The government is 'destroying' Hong Kong: Legislator | Street Signs Asia

very quickly in a nutshell tell us why you are against the extradition bill well the reason simple is because we do not trust the legal system in China where there is no independence of judiciary and there is no respect for human rights and due process and sending people there to face serious criminal trials with no human rights safeguard is below our standard and Hong Kong people and international community have clearly voice out our concerns unfortunately even a million people after million people marching out in protest this government still unwilling to budge and what we're seeing this morning is the natural reaction for for the people of Hong Kong because they simply will not accept this government's attitude and would it be fair to say that unlike let's say the Occupy movement a few years ago this time is different because even business is on board or at least more on board I mean supporting the sir now yeah a lot of people tell me that they are extremely worried about this development because they have most to fear because they have done business in China over the years and they know how things are done over there and they are extremely concerned so the business community locally and internationally have all spoken out and also international community from government officials have all voice are they there serious concerns over the film you know the common government has really angered people okay Dennis I'm wondering whether or not this should be a fight at an even higher level about a higher principle and that is this in exam this is an example of how potentially China is pretending as though Hong Kong's Basic Law which guarantees Hong Kong an independent and separate legal system does not even exist I think you're right I think once this goes to the heart of one country two systems' and if you want a cheap honker on the way it is an international business and international business and financial center this is the last thing you want to do tomorrow so I do not know what the government is thinking in the way they are destroying Hong Kong hi I'm Emily 10 and thanks for watching CNBC you can check out more of our videos by clicking on the boxes on the screen and don't forget to subscribe to the channel for more thanks for watching

Turns Out GOP Voters Support Trump's Tariffs While GOP Politicians Support CHINA

completely in support via Harvard Harris poll of those tariffs again Republican voters are overwhelmingly supported a president supported of a president Donald Trump's economic nationalist agenda that defends American workers and US manufacturers by imposing tariffs on billions of dollars of worth of Chinese imports the latest Harvard Harris poll reveals that the growing shift of Republican voters and conservatives back to the Republican Party origins as the party of economic nationalism and away from the donor class preferred free trade absolution absolution ISM again nearly eight in ten Republican voters say they support the recent decision by Trump to increase tariffs on two hundred billion worth of Chinese imports from 10 percent to 25 percent close to eighty five percent of Trump supporters as well as 76 percent of self-identified conservative voters as they support the hike in tariffs on Chinese imports well they do but you know who does not support the terrace while Mitch McConnell yeah mr. baudin owned you know via the Chinese Chow family that he married into with Elaine Chao and their shipbuilding company he doesn't want the tariffs he was ordered ordered to two orders bur senator Byrd to subpoena Donald Trump jr. that was ordered by China so Mitch McConnell's not far those tariffs the big tech they are not for those tariffs they work directly for China building their censorship engine and you know censoring all of us conservatives anybody that opposes their groupthink yeah so they're not for it well who else isn't for it oh that's right Cuban Canadian senator Ted Cruz is not for it now this is the same guy that was supposed to be taking on big tech in a big way about their sensors but he doesn't believe in tariffs now censorship and tariffs are pertaining to the same Communist Chinese government right they're the ones ordering they're the ones manipulating all of their currency they're the ones that you know basically rum rough shot over international trade you know pertaining to the US and China and the world make no bones about it but Ted Cruz doesn't believe it right no he doesn't believe it he thinks that chairs are the wrong solution Cuban Canadian Ted Cruz believes that teres I should say that Chinese Cuban Canadian Ted Cruz because he apparently he's part Chinese as well he said Thursday that uh President Donald Trump's plan to impose tariffs on Mexico is a wrong solution to the crisis no it is and it's a perfect solution let me tell you why Cuban Canadian Ted Cruz it's because the same reason I've been telling you guys for years ICP through and through family u.s. still the largest consumption nation by far in the world still we stop consuming from you Cuban Canadian Chinese Cuban Canadian cruise you dry up and blow away that's why this is such a huge huge weapon in our arsenal to bring back in line all of these bad actors in the world that have laughed at us over the years that have sent their citizens over our borders laughing at us while we pay for you know all of the chaos and control from Mexico Central and South America and China let's not forget we're paying for all of this once we stop paying for it Mexico you know and they just came to the table whenever we just threatened tariffs on them a five percent they came to the table well this is the biggest weapon in our arsenal to get these bad actors to acting in our best interest its what the political parasites should be doing but they are working against the country that gave them life liberty and the pursuit of happiness no we didn't guarantee you Planned Parenthood we didn't guarantee you death tyranny and the pursuit of evil no we did not so Cuban Canadian Ted Cruz you better turn your ship around in a big way and until you do that you won't get any respect for me and you never have the only time you did get one iota respect for me is whenever you were pretending to take on big tech in a big what you

Hong Kong protests: Leader Carrie Lam defiant on extradition plan – BBC News

People are afraid, people are also angry about this extradition treaty. So everyone is coming out, not just Hongkongers but also expats who are staying in Hong Kong and calling Hong Kong home for now. The Chinese government is trying to exert control over Hong Kong, and also trying to make Hong Kong people keep silent, and just follow orders. The judicial system in the mainland is not very trustworthy so that creates some unnecessary panic for some Hongkongers. This is very unfair for us. It would totally destroy the freedoms we've always had and the rule of law we are so proud of.

2020 Democrats take aim at absent Biden in Iowa

there are some well-intentioned Democrats and candidates who believe that the best way forward is a middle ground strategy that is a failed political strategy I'm not spending my time with high-dollar donors and with corporate lobbyists Democrats we can't let this election be about what we are against it must be an election about what we are for it's a sample there the 2020 Democrats all over Iowa over the weekend new poll they're showing the Joe Bynes lead slipping somewhat in the Hawkeye State want to bring in governor John Sununu former White House chief of staff to President George HW Bush how you doing gov and happy Monday well do you just I'm great thank you very much for being here Joe Biden was not there seemed like everybody else was your observation from afar about what you heard governor well I think Biden's campaign has been a little bit inept up until now but he certainly has time to get it back in shape I think Iowa is is an interesting place because they all get there at the same time and the coverage kind of makes good comparisons across the board of the Democratic Party though is going through an internal struggle defined by that clip that you played of Bernie Sanders that they want to deny that there's a value to being in the middle and that the party should be the party of extremes Biden may be their only hope to get away from that losing strategy well by sorry Sanders is arguing don't play it safe Pete Budaj edge says playing it safe has consequences they're really trying to amp up the forward leading motion of the of the left side of the Democratic Party well those are the apostles of the radical movement of course they want the radical movement to succeed look Republicans ought to be taking advantage of this how they ought to be out pointing out that that that Democrats who support moderate Democrats are only empowering the radicals by adding to the number of Democrats that get elected and and I think the Republicans ought to be taking advantage of the Democratic circus in Iowa I don't see that happening yet I think Biden's moment though will be in the debates he will have to show in that first debate especially that that he is his age is not a problem as one who was getting up there as well I know that sometimes it's difficult to come across well when the cameras on you he has not done that and I think that first debate is going to be the most important thing for the Biden campaign you know interesting comes up to later in June you haven't lost a step by the way you know that I know I know you believe that too not a step here is what the polling suggests in Iowa were listen were eight months away from the caucus first week of February Biden's got a lead slipping a little bit but he's up eight points over Sanders Elizabeth Warren and as I mentioned Peabody Jake judge do you see some sort of celebration or I'm sorry separation developing right now among these candidates well I think the real separation is taking place at the bottom first where you have the Vado the former stars the baito O'Rourke's put you know polling in the 1 & 2 percent and i think the party at some point is going to say look your excess baggage we got to figure out how to get you I think that separation will take place in about two months three months and then the Democrat Party will be looking at a candidate a candidate feel of maybe eight to ten and that's when the the separation at the top will start ok real racist yeah yeah so that then that leads us to the question final comment on this you start to look at the numbers here who's rising and who's fading and as you rightly point out this the first debate will likely tell us a lot governor last comment on that yeah the first debate will tell us a lot and remember Iowa is is a caucus state with with having changed its rules on the caucus they're not only going to have caucus night they're going to have six virtual caucus states in front of it nobody's talking about that I have no idea how that impacts things but it certainly will impact them okay looking attention they all are ok sir Thank You governor John Sununu thank you have a great day have a terrific Monday thank you

Chinese leader Xi Jinping calls Trump his 'friend'

speaking on Friday in Russia Chinese President Xi Jinping called US president Donald Trump his friend possibly hint that tensions between the countries over security and trade might ease speaking at an Economic Forum in st. Petersburg President Xi said that the two countries have strong trade and investment connections China he said is not interested in breaking off relations with the US and President Trump who is his friend he said we'll feel the same way the two leaders are set to meet face to face on the sidelines of the g20 in Japan which starts on June 28th

Canadian leaders indicted for Genocide, Summoned to appear at Tribunal

hello this is June 7th 2019 and this is a breaking global news announcement from the international tribunal of crimes of church and state the ITCC s top government corporate and church leaders in Canada are indicted and issued summons to appear before genocide tribunal Prime Minister Trudeau Governor General the people none CEO and CEOs are charged with crimes against humanity 21 high officials of church state and business in Canada were issued a public indictment and summons today that charges them with crimes against humanity the 21 individuals are required to appear before a public tribunal of inquiry in Vancouver on September the 16th the tribunal is sponsored by a coalition of human rights groups and international observers under the auspices of the IT CCS and copies of the indictment and summons can be found at murder by decree calm under the ITCC s updates now named in the indictment in summons issue today our prime minister justin trudeau governor-general julie payette the Vatican and Chinese ambassadors to Canada the heads of the RCMP and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service the CEO of PetroChina limited and the top clerics and officials of the Roman Catholic Anglican and United Church of Canada the indictment charges that the persons named quote have willfully planned committed concealed and aided and abetted intentional genocide including the imprisoning harming trafficking exploiting torturing and ritual killing of men women and children of Aboriginal nations the violent occupying and exploiting indigenous lands and resources the act of defrauding of the Canadian people and the obstructing of justice unquote the Tribunal has the mandate and the authority to convene a follow-up common law court to actually prosecute and sentence the persons named in the indictment depending on the tribunals findings now the convenient of this public tribunal of inquiry was prompted this past week by the Canadian governments own public admission that they perpetrated genocide on indigenous people within its own borders under international law and specifically the United Nations Convention on genocide to which Canada is a signatory once that crime has been admitted and proven Canada and guilty individuals must now be prosecuted and punished for genocide regardless of the rank or office an accord North American ITCC s field secretary Kevin Anna today quote mounting evidence indicates that genocide in Canada is not a thing of the past but continues to target indigenous populations especially on the west coast our investigations reveal an act of complicity between the Trudeau government and Chinese corporate interests that are wiping out Aboriginal families across British Columbia to secure their lands and resources this assault includes child trafficking and murder through a network known as the 12-mile Club which involves senior church business government military and even Aboriginal officials we believe that the recent media posturing by the Trudeau government and its so-called missing women inquiry is an attempt to conceal the true genocide going on and the extent of its own complicity in that crime unquote the tribunal has requested that United Nations peacekeepers and observers be present at the September 16th inquiry to ensure the safety of the proceedings and its personnel including Kevin Annan who is illegally detained by Canadian government operatives on May 15th international forensic specialists will work with the tribunal to exhume alleged mass graves of children identified by eyewitnesses now regular reports of the work of this public tribunal of Inquiry will be posted at murder by decree calm under the ITC CS updates and will be announced live every Sunday at 6:00 p.m. Eastern on BBS / Huy stand this is a breaking news announcement from the Directorate of the IT CCS on June 7th 2019 thank you