Boris Johnson says his new cabinet is ‘here to deliver’

Good morning everybody.
Good morning everybody. It’s great to see you all here
and congratulations to you all on achieving that, or indeed retaining,
the great offices of state that you hold. That is no mean feat
and it’s great to see everybody here. We’re here to deliver for the people
of this country, who elected us to serve them, the people’s government
that has to get on with delivering the people’s priorities and in the next few
years we must get on with our basic work. You know what it is. We are going to cut crime, we are going to
tackle homelessness, we’re going to tackle waiting lists
in our NHS. And how many hospitals are we
going to build? – 40
40 new hospitals. How many more police officers
are we recruiting? – 20,000
20,000, that’s right. How many nurses – more nurses –
are we recruiting? – 50,000
50,000 exactly. How many more buses?
[Laughter] 4,000. Now is the time really to put the pedal
to the metal, if you see what I mean. And in a low carbon way.
[Laughter] If you can put the pedal to the metal in a
non-combustion internal combustion vehicle, we’ve got to put the pedal to the metal.

What Is Democratic Socialist vs Social Democrat?

We have a voicemail number. That number is two one nine two David P here
is a voicemail that came in with a question that clearly is the source of much confusion
in general in the United States. Take a listen. Hey David, I’m Austin. Long time listener. First time calling her. I’m from Pensacola, Florida and I wanted to
get your take on the difference between a democratic socialist and an actual socialist. Uh, thanks for any explanation. Uh, love the show. Have a great day. Okay, good. I know that I’ve talked about this before,
but any opportunity to clear this up is a good one. This is not about my interpretation of democratic
socialist versus social Democrat. The difference is democratic. Socialists are socialists and social Democrats
are not social Democrats. I know that a lot of them don’t like to use
this term. Social Democrats are capitalists who wants
a very well-regulated version of capitalism that takes the wealth created by the capitalist
system, disproportionally for the rich and reallocates it to social programs and government
spending to ensure that no one has a standard of living that goes too low. There are lots of, of comments like, well,
hold on. A lot of democratic socialists aren’t really
advocating for socializing the means of production, but they’re still democratic socialists. Well, no, they’re really not. I mean, okay, we can redefine terms. We can just say the terms have no meaning
anymore. Social Democrats might be socialists and democratic. Socialists might not. Uh, but as defined, um, uh, in the last hundred
years, social Democrats are capitalists and democratic socialists are not. We can play with the definitions. We can change the definitions, but it’s really
important to understand that. Uh, we have a great bonus. Throw 40 you today, tons of stories from my
vacation and a bunch of other, uh, things to discuss with you. Um, become a member in and get instant access
to the bonus [email protected] only two bonus shows bluff in 2019 and then begins it properly. He gets, uh, an election year in just a couple
of days. The David Pakman [email protected] [inaudible].

UK election 2019: the winners and losers

Clearly, lots of results are still coming
in and we’re still only dealing with projections. But at this stage, it does look as though
this one nation Conservative government has been given a powerful new mandate
to get Brexit done. I will not lead the party in any future general
election campaign. I will discuss with our party to ensure there
is a process now of reflection on this result and on the policies that the party
will take going forward. I can’t help but be delighted by the performance
of my party this evening. Tonight, we have seen that it is likely that
Boris Johnson is on course to get a majority and it is clearly a good night for the SNP. Some will be celebrating the wave of
nationalism that is sweeping on both sides of the border. But let me say now, for millions of people
in our country, these results will bring dread and dismay. And people are looking for hope. This is a very bad night for the climate. It’s very bad night, I think, for progressive
politics. We have to learn the lessons. But I killed the Liberal Democrats and I’ve
hurt the Labour party. But that wasn’t your purpose. The purpose, my purpose was to try to get
the right kind of Brexit. If we get half a loaf out of it, well,
that’s what we’ve achieved.

Labour’s key manifesto promises in 90 seconds

Labour’s manifesto is a manifesto for hope. That is what this document is. We will unleash a record investment blitz,
and it will rebuild our schools, our hospitals, care homes and the housing so
desperately needed in every town, every city and every region. So a Labour government will ensure the
big oil and gas corporations that profit from heating up our planet will shoulder
the burden and pay their fair share through a Just Transition Tax. We will get Brexit sorted within six months. We will secure a sensible deal that protects
manufacturing and the Good Friday Agreement, and then put it to a public vote alongside
the option of remaining in the EU. [applause] And yes, let’s be clear, we will scrap university
tuition fees. [cheers and applause] We are going to give you the very fastest
full-fibre broadband for free. That is real change.
[applause] And Labour will scrap Universal Credit.
[cheers and applause] It’s time for real change.
Thank you. [cheers and applause]

‘It’s not the government’: Priti Patel says poverty is not Westminster’s fault

– Four out of 10 children in parts of Barrow
are born into poverty. That’s not good enough is it? Well it’s appalling and of course, but everybody,
and it’s not just people in Westminster. It’s not just at national level, it’s at local
level through the investment. – It’s the government and you’re had
nearly ten years. Well, it’s not the government though, is it? Everyday just says it’s the government
as if it’s sort of like bland blob that you can just go and blame. – So the government is not
responsible for poverty? Actually, well, it’s not because it’s all
parts of society and the structures. Local authorities have a role to play;
education, public services, which are locally led and locally run.

Veterans And Peace Activists Seek To Find Common Ground

Kids… killed kids. It’s not fun, and so desensitizes what we have to do because that is our job. It’s a job.>>Against that wall, with the ‘X’ on it, can I have all my veterans? The other wall, on this side, I’m gonna have all my peace activists.>>The military brainwashes its soldiers.>>Veteran: (quietly) How?>>Oh, wow. Um, I don’t think the natural inclination for a human being is to want to kill another human being. There is a necessary requirement in the military to get you to perform a certain action. And in order for that action to occur, it is my theory, that there is a part of changing the way that you think, in order to take somebody from a human being and make it a target so that you can achieve a goal. They had asked are the military Desensitizing soldiers are they Manipulating them mentally and I would have walked over. I would have Brainwashed we chose it. Well. I don’t know man It’s just like I even watch like the advertisements for the military And it just seems to me the one thing you brought up was was killing It’s no no one wants to do. I know. I don’t want to do. I know I didn’t want to flips you yes He was use the words desensitized. We’re desensitizes and so because we have to we have to move on I just think that that’s kind of my point though in order to get from that spot where you don’t want to kill another human Being to where you look at it as this is just my job, but it’s a choice. Yeah, it’s not brainwashed It really just comes down to either that guy at the end of your muzzle Or you and I want to come back home to my family Okay Yeah, this is a tough one I think that there’s a point between a just war and An unjust war there are certain wars that? You know, maybe we should have gone into it like maybe we shouldn’t have gone into Iraq Right and then there’s certain wars where World War two You know where Hitler was Advancing to pull in I think that’s definitely a just war to get into I mean he was trying to kill Jewish people yeah And in that case you could call it a necessary evil There is a time that that necessary evil has to happen and in that you don’t even maybe call it a necessary evil It’s just a necessity the action itself has to take place As long as we leave this on the table at war is a necessary evil it really just excuses almost all You know all wars because if it’s six – what’s excusable right when does it become necessary? If you really want to see a peaceful world you have to just get rid of that because the key word there is it necessary Necessary I don’t believe that I don’t believe it’s necessary that it’s the only way for to you to obtain your objective is war Do you I thought you were disagreeing with the evil no no no, I mean well. Yeah war is not evil I mean not yeah, it’s not Have you ever had an argument, but you had good intentions? Right so yeah to speak on the word evil. I don’t really agree that war equals evil as well Probable maybe not possible Yes, yeah When you get humans together and find a way to find common ground to find the similarities rather than the differences That’s when you have a possibility At peace and I believe that it is something that is possible on a grand scale is it easy Maybe not but it is possible World peace I want that to happen of course But it’s so much easier said than done I think because just the way that we were taught you know we all want world peace But let’s say a culture in Africa thinks that genital mutilation is perfectly fine Are we going to be perfectly fine with that are we going to be able to talk them out of it? I don’t really think we are because they have their own customs their own cultures So the only way we can kind of get them to accept our culture. Is there is some sort of violence That’s dangerous. I do believe that the Quantum of people that would prefer peace to conflict is growing and that’s what gives me hope So if it meant if I died the world would be at peace oh Yeah Look I’ve I’ve had some amazing adventures on planet earth I’ve had the greatest of friends the greatest of family seen the best concerts seen some beautiful places if it meant that That happened for this place to be a-ok groovy do it right now. I had a good run I got 35 years with more than a lot I’ve got more than twice yeah, those ears But more importantly I have two grandchildren and a third one on the way, yeah and and really I had to think about it, but if I could do that and bring them world peace let alone all the Lexi’s and Charlie’s around the world that’s easy and like life is so beautiful, but for me I believe there is a life after my life, and there are many lifetimes. Yeah, if I had to die for world peace me versus 7 billion human beings Question I initially when I heard the question. I thought man What a dumb question and then Steve your answer actually really made me think yeah Well actually elicited like a really beautiful response. Are you talking about your grandchildren you know and then I’m Like I’ll think a little bit more about this question And I realized you know what if I say I’m willing to die for peace. Oh gosh. What’s the last time? I did anything to actually promote peace. Oh, I’d be a claw I’d be a really full of shit if I said that I would be willing to die for peace I wouldn’t be able. Do you even take the most basic steps towards actually contributing something, but those basic those basic steps totally matter But also living a life of purpose is a life That’s lived a moment to moment to moment so simply you by being you you affect people like yeah you seem I only met you for what half an hour 45 minutes You got a good head on your shoulders and wherever you go you leave an imprint And that’s true for all of us. I mean don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to die, and I’d rather do those things I I’m in a I’m in a peace group that has met every Friday morning since 9/11 16 years for two hours every Friday to work on these issues So I think really if we I sometimes say a dollar a day and an hour a day Yeah, I know a lot of I mean not like tons of people was you know dozen or so people with that my closest friend To kill was killed was his name is Chris domain and he had a wife and kids it was is Pretty sad I’ve deployed seven times now, and I’m scheduled to go back out in March For my eighth back to Afghanistan, but uh I think there was probably one or two deployments where we didn’t Lose someone. I don’t know if it’s appropriate what taps into your Courage to keep going back in the face of losing these guys. Yeah, it’s a For me. It’s not only just a job when I say job. I think of family I think of putting food on the table roof over the head of my family and then Second to that or pretty much tied for first is the guys next to you you know Which eyes go out here in LA and really? They have a future in college or anything just we’ve got poor and homeless at some points But uh join the military I want to serve my country and really just have some stable and has it evolved It was now’s like this big family. You’re part of you’re part of something that’s bigger, and I don’t mind deploying because I know I’m with family I Think I’m blessed that I don’t know anybody who’s died in combat so I mean yeah I don’t understand what you guys have been through but I applaud you all of you guys for Like you said putting food on the table cuz in my head. I was like. There’s so many jobs out there. Why this one When you’re when you’re a soldier, you’re you’re making a sacrifice, so thank you You’re welcome Yeah, you know I mean I think and I think as Americans we appreciate anybody who makes a significant sacrifice Its kind of the ultimate sacrifice So Thank you for checking out that video much appreciation We get to do what we love because you all watch our videos So if you really love us you’ll continue to keep watching videos There’s more right here that you can check out you probably haven’t seen all of them And if you really want to just commit to us you can subscribe right here. I’ll be around I’ll be at the end of some more videos, and I will keep in touch peace You

Are The Tories Actually Strong On The Economy? 🤔

We’re supposed to think that the Conservative party are good with the economy.
Sure, they might be cartoonishly evil “It is to end the free movement of people,
once and for all” – but ultimately rich people are good with
money, That’s why they’re rich! There’s just one problem with that theory
however It’s not remotely true. The Tories are better on the economy –
so says political common sense. And, while they might be …challenged…when
it comes to compassion and social justice, in a market economy –
where taxes from growth pay for public services they’re usually considered to be the safest pair of hands “People who think they’re right to take
benefit and do nothing for it, those days are over. I ought to club them and eat their bones!” “hehe” Except when you look at their record since
they came to power, first with the Liberal Democrats in 2010,
then by themselves, and then since 2017 with the DUP,
they’re a bigger disaster than Prince Andrew on the television
giving an alibi to the BBC’s Emily MattLiss. “You were there with her that night…” When judging economic success you want to
look at three things: the first is growth – the value of everything
being produced (like making a car) and consumed (like buying
a car) over the course of a year. This is called GDP, or Gross Domestic Product, but GDP in isolation can be misleading. Indonesia’s GDP is bigger than Switzerland’s but nobody would say it is outperforming the home of cuckoo clocks and Roger Federer. So a better measure is GDP per capita, that’s the size of the economy divided by the number of people The second measure is productivity. Productivity means how much you get out for how much you put in. Measuring this for the economy is actually pretty straightforward: you get the GDP per person figure and divide
it by hours worked. This gives you an average of the value –
you, me, your friends, family, neighbours and so on –
produce in a single hour of work. Then there are wages.
For much of the 20th century rising productivity meant rising wages,
meaning a virtuous cycle which – in effect – made everyone better off.
The economy was more productive meaning workers benefitted more from a larger expanding pie. Ride with the young adults who are buying
70% of all homes sold. Except over the last ten years –
specifically since 2010 – that’s not been happening. On GDP per capita Britain is now poorer now than
it was in 2007 – the year before the financial crisis.
In fact it’s around $7000 poorer per person – and this is from 13 years ago! Now in fairness we can’t blame the Tories
for the financial crisis. And it’s also important to say we can’t
blame Labour either – what they did was a bail out so big that
it in effect it saved capitalism. Don’t take my word for it, here’s congressman Paul Kanjorski speaking on American television in early 2009. “Would have collapsed the entire economy
of the United States And within 24 hours the world economy would
have collapsed. It would have been the end of our economic
system and our political system as we know it.” So given all that let’s start from 2011
– one year into the coalition government. As you can see, GDP per person is only slightly higher now – 8 years later – than it was then and it is in fact lower than 2013. Put this in historic perspective and you see the problem is pretty significant: This is a level of economic stagnation has never happened before. During the 1970s, so often used as an example of economic calamity, GDP per capita tripled. Labour taking us back to the decade of flares
and fishfingers with…pineapple? *70s music* We should be so lucky. The reason for that is productivity – output
per person, per hour worked. This is related to GDP per capita, because without rising productivity you can’t get rising economic growth. Here as well we’ve seen stagnation for a decade. That means an average hour’s work today, despite improving technology,
isn’t producing more value than ten years ago Indeed Britain’s productivity now is more or less the same as it was in 2005 – that’s 14 years ago! Again it’s important to be clear about this:
this has never happened before, it’s unprecedented since the lightbulb,
the Napoleonic wars, the invention to capitalism, even the first season of Friends. In 2018 the average hour of work in Britain
produced 52 dollars; in Germany it was 60 dollars; in Denmark, 62 dollars; and in the Netherlands, 65 dollars; In Ireland it was – wait for it – 84 dollars. “I’d like to take this chance to
apologise To absolutely nobody!
*distorted* In concrete terms that means the average British worker is producing in an hour what takes 45 minutes for someone in the Netherlands. What’s more that divergence is getting worse: by 2025 the UK will be nearly a third less productive per hour than Germany. You guys are so pathetic! That matters because, as I noted at the start, you can’t have pay increases unless you have rising productivity Which brings us to the final part of the Tories
economic record: wages. Rising wages matter – because if inflation
is higher than wage increases in real terms you are getting
poorer. It’s a bit like being on a really slow treadmill – if you standstill you’re actually going backwards and eventually you fall on your face. Real wages remain 5-10% lower today
than they were in 2008. Like GDP per capita and productivity, that has no precedent. But of course the Tories came into power in
2010 – so let’s start there…
as you can see real pay is the same now as it was then. And of course the measure of inflation used here doesn’t include what is the biggest expense of all, namely housing. Given what’s happened to house prices over the same period, its inarguable that the average person is
poorer today than when the Tories came to power in 2010. Even that figure doesn’t tell the whole
story because it doesn’t include the self-employed who are around 15% of the labour force.
They’ve been hit worse than anyone else seeing incomes fall by 20% between 2008 and
2016, from £34,200 to £27,400. Self-employment was Margaret Thatcher’s
answer to the future of Britain’s economy – but rather than creating prosperity it’s
making people poorer. And this is the ultimate measure of Conservative
failure on the economy. Until 2010 poverty was generally something
limited to the unemployed, the sick and pensioners – people who didn’t
work. Increasingly, however, its something which
impacts working households more than anyone else. Work, it turns out, often doesn’t pay. 20 years ago only 37% of those in poverty
lived in a working household. Today that figure is 60% meaning you’re more likely to be in a working household and poor than in one that doesn’t work. For all the talk of the Tories creating jobs, which they have, these jobs are poorly paid with the taxpayer subsidising corporations exploiting cheap labour through corporate subsidies like housing benefit. The growth of these jobs also explains why
we are so unproductive as a country – we need more people installing wind turbines
and caring for the elderly rather than shelf stacking in Poundland or
working as a security guard for G4S. “Not allowed!”
“Why?” “Because you’re not”
“Who says?” “It’s a security vehicle” Those hit hardest by the growth of in-work
poverty are children. According to the IFS there are 4.1 million children living in poverty. And things are predicted to get work with that figure expected to rise to 5.2 million children by 2022. In Peterborough, Luton and Manchester child
poverty is above 35%, in Blackburn it goes above 40%, and in Newham in London it exceeds 50%. Now those kinds of figures aren’t what you’d
associate with economic success – but with complete and utter failure. Because 1 in 3 UK billionaires back the Conservative
party, who also enjoy the support of the billionaire-owned
press, you probably know someone who’ll say the Tories are better on the economy – but whether its economic growth, productivity or wages the last decade shows they couldn’t be more wrong. Trusting the Tories on the economy is like expecting the Liberal Democrats to not lie on their leaflets or Nicky Morgan to be decent with basic mathematics “50,000 more nurses, if you look in 10 years time, than there are today” “I know you keep saying that.” More than 2 million people using foodbanks since 2010 and 700 homeless people dying on our streets every year Is an accurate reflection of what is actually happening – and its being overseen by the most economically
incompetent government in British history. “The hospital’s generator is about to
give out, lives will be lost!” “Lives, lost… go on.” The PR and big money donations of the billionaire
classcan’t conceal that forever. Because reality, somehow
always finds a way of catching up.

Boris Johnson calls ambassador Darroch a ‘superb diplomat’

Alright look, I just heard
that Kim Darroch resigned and I want to say that I
regret that really because I think he was
a superb, is a superb, diplomat. And I worked with
him for many years and I think that whoever
leaked his diptels really has done a grave
disservice to our civil servants, to people who give impartial
advice to ministers and I hope that whoever
did it is run down, caught and eviscerated quite frankly. It is not right that advice to
ministers, that civil servants mist be able to make in
a spirit of freedom, should be leaked. And it is not right that civil
servants careers and prospects should be dragged into
the political agenda. And I think we should be
protecting brilliant civil servants from that kind of publicity. – But you weren’t going
to back him. You said last night, you weren’t going to back him. – No, on the contrary. Well look,
my view is it’s wrong to drag civil servants into the political
arena, that’s what I think.