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this just in cNN has just filed a lawsuit against the White House the network is demanding the return of the White House press credentials for their reporter Jim Acosta and they're also accusing the White House officials of violating CNN and Acosta's First Amendment rights and if you think that's not normal now Mississippi Senator Cindy hyde-smith she's doubling down defending her comments after joking about attending a public hanging video of the Republican making remarks first surfaced over the weekend the senator then released this statement quote in a comment on November 2nd I referred to accepting an invitation to a speaking engagement in referencing the one who invited me I used an exaggerated expression of regard and any attempt to turn this into a negative connotation is ridiculous reporters surprise surprise pressed her on this yesterday I put out a statement yesterday and we stand by the statement and that's all I'm going to say about it hyde-smith faces they run off on November 27th with Democrat Mike SB who is african-american joining me now MSNBC contributor and Princeton University professor Eddie Glaude and back with me former senator bob torricelli Eddie there's a lot to go through here every day we're trying to figure out do we follow the the most recent this is unheard of this is unprecedented this is crazy because when we do many people say oh you're just chasing the most recent shiny distraction but in not covering them and not talking about these issues the risk we run Eddie is that our norms are being pushed out of whack and our democracy the foundation of this nation was built on those norms yeah what we've experienced since 2016 and actually but a little bit before that Stephanie is Normie Rosen that the kind of basic common sense agreements that we've had that we've held that kind of stabilize our democracy have been tossed out of the window and here what we see I think is really interesting is the effects of the discussion of discourse around political correctness that somehow to apologize to engage in a kind of decent to demonstrate decency with regards to people who are different from you if somehow a sign of weakness when in fact what it becomes is justification for violin harmful and hurtful remarks and what's interesting about synthesis via hyde-smith here there's a tendency Stephanie for people to play fast and loose with my our dead with black people's dead it's not like lynching is an ancient practice their folks are walking in Mississippi right now who have relatives who were lynched who have people who have dead people because of that violent ritual of American of the American South that Mississippi was excellent at so it was real was crude it wasn't just simply an exaggerated expression of public regard it was crude insensitivity it was harmful it was ugly and and I think she needs to go down to Bryan Stevens's Museum over in Birmingham and get a sense of the depth of violence and violence of that of that practice it's also not an expression senator translating this idea of hyper political correctness and what is common decency and what concerns me is she didn't really apologize she said don't turn this into something negative and and she brushed it aside attempt to what does it say that she doesn't believe she will pay a political or ethical price it's as though there's no shame well first of all she's either as just suggested incredibly insensitive where she's an idiot my kids would be thrown out of school but my son would be expelled from school if he suggested something I've noted my caste all my adult life I served in the house with them first of all Mike I am so sorry that you and your family have to be part of a discussion where someone would have the audacity to raise lynching I get upset even saying this while you're trying to serve your country it it is beyond the pale and I've tried to think it's an italian-american what someone could have said to me that would have been as offensive to me and my family there isn't anything there is anything it would like being in a race as a Jewish American and having a Holocaust denial if the history of this there's a wonderful new book out the warmth of another Sun if you if there's anyone left in America who doesn't know the history of lynching hard though it is to believe the public spectacles the thousands of people the people not not to not grown men lynch whole families thousands of people who gather to celebrate the deaths you grew up in Mississippi you want to serving the United States Senate and you didn't know this history it is impossible anyway Mike I'm sorry if I'm sorry you have to endure it Cindy I may feel no shame but I've shame you ma'am I got to ask you about this Eddie this story I didn't want to believe it it is making headlines and it is yet another example of the deterioration of norms please look at this picture a Wisconsin School District is investigating after a photo of what appears to be a group of mostly white male students holding up a Nazi salute this image went viral this is 2018 Eddie when I saw this for the first time last night I'm a fool I'm naive I didn't want to believe it was true my husband I looked at it I looked at it upside down I looked at it backwards I looked at pictures of my sons dabbing with their friends saying maybe I'm confused but I'm not this is 2018 there were parents of these kids taking that picture how concerned are you that this is where we are Stephanie there's so much ugliness in our country right now so much disregard for the humanity of others it begins at the top but it doesn't start there it he's just an exaggerated indication of the ugliness that's in us those those are those are children young men engaging in the Nazis by the way let's remember those are children who are not so hating and so part of what we're standing at the precipice this is a crisis moment a unique inflection point the nation will have to decide whether or not it's going to be racist or not these aren't these aren't outlier Stephanie these aren't you know individual monsters these are our children this is us we have to decide whether or not we're going to be racist or not and that's not going to we can't hide anymore it's all out in the open you can't put this genie back in the bottle and so we're gonna have to decide who we're going to be who do we take ourselves to be and that decision is going to say that this has to be rooted in that is no longer acceptable and it must be banished once and for all from our body politic and until we do that we will see even more we will see even uglier things in the immediate future in even uglier even more vile things Stephanie on the immediate horizon because this is where we are right now mind you that politics is the ultimate consumer business it's the last great competitive industry in America it is consumer led when people do this and candidates say these things and they behave this way they're doing it because they have a market it isn't simply the candidates they know what they are doing people will respond to it that's the greater danger I'm gonna respond to it with love for all those boys in those pictures in that picture you're teenagers you have a chance to be better today be better tomorrow and we're gonna teach you to do that and I'm so sorry that your parents or your community and your school didn't but you have the chance to be great tomorrow and I believe in you hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

2020 Democratic Candidates Battle For Attention | All In | MSNBC

I'm here to ask for your support because I am prepared to make the case for America and to prosecute the case against Donald Trump now is not the time to be polite now is not the time for small steps now is the time to fight like hell let's remove every barrier in place a new Voting Rights Act for this country no more purges of the voter rolls or voter IDs to keep people out right now in America there is a real hunger there are people who are ready for big structural change in this country they're ready for change and I got a plan for that they're all enthusiastic those are just four of the 19 different Democratic presidential candidates who showed up at the Iowa Democratic Party's 2019 Hall of Fame event this weekend joining me now from the ground in Iowa Dave Wagle national political correspondent for the Washington Post here with me in New York Amy Alison founder of she the people which held its own presidential forum in April and MSNBC contributor Sam cedar host of the majority report and ring of fire radio welcome to all of you Dave I'm going to start with you you are there on the ground what's the feeling because it looks very energetic the pieces that we added together and put on TV mmm well I thought your last segment about the Des Moines Register poll was really telling that is what you've been seeing on the ground we were waiting for numbers to show up to prove it elect Elizabeth Warren is getting large crowds audiences that are signing up to support her they can change their minds but they really live those events fired up people the judge has caught on the embed o'rourke has lost lost some steam and there's not a great desire by people for Joe Biden you have there are supporters of Joe Biden he's definitely in the lead right now but you have a lot of conversations in Iowa that began or end with I like Joe Biden but and then they list a couple reasons why they liked somebody else or and they'll make it excuse like I think you can win but then they start making the case for one of these five other candidates who are bunched up in the middle of that poll which plays interesting Lee in Iowa because that's what people who don't know that are between a caucus state you know in a primary in the caucus states you your second choice is sometimes important because you've got to move so in the corner Amy you've had a chance to talk to some of these candidates what's your sense of it well the Iowa poll for example shows a test case of when a presidential candidate runs a campaign with the Democratic Party strongest most loyal voters that's women of color in mind or not look from day one Joe Biden has been running a campaign as if he doesn't need women of color everything from the non-apology to Anita Hill to I believe is miss handling and the Luci Flores allegations all the way to a long support of Hyde Amendment where he just recently flip-flopped all of those really speak to deep issues important to women of color I've been saying I said then and I say now no one's gonna win that primary without enthusiastic support of women of color on the other hand we look at someone like Warren who is organizing her campaign really speaking to the base and you can see that she started out a couple of months ago at our forum many people were discounting her campaign was dead in the water and look at her now she made her case and impress 2,000 women of color who sang her praises from the rooftop and now look she is among the top and her momentum is is like picking up steam where Joe Biden will continue to drop unless he makes some major changes in his campaign strategy no it's early yet Sam so he can't make major strange changes to the campaign but you know I heard people saying today that that's not look that's not a good look that he's not showing up at some of these things well I mean it's not a good look that he's not showing up there but it also he has a problem that none of the other candidates have which is his support is a function of this belief that he can win and that he can win hands-down he's a slam dunk he's a sure thing that's why I support him every time he has to change when he reverses a forty-year held position the Hyde Amendment after two days of getting criticized and that indicates there's a meta story there and it indicates he's weak he's weak in a way that people hadn't seen before and that starts to I think basically it becomes a feedback loop and the more he shows that he's got a change to fit the electorate the more it suggests that maybe he's not as electable as people thought and that's the strength of his support right now I mean so I think like you know you see the candidates like Buddha judge and and Warren moving up and oddly you know no one's mentioning Bernie Sanders and part of that I think is that he seems to be banking stuff in some ways like he's out and he's organizing with Walmart workers he's organizing with McDonald's workers with teachers he's going to these things he's not even talking about a vote from me he's actually going out and practicing what has we've seen a lot of with these teachers strikes which is sort of like a a broader organizing that is beyond his own campaign and I think he's banking support that we may see later so so Dave let's look at that Paul again the Des Moines Register poll where you've got Joe Biden at 24 he slipped a few points and he got Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren and Pete boo to judge all up next to each other 16 15 and 14 Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are occupying a very similar Lane mm-hmm I think I think that's fair they share a lot of supporters but keep in mind Bernie Sanders got 50 percent of the vote but practically in the last in the last caucuses he's got about a third of that right now and you meet voters constantly in Iowa who voted for him last time in basically three baskets they're people who adore Bernie Sanders think he should be president think no one else can win there people who voted for him because they didn't like Hillary and people who voted for him because they agreed with the direction you want to move the party but that didn't necessarily want him to be president they liked the idea but they had their you meet people who kind of liked Hillary we're happy to vote for but voted for burning to move her which succeeded in 2016 and they are very gettable by a lot of campaigns the Sanders campaign saying I think fairly that this poll doesn't reflect the entire electorate is gonna show up in 2020 the Cory Booker's campaign he's doing very well in favorables in this poll they say look there's gonna be more people who find him and like him but a lot of people are cannibalized in that Bernie Sanders 2016 voter and I think it's kind of dawning on people in the Sanders camp that that support what Sam was saying the the word banks not everyone who agrees with his ideas isn't necessarily in his camp right now that is a long-term problem that I haven't seen it fixed yet certainly not not in the the course of one afternoon on Sunday so let's go to bucket three the bucket of ideas the people who liked Bernie Sanders ideas didn't necessarily think it was about him to your point Amy there are a number of candidates out there who are providing ideas policy structures that whether it's it's women of color or people of color or anybody else there seems to be a hunger for that maybe that's a reaction to Donald Trump maybe there's just a hunger because people want policy does that does that last in the long term because we're a year and a half out we're a year and a half out but we since we have such a large field I think the bar is a lot higher it's not just good intentions that are gonna win there's not name ID also we talked about that earlier Biden pulled really high because people know knew his name Sanders pulls very high because people know him from 2016 election but I think everything's going to change in the debate look it in in our event a couple of months ago we saw if Elizabeth Warren I mentioned her earlier she presented and rolled out a comprehensive policy strategy on black maternal health yes it's a a very big itself is specific except it's kind of an important average it's kind of important to everyone moms being healthy when they give birth in hospitals and it becomes it's a very important issue to black women to women of color so we we see these are kind of issues that the core voters are looking for very policy specific and some of those top people in the poll like auto jag have really got to get their game on in terms of coming up with really specific policy platforms and ideas people are not looking to be in the muddy middle they're really looking for bold policies it'll take us not only to beat Trump but beyond yeah you think saying we got like 15 seconds but do you think these this 20-plus candidates makes it to January no I think I think we'll be down to closer to ten or twelve by then just ten or twelve those days Dave why go great to see you in Iowa Amy Allison thank you very much Sam cedar as well this is the we we appreciate the analysis and we'll check in with all three of you very frequently there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on youtube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

House Democrats Begin Public Hearings On Mueller Report | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

welcome back I'm Stephanie ruhle House Democrats are not committing to impeachment proceedings but short of that they are doing everything they can to keep the President and Robert Muller's report in public eye this week that includes two congressional hearings and a full house vote on whether to hold Attorney General William Bar and former White House Counsel Don Magan it's civil contempt first up a hearing in the Judiciary Committee that will feature testimony from John Dean President Nixon's White House Counsel who testified against his former boss during the Watergate hearings back in 1973 Joyce maths is a former US attorney and professor at the University of Alabama law school and she will also be testifying in this afternoon's hearing also joining the conversation Matt Miller a former chief spokesperson for the Justice Department Joyce obviously we should note you are an MSNBC contributor but you are testifying on your own today as a former US Attorney with a whole lot of expertise what can you tell us about your testimony and why you think this hearing is going to be so valuable it's an interesting hearing Stephanie because today when we testify and I'll be there with my former colleague barb McQuaid who is the US attorney in Detroit Michigan when I was the US Attorney in Alabama and we're there not because we have personal political views but we're there to lend our expertise as prosecutors and talk with the committee about how prosecutors evaluate evidence in an investigation and how they compare that and analyze it in light of the legal standards the elements you have to prove in order to establish a crime and and how we would make charging decisions given the the body of evidence that the Moller report has compiled Matt John Dean is going to testify today yes he's an expert on what happened to Richard Nixon 40 years ago but what does he bring to the table because many people are saying it's odd he has nothing to do with this and Republicans of course are saying this is just political theater ignore it you know it's a fair question I don't know if you're a fan of all country music and know that old Charlie Robinson song you're not the best but you're the best that I can do but I think that's a little bit how I think of this hearing today which is not a slide against Joyce obvious she's the best in my book and this hearing is important but look the committee wanted to have a bunch of other witnesses by now they wanted to have Bob Muller before the committee they wanted to have Don began before the committee but they've been unable to get that done so I think what you see now is a two-track strategy so while they go to court to try to compel testimony from witnesses like Don McGann they're going to bring other witnesses like Joyce and John Dean and barb McQuaid who can come in and speak to what the Moller report shows which is pretty clear evidence that the cook the president committed obstruction of justice and a number of occasions most Americans don't know that I think the point of today's hearing is to bring experts in to explain that while the committee separately goes to court to try to get the witnesses from the Muller report compelled to appear then to that point Joyce these hearings are not fact-finding missions John Dean Barbara and yourself were not involved in this administration it seems more that they're simply trying to shine a spotlight and explain more to the American people most of whom have not read the report I think that's right Stephanie this is table setting this is helping people understand the context in which the events that the Moller report examined occurred and and Matt makes an important point and all acknowledge being the best that they can do because the real shame here is that folks who should have complied with subpoenas to appear in front of this committee because Congress has an article one oversight function to comply with the fact that those subpoenas have been essentially ignored is shameful it's a violation of the norms I know people get tired of hearing us talk about norms being violated but these are so essential to the functioning of our government hopefully the American people will begin to see that but here's the issue it's setting a table for those who are already at the table who believe that there is obstruction of justice who are going to be watching this saying hell yes but does it move the needle in any way Matt tomorrow you've got this houseboat does the vote make any difference because even if they agreed to hold bar and begin in contempt here's what gets me does any of it matter when is it going to happen in my little mind I would think subpoenas and being held in contempt would actually cost you something well look I think you're seeing the committee there they're always kind of two things in congressional oversight one is try to move the needle needle on public opinion and I don't know that a contempt vote does that and I think that could the house may actually not hold the two of them in contempt but the other thing that's going to happen on the floor is a very separate second piece of it which is authorize the committees to go to court so while moving that you that may in itself not move the needle on public opinion it gives the committee's the ability to go to court and try to enforce these subpoenas you know I think you've seen as Joyce said a bunch of witnesses just kind of flagrantly thumb their nose at the committee's lawful exercise of their constitutional authority and so what they're what Congress is being forced to do what the house is being forced to do is go to court and what what that vote in the house did we'll do tomorrow is give the committee's a chance to be able to do that more quick so it gives not just the G okay but Intel and banking and all the others who are seeing witnesses from inside out the and outside administration's just completely Stonewall the chance to try to break down that wall hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

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it is Pride Month did the administration direct US embassies not to fly the pride flag I'm aware of that the State Department indicated that on the flagpole of our American embassies that one flag should fly and that's the American flag and I support that to the LGBTQ community who feels as though that runs counter to the president celebrating Pride Month in his tweet well as the president said on the night we were elected we're proud to be able to serve every American and and we both feel that way very passionately but when it comes to the American flag pole at American embassies in capitals around the world having the one American flag fly I think is the right decision and we put no restrictions on displaying any other flags or any other any other displays at our embassies beyond that hae-in see news viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching

President Donald Trump Makes 'Totally Undignified' Move In France | Morning Joe | MSNBC

with 61 House members now calling for impeachment House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has told her caucus she does not want to see the president impeached she wants to see him in jail NBC News now has confirmed that during a Tuesday meeting with several House committee leaders speaker Pelosi said quote I don't want to see him impeached I want to see him in prison Politico first reported those comments and that Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler reportedly pressed Pelosi to allow this panel to launch an impeachment inquiry but the speaker stood firm reiterating that she is not open to the idea of impeaching Trump at this time while Politico did not characterize the full context or tone of Pelosi's comment a congressional aide who was in the room tells NBC News her remark was consistent with her position that Trump needs to be removed electoral II in 2020 yesterday Fox News asked President Trump about speaker Pelosi's comment about wanting to see him in jail here is the president's response I think she's a disgrace I don't think she's a talented person I've tried to be nice to her because I would have liked to have gotten some deals done she's incapable of doing deals she's a nasty vindictive horrible person I asked Nancy why is her district drugging needles all over the place it's the most disgusting thing what she's allowed to happen to her district with needles with drug addicts with people living in the middle of streets with people living in the sidewalk you can go sure to focus on that because she's a disaster and she made a statement it was a horrible when you're overseas vicious statement while I'm overseas now if I made any statement about anybody it would be like a big head why would he do that when he's over said she did one she is a terrible person and I'll tell you her name it's the Everest Nancy that she's a nervous wreck and there was more in that interview with Fox News at the American military cemetery in Normandy with the backdrop of rows of headstones of US servicemen killed during the liberation of France 75 years ago they took a good friend Bobby Muller was gonna give him a great report and he came out with the 13 horrible angry Democrats were totally biased against me do you mind if he testifies still before you said he didn't care Moloch knows that large a he made such a fool out of himself the last time she because what people don't report is the letter he had to do to straighten out his testimony because his testimony was wrong but Nancy Pelosi actually noticed Nancy Nancy Pelosi doesn't talk about it Nancy Pelosi is a disaster okay she's a disaster I will tell you the more successful we've come the more angry people like Nancy Pelosi who don't have what it takes the opponent shouldn't have even been allowed to run you know she happens to be a crooked person so her name was very appropriate we have Prai and Chuck Schumer who's a disaster by the way he's a total political jerk Jeremy bash there's a pretty easy way to handle those questions with those headstones behind you and that it's I'm not gonna talk about that here not now when we get back home there'll be plenty of time for politics but today is about the men who served and lay behind me totally undignified actually I think it besmirches the honor and dignity of the moment of that place of the occasion of remembering what happened 75 years ago and the thing about the President's speech really is as much as we appreciate the words the thing that I thought when I heard it was that it's a total repudiation of the Trump foreign policy the Trump foreign policy has been to enable and embolden autocrats tyrants the populist neo nationalist movement sweeping Europe and in fact d-day I think in some ways commemorates the exact opposite which is the unification of the United States our transatlantic allies to push back against tyranny and to stand up for freedom and then caddy there's the substance of what the president said which is totally made up and doesn't make any sense you talked about robert muller again the Purple Heart and Bronze Star Bronze Star awardee he said that Muller had to put out a letter to straighten out his testimony there was no testimony from maybe he was talking about the Muller report himself but the president also was making things up as he talked in front of those headstones you know maybe he was referring to a statement before the cameras the overwhelming impression of that interview is the setting of it right it's it's less what the president said although it was very vitriolic against a whole huge range of people Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi Hillary Clinton Bob Muller he took on all of his favorites but you wonder whether somebody in the White House this morning is not looking at the image turn the television on to Newt and it's not looking at the image and thinking wow maybe we shouldn't have injected domestic politics in the tone in which the president did it in that particular setting because the for me having visited those graves all through my childhood it is a jarring image seeing the President of the United States who in one breath is talking about the fact that we are bound together as nations as allies fighting a common cause and we always will be and then to hear him talk in this way about fellow American politicians is is really striking and I think it was you know Steve was saying it's not it's not a dignified setting for the president to be talking about that really unfortunate caddy I wish it was the case that there was somebody in the White House looking at that and saying boy you should have done that the sad part is there's no one in the White House and he's despicable you know we sit there we just comment on a calling truck sure merger corn Nancy a horrible human being because she disagrees with him to your point Steve we can't normalize is he's despicable that is despicable play of humanity that if anybody six greater behave that way they'll be sent to their room he is a despicable human being another thing is the White House didn't just look the other way they must have set this up they arranged all the interviews Trump doesn't arrange his own interviews they arrange the interviews and they arrange the backdrop so the timing and the set setting for this was decided by the White House sure but you got to believe that the text was all Trump I can't imagine anybody in a comms department no White House putting him with Laura Ingraham maybe but I just can't imagine a commis department of the White House thing hey this is a great idea we're gonna put Trump in front of a bunch of what it bosses what did they think was gonna happen I mean that's if he's asked about Nancy Pelosi he's nothing right Sarah or Shep Smith they were they were pretty boring so let me show you what Speaker Pelosi did yesterday she also was interviewed at this American military cemetery and declined to discuss politics on the anniversary of d-day we are so divided as a country right now do you worry about the politics right now impeachment and everything else that's on the table and how they can further divide us well again with all due respect to your question I'm not here to talk about in future just not that hard caddy no I mean that that's the answer that you give in that particular setting and here's what's what's a missed opportunity here is that the president had just come from three days in London where in respect to the royal family bar his comments about megyn marco before he landed he actually had a probed appropriately I know from speaking to British officials they were breathing a huge sigh of relief but in the company of the Queen the President had done the right things there had been no big diplomatic focus he's capable of doing it he's capable of staying on message and staying on script or at least he proved himself to be so in London and therefore in that interview with Laura Ingraham he must have wanted to do this this was not a mistake this was by choice he chose to say what he did about American politics in the tone that he said it and I think it's the tone that he uses in their words that he uses to describe his fellow politicians that is so at odds with the setting that is in all you have to do is to say we're here to honor the men and women who serve that's right very simple meanwhile thanks for checking out MSNBC on YouTube and make sure you subscribe to stay up-to-date on the day's biggest stories and you can click on any of the videos around us to watch more four Morning Joe and MSNBC thanks so much for watching

President Donald Trump Changes His Mind About That Whole Going To The Moon Thing | All In | MSNBC

thing one tonight you may remember a couple months ago here we took a deep dive and I mean a really deep dive into the Mike Pence archives it is the stated policy of this administration and the United States of America to return American astronauts to the moon within the next five years yeah we made the video look old-timey but Mike Pence really is out there talking about how we are going to the moon again right here in the 21st century as president Trump said we will return American astronauts to the moon for the first time since 1972 the president has directed NASA and administrator Jim bridenstine to accomplish this goal by any means necessary well it's a good thing Mike Pence has absolutely no pride whatsoever because the president has once again pulled the rug out from under him announcing today out of the blue no we're not going to the stupid moon and that's thing too in 60 seconds president Trump has been talking about going to the moon since he got into office first he changed the national space policy to say that we would lead the return of humans to the moon in March he sent Mike Pence out to announce a five-year moon trip timetable just last week he announced a new moon partnership Japan will join our mission to send us astronauts to space we'll be going to the moon we'll be going to Mars very soon it's very exciting so that was last week and you know how the president gets when he's watching his shows well here we go again NASA is opening a Space Station to more commercial activities in other words it's inviting you to take part in all of this as it is refocusing on the moon the next sort of the quest if you will but didn't we do this moon thing quite a few decades ago yeah we went to the moon already whose dumb ideas is to go back the president watching krump TV on his airplane made a tweet for all the money we were spending NASA should not be talking about going the moon we did that 50 years ago they should be focused on the much bigger things we are doing including Mars of which the moon is a part defense and capital s science exclamation point so there you have it the moon is out also it's part of Mars I don't know it's getting really tough to follow to be honest but although someone probably should break the news to the head of moon force over here it's too hard it's too risky it's too expensive history is written by those who dare to dream big and do the impossible [Applause] hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

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[Applause] president Donald J Trump delivering what at least I believed to be his most powerful speech that he's given as president the United States from certainly the most moving setting it followed a remarkable speech as well from President McCrone the president Trump began by talking about gathering here on freedom's altar and the speech had to be reassuring to the allies who he had been been in in the at least pitched rhetorical battle with over the past several years talking about an alliance that is unbreakable talking about British resolve French valor the fighting poles the intrepid Aussies who made this possible now the lang of the wreath and a moment of silence [Applause] remain seated as presidents macro and president Trump greet three or two veterans mica as president Trump and president McCrone greet the World War two d-day vets and your thoughts on the President's speech well I think the entire ceremony was beautiful and it is an education within itself you really feel the magnitude of this moment in history even 75 years later and to see the veterans who were there sitting on the stage is something you hope to never forget in your life and Trump's speech itself was very good and and measured up to the moment and really was a true salute to the unity of this day and and he spoke about not only the sacrifices that were made but our allies and the importance of unity it was a really good speech it did measure up to the moment as you said it seems that Ronald Reagan in 1984 on the 40th anniversary really set the stage for these commemorations it was remarkable the words that he spoke that peggy noonan helped craft about the boys of Pointe du Hoc very moving other presidents did not fare quite as well Bill Clinton and George W Bush come to mind but really the president President Trump had several high moments of course we'll all be talking about the men that he spoke of but there will be headlines from this speech and certainly I think across Europe at least among our allies they will be positive headlines the president again talking about British resolve in French valor talking about the fighting polls talking about the intrepid Aussies but also talking about an alliance that was forged in war strengthened in peace and is unbreakable today that those are words that our allies have wanted to hear from this commander in chief for some time and perhaps it was this remarkable setting that finally got the president to say what they had been wanting to hear for the first two and a half years of his presidency yeah one of the last lines of that speech Joe was god bless our allies right before he said god bless america we'll see now if he hits policy and and further rhetoric that lives up to that but I totally agree with both of you I thought it was a terrific speech I thought he did a great job telling the story of d-day through the men and women who were sitting there behind them I thought it was preceded by another great speech from President macron who expressed the awe and gratitude we're all feeling today the line that President Trump delivered quote you are among the greatest Americans who will ever live you were the pride of our nation you are the glory of our Republic and isn't that the truth Michael Beschloss I thought he weaved together also I'm glad he acknowledged Marion win the 92 year old who as a teenager became a pipe welder to join the war effort as six million other women bid and also whose brother died and who lays in the American Cemetery there the ceremony today yes I sure agree with you Willie that this day is really about the vets and especially because this is probably the last time that we'll be able to have a ceremony ceremony like this with so many people who were active in the war effort and there were heroes of d-day the thing I thought was interesting especially contrasted with all those other celebrations where American presidents attended was before Donald Trump spoke and we heard from president McComb who was almost a lecture to our president and he kept on saying dear president Trump and he would say things like America is never better than when we were fighting America's fighting for freedom and for democratic ideals and he offered to renew the friendship with France that's something he would never have had to have a French president do before in our history so I hope that this is something that closes the circle with some healing and that when President Trump said those nice things about our allies and about our alliance I hope he really means it and I hope he'll remember what he said beyond today hmm let us hope that tweets do not follow well let's hope the this moment continues and all I will say of President McCrone words and challenges to the president I also David Ignatius I'm glad that the president chose to have the discipline to stick to script and deliver what again I believe is the strongest speech of his presidency and there was one especially beautiful moment and I loved the thought because any World War two documentary you see any Vietnam documentary you see when the interviewer starts talking about them being heroes they will tear up and they'll say the heroes were the ones that never came back well President Trump said that that's what these these heroes were saying the heroes were the one's buried here behind us and yet he went on to say to talk about the remarkable life that was created by this generation who Tom Brokaw called The Greatest Generation and you can take the ending of Saving Private Ryan where Tom Hanks character said to Private Ryan earn this as he lay dying on that bridge that's what this generation did they earned this well I thought president Trump hit pretty much every note right in this speech it was well written it was well delivered I think he came here understanding that this was an event that required him to tell the American story not Donald Trump story not not a personal a vocation but something about what really resonates through presidencies through generations and we heard it and as we heard the president tell the stories of these veterans behind him and that frail rising to receive the applause of the audience I think all of us felt that President Trump on our behalf was thinking these brave now old men who came here 75 years ago so today was the day when President Trump got it right and I think we all feel that watching and listening to him he got it right not only by talking about what the United States did but Mike I think most importantly raising our allies lifting our allies up just as McCrone had lifted us up lifting up those who made victory over Hitler possible he did do that and the speech was much more than just appropriate and that's high that's a high bar for Donald Trump that we've all become familiar with now the question is off of what he said about the alliance that was formed literally here with the lives of these people these young men behind us buried now for 75 years the the crux of that speech is going to be when angle of Merkel leaves here today when McCrone leaves here today when the leaders of Norway in Poland sitting watching the speech in Dublin watching the speech are they going to what are they gonna be saying they're gonna be saying well which Donald Trump are we gonna get tomorrow well which Donald Trump will we gonna get next week in negotiations about NATO which Donald Trump we were going to get went when he comes to talk about tariffs are we gonna get the Donald Trump we've become used to what we're gonna get the Donald Trump who is clearly more than appropriate here today in his remarks so I wrote earlier this week in The Washington Post about separating the ground noise from the signal there certainly was a lot of ground noise leading in to this trip talking about supposed to insults and debates whether princess was insulted or not if you look at the signal and for me that is how does he treat our allies when he is overseas you look at actually mica the the generosity of spirit he showed to Teresa may someone that he has been quite fierce with in the past and what he said here today think safe to say this is one of his more successful trips abroad if not his most successful trip abroad well but let me say okay that bop bop thus far and and as an American I'm hoping we can all say that when we are in the event that is about much more than him and we've got much more ahead to cover and incredible stories including Andrea Mitchell will be joining us with more on the story of the woman who is here thanks for checking out MSNBC on YouTube and make sure you subscribe to stay up-to-date on the day's biggest stories and you can click on any of the videos around us to watch more 4 Morning Joe and MSNBC thanks so much for watching