As Democrats Race Towards Socialism Experts Caution: 'This has Been Tried and Failed in Every Way'

not too long ago advocating for socialist policies meant certain political suicide but today socialism is spreading through the halls of Congress as Democrats running for president race to embrace it for 170 years socialism in its various forms has been tried around the world often followed by oppression poverty and failure experts are closely monitoring this new embrace of socialism they do want to turn America as crazy as it may sound into a socialist country Democrats call it a bold progressive step I am gonna go forward with a Medicare for All single-payer program so for people out there who like their insurance what they don't get to keep it let's eliminate all of that Republicans argue it's completely out of touch America was founded on liberty and independence and not government coercion domination and control we are born free and we will stay and while promises of free stuff like college tuitions sound great for many voters the devil is in the details and socialist policy proposals are top issues for the six million members of Freedom Works Americans don't support it when they understand who's paying for all this middle America isn't socialist middle America you know they value freedom and individual liberty these are the things that Americans have always held dear they're our founding principles Webster defines socialism as a system or society in which there's no private property where the means of production are owned and controlled by the state a transition between capitalism and communism here in Washington there's a memorial to the victims of communism the goddess of democracy holds a flame over an inscription to the more than 100 million victims of communism and those who love Liberty still this political theory resonates with young people in its annual survey the victims of communism Memorial Foundation found 52 percent of American Millennials prefer to live in a socialist or communist country 40 percent prefer capitalism although a lot of them aren't sure what it is the survey also found a quarter of Americans say they never learned about communism in school here's what happened when campus reform asked college students about socialism and could really benefit our country in the future I think it's a good idea socialism has a concept as a philosophy is good I think that it's got a bad rap how would you view what socialism is them economically hmm so think about that since property is owned collectively under socialism Edwards says supporters should get ready to hand over their smartphones and kiss religious freedom goodbye the first thing they do is to close down the churches close them up and a go beyond that and as a matter of fact to eliminate if you will eradicate execute price priests pastors sisters nuns people of faith the absence of faith is why Joshua merabh chick thinks socialism has been so deadly there is no moral law there's no concept of sin there's no concept of righteousness the only righteousness is political form erotic loving and losing socialism has been a life journey he grew up longing for it serving five years as national chairman of the young people's socialist League the same organization counting a young Bernie Sanders as a member but today merabh chick warns against it he's the author of heaven on earth the rise and fall of socialism and using history as his guide merabh chick is disappointed to see socialism rising in popularity in the u.s. I understand why I once believed in it and I understand why other people once believed it but why people would go back to that idea to me 200 years this idea has been tried in every way people could dream up and it failed in every way ultimately muriatic doesn't think America will ever become a socialist nation but Edwards believes were seeing the culmination of what Democrats have been striving to achieve for decades are you talking about the nude with you're talking about the Great Society of Lyndon Johnson we're talking about Barack Obama Obamacare and what he called bringing about a transformation of America so they've been working at it for 90 years you know candidates often tell us theirs is the most important election of our time but in 2020 Americans may get to choose between capitalism and socialism Jennifer Wishon CBN News Capitol Hill the best definition of socialism is the state owns the means of production so start imagining a United States where the state owns every automobile company every telecommunications company everything is owned by the state the state owns that means the production the problem with that is of basic economics that if the state owns the means of production and those primary means now to continue things is to protect the worker and so instead of efficient allocation of capital into new industry and into worker efficiency you have an allocation of capital to perpetuate jobs now the common phrase in Russia 20 years ago was we have full employment when people would complain about efficiency or the quality of goods the response always came back well we have full employment the problem with that is that you need to be able to fire people you need to be able allocate your capital into new growing businesses as opposed to dying businesses and when you put all of that in the government you are guaranteed to have inefficiency that's the fundamental problem with it and it always collapses when you run out of other people's money when they're no more longer any new businesses to acquire more property to acquire and all you've done is fuel the inefficient allocation of capital that's the problem so to hear it come back in America and just still be popular on our college campuses they're just not teaching the history of what has happened to every a country that has tried these socialist experiments just look to Great Britain back in the 1950s when they were coming out of World War two all the rationing the tremendous poverty that the war amount inflicted on that nation they turned to socialism and they tried that throughout the 50s throughout the 60s throughout the 70s and then Margaret Thatcher came in and said we got to get rid of all this we have to return the means of production to private enterprise to free up capital to have efficient allocation to create new jobs create new productivity look to Britain if you think it works Britain is a prime example it doesn't

Students Hate Trump's Immigration Quotes… Don’t Realize They’re From Democrats

I'm Kappa Fellows to the campus reform today we're an American University in Washington DC talking to students about president Trump's proposed border wall and we're gonna be reading them a few quotes from President Trump and defense of his wall but the thing is they're not actually present Trump quotes they're actually quotes from Democrat leaders defending stricter border security what will students say when they find out let's go have a look it's a government shutdown going on right now President Trump saying he wants funding for his border wall the Democrats saying we're not gonna give as much funding as you want what's your thought on his push for this wall reaction to this it's absolutely horrendous I really don't see a need for it I don't think they should be a wall but wall is a really unrealistic solution I mean there have been like many videos that have shown people easily crossing the wall that is supposed to like keep people out or whatever it doesn't make any sense isn't there pretty much already fencing I'm gonna read a few quotes here from President Trump talking about the need for the southern border wall first quote we should spend money to build a barrier to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in another quote we simply cannot allow people to pour into the US undetected undocumented and unchecked quote illegal immigration is wrong plain and simple until the American people are convinced we will stop future flows of illegal immigration we'll make no progress when you hear quotes like that what's your reaction to them it's divisive I think America is a land of opportunity place for inclusion I just really think it's the kind of hateful speech in general it's just a negative message like oh when he talks about with illegal immigrants it's just one route like to talk about people like that kind of underlies a lot of things about like discrimination and people and their prejudiced prejudices and things like that so I feel like that stuff is touchy to talk about there are racial biases kind of sort of deep embedded in there in Oran I'd say it's more jingoist well I think is I mean it's overall it's just unacceptable I think just the way that he's referring to people across the wall is very to humanizing so rhetoric like that it's not helpful no not at all what if I told you these were from Chuck Schumer Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton how about that I mean yeah Democrats and Republicans have said things about border control that's interesting I didn't think that's that's interesting yeah what surprised me it's true well then do you you tell me which ones what they were respectively but that's a that's a very good surprise by the way if this were a trump quote I believe it would be a lot more video a lot less calculated they I don't know they just they wouldn't say like say that I think they did it's like their demeanor is like the way they come off is like I'm not surprised why is that well because I mean in I mean I guess I'm a little older than most of the call I'm 20 I'm a graduate student and I'm six and I remember you know Clinton's administration and what they did with immigration and what the Democrats stance was then so I think it's kind of interesting I'm capitalist campus inform thanks for watching if you liked what you saw click right here for more content like that and click right here if you would like to subscribe to be the first person to see all of our new videos please click them I just click one of them you don't you'll have to do both just just pick one of them okay thanks

Guess What Democrats Now Support

you think rapists should be able to vote let's say on policies about sexual assault in the community you don't have an opinion on that not really know what is going on we're back in downtown Kent seeing if people agree with Bernie Sanders when he suggested that terrorists and rapists should be able to vote from prison I think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy yes even for terrible people use a poor convicted rapist voting from prison it's a tough question I don't think so but no actually I believe that people have been reformed and it depends on the severity of the crime but I do think that convicted felons should be able to have their voting rights restored as they are citizens of the United States what about specifically rapists and terrorists I feel like that's a leading question I'm asking because there is a presidential candidate who supports exactly those two things and who would that be who do you think it is I haven't the faintest idea Bernie Sanders oh you're not gonna hit on my boy Bernie he's hating on Oh No why are you walking away after your boy Bernie wants rapists and terrorists to vote do you support convicted rapists voting for prison you won't denounce rapists voting from prison what about terrorists honestly I'm pretty fried right now I can't be thinking about this this and that my brain departments in my brain departments don't work together should you be voting what about your country well we don't vote we don't have democracy where are you from Saudi Arabia oh I heard that you guys were very tolerant though tolerant about what just rights for everybody that's what I've been told the mainstream media is telling me is that not true it's true and I think they should be able to vote I mean everybody has the right to say something so you think that rapists and terrorists should be able to vote yeah I think I think why because but with what he has committed I guess is not relevant to devoting I guess the use of poor convicted rapists and terrorists for voting in prison do you think they should have the right to vote from prison so rapists who rape people should they be able to vote from prison that's it about what what what kind of things would you research about that to make an opinion I don't know I've never looked into that subject if you could guess a politician that would be pushing for convicted rapists and terrorists be able to vote from prison who do you think it would be that's a good guess but it's Bernie Sanders that surprised you guys at all he's very liberal so doesn't really surprise me I don't think you know where like their moral compass is mostly so it'd be pretty hard to determine if they can actually like see an issue as an impartial observer or if they have to be involved with it if you guys had to guess which politician was proposing to allow such an idea who would you say it was Donald Trump what if I told you is Bernie Sanders that surprising really do you follow much of anything that you have actually donated to his campaign before does that make you feel like he wants to allow terrorists and rapists to vote a little bit skeptical because I've always been skeptical of like socialism but you never know how it's gonna go so I'd like to do more research on it though I think we know how socialism goes though yeah a little bit I mean I'm not completely against it but I do see faults in it I'm not advocating for socialism but there are parts of it I do like for a Democratic Society wait a second isn't this capitalism talking about people who are in prison that have been convicted who are serving sentences for the crime of raping or terrorizing a terrorist those people should they be able to have a voting booth in prison I'm talking about specifically perspective it's just it's really it's really just simple terrorists and rapists be able to vote from prison why what what are you having trouble with so rapists rape people terrorists commit terrorism should they be able to vote from their prison cells after they've been convicted charged it's proven that they've done it I don't know where else I should go with this do you think they should be able to vote from prison if you had to guess which politician was proposing to allow rapists and terrorists to vote from prison who would you think it is I am Not sure cuz I don't know politics but maybe our president I don't know I don't know so the Democratic Party is proposing that they shouldn't be does it surprise you yes do you think convicted rapists should be able to vote from prison how's that trivial the end of the day small the students like that I don't think really affect whether or not the community living is filled with good people are bad people bad people can be a capable of good things and vice versa you think rapists should be able to vote let's say on policies about sexual assault in the community mm-hmm you don't have an opinion on that not really what is going on you think rapists should be able to vote what about the me2 movement do you think it's kind of troubling that he could vote a rapist could vote based on do you think rapists should be able to vote on policies about sexual assault that affects their community I think everyone should be allowed to vote for Federal Elections I don't think criminals should be able to vote for a statewide rapist so that's not how is work rapists don't people in prison don't wouldn't get the option to vote for a local community because they're not part that community they're on federal land or a statewide land should they be able to vote in general people everyone should be able to vote rapists and terrorists said this a million times I really hard convinced me convince me why I should support that why shouldn't they be able to vote why she cuz they rape someone they probably aren't making good choices to run this country and so because they made bad choices they should have like their rights as citizens they rape someone right and I'm not defending that at all but at the same time there's you know if they're United States's and they should probably be allowed to vote fuels though everyone in America who is a citizen should be able to have the right to vote but at the same time I feel like there are certain lines that we don't cross I don't think it's my right to say whether or not someone gets to vote but if you're more of your right to say they shouldn't be able to vote then it is their right to vote you have freedom of speech is literally written in the bill of rights his right to vote is stripped away when he raped someone do you agree I don't think I do agree with that simply because a person's freedom is given to them by the country no one should have the right to take or give freedom away from another person do you think convicted rapists should be able to from prison vote from prison on what matters voting for the president for primaries anything do you think they should be able to vote from prison all right well what about terrorists convicted terrorists that have been committed a terrorist attack in this country should they be able to vote from prison why not because that something like a terrorist attack or something they did to this country I think that that is so disrespectful and so wrong that why would we give them a say when they don't even support our country in the first place they're out to get our country so what's the difference between allowing a rapist to vote but not a terrorist why is the rapist any better I've not thought about that I'm not gonna give you an answer to that one though do you think rapists are better than terrorists if you could guess one politician that is supporting the idea of allowing convicted terrorists and rapists to vote who would you think it is I'll give you a whole list now for the ones that are not running on the Democratic side for president first I don't know if she does but Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders have them going queer Pete okay throwing Pete Buddha jet or whoever the hell he is okay I'm the only one I'm not sure about maybe it's biting do you think rapists should be able to have the right to bear arms I don't think anyone should have the right to bear arms but they have the rapist as a right to vote but no one has a right to bear arms you have the right to bear arms you also have the right to potentially kill someone if you have the right to vote you have the right to I don't know elect someone that's progressive and willing to change policies to create a better country unlike wait got children Norah that's what does that have to do with anything I'm talking you really just brought the Second Amendment second minmus says I have the right to defend myself the Second Amendment up until 2010 was not defined by the United States Supreme Court as being in support of individual ownership of guns it was in 2010 but that ruling was overruled by Supreme Court up previously molt time so do you think our right to own a firearm or owed any type of weapon so yeah what a new hold on a parent's right to own a firearm I the good thing you don't run this country in your opinion very popular also a dual citizen so you know I have a much larger perspective than you probably that's why you support rapists voting from prison that's why I suppose support universal suffrage that's what that means universal suffrage well you know you don't support my right to defend myself from rapist it makes sense you want them to vote in my country I'm saying I'm saying that no we don't support my way to have a fire no one should have the right to own something I can kill another person that could kill somebody please give it to me how is this going to kill you right now right now how is this going to kill you I was like I'm gonna kill you right if there was one politician that supported that who do you think it would be I don't know Bernie Sanders does that surprise you that does since he seems like he's four you know I mean we support socialism that's not very good well he but he's a good guy right alright so what's your support we'll make who you are I would say so you know how many people have died under socialism over 150 million do you think that they should be able to have the right to keep and bear arms son convicted rapist and terrorists they have the right to keep and bear arms No so you were very quick to say no about the right to keep and bear arms but not so quick to save voting what why why the hesitation only one but not the other because there's a difference between pulling the trigger on a gun pulling the trigger on a voting booth there anyone that you're like he probably supports that or she probably supports that not really I'm kind of hoping there isn't one but I don't know so Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris of both support exactly what I just said does that surprise you actually yeah quite a bit yeah do you think that convicted rapists should be able to vote from prison I'm sorry you guys won't denounce rapists voting from prison why do you support that I guess if it's your day off you can't denounce rapists voting to take away your rights remember we are listener-supported we don't get billions of dollars from the government or Silicon Valley or George Soros we are supported by you so please go to infowar store calm and check out the highest quality nutriceuticals supplements at info or store com