesting discussion about
where we are politically in the UK at the moment. It’s in the interests of CWU members
and trade unionists to vote Labour. If you look at Labour’s policies, it’s clear the working people are
better off with a Labour government. But trade unionists in particular have been at
the brunt of attacks from the Tory coalition. We need a Labour government to stop those attacks. Billy Hayes, the General Secretary of CWU
is a friend and a comrade. I’ve long admired his work leading this union. I’ve enjoyed his counsel and advice over the years. So when Billy got in touch asking me to speak
at this Organise to Win conference, I cleared my diary and made sure I was here. We’ve got a recovery that may be
reaching the city of London but it’s not reaching the kitchen tables
of people across the country. Working people are £1600 a year worse off
at the end of this parliament than at the beginning of this parliament. Working families can’t afford another five years
of this Conservative government. That’s why we have a better plan in the Labour Party. We want to increase the minimum wage. We want to make sure we ban
exploitative zero hours contracts. We want a different kind of economy and at the same time we’re going to invest extra money employing new nurses and doctors in the NHS so that there’s time to care. The choice at this election is clear. It’s going to come down to whether
Ed Milliband is Prime Minister, or David Cameron is Prime Minister. There’s no soft options. The election is between those two big political parties and we know Labour has a manifesto for working people. The Tories will restrict trade union rights further. They will shrink the welfare state. Their commitment on spending is to have less money
to spend on public services going back to the 1930s. So it’s important that our people vote Labour because that’s the only serious alternative
to this coalition government. I’ve seen the damage the Tory led government
has done to working people in this country. Not just over the last five years,
but in previous years as well. We need to restore some fairness and justice to society, so I think it’s vital that we have the return
of a Labour government on May 7 this year, to bring back that fairness and give hope to people who at the moment have lost faith in politicians. People are suffering under the austerity measures
of the coalition Tory government. We’ve spoken to so many people
who are on zero hours contracts. It’s so unfair. How can you pay your rent? How do you know whether you can
pay the gas and electricity bill? And if your face doesn’t fit, you’re out the door. That’s why I’m campaigning for Labour, because I want to campaign for
secure, decent jobs for everyone. If you look at the commitment the Labour Party
has made about banning zero hours contracts, about introducing a living wage, about repealing the privatisation of the NHS, all of this is good for working people. It’s been an excellent event, as usual. CWU always stage good events and get top quality speakers and it helps people get organised in
thinking about the task that lies ahead. I’m sure CWU will rally around and support Labour
throughout the election campaign. This is a high stakes election. We have to accept the NHS as we know it won’t exist
in five years if David Cameron is re-elected. Working families can’t afford another five years
of David Cameron and George Osbourne. So talk to your friends and family. We’re going to win this election doorstep by doorstep,
street by street, community by community, and CWU members have a big role to play.

Do You Agree With the Party Platform? | Iowa Republican Governor Debate (May 20, 2010)

Henderson: This next question goes first to
Mr. Branstad. If you are elected governor would you feel obligated to implement the
components of the Republican Party platform? If not, why not? Branstad: Well, I think the party platform
is an outline of what you want to accomplish. But I think we need to focus on the future
of our state and I’ve already set out some very basic goals and I also know you can’t
accomplish everything so you need to focus on those things that are your top priorities.
Right now Iowans need jobs, that’s why I’ve set a goal of 200,000 jobs, raising family
incomes by 25%, restoring our leadership position in education and reducing the size and cost
of government by 15%. And that needs to be the first order of business. Branstad: We need to basically sunset —
we had a Vision 20/20 conference last weekend, brought people in from all over the state
to get their best ideas and one of the things that came out of that was sunset all departments
and programs systematically and review and eliminate those things that are less important
and find more efficient ways to deliver services at less cost to the taxpayers. So, that will
be my focus over trying to do every single item there might be in the platform. Henderson: Mr. Roberts. Roberts: There’s no question about what the
governor does serve in a leadership position with his respective party and I’m a republican,
a conservative republican. Philosophically I certainly align with the core tenets and
values stated in the Republican Party’s platform. But when an individual aspires to the office
of governor and has the opportunity to serve the people as governor your first priority
and important task is to serve the people of Iowa. Roberts: The people come before and above
party. I have already stated that I will support the republican nominee, whoever that is, and
I will do all I can to help that individual, if it wouldn’t be me, to win in November.
That is about being a part of a team, a republican team. But when you are governor your first
job is to do the very best that you can advancing what is in the best interest of the people
of Iowa. It’s the people you serve, not the party and that will be my commitment. Henderson: Mr. Vander Plaats. Vander Plaats: Republicans, democrats and
independents all over the state, they’re looking for leadership, they’re looking for real life
leadership. I think they reflect the mood that you saw on Tuesday. They are not looking
for politics as usual or political establishment or political lead, they want real life leadership.
I consider it an honor to run as a republican and represent the republican platform. And
pretty much that represents your core convictions, your core values, the sanctity of human life,
standing up for one man-one woman marriage, standing up to the Constitution. And what
the party wants to know, they want you to lead on jobs and the economy, they want you
to lead on education, they want you to lead on health care and a variety of other issues
but they want to know what are your core values and convictions. Vander Plaats: They also want to know who
are you going to surround yourself with. Will they represent those same core values and
convictions? That’s why I’ve been very open that my lieutenant governor candidate and
choice will share my core values and convictions because we learned back in 1990 and then again
back in 1994 that we had a lieutenant governor nominee appointed by former Governor Branstad
that didn’t share those values and convictions and that is one heartbeat away from the governorship.
So, yes, I do respect the party platform and I’m glad to be running as a republican candidate
for governor.

Unbreaking America: Solving the Corruption Crisis

We are witnessing a total political system
failure in America. If you’re anything like me you may find
yourself constantly overwhelmed by everything that’s wrong with politics. And when I say politics I’m not talking
about Democrats or Republicans. I’m talking about the flaws that exist in
our political system regardless of which party is in power. And I know, it’s hard to talk about politics these
days, but look: The government is ours. We pay for it, so it needs to work for us. And right now it doesn’t. And I mean it really doesn’t. So, what’s going on here? Is it Russian meddling and social media? Is it him? Is it her? No. Those two were the least popular presidential
candidates since they began keeping track of such things. Only 4% of Americans have a great deal of
confidence in Congress now. Just 4%. America is no longer even considered a full
democracy. We are witnessing total political system failure
in America. Which is the complete opposite of what our nation’s founders had in mind. So I’m going to show you three lines that
show what’s causing this failure, how we can fix it, and what you can do about it. So, here’s your first line. What I want you to do is take any issue you
really care about and picture it on this line. This line comes from a Princeton University
study that shows how public opinion influences the laws that Congress does or doesn’t pass. They looked at eighteen-hundred public opinion
polls over a twenty-year period, and we took their data and plotted it in this chart. See this horizontal line? That shows public support for a law amongst
average Americans. This vertical line? That shows the likelihood of the public support
leading to the passage of a law. When you plot it for the average American,
you get a line that looks like this. There’s your issue sitting on that line. If there is zero support for a law, there’s
about a 30% chance that Congress is going to pass it. And if there’s 100% support for something,
the most popular thing ever, there’s still a 30% chance that Congress is
gonna pass it. So the line is horizontal because no matter
how much support there is among average Americans, there’s still a 30% chance that Congress is gonna pass that law. Princeton determined that the “preferences
of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant
impact on public policy.” How in the hell does this happen? Consider this. Politicians are spending up to 70% of their time
raising funds for re-election after they get into office. Why? Because in order to win a seat in the Senate
in some races, you would have to raise $45,000 every single day, 365 days
a year for 6 years to raise enough money to win. Now consider that only .05% of Americans give more than $10,000 to politics, and then you see why politicians have become completely dependent on that .05% of Americans (billionaires and special-interest groups!) who fund their campaigns. Meanwhile, you’ve got lobbyists writing our
laws and donating to the politicians who pass them, we have a two-party duopoly of Democrats and Republicans that makes it so that independents can’t win, while the American people are leaving the
major parties in droves. As you can see here, nearly half of American
voters are now registered independent. And then there’s gerrymandering, with politicians drawing the boundaries of
their own voting districts into crazy shapes designed to prevent competition. Today only 14% of House campaigns are actually
competitive. 86% of them are not. And we wonder why young people feel that their
vote doesn’t matter. I’ve covered a lot here, but it all adds up
to this vast ring of influence over our elected leaders. It’s a corrupt system in which “We the
people” have “near zero” influence over our own government… And that.. is sad…. That is not the country I feel like I
grew up in. But what’s worse is that by allowing this
to happen we are causing the failure of the most important issues facing our nation. We’re wasting trillions of dollars a year
on fraud and abuse in our own government. One in five American children live in poverty. Our healthcare is the most expensive in the
world. We have more people in prison per capita than
Russia and China. We’re losing jobs to the rest of the world. And we’re not even doing enough to keep our air and our water clean for our children. America was founded on the promise of self
governance. But instead we have statistically non-significant impact on public policy. So the question is how do we unrig this system? I’m obsessed with this idea. Not just of unrigging it, but actually fixing
it. That’s when I met Josh. This is it. This is the issue behind the issues. If we fix the system, we’ll have so much
more power to fix everything else. So I spoke to some of the most brilliant
people in the country, constitutional scholar Lawrence Lessig, Zephyr Teachout, and dozens of other constitutional scholars and experts and strategists. They all said the same thing: You could pass a law that would stop political
bribery and fix our broken elections — and if you could do that, you could wrest
power away from the corrupt establishment, and put it back in the hands of the people. Here’s how you fix our broken elections: End gerrymandering with independent redistricting
commissions. Create ranked choice voting so third parties
and independents can run and win. Implement automatic voter registration and
vote from home. And here’s how we can crack down on political
bribery: Overhaul lobbying and ethics laws, and close
the revolving door so politicians can’t be bribed with high-paying job offers. Mandate full transparency of political spending
so we know who’s trying to buy influence. Give every voter a $50 or $100 tax voucher
so politicians spend time fundraising from their constituents, not just that .05% that
I talked about earlier. If you could pass even just some of these
reforms, you would undo that ring of influence, and begin to reinstate “We the People” as the most important influence over our elected leaders. So we took all of these reforms, and put them into a model law and named it the Anti-Corruption Act. And get this: 87% of Americans support making
the Anti-Corruption Act the law of the land. Look at the breakdown: 91% of Democrats and
83% of Republicans. It’s incredible. Now, you might be thinking, 9 out of 10 Americans… Surely Congress will pass it. But on this issue more than any other issue, it’s like asking the fox to put a lock on
the henhouse. Politicians won in the current system, and
they have an incentive NOT to fix it. So we need to go around Congress — in this
case, by passing anti-corruption acts in cities and states all across America. Now, every time I say this, people look at
me and say: “How does passing city and state laws lead
to fixing all of these problems with the federal government?” Can I do this part? Go for it! So, first of all, the US Constitution gives
states sole control over how elections are run — even federal elections — so when we fix gerrymandering or election
laws, that fixes the federal election in each state. That means that by going state-by-state, we
have an immediate impact on how we elect Congress and how we hold them accountable. But there’s more… and that brings us to
our second line. This line is from a Bloomberg News study. It finds that throughout American history,
passing state laws leads to federal victory. Let me show you what I mean. This chart shows the number of states over
time that passed laws giving women the right to vote. When it hits the right side of the chart,
that’s the federal victory. Okay, now I want you to watch the blue line. We’re gonna do this again with interracial
marriage. There were a few states in the Northeast that
made it legal, decades ago, and centuries go by And we hit this blue line where all of a sudden
there’s a rush of activity, which leads pretty quickly to federal passage. So here we are again, with same-sex marriage. One state, Massachusetts, for many years. A couple decades later we hit that blue line:
a jump in state activity and federal passage. This isn’t about these issues. This is about a winning political strategy. The crucial finding in the Bloomberg study
is that a “key event, often a court decision or a grassroots campaign reaching maturity,
triggers a rush of state activity that ultimately leads to a change in federal law.” So, fixing this problem IS possible. But how do we create our trigger moment for
this issue? Well, the “Grassroots Campaign” from the
study? That’s RepresentUs. We’re bringing conservatives and progressives
together to pass Anti-Corruption laws all across America, using three strategic innovations: right-left coalitions, calling out corruption and building a movement. A big movement. And I’m gonna break them down for you. Can I do this part? No. First, right-left. This is how people self-identify
in America. This isn’t party identification, this is how you feel politically. And as you can see, its 25% liberal, 36% conservative,
and 34% moderate. But for the past 40 years, on the reforms
I’ve outlined, it’s liberals speaking to liberals, using
liberal language, with liberal messengers….. Liberal…. I just had to say that one more time. And you’re just not gonna change the political power structure of America with 25% of the people. Fixing corruption requires that we enlist
all Americans, liberals, conservatives, and moderates –who, as we’ve shown, overwhelmingly
support reform. Number two, corruption. When we talk about money in politics, gerrymandering,
democracy, campaign finance reform… most people just tune out, but people are
fired up about corruption. And number three, we must build a movement. A big movement comprised of all kinds of people
from all across America, fighting to pass anti-corruption laws, and then make sure they are implemented and
protected. So again, liberals and conservatives working together,
corruption, and build a movement. This is the foundation of RepresentUs. We believe the government should work for
every American, not just a handful of billionaires and special-interests. But it’s not just an idea. In a few years, we’ve already racked up 85
wins all across the country. And if we can get those 85 wins to 850 wins, we can fix our corrupt political system, save
America, and get to work on fixing everything else
that’s broken in our country. This is how we build this movement big enough
to trigger that “rush of state activity that leads to a change in federal law….” And that brings us to our last line. Right now this is you and right now these
are all of the ways that you can help us go state-by-state, city-by-city to fix the corruption in American politics. Volunteer and join a RepresentUs Chapter
— or if that’s not your thing, join the Common Wealth to make a monthly donation in support of someone who does volunteer. 100% of your money goes straight to passing
these laws. Not to overhead or our expenses. Every voice matters. Your voice matters. If you do nothing, nothing changes. But if we all do a little. We can win, together. So the only question left is this… Will you cross that line? Join us at www.Represent.Us

Fox News warns impeachment inquiry is Democratic ‘coup’ of Trump

-Imagine having to run
the country when you can’t even
speak confidentially with your counterparts
in other countries. Well, that’s an
administrative coup d’etat. I mean, it’s not overstatement
to say that’s what it is. -This leak and coup campaign —
did it in Russia, did it with Kavanaugh,
it’s the same damn thing. -They tried the coup,
they tried the witch hunt, they tried the 25th amendment,
now this is coup part two. -This is not an impeachment —
that implies lawfulness. This is a coup attempt, a continued coup
against the president. -This attempted coup,
another attempted coup. -Illegitimately remove
this president from office. If the Democrats are successful
in removing the president from office,
I’m afraid it will cause a Civil War-like fracture
in this nation. -Engaged in, literally,
a coup d’etat. -This is an attempted coup of the president
of the United States that’s been going on
for almost three years now. -Desperate, radicals Dems’, uh, coup attempt
against the president — again. -I said this all day yesterday, I think this is
all about the coup. -Coup attempt
of this president — I don’t call it
an impeachment inquiry, it’s an attempt
to overthrow a president. -He’s going to tell us whether
or not the media is in on this coup
to unseat the president. -This is basically a coup
in the form of an informal in– uh, impeachment inquiry. So, this is — this is — uh — extra-constitutional
as well as unconstitutional. -We should be calling it
what it is, which is a coup. -They are really
attempting a coup. -We call it what it is,
it is a coup. -You know,
if it wasn’t your show, Sean, they would
destroy him absolutely. You’re the difference between, uh, Donald J Trump
and Richard Nixon.