News Wrap: Pelosi to introduce war powers resolution on Iran

In the day’s other news: House Speaker Nancy
Pelosi says Democrats will introduce and vote on a war powers resolution on Iran this week.
It requires congressional approval for any further U.S. military action. The resolution is likely to pass the Democratic-controlled
House, but a similar resolution could stall in the Republican-run Senate. The battle over a Senate impeachment trial
of President Trump has taken a new turn. The president’s former National Security Adviser
John Bolton said today that he would testify if he is subpoenaed. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said that Bolton’s
statement bolsters Democrats’ demands for current and former White House officials to
testify. SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY): Given that Mr.
Bolton’s lawyers have stated he has new and relevant information to share, if any Senate
Republican opposes issuing subpoenas to the four witnesses and documents we have requested,
they would make it absolutely clear they’re participating in a cover-up. JUDY WOODRUFF: House Speaker Pelosi has withheld
the articles of impeachment, in an effort to pressure the Senate to call witnesses. But Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
renewed his criticism of that tactic today. SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL (R-KY): Even with a process
this constitutionally serious, even with tensions rising in the Middle East, House Democrats
are treating impeachment like a political toy, like a political toy, treating their
own effort to remove our commander in chief like some frivolous game. JUDY WOODRUFF: We will return to the impeachment
fight a little later in the program. The U.S. has sent an unspecified number of
additional troops to Kenya after Al-Shabaab fighters killed a U.S. soldier and two American
civilians on Sunday. The group, linked to al Qaeda, stormed the Manda Bay Airfield near
the Kenya-Somalia border. Dark smoke rose during an hours-long siege.
The Pentagon said it doesn’t believe the attack was tied to tensions with Iran. In Afghanistan, U.S. Ambassador John Bass
stepped down today, after serving two years in Kabul. It came amid peace talks with the
Taliban and U.S. tensions with neighboring Iran. The State Department said the move was
part of a normal rotation, but there was no word of a permanent replacement. Wildfire conditions have eased a bit in Australia
after intense weekend heat, but scores of fires continue burning. All told, they have
killed 25 people and hundreds of millions of animals. Dan Rivers of Independent Television News
reports from New South Wales in Australia. DAN RIVERS: Not even a week into 2020, and,
already, this is a year no Australian will forget. This is what they’re dealing with all across
Southeastern Australia. They’re using every asset they have got, planes, helicopters,
fire engines. The fire has ripped through here. This property at the back is gone. We
have just talked to the owner. He’s distraught. He doesn’t know what’s saved and what hasn’t.
His entire life possessions are inside. The wind suddenly veers to the south. The
fire switches direction, and our only way out is now a treacherous gauntlet of fallen
trees and flames. They call Australia the lucky country. Right
now, it feels cursed. Rain has now brought some relief, but the fires might be whipped
up again on Thursday. Cathie Bleicher has come back for the first
time to what’s left of her house. CATHIE BLEICHER, Fire Victim: It’s — because
it’s hard, you know? I mean, it is just a house, at the end of the day, but, when you
see it like this, you know, it’s where you lived. DAN RIVERS: It’s your home. CATHIE BLEICHER: Yes. It’s a home. You make
it a home. DAN RIVERS: It’s not just the human toll which
is still being assessed here. There’s also been a catastrophic ecological price for these
fires, which have ravaged 60,000 kilometers. At the village vet in Milton, they’re trying
to cope with dozens of burnt animals, like this brushtail possum. DR. CARRIE HAWTHORN, Veterinarian: It’s got
significant burns on all its feet, its face. Its ears are crinkled. It’s probably got smoke
inhalation. It’s — it’s in a bad way. DAN RIVERS: Sadly, this young possum didn’t
make it, another victim that has succumbed to Australia’s bushfire crisis. JUDY WOODRUFF: That report from Dan Rivers
of Independent Television News. The Trump administration will now include
asylum seekers from Mexico among those being deported to Guatemala. Reports today say that
they will wait there for their claims to be processed. And the deportees will now include
families. It is part of an agreement signed last year with Guatemala and implemented in
late November. Former movie producer Harvey Weinstein made
ready today to face trial on charges of rape and sexual assault. He arrived at court in
New York using a walker after recent back surgery for a hearing on pretrial motions. Outside, some of Weinstein’s 75 accusers,
and later a defense lawyer, spoke on the eve of jury selection. ROSE MCGOWAN, Actress: The eyes of the world
are on this trial, you know, and women’s hopes and dreams of every time they have been assaulted
and hurt and never had their voices heard, or never had their day in court, because 98
percent of rape convictions do not — rape trials do not end with a conviction for the
predator. DONNA ROTUNNO, Attorney for Harvey Weinstein:
The government doesn’t want our side to have a voice. I think they believe that their side
of this story is the only one that matters and the only one that counts. And that’s what this trial’s for. This trial
is to show the jury, the state of New York and the world that there’s more to this than
they would like everyone to believe. JUDY WOODRUFF: Separately, meanwhile, Weinstein
was indicted in Los Angeles today also on charges of rape and sexual assault. Borden Dairy Company filed for federal bankruptcy
protection today. It is the second major U.S. dairy to take that step in the last two months.
Borden cited rising costs and changing consumption habits. The company was founded in 1857 and
employs 3,300 people nationwide. And on Wall Street, stocks shook off jitters
over Iran to make a modest comeback. The Dow Jones industrial average gained 68 points
to close at 28703. The Nasdaq rose 50 points, and the S&P 500 added 11. Still to come on the “NewsHour”: Senate Leader
McConnell, Speaker Pelosi, and the battle over the impeachment trial of President Trump;
our Politics Monday team breaks down the primary race with less than one month before voting
begins; and much more.