Can You Forgive Your Republican Friends?

the American concentration camps and voter suppression this is this is a question there's been a threat over at Democratic Underground one of the progressive blogs for quite some time asking you know will you be able to forgive them and it's basically you know if Trump loses the 2020 election and just kind of goes away and I don't frankly don't expect him to go away at least not for the Fox News crowd but in any case you know if he's no longer president and rationality returns shall we say and you've had friends or acquaintances or neighbors who have just gone full Trump and recognized the error of their ways or just I don't know morph into normal Republicans or something like that excuse me will you be able to forgive them a larger question I think over the short term and I asked that question too but I think the other question over the short term is what does it take for the Trump supporters to figure out that he's lied to them over 10,000 times that his his presidency is based on lies that his campaigns are based on lies that I mean he's just he's just lying through his teeth what will it take for people who are Trump supporters do you know anybody in your life who is woken up from the Trump fog should we even call it the Trump fog you know the the neo-nazi fog fog I you know do you know anybody who is you know family members of co-workers who has woken up what did it take to wake them up I mean Justin for Justin Amash it was reading the mahler report and realizing that this guy's a criminal and that if he wasn't sitting in the White House and if Richard Nixon's Department of Justice hadn't issued a memorandum suggesting that they can't indict a sitting president which is nuts Trump would be in jail right now Justin Amash figured that out he left the Republican Party and said okay that's it I'm I'm out of here and it's not just he's leaving the Republican Party he's also claiming the Republican Party left him which is something that we heard before from Jeff Flake and from bob Corker among others so number one what's gonna happen with the Epstein thing number two El Salvador and Honduras right now have the highest civilian homicide rates in the world now just let that sink in for a minute you've got countries where there are Wars going out of the Democratic Republic of Congo South Sudan they're both they're both involved in civil wars you've got countries where there are war wars going on you know we're still occupying Afghanistan and Iraq Libya is in a state of internal war Syria is a terrible mess Yemen has been just flattened destroyed by Saudi Arabia with us bombs and they continue to murder civilians and the Saudis do in Yemen and yet the highest civilian honest I'd rates in the world are in El Salvador where where Trump and there were excuse me Regan installed death squads back in the day and Honduras where we have supported right-wing governments for four generations there's also been a five-year climate change caused droughts in in the in the region which has wiped out millions of family farms and devastated the largely agricultural based economies of Central America so the result of this is that the highest malnutrition rate in the world according to the CIA for the last year that we've got numbers which was 2016 the highest malnutrition rate in the world is Guatemala now if you're the parent of a couple of kids if I mean just imagine if you're if you're a parent or if you have been a parent if your kids are now grown but you know you if you've been a parent imagine living in a country that literally has a higher civilian homicide rate then some of the most you know backward and devastated countries in the world it has a higher homicide rate you know then then poverty-stricken the Philippines for example you're living in that country and then you get a five-year drought and so now you're literally seeing children's whose growth is stunted who are you know who are being damaged by malnutrition going to sleep hungry every night would you consider taking your children and making a thousand mile trip past murderers robbers rapists and thieves to get to a country where you think that you might be able to save your child's life would you do that and if you would then how can you how can you condemn these people who are bringing their kids here now I mean people are literally trying to save their children from being murdered or dinah malnutrition two related diseases and this is why by the way in 2014 this is was the first year of the drought down there that wiped out the economy and that is leading this malnutrition in 2014 only 1% of adults at our southern border presented themselves with children one percent just five years ago last year it was 50% again what would it take for you to move your child out of your home out of your state out of your country to go to another country where you don't even speak the language in order to save your child how bad would it have to get and how do we how do we communicate this to people you know then on top of this you got the trumpet administration doing everything you can to rig the US census to undercount Latinos in the United States so that they can essentially gerrymander the whole country to the political and financial benefit of white Republicans and meanwhile the Trump administration you know Stephen Mel these guys they're delighting in the cruelty there that you know they're releasing their internal reports saying here look at the terrible pictures yes this is how evil we are and all these white racists that make up Trump's base are going yeah look at what they're doing to the brown people isn't that great you know in a year and a half we're gonna have a chance to remove these Republicans from office if we fail to I don't think America will ever recover do you think it's possible if we fail to remove the Republicans from office at the state and federal level I mean now the Supreme Court has said that if Republicans can seize control of the state legislature and the governorship they can gerrymander the entire state so it becomes like North Carolina where with a 50/50 vote to be South Carolina we're a 50/50 vote for members of Congress you end up with three Democrats and ten Republicans going to Congress