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there was the Google memo that went out as they are calling it the anti diversity manifesto now this news developed so fast this happened after we aired last night Google fired the employee who wrote the memo in record time record time the guy just got absolutely Canada as of this morning rumor is that Google has already replaced the employee in the spirit of diversity she's actually a single black mother transgender pansexual undocumented immigrant with a PhD in women's studies and she has rickets so she is a modern marvel but she checks the boxes never firing that they not only fired him the CEO took time out of his vein vacation to condemn this as though as though it was that outlandish and that offensive so here this is what the CEO said we strongly support the right of Googlers to express themselves wait for it however portions of the memo violate our code of conduct and cross the line by advancing harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace well it doesn't do that we'll get to that in a second to suggest a group of our colleagues have traits that make them less biologically suited to that work is offensive and like a fourteen-year-old girl he says not okay all caps because that's how you talk to an actual misogynist or an actual Klansmen that's not okay bro okay it's not cool dude you're please bro to rape it's not okay I highly recommend that people go and now it's out there read the full memo for context don't take our word for it this is what he goes out of his way and ben shapiro highlighted this too in the original memo you tell me if this is gender stereotypes I'm not saying that all men differ from all women in the following ways or that these differences are just I'm simply stating with a distribution of preferences and abilities of men and women differ in part due to biological causes and that these differences may explain what we don't see equal representation of women in tech and leadership many of these differences are small and there's significant overlap between men and women so you can't say anything about an individual given these population level distributions and this is this is what really bothers me when they say he just she just condemns women and says they're not fit no actually he he lists some areas where men might naturally be more effective than women not all as he just said but on the whole you know on average and then he goes on to the qualities that women would naturally have our areas where women would naturally excel at over men like women in his own mo women on average show a higher interest in people and men in things that's a that's a good thing women on average are more cooperative and then here's something subject it if you think it's it's good or bad I would say good women on average look for more work-life balance while men have a higher drive for status on average go back to the CEO he says the memo has clearly impacted our co-workers some of whom are hurting and feel judged based on their gender so just see this this memo it's incredible was so earth-shatteringly offensive that some women at Google took a sick day the women were so offended that the memo insinuated they might handle stressful situations more emotionally that they decided work was too stressful to attend a woman I'm more likely to take a sick day I'm punching out but call it my sick day I just that's why you're seeing ads for Muslim singles because these are the women in charge of our housing algorithms hey could you put something relevant to the search no I can't somebody said my thighs look big in these pants hey what was the restricted vote algorithm 16 year-olds are seeing x-rated films don't bother me right now I feel fat let's assume for a second that Google and YouTube is earnest when they fly us out to New York to have our meetings in our summits and they say they don't want to boot right-wingers they say that they want to be friendly differing opinions they say that they want to be a friendly environment to conservatives and liberals like let's assume that that's all true take it at face value okay here's the question would they be able to recognize their blind spots would they be able that's the crux of this argument that we're actually having with this memo on the firing would they be able to check their inherent biases if they wanted to I would argue no let me present my case Exhibit A Susan was shigeaki the CEO of YouTube she's a Democrat donor promotes the Young Turks and advocates for transgenders in the military she's a CEO of YouTube she's not just to let just a liberal she's a social justice warrior leftist she uses words like microaggressions and trigger warnings on ironically be sundar Pichai pokai I see he's a CEO of Google okay Democrat donor and of course advocates for transgenders in the military not sick not even saying his opinion is wrong or that you shouldn't or should agree with him I'm just trying to present to you the points of view of these people who are in charge of everything always at Google and YouTube let alone the rest of Silicon Valley Exhibit C John Gianna Gianna drew see the only consistency in the hiring is that they have very difficult names he's a senior VP for search at Google and a noted Democrat donor next person Sridhar Ramaswamy senior VP for ads and commerce at Google huge Kamala Harris supporter and an actual Hillary Clinton donor next person Sergey Brin co-founder of Google president of Google's parent company Democrat donor gave 800,000 to a PAC that offered free rides to polling stations shortly before the election now you say well that's not necessarily right or left no of course it is because we don't believe that people who need to be given rides and free sandwiches to polling stations nor have ID should probably be voting I know that's racist next person Chad her there's the name YouTube co-founder there you go just a good old white guy YouTube co-founder and advisor noted Democrat donor next person Danielle Brown the names are getting easier Google's head of diversity in a twist of irony Danielle brown head of ever seen a Chihuahua Kiki worked directly for Hillary Clinton's campaign next person John Doerr Google board member Democrats support PAC donor and he actually held a democrat fundraiser back to hard names Omid cordis Donnie the former senior VP at Google now executive chairman at Twitter because of the incestuous Silicon Valley relationships Democrat donor and a Trump hater on Twitter there's no idea of conflicts of interests I'm sitting on the chair at Twitter and I'm going to use it to bash the president on Twitter finally we have David Drummond senior VP at Google for corporate development and he is a noted Democrat donor here's the takeaway there and I want you to do your own research take a dart board take any of the senior executives at Google Facebook or Twitter okay place their names in a dart board throw the dart any name you hit is going to be not only a liberal but a far left activist every single one now they may be earnest they may think that they really want to bridge the gap they may think they really want to have a dialogue they may think that they really want to welcome all voices but we see here with this letter which was very carefully written this memo which went out of its way to do all of the hey listen okay to set the tone I am NOT saying this applies across the board I am NOT saying this is a plus or a minus I just think we might want to discuss the differences you're at it here so clearly they're not looking to have a conversation but even if they actually were they would be incapable of it they would they would they would be incapable of it just pick any one anyone out there like this video subscribe by clicking the subscribe button it's acted sinesses circle now it used to be a square which most buttons aren't squares lets us on a phone there's square buttons on phones what mouse buttons are circles you understand what I'm 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Political Science Major vs The Reality of Politics

hey man you would do an interview you would do an interview huh and if it support independent journalism no you surely you got opinion that you want the world to know about no awesome beer dude huh no I said awesome beard no you want to do an interview just to get your opinion on maybe political issues what you think about no it actually doesn't matter what do you think about Justin Trudeau great guy no he's not so great yeah a lot of people don't like a lot of people don't like him huh why don't you like um I think has these prioritized things that like aren't that big of an issue right now and in Canada so do you feel like he's like removed some of your freedoms as Canadians not not mine but I feel like some other groups like the natives and stuff like that so and he's he's building this pipeline or he already signed it and it's going through these reservations and stuff and doesn't look so good on him but I live here so you know I'm actually glad you're here how long did you live in Canada I was there since I was three years old and up till when I was 16 17 sorry okay because you know you hear Michael Morin people say Oh Canadian healthcare is great is it as good as people say this thing so I mean we get free health care I've never had to like worry about paying for the doctor or anything like that or even like medicine like prescription medicine and stuff like that you look like a healthy person have you even had to take advantage of it I mean not a lot but I did like I I play soccer so I did have like concussions and stuff right back and go to the doctor it's nice not having to pay for that or like paying for rehab and stuff like that so you have an experience like the long waiting lines and all that kind of stuff yeah but I mean the emergency is like pretty packed at the hospital and it's kind of like based on priority of like how bad the incident is so I did fracture my wrist and I was there for like three hours right so there's that side of it but then again if you're really suffering I think they would take care of you if you're having a heart attack they're gonna take care of him before they secure you then that makes sense yeah so what do you I mean do you know anything about like one of the big issues in American politics this this time around is and it's almost always like this is gun control what do you which your stand on gun control absolutely I don't have it I don't have anything against guns but I think there's certain guns that like aren't even like for entertainment or leisure or stuff like that like big guns or assault rifle and stuff like that like when can you really use them you know handguns I don't really I can't say I have anything against that because I don't know people use them for different reasons I guess and there's good and bad to both having laws and because I'm not having them because people are always gonna find a way to get what they want and it's like the whole marijuana thing like you legalize it or you don't people are still gonna smoke you know so I can't really say I'm against that whole side of it but there is a bigger issue with bigger firearms and stuff like that that what is the enemy for you is it does it boil down to a safety issue or what I mean yeah it is a safety thing I think right now they just passed the carry I don't know what it's called no carry per Oklahoma yeah do you are you resident at the state no I mean I go to school here but I'm actually political science major so like I they talk about it at my classes that's got the right person is the right person to talk to so um personally I think it's not okay that anyone can walk into a gun shop and get a gun why because some people aren't trained or stuff like that you know so that I think can lead to more severe consequences on society as a whole but what are you asking government to do to make that not available to it for anybody people who need firearms or who people who have training for it or stuff like that having a license or something like that I don't I don't think it's okay that anyone can just carry a firearm I think if you did have a license then you do probably have a reason for it who should stop that person from buying the gun that they want to buy government do you do you trust yeah are you generally a person who trusts government me and obviously it like I said earlier it can't it can't be something that we can rely on because people are always gonna find a way you know there's there's gun stores you can't get it there but there's someone who will sell it to illegally you know so there's obviously different ways to get guns but I'm saying if they do lock down like I'm from Toronto and right now the Toronto homicide rate is higher than the and it's way smaller of a city you know and so what the government's doing right now in Toronto what the government is doing it okay well the government's doing in Toronto right now is they're actually paying people $300 for small handguns and $250 for bigger rifles it's a buyback I could buy that so I'm saying that can solve an issue but people who have negative or how does that solve the issue that because criminals aren't selling their guns Abbie's there so as people who have negative intentions with these firearms are not going to go and sell them back you know so obviously gangs or stuff like that will find a way to do it so I don't know what the solution is personally I can't really say I have a better solution than what's going on right now but I think it could be it could be better if we had some kind of restriction on people buying firearms that's why I said basically basically your relationship with do you trust government basically as a whole as a whole yeah you do well I kind of scale one to ten how much did you say trust I can't say I trust them in everything because they're impressed him with your Dietrich my name is Saddam you know like do you feel like the government is against you because you're running on your name set against me I can't say it's there's prejudice there yeah there is prejudiced oh and there can be discrimination I don't think that's government as a whole I think that's just people in general there could be anyone you know who who discriminates against me or and I'm saying it's brown people can do it against white people too it's not just one way you know and I think that exists everywhere but what's the basis of your trust in government what is government done that causes you to trust cuz usually when you trust somebody in any kind of relationship I don't care if it's a male-female relationship a family relationship or whatever there's there's a reason for the trust because that person earned your trust what is the government done to earn your trust it's like a social contract safety you know I come here for school I wouldn't come here for school if I didn't trust the place I was going to as being safe and as being somewhere as being somewhere where I can comfortably express myself and like turning or study and become something I want to become you know so obviously I do trust them safety is a huge thing we are currently as a nation 22 trillion dollars in debt not County unfunded liabilities and Medicare and Medicaid which puts us over one hundred fifteen two hundred and twenty to twenty trillion dollars in debt so we know with that mountain of debt and it just Rises exponentially every single year we can't trust them with our money obviously right so if we can't trust them with our money and now we know they've taken us off to wars about two hundred and forty eight out of the last two hundred fifty eight years we've been embroiled in some war that really doesn't benefit us and has never benefited us like we went after Saddam Hussein weapons of mass destruction and there were no yeah so it was a it was a pretext for a war we didn't need to get into so myself and me go in there and I see the Americans take over but it's like I don't know it's kind of I can be biased they can be biased but I've been there and I see it for myself and I see their bases are built near our minds over the oil rigs and stuff like that so yes they're here to help but at the same time they're benefiting from it as well because they have way better tools to excavate the mines deeper get more of that stuff and there's still room for free because they're their bases are around our minds how did the afghan he's feel about that I mean your perspective ocol people what there's like two sides of looking at it you tell them to leave but then the Taliban takeover do you want that no but how did the Taliban come about Americans CIA and they admitted that yeah and so so now so now that you know you're familiar with in political science of the Hegelian dialectic right problem reaction solution a government it's usually a government entity creates a problem they wait for the society's fear-based reaction and then they step in to provide a pre-planned solution so when you're talking about Afghanistan you're talking about the CIA created al Qaeda they've moved their troops into to protect the villagers from a problem that they created because the villagers wanted protection and now they've they've offered the solution it's the complete circle of the high Gailen dialectic I feel like there's more factors into it like at the time funding the Taliban ur group it was against the Russians right to to win that war and then and then they get so much power that now they're abusing it in a way you know like they're trying to make an Islamic state out of Afghanistan which yes isn't it's a Muslim country but then there's extremism and that comes into play you know and so now you're trying to battle that and you're trying to battle what you've started but it's more than just you going in and trying to protect the people because it's a whole government issue it's a whole like world issue at this point because of the spread of groups like Isis and al-qaeda in two other countries but because because those groups exist is a testament to the fact that the government is actually making things worse not better so now we've talked about debt we've talked about the military-industrial complex in the embroilment and war where's the trust that your comes where's your how is your trust why just based on those three things and there's a way more that we could talk about what is causing you to trust government I think the lines really here I think that's what it is because yeah but isn't that just as a result of the free market and the government tries to take over and co-op that and take credit for it maybe I mean there's a free market garner more peace then it then a regulated market take a grocery store for example how in the world can tens of thousands of products come all together with thousands of people putting everything together and all works just seamlessly but nobody's forcing anybody do anything there's a free market ideal going on yeah it's forcing yeah everyone is looking for their own benefit and in the end it all comes together in benefits us as a whole but I feel like that's what doesn't exist in a country like Afghanistan or somewhere else and me personally if I had a choice to live in Afghanistan or here if there was no war there maybe Afghanistan but I'm saying what the circumstance is right but there's a war because the United States government they say you trust yeah what the current I'm not saying I'm for the American government no but you're saying you saying you trust a man oh I'm just trying to find what is what is the kernel what's the element that causes you to do that since we haven't found one yet I think it's because of the people here and how how safe I mean I feel like how how good their lives are here as much as people complain about you tribute that to government I mean it could be like you said the free market the lifestyle capitalism here maybe that is the reason for it but at the same time the government does take care of their own people maybe they have those things over overseas or other stuff like that and the government give anything to anybody that they haven't fur stolen from someone else you can call it the euphemism taxation but it's still a person taking something that doesn't belong to them to give to somebody else's that's in theory wrong but well not in theory in practicality it's yeah it happens so my thing is and I am NOT trying to like debate you I'm just trying to give you some thoughts I know they're trying to get you want to go this is a good yeah this is a great conversation but I'm just all I want you to understand is do you know the meaning of government real quick the literal etymological meaning of government it comes from two words the Latin word governo which means to governor control and mantis which means mind it literally means to control the mind government is all about control so it's the initiation of unjust force on peaceful people who haven't done anything wrong and and the the outgrowth of that is extortion called taxation which is fundamentally immoral if I took the money out of your pocket and I gave you back 90% and I kept temper percent for myself you wouldn't feel too fondly of me that's what government is doing cuz yeah yeah and I think but I feel like there's more to it I feel like it is kind of like a social contract where I'm giving you or I'm allowing you to have power over me but you're giving me safety and you're giving me protection of me how do they keep properties my family stuff like that you know stuff that I can't protect all at the same time well you could that how are you protected 98% of the time the police get there after the fact they're there to take the report and take the pictures of the dead bodies they can navigate when seconds count police are minutes away by that time it's too late what if okay let's put it like this what if that police didn't come what if there is no such thing as police and you and the criminals knew that you know what I can kill this guy and I can stay after and people will come and I'll kill them too it'd be safer do you think that's safe it'd be it'd be safer with that police do you know why because people would stop relying because when you get an entitled mentality and you're like oh the police will take care please don't take care I don't need to be armed I don't me I need to tell my neighbors to be disarmed an armed society is a polite society if you didn't have a police force then you would have people coming together going okay we got to protect our stuff but we got a band together you'd have stronger communities and you'd have disciplined like a militia type organization is not like this isn't that how it was and now it's evolved to this which is like no because I'm gonna give you an example ninety-eight percent of all mass shootings take place in what government sponsored gun-free zones you know where it's safer or there's a ton of guns like at gun shows have you ever heard of a gun show getting held out why there's there's tons of guns why isn't people have a reason to have a gun and the reason isn't in criminals and criminals don't hang out there they don't criminals don't go to pawn shops or at least they don't have criminal activity in pawn shops so when so this is proof that the government makes things worse it makes things less safe not more safe because where you have gun-free zones that's where you have the crime why because criminals do not obey laws but I don't know I feel like people naturally are selfish people naturally there's good and bad you know like if you take away religion you take away morals you take away all that and you go into a place where it's people are just fighting each other and trying to build something for themselves I feel like there will be violence and there will be people who are good and bad you know there will be people who will come together and form a group within peace and then there'll be other people who are trying to kill people for their stuff so I don't think it's I don't that scenario then isn't the last thing you want to give those people government because government government officials are the most corrupt people on the planet nobody trusts politicians everybody knows politicians lie everybody knows politicians steal their if man does bad things and they can't be trusted with freedom why would we give them government it's a good question I don't know I feel like there's there's good and bad to both sides and we'll never know what works better but you know you keep you keep saying I feel like you know facts don't care about your feelings all right your political science I mean I'm just trying to give you some food for thought and I really appreciate the dialogue by the way I don't know I think until we we examine a society that doesn't have a government and it's just a land of people governing on their own and it's civil and it's it's perfectly free and there's not there's not that much negative or there's not that much bad activity going on then we can say you know what our system doesn't work it's like democracy it's not the best system but it's it's not it's not the best system but it's the only system we think that works right now what is democracy freedom of expression of all all people and in the society that's that's how I see it obviously that's not how it's gonna be well you know what democracy really is the Benjamin Franklin said democracy is two wolves in a lamb deciding on what to have for dinner it's majority rule it's the 51% telling the 49% what they want done do you think that's where I'm what does that have proportional representation which is like well we're supposed to do too but we don't know that's what I'm saying so obviously in America it probably is different I really appreciate man I really appreciate it thank you it was civil yeah high impact flexkom it should be up in the next couple days guys if you enjoyed these videos subscribe to the channel hit the bell notification icon give them a thumbs up share them with everybody you know and don't forget to subscribe to my private email list through my website high-impact flexkom i'll see you guys in the next heavily censored shadow band video if you guys enjoy these videos be sure to subscribe to the channel hit the bell notification icon give it a thumbs up and share it with everybody you know also check out over 100 hard-hitting designs in the shirt store and if you want to support more content hit me up on patreon or PayPal all those links will be in the description and in pen comment I'll see you guys in the next heavily censored banned video

Guess What Democrats Now Support

you think rapists should be able to vote let's say on policies about sexual assault in the community you don't have an opinion on that not really know what is going on we're back in downtown Kent seeing if people agree with Bernie Sanders when he suggested that terrorists and rapists should be able to vote from prison I think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy yes even for terrible people use a poor convicted rapist voting from prison it's a tough question I don't think so but no actually I believe that people have been reformed and it depends on the severity of the crime but I do think that convicted felons should be able to have their voting rights restored as they are citizens of the United States what about specifically rapists and terrorists I feel like that's a leading question I'm asking because there is a presidential candidate who supports exactly those two things and who would that be who do you think it is I haven't the faintest idea Bernie Sanders oh you're not gonna hit on my boy Bernie he's hating on Oh No why are you walking away after your boy Bernie wants rapists and terrorists to vote do you support convicted rapists voting for prison you won't denounce rapists voting from prison what about terrorists honestly I'm pretty fried right now I can't be thinking about this this and that my brain departments in my brain departments don't work together should you be voting what about your country well we don't vote we don't have democracy where are you from Saudi Arabia oh I heard that you guys were very tolerant though tolerant about what just rights for everybody that's what I've been told the mainstream media is telling me is that not true it's true and I think they should be able to vote I mean everybody has the right to say something so you think that rapists and terrorists should be able to vote yeah I think I think why because but with what he has committed I guess is not relevant to devoting I guess the use of poor convicted rapists and terrorists for voting in prison do you think they should have the right to vote from prison so rapists who rape people should they be able to vote from prison that's it about what what what kind of things would you research about that to make an opinion I don't know I've never looked into that subject if you could guess a politician that would be pushing for convicted rapists and terrorists be able to vote from prison who do you think it would be that's a good guess but it's Bernie Sanders that surprised you guys at all he's very liberal so doesn't really surprise me I don't think you know where like their moral compass is mostly so it'd be pretty hard to determine if they can actually like see an issue as an impartial observer or if they have to be involved with it if you guys had to guess which politician was proposing to allow such an idea who would you say it was Donald Trump what if I told you is Bernie Sanders that surprising really do you follow much of anything that you have actually donated to his campaign before does that make you feel like he wants to allow terrorists and rapists to vote a little bit skeptical because I've always been skeptical of like socialism but you never know how it's gonna go so I'd like to do more research on it though I think we know how socialism goes though yeah a little bit I mean I'm not completely against it but I do see faults in it I'm not advocating for socialism but there are parts of it I do like for a Democratic Society wait a second isn't this capitalism talking about people who are in prison that have been convicted who are serving sentences for the crime of raping or terrorizing a terrorist those people should they be able to have a voting booth in prison I'm talking about specifically perspective it's just it's really it's really just simple terrorists and rapists be able to vote from prison why what what are you having trouble with so rapists rape people terrorists commit terrorism should they be able to vote from their prison cells after they've been convicted charged it's proven that they've done it I don't know where else I should go with this do you think they should be able to vote from prison if you had to guess which politician was proposing to allow rapists and terrorists to vote from prison who would you think it is I am Not sure cuz I don't know politics but maybe our president I don't know I don't know so the Democratic Party is proposing that they shouldn't be does it surprise you yes do you think convicted rapists should be able to vote from prison how's that trivial the end of the day small the students like that I don't think really affect whether or not the community living is filled with good people are bad people bad people can be a capable of good things and vice versa you think rapists should be able to vote let's say on policies about sexual assault in the community mm-hmm you don't have an opinion on that not really what is going on you think rapists should be able to vote what about the me2 movement do you think it's kind of troubling that he could vote a rapist could vote based on do you think rapists should be able to vote on policies about sexual assault that affects their community I think everyone should be allowed to vote for Federal Elections I don't think criminals should be able to vote for a statewide rapist so that's not how is work rapists don't people in prison don't wouldn't get the option to vote for a local community because they're not part that community they're on federal land or a statewide land should they be able to vote in general people everyone should be able to vote rapists and terrorists said this a million times I really hard convinced me convince me why I should support that why shouldn't they be able to vote why she cuz they rape someone they probably aren't making good choices to run this country and so because they made bad choices they should have like their rights as citizens they rape someone right and I'm not defending that at all but at the same time there's you know if they're United States's and they should probably be allowed to vote fuels though everyone in America who is a citizen should be able to have the right to vote but at the same time I feel like there are certain lines that we don't cross I don't think it's my right to say whether or not someone gets to vote but if you're more of your right to say they shouldn't be able to vote then it is their right to vote you have freedom of speech is literally written in the bill of rights his right to vote is stripped away when he raped someone do you agree I don't think I do agree with that simply because a person's freedom is given to them by the country no one should have the right to take or give freedom away from another person do you think convicted rapists should be able to from prison vote from prison on what matters voting for the president for primaries anything do you think they should be able to vote from prison all right well what about terrorists convicted terrorists that have been committed a terrorist attack in this country should they be able to vote from prison why not because that something like a terrorist attack or something they did to this country I think that that is so disrespectful and so wrong that why would we give them a say when they don't even support our country in the first place they're out to get our country so what's the difference between allowing a rapist to vote but not a terrorist why is the rapist any better I've not thought about that I'm not gonna give you an answer to that one though do you think rapists are better than terrorists if you could guess one politician that is supporting the idea of allowing convicted terrorists and rapists to vote who would you think it is I'll give you a whole list now for the ones that are not running on the Democratic side for president first I don't know if she does but Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders have them going queer Pete okay throwing Pete Buddha jet or whoever the hell he is okay I'm the only one I'm not sure about maybe it's biting do you think rapists should be able to have the right to bear arms I don't think anyone should have the right to bear arms but they have the rapist as a right to vote but no one has a right to bear arms you have the right to bear arms you also have the right to potentially kill someone if you have the right to vote you have the right to I don't know elect someone that's progressive and willing to change policies to create a better country unlike wait got children Norah that's what does that have to do with anything I'm talking you really just brought the Second Amendment second minmus says I have the right to defend myself the Second Amendment up until 2010 was not defined by the United States Supreme Court as being in support of individual ownership of guns it was in 2010 but that ruling was overruled by Supreme Court up previously molt time so do you think our right to own a firearm or owed any type of weapon so yeah what a new hold on a parent's right to own a firearm I the good thing you don't run this country in your opinion very popular also a dual citizen so you know I have a much larger perspective than you probably that's why you support rapists voting from prison that's why I suppose support universal suffrage that's what that means universal suffrage well you know you don't support my right to defend myself from rapist it makes sense you want them to vote in my country I'm saying I'm saying that no we don't support my way to have a fire no one should have the right to own something I can kill another person that could kill somebody please give it to me how is this going to kill you right now right now how is this going to kill you I was like I'm gonna kill you right if there was one politician that supported that who do you think it would be I don't know Bernie Sanders does that surprise you that does since he seems like he's four you know I mean we support socialism that's not very good well he but he's a good guy right alright so what's your support we'll make who you are I would say so you know how many people have died under socialism over 150 million do you think that they should be able to have the right to keep and bear arms son convicted rapist and terrorists they have the right to keep and bear arms No so you were very quick to say no about the right to keep and bear arms but not so quick to save voting what why why the hesitation only one but not the other because there's a difference between pulling the trigger on a gun pulling the trigger on a voting booth there anyone that you're like he probably supports that or she probably supports that not really I'm kind of hoping there isn't one but I don't know so Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris of both support exactly what I just said does that surprise you actually yeah quite a bit yeah do you think that convicted rapists should be able to vote from prison I'm sorry you guys won't denounce rapists voting from prison why do you support that I guess if it's your day off you can't denounce rapists voting to take away your rights remember we are listener-supported we don't get billions of dollars from the government or Silicon Valley or George Soros we are supported by you so please go to infowar store calm and check out the highest quality nutriceuticals supplements at info or store com