PM Narendra Modi Birthday | Top Achievements of Modi Government | RRB, Bank & SSC Exams

Press the Bell icon and never miss a video from Hello friends and welcome to this video. Today is PM Modi’s Birthday! Before we begin the video, here’s a question for you. Do you know the constituency from which PM Modi was elected MP? If you know the answer then do comment below. By the end of the video, you will definitely know the answer to this question. So today on the occasion of Narendra Modi’s birthday, we’ll find out about his achievements. So let’s begin. Modi ji has been our Prime Minister for last 4 years and under his watchful guidance, there have been many significant changes in the Indian economy. So when was PM Narendra Modi born? He was born on 17th September 1950 in Vadnagar, Gujarat. As a child, Modi ji used to sell tea at Vadnagar station with his father. From 2001 to 2014 He was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. After he became the PM, He launched many initiatives. ‘Make-in-India’, ‘Skill India’ and ‘Digital India’ were launched to bring focus on strengthening defence and electronics. The main aim was also to create more job opportunities. Currency with higher denomination was demonetised to suppress black money. Because of the Jan Dhan Yojana, 312 million people opened bank accounts. Additionally, the LPG cylinder subsidy transformed the lives of many rural women. Mudra Yojana enabled small entrepreneurs to get loans at minimal or no-collateral security The aim is to curate self- employment, which will in turn help in creating employment. Another such brave initiative of the Modi government is ‘The National Health Protection Scheme (NHPS)’ with an annual budget of around Rs 10,000 crore. It aims to provide medical insurance cover of Rs 5 lakh to 500 million to low-income Indians. Due to vigorous changes bought in foreign policies the relation between India and several other countries have improved significantly. For example Japan, USA, Vietnam and Australia The Modi government took steps to strengthen India’s ties with Bangladesh, and is working hard to stop economic claim by China in the Indian subcontinent and the Indian Ocean region. In order to improve India’s defense against other countries, BJP government has taken initiative to invest in several equipment. Rafale fighter jets deal is an example of that. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is yet another a thoughtful initiative by Modi Government. The program is a movement against open defecation and a step towards maintaining cleanliness in and around our surroundings. GST formulation across India brought a reform in the Indian Indirect tax regime. Before this the taxes were charged differently for all the goods and services. The implementation of GST helped to be attain single taxation system The BJP government brought transformation in the bankruptcy laws which was important because the bankers were struggling with the ever rising non-performing assets. Thus, through its mission and schemes the BJP government has made several groundbreaking achievement. If you want to read up more on the schemes and policies discussed in this video Then you can read articles on them in Testbook Blog. In fact, you will also get detailed videos on these topics on Testbook’s YouTube channel. Their links are in the description. Now coming back to the question asked in the beginning of the video. We had asked you, “Do you know the constituency from which PM Modi was elected MP?” The correct answer is Varanasi. I hope you did answer in the comments section! Do comment how you liked this video. Thanks for watching this video and all the best!